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New Attempted Meme….See We Are Strong On Border Security

Look at this smug POS, at first I thought it was Jeff Bezos, LOL

Note, they say nothing about how these 116 Chinese were picked. That is sure odd. Note that 37,000 Chinese were arrested at the southern border, how many more were never detected? Are those the most dangerous ones, it would make sense.

US deports 116 Chinese migrants in first ‘large’ flight in 5 years (msn.com)

Chinese nationals have become the fastest growing group to cross illegally into the US from the southern border. In the first five months of 2024, US officials apprehended 16,270 Chinese nationals along the US-Mexico border, so that is a rate of 39,048 per year in 2024, up from 37,000 in 2023. But the article claims that they have achieved a reduction of 40%. Total lying BS. And if they allowed to fly into Ecuador without a VISA then we should sanction Ecuador.

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