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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hypothesis On Why Obama's Attacks on Israel Are Tolerated By the Jew Globalists

It's been bothering me quite a bit.  

Obama is a tool of "the Globalists" who are not always on the same page
The Globalists are mostly Jews

So why then does Obama reward Iran, literally flying them hundreds of millions, and an incredulous "deal" on their nuclear arms program, and then attack attack Israel at every opportunity.

Wouldn't the Jew leaders of the Globalists want to protect Israel?

One thing should be clear, Obama is a Muslim, pretending to be a Christian.   So that is enough reason there to attack Israel.   But why would his handlers allow that?

And that is the question on the table, why so indeed?   Anyone have any hunches or intuition on this?   We need a hypothesis that can be tested and refined. 

Below is an insightful link that analyzes the a possible Globalist coup attempt by Soros and current blowback.    Be nice if that guy just died.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Climate Change -- Natural or Man Caused? Cosmic Rays, Clouds, and the Sun

First -- here is a great site for radiation monitoring and alerting
This “study” could use a tight perusal. And maybe a debunk.

Ah yes, the answer comes right at the end, the IPCC

As a result of this and other work, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change state that no robust association between changes in cosmic rays and cloudiness has been identified.”

"and other work" which we won't cite, just trust us.    We only had enough budget to get 2 scientists to sell their souls and produce the report we want. 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wisconsin Retracts It's Statement On Human Caused "Climate Change"

Wisconsin tips the election away from Globalism, now Wisconsin gives a dirt nap to the "idea" that human greenhouse gases are causing climate change.

Instead the official position is now that "as is has done throughout the centuries, earth is going through a change"

Go Cheeseheads!
from WUWT

Here are links to the Internet Archives WayBack Machine’s version from October:
Climate Change and Wisconsin´s Great Lakes [October 2016]
and as it is today:
The Great Lakes and a changing world [December 2016]
Great post Bob, made my day here in Wisconsin a little brighter.
And yes the sun is shining here as I post (-:

It’s funny that in the Oct 2016 version, for the three bullet points listed that scientists agreed would happen, the exact opposite happened on the first two and the third one didn’t happen. No wonder they wanted to get rid of that wording, it was all wrong.

However, as hopeful as this seems, the bastion of pure bat shit crazy liberalism that is Madison Wisconsin, double down on the Warming Meme.   Completely ignoring the El Nino, AND of course, the temperature jiggering upward, and the complete blind eye to the "heat island" effects of cities.

But when anything having to do with Berkeley is more reasonable, than say Madison's position, the Madison (if they had any sense), would be re-assessing just what level of bat shit crazy they are.

Robert Rohde, Lead Scientist with Berkeley Earth, said “The record temperature in 2016 appears to come from a strong El Nino

Of course Berkeley Earth doubles down with
the results that are most solidly established are that the temperature is increasing and that the increase is caused by human greenhouse emissions.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Scientific Peer-Reviewed Study and Report On Pigs Fed GMO Foods Proves GMO Foods Are Highly Inflammatory

A long-term toxicology study on pigs fed a
combined genetically modified (GM) soy and GM maize diet

Link to the Report

1 Institute of Health and Environmental Research, Kensington Park, SA, Australia.
2 Health and the Environment, School of the Environment, Flinders University, Bedford
Park, SA, Australia.
3 Verity Farms, Maurice, Iowa, USA.
4 Ana-Tech, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA.
5 Sioux Center Veterinary Clinic, Sioux Center, Iowa, USA.
6 School of Medical Sciences, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA, Australia.
* Email:,
** Present: Robinson Veterinary Services PC, Sioux Centre, Iowa, USA.
A significant number of genetically modified (GM) crops have been approved to enter
human food and animal  feed since 1996, including crops containing several  GM genes
'stacked' into the one plant. We randomised and fed isowean pigs (N=168) either a mixed
GM soy and GM corn (maize) diet (N=84) or an equivalent non-GM diet (N=84) in a longterm

toxicology study of 22.7 weeks (the normal  lifespan of a commercial  pig from
weaning to slaughter). Equal  numbers of male and female pigs were present in each
group. The GM corn contained double and triple-stacked varieties. Feed intake, weight
gain, mortality and blood biochemistry were measured. Organ weights and pathology
were determined post-mortem. There were no differences between pigs fed the GM and
non-GM diets for feed intake, weight gain, mortality, and routine blood biochemistry
measurements. The GM diet was associated with gastric  and uterine differences in pigs.
GM-fed pigs had uteri that were 25% heavier than non-GM fed pigs (p=0.025). GM-fed
pigs had a higher rate of severe stomach inflammation with a rate of 32% of GM-fed pigs
compared to 12% of non-GM-fed pigs (p=0.004). The severe stomach inflammation was
worse in GM-fed males compared to non-GM fed males by a factor of 4.0 (p=0.041), and
GM-fed females compared to non-GM fed females by a factor of 2.2 (p=0.034).
Key words: GMO, GM corn, GM soy, GM animal  feed, toxicology, stomach inflammation,
uterus weight.

Hanford Washington -- A Radiation Sacrifice Zone -- And Chemotherapy -- A Deadly Duo

stock here, writeup below is from Lot's Wife, looking out over our toxic environment.

[Dr.] Aune has a personal stake in the research. As a teenager growing up on a wheat farm in eastern Washington state, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and treated with intensive radiation and chemo. Two decades later, he ended up in emergency surgery to replace a badly scarred heart valve and three blocked arteries, a direct result of the treatment. At 41, he had a mild stroke while at his daughter’s gymnastics class and was diagnosed with diabetes. 

 Lot's Wife-----
Yeah, chemo and rad is keeping more people alive longer but it's not pretty. As to the doc's first brush with cancer as a kid, note where he was living. Downwind of America's most poisonous nuclear waste site, Hanford. Does it ever cross his mind that his cancer likely came from Hanford? In reporting his childhood home [a place far from industrial influence, we are to suppose], readers are led to believe Aune's cancer was random. Hanford's invisibility in the story and in US awareness illuminates obstacles to understanding.  McGinley's article was distributed widely. However, many venues did not print it in full. This appears to be the full version.

Immunotherapy, a new approach that uses the body’s immune system to fight cancer,
could cause less collateral damage - but its use in children is a long way off. “For every patient I saw last week, I used the same medications we have had for the last 30 years,” Aune said. “And they are very toxic.”

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Orwell's "Ministry of Truth" Rolled Out By Obama

stock here: "they" ramped up pretty quickly after their sick horse in the race, Hillary, lost the race.   Sheesh!

The website below pretends that it is the "go to source" on exposing fake news.....well kind of they are.....whatever they say, the opposite is the truth.

First they villanize (well they attempt to villinize Russia), then they come up with a law to protect us from Russia.

Then they sneak this act into the NDAA 2017
Portman-Murphy Bill Promotes Coordinated Strategy to Defend America, Allies Against Propaganda and Disinformation from Russia, China & Others
U.S. Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Chris Murphy (D-CT) today announced that their Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act – legislation designed to help American allies counter foreign government propaganda from Russia, China, and other nations has been signed into law as part of the FY 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Conference Report. The bipartisan bill, which was introduced by Senators Portman and Murphy in March, will improve the ability of the United States to counter foreign propaganda and disinformation from our enemies by establishing an interagency center housed at the State Department to coordinate and synchronize counter-propaganda efforts throughout the U.S. government. To support these efforts, the bill also creates a grant program for NGOs, think tanks, civil society and other experts outside government who are engaged in counter-propaganda related work. This will better leverage existing expertise and empower our allies overseas to defend themselves from foreign manipulation. It will also help foster a free and vibrant press and civil society overseas, which is critical to ensuring our allies have access to truthful information and inoculating people against foreign propaganda campaigns.
 Then Obama signs it Friday night, before Christmas weekend.   How appropriate.    Lets hope Trump is smart enough to nip this one in the bud.
Back to "Poynter" the self proclaimed fact checker.

An obvious tool of the liars that be.    They take a hard stand on "climate change" doubling down so to speak.

As journalists grapple with the rise of fake news, it’s worth examining what happens when policymakers embrace misinformation instead of evidence when it comes to climate change.

In September, YourNewsWire breathlessly told its readers that thousands of scientists had declared climate change “a hoax.”
This was big news — at least on Facebook — where the YourNewsWire post was shared more than 550,000 times, making it the most popular climate story on social media in the past six months, according to one analysis.

The idea that hordes of scientists are coming out of the woodwork to challenge their peers on climate change is, of course, a myth. But it’s a persistent one. The YourNewsWire post was based on a discredited petition published all the way back in 1998, which targeted the Kyoto climate agreement.
Unfortunately, policymakers — aided by groups opposed to climate action — readily endorse such claims, with real consequences for scientists, public opinion, and climate policy.

stock here: They are pretty bold, because indeed, over 30,000 scientists, me being one of them attested that human caused climate change as it was being presented was massively wrong.

Screen Caps of Comments that ABC "News" Is Censoring, Fake News by BBC

Looks like full scale censorship is being rolled out rapidly.


Create Hope As You Stare Into the Fukushima Abyss

  Seen at

HopefulNotHopless says:

In the early days of the Fukushima tragedy and the Japanese tsunami, many of us understood the ramifications of the depths of it. Many of us wrote to raise awareness in the USA, for when something happens elsewhere, then upon hearing it’s in foreign lands or hearing a foreign name then it becomes disconnected from their personal sense of reality.

A huge portion of the world just barely manages to survive. They can’t be bothered to look beyond their own misfortunes and eek along each month barely able to pay their bills. As such, unless their survival is immediately threatened, then they dismiss the threat.

[To understand this read Carl Maslow and the Hierarchy of Need.]

On the path to becoming a prepper, part of that journey is about becoming more aware than just ourselves. We came to understand the interconnectedness of all things and all life. That each of us plays roles within Nature and spiritual matters. That what someone else does affects their brother and sister. That some natural forces will be destructive, that man-made disasters happen all the time, and that conflicts threaten not only our survival but those within communities, even communities world-wide.

People assume that nuclear power is safe, for they have to as the power plants dot the land in diverse countries. The fact that we’ve never figured out a nuclear waste plan for long term storage should greatly concern everyone, but as long as the spent fuel pools were kept cool, and as long as mishaps happened and no one was aware (or only a tiny chorus of voices were raised), then all was well.

Now, so many disasters are occurring simultaneously: reckless government spending unto madness…and ultimately economic collapse of the dollar, the world-wide connection of the economic system and economic collapse in diverse countries, pandemic potential, EMP weapons that are theoretically possible and probable, military conflict, the outright abandonment of natural rights being supported by governments, potential martial law, continual drought, earthquakes, etc.

When a person wakes up to the potential, possible, and probable disasters on our horizon then it makes us shudder. Being a prepper of many decades, I would think most people have a epiphany and think, “We’re doomed.”

But despite the history of humanity’s poor stewardship of the Earth, the world hasn’t ended. The enormity of our self-inflicted wounds of the planet are immense. In our past all kinds of events have severely harmed humanity and yet there are still billions upon the Earth. You have to temper your sense of impending doom with the reality that life is persistently possible through adaptation.
If we study Chernobyl, despite the massive release and long term affects on children with cancers in Belarus or the huge numbers of birth defects, or the inability of humans to live in the region, many animal species have actually increased in numbers in that area. Some species adapted, and while their bodies may be riddled with cancerous tumors, they still survive.

Most people can’t be bothered to understand nuclear energy, as long as the lights keep working. They can’t be bothered to look to Japan, for they live in Boston and keep doing the same things they have to do each day to pay the bills. They can’t be bothered to understand there is no way to safely manage the spent fuel rods, or that accidents like this are inevitable due to natural events and stupidity. They can’t be bothered to learn it’s on-going. They can’t be bothered to learn that radioactive isotopes are being released into the ground, air, and water. They can’t be bothered to learn that it’s eventually going to affect their living space. 

Why? Because if they bothered to learn these things, it would mean the media lies to them. They go to the news, and read magazines, and watch the happy-clappy diversions on the Internet, and thus are enslaved. As long as people do not open their eyes, then they won’t raise their voices, insist upon their natural rights, see the interconnectness of each of us, and prepare.

To do those things is WORK. It requires energy, commitment of time, talent, and treasure. Since they feel powerless and helpless, it’s easier to live vicariously through the lives of the false personas of celebrities. If they can think about a famous sports figure, a musician, a pretty actress, then their attention is diverted from reality. The artifice of media enslaves almost everyone.

The school systems were created to enslave you by teaching you false histories and ideas about money creation. They were made to create an endless amount of worker bees for their factories. They were made so you would think false dreams from the Gates of Ivory.

“Stranger, dreams verily are baffling and unclear of meaning, and in no wise do they find fulfillment in all things for men. For two are the gates of shadowy dreams, and one is fashioned of horn and one of ivory. Those dreams that pass through the gate of sawn ivory deceive men, bringing words that find no fulfillment. But those that come forth through the gate of polished horn bring true issues to pass, when any mortal sees them. But in my case it was not from thence, methinks, that my strange dream came. “

The Odyssey by Homer

Since humanity cannot ever be united by the diversity of our different hopes and dreams, then we will always struggle to have power, even though we are born into power by natural law. Thus all you can do is learn and educate yourself and be a good critical thinker. You can raise the clarion, but never expect anyone to listen. You can write countless posts, but mostly you preach to the choir. You can prepare yourself by spirituality, saving seed, gathering supplies, and honing skills.

Ultimately, the prepper movement is not about survival. That’s a hard lesson to learn and to digest. The goal of prepping is to live life abundantly as long as we have time. It is to be bold in friendship and romance.

If lucky, we leave a legacy of some kind, but mostly by easing the path of our descendants. In many cases, whatever we do to ease their path, results in them struggling less, and so taking life for granted and actually that is often destructive. The juice of life is mostly found in the struggle for existence and makes us cognizant of the fragility of being an aware human being.

Create Hope even as you stare into the Abyss.

The Abyss, in reverse (when it looks back) " The juice of life is mostly found in the struggle for existence and makes us cognizant of the fragility of being an aware human being." (this was only a matter of time)

Fukushima is getting some HELP.

Fukushima Disaster May Take Major Turn Due To Trump


Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe was one of the first foreign leaders to scurry to New York to meet with Trump after he won the US election. What PM Abe did upon returning home was much more telling regarding the results of that visit.

Soon after returning to Japan talks with Russia began and a summit was hastily arranged. Usually these kinds of diplomatic meetings involve broad economic or political issues. This one created a major turn of events for Fukushima Daiichi.

Part of the new agreements between Japan & Russia included this:

“The Japanese government and Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corp. agreed on cooperation in helping with the clean-up at from the 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant, including radioactive waste management and possible decommissioning. 

The two sides already have been discussing working together on uranium exploration and mining; design, construction and operation of light water reactors; waste processing and management; nuclear safety including radiation protection and environmental control; research and application of radioisotopes and radiation; other areas based on additional written agreements between the parties, Rosatom says.”

Fukushima is Hanford to the Fourth Power

Monday, December 26, 2016

Radioactive Cesium Accumulation in Pacific Organisms Now Going Main Stream

A Marine Food Web Bioaccumulation model for Cesium 137 in the Pacific Northwest
The model outcomes showed that 137Cs can be expected to bioaccumulate gradually over time in the food web as demonstrated through the use of the slope of the trophic magnification factor (TMF) for 137Cs, which was significantly higher than one (TMF > 1.0; p < 0.0001), ranging from 5.0 at 365 days of simulation to 30 at 10,950 days. From 1 year to 30 years of simulation, the 137Cs activities predicted in the male killer whale were 6.0 to 182 times 137Cs activities in its major prey (Chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha). Bioaccumulation of 137Cs was characterized by slow uptake and elimination rates in upper trophic level organisms and dominance of dietary consumption in the uptake of 137CS. This modeling work showed that in addition to the ocean dilution of 137Cs, a magnification of this radionuclide takes place in the marine food web over time.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Comet Honda Coming For a Close Approach -- Analysis Shows Honda Causes Large Earthquakes

stock here:

This is my own theory.    I found the approach data, and then checked the long term earthquake data.    It doesn't cause earthquakes every pass by earth, but it does on many.    If the earths plates are stressed, Comet Honda can be the Trigger.    

Other theory is that Honda could trigger a CME that would hit around New Years.   It is now well documented by Suspicious0bservers that CMEs are present on EVERY large earthquake.   Google it

Comet 45p-caused CME threat to nuke cooling next 10 days either side of 12-31 perihelion, and/or comet breakup, can be watched at, and Nearest approach to earth 2-13-2017 also to be watched. CME when comet is between sun and earth would be earth-facing threat. Happy New Year.

Expect large earthquake (s) especially since there has been very unusual earthquake activity the last month.    Even a 7.5 EQ could be a pre-shock, as opposed to a "stress relief".

Be Prepared, Not Scared

My original data had comet Honda in a super close approach Feb 2017, but newer data shows that brightest magnitude is right around Jan 1, 2017 and others were using this date for a fly by.

JPL shows Feb 17, 2017 for close approach, others show Feb 11, and Feb 14;sstr=45P;old=0;cov=0;log=0;cad=1#cad


Comet 'Honda' 
Close approaches to planets: This comet made 11 close approaches to Earth and 2 close approaches to Jupiter during the 20th century. It makes 1 close approach to Venus, 5 close approaches to Earth, and 1 close approach to Jupiter during the first half of the 21st century. (From the orbital work of Kazuo Kinoshita)
  • 0.62 AU from Earth on 1900 July 31
No Big Earthquake
·       ·  1901 12 18 - Ayvalik, Turkey (Ottoman Empire) - M 5.9
·       ·  1899 09 20 - Menderes Valley, Turkey - M 6.9 Fatalities 1,100
  • 0.64 AU from Earth on 1906 March 20
Big Earthquake 4 days prior
·       ·  1907 01 14 - Kingston, Jamaica - M 6.5 Fatalities 1,000
·       ·  1906 08 17 - Valparaiso, Chile - M 8.2 Fatalities 3,882
·       ·  1906 03 16 - Chia-i, Taiwan - M 6.8 Fatalities 1,250
·       ·  1905 09 08 - Calabria, Italy - M 7.9 Fatalities 557
·       ·  1905 07 09 - Mongolia - M 8.4
  • 0.26 AU from Earth on 1917 January 16
Bali Earthquake, 4 days after the Honda Comet
·       ·  1917 07 30 - Yunnan, China - M 7.5 Fatalities 1,800
·       ·  1917 01 20 - Bali, Indonesia Fatalities 1,500
  • 0.35 AU from Earth on 1927 November 24
Big Earthquake 1 week after Honda comet
·       ·  1929 05 01 - Koppeh Dagh, Iran (Persia) - M 7.4 Fatalities 3,800
·       ·  1928 12 01 - Talca, Chile - M 7.6 Fatalities 225
  • 0.08 AU from Jupiter on 1935 August 15
    • decreased perihelion distance from 0.64 AU to 0.58 AU
    • decreased orbital period from 5.53 to 5.27 years
  • 0.83 AU from Earth on 1943 July 12
NO Big Earthquakes
·       ·  1944 02 01 - Gerede, Turkey - M 7.4 Fatalities 2,790
·       ·  1944 01 15 - San Juan, Argentina - M 7.4 Fatalities 8,000
·       ·  1943 11 26 - Ladik, Turkey - M 7.6 Fatalities 4,000
·       ·  1943 09 10 - Tottori, Japan - M 7.4 Fatalities 1,190
·       ·  1943 04 06 - Illapel - Salamanca, Chile - M 8.2 Fatalities 25
·       ·  1943 01 30 - Yanaoca, Peru Fatalities 200
·       ·  1942 12 20 - Erbaa, Turkey - M 7.3 Fatalities 1,100
·       ·  1942 11 26 - Turkey - M 7.6 Fatalities 4,000
  • 0.43 AU from Earth on 1948 November 16 (contributed to comet's discovery)
·       Big Earthquake 6 days prior
·       ·  1947 05 06 - Wisconsin
·       ·  1946 08 04 - Samana, Dominican Republic - M 8.0 Fatalities 100
·       ·  1946 05 31 - Ustukran, Turkey - M 5.9 Fatalities 1,300
  • 0.59 AU from Earth on 1954 March 15
Big Earthquake 2 weeks after Honda Comet
·       ·  1954 09 09 - Orleansville, Algeria - M 6.8 Fatalities 1,250
·       ·  1954 04 30 - Greece - M 7.1 Fatalities 31
·       ·  1954 03 29 - Spain - M 7.9
·       ·  1953 12 12 - Tumbes, Peru - M 7.4 Fatalities 7
·       ·  1953 08 12 - Kefallinia, Greece - M 7.1 Fatalities 455
  • 0.30 AU from Earth on 1969 August 11
A 5.9 earthquake, smallish, and 2 weeks before.
·       ·  1969 12 25 - Guadeloupe, Leeward Islands - M 7.2
·       ·  1969 10 01 - Comas region, Chile - M 6.4 Fatalities 136
·       ·  1969 07 25 - Guangdong, China - M 5.9 Fatalities 3,000
·       ·  1969 03 28 - Alasehir, Turkey - M 6.4 Fatalities 11
·       ·  1969 02 28 - Portugal-Morocco area - M 7.8 Fatalities 13
  • 0.23 AU from Earth on 1975 February 5
  • Big Earthquakes 3 days prior and 1 day prior
  • 0.11 AU from Jupiter on 1983 March 26
    • decreased perihelion distance from 0.58 AU to 0.54 AU
    • increased orbital period from 5.28 to 5.30 years
  • 0.29 AU from Earth on 1990 August 1
  • No big earthquakes
·  1991 04 22 - Costa Rica - M 7.6 Fatalities 47
·  1990 07 16 - Luzon, Philippine Islands - M 7.7 Fatalities 1,621
·  1990 06 20 - Western Iran - M 7.4 Fatalities 50,000
  • ·  1990 01 13 - Maryland - M 2.5
  • 0.17 AU from Earth on 1996 February 4
  • No big earthquakes
·  1996 06 10 - Andreanof Islands, Alaska - M 7.9
·  1995 06 15 - Greece - M 6.5 Fatalities 26
·  1995 05 27 - Sakhalin Island - M 7.1 Fatalities 1,989
·  1995 05 13 - Greece - M 6.6
·  1995 02 03 - Wyoming - M 5.3 Fatalities 1
  • 0.09 AU from Venus on 2006 June 4
  • 0.06 AU from Earth on 2011 August 15
Big Earthquake 6.8, Japan, Honshu (Fukushima)
_________________________________________________The future
  • 0.09 AU from Earth on 2017 February 11
  • 0.57 AU from Earth on 2027 July 20
  • 0.17 AU from Jupiter on 2030 August 3
    • increased perihelion distance from 0.56 AU to 0.63 AU
    • increased orbital period from 5.34 to 5.52 years
  • 0.37 AU from Earth on 2032 November 6
  • 0.39 AU from Earth on 2043 November 21
 An interesting "tablet" documents a 2193 BC prediction and subsequent documentation of a large comet impact, causing 300 years of cooling, and collapse of various civilizations.


The K8538 is the world's first scientific documentation on approach and terrestrial impact of a large comet on Earth. Observations were made on top of an astronomical tower, located 100 km close to the impact site. The report is presented in form of a sequence of eight pictures, explaining the comet's first astronomical sighting, the appearance of comet tail and coma, the growing comet size, the comet flight across the sky and finally, its visible impact beyond the horizon, i.e. the impact flash lighting of the sky and the subsequent elevation of ash plumes, glowing beyond the horizon, spreading North and West.
The impact itself is not described as a blast pressure wave but rather as an ash and dust tempest, rising out of mud sediments from the Tigris and Euphrates river delta, where the hot comet found its burial. The astronomical observer carried out trigonometrical measurements to record the flight path in the sky, flying distances and flying times. 
The observer started his measurements as soon as the comet showed its spectacular size, coma and tail, which convinced the observer, that an extraordinary celestial event was about to take place. 
The K8538 is a full comprehensive analysis of the comet event; its eight-picture sequence is cohesive. The tablet is a masterly work, explaining with as little text a maximum amount of impact event features. The tablet is a late Babylonian copy of the early old Sumerian original. 
Written cuneiform signs of two zodiacal constellations, Orion and Triangulum, are later Babylonian copy scribe additions and were not part of the Sumerian original. 
The K8538 tablet had high priority in Babylonian times, because it provided the documented evidence that the comet emerged out of the constellation Triangulum, Mul-Apin, onto which late Babylonian astronomy and religion rested. 
The tablet eyewitness account shows Mul-Apin as celestial seat of Gods and celestial source of destructive meteors on Earth. For this reason, the K8538 was guarded, copied and refreshed over more than 1,500 years, until the late Babylonian period, after the observed meteor impact in 2,193 BC. 
The tablet does not deal with any Babylonian zodiacal astrology. The described cosmic impact on Earth is the so-called 4.2 kyr event, shown in our other Holocene climate change studies. The comet impact is responsible for a 300 year long drop in global temperatures combined with lasting mega-droughts, which led to the collapse of various ancient civilizations around the world.