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Let’s Define Leftist vs Liberal, They Are Not the Same Thing At All

Consider wrapping your head around this. The leftists have decided to make an authoritarian push for total control, which is the only way for them to maintain their power and privilege, which if they lose power now, they will not just slink into the dark, but be chased, punished, imprisoned. So they have created the narrative of social justice, the trans “community”, and all the other dividing leftist lies, in order to engage the “feeling” personalities to accept and promote their false causes to create division. These feeling personalities are in large part “the liberals”. Because they operate on empathy and feelings, they accept the lies which have been branded as Woke, to be in stark contrast with MAGA. The perfect setup for easy to hate the other side. But here is my whole point: stop calling them liberals, and go directly to the reality, they are leftist authoritarians and at best liberals who bought the lies of the near total control over media by the leftists

Don’t parse the issue as liberal, go directly to what it is =leftists, whose policies throughout history have always failed, resulting in many societal inefficiencies, including millions of deaths. Those successful in business and media naturally gravitate towards thinking their singular success makes them “right” about most everything, and therefore they know what’s best for everyone elseā€¦.this becomes authoritarian, and thus leftist.

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