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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Eruption of the World Largest Volcano - Moana Loa - Looking More Likely With Latest Caldera and Seamount EQ

Today's Unusually Placed EQ

Continued Signs that Moana Loa---The Worlds Largest Volcano is Setting to Erupt

This could easily wipe out major cities like Hilo or Kona

Folks I have "real life" going on.   I would like to be able to explain this in no brainer terms, but this will have to suffice and if you are interested you have to look at my posted material closely. 

Especially the EQ on the on straight line East to West that pretty much cuts the island in half. 

And the EQs right in the Moku'aweoweo Caldera, the main Caldera of Moana Loa, right along the split point which can actually be seen on Google Earth.

And to the west of that, is what can only be an offset magma chamber in which in prior island covering eruptions, there were swarms of EQs.    We are seeing numerous EQ there now, but not what I would call swarms.  

Failure to warn, versus avoidance of panic.    I would sure hope "they" know more than me or Dutchsinse.   June 14 was USGS last video update by Scientist Jessica Ball.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Moana Loa, The Big Volcano Mountain, Not Little Kilauea, Shows Sign That It Will Erupt

stock here.

I have been following "the volcano" in Hawaii, especially since I was doing solar work there whilst it started acting up.

There are multiple volcanos on the Big Island, see chart.

Kilauea and related Puu'O'O were the "lava lakes" that drained down perhaps 1000 feet, and then eruptions to the East Rift Zone started.

BUT NOW ITS LOOK LIKE MOANA LOA itself could erupt.   The Earthquake activity used to be confined to the Kilauea  are, but now it is spreading to the last historical flows from Moana Loa!

In 2015 there was scientific discussion of Moana Loa coming to life.

 In May of 2018, realistic reports on the Earthquakes and Volcanic flows had cut the tourist visits in half.   This is enough to bankrupt the island in a matter of months, so many businesses rely heavily on tourism, and the other "real businesses" rely on those who rely on tourism.   There is some agriculture, Macadamia nuts, coffee, but the reality is that tourism is key.

The fix is in, we see none of that scientific discussion now.   Someone read the USGS the riot act and told them that they need to downplay any risks.  

I covered the Hilina Slump risk here.    The government paid scientists are now even trying to pretend that there is no risk from the Hilina Slump because it only happens every 100,000 years or so.   But in this now era of unprecedented activity, and the destabilization of the prior slump remnants, there is real risk.    The worst case scenario is a 1000' tsunami.     That is a pretty bad scenario.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Some Dolphins Are In Existential Trouble, and Of COURSE, it is ALL Trump's Fault

The Zionist controlled media and social media are pulling out all the stops to "get Trump", the blowback from their methods could backfire.

Note this story about ocean critter protection.   I am all for ocean protection.   But thinking that we can get Mexico to save this Dolphin, only 15 left (experts counted all of them), when we can't get them to stop sending pass through illegal aliens and some of their worst criminals into the USA, is well....STUPID.

But the point is well taken....anything at all to make Trump look bad.    Anything good that happens is not related to Trump at all.   Anything bad in the entire government is Trump's doing and responsibility.    The issue is hatred, pure and simple.    How did such a huge group of people let themselves be duped into blinding hatred?   

I need to be a realist, I need to be a utilitarian.   And that is where these feel good policies, costly AND ineffective just have to be reviewed in a practical light.  

It's funny too that this lawsuit goes on as an uproar over trade tariffs goes on.  

So we will spend $15M to protect a bio-unimportant "cute critter", but won't push Japan to stop dumping Fukushima waste products into the ocean, proven to bio magnify in chitin, an important biostructure of animals at the bottom of the food chain.    Protect 15 cuties, and allow the food chain to be decimated.   Improperly placed efforts.   

Petting the cute hamster whilst the elephant tramples both of y'all. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Massive Fish Die Off Sakhalin Island Just North Of Japan

 stock here -- unfortunately it looks like the Death of the Pacific continues.   Another massive sea life
die off. 

Herring is extremely important, they call it a "Keystone Species" because of very high biomass of the food chain.

Per the usual, the experts are baffled.

A similar event happened in 2015
Tens of thousands of Far Eastern Sardines, also known as iwashi, beached on the same island in October 2015.
Beaches along the southern part of the Tatar Strait were literally carpeted with sardines.
At the time, fish expert Nikolay Kim said the weather conditions had caused 'strong daily fluctuations' in water temperature.
'In the afternoon it is warm, but at night the temperature falls sharply,' he said.

One said: "This is awful. This is some sort of a herring genocide. I really wonder what happened to them."

Another wrote: "Dear friends, words fail me! What happened there?"
Some suggested the massacre might have a dramatic effect on fish prices in supermarkets.
The Pacific herring is considered a keystone species because of its very high productivity and interactions with a large number of predators and prey.

 But warmer water is supposed to support and cause higher sardine bio-mass

In  2013 NOAA was holding emergency meetings to discuss Sardine harvest restrictions, and in Canada they say the sardines already disappeared.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Forbes A Total Pimp Job -- Lying In Support of Nuclear

From the article, July 24th 2018

Current dumping of water from the Fukushima Daichi plant in Japan is not the same as dumping other nuclear waste. Nearly all of the radio-nuclides in this water are Iodine or Cesium isotopes.


stock here -- All the Iodine 131 has already half lifed away, with an 8 day half life.   Few a year or two after the accident there were "shake and bake" re-criticalities,  but I am quite sure those stopped.    Iodine is made in a criticality, but then quickly goes away.   

from the article, July 24th, 2018

Testing in the 1950’s and 1960’s was how we learned the effects of nuclear radiation in the first place. In the aftermath of those tests, the radiation in the ocean dispersed fairly quickly (not measurable after months to years)

stock here -- Utter bullshit!   We can still measure the radiation from the bomb test.   Pretending it goes away or gets dispersed in months to years, is a horrible incorrect lie. 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Large Valuable Writeup on Fukushima

I didn't want to lose this one, so posted it up as an article.

stock out

Divide and Conquer -- The Greatest Division Would Be Right Down The Middle, Men and Women

'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact millions of examples of establishment propaganda say that women are better than men in every way, and that men are worse in every way than previously believed.

stock here: Adding in a link here to a nice summary and book called "Rigged" how the super rich globalists have stacked the deck so they get richer and most of the populace is marginalized.

Dean Baker: Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer 


The law/government itself is also extremely anti-male/husband/father--much more than the people know.

The establishment also makes women dislike and distrust men, and more recently it has been able to use these very real problems to make men dislike and distrust women and to falsely believe this is all the will of the people.

Making men dislike and distrust women, combined with the environmental toxins that have been feminizing males, means that the NWO are now in their end game.

Instead of focusing on the useful idiots, it would be a little better if we focused on the front men above them, but it would be far better still to focus on the players at the top.

Both parties are front men for these players. At the top, everyone is on the same side. The government does not work for the people, and there is no free-market.

Until we pierce the illusion of legitimacy, it will only get worse. Without the illusion of legitimacy, the players are finished.

That's why they had to choose Trump (their plan B) instead of Hillary. Hillary had taken so much advantage of the fact that she was above the law that she had become too much of a threat to the illusion of legitimacy.

I write about all of this and more at

Japan Upgrading Military -- How a $3M "Investment" Can Create a Trillion Dollar Country Killing Disaster

stock here.   Japan, under pretense of protecting nuclear plants has made a significant investment in it's Military Fire Power.   

USA has been footing the bill since 1945.    I agree, it's time for USA to 80% pull out of Japan, and let Japan pay for their own protection. 

Japan has had an epiphany.   And they have added again to the cost of running nuclear plants.   Even mothballed nuclear plants are targets. 

So they dedicated 2 large ships with helo pads, to be parked off some nuclear plants.

Scenario -- Cruise missiles are around $1M each.    Take 3, please, and launch at the nuke plant primary substation (electrical center), one at the DG backup generators, and one at the main fuel storage.    = Station Blackout and within hours, meltdown.

Nuke plants are always on the water's edge, as we saw at Fukushima.   They are sitting ducks for an
enemy attack.   Where are these nuke plants in Japan?   Look at my map, facing Korea, China.

Two new 1,500-ton vessels with helipads will be deployed between fiscal 2019 and 2020 to the coast guard's Tsuruga office in Fukui Prefecture where several nuclear plants are located, according to the sources.

Strzok's Wife Rewarded With Huge Promotion, as Reward to Have Strzok "Fix" Clinton Email Scandal / Weiner

This is just fucking outrageous! From the link below:

"She was appointed to her current position two days after her husband found out that the New York office of the FBI found 650,000 emails on a lap top in another criminal case.
The emails were from and to Hillary Clinton.

A press conference was about to be held disclosing the discovery of new evidence.
What effect would it have on Hillary Clinton's Campaign for President?
Nothing if Mrs. Strzok was promoted.

Her husband, Peter Strzok, was in charge of the FBI's probe into the Clinton Foundation. He gets a second check working for the CIA.

Spouses have no duty to testify against each other in most court jurisdictions. They can if they choose to.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Strzok, not just FBI but CIA Operative, Father Running Weapons in Iran, Bell Helicopter, Textron All Tied Together

Any article can easily take hours to many hours, even days.   And that is after, say, a decade of education outside "the system".

This lady does a great job of uncovering documents, deep diving, and providing all of the links to source documents.  

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And here is an interpretation of Rosenstein and Wary hearing, including body language interpretation.

Friday, July 20, 2018

EMF Radiation -- A Growing Threat to Human Health -- Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode

stock here: I have been meaning to broach this subject for over a year. In 2017 I bought an RF /EMF
meter, but have yet to play with it. It is on my list to inventory EMF at my residence, and make adjustments. I have at least 3 wireless sources, maybe more!

And I started eating a cancer repellent diet of sorts. I will do an article on this too, after I know more. But for now even the "literature" and modern medicine supports the idea of particular mushrooms as part of an anti-cancer diet.


Submitted by Lot's Wife

 Radiation from cellular phones is NOT safe. This is proven beyond debate. However, since people the world are addicted to using cell phones, this quick video will show you a safer way to carry your phone around using the 'airplane mode' option. Always use an 'air tube' head set or speakerphone to get the phone away from your head.

Added from GOM at ENE

Open Letter To Wireless Regulator Challenges “Safety” Claims

Dear Mr. Stanhope and attached addressees:

You may be interested to note that a local political representative, Tony Law recently wrote to Health Canada requesting information on biological effects from the microwave tower proposed by Telus for communications backup and future cell phone service on Hornby island.

While our trustee’s initiative is commendable, this is like asking a fox with feathers around his muzzle if the chickens are safe.

According to Environmental Health Perspectives, microwave radiation from cell towers can open the blood-brain barrier to toxins in the blood for up to five hours after “two minutes of exposure at density levels of only 1/10,000 of a watt.” [Environmental Health Perspectives June/03]
Geezus Cripes!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Obama State Department Funded George Soros Group -- To Influence Other Governments

stock here -- Soros has not been in the news much, since he got kicked out of his country of residence, Hungary. About a month or 2 ago. Search it. I refuse to say "G it" anymore, they are too evil.

However, Obama is more and more in the news.   Must be part of the news cycle for the upcoming elections.  

James Clapper, the super corrupt former director of National Intelligence, says Obama was behind the entire Russia did it meme.

And in another incredulous story, Soros tries to distance himself from Obama and Democrats in general.
Soros, who was an early supporter of Obama in 2008, said the former president was his "greatest disappointment." “He made one phone call thanking me for my support, which was meant to last for five minutes, and I engaged him, and he had to spend another three minutes with me, so I dragged it out to eight minutes,” he said. Soros told the paper the he had hoped to have been consulted on economic and financial issues, and that Obama was known to “take his supporters for granted and to woo his opponents.” Soros, who also poured millions of dollars into Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run, wouldn’t say if he would back Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in the upcoming presidential election, but said when it comes to politics, “I don’t particularly want to be a Democrat.”
Video link: I tried to embed the video below, but it failed twice, so please use the link above to review US Gov funding Soros. Almost as absurd as giving money to Israel.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Brave Cop in Las Vegas -- Not All Cops Are Wussies ------------------------------------------------

Monday, July 16, 2018

The so called "Dossier" -- No backup, no names, no emails, no pictures, no real timeline.

Someone said the dossier is much more than just about golden showers, so I decided to read it, their link anyway.   Apparently there are like 3 versions. 

Most notable, there are no names of information providers, no photos, no photocopies, no memos, no emails, no meat of any kind.   And numerous completely implausible presentations, such as someone knowing the content of some of Putin's private meetings.   Or a contingency plan for if the "plot" was ever found out, that some hackers would travel to another city and "lay low", like WTF difference would your physical location matter, one could certainly lay low of further hacking attempts but to pretend some old school meme of going to another city would apply to a modern day electronic communications situation, is pretty absurd on the face of it.  

Read it, see how much you believe it.    It seems "they" paid $15M to $50M for this unbacked up trash.   

Clapper (criminal corrupt former head of National Intelligence) states that it doesn't matter who paid for the Dossier 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Strzok -- A Sociopath -- Not Just A Guy -- Willing Tool of the Establishment Crime Syndicate

stock here - I added a video at the bottom, by a Maven who interprets Body Language.    Check it out.

Looks like ABC is not ready for the truth

stock here-- I added some links at the bottom from Lot's Wife, who discovered that Strzok's Dad was basically a high level nuke and arms dealer, who incidentally was the one who escorted BHO around Kenya.   I watched a good portion of the Kabuki Theater with Strzok under Oath.

George Webb has been doing awesome YouTube piecing together of facts, a baked Q drop so to speak.

It is clear that Strzok is a sociopath of sorts, with some other personality disorders thrown in.   Maybe even some Lucifierian spirit cooking type stuff that seems all the rage in Politics and Hollywood.  Review the video clip from twitter and also the original source document.   Even the veins on his forehead resemble a devil, just saying.

Here is the video in case you want an early watch, it is also down below.

Although this testimony was fairly damning, their goal was achieved, nothing prosecutable came out,
much less even a clear call to remove his FBI security clearance.

Interesting note--in months past the FBI implied that his security clearance had been pulled.    But during this testimony Strzok confirmed that he still had his prior security clearance (there are many level of clearance for accessing secret and top secret clearances and Specially Compartmentalized Information, and he has a high level one).

The security clearance claim was from Jeff Sessions who has been sketchy in my book, but Sessions is now confirmed as needing to be removed and replaced.   No charges are coming against any of the Clinton Obama deep state actors, and until that happens, our constitutional republic is at grave risk.

It should also be noted the claims that Strzok had been "escorted out of the building", more Kabuki theater, the narrative being that this threat has been mitigated and he is being punished.   Hilariously, as the FBI needs to be gutted of corruption, Strzok is now in charge of HR for the FBI with a full security clearance to boot.    He is such a valuable asset, the deep state risks much to keep him around.

I am still under contract with the US Government for a few more decades not to divulge items I worked on and saw, and it would even be illegal to divulge the words that describe my clearance.  So I kind of know this stuff.

Let's get to the video first, because it is a bombshell, for anyone wondering what kind of person we are dealing with.   And further down, information from readers, who have deep dived

For full context, view C-Span: 6:23:30:

 Aside, I picked up this video from Twitter, and then about an hour later, Zerohedge ran the same story.   Which is great, spreading the word about these sociopaths at top levels of our intelligence agencies is important.

Here is the Zerohedge Story

One of the key talking points that Democrats used, besides the ubiquitous, "Mr. Strzok, thank you for your service", was that there have been 5 convictions under the Mueller Investigation.    General Flynn being the highest ranking one, and the first one mentioned.   You will see below that it was a bullshit fabrication, and a resultant effect of the bullshit Russia narrative.

His Adulteress, Lawyer Lisa Page, who worked on the same investigation, but was not technically a superior or subordinate (and therefore that did not break the FBI rule of sex between co-workers, in case you were wondering).   Anyhow, Page consipred with Strzok, using information he got from a graduation party, to collude with someone who became the Judge over General Flynns indictment.    They knew that a one on one meeting could be seen very negatively, so they conspired to set up a fake "dinner party".   Seriously, this all happened and was documented.

Here is the full copy of the "charges" against Flynn.    They were claimed to have interfered
with the "Russia Did It" investigation, which is total bullshit.    Flynn should have not agreed to their dog and pony show, but hind site is 20/20.

This is what we know for sure.   How deep does the rabbit hole go? 

Barrack Hussein Obama pardoned Strzok's Wife's Father on his last day in office.   Think about that for a Sociopath...they love sex and the control it brings.   Strzok could openly fuck Lisa Page and have his co-workers and wife know about it, with the threat of his Wife's father going to prison unless she tolerates it (he had knowledge of Stuxnet, which is a sabotage method for uranium enrichment).   What a perfect set up for a Sociopath.   I am sure Strzok's wife also knows that additional charges could be brought against her father if she acts up.

All this shit ties in with Uranium and Nuclear, include Strzok's father and brother, and likely Uranium One and the Clinton Crime Syndicate


Melissa Hodgman Named Associate Director in SEC Enforcement Division

Washington D.C., Oct. 14, 2016 —
The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Melissa Hodgman has been named Associate Director in the SEC’s Enforcement Division.  Ms. Hodgman succeeds Stephen L. Cohen, who left the SEC in June.
Ms. Hodgman began working in the Enforcement Division in 2008 as a staff attorney.  She joined the Market Abuse Unit in 2010 and was promoted to Assistant Director in 2012.
Ms. Hodgman has investigated or supervised dozens of enforcement recommendations spanning a variety of misconduct, including:

Complete exchange between Rep. Trey Gowdy and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok 

Agent Strzok’s father was a high-level Army Corps of Engineer official who spent 30 years in Kenya and nearby regions. He escorted BHO on his nostalgia tour of Kenya. In addition to water and soil reclamation, he was the CIA’s man on the ground. Later, he worked for USAID and Catholic Relief Services. In both capacities, it would not be unusual to trade drugs for guns; train insurgents; manage air transport; advise local headmen; and select teenagers for edu and grooming in the US. It is believed that Strzok Jr. was born in Nairobi - imagine the pampered childhood - returning to the US [MN] when he was 12 years old. While not yet widely known, insiders suggest that the Strzok family and Obama enjoy a personal relationship. In this hearing, Strzok Jr.’s performance is similar to hubris often displayed by BHO. 


stock here
Looks like ABC is not ready for the truth
Funny how this attack on Trump stems obviously back to late 1800's American communists and Jews, they are linked.

overbet gdpetti Mon, 07/16/2018 - 17:30 Permalink
Browder's paternal grandfather was Earl Browder, who was born in Kansas in 1891.He was a radical and had lived in the Soviet Union for several years from 1927 and married Raisa Berkman, a Jewish Russian woman, while living there. After his return to the United States in 1931,Earl Browder became the leader of the Communist Party USA, and ran for U.S. president in 1936 and 1940. After World War II, Earl Browder lost favor with Moscow and was expelled from the American Communist party.

“A handful of shysters who basically stole Russia's most valuable companies in the 90s, minting a small handful of mega-billionaires, while the rest of the country ate dirt.” (Hedge fund managers George Soros, Bill Browder and other Russian investors ripped off the Russian people)
 …”the Great Russian Rip Off” happened in the 1990’s, while Soros was Bill Clintons Expert on Russian affair…
…Coincidentally, Bill Browder is the man behind the accusations by the Clintons of Trump’s Russian collusion..

Thank you for the great post Jack's Ma:


--------------------------- stock here, my own research

A 2016 article by PP Strzok (the dad)

Peter P. Strzok lives in Pinehurst. He was a longtime member of the Army Corps of Engineers. Since 1980, he has worked at village levels in over 13 countries in West Africa.

Peter (FBI guy) Strzok was born 1970, so this would him an an impressionable lad of 10 living in Africa.

In 1965 he was an Army engineer in Iran, fluent in Persian language, and he was building schools for the Kurds, Balouch, Turkoman, Azeris, and Afghans.


March 7, 1970 Peter Strzok born in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan newspaper reports.
Lost the link

Some family relations of PP Strzok, and connection to Eau Claire Wisconsin.

News Artilcle on birth at Kincheloe AFB Hospital

 No, I am not making this stuff up.
Clark County Wisconsin Reports

He is survived by his six sons and five daughters, Dr. Richard (Jimmie) Strzok of Arizona, Michael (Beverly) Strzok of Indiana, Peter (Virginia Sue) Strzok of Wisconsin, Christine (Rocky) Todd of Wisconsin, Fr. James Strzok, SJ, of Kenya, Africa,  

----------------- for what its worth.   The original Strzoks came from Poland


In 1986, Fr. Jim was among the earliest cohort of Wisconsin Jesuits missioned to Eastern Africa and he oversaw building of the first Jesuit house in Kampala, Uganda during a volatile period after the repressive presidencies of Idi Amin and Milton Obote. In 2001, Fr. Jim oversaw construction of the new Pedro Arrupe Jesuit Community in Nairobi, Kenya. He currently supervises the construction of Ocer Campion Jesuit Secondary School in Gulu, Uganda, a new Peace Institute and International Relations College at Hekima Jesuit College in Nairobi and two new guest dormitories at Mwangaza Jesuit Retreat House in Karen, Kenya, a town named for Karen Blixen of Out of Africa fame. Other building projects include restoration of a school in Wau, Sudan and a new school in Dodoma, Tanzania. 

Obama is tight with the Jesuits

A Fast Learner
In 1967, as the modernizing changes of the Second Vatican Council began to transform the Catholic world, Ann Dunham, Mr. Obama’s mother, took her chubby 6-year-old son occasionally to Mass and enrolled him in a new Catholic elementary school in Jakarta, Indonesia, called Santo Fransiskus Asisi. At school, the future president began and ended his days with prayer. At home, his mother read him the Bible with an anthropologist’s eye.

Working in Holy Rosary Church, Mr. Obama would sneak smoking breaks on the roof with the Rev. William Stenzel.CreditTaylor Glascock for The New York Times
Pious he was not. “When it came time to pray, I would pretend to close my eyes, then peek around the room,” Mr. Obama wrote in his memoir “Dreams From My Father.” “Nothing happened. No angels descended. Just a parched old nun and 30 brown children, muttering words.”

In 1969, Mr. Obama transferred to a more exclusive, state-run school with a mosque, but a development in the United States would have a greater impact on his future career. American Catholic bishops responded to the call of the Second Vatican Council to focus on the poor by creating what is now known as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, an antipoverty and social justice program that became one of the country’s most influential supporters of grass-roots groups.

More on schooling

Conflicts in school records?

The Muslim school is called Basuki Primary School. 

Looks like Strzok's wife also just makes stuff up in order to try to get a conviction.....