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Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Blood Moon Eclipse In Pictures

My main goal yesterday was to get my telescope fully commissioned, dialed in to polar north, and able to find objects on it's own.     The manuals are horrendously bad, they leave out the most important information and assume you know things that no one but a scope geek would know.

And I was very pleased to actually get it to work.   It's a Celestron C8-SGT, an 8" light collection mirror with a computerized mount, Google it.     Here are some pictures of what others are able to do with this scope.  

I do not yet have a camera mount adapter for the scope, and taking pictures of far away nebula's requires some special skills as the mount must perfectly track the object, whilst shooting 1000 pictures, which are then melded together by a computer process.    That's advanced, and I hope to "be there" by next summer.

For now, just making the scope function was a huge milestone.

The pictures are all from my Canon EOS Rebel Xsi, either using a 600MM fixed zoom on bean bag support (the zoom lens weighs 4 kG, so you can't just "hang" it off the camera T mount or you could damage the camera or lens or both).....the lens itself needs a tripod attachment which I don't have, or using a 55 to 250mm Canon lens on tripod.    Many of the pictures during eclipse were exposed from 10 to 20 seconds, and the moon actually moves during that period.

"Next time" I will be better prepared, LOL, in 18 years.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Protecting yourself from nuclear radiation exposure

Full credit to:


Potassium Iodide

Protects the thyroid gland from absorbing radiation from radioactive iodine. Find this on eBay Here…

Iodine (or betadine)

This is for topical use only, DO NOT ingest iodine or betadine. You simply paint it on the skin, either your forearm or tunny, and this will help to protect you from radioactive iodine as well. However, if you are allergic to iodine, don’t so this!

Sodium bicarbonate (aka, plain baking soda)

Crazy right?! But yes, baking soda will protect you from radiation, and it will help to rid it from your body. Uranium binds to the baking soda, and will get it out of your system.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C cannot only protect against radiation but also repair damage from previous exposure.

B vitamins

Help to normalize the red and white blood cell count, since the destruction of white blood cells by radiation can last for extended periods of time.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This is water and fat soluble and it is also capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. This means that it is capable of reaching and preventing damage in our fatty tissues, our brains, and every single organ for that matter. ALA also repairs DNA. It is a good heavy metal chelator, it protects the heart and brain from cell death, stimulates the regeneration of liver tissue and is rapidly absorbed high up into the digestive tract. Find this on eBay Here…

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)

DMSO is a classical sulfur compound and a powerful anti-oxidant, exactly what we need for detoxification and protection from radiation. A Japanese study showed that even low concentrations of DMSO had radio-protective effects through the facilitation of DNA double-strand break repair, providing protection against radiation damage at all cellular levels in the whole body. Find this on eBay Here…


One of the most effective means of protecting against radiation when consumption of contaminated food becomes unavoidable. Pectin preparations, along with vitamins and minerals, have demonstrated a high efficiency in eliminating incorporated radionuclides. The recommended dose is 5 grams once or twice a day for one month, 4 times a year. Find this on eBay Here…

Black and green tea

Tea catechins are associated with antioxidant properties and can have radio-protective effects when taken both before and after irradiation.


A naturally occurring compound contained in the spice turmeric. Curcumin has been found to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activity in a variety of animal models of human diseases including radiation-induced pulmonary diseases. Find this on eBay Here…


Has powerful antioxidant properties, as well as helping you to get to sleep. Animals subjected to whole-body irradiation and given melatonin exhibited increased survival and the protection against radiation-induced oxidative damage was apparent throughout the body. More importantly, melatonin administered orally results in higher circulating levels and more rapidly increasing tissue concentrations.

Vitamin E

Protect the body from oxidative damage


Help the body eliminate several toxic heavy metals including cadmium, aluminum and lead.

Miso soup

Dashi and miso paste are the key factors of miso soup that were found to be beneficial to protect people against radiation.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Potassium K-40 One of the Least Harmful Radio-Isotopes and Bacterial Growth

Just a quick article here.   I will expand on it, but I didn't want to lose this link to the study. 

They did a quick study at WIPP, I think it was only 2 days.     They wanted to grow bacteria in a low radiation place and use that to try to "throw out" LNT Linear No Threshold radiation limits so the nuclear cartel can be even sloppier than they are now.

A reader asked me for my take, so I jotted this up quickly

No conclusion, their experimental setup is questionable.   I mean why not run the background radiation cultures in "background radiation" rather than try to  create a K40 background radiation using salts.    Just weird, the only benefit is being in the same location....and then to put the radiated test and the nonradiated in the SAME CABINET?

Why the lousy climate control on the incubator box...the low rad chamber swung from 20RH to 60RH, thats a hella swing for a climate controlled box.    The radiated chamber held much better tolerance at 30 to 50RH.

Then when they measured the low rad area with a test device, they decided to ignore the device and instead use a model that showed 20 times less radiation, excuse me?

They draw conclusions that both type of bacteria were heavily effected by rad or no rad, and then for the radiation sensitive bacteria they say our variation was so great that we really can't say anything with any certainty.

I really can't understand the gene testing portion and it is not written clearly.

Plus they were doing this at WIPP, in the underground, and they could only visit the test site quickly twice a day, their total test was 2 days long.   So this must have been after the plutonium explosion in WIPP, a questionable place to do bio-testing

Then they want to questionable and not replicated test on special bacteria to be used as a basis for throwing out radiation standards on humans and gifting us  with lots more radiation.   I would like to see the test repeated at 2 universities that get no funding for any nuclear related program.     And the "control" should be at a normal background radiation, not a contrived one using K40.

The link above is the complete study, and it is for free.   I may pose a question or two to the authors.

CodeShutdown added some references for related topics

One is free to imagine any possibility when unencumbered by educational stricture. The labels and thematic constructs sometimes seem goofy. Hormesis as adaptive response? Kind of limiting no? Nuclear decay as inevitably damaging? We know that free radicals are important in biology. This has a lot to do with high and low "linear energy transfer"
So in my mind, its not a question of figuring out IF some radiation is integral to biological function, but what interesting functions it may have. More discoveries will be made! Unfortunately the details dont yield to simplification.
Possible mechanisms of necessity of 40K
natural concentration for the normal development of the animal organism
Uranium salts (!) restore stunted growth in rats in a low radiation environment
Suggested is a new conception about participation of natural environmental radiation in stimulation development of cells. According this conception atomic radiation, in low doses, transfer DNA in excited state with formation polaritons, with long time give coherent radiation similar to mitogenic rays
discovered by A. G. Gurwitsch. Paper by Kuzin et al
30Gy stimulated plant growth journalCode=irab20
More evidence of positive secondary biogenic radiation

And here are the references in hyper link form

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Now the Medical Industry is Pushing Radioactive Lead as Medical Treatment

stock here: Doesn't this seem a bit on the medieval side?

Just because we can, doesn't mean we should.   Lead itself is horrible for humans, then make it an Alpha radiation emitter. 

I think their mantra and legal requirement to "do no harm" is not being met.

They pimp this out as "little damage to adjacent tissues because it is an Alpha emitter"
But they fail to point out that both of its daughter products are strong Beta emitters, which require special shielding during production and  operation....but no problem with putting it inside someones body.    Sheesh, the mind boggles.
- See more at:

Now the Medical Industry is Pushing Radioactive Lead as Medical Treatment

stock here: Doesn't this seem a bit on the medieval side?

Just because we can, doesn't mean we should.   Lead itself is horrible for humans, then make it an Alpha radiation emitter. 

I think their mantra and legal requirement to "do no harm" is not being met.

They pimp this out as "little damage to adjacent tissues because it is an Alpha emitter"
But they fail to point out that both of its daughter products are strong Beta emitters, which require special shielding during production and  operation....but no problem with putting it inside someones body.    Sheesh, the mind boggles.
- See more at:

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NRC Funds Study to Compare Cancer Around Nuke Plants, Spends 1.5M And Then Cancels, Chris Busby Debunks This Fraud

After spending some $1.5 million and more than five years on developing strategies to answer the question of increases of cancer near nuclear facilities, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) last week reported that they would not continue with the process. They would knock it on the head [1].
This poisoned chalice has been passed between the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the NRC since 2009 when public and political pressure was brought to bear on the USNRC to update a 1990 study of the issue, a study which was widely seen by the public to be a whitewash.

Now the Medical Industry is Pushing Radioactive Lead as Medical Treatment

stock here: Doesn't this seem a bit on the medieval side?

Just because we can, doesn't mean we should.   Lead itself is horrible for humans, then make it an Alpha radiation emitter.    

I think their mantra and legal requirement to "do no harm" is not being met.

They pimp this out as "little damage to adjacent tissues because it is an Alpha emitter"
But they fail to point out that both of its daughter products are strong Beta emitters, which require special shielding during production and  operation....but no problem with putting it inside someones body.    Sheesh, the mind boggles.

Areva Med, the subsidiary of French engineering company Areva for the development of cancer treatments, has begun construction of its second lead-212 production facility.
Areva Med new US lead-212 facility - 460
An artist's impression of how the new DDPU unit will look (Image: Areva Med)

Known as DDPU (Domestic Distribution and Purification Unit), the Plano, Texas-based facility will become Areva Med's headquarters in the USA. It will also host the laboratories and offices of its subsidiary, Macrocyclics, which designs and manufactures chelating agents and chemicals for nuclear medicine.

Nuclear Cartel Infiltrates Otherwise Good Organizations With Their $1.4B Budget to Corrupt Our Minds

The operator of this site has some good information on it, but gets it completely wrong on Fukushima.

 "The Fukushima radiation psyops is designed, by Zionist Illuminated planners
Beginning on March 12, 2011, I have steadfastly reported in numerous articles indexed below that the calculated promotion of Japan radiation hysteria, especially by Leftist media and opponents of nuclear energy, was contrived, woefully dishonest, and all out of proportion to the actual degree and amount of ionizing radiation being released from the Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Furthermore, at no time since March 11, 2011, has the background radiation levels in Tokyo, or northern Japan (or even Fukushima prefecture) risen to a level (excluding the immediate vicinity of the Daiichi plant itself) that presented any real (short or long term) health dangers to the people of Japan or North America.

stock here
Sheesh, I didn't even realize that I was being controlled by  Zionist Illuminated Planners...
This letter to the editor /operator of a site that offers a lot of good information, and some very bad information on radiation, I sent the following email.

If you wish to email him, please use email below, and keep it clean
Sir, your last name, Adachi, means “standing on leg”

I propose that in regards to radiation, that you are standing on the wrong leg, and I ask you to reconsider.  

I am an expert in Materials, radiation, and have worked in the energy field since 1988, before that I worked on internal combustion engine design and production.

I was taken in by idea of “nuclear science” thinking from my  highest education at University of Michigan with an MSME.   I never questioned the idea that nuclear plants and waste storage would be run with anything but the greatest engineering, risk control, and care.    Once I dove in and looked at what they were doing, I was surprised enough to keep digging.   Needless to say my opinion changed.   

Even routine releases of radiation from nuclear plants, in normal operation, do indeed cause noticeable health problems, infant deaths, leukemia, other cancers, and generally weaken the individual.

Chris Busby, an expert in the field, just today published information related to studies that prove damage from nuclear plants.

We carried out some fancy statistical regressions of distance from the contaminated Steart Flats (the historic repository of the releases from Hinkley Point) and infant and perinatal mortality over the period. It is well accepted that infant mortality is caused by deprivation so we included the ward index of deprivation in the regression.
Astonishingly the results showed that it was not deprivation that killed infants in Somerset. It was Hinkley Point. Deprivation was not statistically significant, not in Somerset. When we slowly statistically crept up on the cause of the infant deaths it turned out to partly relate to an accidental release of radioactivity in 1996 for which the plant was fined £20,000 by the regulators.
Please read the whole article

He also discusses why the NRC, just this week, cancelled an ongoing study to review cancer statistics near US nuclear plants.   The NRC is captured and does not regulate, but promotes.  

We know from the EPA data released in 2011 of the density of Uranium in air measured at points all over the Pacific.   By taking density and multiplying by volume, we can take a good stab at the DETECTED amount of Uranium, and thus also know all the usual suspects that accompany uranium in fissioned fuel, such as Plutonium, Cesium, Strontium, Iodine, Xenon and more.    This is just what was detected, so the total release was of course more.  

It’s a guesstimate, because you have to assume a volume, but 195 tons is a good guestimate.   That’s a lot, a large percentage of the pools and cores.

Hydrogen explosions could not launch this much material, the explosive force had to have come from within the vessels and/or pools.

Also we have scientific proof that the spent fuel at Reactor 4 went up in a massive explosion, fire, or some of both.

Also statistically significant (aka high power) scientific studies that show even small amounts of radiation, 4mSV cumulative have provable effects on cancers.   There are more of these studies out there, including ones listed in Busby’s article.

I would appreciate your response

Stock out

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Yet Another Lie Against Solar From the Dying Nuke Cartel

Solar rocks, once you have it, no one will pry it away except from your cold clammy hands.....


Actually, Silicon solar PV cells decay and produce less power each year that they are used so no prying is necessary.

The debunk

Yeah, about .25% per year
So if you have a 20 panel system, say 300W each = 6000 W and that's 15W lost per year. Over 20 years, that's 300W, so you effectively loss the output equal to one panel.
Efficiency on equipment and lighting is increasing faster than .25% per year, so unless you increase your load, you will never have a problem.

And the system is warranted for 25 years, and will probably last 40, there are no moving parts.

Monday, September 21, 2015

San Onofre Operators Exposed on NBC For Massive Contamination at Pristine Beach

Explosive report on radioactive
waste handling at San Onofre
to air on NBC tonight.

High radiation levels endangered employees

Get an advance link to the story HERE. ( ) 

San Diego's NBC affiliate is unleashing a story on nuclear waste
deposited by Southern California Edison Corporation that may explain
why the pristine State Beach is referred to in internal memos as
"Jap Mesa."  

Apparently the Geiger counter readings at some locations are so 
high that the site is reminiscent of Ground Zero at Hiroshima and

Key findings  include...

- Attempts to keep documents on toxic radiation a secret.
  According to the NBC report, SCE is attempting to keep radioactive
  pollution a secret by forcing parties who are involved in negotiations 
  about the future of the property to sign non-disclosure agreements.

- Radioactive debris left on Beach and "Jap Mesa."
  "Hundreds of pieces" of contaminated radioactive equipment was
   stored on both sides of the I-5, the heavily traveled freeway that
   bisects the San Onofre Nuclear Waste Dump that is currently
   under construction, 

- Radiation levels at the beach-front property so alarming,
  that in places inspectors from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  refused to to perform routine radiation surveys. 

- Southern California Edison controlled NRC radiation inspections
   According to a former SCE Safety Officer, Edison's cozy relationship
   with inspectors from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission prevented
   proper inspections. The former employee revealed that NRC inspectors
   rarely conducted inspections outside areas that were identified by SEC.

- Trailers housing SCE employees had elevated readings
   In an apparently rare incident where an NRC inspector conducted
   radioactive testing without SCE's supervision, a trailer housing 
   security guards had elevated readings. 

- Calls for Third-Party Investigations
   Former San Onofre employee and Safety Officer Vinod Arora is
   calling on an independent third-party to thoroughly inspect the
   tainted 25-acre parcel at San Onofre. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Cities are Heat Islands, That Increases The Reported Temperatures, And Has To Be Calculated in the Global Warming Debate

  • Urban heat island (UHI) intensities were estimated for the fifty most populous cities in the USA using PRISM climate data.
  • The urban morphologies of the cities were quantified using spatial metrics and the NLCD 2006 land use/land cover dataset.
  • The statistical analyses suggested that highly contiguous dense and sprawling urban development both enhance the UHI effect.
  • City contiguity should be considered when devising strategies for UHI intensity mitigation.
  • More discontiguous city configurations, especially if achieved by introducing urban green spaces, will likely reduce UHIs.