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Lahaina – 7-10-24 — Google Earth Looking Very Odd

stock here: I don’t recall the damage patterns looking like this, I don’t recall a clean line of undamaged at the highway. I recall way more damage at front street and the famous Banyan Tree. I recall some neighborhoods with selective damage within a development. I recall the red roofed building on the ocean standing just by itself.

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At UNM geography department,
as a student and chump volunteer,
I was participating in data conversion to
enable the computers to gain more capability. Digitization of everything, fed
Into “layers” anchored to map coordinates, dynamic through time, and
removing, eventually, the need for the human monkey data analyst. Real satellite GPS is fun to use: we four-wheeled around the wildlife refuge “taking points” and making a nice
precision map to merge with our
great DEM starship Enterprise database.
The big question discussed was the
Power of the map controller. They have
The Power to go to courts and congressional hearings and flap maps
and charts and graphs to dictate “reality”. We were there on the morning of 9/11, and days right after, when the
Gov had not fully clamped down on
free access to satellite and other info.
You used to be able to get imagery
which was soon gobbled up and declared off-limits to journalists. Now
we see they have the A-Eye power to
change the image to suit their Evil needs.

Indeed, are they pretending that “we really didn’t wipe out all the historical places of Lahaina, just some houses burned”, and that mad, drive you car up on the curb and jump into the ocean as temperatures reached 200F inside your car….yeah, that really didn’t happen either. Sorry, I got the evidence. The day after, I knew I was collecting and preserving evidence.

I especially liked the part where you showed that there was no storm-wind
whipping up the monster fire, as the
Photo showed normal swells and puny breakers while furious artificial fire weapons ate up the buildings.

Yes, I remember the picture of the little birdie sitting on the guy wire of a sailboat, perched comfortably with no white caps to be seen, not even frothy water, as the fire and smoke rage in the background

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