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Some Conservatives May Love Their Country, But Unless They Can See The Dangers of mRNA, They Are Still Stuck in Their Own Prison of Overton Window

From comments on Zelensky and Ukraine and Orban Visiting from Hungary.

Another comment, about the US congress. Very few have come out against the clearly dangerous mRNA products, for one point. What are the common aspects of those noted here. Sad that I can only name VERY FEW IN CONGRESS in the United States that I say I have faith in THEIR LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY !! Marjorie TAYLOR GREEN EVEN ROUGH AT TIMES SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES OUR COUNTRY!! Kat CAMMACK, HARRIET HAGEMAN, THOMAS MASSE CHIP ROY AND MATT GAETZ, RON JOHNSON , JIM JORDAN, COMER, TED CRUZ,JOHN CORNYN ARE THE ONLY ONES I HAVE NO DOUBT THEY LOVE AMERICA!!


The comment expresses a strong opinion about the perceived patriotism and stance of certain U.S. Congress members, particularly in relation to their positions on various issues, including the controversial mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Let’s break down the key elements and common aspects of the named individuals:

  1. Concerns About mRNA Products:
    • The commenter highlights a concern that very few members of Congress have come out against mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, which they believe are dangerous.
  2. Named Congress Members:
    • The individuals mentioned are Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kat Cammack, Harriet Hageman, Thomas Massie, Chip Roy, Matt Gaetz, Ron Johnson, Jim Jordan, James Comer, Ted Cruz, and John Cornyn.
  3. Common Aspects:
    • Political Affiliation: All the named members are Republicans. This suggests that the commenter finds more alignment with their views within the Republican Party.
    • Conservative Stance: These individuals are known for their conservative positions on various issues, including limited government, individual liberties, and a critical stance on certain public health measures and mandates.
    • Outspoken Nature: Many of these members are known for being vocal and outspoken, often taking strong and sometimes controversial stances on issues.
    • Focus on Patriotism: The commenter emphasizes their belief that these members genuinely love America, indicating a perception that these individuals prioritize national interests and traditional values.
  4. Specific Individuals and Attributes:
    • Marjorie Taylor Greene: Known for her strong, often controversial positions and vocal support for conservative values.
    • Kat Cammack: A freshman representative known for her conservative viewpoints and advocacy for limited government.
    • Harriet Hageman: A newer political figure, often aligning with conservative principles.
    • Thomas Massie: Known for his libertarian-leaning views and emphasis on individual freedoms.
    • Chip Roy: Vocal about conservative issues and limited government.
    • Matt Gaetz: Known for his strong conservative stance and support for former President Donald Trump.
    • Ron Johnson: Vocal about his skepticism of COVID-19 vaccines and public health mandates.
    • Jim Jordan: Known for his strong conservative views and aggressive questioning in congressional hearings.
    • James Comer: Aligns with conservative principles.
    • Ted Cruz: A prominent conservative senator known for his strict constitutionalist views.
    • John Cornyn: While more moderate compared to some on the list, he is still seen as a strong conservative.

Overall, the common aspects among these individuals include a strong alignment with conservative values, a vocal and sometimes controversial approach to political issues, and a focus on patriotism and love for the country as perceived by the commenter.

2 replies on “Some Conservatives May Love Their Country, But Unless They Can See The Dangers of mRNA, They Are Still Stuck in Their Own Prison of Overton Window”

Hey sometimes I listen to the
weekend NPR which includes the
Commonwealth Club, different speakers
and interviews. The lady speaking this
past weekend was all about pushing the
vax with all the “liberal” verbally educated but lacking in real Info.
I have said in the past that these women
and metro sexuals may actually be in
it as a proud satanic liar, or, just not
able to move their minds to the Truth,
because they never got positive feedback for showing a true Mind,
they go along to get along, while the
population reduction program suddenly
surprises the Vax pushers with a death
in their close families.

Indeed, it has often occurred to me that females who haven’t never been able to embrace their femininity, and get the positive feedback from those that recognize femininity as a crucial part of our human condition, that they turn to weird and often nefarious behaviors. Physical attractiveness is only a small portion of this equation for those that receive positive feedback, but for those that don’t it seems they want to head towards their own unique brand of weird looks.

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