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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Captain sayeth:

 Right On! Faved, already fanned!

Solar (of all flavors) provides lots of ways to store Energy!
1. Pump water up hill think Hydro Power
2. Produce Hydrogen from water and then burn the Hydrogen to generate electricit­y
3. Molten Salt
4. New Wind:
5. Area required for solar:
6. http://is.­gd/CfpiUJ

Good thoughts, indeed, the storage issue must be solved bit by bit as the grid goes from 10% solar to 80% solar.   

If only those smart nukers could get past abusing those poor little atoms, and turning matter into energy.....roh ruh, I think they got the god complex going on, and they ain't going to give it up.

Poor little delusion of grandeur nukers, we really can't save them from themselves, but we ought to save ourselves from themselves.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cash for Clunker Nuke Plants

1 hour ago ( 9:58 PM)

Obviously, Detroit (Big Car) has conspired with the TV networks to flood their programming with car commercials. We see a blond babe in a convertible Corvette cruising the highway with her hair blowing in the wind. Of course we are tricked into thinking automobiles are safe and sexy....all in the name of Big Car profits.

Don't expect to get honest information about car safety from the NTSB or any other government agency since they are controlled by Big Car. Only organizations like enews are trustworthy.

When will we say enough is enough?
America - First in Freedom...First in Fission
1 hour ago (10:06 PM)
It was Big Car that brought us "Cash for Clunkers."
Callme Ish
35 minutes ago (10:39 PM)

Palisades, Indian, Kewaunee, and how many plants cost $14B yet old plants are sellilng for $180M

Talk about clunkers, that's like a $30,000 car selling for $ know you bought a clunker.

Shut down all the CLUNKERS now. They all have a history of violations, fines, mistakes.

clunker for sale


I haven't coined many quote worthy phrases in my day, but I did coin this one, 10 or so years ago.

Never explain by conspiracy what can be more easily explained by ignorance and denial

Japan is a country in denial. While the government may be in league with TEPCO I am sure some of the nation’s leaders are just not willing to realize the magnitude of this situation. This whole scenario reminded me of an article I saved from Time magazine titled “Why we don’t prepare for disaster” It is worth the read. The Link is at the bottom of my entry. Here are some highlights: ["There are four stages of denial," says Eric Holdeman, director of emergency management for Seattle's King County, which faces a significant earthquake threat. "One is, it won't happen. Two is, if it does happen, it won't happen to me. Three: if it does happen to me, it won't be that bad. And four: if it happens to me and it's bad, there's nothing I can do to stop it anyway."]
[Because the real challenge in the U.S. today is not predicting catastrophes. That we can do. The challenge that apparently lies beyond our grasp is to prepare for them. Dennis Mileti ran the Natural Hazards Center for 10 years, and is the country's leading expert on how to warn people so that they will pay attention… "We know exactly--exactly--where the major disasters will occur," he told me later. "But individuals underperceive risk."],9171,1229102-1,00.html

Saturday, February 25, 2012

G2 Solar Storm on it's way

Mild G2 Solar Storm on the Way, Sunday

These happen pretty often.

A G5 could wipe out entire grids.    And you know what happens when nuke plants lose their power?    They blow up, over 1% of all nuclear reactor have blown up.

And we leave ourselves open to a G5 Carrington Event that could wipe out continents.   Only ignorance and greed can explain why we continue to live 100% at risk, so that we can get "cheap power" is the lie that was told to us in school.

In fact, Nuke is the most expensive power, we look at paying a long term cost of 60 to 92 cents per kWH, and lose our DNA, our genetic heritage, lose our lives or lose our humanity.   Absurd to pay this price.

Solar is 3 cent per kWH, what part of no-brainer do you need clarification on.  

Deadly and Expensive nuke

or Clean and Cheap Solar.

Solar backup proof here

Spent Fuel Rods are REALLY Deadly

I participate at Physics Forums and they do top notch analysis of nuclear stuff, although unfortunately, like any person or entity that stands to make a living from nuke, they are blind to the factors that would say Shut Them All Down.

But here is the point----One of the physics pros did a calculation and that if you had a pallet of spent fuel rod in one end zone of a football field, and a human started running at full speed from the other end zone, the human would drop dead around the 15 yard line.

And "we" store this stuff on top of the nuclear reactors, and then we put 6 of these all together, so that 1 blowing up makes it impossible to service the other ones, and thus they also blow up.

Insanity for energy junkies.

From comment on Huffpost - WeMustDoBetter09

This little illustration stays in my mind – offered by a guest on Dr. Caldicott's radio show – he said that IF a bicyclist rode fast about 6 ft. or less away from a bundle of those spent fuel rods, rode past them fast – he'd have gotten a LETHAL DOSE of radionuclides.

Other anecdote is the guy at Los Alamos in the early "Whee, this is fun!" years – he'd hold a mass close to another mass that would initiate a chain reaction. When it began, he'd pull back the mass he was holding – stopping Reaction. But it slipped out of his grasp, which he recovered immediately. It didn't save him - he was toast. He died horribly within a couple of weeks. As soon as it happened, he knew that was "all she wrote" for him personally. Others in the room got sick, depending on how close they were.

These anecdotes help non-tech People to understand just how toxic are these fuel pellets and rods that have been scattered over the Fukushima landscape.

If that were our only problem it would be bad enough. But keep thnking about all that incineration of radioactive materials that is on-going….and that PLUTONIUM.

Anyone STILL think the human race knows what the hell it's DOING?
I know this Nuke Industry sure doesn't.

Stick a Fork in Me. I'm done.

Pick a Plant, Any Plant

Palisades must be shut down.

Pick any plant, and research it.   They all have a sordid history.  

Palisades is a clunker, it could blow up and do hundreds of Billions in damage, not to mention death and disease.

Honolulu Hawaii Radiation Levels

Economic Hit Men

The US is "World Class" when it comes to Economic Hit Men.    Google book on this subject.   Very enlightening.

I summarize

Send "experts" to lie about the benefits of infrastructure
Corrupt and bribe the government officials to approve new infrastructure
Finance the new infrastructure
Build the new infrastructure and make billions
Exert influence by holding the huge debt over their heads
Take over assets or force them into more "investments" when economic realities come home to roost.
Wash, rinse, repeat. 

This is even more evil when the infrastructure is nuclear

Reactor 3 MIA (links from A Green Road)


Analysis of #3 Explosion

Destroyed Spent Fuel Pool SFP3 of Reactor Unit 3 at Fukushima Daiichi 8 May 2011

UN agency’s report of 2nd explosion at Reactor 3 must have been made after consulting with RSMC Tokyo: EX-SKF

"Reactor No. 4 appeared badly damaged but Tepco officials blamed that on the force of the explosion at No. 3."

Well, after #3 exploded there was NO visible damage to unit 4 (scroll down to picture 9)

Follow up for vaporized nuclear fuel after melt down

1. Highest Yet: Iodine-131 in No. 3 spent fuel pool at over 1,000,000 times normal — “Generated during nuclear fission” (VIDEO) May 10, 2011

2. Japan Expert: It was a nuclear explosion at Reactor No. 3 — I believe fuel rods were blown out of spent fuel pool December 13, 2011

Worker at Reactor No. 3 says nuclear fuel gone from Spent Fuel Pool — “Great skepticism” that any pellets remain (VIDEO)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Frying Dutchman "Nails" Nuclear Power

This one from the Frying Dutchman, a Japanese musician.

19 minutes dialouge type musician rant on the street in Japan.

He really "nails it" with good subtitles.   He hit on the whole farce and back room dealings involved with nuclear power.

The simple fact is---we do not need nuclear energy anyone.

Watch it and drop a comment or two.

Yes he nailed it, another nail in the coffin of nuke, good riddance!

PBS propaganda alert

Propaganda alert

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fight them Financially, you are the taxpayer, Don't be a Putz

web banner
6930 Carroll Avenue, #340, Takoma Park, MD 20912; 301-270-6477;;

February 23, 2011
Dear Friends,
Two years ago, President Obama personally announced approval of a conditional taxpayer loan for new nuclear reactors in Georgia. Much has happened in those two years that make this conditional loan questionable at best, and more likely an $8 Billion+ loss to taxpayers. Indeed, two years later, President Obama's new budget asks for no new loan money for nuclear reactors--a dramatic shift from the past and one that reflects the reality of 2012. The DOE should now rescind this conditional loan for new reactors in Georgia, before the losses pile up.

Tell Secretary Chu to stop these loans now.

While the NRC has granted a construction/operating license to these reactors--the condition that was to spark the taxpayer loan, several environmental groups, including NIRS, have filed suit in federal court charging that the granting of this license was illegal. Clearly, taxpayer loans must not be granted before the outcome of this suit is known.

The conditional loan guarantee was granted under the presumption that the reactors would be built on time and on budget. Today, even before real construction has begun, these reactors are already behind schedule and over budget, according to the Georgia Public Service Commission's own watchdog. The original Vogtle reactors were 1200% over budget when completed. The potential for taxpayer losses that would dwarf the Solyndra debacle is extraordinarily high. After all, this loan would be 15 times larger than the Solyndra loan, and is probably 50 times riskier.

At the time the conditional loan was granted, there was a belief that there might be a nuclear power "renaissance" in the U.S. After Fukushima, that is clearly not happening. Even Standard & Poor's last week found the prospects of such a "renaissance" to be "faint." The Georgia reactors have not been required to meet post-Fukushima regulatory guidelines, and will not inspire construction of other new reactors. There is simply no justification to continue with these loans.

Tell Secretary Chu to stop these loans now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Radioactive Sheep

Norwegian Sheep Still at 2000 Bq/Kg.      From Chernobyl.   

Spending lots of money and effort on measuring radiation and controlling it prior to point of sale. 

Nuke is killing us, little by little.  

Shut Them All Down, shut em down.

NEI protect us, no matter the cause, yeah right.

Michael Mann
Nuclear Educator
7 hours ago ( 9:17 PM)
Operators of the 104 nuclear reactors in the United States have agreed to purchase additional equipment to respond to emergencie
­s that interrupt off-site power, the Nuclear Energy Institute said on Tuesday.

The equipment will help ensure that every U.S. commercial nuclear energy facility can respond safely to extreme events, no matter what the cause, NEI said in a statemen

Ensure it eh?   Ensure the safety, eh? 

Any how about a large solar magnetic storm?   The sun giveth and the sun taketh away.....
In 1865 a large solar storm, a Carrington event.    Lucky that there were very few pipelines and wires, because it fried the few that were around.   

A sesquicentennial later... the world is different.   the human race can survive ANOTHER Carrington, but not if nukes are still running, not if spent fuel is still in water pools with REQUIRED circulation, because the nukers not just stuffed them full, but the NUKERS decided to "re-engineer" the storage to be even tighter, even more dangerous, having even LESS leeway on power loss before these spent fuel pool erupt in a fury of radioactive FIRE!.    

We are living on borrowed time.  We need to stop all nuke and dry casks all old fuel.   It will cost less than 1 years bonuses to Wallstreet.  Seriously.   

We got a Russian Roulette gun spinning.    Which year will it be....

March is Buy Your Girl a Geiger Month!!! Spread the LOVE!

Stylish and cheap at $160 on sale.  

Sheesh, why not have a restaurant ready Geiger.

No Geiger?   Poor thing.

Buy one for your girl, Geiger shows the love almost as much as Diamonds (not!), but its way cheaper!

More Unit 3 Data from Goddards

Wow, these guys come up within animations and more.

Supportive of the unit 3 moderated criticality

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unit 3 did the Reactor or the Spent Fuel Pool Blow up

A troll (atoms) was pointing out how my analysis of prompt criticality at reactor 3, could be wrong, and that instead it good have been a hydrogen shockwave that initiated a further explosion at the spent fuel pool.   

Indeed, that was one of my theories also.   Funny those trolls.
you said the unit 3 was a criticalit­y without proof. Here is another plausible explainati­on and quite frankly, the most likely -

a hydrogen shock tube - not a criticalit­y


Funny, the link above worked, and 60 minutes after I pimped this out around the net it went away, now its back here

Check the video it is really good.   However, one thing.   Reactor 3 is gone, I mean completely gone.   They are big and yellow, it is not there anymore.   Only some fragments of yellow in the rubble.   Check all the photo and film docs....reactor 3 (the steel containment itself, gone away)

Also that is possible, the whole spent fuel pool could have been shockwaved into a major blast, aerosolizing a good portion of the fuel pool.

Same results--human race poisoned, that could also explain the 2600% over baseline density of uranium in air that EPA reported.

UPDATE: I found the RADNET link direct, the proof of all that uranium in the air.

And page 9 of this report shows the Honolulu baseline and the EPA data being 2600% higher.

Radiation Detector Usage Tips - How to Use a Geiger

I'll be adding to this "Tips on Geiger Counter, Radiation Detector Usage"

From time to time.  Eventually I will make it, it's own page (those tab thingys near the top, the filing cabinet, ya know)

But I already have 20 pages, and that is the limit for Blogger.    So I may have to start another Blog and link to it.   

Good to see you have purchased a Geiger counter. Please post your background radiation readings in the enenews Radiation Monitoring Data forum once you have mastered it. The more information provided by everyone the better.

A couple tips.

If you do ground or external measurements on snow or wet surfaces make sure your Geiger counter in a sealed zip lock plastic bag. this is to protect it from contamination, and the elements. After out door use wash your hands and put on a pair of surgical gloves to remove it from the bag. Otherwise you could contaminated the Geiger counter.

Some of you use your Geiger counter to test food. Don't place it directly against fruit and vegetables etc., the surface contact could also contaminate your Geiger counter and prevent it from providing accurate measurements in the future. Put food for testing in a plastic bag first.

Geiger Counters are not sensitive enough to be of much use testing food or liquids unless the food or liquid is badly contaminated it won't show anything above your background level.

You really need a scintillator or spectrometer to do food and liquid testing properly, and the skills to work this equipment properly. Then again Geiger counter testing of food, or liquids before consumption is better than nothing.

Report Comment

Radiation Alert Inspector Detector Purchased

Took 2 months to process, but late than never.

 Radiation Alert Inspector Detector Purchased

I kept putting this off because it was never in stock.   Finally, just placed the order and then was patient.   I actually feel alot better about having SOME TYPE of radiation detector.

There is alot to detecting radiation, and I don't know it all, but will learn alot more and will share it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

100 holes in the so called safety vessel, the reactor must have lots of holes to work.

In response to pro-nuke Mike at Huffpost----
Ill put this at Da Pimp for safe storage.

Mike, you know those "reactor vessels" seem so "secure" heavy steel, protecting the dangerous nuclear process.    Makes the public feel OK that it is locked inside a heavy steel jar....but the weird part is that they have to put like 100 holes into the reactor vessel, its like why even bother to make it thick if you are going to put all those holes in it anyway....

And the way to "control"
 the reaction is through lots of holes right in the bottom.   Sure this isn't preferred, just that nuke fuels have limited handling capability, so they load in from the top, and the control rods which are as long as the fuel rods, are pushed in from the bottom.

Surely not a great design, but we are limited by reality, I just don't like all those holes.   That is where the corium escapes most easy in most meltdowns.  

 I just don't like that corium stuff, i hear its like those spent rods...if you are close enough to look at it, you die.

I just don't like all those holes, I don't feel like that stuff is really in a secure jar, way too many holes.  

Green Road to NO Reactor 3

Green Road had this reply to some MSM talking about dangers at the complex.  Check the links!
Green Road posts some good stuff!!!

He does speak with a GRAIN of truth.. Anyone trying to enter the reactor would decide it is too dangerous, because all that is left is Radioactive RUBBLE, spent fuel rod pieces, melted corium bits and radioactive dust, plus emissions coming from whatever is melting down into the ground under what is left of the building.
Yup, way too dangerous to even go close to that Pandora's Box of horrors.
Analysis of #3 Explosion
Destroyed Spent Fuel Pool SFP3 of Reactor Unit 3 at Fukushima Daiichi 8 May 2011
UN agency’s report of 2nd explosion at Reactor 3 must have been made after consulting with RSMC Tokyo: EX-SKF

NASA Warning and a Rad Handbook from DOE a good one

Here is the DOE Handbook, good reading actually.

List of nuke in US and links

Inspector Alert took 2 months from Amazon

We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on December 31, 2011 (Order# 105-21383xxxxxxx):

   "Radiation Alert INSPECTOR Microprocessor-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector"
    Estimated arrival date: February 29, 2012

If you want to check on the progress of your order, take a look at this page in Your Account:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hey Mikey, He promotes Nukes, He Likes it

Hey Mikey, You are lying, your little trusted industry and governmental sites lie through through teeth.    They say Fukushima Dai-Ichi 5 and 6 are operating, and same at Daini!    I thought Daini had some cracked reactors, came real close to melting down.

This comment was in reply to a comment by:
Narrow full thread
Michael Mann
Nuclear Educator
15 hours ago (10:00 AM)
Great nuclear informatio­n at these sites:
nuclear news clearing house at:
Get the facts not the hype.... Knowledge is the only way to fight fear.uncer­tainty and doubt!