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Keywords That Reflect The Current Condition

I copied these from a comment on a post.

Updated 8: Notes from Dystopia, Transhumanist Manifesto from Hell, Biosensors, WBAN, IEEE 802.15.6, BCI’s, Brain Initiative mechanisms, AI, 5G-7G, Electronic Warfare, Wireless Tissue Engineering, Molecular Communication, Religion of Scientism, Bioweapons, What they don’t tell you about being a human antenna    

Marcus C Martin Uncategorized July 13, 2023 378 Minutes

The following should be investigated and key word googled, and are result of reviewing 1000’s+ references being accumulated and appear at end, this is an amalgamation-archiving of research, topics, related and key words based on the title above and more, which you can piece together-connect dots as you wish, i also have presented my own commentary and experiences in some case(s) – One could get the idea that there is an industry here. Who, what, how and what it means, then references. I am against the transhumanist agenda which is being rolled out covertly without informed consent.

Human Control Technology; Non-Consensual; Biomedical,  Intersection of Bio technology, Molecular  Biology,  ArtificiaI Intelligence,  Synthetic Biology,  Quantum computers & information science, Quantum mechanics and particle physics, 5/6/7 G,  Web 3.0,  Quantum fields, EMF, EMR, ELF etc., Biochemistry, Genomics, Genetic engineering, Bacterial genome engineering, Neuroscience, Bio-Nanotechnology, Quantum biology, Low orbiting satellites, PANACEA,  Bio-digital Convergence, Neurotechnology, Nanorobotics, biomedical Telemetry, Biosensors, Biophysics, WBAN IEEE 802.15.6 , 5, 4, its derivatives Wide (WAN), rural/radio (RAN), metro (MAN), computer (CAN), local (LAN), personal (PAN) & the nano network. IEEE 1906.1. Electronic warfare, Global Information Grid, Cyber-physical Systems Backbone, Ubiquitous Biosensors, Phased Array, IEEE bio-photonics, HBC, Radio Frequency Network, Cognitive Radio Network, human bond communications, ExQor Bionanotech Platform derivatives, Doppler -pulse- spread spectrum, SOSA, MOSA, HBC, MICS, WSN, Human biofield focus highjack, Jade C2, Starlink, GIG Architecture, HAARP, DISN, Space Force Intl, Net Centric warfare, DISA, CISA, Stingray-Dirtbox-law enforcement, CT2WS, NSCAI, Looking Glass, Keyhole, DoD directive 3000.9, bioinformatics, biomanufacturing, Big data, National Nanotechnology Initiative, NSCI,  DNA modification digitization re assembly, Lipid Nano particles, Genetic Cell Therapy- mod mRNA tech suite focus, Behavioral Sciences, Brain/Mind manipulation headed by DARPA, CIA, IARPA,  PITAC and MITAC, EU Human Brain Project, U.S. B.R.A.I.N. Initiative, IEEE work groups, Policy Horizons Canada. Worldwide standardization: IEC, IEEE, ISO, ITU, ASTM, ANSI. Israel Innovative Authority/Bio-Convergence. USA: NSF as the National Nanotechnology Initiative/Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno, . and HHS, BARDA, N.I.H , NIAID, FDA, CDC , DoD, DoE, DIA, Navy, NATO, Airforce (or NATO actually) , (AFRL), Army, Marines, US Military industrial complex Cult, NASA, NSA, FCC,  DHS, Fusion Centers, FBI, USAID, NSF, FEMA, USDA, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gavi, CEPI, Kavli, Allen Institute, Wyss Inst, Howard Hughes Medical, Salk, National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships (TIP) , RAND corp, Pharmaceutical Companies, Pfizer, BioNtech,  Moderna,  J&J,  AstraZeneca, Novavax, Sanofi,  Curevac, Rel-covax, Gilead, Welcome Trust , Novartis, Beyer/Monsanto, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Boston Dynamics,  Merck, Biogen, Eli Lilly, Genentech, Roche, Global Vaccine, Honeywell, Resilience, Nanotherapeutics/Nanosphere, Magnetic Ventures, Lux Capital, Teledyne, Battelle, Profusa, Ginkgo Bioworks,  GSK, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Boyce Thompson institute, Metabiota, Black & Veatch, Dust Networks, ChawkTechnology,  Coastal Aluminum, Emergent, Tesla, Neuralink, Final Spark, Wetware computing, Dynport, Dyncorp, ExQor Technologies, Acuitas, Elbit, Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung, Hitachi, Monsanto, Dow, BASF, Mitsubishi, Lockheed- everything, and -technical surveillance, Fairchild, Micron, TRW, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, McDonnell Douglas, GD, GE, BEA, Humana, Mitre, VXM, RTI , Ford, IBM, TI, AT&T, Sun, Boeing, Oracle, Leidos, SAIC (handles all government internet backbone founder is a known PEDO) , Academi, TASC, GE,, US BioTechnology companies, Israeli Biotech, Israeli Military, Israeli Intelligence, Chinese Biotech – China has been major testing ground and most COVID vax manufacturing , Canadian Biotech,  German Biotech, predominate people that run Pharma, Covid, Media, Finance/Bank, Ins. Hollyweird, Music, US Government , Blackrock, IC , people who run fake religions, FED, Banking , Pharma, porn, trafficking, infiltration, drugs, money laundering, and lots of other things – simple preponderance, Jews . Dr. Fauci, Dr. Collins,  Bill Gates, J. Farrar, Gottlieb, , Bennasi, C Drosten, Bourla, Malone, Bancel, Sahin, Kariko, Weissman, Bright, G Rose , Daszak, R. Gallo, R. Steinman, Langer, Church, Geordie Rose, Pottinger, Soros, Franco and Gordano Vitaliano, Fouchier, Reardon, Valenti, Epstein, Kissenger, OSTP, DTRA, Ft. Detrick, Nokia Bell labs, Sandia Labs, Los Alamos, Walter Reed, Lawrence Livermore, site 100, Control labs, SRI, Ukraine bio labs, Taiwan biolabs, In-Q-Tel, Argonne Lab, Wuhan lab, Texmed lab, Matlab, Windber Lab, Erasmus, Fredrick National Lab, Dr. Shiong, Baric,  Brin, Schmidt, Kurzweil,, Lieber, Brennan, Government Agencies, National Science Foundation, numerous world wide Military Bases, programs ADEPT, PREDICT, Boost, Project Maven -Mosaic warfare, Net centric warfare, Project Salus, PANACEA, Pathfinder, Pandora, MDSS Hades, Star gate, Looking Glass, PAVE PAWS, ElectRx , AlphaFold, Darpa living foundries 1000 molecules program, MK ultra also run by zionist JEWs, Bluebird, Artichoke, Corona program, Chaos Corona, Machine Assisted Analytic Rapid Repository System ( MARS), DoD AI Symposium 9-2020 – (sold data bases of “bodies” “access” logins to private contractors), SIGINT boom, and many others,  and Agencies from Various Countries, Military contractors,  Institutes and Foundations, Microsoft, Google, Alphabet, D-Wave, IBM,  Samsung, Softbank, Palantir, Intel, Oracle, Apple, Nvidia, Siemens, HP, Deloitte Block chain backend, Sanctuary Ai, Kindred, Amazon, Networking companies,  AT&T , Cisco backplane, NTT, Ericsson, Juniper, Charter, Nokia, Spectrum, HP, Huawei, Hughes, TRW, ISR, L3, Harris & Raytheon, Boeing, Northtrup Grummen, Aqiba (Crown Castle) and other cell tower cos, Space X, North com, CORONA satellites, Cubesats, Starlink, Space force, 6G Flagship, etc. , Big Tech Companies,/Corporations worldwide, AlphaFold 3, Isomorphic Labs, Google DeepMind, and Elite Universities ie Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, MIT, Berkley, University of PENN, Georgetown, Cal Tech, Purdue, CA System, SF, GA Tech, Carnegie Mellon, Rockefeller, UNC, BU, Rutgers, UT, Tufts, Rice, U penn, UVA, Duke, Fordham, Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Wayne State, Brown, UCL, WA, NY, Indiana U, others, Canadian Universities Toronto, BC, McGill, Israeli U’s, University of Erlangen- Nuremberg, Academia world wide- like the sands of the sea/Labs 1000’s+ funded all over the world, and with international collaborations, BioBrick Foundation,  Eco Health, Surreptitious dark op bio-labs, C. Venter (sequenced human genome and first synthetic cell), also funded conceived Kabbalist, Elite Bankers & Money Managers,  Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, death occult mason people, Pedo’s,  BIS, FED’s, NATO, more NATO intel, Elite bloodline families, Committees, Crown, Black Nobility, MI5,  Serco, Intel Agencies around the world, Jewish zionist, Israeli- mossad tech, talmudic, ashkenazi, chamad, ADL, AIPAC, Jesuits, Pilgrims Society, Occult, Crown, RIIA, Tavistock, Eugenicists, satanic  manifestation/ influences/divination, lucifer, Devil, CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral, NGO’s, United Nations, Bank Anthropologists,- Swiss Banks- , Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital, KKR, Accel KKR, Breyer Capital, In-Q-Tel , Venture Capital, Private Equity, WEF, FDA, CDC, WHO, IMF, World Bank , UNESCO, City of London, Political cover- Democrats, Republicans, State and Local, Your “neighbor” in tech networking architecture next door with the “regular face” that has a “job”, that “isn’t telling” you what is going on, Doctors, Sheriffs, EMS, and is proud to keep the job, “regardless” of the “consequences” to your well being for you and “your children”, among others so many people, bow downers, companies, organizations, oligarchs, technocrats, communists, governments and others not listed. Trillion dollar industry, Multi Millions of jobs world wide, projects to study and map the brain, study behavioral sciences, psychiatrists, interactions with drugs, poisons, perfect mind /body control and genome transformation of humans, animals, wildlife, marine life, pets, insects, plants, agriculture- Sequence the human genome, digitize human DNA, produce third stand DNA, Induced pluripotent stem cells, activation of inherited genetic engineering, DNA Origami nanostructures, Biobricks, CRISPR cas9, Molecular Communications, Precision AI Healthcare (abused), collect data for AI Bio informatics and for sequencing AI built -quantum computing, Tissue engineering,  silencing or amplifying certain genes to produce desired cell functions, tasks. , AI genetic re-engineering, modify- reassemble DNA to synthetic chimeric form producing proteins, proteins that act as robots (Venters words) to carry out tasks ( hybrid cells not in nature). model sequencing synthetic arrangement of genome- amino acids, base pair nucleotides, genes by AI, for specific purposes -primarily including converting Humans to posthuman cybernetics, brains totally controlled by an AI. (where morals as we understand them are not a factor). Biowarfare, Electronic warfare, Bio-photonics, Cloning, Transgenic chimeric, 5-7G,  Artificial Brains, Organs on a chip 3D 4D printing, (nano material, bots), Neuralnanorobots. BCI, BBI, Protein folding 3D, Molecular Biology Communications, Bacterial genome engineering, Smart Dust, AI Bio cyber physical systems, Areas for engineering Living systems –Genomics,  Transcriptomics , Proteomics , Metabolomics , Epigenetics , Microbiomics. Create/design artificial neurons.  HBC, WBAN, (Wireless Body Area Network – initial 1995, IEEE standards, Biosensors -Transduction (commercially available since 2010 ), Inoculation injection bioweapon (COVID-19) as (further) entry point to transhumanism and graphene backbone for throughput, introduction programable lipid nano particles (LNP), integration, lentivirus, retro viral, (HIV 16-18 frags line 1), PEG, to the nucleus for permanent modification of the host cell,  mRNA, mod RNA,  reverse transcriptase, translation, DNA plasmids integration,  Payloads-, programable- Lipid Nano Particles (Tech) , polynucleotides, “primary constructs” , N1-methyl-pseudouridine modified RNA, EF hosting quantum dot technology (Qdot), Graphene quantum dots, magnetic self –assembling- replicating programable hydrogels,  luciferace,  primary Graphene Oxide backbone, rGO, ferritin, numerous metals, hybrid live parasitic/hydra organism – synthetic nano tech parasitic invasion past blood brain barrier, Cationic Lipid liposome, injections of biosensor tech for assembly-bio-nano- tech-analyte derivatives, receptors, nanotransducers, amplifiers, DNA analyte biosensors, DNA 3D structure transceivers, nano rotors, transmitters, nanoactuators, electrodes, genetic editors, Crispr Cas 9 tech or other encoded modifications injected, Antigens, Adjuvants, graphene hydroxide GHO, bacterial engineering nanoscale robots with swarm intelligence, plus other various nano particulate metals ie iron oxide, ferritin, gold, silver, nickel, titanium, caesium-137, aluminum, Lithium, arsenic, zinc , cobalt, diamonds, silicia, cellulose, others, other metamaterials-and not in nature, phyllosilicates, piezoelectrial metallic materials, software defined networking metamaterials, self assembling Crystalline Structures, carbon nanotubes, patterned Nanotube‐Quantum Dot Structures for Devices and Biosensing,  IP address materials- nano-routers, conductive nano-antennas, graphene-based Plasmonic Nano-Antenna, silver & gold nanowires, bacteria communications, piezo-electric communications, smart dust, artificial digital nervous system, plasmonics, intracorporeal in body nanonetwork, Bio-nano machines, graphene diamond tetrahedron structure. Nano diamonds. MOF, COF. Natural human biofield targeting – (human biofield is a body part ie -natural God given field, extends feet outside human body, human body is electrical- human anatomy has been highjacked-, information suppressed 100+ years, they are tapping it, using your own body biofield against you), DNA strand displacement programming, allows for computational devices made of DNA. (GNoME).- used Artificial Intelligence to predict the structures of more than 2 million new materials, Inorganic Crystal Structures Database, Rise of synthetic data (ASI created models and data generated) and Artificial super intelligence , utilizing and manipulating data running autonomously running thru internet and connected NODES.  ANI, AGI, ASI.  Data corruption. Bioelectromagnetic Algorithms. Nano-scale biosensors, Electro-optical, soft robotics, robotic nanocages (drug delivery), – devices- biosensors, actuators, Robotic swimmers-walkers, nanowires, mesogen (liquid crystalline state) polymers. Potentially, ExQor bio‐nanoplatform, or modified derivative(s) of – combined with HEK 293, sv-40, lentivirus, LNP -luciferase (bacterial) fueled clathrin protein nanobots, creation of vesicles (membrane-bound transport packages) in cells. carbon nanotubes, reduced Graphene Oxide (GQD)- which acts as a signal repeater, since it is radio modulable, scaffold lattice. multi-cargo / ligand capabilities. – pass BBB. Creation of Neural lace synthesizing and replacing neurons. CCR5 gene (manipulation)- Use of Bio-nanolasers. And/or other updated and or combined mechanisms. timed cargo delivery, , self spreading “vaccines” , additionally, designed in bio-synthetic  gain of function pathogens, mod mRNA suite of technologies, glycoprotein synthesis, bioprotein synthesis, AGP synthesis, translation, Spectral analysis, turbo cancer SV-40 inserts, p53, gp41 target, HeLa cells-gp130, VMAT2 deletion , chromosome 1p36 deletion target, sm102, High Five cell lines and sub-clones -baculovirus, PhyB/Pif6 encoding, FGFR1 interactions, Optical Genomics , induced pluripotent stem cells, single cell/gene/neuron growth /control, NF-KB pathway inhibition, remote activation and targeting and timed release of payloads or pathogens to specific organs including brain. Aerosolized pathogens. ISR, Embryonic Kidney cells, Aborted fetal tissues, dragonfly-moth-reptile genes plasmid code combining, plus indicated monkey, even macaque monkey, canine, frog (zenobots), other, and potentially- neanderthal genes (from caves of Iraq) ., Undisclosed but Phylocode category (“IBOL”) project – a Rockefeller initiative) points to bird genes splicing IMO, ie ( the Rearrange PhyloCode classifications for example, humans are in the same family as arthropods, dinosaurs and BIRDS. imo and to Digitize ALL)  Other, cross species molecular breeding, morphology, chimeras, humanized, rodents-plants-insects, spiders, reptiles, develop multi species proteins -modified nucleic acids, DNA from different species, animals, including serpent reptiles, cobra, venom peptide expression, other unknown, directed evolution, Gene Drive tech- genetically modify the reproductive processes of target species-  Vero cells (found in vaccines) are a lineage of cells used in cell cultures.[1] The ‘Vero’ lineage was isolated from kidney epithelial cells extracted from an African green monkey. suppression mithramycin-induced erythroid differentiation of K562 cells – bone marrow stem cell inhibition, Bio nano machines (Prof Ian A.)- Cells “reprogrammed” via DNA manipulation, genetically program biological cells to perform tasks, specific functions, develop molecular communication networks, based on genetically engineering Prokaryotic cells to build biological circuits. Genetically engineer cells – insert pieces of DNA code in a lentivirus cell. The lentivirus is able to infect the Eukaryotic cell injecting the code into cell DNA, and upon cell replication, it enables cell reprogramming- permanent modification expressions. Crypto genomics, app inpersona.com uses your “heartbeat” to mine crypto. , Microbiome targeting, , – hypothalamus targeting, pineal gland targeting. Hippocampus targeting and memory manipulation, Spider Silk proteins polymers self assembling, blended with nanoparticles, tissue engineering and other diverse biotech uses. wireless total piezoelectric control, ,, human bodies as “nodes”, routing data through bodies (already happening), Humans as “wireless” antennas, AI run, , creation Artificial nervous system for manipulation. The artificial pathways are (data flow), the natural pathways are (nerves). Human body kinetic energy harvesting. DNA digital ID biomarkers, Human Bonding Communications, AI , electronic warfare, Super soldiers, Narrative scripting game theory, wireless electro shock, adoption of prescribed “specific” “encoded” active avoidance denial coping (passivity) nano lobotomy, 5G-7G, human brain signature data harvesting, electrical Vagus nerve manipulation, hypothalamus/pituitary axis target, immune system degradation, of which 80% is in the BIOFIELD, other – and injections producing permanent protein expressions and spike protein coding and mod RNA, stabilizing mRNA with inorganic material= “smart” LNP-expressions. mitochondria damage, endothelial cell damage target,  decades of duel use research, fascination with deadly drug remdesivir, anthrax toxin, and animal feces. , biomanufacturing broad scale, bio genetic agriculture, ubiquitous nano-particle proliferation, chemical compounds to dumb down, aluminum (and other metals) formaldehyde, MF59, polysorbate 80-(promotes punching holes in cells and BBB) for entry, small pox, hiv, mercury, glyphosate, phosphorus, more aluminum, silica, fluoride, teflon, silicon implants, micro plastics, cipro, use of E-coli, plus- marburg, ebola, candida fungus, yeast, cross domain bacteria polymer filament clots. morgellons silicone replication infection, mycoplasma bacterial species gulf war injection. Kingdom of bacteria – man made modified digitized programmed bacterial (bacterium) organisms (life forms) (agents) , adding chemicals, also included radiated pathogens and cross breeding – for duel use. and converting to so called proteins -the DOE has a database of over 500,000 mutated pathogens ready to unleash on society at a moments notice. Bacterial quorum sensing chemical communication. This mechanism of cell-cell communication in bacteria utilizes secreted signal molecules to coordinate the behavior of the group. Linking signal concentration to local population density enables each single bacterium to measure population size. This ability to communicate both within and between species is critical for bacterial survival and interaction in natural habitats and has likely appeared early in evolution. Detection of a minimal threshold of signal molecules, termed autoinducers, triggers gene expression and subsequent behavior response. Using these signaling systems, bacteria synchronize particular behaviors on a population-wide scale and thus function as multicellular organisms. QS-inspired approaches have been adopted in artificial systems, including mobile robots and wireless sensor networks, and naturally occurring genes have been harnessed in synthetic biology to implement QS at the cellular level. As part of dumbing down of populations, continuing to damage brains, minds, with newer lobotomizing antipsychotic drugs, such as Risperdal, Invega, Zyprexa, and Abilify, as well as the SSRI antidepressants, and common opioids OxyContin, hydrocodone, fentanyl and others, like Ozempic, Wegovy to diminish cognitive function and make more docile and easier to control. Spraying farm crops with glyphosates and introduction of GMO frankenfoods for multi decades. Chemtrail spraying aluminum, strontium, barium, titanium, lithium, arsenic, cadmium, graphene, microbacteria, micro plastics, synthetic dried blood cells, and more…metamaterial smart dust, nano particles. These get nanotechnology building blocks into you. The COVID 19 “vaccine” that meets no definition of vaccine, designed in, variability of ingredients/tech and results of inoculations – artificial immune system aspiration and reality, 100% lot differentiation in play per results of adverse events tracked per lot #’s, and per Pfizer biological license application for FDA approval, for experimentation and controlled depopulation. Graphene Healthcare (black awakening). Veritable “vaccine” “bio-weapon” and “electronic- weapon” “COCKTAIL” genetic modifier, entry point to transhumanism , “multi decade” “development” from “the pit of hell”. Remote 5-7G , EMF, EMR, ELF- wave genome, remote electroporation-based transfection systems, electrophoresis/teslaphoresis / including DNA modifications, – remote wireless tissue engineering, scaffolding, synthetic biology, DNA steganography, rearrange bioelectric code, electrically perturbate – decoupling cell state structures, change topology of cell structure, Interchangable Biobricks …plus bio-chemical changes to augment or destroy, hijack, replace – edit- re assemble, geo engineer genome, neurons, dumb down, silencing critical thinking genes, digitize DNA. Morphology of human tissue, deep learning and dna steganography. Xenobots are synthetic lifeforms designed by computers to perform a desired function and built by combining different biological tissues. , or delivery of hydrophilic (ASP) and hydrophobic drugs (DOX), use of dreadds, technologies. electroceuticals- and remote drug delivery, AI precision health care, and covert activation of any drug desired or pathogens or nerve agents. Species of neuralnanorobots  traverse the blood-brain barrier,  enter the brain parenchyma, ingress into individual human brain cells. Magnetoelectric nanoparticles also induce nanoparticles to traverse the blood–brain barrier (BBB) by applying a direct-current magnetic field gradient to the cranial vault. Crispr adaptation system, bacterial DNA genome reconstruction-engineering. MULTIPLE MECHANISMS to follow for mind manipulation and body/ tissue engineering scaffolding, protein folding , Darpa Metal Organic Framework, COF, UCNP, and or other Darpa, DNA digitization, noninvasive injections Lipid Nano particles proliferation, encoded AI – self replicating, self assembling nanobots, Crystalline structures, regenerative medicine for me but not for thee except for experimentation measurement, biosignal recording, wireless drug delivery- AI precision healthcare (cover for) : Manipulate ,re-train, design and grow new neurons in the brain, (including with nanolasers)  neuronal growth and NETWORK formation. liquid neuron translation, neuron extraction, neuron upload, re wire synaptic connections/junctions, synthetically-  changing neurons, starting with nucleotides, genes, proteins, rewiring brain- modify tubulin dimers. – resurface cell structure into human-biomachines –  assemble Brain Computer interface, (BCI), employ electrical circuitry protocols- graphene based biosensors, self- assembling replicating- hydrogel polymers- tech- magnetic hydrogel- crystalline 3D structures, nano transduction, graphene quasi crystals, biosensors, Neuromodulation: Nanotechnology‐enabled modulation. a) Electrical neuromodulation of neurons using microelectrode and nanoFET array. b) Optical neuromodulation of neurons using miniaturized light source and UCNP. c) Acoustic neuromodulation of the brain using miniaturized ultrasonic neural stimulator. d) Chemical neuromodulation of neurons through locally generated modulatory molecule. e) Magnetic neuromodulation of neurons using superparamagnetic nanoparticles., potentially- ExQor bio‐nanotech platform derivatives,-potentially rhodopsin protein hybrids, FGFR1 gene interactions opto-genomics, optically encoding single cell /gene/neuronal- network growth/control. Improve, establish cybernetic (brain-computer interface) capabilities, with environmental and injection payload, neural interface, BCI – (remote and wireless) and including Darpa N3, 4, 5 …. NDark, Wireless Body Area Network -( IEEE 802.15.6,5,4 ), IEEE 1906.1 , primary OPTOGENETICS network with metamaterials, HBC, IoBNT, IoB, AI bio cyber physical systems, AND OTHER (to detail), and “undisclosed”, artificial intelligence run, tapping (natural) human biofield, electronic telepathy, neuralace interfacing with cognitive cloud, electrical signals, for controllers purposes, AI driven sentient,  user programed, (logging in to humans) or combination,  AI Algorithms. bioelectromagnetic algorithms, AI autonomously running human brains, decoding motor and cognitive signals, encoding sensory feedback, bidirectional system and interaction with nano transducers, actuators, refine algorithms learned, control brain and thought, behavioral function, and activate nano-tech pre-timed and or remote -TO entrain wirelessly electromagnetically, patterned, matching- DNA resonance frequencies-  bioelectric resonance frequencies -to broadcast signal, and or quantum resonance effects in microtubules M/T, – in kilohertz, megahertz , Terahertz, gigahertz  vibrations, with EM wave pulsed – transcranial neuro-modulation – magnetic stimulation (TMS), direct current stimulation (DCS), electromagnetic induction, signal transduction electrical to magnetic and visa versa, neuro-cog manipulation, tVNS, (Vagel nerve stimulation), spatiotemporal interfering currents neuro-stimulation, EEG transmissions, recording, MEG, MEP, EMG, FES, TFUS, optical-acoustic , neuro-monitoring, beam forming, dynamic spectrum modulation, adaptive modulation – oscillations of electric-magnetic fields, super highway of encoded instructions, non-invasive, entrain Neurons of the neo- cerebral, pre frontal cortex-brain structures, somatosensory cortex, visual cortex, auditory cortex, and motor control cortex- BCI -to interface 5G/7G and/ to, Cloud AI, Programable Quantum-dots (artificial atoms) employed in vivo, tiny colloidal crystals, have optical,  photochemical,  semiconductor,  and catalytic properties due to “quantum confinement” quantum dots are another word for semiconductor nanoparticle,  – assembled polymers, cybernetics to connect/interface, synthetic, interfacing biological to digital and digital to biological conversion signals, Mind manipulation -personality shaping, tapping human biofield, (quantum notes below* ) Transform EM energies to perturbations in base pair sequences –  exposure to magnetic fields can induce effects in microtubule organization – triggered self -organization within the mitochondria, organelles  central to many cell functions.  DNA,  its chiral properties induce and  control  both  spin  polarization  and  spin-orbital  coupling effects  originating  within a helical electrical  field. 2D (to 3D) lattice of molecular-spin qubits (quantum bits of information), with control over qubit orientation and localization. Use of electromagnetic induction to generate an electric current which can then either depolarize or hyperpolarize neurons at that site by altering the voltage across the neuron’s membrane. Use of focused ultrasound to trigger mechanosensitive ion channels opening and closing. Additionally, Link brain synchronization of consciousness with underlying quantum/EM mechanical behaviors of microtubules (MT). and with the quantum vibrations can become entangled across neuronal networks via interconnecting channels, called gap junctions, which physically link neurons together; move across synaptic gap neuro-transmitters. Each neuron consists of a cell body (soma), dendrites that receive signals, an axon that sends signals, and axon terminals containing neurotransmitters. Ca 2+ ion quantum information carriers integrate neuronal activity, pivotal in cellular signaling. living organisms, for instance being induced by ion-fluxes of Na+, K+ and Ca2+, H ; If a physiologically patterned, intensity-adjusted EMF is applied to the membrane with the exact resonant frequency of Ca2+ gated channels, then this EMF application can activate or stimulate the cells. (activation of Voltage-Gated Calcium channels) (Magnetic NP and TRPV4 ion channel). Bio-Photons in an entangled state can be stored in a holographic manner and subsequent correlations, can yield complex memory states. Custom-Access serial Holography for fast recording of neuronal activity in 3D brain circuits – voluntary behavior is “decided” in brain circuits composed of neuron in three dimensional (3D) networks. Bio-photonics in biological systems, describes interaction of light with biological matter (cells, tissues, fluids). Generation of bio-photons/phonons is instrumental in high-speed communication within the neuronal systems, endogenous bio photonic signaling. Genetically encoded luciferase / or quantum dot, and sensing photoreceptor, emitting bioluminescence, or via other encoded, utilized as a versatile genetically encoded light source ie near infrared (in lieu of visible light) for controlling Optogenetic actuators – and or electrical, EM, thermal, biometric sensors , nanobots. Genetically introduce Opsins to neurons setting off “action potentials” and artificially control firing (positive ion charge) or blocking-inhibition (negative ion charge) of neurons – thereby convert light to electrical gradients to act as light evoked on/off switches (1’s and 0’s). Then Linking specific neurons to specific behaviour. Optogenetics is a biological technique to control the activity of neurons or other cell types with light and enables optical modulation of selected cells within variety of complex tissues, via introduction of proteins containing a light-sensitive domain coupled to biological function. This is achieved by expression of light-sensitive ion channels, pumps or enzymes specifically in the target cells. The polarization of chromosome laser photons is connected non-locally and coherently to polarizations of radio waves. The main information channel of DNA is the same for both photons and radio waves. Water molecules with in the brain can be made to resonate at a desired frequency thus causing the electrons that comprise the brains electrical voltages to also resonate at the same frequency. Since water comprises 70% of the brain, quantum brain dynamics (QBD) implies that the electric dipoles of the water molecules are constituted within a local quantum field. The cortical field is postulated to interact with quantum coherent waves generated by the biomolecules in neurons, which are suggested to propagate along the neuronal network. Electrons, photons, solitons represent oscillations that travel along proteins, MT’s and DNA/RNA – connect – and -including  “potentially” quantum field transfer link, or warm and wet qubits – or (or quantum like, or, Rydberg atom), Bio-photonic, and /or mechanism Hybrid- combinations “potentially” -Radio frequency Waves, Scalar waves- Standing, Longitudinal Waves, ZPE fields, Holo-fractal, Acoustic, Semi-Harmonic. vibrations, Optical, Opto-genetics, Light Teleport, Blue light, Near infrared, Ultrasonic waves, VLC, Opto-array, Bio-nanoLaser, Radar, Lidar, Microwave, or Magneto-genetics, Chemo-genetics, EM, Electrical, Photo or Optoacoustic, Bio Electro-magnetic – the following- world wide structurally, now in play: Human Body Communications, IEEE Photonics, Optogenetics (networks), Galvanic Coupling Intra-Body, Radio Wave Frequencies,  Phased Array, WBAN IEEE 802.15.6 (body), 5 (networks), 4 (sensors)- Covert Electro-quasi-static routing protocols, Cognitive Radio Network, Bio electric magnetic algorithms, DARPA BCI’s, Human Bond communication protocol (attempted 6th sense replacement), ExQor bionano tech platform/derivatives, Magnetic Resonance, magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), Wireless Mesh network protocol, Load Balancing bodies, Hypergraph transfer protocol, WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) May be Ad Hoc, MQ9 tethered to ground DNA, WBAN on a 6gloPAN, LoRa, Bluetooth – Zigbee Mesh Networks, Looking glass, Terahertz band, Millimeter wave (MM wave), MAC protocols, Software Defined networking, IoBNT, Molecular Nano Neural Networks (M3N):In-Body Intelligence for the IoBNT, COV-BAN, Nano-Machine Architecture for Machine Learning in the IoBNT, , Intra body networks and molecular communication networks, Microfluidic Circuits, IBNet, RF Sink, K-hop routing, OSPF, (Open Shortest Path FIrst), Thermo-dynamic routing, Neuromorphic nanowire network, Nano Constellation, cluster head routing, Digital twin layer, Magnetic resonance coupling, Galvanic Coupling Intra-Body Communication, Game theory net routing, Five-cast, EEG overlay, ECG, MEG, Brain to Brain interfaces, Software defined (control) metamaterials networking, Nano peer to peer, Micro Grids with LoRa mmWave, , Doppler -pulse- spread spectrum, Sensor arrays, Radar Cubes, Remote optical Sensing, High frequency wave forming generators, Visual Light Communications, (VLC), Bidirectional (bio) telemetry, Human activity recognition 3D MIMO channel. MBAN mandated by FCC since 2014, human anatomy tethered to the cloud for industrial “information surveillance and reconnaissance”, Deep Learning approach, , internet of space things Cubesats nano satellites (small satellites) nano avionics, CORONA satellite nanoscale coordinate molecular routing, PAVE PAWS, Integrated Disease Surveillance System, BiFi, -6G reconfigurable front end (front haul, back haul)  for dynamic spectrum access – cell free communications –  quantum communications –  internet of space things, nano satellite – terahertz, mm wave band communications –  holographic communications – Ambient back scatter communications for energy savings – Pervasive AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning – 6G nework automated, electronic human husbandry, Neutrino Arrays, EMR, EMF, ELF, LiFi, 4G-7G and/or other methods ( exactly which mechanisms used – there are many, may be hybrids, MULTIPLE mechanisms are presented on purpose, different ones may be used for different applications, take your pick, and may be used for “mind manipulation”, “AI precision health care”, “electronic warfare”, “covert tissue engineering”, “drug delivery” , “crypto genomics” , Bio hacking, etc) – maintain coherent connection- to- Cloud,  AI algorithm run, Blockchain (in IEEE), and daisy-chained Quantum computing, BEAST System,  likely D-Wave, Google’s qubit quantum computer, IBM, Microsoft cloud, Amazon cloud, CISCO Backplane, Satellite system, additionally in play – MOSA, SOSA , LAWS, applied signal tech, Command and control, NIPRnet and SIPRnet, Jade C2 -Starlink, CORONA  strategic reconnaissance satellites, Neuromorphic supercomputer, PANACEA,  OSIRIS, Project MAVEN =((Mosaic warfare, net centric node access, order drone smart grid update, login to 802’15’6, MQ-9 Reaper tethered to ground station or target (DNA)- AI “get humans out of the picture” source Dod AI symposium Sept 2020)) , HAARP, and Acoustic physical vibrations-magnetometry, multispectral optoacoustic tomography, microwave spectroscopy, Haarp ionospheric Alfven resonator (IAR), ELF, MDSS, SQL (hive ) human body “login”, Omnet, DISN, CISA, GIG, Industrial Cyber-physical Systems backbone – network modeling, MIMO Wireless network, Cyclotronic resonance, electrical Synthetic telepathy, Cymatics, Radionics, Plasmonics, Frequency -pervasive, ubiquitous, ambient, cognitive, computing interaction, and others, to bi-directionally but with “significant” restrictions, entrain human brains and nervous systems, AI in the network Web 3.0, edge computing , 4D computing, and supercomputers ie  Nvidia “earth II” for cells body wide- extended omniverse, IoBNT, IoB, low orb satellites and drones, nano sized drones, “slaughterbot” deployment, autonomous sensing,  to decode “read and write,” brain activity – signals,  non-invasive, , monitor and control human cellular activity, genes, central nervous systems, (and peripheral nervous system), circulatory system, neurons, control- thalamo-cortical recurrent neuronal activity,  real time in- potential control of emotional states, thoughts, “mind control”,  attitudes, perceptions, intentions, hearing, health, fear, calm, vital signs, breathing, stress, PH balance, hormones, heart beat, memories, and mental behaviors, EEG overlay, human activity radar, acoustic repetition, “encode” “prescribed active avoidance denial coping”, actual real time physical behavior- potentially:  neural control of movement- biomechanical components, musculoskeletal system, advancements in molecular genetics- neural models (spinal and brain circuits) produce the necessary instruction signals (motoneuron activations)  “producing  forces” for specific -body wide movements, creating actions and intents- MEP (motor evoked potentials), EMG recording, (FES) Functional Electrical Stimulation generates motion, combine Drug delivery,  zombie-hood “node” states, and all to create a global sentient mind control “hive mind”/ total  health, financial -crypto genomic, social credit , carbon credit- climate scare via ESG scores and trading of carbon credits, surveillance, internet of behaviors (launched Jan 2023),  track and trace, Bossware, real world simulation digital twin- granular and dense data, teraform the planet, IOB, extended reality, VR, AR, XR, Meta verse, some version run on of Sentient World Simulation (SWS) running, Central command and control AI node, GIG, control grid- via ubiquitous biosensors. – definition of bio sensors: the device is made up of a transducer – physiochemical detector – or transducing microsystem, and a biological element that may be an enzyme, an antibody,  tissue, microorganism, biomolecule, organelles, cell receptors  or a nucleic acid, -DNA analyte derivatives. The bio element, or biomimetic component,  interacts, binds with, or recognizes, the analyte under study and the biological response is converted into  an electrical signal and may be amplified by the transducer.  The transducer sequentially is an electrochemical electrode, a semiconductor, and photoelectric conversion.   The second-generation biosensor (microorganism, Um IMMUNIZATION,  enzyme immunity, and cytoplast sensor) has been developed, and third-generation biosensor, and combines the system biotechnology and electronic technology. A Biosensor uses specific biochemical reactions mediated by isolated enzymes, immunosystems, tissues, organelles or whole cells to detect chemical compounds, micro and nano in scale and are located in the interstitial fluid in between your cells. Biosensors use your natural electric energy to power themselves and emit a data signal that is connected to the internet of things. They communicate just like your cell phone, and cell phones can even be “bootstraping ” devices for biosensors. Biosensors that are made out of hybridizing your DNA, emit a signal using electrochemical elements such as light and can be controlled by optogenetics. Transducers use red blood cells & minerals to carry the electrical signal to RF sinks. Biosensors can be classified as electrochemical, optical, thermal, piezoelectric, acoustic, magnetic biosensors  – and there are many others. Smart dust: smart dust is a wireless network of tiny sensors that autonomously collect and transmit data from their environment. Each “mote” of these micro-electromechanical systems can detect external stimuli such as light, temperature, movement, sound, chemicals and air pressure in real time. Their small size and lightweight, silicon construction allows them to suspend in the air, like dust. What are metamaterials: A metamaterial is a 3D structure comprised of at least two different materials, with a response or function that impossible to achieve with any individual constituent material. A metasurface is a 2D version of a metamaterial where the structural elements are confined to a 2D plane. The response/function of a metamaterial results from the ensemble effects of designed and engineered meta-atom elements. These can take many forms. The response or function may be electromagnetic (photonic, RF & microwave, THz etc), acoustic (audio, ultrasonic, vibrational), magnetic, mechanical/structural, thermal, or chemical. The ‘Metamaterials’ topic is inherently interdisciplinary, spanning advanced materials (plasmonics, active materials, RF, high index contrast, 2D materials, phase change materials, transparent conductive oxides, soft materials), theoretical physics, quantum physics, chemistry, biology, engineering (mechanical and electrical), acoustics, computer sciences (e.g. artificial intelligence, high performance computing), and robotics. In terms of applications, metamaterials have phenomenal potential, in important areas, from energy to ICT, defence & security, aerospace, and healthcare. Numerous market research studies predict very significant growth over the next decade, Metamaterials for better stronger signaling – metamaterials  deployed likely a decade+  but publically and substantially deployed  2017 and ongoing Vaccines =  system upgrade to re tech and  load balancing combined with metamaterials.  a metamaterial can nonetheless be designed so that an electromagnetic wave will pass through as if it were passing through a conventional material. Furthermore, because the properties of the metamaterial can be determined from the composition and structure of such small (nanoscale) objects, the electromagnetic properties of the metamaterial such as permittivity and permeability can be accurately tuned on a very small scale. In the past 10-15 years, significant developments in optical metamaterial design, engineering, and fabrication has created excitement among researchers and consumers alike. Viable products are being developed and commercialized at an astonishing rate. In the coming years, we will marvel at the incredible technological revolution that is made possible by metamaterials and the engineers who are creating them).

It appears, DoD approved vendors- can (purchase) (and have)-been parsed out) access to login in to your body digi ID / Mac address – on a button press “remote”, drop down menu, data labeling , data curation, feature values, feature extraction, -monitor, change cell structure, wireless drugging, tissue engineer, logging in to your veins and arteries, blood and tissue, and “worse” -hack prescribed health outcome, DNA access, biosensors, is open off the shelf bio hacking with Zigbee/Bluetooth applications – web portals, Github, Om-net, SQL hive, Geomancer, Geospatial, Spellcaster – spellbook , and other, with cyber security, purchase a remote access to bulk “data bases” and or “individuals”, prescribed to do so, And/or pervasively, bodies run autonomously with AI algorithms, bioelectromagnetic algorithms, but “it appears” data base “blocks (of humans)” have been put out for contract to SIGINT – (See DOD, symposium), (see SIGINT BOOM), Military and contractors – All on already mentioned above networks. With out informed consent. They don’t care. This is happening/happened. You have a natural electrical body part. and electro-magnetically they are tapping it. The human body is naturally on the electromagnetic spectrum. (google it).

Definition of Bioweapon: 18 USC Ch. 10 Biological Weapons 175 Prohibitions with respect to biological weapons, (c) Definitions – For purposes of this section, the term “for use as a weapon” includes the development, production, transfer, acquisition, retention, or possession of any biological agent, toxin or delivery system/device for other than prophylactic (preventative) , protective, bona fide research, or other peaceful purposes. it is a simple definition. Further to the agenda is significant depopulation – “kill box” , “it appears” subject to “further” verification, selecting who will live and die, death panel data base metrics (exists), geomancer, spell caster, digital ids,  CBDC, 15 min cities, Al “smart hospital” death protocols, food supply poisoning  & control, smart dust, climate change terror, weather modification, Social engineering, Gaslighting psychological terror, inversion of good/bad terror. Constant psychotronic subliminal- acoustic- audio waves weapons networked infrastructure– mechanical vibrations – pulsed communication – ELF – RF – mental subversion – usually riding on ambient sound – psychic driving –  message repetition entrainment – from the outside in- combined with surveillance –  mass population and/or individual targeting. Mind uploading to cloud is being attempted. Barcode and tag -digital ID – all life via International Barcode of Life (“IBOL”) project – a Rockefeller initiative , religious discrimination, censorship,  totalitarian one world government,  to enslave.  But as they have but a short time window of opportunity , and to reach DNA digitization goal for cybernetic control, speaks to the indication of attempted “permanent” modification of the genome and introduction of graphene backbone, in the short term, in process, without informed consent via COVID inoculations.  The new altered DNA, modified essentially, to the same new sequences. Radiate and microwave populace with military grade with 5G -7G + towers, (some non-earthly unknown frequencies), beam forming wave, DEW (Directed Energy Weapons), low orbiting satellites, depriving bloodstream of oxygen, and to harm, sicken, kill and use for mind control and or extort. LED “sensor” smart bulbs data relay, LED microwave radiation. “Elites” goal to reduce the human population substantially/radically (50% to 90% it appears imo) , with veiled eugenics/ de-population program, “nano domestic quell”.   Targeting specific DNA signatures, personal, and or ethnic, and or global.  Encoding directions can also make sick or electrical kill switch from inside out, populations or targeted individuals, to hold over populations. Weaponize pathogens with intent to radiate, sicken and genetically manipulate  to make easier to control. Turn populations genetically into a new /modified race of beings. Install AI collective hive thought and ultra control freak micro management system. Entity human energy harvesting. Goal to create mechanoid humans suppressing love, creativity, uniqueness, imagination, original and critical thinking, and the beautiful imperfections that make us human, attempted connection with creator, love and care of one another, create passivity, demonic manifestation – replace all neurons in brain (neuronal network) in human brains , kill God connection in people – abomination – source of technology enablers. Artificial intelligence algorithms, competing (for fun & betting even), and mind control technology alternatives thought to be 14 – 26+ ways, (depending on hybrids) in competition among mad scientist luciferians.  Based on, AI has been emulating human behavior to achieve /program- sentient AGI, ASI – build AI, deep mind, mapping brain synaptic junctions, reverse engineer behavior in computer, data collection bioinformatics, neuromorphic computing. Mathematical models of behavior, data knowledge will never match human intelligence created by God, is devoid of holy trinity, mind, intelligence of God of which nothing will ever, ever match. Period.  Genetically manipulate every living thing on the planet, and, to spite God. With all this,  they essentially are experimenting  on humans,  treating like guinea pigs in order to apply knowledge to elites after perfection to obtain immortality (will not work), and for anti aging, life extension, regenerative medicine.  Many elites and some IC community have taken best practice’s and augmented themselves already, with many abomination errors. And others have been experimented on without consent, or abducted and experimented on. Mind control technologies if they work, will work better on people who are “suggestable” or have “malleable” brains, (at least 35% of humans) and or by genetic modification, and do not work AT ALL on others, regardless of invasive or non invasive intrusions. For an AI to learn how to gain control of a subject, must re wire and  re – train to act according to its operators’ commands. – reaction to implanted thoughts and memories must be conditioned. This is why the tyrannist also need CBDC’s, social credit scoring extortion-coercion, 15 minute city control grids, kill box, biomedical geo fencing, human capital outcome investing & speculation, tokenization of everything, privatization of poverty management, human securitized debt products and global Ed futures, digital & physical surveillance, human replacement, destruction of the constitution, environmental-climate change fake science terror, redefine human rights attempts, digital mediated rights, smart contract life, organized stalking, bs precrime excuse for surveillance, doctor visit death, psychopathic micro-management, threats of punishment and humiliation, digital ID, tracking all, medical passport, pre-crime and thought crime surveillance feedback modify ( and by AI) , gaslighting, steal and borrow kids, institutionalized overt government extortion attempts, technocracy scam, prison planet, disable health thru microwave- radiate- etc. , and the butt of the rifle. If the mind control was in fallible (at this point) they would n’t need all the other things. All only if you let them. (and a long ETC. list) Additionally- poisoning the population to “dumb down”, masses (seems to be working) which makes humans easier to control. (ie a “bird brain” already perfected, is easy to control) Human’s have complex brains, – not easily FULLY controllable with technology, (but further than most think and partly unknown), unlike “certain” animals and “certain” wildlife which are already 100% controllable with technology, controlled by AI algorithms- in a way, to an extent people would consider beyond belief, including birds, squirrel’s most of which have been traded out, as the organic has been traded for combo organic/inorganic hybrid, ,and is (verified 100% AI run) crickets, including some replacement of rabbits, a few cats have been verified, this is a fact, even though it is not publicly understood/will be hard for most to accept this is possible, and no one wants it to be possible, but it is. period. (you WILL know later) I am not talking about flying north, i am talking every single action physical and behavior, sound, like a video game – like you have never seen, down to 1/1,000,000,000 of a second flutter of a wing. I am sorry. Let’s say a bird does some things they regularly do for one hour – fly to a tree, sit on a power line, peck on the grass to find a worm, make a nest, sing a song, make bird sounds, fly around in the air with a flock , in tandem, fly in a big flock, peck at something else and skip along on ground – all this for one hour ,- well- AI can make them- if one of their augmented, (which is most now) do the EXACT SAME THING, down to 1/1,000,000,000 of a second flutter of wings, for the next hour if they want it to – this is 100% – and it is freaking amazing and disturbing (having a hard time believing this is a natural reaction) proceed accordingly- this is NOT internet research i am telling you about now, and is real world, not in a lab. (the “birds are not real” website is a ridiculous ABC cover psyop fyi). I do not have or need an NDA, this came to me i didn’t go looking for it. Do you know the Bible shows 78 references to birds, well it appears “most” have had their free will taken. So lets say you say “mind control” cannot work on humans, considering they can now “morph” the human genome/tissues at the nano scale remotely, (although likely still limited or unknown to some extent on the remote technicals, but they are “all in” on multiple vectors including “vaccines” to modify genome), and if they continue to work on splicing human genome cross species, then they would no longer to “controlling” “humans” but species – hybrids they have already proven 100% run with AI, and then get closer to that aspiration. Harari is confident for a reason even as he is a psychopath. I am not predicting this will happen with everybody, but giving you info to think about- “Internet of animals” is a real thing. In order to reach goals, additionally, psychologically and sociologically manipulate and abuse the human population (military level psyops) into accepting (wittingly or unwittingly deceived) this dystopian digital techno future.  They would like to proceed in a manner that the population did it to themselves- total deception is still in play however, after all it is dark side inspired. Playing god, by altering/destroying the human genome the way God made it;  with designs on mixing and matching all Philocode classifications, tainting pure life forms.  Preparing, re assembling a counterfeit human DNA structure ie. for integration into the beast system, new/modified race of human beings, align digital bio-computing attempting to replacing “conscience’.   Potentially lost in Nvidia AI Omniverse ,  Artificial Intelligent, Digital Twin – VR, AR, XR, Metaverse environment, Internal surveillance, internet of behaviors ( Jan 2023), COV BAN, IoBNT,  and system and external remote see through eyes (real time video or (image reconstructions they say), NSA : without contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject’s brain (on) a video monitor, , operatives see what the surveillance subject’s eyes are seeing- ocular enhancement, hear through ears- of humans and individual – potential mechanisms = synthetic aperture radar, infra-ultrasound, photon effects in vision suggest a significant role for quantum , mechanisms throughout biology, and latent spaces across 2-photon and neuropixels data, and can provide rapid, high-accuracy decoding of natural movies from visual cortex (its a freaking movie now people) – digitalization hybridization and supercomputing resulting in loss of privacy and autonomy – I also have reason to believe this tech has advanced and this is not related to internet research sadly (but also not personal ). Command and control goal is denial and-or degradation of free will,- Pedophilia child abusing satanic ritual abuse elite dream, digital, and economic enslavement. Another goal of Quantum computing , CERN,  luminosity resonant frequency signatures, white rabbit,  quantum mechanics computing,  particle physics, Digital twin data base,  D-Wave, Google, IBM, others,  and CERN, seeking inter- dimensional communication, essentially – geomatic divination devices;  As well, chatGPT merely takes the mind and biases,  and spirit, of its  programmer & controller.  Total digital control will not work on everyone, is not omniscient , cannot work seamlessly, as i have experience on it, period, some may just go mad, (they will) be switched, or be protected by their creator, those with a strong connection to creator, and constitution,  and those without inoculations and without other bulk surreptitious means of delivery, not otherwise protected, and shielding protocol.  The mind control technology will work on many, or maybe even a significant percentage with tech in body, & brain eventually, sadly, and it appears may not even know they have/or will be changed. Each month technology embedded self assembles, replicates and becomes more mature, and with increased injections, opens up the injected to cyborg-ism. Plus, as WBAN IEEE 802.15 monitoring has been ongoing for decade(s), however COVID “vaccination” has enabled further LNP technology in humans, to be exploited with networks, therefore specific, entrainment is enabled so far, yet -additional and ever more effective “global” frequency entrainment switch likely yet to be enacted upon; remote activation chaos may well be expected. Technology delivered by way of (to those that take) inoculation, (implants not needed) without informed consent. To a lessor, and somewhat unknown extent, including food supply, already occured and occurring to all, “, chemical trails, smart dust, self -spreading LNP’s, and shedding, but also inclusion LNP’s tech to more injectables, such as flu , dental, insulin, now replete with so called, m RNA LNP technology, (graphene) etc., and covert sensor, nanorobot implantation/injection in past and present.  Significant genome modification is not reversible, or unknown. The goal has been to obscure technology and its use- and withhold plan from population, withheld informed consent from the Public. per UN: ((( Neuro tech: promising organic and inorganic nanomaterials, e.g., graphene, carbon nanotubes, carbon nano-dots and conducting polymers graphene, perovskites,  Iron, cobalt, and nickel nanoparticles, and many others; electronics, medical and pharmaceutical industries; high efficiencies; resources saving; CO2 mitigation.))) per un on my style: ((UN biotech: – genomics, and proteomics; gene-editing technologies and custom designed DNA sequence; genetically modified organisms (GMO);  stem cells and human engineering;  bio-catalysis; synthetic biology; sustainable agriculture tech; Food crops, human health, pharmaceuticals, materials, environment, fuels. Military use; irreversible changes to health and environment)),per UN: Digital Tech : ((( Big Data technologies; Internet of Things; 5G mobile phones; 3-D printing and manufacturing; Cloud computing platforms; open data technology; free and opensource;  Massive open online courses; micro-simulation; E-distribution;  systems combining radio, mobile phone, satellite, GIS, and remote sensing data; data sharing technologies, including citizen science-enabling technologies; social media technologies;  mobile Apps to promote public engagement and behavioural change;  pre-paid system of electricity use and automatic meter reading; digital monitoring technologies; digital security technology. Development, employment, manufacturing, agriculture, health, cities, finance, absolute “decoupling”, governance,))) In regard to technology and its disclosure consider the following with discernment:  Technology Deployment Curve-  1. Technology is published/developed, and immediately revealed and adopted.  2. Technology is published/and potentially adopted but has actually been in existence for years or a decade, or longer. 3. Technology is published/ and potentially adopted but the technology is a misdirection/disinformation from the actual (similar but malevolent)  obscured from the public. 4. Technology is adopted but is completely obscured and hidden from the public for malevolent reasons (including patents).  All this, to create satanic inspired human control utopia, escape judgement they now know is upon them and their death,  seeking immortality on the backs of the innocent. Some things are worse than death – to be run by the likes of these. Never take one mRNA bioweapon, and nor any injections with that platform and do not take further boosters, or new injections on that platform.  Fight against “vaccine” mandates, promote the take down, disabling,  5-7G towers and orbiting satellites. Learn shielding techniques, and bio field practice – “piloerection” with people like Sabrina Wallace. Consider diet, and control of food sources.  Potentially, family lineage will end with those who are alive today or born in the next 5 years for a portion of population, with attempted depopulation, genome modification, sterilization, unless steps are taken and awareness urgently spread to keep additional children and adults from taking mRNA platform shots, additional shots, boosters as DNA, and watching food choices- or / as inherited DNA is/may be transformed.  If you think “I have been left out of this” i am a good person, or worse “but i comply with all they do” they can’t wait to get you, there is nothing they like more than letting you know you screwed your self and your own and now it is your turn, – their number one rule, they love “If you want immortality, you have to take it from the innocent” – – fight with dignity or you go there. You are no different than an ant to them. All the agenda above has been created by people with JOBS, they have these jobs, and they have never told you what they are working on and how will effect you because they want to keep jobs. People don’t care. The Mao revolution ites , occult system people, number in the 10’s of millions, you can also review my other web page for details, although it may seem up hill battle, it is possible with God, and the attitude of those who separated from the British in 1776, and your activity which inspires and is needed. Don’t fall for any more of this deception and lawlessness of the money runner satanic luciferian’s banker anthropologists,  fight for your children, grandchildren. This is a spiritual battle, meant to separate humanity from God, be in prayer, we are at war, but we will win, if you prepare accordingly. i can tell you more, contact me i am happy to dialogue.

(references to the technical stuff are available , most of the above information is from publicly available sources., but not all, and is an attempt to reverse engineer REAL end points (not ubiquitously public) that  have been revealed otherwise in terms of AI “remote” control of biological systems by Artificial Intelligence, (It Is Happening) Review the information, double back, do your own research, google search topics, words, (text and image), break it down, investigate, and grade and question. Someone asked for references/citations so see/ BELOW- 500 plus references for this work, and up to 1000+ for additional support. As i highlight certain creators or scientists, doctors work/papers/video’s/opinions below, it does not mean i support everything the creator says, writes or focus’s on, or “omits” but does mean has something to contribute

(notes on quantum * being rewritten – pingback later)

REFERENCES    (in no particular order,  yet working on) 350 + pages of links and text

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