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Friday, October 27, 2017

US Gov Practicing for Korean EMP Attack, Nov 4 -- "Coronal Mass Ejection" (CME) Grid Down Event

 stock here - The source documents from the Gov are halfway down on this article.

A little background, prior to me becoming a solar expert, I had an unusual specialty in Hawaii and Guam, designing, building, and protecting advanced military communications and power systems from "HEMP" more commonly known as EMP Nuclear Weapons.  

I also did a quick article on protecting your most valuable electronics and solar systems HERE 

Funny, I also got my first real solar training at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam.

So let's drop to the punchline.   The US believes that North Korea is planning an EMP attack on the homeland.

This is real folks.      But "they" are taking this CME / EMP world changing event seriously.   What is interesting is that they have done these simulations in the past, but just described it as a "massive nationwide outage" without attributing a cause and also stating that it is "not likely".

I also did a quick article on protecting your most valuable electronics and solar systems HERE

Conspiracy anyone?   This year, they specifically attribute the nationwide communication failure to a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).    This is interesting because a CME would have to be really massive, unprecedented to actually fry electronics.    CMEs in documented history have fried out power line and transformers, but to fry out electronics and especially electronics that are not connected to the power system, would require a CME that would make the Carrington event look small.

So methinks that they are specifically attributing this nationwide loss of comms to CME because they don't want people thinking that the total loss might come from a North Korean nuclear EMP weapon.    Methinks they have credible evidence that North Korea does have an EMP weapon.

November 4 to 6, 2017

US Gov and working with a wide base of civilian HAM radio operators will simulate a "Very Bad Day".,117353.0.html 

They have done these in the past, 2016 for example

I have seen some "naysayers" who I think are totally misguided, however there are a bunch of good links in here, for those that want to dig deeper.

Sorry, I smell a little fear porn here.  Been heavily into all kinds of electronics for over 60 years.  We have recently experienced many M-class solar flares with CMEs [coronal mass ejections].  All you get from an M-class flare are spectacular auroral lights, and some changes to HF propagation for a short period, along with VHF & UHF skip.  We just had a low level X-class flare with no discernable effect because the proton stream was directed into space.  Yes, there have been many events in the 20th century stronger than Carrington, which blew out power lines and transformers.  All the world's tv sets were not wiped out, and refrigerators still worked. [after the power was restored].

"The Quebec Blackout was by no means a local event. Some of the U.S. electrical utilities had their own cliffhanger problems to deal with. New York Power lost 150 megawatts the moment the Quebec power grid went down. The New England Power Pool lost 1,410 megawatts at about the same time. Service to 96 electrical utilities in New England was interrupted while other reserves of electrical power were brought online. Luckily, the U.S. had the power to spare at the time…but just barely. Across the United States from coast to coast, over 200 power grid problems erupted within minutes of the start of the March 13 storm. Fortunately none of these caused a blackout."
Also we had the Soviet and US MIL EMP tests -

Earth wasn't destroyed, and people didn't melt on the sidewalk, like some of the tards want everyone to believe.

If we receive a CME from a major X-class flare, there will be some permanent damage, but you have to remember that vehicles are already hardened to some extent by -

A.  Not being grounded [i.e., the pulse of electricity won't be grounded thru the vehicle]

B.  Metal-enclosed engine computer is grounded to vehicle frame, also metal, thus providing EMP shielding to some extent.

Your car or truck radio may blow out, but not necessarily the engine computer.   Newer vehicles with On Star, etc. and which have the engine computer connected to an outer antenna may be especially vulnerable, which may, in fact, be all newer models of cars and trucks.

  I believe the FBI and/or L.E. have pulse guns which can disable engine computers at very close range....this may not necessarily apply to a CME or EMP event, as the energy from such an event would dissipate according to the square of the distance between object and pulse generator [nuke].  For example, if you are 600 miles from Omaha and some "entity" sets off an atmospheric nuke at an altitude of 300 miles directly above Omaha, you would be around 854 miles from the blast point, and the pulse would have dissipated just due to distance in space.  I, personally, would not expect damage to an engine computer at that distance.

For example, during the Soviet EMP tests in 1962 over Kazkhistan

anything connected to long lines, i.e. power lines or really long antennas, was blown out.  This would include power company electrical switchgear as well as large transformers and substations, much like the 1989 Quebec situation.

Internet may survive partially or perhaps nearly intact because most of the net is glass fiber [fiber optics, or FIOS].  The equipment which feeds the fiber may be blown out due to power line problems.  Cell phones may be useless because the cell tower antennas will receive a direct energy blast.  The cell tower receivers would be first to go.

As far as the Nov. 2-6, 2017 MARS drill [Military Aux Radio System], [and FEMA drill], amateur operators have nets which meet on-air weekly, and some even conduct daily drills and net check-ins.  These drills are for equipment checks and operator training for situations like Puerto Rico, etc.  The Nov. 04, 2017 date may mean nothing, but it is an interesting 
coincidence.  I doubt the author of this article, above, has any special insight into a govt. planned event.  We can only watch.


  1. Earlier this year, Congress passed the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, but is anything being done to implement it?

    1. Ya thats a good one. We have been at severe known risk for decades, that speaks volumes

  2. Interesting that they would pick the same date as the planned ANTIFA attacks around the country...sounds like a government conspiracy to me.

    1. Ya, it is a funny coincidence, and I thought sociopaths didn't have a sense of humor, LOL

  3. The media created the word conspiracy to downplay any of the actual secrets of the government getting out into the public, so people wouldnt believe it and so that those who do sound crazy. Think about the facts actually given and really think about them, its not crazy its scary and thats why people choose not to believe any conspiracy.

    1. Actually it was the CIA FBI and them "running" the media.

      funny the word conspiracy is itself a conspiracy.


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