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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Clapper, Hayden, Mudd, and 1 Patriot Admiral Roger, From Oct 2018

One of the 4 Career Intel folks had this as a great-grandfather
During the Civil War, Samuel A. Mudd was a surgeon and tobacco farmer in southern Maryland, a hotbed of Confederate sympathy. Thirty-one years old, with reddish hair, Mudd and his wife Sarah had four young children and a brand-new house when John Wilkes Booth, on the run after assassinating Abraham Lincoln, came to his farm needing medical help in the early morning hours of April 15, 1865. Though Mudd proclaimed his innocence in the assassination plot, testimony during his trial for conspiracy revealed that he had met Booth at least once prior to the murder, and setting Booth’s broken leg did him no favors. His fate sealed, Mudd received a life sentence in federal prison.

. .

The whole discussion is predicated upon the theory Russian hacked the DNC

Hayden, Clapper, Phil Mudd, all of these showed political bias. Trump was right, and history, will show, these crooks were dangerous men. Plotters that wanted to see him removed by illegal abuses of their craft. Phill Mudd said on live tv '“You’ve been around for 13 months. We've been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played. We're going to win". A clear threat to Trump

I love watching this fool (MSNBC Nicole Wallace) moderate. She will need reminded in just a few weeks why Trump went after the FBI when the report on Comey comes out. There were rogues who were totally abusing the system against Trump. How and why would our intel community give political opposition research companies access to our surveillance systems? It's coming out and FusionGPS was one of them. Rogers told the FISA court judge and they watched these people and they are busted

Mudd, 123, you must watch carefully if Trump changes anyone in government
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120 hayden The president is a result of a push towards a post truth reality.
that is why Trump got elected, he recognized that people no longer needed truth
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117 Hayden, we must tell truth to power, we have to adjust how we talk to Trump, but the speed bump HERE IS MASSIVE compared to past presidents. We don't tell him bad stuff right away, because we are scared that he doesn't like unwelcome news...... Trumps attitude towards intelligence is DESTRUCTIVE to his presidency.
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Phil Mudd is spreading disinformation...listen to him about the "Civil War" at of the video. He attributes Antifa and Black Lives Matters are Russian instigations to foment Civil War.
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PS no offense to chicks, the moderator is a brain dead bitch
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chick 109, what did we do wrong, are there any narrative that are wrong
Admiral Rogers - Trump approaches things from a totally different manner. What concerns me is that our institutions are under attack.
--------------------stock here note that he does not state that the institutions do not totally deserve to be under attack. chick - Trump is the attacker AR- It is much broader than 1 person Is the dialogue in the Rural areas so different, and it is.....
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Mudd at 107 Look at what Russians have done....selling discord at a profound level, Antifa, Blacklives matter, he (Putin) is trying to create a civil war in American, and not having black kids shot because we have to get past the racial divide.
Trump saves a White supremacist equates to a Black activist.
The emails I get show that people in this country HATE each other, and that is what Putin is pushing.
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103 chick to hayden, where are we at Hayden I been out of government 10 years, I think I still have my pension.......

we need to do more than take their pensions, some we take their freedom, some we take their bank accounts too, some we hang in a public square after due process of course.
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Most sitting on this panel (except Admiral Rodgers) are Traitors to the United States of America, and are not upholding their sworn oath to the constitution of these United States of America... 'We the People' elected Donald Trump to the office of the Presidency. They want to subvert all of our votes... NOT ON OUR WATCH!! WWG1WGA!!
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100 in Chick-- Do you think Russia influenced the election Clapper Absolutely
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Coup d'etat. Etat = state. A blow to the state.
Sorry: I'm a french speaker.
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Mudd is full of shit. He pins Antifa and Black Lives Matter to Russia. We know it is Soros funding and organising these groups. Mudd is a deep-state operative pushing their narrative.
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Total deep stater......didn't have him on my list of criminals, but he is there now!
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54 min...chick .Is Mueller doing a noble thing?
Michael Rogers--its a positive, necessary thing
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I watched and listened and personally didn't see any remarkable body language changing. What I did finally hear, which shows astounding ignorance, is the thought that Russia is behind Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Soros must be delighted! The whole foundation of their analysis abut Russia is flawed. How will they and their cable cronies ever resolve the Clinton-Mueller collaboration with Russia when the time comes?
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Is justice impartial in this country
Phil Mudd
The president is leading the American people to believe that institutions of state are corrupt? 50 min Hayden, with no knowledge, and no data ------- I think there is more there, there, than I thought there was 6 12 18 months ago. chick--on both the obstruction and collusion? ya End by summer of 2018, its gone on longer, end in a national Rorschach test, a cloud where no one changes their opinion
I think Phil's instincts are mine.
Again my instinct no data, is the President is frightened and desperate
Indictment of the 13 Russians....from GRU was establishing the predicate for an American criminal act..... chick....someone from the Trump campaign? yes

Trump will embrace long term destructive actions against institutions of the USA.

stock here - fucking A yeah, we are still dreamers........

Hayden, Clapper, Phil Mudd, all of these showed political bias. Trump was right, and history, will show, these crooks were dangerous men. Plotters that wanted to see him removed by illegal abuses of their craft. Phill Mudd said on live tv '“You’ve been around for 13 months. We've been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played. We're going to win". A clear threat to Trump
I don't care what he did with Stormy Daniels..... (nice pot shot there big boy)
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The 13 trolls were later shown to be completely ineffective, spending 100,000 on facebook ads that pretty much no one saw, and no prosecution could come.
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Chick--what is your degree of alarm about Russia, 43 min
Clapper -- horrific actions by Russians, and they DID change the outcome of the election...... Galvanize americans about the profound threat of the Russians
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around 42 min in Clapper, is my continued silence, over respect for the office.
In an emergency, break glass, for "our tribe", after praising Brennan for his highly personal attacks on Trump

ZDP Zombiefied Democratic Party -- Dead -- But Still Dangerous -- And Need Of A New Party

Let's cut to the chase here.   The punchline.

Maybe I am the first to say this (probably not, but I haven't heard any pundits spouting this out yet).   Is this an Autist moment?

USA needs a new political party.    The Democratic party has been infilitrated to death.   We do need checks and balances, opposing ideas and debates.   We need at least one new party.

And please, Great Spirit, let that new party not be some stupid green ass deal that wants to transfer $17T of OUR MONEY to "fight carbon".  
So let's start the discussion with that.    What could the new parties look like?

How about anti-war, anti-intervention?   Or would that just be a huge non-starter like it is for Tulsi Gabbard?

Consider this article

hodgepodge of misfits who team with rabid, left-leaning media and dark operators to push a pre-capitalist, post Judeo-Christian, anti-American revolution under a Democrat veneer.

Democrats are becoming America’s first “Manchurian” party.
At the slightest whiff of the old left-of-center odor, a Gestapo of tyrants is dispatched to keep fossilized Democrats like Biden and Feinstein whipped into submission.

But rather than killing the cancer in their party, the old Democrats let it go untreated.  Fearing retribution, traditional Dems’ mince their public words into such milquetoast, poll-tested blah-blah that they are unintelligible.  Would-be presidents are falling over each other to out-socialist the socialists without calling it socialism.  They want murderers and illegals to vote, free college, free medical, a guaranteed income, reparations, no guns, sanctuary cities, legalized prostitution, a federal law to legalize pot, and they want a duly elected president to be impeached. 

New York Times -- The Enemy of the People

 I have a lot more time since being kicked off Twitter for asking for details about all those "threats against her life" for Minnesota nice Omar.   In particular I asked for details and how many police reports were filed.    

I got the link below via Linkedin.    The purpose of the NYT now is to create discord, guilt, unhappiness, further the race war, get Trump....basically the mouthpiece of the Globalists.

They call out 5 "lies" about "American Culture".    These seem to me to be not just misguided, but intentionally wrong.   You can read their "backup support for their theories" below. 

They state that these are important lies that are destroying America

1) Career success is fulfilling
2) I can make myself happy
3) Life is an individual journey
4) You have to find your own truth
5) Rich and successful people are worth more than poorer and less successful people

So folks, the NYT says all the above are lies and we need to think the opposite in order to improve our "culture".

What is equally telling about this NYT article, is the backup arguments they use.   Often a straw man or worse, or just plain stupid and not applicable. 

For instance, for 5) they rephrase the issue as "aligning yourself with prestigious brands".

So quickly, my rebuttal.   Quickly because the NYT is so outrageously stupid (intentionally so is all I can think)....its not worth more time.

1) Our greatest "work", toughest accomplishments, most meaningful contributions can often occur in the midst of "a career".    Much less likely to occur in someone freewheeling away in their parents basement. 
2) You are the only one who can make yourself happy.   What is not totally obvious about this?
3) I see....its not about your journey, its about your being a cog in the machine, a part of the great socialist movement.   Ya right. 
4) OMG don't try to find your own truth!   Get it from the NYT and George Soros who only have your best interest in mind.    Don't even look for truth, it will be scary.  Instead just focus on what the Main Stream Media tells you is truth, and of course, "GET TRUMP"
5) This is kind of a silly one, because the statement immediately makes the mistake of equating Rich and Successful.   Other  than that, it is just silly.     Are they trying to tell you that it is OK to be poor, it is OK for your life to suck?   We are all winners, because.......SJW?


Four years ago, in the midst of the Obama presidency, I published a book called “The Road to Character.” American culture seemed to be in decent shape and my focus was on how individuals can deepen their inner lives. 

This week, in the midst of the Trump presidency, I’ve got another book, “The Second Mountain.” It’s become clear in the interim that things are not in good shape, that our problems are societal. The whole country is going through some sort of spiritual and emotional crisis.

College mental health facilities are swamped, suicide rates are spiking, the president’s repulsive behavior is tolerated or even celebrated by tens of millions of Americans.

At the root of it all is the following problem: We’ve created a culture based on lies.

Here are some of them:

Career success is fulfilling. This is the lie we foist on the young. In their tender years we put the most privileged of them inside a college admissions process that puts achievement and status anxiety at the center of their lives. That begins advertising’s lifelong mantra — if you make it, life will be good.
Everybody who has actually tasted success can tell you that’s not true. I remember when the editor of my first book called to tell me it had made the best-seller list. It felt like … nothing. It was external to me. 

The truth is, success spares you from the shame you might experience if you feel yourself a failure, but career success alone does not provide positive peace or fulfillment. If you build your life around it, your ambitions will always race out in front of what you’ve achieved, leaving you anxious and dissatisfied.

I can make myself happy. This is the lie of self-sufficiency. This is the lie that happiness is an individual accomplishment. If I can have just one more victory, lose 15 pounds or get better at meditation, then I will be happy.

But people looking back on their lives from their deathbeds tell us that happiness is found amid thick and loving relationships. It is found by defeating self-sufficiency for a state of mutual dependence. It is found in the giving and receiving of care.
It’s easy to say you live for relationships, but it’s very hard to do. It’s hard to see other people in all their complexity. It’s hard to communicate from your depths, not your shallows. It’s hard to stop performing! No one teaches us these skills.

Life is an individual journey. This is the lie books like Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” tell. In adulthood, each person goes on a personal trip and racks up a bunch of experiences, and whoever has the most experiences wins. This lie encourages people to believe freedom is the absence of restraint. Be unattached. Stay on the move. Keep your options open.

In reality, the people who live best tie themselves down. They don’t ask: What cool thing can I do next? They ask: What is my responsibility here? They respond to some problem or get called out of themselves by a deep love. 

By planting themselves in one neighborhood, one organization or one mission, they earn trust. They have the freedom to make a lasting difference. It’s the chains we choose that set us free.

You have to find your own truth. This is the privatization of meaning. It’s not up to the schools to teach a coherent set of moral values, or a society. Everybody chooses his or her own values. Come up with your own answers to life’s ultimate questions! You do you!

The problem is that unless your name is Aristotle, you probably can’t do it. Most of us wind up with a few vague moral feelings but no moral clarity or sense of purpose.
The reality is that values are created and passed down by strong, self-confident communities and institutions. People absorb their values by submitting to communities and institutions and taking part in the conversations that take place within them. It’s a group process.

Rich and successful people are worth more than poorer and less successful people. We pretend we don’t tell this lie, but our whole meritocracy points to it. In fact, the meritocracy contains a skein of lies.

The message of the meritocracy is that you are what you accomplish. The false promise of the meritocracy is that you can earn dignity by attaching yourself to prestigious brands. The emotion of the meritocracy is conditional love — that if you perform well, people will love you.

The sociology of the meritocracy is that society is organized around a set of inner rings with the high achievers inside and everyone else further out. The anthropology of the meritocracy is that you are not a soul to be saved but a set of skills to be maximized.

No wonder it’s so hard to be a young adult today. No wonder our society is fragmenting. We’ve taken the lies of hyper-individualism and we’ve made them the unspoken assumptions that govern how we live.

We talk a lot about the political revolution we need. The cultural revolution is more important.

The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. We’d like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles. Here are some tips. And here’s our email:
Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook, Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram.

David Brooks has been a columnist with The Times since 2003. He is the author of “The Road to Character” and the forthcoming book, “The Second Mountain.” @nytdavidbrooks
A version of this article appears in print on , on Page A25 of the New York edition with the headline: Five Lies Our Culture Tells Us. Order Reprints | Today’s Paper | Subscribe

Monday, April 29, 2019

Rosenstein Is Out (After Some Deal) and CNN "Attacks" Trump Quotes at Rally, But Agrees With Most of It!


RR quotes the Chief Prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trial In His Resignation Letter

RR quoted Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson in his resignation letter stating government lawyers, "must at times risk ourselves and our records to defend our legal processes from discredit, and to maintain a dispassionate, disinterested, and impartial enforcement of the law." Robert Jackson is most known for being the Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials.

RR additionally thanked Trump in his letter for his humor and condemned the fake news by stating, " a republic that endures is not governed by the news cycle".

stock here.     I knew that they got and gave some kind of deal to Rosenstein.  He was so all butt cheeked popping up when he go to announce the "indictment" of 12 Russians in Russia, the purpose was not at all practical, and of course these Russians will never show in America.   This is a little boy who got invited to the big leagues.

But that was the Rosenstein shown in the Body Language Ghost video at the bottom.

The video below also details the latest Triad presentation of the Pres and the Justice folks.   From this, it is beyond clear that Rosenstein has made a deal.   Probably he will help throw the criminals under the bus, in exchange for no prosecution of himself.   Seems obvious now, especially with the letter of resignation.

Robert H. Jackson
When Wikipedia even had good things to say about him, he must be something else.

Jackson developed a reputation as one of the best writers on the Supreme Court and one of the most committed to enforcing due process as protection from overreaching federal agencies.

Here is CNN agreeing with much of what Trump said, while trying to pot shot some of it.

I can't find the earlier video with RR announcing the indictment of some Russian bloggers that would never respond to any USA "Indictment" As RR was thrilled to present it.

Will present if I can find, butt is is very tellling

Twitter in Cahoots With Pushing The Muslim Agenda, Suspending Those Who Question the "I Been Getting Death Threats" Narrative

On April 26, 2019 I spoke to the DC office of Rep Omar, the Minnesota Muslim of "some people did something" fame.

I indicated that I was the Editor of Deeper Dive Data.

I indicated that I wanted to get information on the Police Reports filed in light of Omar's clear statement that she has been getting increased numbers of death threats, and that  many of those threats specifically mentioned the Trump tweet about "some people did some things". 

The lady left for a while and came back with the answer to email to Jeremy Slevin, who is her communications director, as well as strategist.

I also called her Minnesota office, and was unable to leave to a message.   I called twice and no one
answered, and the system would not accept a message.  

I emailed to Slevin, who is  quite the character all in his own right.    He formerly represented Keith Ellison.   I did a pretty Deep Dive into Keith Ellison in 2018 and THAT STORY IS HERE.

He looks like he converted to Muslim and abused his Girlfriend.

Email is to the right.

I am sending this email again today. 

Why is this important?   The Globalist narrative is to "show" that their protected classes (Muslims,

Blacks, Jews, Gays et al) are having their lives threatened by "White supremacists".    

They also try to link this directly to Trump, as a weak way of drumming up support for impeachment because Trump put Muslims lives at risk, and we all know Trump hates Muslims.  
I also tweeted an abbreviated version to Jeremy and Omar and asked for response.

Twitter responded by Suspending my account.   In the past, Twitter would provide a notice and a chance for appeal.   This time, there was no notice, no indication of why my account was Suspended.

"They" are getting desperate.    When you are over the target, you will be getting their flak. 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Smoke All Day Ka'ikena Scanlan

I used the above service to convert a video file into an MP3

I have a vertical smoker.   What an awesome way to preserve some foods and meats, and enhance the flavor.  

Low and slow, control heat and air flow via the lower adjustable inlets.

Apple, Hickory, Kiawe

Love this song.    Smoke meats, not Batu!

Ka`ikena Scanlan

"Smoke All Day"


E hoʻomākaukau i ka ʻai
Hoʻomākaukau i ka paʻakai
Hoʻomākaukau i ka iʻo
Smoke meat not drugs

Sup palala you know why I called ya
Im looking for kiawe but I know you get guava
We can throw on some chicken
I know you like the sausage hotta
We can run da ribs and brisket whateva you wanna
No murdah styling we strictly slauter
Hawaiian salt upon the counter fo make the mean pipikaula
Got the shoyu sugar ginger garlic chili peppa watah
Cause the boys just came back with one big fricken puaʻa aye

We not going pau till sunset
And we spahken it up at dawn
I hope I hope you no mo plans
We smoking all day long

Ho cuzzin how much wood you like me throw
Choke um choke um I like see this buggah flow
Wipe down my hands put down my tongs
Cause we be smoking smoking yeah smoking all day long
Smoking all day long cause we be smoking smoking yeah smoking all day long

No ka poʻe lawaiʻa

Smoke Ahi we smoke marlin
Weve been smoking all day since early in the morning
Smoke palani we smoke menpachi
You know where the poles are going straight to the hibachi
Smoke tako we smoke aku
The kalo steady waiting there with the papa and pohaku
So what you smoking you know we gotchu
We smoke iʻo not batu

We not going pau till sunset
And we spahken it up at dawn
I hope I hope you no mo plans
We smoking all day long

Ho cuzzin how much wood you like me throw
Choke um choke um I like see this buggah flow
Wipe down my hands put down my tongs
Cause we be smoking smoking yeah smoking all day long
Smoking all day long cause we be smoking smoking yeah smoking all day long
Smoking smoking yeah smoking all day long

Hu aʻe lā ka uahi

Smoke it up

Shoyu sugar ginger garlic chili peppa watah

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Swamp Being Drained At Multiple Levels

It seems that people who haven't traditionally held power, really go to the extreme on the bad side when they finally "get their's".

And we have all been waiting with baited breath (like WTH does that even mean?) for the criminal indictments.   Many have been losing faith and presenting as if the whole thing was a LARP, that Trump is really "one of them", and that "Trust the Plan" is the same as the controlled opposition "Operation Trust" in 1900's Germany.

Sorry, more than 1 similar word is needed to establish a massive theory like that, LOL.

So please check the recent headlines.   And check the bottom of this article for this "nice report" from ABC on how a "perp" plead guilty to "sharing the NZ shooting video" with the lead reporter of interesting demographics as she describes the "success" of banning certain type of military "style" (scary looking) guns.    The Globalist narrative is tripled down, and in full swing.   Methinks the pushback willl be sex-tuple.

Massachusetts judge who helped illegal immigrant escape ICE arrest indicted, federal authorities say


Baltimore Mayor Bolts -- Pugh Missing After FBI-IRS Raid


------------------------------ Must Discredit Q and Qanon I knew the FakeNews would attempt to connect the Militia leader who was arrested on the border with #qanon. Sure enough they try to do it indirectly via the group he is a part of: United Constitutionalists Patriots...the charge: the UCP discusses #Qanon.

Texas Border City Mayor Arrested on Voter Fraud Charges

Court Ordered discovery of Benghazi Scandal in which top Obama-Clinton Officials, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Jacob Sullivan, and FBI official E.W. Priestap will now have to answer JW's written questions under oath. Clinton email evidence and obstruction!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Radiation in USA Food, FDA "Guidance"

stock here

As usual, they make it as complicated as possible to understand what levels of radiation in food are allowed.  They confound it with multiple age brackets, and kg eaten per year of particular classes of food.

And plenty of weasel words.     They offer guidance, which is not a "shall", but supposedly information that some other department could use to allow or disallow contaminated food. 

Their main page is listed as modified on 2004.   But this is also suspect as Weasel Words.    Is it just the header page that this date applies too, and the underlying information has not changed or maybe has changed since then.

Here is the main data page at FDA for this below tables

Which is one click off this more central page

There was talk, post Fukushima, of greatly increasing the "allowable" radiation in food in USA products, and imports to the USA.  

Especially in regards to Clintons deal with Japan to buy their radioactive food without testing.   That STORY IS HERE.

Killing 2 Birds With one Stone -- Degradation of American Morals and Normalization of Pedophilia

stock here

I wasn't the only one feeling a bit creeped out about the huge news coverage of the GOT (Game of
Thrones) sex scene.    The actors look kind of like pre-high school, so that some viewers went immediately to the web to check the actors ages, which were in their 20's, to make sure they weren't watching some child porn.    Never watched GOT, and likely never will.

Was looking at my TV (not watching it, looking at it) and wondering whether it was worth having to pay for any TV "Service".

So part of the game of the Globalists is to
1) Degrade morals (then give the people what they want, while they take advantage in a dozen different ways)
2) Normalize pedophilia

Reading the email below, in what ways could you interpret this discussion?

Clinton Attacks Trump So That Upcoming Indictment Looks Like "Revenge"

stock here.

Epiphany yesterday.    Hillary Clinton's play that "Anyone other than Trump would be indicted", presented with no facts, no specifics, was amazing.

Like Brennan, and Comey, I am amazed that these critters don't just slink back to their millions and enjoy a quiet rest of their lives.    But they continue to prod the Bear.    This is odd, and I don't have a real theory for it.

Maybe it is like Hillary's attack on Trump.    Maybe they want to set up a "card" which plays like this.....because we have be "so hard on Trump" (Smollett fame) that is why we have been indicated, as revenge from Trump personally.

This is an interesting thread on Guiliani, did he really Tweet about Pizzagate being true, and 911
being what you think it is?

Plastic -- Take Effective Actions -- Do We Damage Ourselves, Whilst Letting China do 10 Times More Earth Damage?

stock here -- Please reblog this or tweet it out using this convenient cut and tweet sound bite

tweet bite---------------

USA "contributes" only 0.6% of all the plastic into the world's oceans, and straws are 0.02% of "our" contribution.   Focus on shit that really matters, y'all SJW.

tweet pau --------------

For a few years, I have been "aware" that 70% of all ocean plastics come from 2 rivers in Asia.

"Aware" meaning that I have not fully vetted the statistic, but it seemed credible at the time.

Apparently, the USA is responsible for only 0.6% of all the plastic that goes into the ocean.


I agree with using less plastic.    In Hawaii, instead of individual water bottles, I buy RO and mineralized water at 6 gallons for $3.00.

And for drinking water in the truck, I use the small bottles, but often refill them unless sanitation is questionable.


But the whole "straw" thing is another vastly stupid social justice warrior distraction, from shit that really matters.  

We shall see that the real enemies to America are the socialist/communists, with much of the power faction being in China.    And to cripple ourselves whilst letting that beast run amok, is just short of insanity, some type of mental illness.   We have been taught to hate ourselves, punish ourselves.

“The climate is changing. CO2 is one of several important factors in that change. There is uncertainty as to how far these changes will propagate if we continue to add CO2 to the atmosphere, but the direction is clear. There is also uncertainty as to the impacts on human life, but the evidence is that the negatives outweigh the positives. The more the world can shift to renewable energy, the safer we will be. But this requires world cooperation, especially from China, and the small efforts made by the State of California are an effort in futility as long as China is allowed to run amok.”

And this article exposes the ubiquitous nature of micro-plastics, which are mostly Polystyrene followed by Polyethylene.

All of this makes it clear that tiny, invisible plastic dust is becoming ubiquitous on our planet. We're only just starting to understand what the effects of that will be.
And then the article fails to even speculate on what the effects might be?    Are we going to "fight plastic" and spend incalculable monies, before we even speculate on what the outcomes might be?  

Apparently so

stock out

Monday, April 22, 2019

White America Is Being Diluted and Destroyed, Quite Intentionally

Bing -- Microsoft
Certainly Gates is one of the Globalists.   Pro-Nuke, Pro-Vaccine.

By the way, I am not anti-vaccine.    I mean, I use immune response to improve my life.   I train my

body to react to and eliminate poisons by once every month or two eating at McDonalds.

But earlier this year I did a pretty Deep Dive on vaccines, and the conclusion was that the way vaccines were being implemented was indeed pretty dangerous.   Please review that article here.

But prove the White Genocide and Dilution for yourself, do your own Bing or Google Image search.

I typed in "White American Couple" and I got only 14% results showing a white american couple, and this technically wasn't a couple, but a family.

4 of 7 were both black as the couples.

1 was very dark asian/black male,

1 was an older, super dark black male that you could hardly even see his features, and a pasty white very pregnant female.

The game is "Black Males" can impregnate a whole bunch of white females, greater dilution factor.


Germany is the epicenter of "stupidity".   Quotes because it's not a stupid plan, it's a horrible plan, but rather well thought out.  

Germany now states that they must start breeding with Muslims, esp. the Turks, or it will lead to inbreeding in Germany.

In an interview with weekly paper Die Zeit, Mr Schäuble rejected the idea Europe could close its borders to immigrants, and said: “Isolation is what would ruin us – it would lead us into inbreeding.”
Taking aim at opponents of Germany’s border policies, he said: “Muslims are an enrichment of our openness and our diversity.”
“Look at the third generation of Turks, especially the women. That is an enormous innovation potential,” he added.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sorry, I Caused the Russia Collusion "Scandal" -- Glad it Was Not Nuclear War

stock here


I found it.    I had to go through the entire printouts of everything I printed from my Fukushima research.    An entire level of one deep file cabinet, not really organized at this point.    Been meaning to do this for over a year, but it took over an hour, and with no guarantee.   I am not joking....after looking at over 500 documents, it was the last one in the file.    The "universe" has quite the sense of humor.   

You want a copy of that fax?  Email me at

I also sent it via their campaign website and their Facebook.

I found it.    The fax and fax confirmation that I sent to Trump On 7-26-2016.   It detailed the missing emails from Hillary Clinton RE Fukushima when she was secretary of state.   I knew that Trump had his people screen the faxes and let him read the best while flying on his plane to the next speaking engagement.

The NEXT DAY, 7-27-2016 Trump was on TV saying "by the way Russia, if you are listening, it would great if you can find those missing 30,000 emails"

"It's a total deflection with Russia...they probably have their 33.000 emails, there would be some beauties there...."

"It's probably China"

NOTE THE DATES 7-26-2016 and 7-27-2016

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Unusual Global Earthquakes, Fast Slow, in the 20's to in the 50's of >2.5M 24H

Daily observation of EQ activity, and the Holy Spirit given ability for pattern recognition, has been
very instructive.   

EQ in the quantities of high 30's to low 40's per day over 2.5M is very normal.

When EQ under 30 and near low 20's occurs, get ready for fireworks.

We have been living through weeks of "fast" days of 50 and more, and slow days in the 20's, or very low 30's.     This is unusual in my experience.

Again, no time for a proper statistical approach, but an important observation.    

Update 4-17-19, 3 more EQ, 2 high up in Kilauea Volcano, and the likely source (or at least indicator)
of the last 2018 super flow event.

Most EQ in Hawaii are 3 and below.

We just saw a 5.3 in an unusual location, this only happened 9 times in 100 years.

The 2018 Volcanic Destruction was kicked off with Earthquake activity.

We just saw 5.3

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Assange Extradition to USA in Exchange for USA to Coverup the British Involvement in Spying and Coup Against USA

I the UK Intelligence communities are about to be exposed for their roles in the US spying and attempted coup of the USA, they play the Assange card.

Youse guys cover up our involvement and we will ship you Assange. We know this could do partial damage to our DNC assets, but we can't let the big cat out of the bag.
I submitted this to Fox and directed to Carlson, let's see what happens.

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I don't know about the Epoch Times, no idea if they are deep state or not