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DOE — Huge Push of Propaganda on Linkedin, and Some Well Deserved Pushback

stock here: also seems to be a lot of either true believers or paid trolls that just mimic the DOE trash talk.


Dear Madam Secretary,
Count me in as the “Wonder Woman” who’s Detroit area QE award winning company led some of the most innovative pollution prevention programs (P3) – geared to modernize polluting industries, correctly address emissions and hazardous waste generation, while increasing (instead of decreasing) profitability. That was accomplished in parallel with the engineering of world’s first Mass Production Geared Fuel Cells – For deployment in the propulsion, stationary and portable power markets (Prompted by a DOE/Los Alamos Lab invite to address major issues preventing commercialization).
Had we not subsequently experienced tremendous resistance and monumental greenwashing distractions from democrats lead admins (starting with Prez. Obama 1st Term), our emissions free, “fuel flexible” and affordable fuel cells/fuel cell based products (including FCEVs) would have made a great contribution to the environment, our economy and energy security.
We need to unleash innovation and prevent political influence from obstructing the right type of progress.
Brainwashing the public into adopting bandaids over the problem is no longer in fashion.

This letter can lay the foundation for a movie script based on facts, not fiction.

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