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Thursday, August 12, 2021

They Want To Arrest Americans For Questioning The 2020 Election! Mark Dice



  1. Mark Dice -- real name? -- does a brilliant job doing what he does the best. I have more than one former friend and ex-colleague who, I believe, would also sign Mark's petition, if only in the forlorn hope and barest chance it would succeed! I feel sure FEMA|DHS|ETC will make it happen, if not for "Trump supporters" then for the "UN-VAXXED".

    One fellow (Ph.D., Psychology) fixates on the notion that I, Alan Donelson, was/is a "fellow traveler" of Donald Trump. Previously, he had grown tired, bored, and annoyed with my harping on "Tweedle Duh and Tweedle Demon", mapping the good Rev. Dodgson's characters onto Trump and Clinton, previously Obama and what's-his-name. The man just does not get puppetry in realpolitik, the equivalence of Demonrats|Repugnuts, CONservative|LIEberal, Communism|J____. 'Nuf said.

    Thanks much for embedding Mark Dice's contribution to sanity. Reminds me of that show where producers|directors played tricks on people and then broadcasted surreptitious films of their behavior. The media mirror never lies for those who see with GOD-given eyes.

  2. I don't believe for a minute that Mr. Dice is serious about, whatever type of petition, ever going forward. This is a showtime and popcorn shocker to scare people.

    1. of course he is not serious, its sarcasm, he is pointing out the insanity of the zombies.

    2. his sarcasm if off thinking and meaningless to me


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