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Monday, August 31, 2020

Biden Pummels Trump, PA, 5 People Present, 1 A Muslim With a Face Shield Too. His Rally

An astute reader pointed out there were 27 people outside the Clown show.    That makes 33 total.    $1.235M in transportation and security costs, and that make $37,500 per person to "get the word out" from outside the basement.

If you watched NBC, you would see big planes, big buildings, and think Big Joe was doing big things.   With his black mask.

yeah all 5 of them LOL
The fight over whether Americans are in more peril now and in the future under Trump or down the road under Biden has become a central issue a little more than two months before Election Day. Many Democrats were heartened by Biden's remarks.
Oh so here is the reality---- note the circle protects you, unlike what a simple X would do.

and watch this one....big Joe hits it out of the park

Compilation of Democrats Praising Violence In The Streets, Inciting Violence In The Streets

stock here, it's a good one.   Ends with the Portland Assassination.

I wish I could embed it or download it, seems difficult.

Hawaii In Total Lockdown Over Nonsense! And A Hawaii Chicom Guilty Of Accepting Millions To Help China Infiltrate USA

Hawaii Businesswoman Pleads Guilty to Facilitating Back-Channel Lobbying Campaign to Drop 1MDB Investigation and Remove a Foreign National to China

 $8M Bribe!

An American businesswoman with international ties pleaded guilty today for her role in facilitating an unregistered lobbying campaign of the Administration of the President of the United States and the U.S. Department of Justice on behalf of foreign principals in exchange for millions of dollars.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian C. Rabbitt of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, U.S. Attorney Kenji M. Price of the District of Hawaii, Special Agent in Charge Eli S. Miranda of the FBI’s Honolulu Field Office, and Special Agent in Charge Keith A. Bonanno of the Department Of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG) made the announcement.

Nickie Mali Lum Davis, 45, of Honolulu, Hawaii, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Leslie E. Kobayashi to one count of aiding and abetting violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The Trump DOJ did not stop the investigation.    Nickie Davis did not report the "earnings" on her taxes.   The next indictment should be for tax evasion.

Spain: Doctor Bitch Slaps The Lying Media In & Minutes Of Back and Forth, Amazing His "Feed" Wasn't Cut

stock here: wow in Spain the Media appears totally brainwashed, but somehow let a real doctor onto their show.

Now they try to convince him of the "mainstream narrative" and he is buying none of it. At 5:20 a male at the studio interrupts, saying "we are losing control of the conversation".

The doctor was saying that in Spring when we actually needed help and were putting patients in hotels, media was not supporting what we needed, not talking about the real problems. The male commentator comes back with a straw man "are you saying we are all idiots?"

Doctor says I am not saying anyone is an idiot, I am saying now when hospitals are well under control the 'cases' is all you hear about 24/7. People are being put in the hospital based on PCR tests in the car. How many are actually sick?


Kenosha Videos -- Footage The Media Does Not Want You To See: Compilation

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Portland Assassination Report By First Hand Interview, Shooter Catched and Released A Month Ago With So Called Illegal Pistol

stock here, just going to throw this up, hope you can do / tolerate Twitter
 A newish story to me, how the murderer was arrested a month ago with an "illegal" loaded pistol in public.   In our world of no reporting reporting, no mention of why the gun was "illegal".   Open carry is the law in Oregon, so was he open carry or concealed without a permit?   If open carry, was there some ruling against him that would make the carry illegal (like domestic abuse, or still under probation for a felony)

Facts matter.   And there are so few.   I looked, I couldn't find the answer, MUCH LESS, even anyone else even asking the right question.

Of course he was just released with no prosecution.


Second review, there is some sketchyness about all this.   No mention of the apparent pepper spray in the interview.   Seems odd to avoid that question.    Gov Kate of course, call the armed "far right" the cause of him getting shot.     Got that?


Don't forget the chance for double reverse false flags.   Veteran observer know that "false flag" doesnt mean that it didnt happen, just means that it was done under false pretenses.

Does how exactly does friendly fire occur and sound to a 3rd observer that had trouble figuring out where the shooting occurred, did a 360 turn to finally lock in?
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 · 2h
Replying to @alljustchance @Summer48985575 and @SpaceForceUSA_
Exactly what I heard too. Sounds like friendly fire. Anyone who listens to this video or even watches it will figure this out quick.

Herd Immunity Expands Over Broad Population Once 10% to 20% "Have It", Evolutionary Advantaged Group Collective Unconscious Programming of T-Cells

Herd Immunity Expands Over Broad Population Once 10% to 20% "Have It", Evolutionary Advantaged Group Collective Unconscious Programming of T-Cells

That was my epiphany about 3 months back.    Corona viruses never come back in any significant way, except for areas that "crushed the curve", did not allow anyone to get exposed.   And yet conventional theory is that 60% to 80% exposure is required for herd immunity.

Scientists admit they have no idea why this happens.    They also have no spirituality or knowledge of Jung's "Collective Unconscious".   Basically they don't have the background and they can't think outside the box, and probably they would be ridiculed by "double blind", "correlation is not causation" boneheads.

This study, in a "pier reviewed" journal, meaning that you should drink a beer on a pier while reading it, thinks that 20% to 30% is

You can get the PDF here, it is an OK read if you are in the medical or engineering profession.   They state their methods and assumptions clearly so you can follow, it is not JUST a mathematical proof.

It is interesting that they used the Descriptors R(0) and R(OE) which are coincidentally the exact ones that I modeled with.   R(O) being the initial multiplication number (reproductive number)  and R(OE) being the "Effective Reproduction Number" which changes over time

“Taking the effects of biological and social heterogeneity on COVID-19 transmissibility, the researchers calculate that the herd immunity threshold is likely somewhere between 20 and 30 percent of the population,” Bailey wrote

This more is more a description of"where we are" in the Lock Step cycle, I covered heavily before, read and reported on all the back ground material.

Planetary Alignments, Earth, Ceres and of course, Luna (Moon), Interplanetary Magnetic Connections

I saw an interesting planetary alignment today.

Jupiter and Saturn are coming up for a rare 20 year alignment, on amazingly, the Winter Solstice, Dec 21, 2020, 12-21-2020 what a number!    And that means a time for great change.   They will in Aquarius at the time, and we overall are in the "Age of Aquarius".   Hmm halfway between the next US election and the swearing in of the new president.

When I searched for the above the Heliospheric connection to water planet Ceres, and nothing came up, my spidey sense went off.   I'll dive in more later, but have to find a different way than DDG to get at scientific sources.

So all the planets are electrically / magnetically connected to the Local Yellow Dwarf.....our sun.    Material is continuously exchanged back and forth.  Not much, but in an environment where there is very little, the very little matters a lot.

Take a look at the Helioviewer here

Ceres was discovered in 1801.  It is 1/13 the size of the earth, much less massive.   But astronomers are convinced that it is full of water below the surface.

Hydrogen, and everything under the sun, is continually ejected from the sun.  Mostly hydrogen.   So when that Hydrogen hits a space rock with minerals that contain oxygen, water is formed.

Rather than being super rare outside of earth, it is becoming well known that water is likely to be abundant in the atmosphere.

Take a look at this ten most popular rock minerals.    9 have oxygen as an important component.

So Ceries, being full of water, it would be my guess to have a strong electro-magnetic connection to the sun, and when all lined up with earth....I would think "Earthquake".

Plus the Earth is now near the highest point of it's orbit around the sun, we are seeing more of the north pole of the sun which is why the coronal holes appear larger, more are shown to us.     The CH is an area of reduced magnetism in which more stuff can be ejected from the sun, this with the Interplanetary Connection Field, ICF, may have effects on planetary magnetics and earthquakes.  

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Joe Biden Reported To Be On a Cocktail Of Drugs To Get Him Through His Sound Bites

stock update.   I originally posted on 8-29-20, and on 9-1-20 I noted this Trump comment to Ingraham saying a similar thing.....

See video at bottom

Its seems very clear to me, they pump him with a cocktail of drugs, and probably pretty heavily dosing because these will help a person who is a bit off their game, and needs to be fully on their game, to get say a plus 3 out of 10.    So if a normal person is at a 7 due to whatever, they can perform as a 10 at least for a few hours.

I think they are titrating heavy doses to Biden, get the sound bite, and run some counter measures through him to prevent excessive damage.

Kids, don't try this at home, this is not medical advice, this is what "kids" at super competitive, super liberal University of Chicago take to be on their best for a finals.

(1) Dose Adderall (ADHD, focus and concentration)

(1/2) Dose Xanax (Anxiety) Xanax is also used to treat panic disorders with or without a fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment (agoraphobia).

(1/2) Dose Amphetamine (street "white cross")


And a real question, why would his wife tolerate any of this?    She had the worst reaction of anyone when they got "the letter" at the Bush funeral.

CDC Admits, August 19th, Only 6% of Deaths "With Covid" Are Only Due to Covid 6% of 153,504

hmmm, something is rotten in Denmark

Its right above the table 3 on this page, you have to scroll down a bit.

Federal Government And The New Fight Against Racism Against Whites, Critical Race Theory At Sandia Labs

For the people that make our nuclear bombs, you would think we wanted the best and brightest, not
the diversity hires.

Critical Race Theory

And here is a real winner too....are Universities are infiltrated.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Wisconsin Mayor, Just sick of Cooper's Bullshit. Cuts The Feed In The Middle of The Interview

Uh,looks like we lost our signal. Hilarious. Even giving credence to the continuous line of bullshit is a mistake.   I added a video of a Portland Drivethrough, from Wranglestar a guy been doing awesome videos for years.

All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot Have Violent Criminal Histories -- MSM Does Not Cover That At All

Kenosha: All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot Have Violent Criminal Histories

And reader James chimes in with this salient point

All three rioters who were shot; were assaulting a MINOR. Actually; Aggravated Assault against a Minor; in the case of the two involved in the street encounter. Haven't heard a word about that.

The accused, Kyle Rittenhouse, is from Antioch, Illinois, just 21 miles from Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Rittenhouse traveled to Kenosha with his AR-15 in order to protect small business owners and citizens who were being victimized after being abandoned by their state government and police.
Footage obtained by anti-extremism watchdog AntifaWatch shows the first shooting.

In the video, a masked man named Joseph D. Rosenbaum is shown chasing Rittenhouse and throwing what some have claimed may have been an improvised explosive, but this has not yet been confirmed. Rittenhouse then shot Rosenbaum in the head as he charged and tried to take his rifle, an injury the attacker later died of.

Earlier in the night, Rosenbaum, who is Jewish, was shown violently antagonizing the armed men, shouting “Shoot me, Nigga!”

After Rosenbaum was shot, a mob of anarchists pursued Rittenhouse as he attempted to flee. The young man then fell to the ground as the “antifa” members began attacking him. Rittenhouse opened fire against two of the attackers, one who was armed with a handgun.

One member of the gang, Anthony W. Huber, died after being shot in the chest. The armed assailant, Gaige Paul Grosskreutz, suffered a gruesome gunshot wound to the arm but survived.

The media has jumped into action to paint Rittenhouse as a white supremacist domestic terrorist and the anarchists who were shot as innocent “peaceful protesters.” But the facts bring this narrative into question.

Hawaii Disgustingly On Full Lockdown, Hospitals Only at 25% Initial Capacity, 12% Expanded Capacity

They put their energy into "contract tracing", disgusting Marxist policies beyond belief.

The picture is a come on, because in Hawaii, even in the smallest islands like Molokai, with 5 cases and no one in the hospital, you can't go sit on the beach.    You can't even just go float in the water.   You have to be actively swimming, or they send out lifeguards to assist with your arrest and ticketing.   Up to a year in jail.   Governor Ige, a big fan of China.
No Mask, No Freedom
Most of Hawaii's retailers started reopening in May (at least, those that could reopen),
and whatever is driving the outbreak isn't entirely clear. Some speculate that Hawaii's large multigenerational families who often live together have been holding more public gatherings, creating more opportunities for the virus to spread.

Additionally, the state's scant resources have apparently worn thin as Hawaii worked to enforce its mandatory quarantine restrictions (one of the few states to do so) and poured resources into contact tracing. Right now, the state can only handle roughly 3 new tracing cases per day, which barely dents the current caseload.

Glenn Beck Attacked Trump in 2016, Now He Turn 180 and Explains Why He Endorses Trump

1). I am feeling so humbled this week. I feel truly horrible for the things I said and believed in 2016 about @realDonaldTrump . I believed the worst politically, which he proved me wrong at almost every turn. In the most dramatic cases (life/Israel/China/authoritarian) cont 
2. I expected @realDonaldTrump to take control federally at the first opportunity. Here we are in a massive crisis. Bush ‘violated the free market to save the free market.’ Trump could have violated federalism to ‘save federalism’ yet he has stood firm through COVID. Con’t 
3. But let me cut to the chase. I believed he actually didn’t care about people. When @realDonaldTrump called me after my fathers death, I assigned the motive to politics - AND SAID SO. What haunts me this week is how my words must have hit his children. How ... con’t 
4. Did I miss, the sharpness of my ‘judgement’ without consideration of family. Me? A guy who has lived it from his side. I wanted to end my interview with @realDonaldTrump son this week w/ a personal apology, who had spent 20 minutes with me as if we were old friends. Con’t 
5. I didn’t want to embarrass myself in the end and failed to do the right thing again. I don’t regret my doubts or expressing my concern in 16, but the fact that I missed his humanity and was blind to his family. I said at the time, ‘I hope I am wrong and will...’ con’t 
6. Will be the first to admit it.’I did. On air and personally to the president himself.But it was all about politics. I knew he loved his children and they him. What I failed to see, is the reason I think they love him. @realDonaldTrump is a loud New Yorker with a private heart

Wisconsin Gov Evers Endorses BLM, Throws The Police And The Act of Self Defense Under The Bus

Michelle Malkin is Perfect and On Fire

Important perspective from a former Bolshevik, The Authoritarian Left Never Rests

stock here

Important perspective from a former Bolshevik

The authoritarian left, through political movements such as Black Lives Matter, is on the rise around the Western world. Peter Hitchens uses his experience as a young Bolshevik to make sense of the danger it poses to what he sees as an increasingly gullible society.
"The generation now coming out of Western schools is unable to distinguish good from bad. Even those words are unacceptable. This results in impaired thinking ability. " Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Died 2008

You musn't assume that an leftist academic cannot understand outcomes and consequences.   You are better to assume that the current actions will be based on the immediate consequences to their careers, and not the longer term consequences that seem obvious to you, and probably is obviously to them.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Eternal Enemy øf Mankind - Know your Enemy And Fight Them

Submitted by Plowboy. I have seen this one before, and it's a great one, worth more air play.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Dick Carlson, Father Of Tucker Carlson, Was An Amazing Man, 6 Years As Voice of America

stock here.   I detest Wikipedia, but they are useful for starting research.

It's worth a read.   This guy seems like a real Hero like Tom Fitton.

Dick Carlson

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Dick Carlson

United States Ambassador to Seychelles
In office
October 1, 1991 – July 5, 1992
PresidentGeorge H. W. Bush
Preceded byJames B. Moran
Succeeded byMack F. Mattingly
Director of United States Information Agency
In office
March 1, 1985 – November 10, 1986
PresidentRonald Reagan
Personal details
Richard Boynton

February 10, 1941 (age 79)
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Political partyRepublican
Lisa McNear Lombardi
m. 1967; div. 1976)

Patricia Caroline Swanson
m. 1979)
Children2 (including Tucker)
Alma materUniversity of Mississippi
Military service
Allegiance United States
Branch/serviceUnited States Navy
Years of service1958–1962
Richard Warner Carlson (born Richard Boynton; February 10, 1941) is a former American journalist, who was director of the Voice of America during the last six years of the Cold War. At the same time, he led Radio Marti broadcasting to Cuba, and was director of the U.S. Information Agency and the USIA Documentary Film Service.[1] Carlson has also been a newspaper and wire service reporter, a magazine writer, a TV and radio correspondent and a documentary filmmaker. He is the father of conservative pundit Tucker Carlson.

We May Win The Fluoridation Battle!

 Received from 'acd'


Judge Gives EPA One More Chance to Do Its Job and Halt Fluoridation of Drinking Water


In August, a landmark David-versus-Goliath federal lawsuit brought by citizens against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to end fluoridation of drinking water took another giant step forward. The lawsuit—spearheaded by a coalition of nonprofits and individual citizens—resulted in a two-week trial in June (via video conference) that synthesized the findings of hundreds of studies, including two landmark birth cohort studies funded by the National Institutes of Health. The evidence, which included important admissions from EPA’s own scientists, makes clear that the fluoridation chemicals consumed by over 200 million Americans present an unreasonable risk of neurotoxic effects, including reduced IQ and ADHD symptoms, particularly for babies in the womb and bottle-fed infants. Buttressed by a 2,500-page Citizens Petition and the expert testimony of four internationally recognized scientists, lead attorney Michael Connett asserted that the EPA has been derelict in its duty, spelled out under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), to limit or ban toxic chemicals that pose unreasonable risks—and especially, as this case underscored, risks to the developing brain.
At the close of the June proceedings—during which the EPA shunned its own in-house experts in favor of testimony from unqualified “scientists-for-hire”—presiding Judge Chen chastised the EPA for applying an improper standard of fluoride neurotoxicity and urged the agency to work with the plaintiffs to figure out a solution. Following more foot-dragging from the EPA, the judge, on August 6, issued a new order that propels the still very much alive lawsuit into encouraging but largely uncharted legal territory. Specifically, Judge Chen directed plaintiffs to file a new petition with EPA that incorporates significant scientific developments that have occurred since the original petition’s filing. As for EPA, the judge has urged the agency “to give such a petition due consideration on the merits in light of the substantial scientific evidence proffered at trial”—including the powerful testimony of Philippe Grandjean, MD, PhD, Howard Hu, MD, MPH, ScD, Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH and Kathleen Thiessen, PhD. The Court ordered the two parties to report back on November 5 and, in the meantime, is holding the trial record open.
Those who have been following the lawsuit’s progress will enjoy watching an enlightening conversation between legal luminaries Michael Connett and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. , which highlights some of the more interesting twists and turns that this groundbreaking legal endeavor has followed. Stay tuned!

Analysis of The Kenosha "Shooter", Clearly It's Self Defense, But Another State, Illinois, Charges Him With Murder, Seriously?

Above is extensive coverage of the Kenosha "shooter".    If you are sensitive, you may wish to avoid watching, the worst part is at the end with the guy who had a huge chuck of his elbow blown off....that guy also had a pistol.    

The guy who got shot in the head, and apparently died, was prior to the "chase" antagonizing the shooter and his "group" which appeared to be at best, loosely organized....prior to the chase the Dead Guy was antagonizing and shouting "hey you N shoot me".    It's in the video.   Also noted people calling for "medics", obviously they are not expecting trained medical professionals to be available...they are calling for the medical branch of the paid insurrection that they are being funded for.

Of course, along with the paid mercenaries, there are also many many "useful idiots" milling around in a riot scene.   Are they that desperate for socializing, interaction that they are willing to put their lives at risk?    Are they so warped in their version of reality from playing violent video games that they think there are not consequences and that they are bad asses?

It is unclear if the shooter with AR type rifle was from Kenosha, or Antioch Illinois (right across the border), but apparently he "fled" to Antioch.   But prior to that he approached police with his hands up, and was not detained.    Clearly it was self defense.    That said, walking around a riot with a rifle late at night, seems a bit of an odd choice to make.   Open carry of pistols and rifles are legal.

This message should set up warning buzzers in your head.....the shooter was charged with murder in Illinois, for the incident in Kenosha.   After the Kenosha cops who were familiar with the situation did not detain him.    The moral of the story is that the bad actor states like Illinois want to push the narrative that if you try to defend yourself, you will be the one that gets into trouble.     Like the St. Louis couple.

Illinois has no jurisdiction in Wisconsin, it is beyond the pall that they have made this murder charge.

And the largest question of all....who goes to a riot wearing short pants, or halter tops?   LOL


"They" have created a situation in which Millennials were looped into huge student loan debt that cannot be dispensed via bankruptcy...we saw that many many years ago as a big problem, and a "narrative" a plan of sorts, and they received a crappy slanted education launched from common core, and now they have no real future.     That is fire tinder just waiting for a spark.   Why wouldn't lots of "free stuff" look attractive.

The only socialism we need are very limited.    Even as kids we understood that the Milwaukee County park system was very socialist in nature, no pun intended.   Everyone got to enjoy it, whether they contribute anything to society or not.    But that is about as far as socialism should go, as it is a slippery slope into communism and then Marxism.

These terms are tossed around so much, most have no idea what they even mean.    Per Carl Marx "Everything within the government, nothing outside the government, and viciously attack anything that tries to get outside the government."

Our governments and academia have had thousands of "bad actors" who hate the USA and follow anything their paymasters wish.    And this includes the Intelligence community (which has always been outside the law), the prosecutors, and the judges.    It has happened over decades and is going to be a real problem to solve, as they are "self protecting".   Look at the list of people downright fired or depowered from the FBI, all bad actors.

So bottom line, things need to be cleaned up, bad actors need to be removed, and we need to get back to following the laws, the anti-trust regulations, especially as regards ownership of media and social media.