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Questions About COVID and Esp. The VXX

Without using governmental data, answer the following:

1. What is the R0 of COVID-19?

2. What is the actual case fatality rate of COVID-19?

3. Apart from vaccination, what are reported treatment regimens for the management of COVID-19 and what is their efficacy?

4. What is antibody dependent enhancement and how does that potentially relate to COVID-19? Has it ever happened before?

5. What is the actual mechanism for mRNA vaccine?

6. What is the clinical history behind mRNA vaccines and their development?

7. What is the spike protein and its role with regard to the pathogenesis of COVID-19?

8. With regard to the vaccine, what is the biodistribution of the spike protein?

9. What is the half-life of the spike protein?

10. Other than the intent of the spike protein inoculation, what are its other proven biological activities?

11. Who is a vaccine intended to protect & does the vaccine prevent one from becoming infected and shedding pathogen? Why or why not?

12.What is antigenic shift and how does that play a role with the current offerings of vaccines as well as the current strategy to “vaccinate our way out of the current medical hellscape”?

13.What is the difference between the spike protein (S) and the nucleocapsid complex(N) and how does that apply to vaccines and / or innate & acquired / adaptive immunity?

14. What is a prion?  Is that relevant to SARS-CoV2?

15.In terms of COVID naive and survivors, what is the cross-reactivity of T-cell epitopes?

16.Has vaccinate our way out of a pandemic ever worked?

17. What is Marek’s disease and how may it relate to the current situation?

18. Is there any relationship between SARS-COv2 & HIV?

19. What is Marek’s disease and how is that relevant to SARS-CoV-2?

Until you can answer these questions, it is your duty as a healthcare provider to be skeptical.


Sharing Nuclear Tech With Australia Is Exactly the Same As Giving It Direct to The Enemies

US, UK, Australia Announce New Security Partnership Amid Rise in Chinese Influence

Australia is not an ally, they are totally controlled. Lock down 5 million people over 7 COVID “Cases”



Ethics Professor Gives Heartbreaking Final Lesson on Refusing Vaccine Before Being Fired After 21 Years Of Excellent Service

Seen here first https://beforeitsnews.com/awakening-start-here/2021/09/ethics-professor-gives-heartbreaking-final-lesson-on-refusing-vaccine-before-being-fired-16133.html

YouTube has banned this a few times so I will put it up on Bitchute too.


SPAM Filter successfully installed on Private Hosted Nukepro! Less Porn than Hunter Biden!

Nukepro now had less porn than Hunter’s Laptop in China


In Amazing Hubris And Stupidity Hawaii Requires VXX Card for Restaurants, Fitness Centers, Recreational Settings and Then Spends Millions to Rip Down A Popular Outdoor Attraction (Stairway to Heaven)

Hawaii to destroy Instagrammer favourite ‘Stairway to Heaven’ trail as it’s too dangerous https://news.yahoo.com/hawaii-destroy-instagrammer-favourite-stairway-101454194.html

Except that it is not dangerous….there has never been a death in 60 years except for 1 heart attack. Shameful, just Shameful.


USA To Spend Over $1M per Afghan to “Resettle Them Fully” in USA. $4M per Average Family

I thought the Democrats loved the immigrants because they were “cheap votes” This doesn’t sound so cheap to me.

The Female Black Jesuit “Acting” Director Shalanda Young said the majority of the money would support processing operations for the allies and refugees and provide additional transportation from third-country waiting stations to final destinations for the individuals.

But we certainly can’t leave them in those third countries, the Dems need the easy to sway votes. And after setting them up with direct cash payments, and housing, of course they will vote Dem.

On our dime — 64 billion Dimes to be exact. And this does not count the re-direction of our vital human resources that should be working to improve the lot of Americans, this is an additional cost to us.


Chicago Gun Violence Statistics — It Is A Shithole

Mostly Peaceful Weekend

ADE Antibody Dependent Enhancement Will Kill Hundreds of Thousand Vaxxed When The Flu Comes Shortly

stock here. Sorry about all the Chinese porn in comments. My hosting has well known IPs that get attacked. I will have to come up some solutions.

The ADE reaction is something we knew about in April 2020, IF a vaccine was ever to be released. I wrote about it early on, stating that “there will be no vaccine” and there really isn’t, the Pfizer and Moderna (stock symbol MRNA by the way) and not vaccines. Their creators have called them “operating systems” and “gene therapy”.

We know from a decade of research on SARS-1 that any and all vaccines tried on animals, had a huge amount of horrific overblown responses often resulting in death of the animal. And this can be when challenged with ANY Corona Virus. The Influenza virus is a Corona Virus.

It looks like the “perfect setup”. Vaxxers will start dying en-mass, and the truth is that the Vaxxers are the one allowing mutations (not the false claim that the Non-Vaxxed are entirely responsible for mutations and extending the
“fake pandemic”). Also noted, until almost everyone has natural immunity and a broad range of B cells and T cells….CORONA VIRUS WILL NOT GO AWAY regardless of the number of vaccinated people. And you want to know why? Because there is a non human animal depository of SARS-2. So it will keep coming back.

THIS IS IMPORTANT — because it is reality and because it exposes their lies and misdirections. Smallpox was eliminated with vaccines….BECAUSE there was no animal repository of Smallpox. We won. But you can’t “win” when there is an animal repository (when animals can also get the same virus aka SARS-2).

The “vaccine” creates the Spike-S proteins by programming the humans body to make them. But a broad range of B cells and T cells is way different than a “man on man” Spike S Protein. The B and T cells form a “Zone defense” that is broad and can handle a wide variety of comers, aka Delta, Mu. Spike S is more like man on man defense where if the offensive man changes, the defense may be totally out played, and that is exactly what is happening with the Vax and Delta for one. In fact, if you are Vaxxed and get COVID the latest study from England shows that you have TWICE THE CHANCE OF DYING compared to the non-vaxxed with COVID. Other studies have shown even higher rates of death of the Vaxxed.

I’ll provide support from the source data for my analysis in another article.

Dr. Dan Stock explains the basis behind the upcoming mass dye-offs of the Vaxxed via ADE. 1% of 100,000,000 is 1 Million. I think that can definitely happen this Flu season. And it will be blamed on the Unvaxxed, even the real blame is on the criminals that be, and the Vaxxed.

And there will be Fauci with “We Never Could Have Known” about this horrible reaction with the experimental emergency vaccine. Although many of us lay people knew. BTW no relation between me and Dr. Stock, LOL


USA Spending Billion in “Ads and Lies” To Push the VXX But Only Getting 70,000 Per Day

They are spending billions in advertising, and controlling the news cycle with lies, and still only getting 70,000 a day “vaccinated”


COVID and The Vaccine Are 1 In The Same

stock here. So I am going to admit that I really get confused when I read about COVID deaths, I think “vaccine deaths” and sometime vice versa. It occurred to me that deep down, my subconscious who has more time to process and less time in the “real world” of our trials and tribulations, knows very well that COVID and the VXX are, if not the exact same thing, then at least 1st Cousins.

For instance, I saw this and thought Wisconsin is inflating their death numbers, how can they have Half of ALL of the Deaths reported by the CDC?


536 AD Massive Volcanic Eruptions Caused By Sun, Put Out The Sun

stock here When the sunspots in the southern hemisphere exceed those in the northern hemisphere (of the sun) its time to rock and roll….Earthquakes and Volcanos https://www2.hao.ucar.edu/hao-science/science-feature/solar-cycle-variability-induced-title-angle-scatter-babcockl-leighton Read the caption under the first image. That will explain how the year 536 was the longest duration of south exceeding the north, the integration of the individual deltas. Note in C4 about year 503 there was a higher peak but it was quite isolated. We have long spoke of how fast moving space rocks cause earthquakes and therefore vulcanism even if they are not large. The speed matters most. ——————————————————————– Story below copied and not verified by me, but it is interesting. In 535/6 AD a piece of comet (possibly from Halley’s Comet) passed over Britain, impacting or exploding over the Norwegian Sea . It would have scorched the land, killed the people and other life in most of Britain except for the valleys in Wales and Scotland. About 450 to 500 years later after the wildlife had recovered, the sparsely populated area (now called England) was resettled (not invaded) by the Angles, Saxons and Jutes, from the area now called Demark and northern Germany. The Jutes are probably the origin of “Judaeans”, (now called Jews) of the plagiarised Bible stories. England (Angle land) got its name from the Angle settlers, originally a fishing people (anglers). ———————————————————————- https://www2.hao.ucar.edu/hao-science/science-feature/solar-cycle-variability-induced-title-angle-scatter-babcockl-leighton Saturday, April 15, 2017 We present results from a three-dimensional Babcock–Leighton dynamo model that is sustained by the explicit emergence and dispersal of bipolar magnetic regions (BMRs). On average, each BMR has a systematic tilt given by Joy’s law. Randomness and nonlinearity in the BMR emergence of our model produce variable magnetic cycle. Variability in sunspot number (SSN) in STABLE dynamo simulations of the solar cycle image Variability in sunspot number (SSN) in STABLE dynamo simulations of the solar cycle using the observed random scatter in sunspot pair tilt angle of 15 degrees. (a) 19 magnetic cycles are highlighted with red and blue representing the northern and southern hemispheres respectively. Red shaded areas indicate periods when the SSN in the north exceeds that in the south and blue shaded areas indicate the opposite. (b) Long-term SSN variability in the same simulation, exhibiting extended periods of low and high activity analogous to grand minima and maxima. Black and red indicate northern and southern hemispheres and the dotted line shows the observed SSN for the Sun, averaged over the last 13 cycles, for comparison. However, when we allow for a random scatter in the tilt angle to mimic the observed departures from Joy’s law, we find more variability in the magnetic cycles. We find that the observed standard deviation in Joy’s law of 15 degrees produces a variability comparable to observed solar cycle variability of ∼ 32%, as quantified by the sunspot number maxima between 1755–2008. We also find that tilt angle scatter can promote grand minima and grand maxima. The time spent in grand minima for a scatter of 15 degrees is somewhat less than that inferred for the Sun from cosmogenic isotopes (about 9% compared to 17%). However, when we double the tile angle scatter to 30 degrees, the simulation statistics are comparable to the Sun (∼18% of the time in grand minima and ∼ 10% in grand maxima). Though the Babcock–Leighton mechanism is the only source of poloidal field, we find that our simulations always maintain magnetic cycles even at large fluctuations in the tilt angle. Furthermore, we find that moderate scatter in the tilts can enhance the efficiency of the dynamo, giving rise to stronger mean fields. We also demonstrate that tilt quenching is a viable and efficient mechanism for dynamo saturation; a suppression of the tilt by only 1-2 degrees is sufficient to limit the dynamo growth. Thus, any potential observational signatures of tilt quenching in the Sun may be subtle. Submitted to Astrophysical Journal March 8, 2017.

Dark to Light: Excellent Summary / Current Events

The following are examples of Darkness to Light: What we decide now will determine whether Earth falls into another Dark Age for 13,000 years; (Half of a Galactic Cycle) or, whether we Inherit our destiny, in the Light, with the New Earth and a Bright Connection to The Father of Heaven Space.

Some of you may not understand my words. Some of this information may sound very airy-fairy. Just feel with your Heart and you‘ll be on the Path of Light.

Thinking with the Mind may confuse you? Look at the Planet now.

Does it feel like we are on the path to goodness and love?

Here are some guidepost terms to avoid following the Dark Path:

WOKE = Bad Awakened = Good

Tell-A-Vision = Bad (Global Mind Control) Independent Research = Good (Search with Duck Duck Go)

MSM = Bad Alternative Media = Good

Corporate Social Media = Bad (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) Open Source Social Media = Good (Telegram, Signal, etc.)

Great Reset = Very Bad (Global Financial and Human Control System) Great Awakening = Good (The New Earth, Nesara/Gesara) Nesara/Gesara = Good (New Freedom Systems, Finance, Health, Transportation, Energy.)

Pharmaceuticals = Death Alternative Natural Medicine = Life

Governments = Slavery to Man We The People = Governed by God

May your Moccasins be Filled with Light as You walk among the Stars!

Markus of the DesertSky


Neural Lace — Is “I Robot” A Thing Now? Maybe Elon Musk Knows. And…A Poem

The promise of a system like this is intoxicating. You can learn new things easier, and get things done faster. Imagine all the time you’d save or how much farther you’d get going after your dreams.

But the reality is that this is dangerous. And it has nothing to do with cracking open your skull and implanting some metallic mesh over the top of your neocortex. Rather, it has everything to do with the amount of energy being pushed from the computer into your brain.



Red Cross Changing Again On Accepting Blood From The Vxxed



The WayBack Machine at archive.org contains a snapshot from June 12, 2021 of the official Red Cross manual entitled,

“COVID-19 Vaccine Blood Donation
Guide for Donors”


Here is what the manual says:

“If you receive any type of COVID-19 vaccine, you are not eligible to donate convalescent plasma with the Red Cross.
However, you may be eligible to donate other blood products with the Red Cross including whole blood and platelets if
you meet other donation eligibility criteria.

The Red Cross acknowledges that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration did update its guidance regarding
convalescent plasma donor eligibility related to those who receive a COVID-19 vaccine. We are evaluating the feasibility
and timeline to implement this complex update, alongside the evolving hospital needs for COVID-19 patients. Please
know, the Red Cross is committed to building a readily available inventory of convalescent plasma to ensure patients
battling COVID-19 have all treatment options available to them.”


1. It clearly states that the vaccinated are not “eligible to donate convalescent plasma with the Red Cross…”

2. It mentions a complex update by the FDA, referring to the latest FDA Guidance allowing the vaccinated to donate plasma if they had Covid within the six months BEFORE getting the vaccine. But the Red Cross has now stopped accepting all convalescent plasma, which makes NO SENSE in light of point three below.

3. It concludes: “Please know, the Red Cross is committed to building a readily available inventory of convalescent plasma to ensure patients
battling COVID-19 have all treatment options available to them.”

So, as of June 12, 2021 (and probably after, but that’s the last Way back snapshot as of today), the Red Cross did not have a readily available inventory of convalescent plasma.

But at some point between June 12, 2021 and today, the Red Cross CHANGED the manual to read:

“The FDA allows people who have received a COVID-19 vaccine to donate dedicated COVID-19 convalescent plasma within six months of their infection of the virus, based on data that antibodies from natural infection can decline after six months however, the Red Cross has discontinued our convalescent plasma collection program.”



1. I find it hard to believe that the Red Cross would just abandon the convalescent plasma program now. How do they know how much plasma the world will need going forward. Are they saying the pandemic is waning?

It seems that the more likely reason they abandoned the convalescent plasma program is that they didn’t think it feasible to implement the complexity of mixing into the inventory, the safe and effective plasma of the unvaccinated, with the plasma of those vaccinated who met the stringent FDA guidelines requiring that the vaccinated plasma must only come from those who had Covid within six months PRIOR TO getting the vaccine, as demanded by the FDA guidelines stated here:


Faced with a choice of continuing to bar the vaccinated from donating convalescent plasma, and trying to implement the complex FDA requirements, they chose to abandon the program, so that now they can muddy the water and contribute to the scam that everyone should be vaccinated. It’s OBVIOUS that the policy of the Red Cross in preventing the vaccinated from donating was EXPOSING the truth about corruption of vaccinated plasma.

2. Note that the Red Cross manual also fails to mention that the FDA requires, for convalescent plasma donations from the vaccinated, that they have been diagnosed with Covid BEFORE getting the vaccine. This is the CRUCIAL POINT that everyone needs to share with their people:

ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN VACCINATED, you are FORBIDDEN by the FDA from donating convalescent plasma if you didn’t get Covid before being vaccinated. And if you get Covid after being vaccinated then recover, your plasma will NOT contain the antibodies necessary to heal other patients sick with Covid. This means that ALL VACCINATED PEOPLE cannot produce the necessary antibodies some time after the vaccine, and those who had Covid before the vaccine will also not be able to produce new nucleocapsid antibodies after receiving the vaccine.

This is why it is now imperative that there be alot of unvaccinated people in the world. If everyone gets vaccinated, then nobody will be able to achieve natural immunity and we will be reliant forever on the vaccine.


As a Business Forced to Validate The Jab, Don’t Be Guilty and Negligent Because You Don’t Know What a Real VXX Card Looks Like, Here It Is

 Florida used to link to a Vaccine Card.   They were forced to take it down…..its a 404 now

Fortunately, someone saved the PDF and put it up on a Box account


Don’t get fooled again, or even one time!


What Does Vaccine Injury Look Like?



Fox’s Wallace Promotes FDA Lies About Ivermectin. They Pretend That It Is Only for Livestock

Lying Sack of Shit He has that Obama smirk too.

Great Rap Song Breaks Down the Current Situation — Tom McDonald — Situational Design


Bloomberg Functions As Controlled Opposition, Partial Truths, The Real Truth? The VXX Don’t Work, Don’t Last, Don’t Protect, And Makes Re-Infection More Dangerous ADE


The controlled opposition part?

They trot out these tired lies…..

Vaccinated people infected with the virus are much less likely to need to go to the hospital, much less likely to need intubation and much less likely to die from the illness. There’s no doubt that vaccines provide significant protection.
And this lie, OK what percent of waning is waning?   A handful of Spanish flu still living still have anti-bodies, 100 years later.   It is NOT COMMON.   And when you are runing man on  man defense “Spike S Protein” response team, versus Zone Defense (natural  immunity and via infection), you are much more at risk is the “man” changes.

It’s also common for some aspects of viral immunity to naturally wane over time.

And this lie, oh and how convenient that the CDC stopped tracking “breakthrough cases” on purpose, Seriously, they did.   But there is still a lot of knowledge.   Its a cover, so they can continue their agenda.

Just how common are breakthrough infections? It’s anyone’s guess.

“It is generally the case that we have to make public health decisions based on imperfect data,” Frieden said. “But there is just a lot we don’t know.”

 And from another Bloomberg Article.    100 “cases” per 100,000 when they are certainly back pumping their PCR at 40 cycles to get lots of false positives.      Compare this to 800 DEATHS per 100,000 in the Spanish Flu. 



Great Website Shows Herd Immunity, Rt (effective reproduction rate of the virus), by State and Time

stock here:   It’s Yale, but its still educational.   I am going to put this on the COVID Resources information page.