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Climate, Earthquake, and Vulcanism Resources

An excellent working paper that describes some of the incoming and outgoing radiation (energy) and more importantly discusses why the "greenhouse effect" and said "greenhouse gases" are mis-named and mis-understood, and mis-used.

Also shows that the satellite based CERES data is totally fit for purpose. 


Positions of planets in relation to each other and the Sun is important, at least at times.    Lunar eclipses can also be triggers for Earthquakes and Vulcanism.

So here is a useful site

      The Moon will pass through the Earth's shadow between 23:45 and 02:52 HST, creating a total lunar eclipse. The eclipse will be visible any location where the Moon is above the horizon at the time, including from Oceania, the Americas and Eastern and Southeast Asia.

It will be visible from Waipahu in the southern sky. The Moon will lie 46° above the horizon at the midpoint of the eclipse.

The total eclipse will last from 01:12 until 01:26. The Moon will be partially eclipsed between 23:45 and 02:52 (all times given in Waipahu time).

The simulation to the right shows Moon's path relative to the Earth's shadow. The outer grey circle is the Earth's penumbra, within which the Earth blocks part of the Sun's light, making the Moon appear less bright than usual, but not completely dark. The inner black circle is the umbra, within which the Earth entirely blocks the Sun's light, making the Moon's disk appear entirely unilluminated.  

how to download "Swarm"

This guy below is a SWARM nutcase and he explains how to really use it.


Excellent website, this will change the world

Being able to do side view cross sectional areas in seconds just make the Magma Chamber plotting work trivial as opposed to "inventive and oppressive"

Earthquakes, Big Ones, Atlantis, Scotland Rotating at this site--

The KP index

30 Days of KP and A index

10.7 CM Radio Emissions is a great proxy for Magnetic Unrest.    This is showing a huge jump up right at beginning of June 2020



Weekly Volcanic Activity Update



I have long been in search of great datasets that would allow further research.

I found this one on Total Solar Irradiance.   And I grabbed the large spreadsheet of all the data and put it here:

Here is the download page from the source

They have a ton of Data Sets available

I got a great data set on Volcanic Eruptions, but it worries me, they are missing the Kilauea Event of 2018, maybe it is classified as something other than an "Eruption"???

Downloadable into Excel

I wish I could could get data sets on

  1. Coronal Holes 
  2. Equatorial Coronal Holes
  3. CMEs
  4. Earth Directed CMEs 
  5. Galactic Cosmic Rays
  6. Kp Index, but consolidated into one sheet

The grand daddy of Kp index in Germany

See elsewhere for charts of weather records.

If you have a string of Lat/Long locations, you can use this site to quickly plot them all on the Globe

Cali EQ Resource

US and World - USGS/NEIC = National Earthquake Information Center
Northern California - UCB = University of California, Berkeley
Southern California - Caltech = California Institute of Technology
Southern California - UCSD = University of California, San Diego
Nevada - UNR = University of Nevada, Reno
Offshore = West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
...all members of the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS)

Here is a cool site with graphical learning resources.   Kind of like flash cards.   For me, it's an awesome way to learn.

Here is one on the layers of the Armosphere

And here is one on some basic global weather circulation patterns.


Also, I will add in Earthquake Resources as time

Historical SunSpot Records, with zoom feature

stock here -- the next step is going to require some additional technology.   Plots using Excel are great, quick, informative, but we need to go 3D, and 3D plotting on Globe.   I'll work on this as time allows.    Link below take you to the graphic to the right.

Some New Stuff

List of Solar Cycles


This is intended to be a list of resources, if you want to do your own research, or at least see where the data comes from.

There are 5 Top Sources for Climate Data

  1. GISS  Goddard Institute for Space Studies--Columbia University, NYC, NY (completely not liberal, rest assured!
  2. NCDC National Climatic Data Center Asheville North Carolina
  3. HadCRUT - (UK) Hadley Center plus Climatic Research Unit 
  4. RSS (NOAA) Remote Sensing Systems, Satellite Data TIROS-N Interpreted by Dr Carl Mears.
  5. UAH University of Alabama at Huntsville

 Surface temperatures (GISS) for the YEAR 2017 compared to last 10 years:  72N-60S   Arctic   Antarctic 22
 Surface temperatures (GISS) for SEPTEMBER 2018 compared to last 10 years: 72N-60S   Arctic   Antarctic 2 
 Latest global monthly temperature estimate:  UAH   RSS   HadCRUT   NCDC   GISS  2
 Change over time of global monthly temperature estimates:   UAH   RSS   HadCRUT   NCDC   GISS   C2
 CO2 and global monthly surface temperature estimates:   CO2   HadCRUT   NCDC   GISS
 Sea surface temperature estimates:   UAH   HadSST   NCDC     2
 Sea level:    SeaLevelChange   SeaLevelChangeRate   2
 Sea ice extension: Arctic and Antarctic:   NSIDCnow   IRAC-JAXAnow   NSIDCsince1978  Arctic sea ice thickness and -drift:   ACNFS    2
 Snow cover:   Northern hemisphere   Europe-Asia   Alaska-Canada  USA-Canada  NorthernHemisphereSince19662 

GISS has this at their site, saying things can be summed up in 1 sentence.   I am aghast  that our "best and brightest  parrot this information without even a qualification.   The "establishment" is entrenched in our systems, particularly governmental systems, which has flowed into academia and other Non-Governmental-Organizations NGOs.
In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released yet another sobering report about the planetary disruption happening because of all the carbon human activity puts into the atmosphere.

Earthquake Resources (Includes Vulcanism)
If you have a string of Lat/Long locations, you can use this site to quickly plot them all on the Globe

My go to site for daily Earthquake (EQ) data, and for historical research is the USGS.   They are great but not perfect, and limiting data searches to 20,000 objects in this day and age where I have 96Gbyte on my PHONE!


Slab2 -- New Software with 3D modeling of subduction zones, likely spots for big earthquakes.

I have tried various EQ alert via email, and they have failed miserably.   Heading to Hawaii, on Oahu I know I have 20 minutes lead time to save my life should the Hilina Slump do it's slump and generate a 1000' tsunami.    Not that I lose sleep over it, BUT we are in an unprecedented era, of both pole shift and solar minimum, at least unprecedented in well documented history.

So to have a reliable and timely EQ notification system was a desire.    The "Disaster Prediction App" fit the bill nicely.    Also not perfect, and wish it had more features like ability to restricts alerts at night (sleeping time) to only the most critical, like a plus 8.0 EQ or a Solar Kill Shot in which you would have limited time to secure your favorite electronics into Faraday Cages.

Here is that app, it costs $3 per year.

I prefer, It's the Sun, Silly
Submitted by a reader

Hawaii Magma Chambers / Plumbing System

This article claims the Kilauea Plumbing System is well understood, but typical of most journalism,
they miss all the most important questions, and provide little detail of said knowledge.   Like a 3D map would be really cool, so I guess I will have to make my own. 


stock here -- interesting that one day after I published my proof of hypothesis of Galactic Cosmic Ray "Nucleation" of Volcanic "Magma Chambers", a number of scientific papers were presenting Magma theories.


I love these "Quiz" or Flashcard sites.

A map created by ESRI, a company specialized in geographic information systems, shows known volcanic eruptions in the past 10,000 years. The dynamic map displays the location of the eruption and associated Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI), a relative measure of the explosiveness of a volcanic eruption running from 0 to 8 (the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens has a VEI of 5).


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