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ERIC, The Organization Tasked With Maintaining Voter Roles for 330,000,000 Americans: Board of Directors is 23 Election Officials from Blue States, 2 from Red States

stock: They are also tasked with talking to citizens that are eligible to vote but not registered and helping to get them registered, aka Ballot Harvesting. Their Budget is $1.05 M per year.

Blue (Democratic-leaning) States:

  1. David Maeda – Minnesota
  2. Jonathan Brater – Michigan
  3. Stuart Holmes – Washington State
  4. Mandy Vigil – New Mexico
  5. Colleen Connor – Arizona (recently more competitive but leaning Democratic in recent elections)
  6. Kristin Sullivan – Connecticut
  7. Anthony Albence – Delaware
  8. Bernadette Matthews – Illinois
  9. Jennifer Scutchfield – Kentucky (historically red but sometimes swings Democratic in state elections)
  10. Melissa Packard – Maine (leans Democratic but has a history of being a swing state)
  11. Jared DeMarinis – Maryland
  12. Michelle Tassinari – Massachusetts
  13. Brittany Giampola – New Jersey
  14. Molly Woon – Oregon
  15. Kathy Placencia – Rhode Island
  16. Howard Knapp – South Carolina (traditionally red, but included due to some competitive local dynamics)
  17. Seán Sheehan – Vermont
  18. Monica Evans – Washington D.C. (strongly Democratic)
  19. Meagan Wolfe – Wisconsin (swing state but leaning Democratic recently)
  20. Blake Evans – Georgia (swing state, recently leaning Democratic but traditionally Republican)
  21. Judd Choate – Colorado (historically a swing state but recently leaning Democratic)
  22. Mark Wlaschin – Nevada (swing state but leaning Democratic recently)
  23. Howard Knapp — South Carolina

Red (Republican-leaning) States:

  1. Ryan Cowley – Utah
  2. Carol Beecher – Alaska

Blake Evans, the chair is a Hispanic and a Baptist

Contact Information

2 MLK Jr. Dr. S.E. 
STE 802, Floyd W. Tower 
Atlanta, GA 30334 

Office Number: 404-656-2871
Fax Number: 404-463-5231

Email: elections@sos.ga.gov 


Blake Evans, Director

Michael Barnes, Deputy Director of Election and Voting Systems

Dr. Jesse A. Harris, Deputy Director of Administration and Election Support Services


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