“blanket vaccination of people at low risk of severe illness could hamper the development of more-robust immunity gained across a population from infection,” Vaccinations have always tried to mimic natural immunity, to paint natural immunity as inferior to a vaccine is simply propaganda.


Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), has recently exposed the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines. Montagnier discussed the issue in an interview with Pierre Barnérias of Hold-Up Media earlier this month, which was exclusively translated from French into English for RAIR Foundation USA.

The vaccines don’t stop the virus, argues the prominent virologist, they do the opposite — they “feed the virus,” and facilitate its development into stronger and more transmittable variants. These new virus variants will be more resistant to vaccination and may cause more health implications than their “original” versions.

During the interview, professor Montagnier referred to the vaccine program for the coronavirus as an “unacceptable mistake.” Mass vaccinations are a “scientific error as well as a medical error,” he said. “The history books will show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.” Montagnier explained that “there are antibodies, created by the vaccine,” forcing the virus to “find another solution” or die. This is where the variants are created. It is the variants that “are a production and result from the vaccination.”

Top NIH Scientist Opposes Vaccine Mandate, Will Host Live Ethics Debate Next Month

As it turns out, even some of the experts at the NIH oppose Dr. Anthony Fauci’s push for mass forced vaccination that President Biden recently codified by expanding his vaccine mandate to affect some 80MM working Americans –  including health-care workers, who must choose to either accept the jab, or leave their jobs, despite a shortage of medical workers.

WSJ reported Tuesday that vaccine mandates are sparking debates and controversy within the NIH, which has scheduled a Dec. 1 live-streamed round table session over “the ethics of mandates”. The seminar is one of four ethics debates to be held this year. These debates will be accessible to all of the NIH’s 20K staff, along with patients and the public.

The Dec. 1 ethics debate was set up after a senior infectious-disease researcher pushed back against the growing drive for mandates. Dr. Matthew Memoli, who runs the clinical studies unit within the Dr. Fauci-controlled NIAID, both opposes vaccine mandates and has declined the vaccine himself, arguing that jabs should be reserved for the vulnerable, the elderly and obese Americans.


These are the laws they are breaking and what rights they are violating. You need to know these

stock here — Entertaining and yet very informative, please spread it far and wide. I am immune to the BS.

And below, part of “the system” Jimmy Kimmel trying to show that everything Rodgers says is wrong. He fails miserably, using blatantly false arguments and tried to make it funny.


Expect A Number of Coordinated Hit Jobs On Aaron Rodgers

As the Sunday Packers game against the Chiefs hobbled to a conclusion, it became obvious to me that under the divide and create outrage meme, Aaron Rodger, and probably the Packers too, would become target of an organized hit job


Let’s see how it plays out. Send in some hit jobs you see in the making….

See what happens when you don’t get vxxd? You go from World Champions to losers. BTW Green Bay lost, and never really had a chance.

I also predict some hit jobs on the Fiance. She is an actress in HBO “Big Little Lies” and “Divergent” Which is a Dystopian Sci-Fi series of movies which I never saw but looks interesting. Especially after some recent un-published work on Briggs Meiers Personality theories and testing.

Roth’s story never had that clarity. Its muddled plot is set in postapocalyptic Chicago, where everyone over 16 is divided into five personality-based factions in order to prevent society from falling into the destructive chaos that led to the end of the United States.

LOL Kind of like those that navigate through life viewed by thinking compared to those who navigate life based on their feelings and feeling about how things should be and should work.

The media treated her fairly nice just months ago.

But that honeymoon is going to come to a screaching halt, in fact it already has. She share this quote on instagram, which I think is timely and powerful. But MSM tries to frame it as “Cryptic” when it is completely clear cut.

Shameful MSM


RedBalloon — A Job Site For Libertarians / VXX Choice

Email us at


Language and Thought Control — Podcast Analysis From a Psychological Perspective

Several people on the “Dark Horse” mentioned this Guys Podcast “Disaffected”. His name is Joshua Slocum, so I assume he is Jewish with the Joshua name. This is my first view of this guy, so take that for what it’s worth. So far so good, please leave your thoughts also. Especially if you have been following him.

And PLEASE! Watch on Rumble. Defund big tech, defund YouTube. It might take an extra 20 seconds or so to avoid YouTube even if it was presented on YouTube. And keep in mind, it is only a matter of time before Big Crime with seemingly endless resources from their Crimes….will buy out Rumble or Bitchute.

He criticizes the ACLU and John McWhorter from Columbia University. Of course he is a leftist, and a linguist. He resigned from substack where he had a good following. He was offered a position with the NYT, obviously as a strategy to get him away from Substack, and more control his writings, staying away from the real truths.

And below is the DarkHorse on Rumble, it appears that only a few DarkHorse Episodes have been put on Rumble, what of Bitchute, I am on it.

Dr. Vernon Coleman “An Old Man And A Chair” and lots of paper notes!!! Interviews with the same Doctor Geert.


Young Athletes Dying On the Field With Heart Attacks

<iframe width="640" height="360" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border: none;" src=""></iframe>
<iframe width="640" height="360" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border: none;" src=""></iframe>

Conspiracies Galore!!

Source: Hugo Talks. More videos you may have missed but would like to see:
So far 13 pilots that we know of have died in flight. How long until a plane goes down?


Controversial Documentaries That Were Banned – How Dare They Tell The Truth

Warning Graphic – Women with a coagulated nose bleed from the vax. Watch at your own risk.

A movie from 40 years ago telling about how they NWO will come about…how did they know?

Crazy Mom Promises To Kill Unvaxed Once Her Kids Can be Vaxxed

Lady Collapses After Booster Jab Ambulance Service Says They Are Too Busy To Respond And Hang Up!

These are the laws they are breaking and what rights they are violating. You need to know these

More on the black eyed babies (Pandemic vaccinated babies)

ARCHONS: THE FORCE BEHIND EVERY GOVERNMENT – This is who the “Deep State or “Shadow Government” is!

“I consider it Murder!” – A grieving father cries out to warn others about the bioweapon-vaccine

Doctor fired for giving COVID patients Ivermectin


Gene Decode & Dr. Northrup Discusses Detox For Vaccinated & Unvaccinated with Nicholas Veniamin

Tesla car battery explodes in traffic in Florida. Looks like a car bomb went off. Blows car in half.

Former Employee/Whistleblower Says FEMA Will Kill You Humanely. And There Are Two Different Ways!

There is a living creature inside the vaccine. It is immortal. The “Hydra Vulgaris” See description.

Panic Buying- What to Expect The Next 3 Months (The Big Shortage)

Hospitals Are Murdering People – A Personal Testimony

Black Eyed Children born to vaccinated Parents, Human and Animal Hybrids and GMO Babies

Yale Professor Dr. Rische – ”Be Afraid Of The Vaccinated”


Amazon terms updates to include a paragraph about a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE and there is more…

CCP Party Members Discuss Vaxx Impact on US Military Saying that Everyone Vaxxed will die.


Pfizer Being Financially Rewarded For Complying With Every Request Of The Cabal In the Poisoning of USA, Today They Reap Billions for Re-Using an 18 Year Old Anti-Viral.

Pfizer Being Financially Rewarded For Complying With Every Request Of The Cabal In the Poisoning of USA, Today They Reap Billions for Re-Using an 18 Year Old Anti-Viral.

I wonder which one it is?

List of Protease inhibitors:

View by  Brand | GenericFilter by  All conditions  Hepatitis C  HIV Infection  Nonoccupational Exposure  Occupational Exposure 

Drug NameAvg. RatingReviews
Incivek (Pro)
Generic name: telaprevir
8.27 reviews
Prezista (Pro)
Generic name: darunavir
8.44 reviews
Olysio (Pro)
Generic name: simeprevir
9.74 reviews
Victrelis (Pro)
Generic name: boceprevir
103 reviews
Norvir (Pro)
Generic name: ritonavir
4.63 reviews
Kaletra (Pro)
Generic name: lopinavir / ritonavir
8.83 reviews
Reyataz (Pro)
Generic name: atazanavir
5.81 review
Crixivan (Pro)
Generic name: indinavir
1.71 review
Viracept (Pro)
Generic name: nelfinavir
5.0No reviews
Lexiva (Pro)
Generic name: fosamprenavir
9.0No reviews
Invirase (Pro)
Generic name: saquinavir
1.0No reviews
Generic name: saquinavir
1.0No reviews
Aptivus (Pro)
Generic name: tipranavir
7.0No reviews
Generic name: amprenavir
4.5No reviews
For ratings, users were asked how effective they found the medicine while considering positive/adverse effects and ease of use (1 = not effective, 10 = most effective).

Of Course the USA is Being Intentionally Destabilized, Duh.

This was a good summary, so I am sharing it.

What would we say if a foreign country, for example, Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea, carried out the following actions:

  • Invaded through the American southern border with two million troops.
  • Stopped fuel production, ending American self-sufficiency, returning America to dependence on Middle Eastern and other countries that hate America, while facilitating Russian fuel domination in Europe.
  • Burnt and destroyed the downtown commercial sections of almost all American cities.
  • Defunded and disbanded the police, while releasing criminals from prison and refusing to incarcerate any criminals, leading to a major spike in violent crime. Then, if that were not sufficient, contrary to science, fire large numbers of unvaccinated police, firefighters, emergency medical workers, and hospital workers with natural immunity, the very people who were celebrated as heroes throughout 2020, but are now regarded as criminals.
  • Granted illegal aliens $450,000 each of taxpayer money for their suffering in not have been received by an honor guard upon their illegal entry.
  • Flooded the American economy with vast amounts of counterfeit money printed without anything behind it, leading to galloping inflation, a type of regressive tax punishing the poor and middle class. Then use the fake money to pay people to stay home and out of the workforce, leading to the greatest labor crisis in American history.
  • Claimed that the foundational documents of America, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are null and void, due to, you know, slavery. These are replaced by a regime in which male and white citizens are to be punished for, you know, slavery, and replaced by females and minorities of color (except for Asian Americans, who have disgraced themselves by being too successful).
  • Required schools to teach that white children are evil oppressors and children of color are forever victims, and likewise, that male children are brutal and toxic, and females are victims. But, schools will teach that there is a way out for toxic males and female victims by transitioning to trans females and trans males, which the schools facilitate secretly, without informing any parents.
  • Declared that children now belong to the government, and parents have no say in their education. Any parents who speak up about their children’s education are “domestic terrorists” and must be persecuted and suppressed by School Boards, the Department of “Justice,” and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Threatened the Supreme Court with either endorsing far-left agendas, or being canceled by court-packing with far-left justices. Declared the Court is no longer co-equal, but subservient to Congress and the Executive branches.
  • Abandoned American citizens, residents, and allies in giving up American’s strategic position in Afghanistan.

Of Course It’s A Bioweapon — Unique Furin Cleavage Site Proves It

Consider, too, the unique furin cleavage site between the S1 and S2 subunits of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Furin is an enzyme expressed by human cells that separates the spike protein subunits at the cleavage site, enabling the virus to bind more efficiently to human cells and release its genetic material into them. It is an important reason that SARS-CoV-2 is so easily transmissible.

The furin cleavage site is found nowhere else in the entire genus of SARS-related betacoronaviruses. SARS-CoV-2 is the only one that has it. This fact alone suggests that it did not arise naturally in SARS-CoV-2. In addition, while other, more distant coronaviruses do have furin cleavage sites, the protein components (amino acids) in the SARS-CoV-2 furin cleavage site are coded for by a unique set of nucleotides in its RNA, not found in the other viruses, making natural recombination between the viruses unlikely.


Dr. Steve Kirsch Bombshell Testimony at FDA Vaccine Hearing — The VXX Kills More Than It Saves From COVID


Very Scientific Analysis Of What Is In 4 Vaccines

stock here: This is the first report that I have seen that looks very credible.

Video helps judge the character of this man


Synopsis of Pregnant and Jabbed — Pfizer Kills Babies The Most

I am going to add to this, the spreadsheet, data source, and 5 other charts that lay it bare.

From Twitter

It’s been almost 9 months since Pfizer began its clinical trial to evaluate vaccine safety in pregnant women (which completes a year from now).

But why *isn’t* 9 months really significant?

Surely getting first trimester data is extremely important?… Well that’s because in Pfizer’s study, you are excluded from participating if you are < 24 or > 34 weeks pregnant.

Yes, the manufacturer decided it wasn’t appropriate to study first, most-of-second trimester, and late pregnancies.

No really: It is appropriate to get vaccinated at any stage of pregnancy though, as the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists states.

It’s just not appropriate to participate in Pfizer’s safety trial.

Makes sense!

COVID-19 vaccines, pregnancy and breastfeeding For questionable early treatments like IVM, we absolutely cannot rely on observational studies, and must have high-quality, gold-standard RCTs.

But for things like vaccination in pregnancies, observational studies are totally fine, because the vaccines are safe and effective! If scientists like Nikolai Petrovsky and others point out the absolute radical departure from scientific and ethical norms in this context, especially with new technologies with wildly different mechanisms of action, they are bad people with an agenda.

Pfizer has no agenda. If entities like RCOG leverage the safety profile of traditional protein-based vaccines to pretend the expressed spike protein vaccines don’t have similar concerns to ‘live’ vaccines, and additional unknowns, it’s cool and normal. In conclusion, none of this makes sense.


Australian Hospitals / ICUs are “Overrun” And They Are Befuddled! Duh, It’s The Adverse Reactions To the Experimental Jabs!

They think it might be a “delayed reaction” to COVID but in that State they only had 1100 COVID cases. They ignore the totally obvious:

  1. Adverse reactions and permanent damage from the Jabs
  2. Isolation and lack of exercise
  3. Lack of sunshine and vitamin D
  4. Psychological damage / loneliness
  5. Damage from realizing the psychopathic monsters at the head of state want them infertile and then dead, and then replace the annoying slaves with robots.

You should be able to get the whole thread at the above

And here it is presented using @threadreaderapp

1/ In a press conference on October 31st, 2021, Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan revealed the state’s hospital system is under extraordinary pressure.

And they don’t know why.

(The state has recorded 1,112 Covid cases in total since the beginning of the pandemic). 2/ Largely shut off from the world, including other Australian states, it has operated ‘normally’ for much of the pandemic, apart from a few hard & fast lockdowns.

Western Australia’s situation makes the hospital crisis there all the more curious.

What did McGowan have to say? 3/ “Our hospitals are under enormous pressure.”

“This is the same in Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.”

“Enormous Pressure. This has been something no-one has ever seen before. The growth in demand in our hospitals.” 4/ “Why it is is hard to know – except that there is some evidence that there’s some sort of delayed reaction to Covid.”

“But there is huge numbers of people coming through the doors.”

If WA was a country it would be 19th on the list of least-affected by Covid. 5/ Later McGowan reveals excess hospitalisations in a number of groups:

“A couple of things that would help. If we could get the people who should be in aged care homes, out of hospitals, and into aged care that would help a lot, and there’s 100 or 200 or so of those people.” 6/ “And there’s another 200 or so people who should be in NDIS disability facilities who are stuck in hospital beds, and they can’t find a spot for them. So if we could free up those beds and get those people out, it would alleviate a lot of pressure within the system…” 7/ “…other states are going through the same thing.”

It’s a surprising admission: that numerous states in Australia – many virtually untouched by Covid – are seeing significant increases in hospitalisations.

And they don’t really know why. 8/ There is some speculation as to why, as McGowan alludes to with “some sort of delayed reaction to Covid.”

We might assume he is referring to people avoiding hospital or seeing planned treatments deferred or cancelled, creating a ‘health debt’ that incurs interest. 9/ But that reasoning seems particularly weak in the case of many states McGowan mentions, including his own, esp. as lockdowns didn’t feature prominently at all.

Remember McGowan said:

“This has been something no-one has ever seen before”.

It’s unprecedented. 10/10 There are likely many factors contributing to this highly unusual situation.

But the question now naturally becomes:

“What are the most significant factors, and is a whole-of-population vaccination drive one of them?”

Is immediately rejecting that possibility rational? Addendum: the original live recording is available here:


VXX For Children Now Includes An Anti-heart Attack Drug, As That Would Not Be a Good Look


Republicans Win Elections, And Amazingly There Is a New Variant “Spreads Outside the Lungs Amazingly Well”

Emerging SARS-CoV-2 variant A.30 efficiently evades vaccine-induced immunity

My oh my. I have oft stated….of course they have a bio-weapon, and what would make anyone think that they don’t have 8 bio-weapons.

Is this a new bio-weapon? Or is it just result of mutations allowed by the “leaky” vaccines in which the vaccinated “allow” mutations to exist and be carried in their bodies, sometimes without symptoms?

It also has to be emphasized that, in comparison to the spike glycoprotein of the SARS-CoV-2 B.1 variant that was known to circulate during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, the spike glycoprotein of the A.30 variant carries ten amino acid substitutions and five deletions.


An “Honest Government Ad” Pokes Fun At the Hypocrisy of Australia and “Climate”

All joking aside, China accounts for 30% of ALL of Australia’s exports. China controls Australia, and Australia has responded with total abuse of it’s citizens. Australia has also been rewarded by the bankers that be, by a massive run up in the value of their currency. 40% Increase in the value of their money.


You are spot on Eileen. It is sickening to watch Blinken in this video pretending that this isn’t happening, that the teleprompter mis-steps can be ignored, or that what we are watching isn’t clearly an old confused man in cerebral decay. I also agree that Kalama is absolutely un-presentable. What was the deep state thinking in elevating this weak and incompetent team? 4

Eileen Guthrie

Eileen Guthrie Noble Member Reply to  Bob Barrionuevo 1 month ago

For decades the CIA and the federal government (a big part of the deep state players) installed incompetent leaders in other countries around the world, who are puppets to the New World Order. President Ghani was one of those installed leaders that Obama/Biden placed in Afghanistan and is living off of the millions Obama gave him, while he cut tail and ran. The people of Ukraine voted out the installed President that Biden/Obama install there (who was protecting Hunter Biden). Obama tried to remove Benjamin Netanyahu from Israel but failed as the people of Israel voted him back into office. China is paying us back by installing two incompetent politicians who have no integrity, because of what we did to others in the past. Obama was really big on installing “his” candidates from around the world. It was payback time I’m afraid. I don’t know the answer… Look they didn’t care who was their nominee, Bernie was a liability because of his socialist stance. The democrats weren’t selling Biden as a competent politician or a great leader. He was the anti-Trump candidate and that’s who people voted for; they weren’t voting for Biden per se, they were voting against Donald Trump. It could’ve been John Doe or a purple dinosaur as their candidate. See over the decades I’ve notice that the democrats don’t care if we like or love their candidate, if we think they are competent, or would make a great leader, what they do is to get the people to hate their Republican opponent and the mainstream media helps in selling their candidate to these ignorant surfs. As a psychologist I pay attention to patterns in behavior and the democrats are creatures of habit. They repeat patterns that worked in the past. We need a President who can think on his feet when a crisis arises and that is not Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or Bernie for that matter. Biden has to talk to other people before he makes a decision, he probably calls 5 to 10 people to get their take on it, what he should do and as we’ve seen in the last 9 months, he constantly chooses the wrong action and decision. 
You just DON’T LEAVE AMERICANS BEHIND. YOU REMOVE THEM FIRST, NOT LAST and to fend for themselves in a hostile country to become hostages to a terrorist organization. But Biden doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I have a feeling down the road, Blinken will be thrown under the bus more so then Milley. You do not give away an Air Force Base Bagram Airfield-BAF, that the American taxpayers paid for, there were two ways to get into Afghanistan. Bagram Air force base or in Kabul at Hamid Karzai International Airport.  There are other bases in the region and now not only does China have our weapons, vehicles and supplies but our air force base too.
Now I’ve been doing research on why Biden made this poor decision and it’s as ALWAYS with him, it’s about his wealth. It might make more sense as I explain what I found, and it might explain our hasty retreat. The Bidens own 10% of a Chinese lithium-ion battery company whose stock has soared to almost 300% since he was installed as President. Afghanistan biggest mineral lithium is valued at between $1 trillion to $3 trillion. China was already in talks with the Taliban before Biden’s Afghanistan debacle. China moves in and takes over the lithium market and the Biden’s will profit off of all of this at the expense of American lives. Is it starting to make sense now?
For anyone interested in researching this information themselves, the company is Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL). CATL is the world’s largest maker of electric vehicles batteries. Biden NEVER makes a move unless there is a monetary reward at the end. FOLLOW THE MONEY!! Is it starting to make sense? Thanks to “citizen” journalist, this information is slowly getting out there because the mainstream media doesn’t want the American people to know about this for obvious reasons. As Biden’s greed and corruption is like an onion. You remove one layer and lo and behold there is more greed and corruption. 7


GOMF3602 Famed Member Reply to  Eileen Guthrie 1 month ago

We have been on the same trail.The Chinese will build a pipeline or rail line through Afghanistan to Iran, will take over our bases and don’t be a bit surprised if their own Muslim minorities are used as slave labor in the lithium mines and worked half to death before their organs are harvested to sell to wealthy Muslims who need transplants. These are not accidents of incompetence, follow the money. At this level, there are no accidents. 3

Eileen Guthrie

Eileen Guthrie Noble Member Reply to  GOMF3602 1 month ago

I NEVER buy what are politicians and the media tells us, because they are in the disinformation business. So, when something happens that might be something horrible for the people of this country. (i.e., the second 9/11 attack under Obama, Biden and Hillary in Benghazi in 2012, what happened in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and pick a poor decision or you name it), where something horrible happened to Americans here or abroad and it doesn’t have to do with one political party as they are all culpable in lying and misleading the American people. THEY ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE. If you knew the research I did on Benghazi and what the three stooges did, it would shock the hell out of you and why it happened in the first place. Once again it was a cover up their malfeasance of selling arms to the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Libya. J. Christopher Stevens brokered the deal in the first place and Benghazi was covering up that original deal. They were expecting the two terrorist organizations to return the weapons and that’s why Steven was in Benghazi. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE SO NAÏVE AND GULLIBLE? They had hoped that the American people wouldn’t know about the deal, and it blew up in their faces. They killed 4 Americans and injured God knows how many others. It’s why Obama and Clinton sent 37 US troops to Italy and didn’t want additional security. The less people the easier it was to control the outcome. And the same damn people who were in charge when Benghazi happened are the same exact people who were in charge and in control of Afghanistan. Some very big names in politics did know about this and one of them was John McVain as he helped put the arms dealer with the Obama administration. Research the name Marc Turi. They DOJ charged him with crimes. But he and his lawyer threaten to expose Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Barack Obama. They had emails and recorded phone calls that would have exposed them all. Loretta Lynch was forced to drop the charges. Do you think it was an accident that her plane was sitting on the Arizona tarmac, it was more than Bill Clinton pressuring Loretta to drop the investigation into Hillary, it was also about the arms deal too, that’s what she was originally there for the negotiation with Marc Turi and his attorney’s? The other question I ask myself when I do research is to connect the dots to the most corrupt politicians this country has ever seen. I spent 4 years of my life looking into the events in Benghazi and I did discover the truth thanks to Canada and Australia who covered the stories and did their own investigations and what they uncovered.
I am immediately suspicious at what they are telling us. I LOVE doing research, I’ve always have done it and I set out to prove them wrong and expose their lies and misinformation as they try to confuse the American people. The first question I ask myself is who will profit financially from these lies and misinformation.  FOLLOW THE MONEY. And look at previous villains and greedy pieces of shit, politicians who line their pockets, people who have no integrity, the wealthy entitled elitist, people who are emotionally, morally and mentally bankrupt. Who are the sociopaths, psychopaths and people who have NO REDEEMING QUALITIES, A SOUL OR A CONSCIENCE they are unable to feel regret or remorse for their actions? There are news organizations who do cover the truth, unfortunately, they aren’t in the US. Canada and Australia do cover US politics and they are reporting the truth. In the US, six conglomerate own and control the US mainstream media and that is why their scripts and reports all sound the same… they are controlling the news and what information gets released.
These are OUR LEADERS, and these are the true dregs of society. They are just horrible people who shouldn’t be anywhere near positions of power. But they always find their way into power. The next question I ask is are the Soros’s, the Clinton’s, the Biden’s, the Obama’s, McConnell, and etc., are involved in any way shape or form involved in what happened and just how much money did they put into their private bank accounts because of what happened. The answer is, very sadly usually YES. If there’s a buck to be made, then they are involved in it. The problem is the deep state chooses candidates who are compromised in some way to another leader or Country. It’s how they control them. You made a profit off of selling your vote on any legislation, the deep state knows it and they are going to have this politician twisting in the wind. AND EVERY FEDERAL OR STATE AGENCIES ARE SO CORRUPTED BY THESE SAME PEOPLE. Unfortunately, they will use these agencies to go after their political enemies and the American people who don’t buy into their bullshit.
Take the latest news… The Arizona audit is OVER. They made a deal with Maricopa County officials about the audit and now nothing will happen to them. This is what I’m talking about, weak compromised leaders buckle under the pressure, they won’t get hurt by this, it will hurt the people of Maricopa County and it has ONLY emboldened them to continue to steal elections. They got away with it once, twice or a hundred times. Don’t ever trust these people to do the right thing for the Country, THEY WON’T. We had hoped that Bill Barr was going to go after the crooks and criminals in DC. We got a lot of lip service from him, and he did absolutely nothing but talk. He was part of the DC cesspool of corruption. If you think Durham will get Hillary Clinton, you’d better think again. She is one of the corrupt entitled elitists and is the protected class. 
It was why they hated Donald Trump; the deep state, DC’s corrupt entitled politicians in both parties and the media had no way to control him, he was uncompromised. He wasn’t compromised to another country or leader; he was an outsider who said he would drain the swamp.  Other President’s (Clinton, the Bushes and Obama come to mind) have made that same promise, but the swamp only grows deeper and longer. The swamp is the deep state and the DOJ, and the FBI are now criminal organizations… more in line with the mafia, than any law or justice agencies, you’d better think again and get that silly thing that the American people will get justice out of your mind. Karen Fann sold us out, and she is celebrating this as a victory but she’s just like the other spineless Republicans ALWAYS DO. She dropped some of the charges, which means she probably got their endorsement of her for future elections she will run in. That’s the stench I smell here.  Now do you believe me when I say most politicians are sociopaths and psychopaths and they are entrenched in both parties. Trump is going after all of them, and he has all of the evidence to show us what they have done to this Country for DECADES. I was wondering why Nancy Pelosi was being all smug, arrogant and condescending by demonizing Trump voters in a foreign country. She knew about the deal; she probably told those RINOs in Arizona to give Karen Fann what she wants to get the audit off of the front page. Because when I see her all smug and arrogant, I know she’s up to something and some sleazy deal was being made at her behest. It’s about protecting the democrat party and especially Joe “where am I” Biden. Like I previously said, the democrats are creatures of habit. They repeat patterns that worked in the past that got them the result they were after, and they will use these same patterns until the American people wise up and call them out on their bullshit. The powers that be are terrified of Donald Trump, he has them all trapped in their own bullshit, in their decades of lies and mistruths, it will eventually take them down, I’m sure but at what cost will it be to us and our Country between now and then. They will never understand that it’s the cover up that will get them in the end. Eventually, they won’t be able to buy people’s silence as their crimes get worse and more maniacal and psycho


EXCLUSIVE – 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches produced according to official Government data

stock here, this is good stuff. I like how they used Flu vaccine as a Control Group compared to COVID VXX

EXCLUSIVE – 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches produced according to official Government data
Grouchy Math Grad

Grouchy Math Grad 13 hours ago

We can do two paths of further study:
1) see what states got the bad lots first. Were the lots distributed after a certain number of adverse events were reported in the first few states?

2) Is there a different pattern of adverse events or causes of deaths in the bad lots vs. the overall average?

I’ll take a whack at these questions if I don’t see that anyone else has in the next couple of days. 5 Reply

Kat Stevens

Kat Stevens Reply to  Grouchy Math Grad 9 hours ago

Already done by Karl Denninger:

Uh, That’s Not A Conspiracy Theory [Comments enabled]

There is an article floating around from The Expose that makes an explosive claim: There is a wildly statistically-significant skew in the death rate from Covid-19 vaccines by lot number.

What originally got my attention was the tinfoil hat crowd screaming about lots being intentionally distributed to certain people to kill them — in other words certain Covid-19 vaccine lots were for all intents and purposes poisoned.  That was wildly unlikely so I set out to disprove it and apply some broom handles to the tinfoil hatters heads.  What I found, however, was both interesting and deeply disturbing.

Lots are quite large, especially when you’re dealing with 200 million people and 400 million doses.  Assuming the lots are not preferentially assigned to certain cohorts (e.g. one goes to all nursing homes, etc) adverse reactions should thus be normally distributed between lots; if they’re not one of these things is almost-certainly true:

  • There is a serious manufacturing quality problem or you produced something without understanding how it would work in the body and thus failed to control for something you had to in order to wind up with reproduceable results.  That is, some lots are ok, others are contaminated, have too much or too little of the active ingredient in them, some produce wildly more spike-protein than others in the body when injected, etc.

  • Much worse, the lots are intentionally segregated to produce different results. This implies some sort of nefarious intent such as killing people on a differential basis or that the manufacturers are running unsanctioned experiments on a mass basis among the population at-large, since they know what is in each lot and intentionally varied the contents.

  • Perhaps worst of all, reports are now being intentionally suppressed, the injury and death rate hasn’t changed and there are lots with one of the two above problems but it is being intentionally not reported, having been detected almost-instantly and health providers were directed to not report anything serious (e.g. death) associated with the jabs.

Now let’s talk about VAERS.  You can grab the public data from it, but VAERS intentionally makes it difficult to discern differences in lot outcomes.  Why?  Because they separate out the specifics of the vax (the manufacturer, lot number, etc.) into a different file.  This means that simply loading it into Excel does you no good and attempting to correlate and match the two tables in Excel itself is problematic due to the extreme size of the files — in fact, it blew Excel up here when I tried to do it.  But that’s an external data-export problem; internally, within HHS, it is certainly not hard for them to run correlations.

Indeed the entire point of VAERS is to find said correlations before people get screwed in size and stop it from happening.

Let’s step back a bit in history. VAERS came into being because back in the 1970s the producers of the DTP shot had a quality control problem.  Some lots had way too much active ingredient in them and others had nearly none.  This caused a crap ton of bad reactions by kids who got the jabs and parents sued.  Liability insurance threatened to become unobtanium (gee, you figure, after you screw a bunch of kids who had to take mandatory shots?) and thus the manufacturers pulled the DTP jab and threatened to pull all vaccines from the market.

Congress responded to this threat of intentional panic sown by the pharmaceutical industry by giving the vaccine firms immunity and setting up a tax and arbitration system, basically, to pay families if they got screwed by vaccines.  Rather than force the guilty parties to eat the injuries and deaths they caused Congress instead exempted the manufacturers from the consequences of their own negligence and socialized the losses with a small tax on each shot.

Part of this was VAERS.  We know VAERS understates adverse events because it while it is allegedly “mandatory” it is subject to clinical judgment and there is a wild bias against believing that these jabs, or any jab for that matter, has bad side effects.  In addition there is neither a civil or criminal penalty of any kind for failure to report.  We now know some people who have had bad side effects from the Covid-19 jabs have shown up on social media after going to the doctor and then tried to find their own record, which is quite easy to do if you know the lot number from your card, what happened and the date the event happened — their doctor never filed it.  This does not really surprise me since filing those reports takes quite a bit of time and the doctor isn’t paid for it by the government or anyone else, so even without bias there will be those who simply won’t do the work unless there are severe penalties for not doing so.  There are in fact no penalties whatsoever.  The under-reporting does not have a reliable boundary on it, but estimates are that only somewhere between 3% and 10% of actual adverse events get into the database.  That’s right — at best the adverse event rate is ten times that of what you find in VAERS.

But now it gets interesting because VAERS exports, it appears, were also set up, whether deliberately or by coincidink, to make it hard for ordinary people to find a future correlation between injury or death and vaccine lot number.


You’d be wrong; the data is across two tables and uncorrelated as VAERS releases it and there is no quick-and-easy reporting on their site that groups events on a comparative basis by lot number.  While it is possible to do this sort of analysis from their web page it’s not easy.

(Further, and this also intentionally frustrates analysis, VAERS keeps no record nor reports on the number of shots administered per lot, making norming to some stable denominator literally impossible.  If you think that’s an accident I have a bridge for sale.  It’s a very nice bridge.)

But, grasshopper, I have Postgres.  Indeed if you’re reading this article it is because I both have it and know how to program against it; this blog is, in fact, stored in Postgres.

Postgres, like all databases, is very good at taking something that can be foreign-key related and correlating it.  In fact that’s one of a database’s prime strengths.  Isn’t SQL, which I assume VAERS uses as well, wonderful?

So I did exactly that with the data found here for 2021.

And….. you aren’t going to like it.

Having loaded the base table and manufacturer tables related by the VAERS-ID I ran this query:

karl=> select vax_lot(vaers_vax), count(vax_lot(vaers_vax)) from vaers, vaers_vax where vaers_id(vaers) = vaers_id(vaers_vax) and died=’Y’ and vax_type=’COVID19′ and vax_manu(vaers_vax)=’MODERNA’ group by vax_lot(vaers_vax) order by count(vax_lot(vaers_vax)) desc;

This says:

Select the lot, and count the instances of that lot, from the VAERS data where the report ID is in the table of persons who had a bad reaction, said bad reaction was that they died, where the vaccine is a Covid-19 vaccine and where the manufacturer is MODERNA.  Order the results by the count of the deaths per lot in descending order.

vax_lot | count
039K20A | 87
013L20A | 66
012L20A | 64
010M20A | 62
037K20A | 49
029L20A | 48
012M20A | 46
024M20A | 44
027L20A | 44
015M20A | 43
025L20A | 42
026A21A | 41
013M20A | 41
016M20A | 41
022M20A | 41
030L20A | 40
026L20A | 39
007M20A | 39
013A21A | 36
011A21A | 36
031M20A | 35
032L20A | 35
010A21A | 33
011J20A | 33
030A21A | 33
028L20A | 32
011L20A | 32
004M20A | 32
025J20-2A | 31 << — What’s this? (see below)
041L20A | 31
011M20A | 31
031L20A | 30
032H20A | 29
030M20A | 28
042L20A | 27
Unknown | 27
006M20A | 27
012A21A | 25
002A21A | 25
043L20A | 24
032M20A | 24
023M20A | 23
040A21A | 23
027A21A | 23
017B21A | 22
036A21A | 20
unknown | 19
020B21A | 19
047A21A | 19
006B21A | 18
044A21A | 17
038K20A | 17
048A21A | 15
003A21A | 15
014M20A | 15
031A21A | 15
031B21A | 15
021B21A | 15
025A21A | 14
007B21A | 14
003B21A | 14
001A21A | 13
038A21A | 13
025B21A | 13
001B21A | 12
046A21A | 12
027B21A | 11
045A21A | 11
038B21A | 11
025J20A | 11
002C21A | 11
016B21A | 11
036B21A | 11
039B21A | 10
002B21A | 10
018B21A | 10
019B21A | 10
008B21A | 10
029K20A | 10
029A21A | 10
028A21A | 9
047B21A | 9
001C21A | 9
044B21A | 8
045B21A | 8
009C21A | 8
048B21A | 8
026B21A | 8
039A21A | 7
040B21A | 7
046B21A | 7
032B21A | 7
038C21A | 6
030m20a | 6
027C21A | 6
008C21A | 6
006C21A | 6
004C21A | 6
047C21A | 6
007C21A | 5
025C21A | 5
042B21A | 5
043B21A | 5
025J202A | 5  << — Same as the above one?
052E21A | 5
003C21A | 5
030B21A | 5
030a21a | 5
016C21A | 5
017C21A | 5
N/A | 5
037A21B | 5
037B21A | 5
024m20a | 4
031l20a | 4
003b21a | 4
026a21a | 4
041B21A | 4
005C21A | 4
033C21A | 4
035C21A | 4
021C21A | 4
040a21a | 4
041C21A | 4
006D21A | 4
022C21A | 4
037k20a | 4
048C21A | 4
03M20A | 3
008B212A | 3
039k20a | 3
024C21A | 3
016m20a | 3
038k20a | 3
025b21a | 3
033B21A | 3
026C21A | 3
Moderna | 3
033c21a | 3
014C21A | 3

There are 547 unique lot entries that have one or more deaths associated with them.  Some of the lot numbers are in the wrong format or missing, as you can also see.  That’s not unusual and in fact implicates the ordinary failure to get things right when people fill out the input.  For example “Moderna” in the above results is clearly not a lot number.  I’ve made no attempt to “sanitize” the data set in this regard and, quite-clearly, neither has VAERS even months after the fact with their “alleged” follow-up on reports.

But there is a wild over-representation in deaths of just a few lots; in fact fewer than 50 lots account for all lots where more than 20 associated deaths accumulated and out of the 547 unique entries fewer than 100 account for all those with more than 10 deaths.

Normal distribution my ass.

How about Pfizer?

vax_lot | count
EN6201 | 117
EN5318 | 99
EN6200 | 97
EN6198 | 89
EL3248 | 86
EL9261 | 84
EM9810 | 82
EN6202 | 75
EL9269 | 75
EL3302 | 69
EL3249 | 67
EL8982 | 67
EN6208 | 59
EL9267 | 58
EL9264 | 57
EL0140 | 54
EN6199 | 54
EJ1686 | 51
EL9265 | 50
EL1283 | 48
ER2613 | 48
EN6204 | 47
EN6205 | 45
EK9231 | 43
EL3246 | 43
EN6207 | 41
EN6203 | 41
ER8732 | 40
EL1284 | 39
EL0142 | 38
EJ1685 | 38
ER8737 | 37
EN9581 | 36
EN6206 | 35
EP7533 | 35
EL9262 | 34
EL9266 | 33
EL3247 | 32
ER8727 | 28
EP6955 | 27
ER8730 | 26
EW0150 | 25
EK5730 | 24
EP7534 | 24
EM9809 | 22
EK4176 | 22
EH9899 | 21
EW0171 | 21
unknown | 20
ER8731 | 19
ER8735 | 18
EW0172 | 18
EL9263 | 17
EW0151 | 15
ER8733 | 15
EW0158 | 14
EW0164 | 14
EW0162 | 14
EW0169 | 14
ER8729 | 13
ER8734 | 13
Unknown | 13
EW0153 | 13
EW0167 | 12
EW0168 | 10
EW0161 | 10
EW0182 | 9
EW0181 | 8
EW0186 | 8
ER8736 | 8
EW0191 | 8
FF2589 | 7
EW0173 | 6
EW0175 | 6
FA7485 | 6
EW0177 | 6
FD0809 | 6
301308A | 6
EW0170 | 6
FC3182 | 6
EW0217 | 6
EK41765 | 5
EW0196 | 5
EW0176 | 5
EW0183 | 4
EN 5318 | 4
el3249 | 4
EW0178 | 4
EW0179 | 4
EW0187 | 4
FA6780 | 4
FA7484 | 4
EN 6207 | 4

Pfizer has 395 unique lot numbers associated with at least one death and, again, there are a few that are obviously bogus.  But again, normal distribution my ass; there is a wild over-representation with one lot, EN6201, being associated with 117 deaths and fewer than 20 are associated with more than 50.

For grins and giggles let’s look at the age distribution for 039K20A — the worst Moderna lot.

karl=> select avg(age_yrs) from vaers, vaers_vax where vaers_id(vaers) = vaers_id(vaers_vax) and vax_type=’COVID19′ and vax_manu(vaers_vax)=’MODERNA’ and vax_lot(vaers_vax)=’039K20A’ and age_yrs is not null;
(1 row)

Ok, so the average age of people who got that shot, had a bad reaction (and had a valid age in the table) is 51.

How about for 030A21A which had 33 deaths?

karl=> select avg(age_yrs) from vaers, vaers_vax where vaers_id(vaers) = vaers_id(vaers_vax) and vax_type=’COVID19′ and vax_manu(vaers_vax)=’MODERNA’ and vax_lot(vaers_vax)=’030A21A’ and age_yrs is not null;

(1 row)

Well there goes the argument that we jabbed all the old people in nursing homes with the really nasty outcome lot and they died but it not caused by the jab and the second lot, which had a much lower rate, all went into younger people’s arms and that’s why they didn’t die.  Uh, no, actually when it comes to the age of the people who got jabbed in these two instances its the other way around; the second lot, which was less deadly, had bad reactions in older people on average yet fewer died — and significantly so too (by 10 years.)

In addition there is no solid correlation between the “bad” lots and first report of trouble.  The absolute worst of Moderna had a bad report in the first days of January.  But — another lot of their vaccine with only 172 reports against it (1/20th the rate of the worst for total adverse events) had its first adverse event report on January 6th.

What is normally-distributed?  When people died.

What the actual **** is going on here?  You’re going to try to tell me that the CDC, NIH and FDA don’t know about this?  I can suck this data into a database, run 30 seconds of queries against it and instantly identify a wildly-elevated death and hazard rate associated with certain lot numbers when the distribution of those associations should be normal, or at least something close to it, across all the lots produced and used?  Then I look to try to find the obvious potential “clean” explanation (the higher death rate lot could have gone into older people) and it’s simply not there when one looks at all adverse event reports.  I have Moderna lots with the same average age of persons who died but ten times times the number of associated deaths.

Then I look at reported date of death and…. its reasonably close to a normal distribution.  So no, it wasn’t all those old people getting killed at once in the first month.  So much for that attempted explanation.

Oh if you’re interested the nastiest lot was literally everywhere in terms of states reporting adverse events against it; no, they didn’t concentrate them in one state or region either.

The outcome distribution isn’t “sort of close” when most of the lots have a single-digit number of associated deaths.

Isn’t it also interesting that when one removes the “dead” flag the same sort of correlation shows up?  That is, there are plenty of lots with nearly nothing reported against them.  For Moderna within the first page of results (~85 lots) there is more than a three times difference in total adverse events.  The worst lot, 039K20A with 87 deaths, is not only worst for deaths; it also has more than 4,000 total adverse event reports against it.  For context if you drill down a couple hundred entries in that report the number of total adverse events against another lot, 025C21A number 417 with five deaths.

Are you really going to try to tell me that a mass-produced and distributed jab has a roughly ten times adverse event rate between two lots and seventeen times the death rate between the same two, you can’t explain it by “older people getting one lot and not the other” and this is not a screaming indication that something that cannot be explained as random chance has occurred?

Here, in pictures, since some of you need to be hit upside the head with a ****ing railroad tie before you wake up:

That’s Pfizer deaths by lot, worst-to-best.  Look normal to you?  Remember, zero deaths in a given lot doesn’t come up since it’s not in the system.

How about adverse events of all sorts?

(Yes, there are invalid lot numbers, particularly in the second graph, with lots of “1s”.  The left side however is what it is.)

There’s a much-larger problem.  Have a look at Moderna’s chart of the same thing.  First, deaths:

And AE’s….

These are different companies!

Want even worse news?

JANSSEN, which is an entirely different technology, has the same curve.


What do we have here folks?

Is there something inherent in the production of the “instructions”, however they’re delivered, that results in a non-deterministic outcome within a batch of jabs which was not controlled for, perhaps because it isn’t understood SINCE WE HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE IN MAN OR BEAST and if it goes wrong you’re ****ed?

This is a power-law (exponential) distribution; it is not a step-function nor normally distributed.  Those don’t happen with allegedly consistent manufacturing processes and the potential confounding factor that could be an innocent explanation (all the bad ones were early and killed all the old people early who died of “something” but it wasn’t the vaccines since they all got the jab first) has been invalidated because the dates of death are in fact reasonably distributed.

Have doctors been told to stop reporting?  Note that HHS can issue such an order under the PREP Act and there is no judicial review if they do that.  Did they?

This demands an explanation.  Three different firms all using spike proteins, two using a different technology than the third, all three causing the body to produce the spike rather than deliver it directly and all three of them have a wild skew of some lots that hose people left and right while the others, statistically, do not screw people.

This data also eliminates the hypothesis put forward that lack of aspiration technique is responsible — that is, that occasional accidental penetration of a vein results in systemic distribution.  That would not be lot-specific.

Next question, which VAERS cannot answer: Is there an effectiveness difference between the lots that screw people and those that do not?

Are we done being stupid yet?  Statistically all of the adverse events of any sort are in a handful of lots irrespective of the brand.  The rest generate a few bad outcomes while a very, very small number of lots generate a huge percentage of the harm.  And no, that’s not tied to age bracketing (therefore who got it first either); some of the worst have average age distributions that are less than lots with lower adverse event rates.  It is also not tied to when used either since one of the “better” lots has a first-AE report right at the start of January — as do the “bad” lots.

The only thing all three of these vaccines have in common is that all three of them rely on the human body to produce the spike protein that is then attacked by the immune system and produces antibodies; none of them directly introduce the offending substance into the body.  The mechanism of induction is different between the J&J and Pfizer/Moderna formulations but all exhibit the same problem.  The differential shown in the data is wildly beyond reasonable explanation related to the cohort dosed and the reported person’s average age for the full set of events (not just deaths) does not correlate with elevated risk in a given lot either so it is clearly not related to the age of the person jabbed (e.g. “certain lots all went to nursing homes since they were first.”)  While the highest AE rate lots all have early use dates so do some of the low-AE rate lots so the attempt to explain the data away as “but the highest risk got it first” fails as well.

In other words the best-fit hypothesis is that causing the body to produce part of a pathogen when that part has pathological capacity (as we know is the case for the spike) cannot be controlled adequately through commercial manufacturing process at-scale.  This means that no vector-based, irrespective of how (e.g. viral vector or mRNA), not-directly-infused coronavirusjab will ever have an acceptable safety profile because some lots will be “hot” and harm crazy percentages of those they’re given to with no way to know in advance.  The basic premise used here — to have the body produce the agent the immune system identifies rather than directly introduce it where you can control the quantity, is a failure. 

The entire premise of calling something that does this a “vaccine” is bogus and in the context of a coronavirus this may never be able to be done safely.

Something is very wrong here folks and the people running VAERS either aren’t looking on purpose, know damn well its happening and are saying nothing about it on purpose — never mind segregating the data in such a fashion that casual perusal of their downloads won’t find it — or saw it immediately and suppressed reporting on purpose.

If these firms were not immune from civil and even criminal prosecution as a result of what Biden and Trump did the plaintiff’s bar would have been crawling up *******s months ago.

This ought to be rammed up every politician’s ass along with every single person at the CDC, NIH and FDA.  They know this is going on; it took me minutes to analyze and find this.

What the HELL is going on here?

THESE SHOTS MUST BE WITHDRAWN NOW until what has happened is fully explained and, if applicable, accountability is obtained for those injured or killed as a result.  If embargoing of reports is proved, and its entirely possible that is the case, everyone involved must go to prison now and the entire program must be permanently scrapped.



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