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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Hawaii Is Going To Tighten COVID Restrictions Again Citing The Spread Of The Delta Variant

LOL someone scooped me on Hawaii news!!

Marxist Chinese Governor Ige

H/T SHTF Plan, linked below

Hawaii Is Going To Tighten COVID Restrictions Again Citing The Spread Of The Delta Variant

Mac Slavo
August 11th, 2021

Hawaii will begin to re-impose COVID-19 restrictions limiting social gatherings to avert straining the state’s healthcare, Governor David Ige said on Tuesday. The government claims the need to stamp out freedom is to stop the rapid spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, which has allegedly pushed cases and hospitalizations in the United States to a six-month high.

“I’ll be signing an executive order that will limit social gatherings, effective immediately,” Ige said in a tweet. In June, social gatherings were increased to 25 indoors and 75 outdoors statewide but now it will be capped to no more than 10 indoors and 25 outdoor.

Hawaii, with more than 60% of its population fully vaccinated, has witnessed a rise in cases by 168% between July 26 and August 8, according to the state’s department of health. The latest guidelines will reduce the indoor capacity for bars, gyms, restaurants, and social establishments to 50%, Ige added. “Counties will review proposals for all professionally sponsored events (bigger than 50 people) and ensure appropriate safe practices will be implemented,” the governor said. –Reuters

This slow slip toward tyranny started a long time ago, but it’s now become a sprint. Hawaii’s ruling class is not alone either. Australians are suffering under a full-blown police state dictatorship right now, and protests against government are rising up all over the planet. 

Oregon is reimposing another indoor state-wide mask mandate regardless of a person’s “vaccine” status. Oregon’s governor Kate Brown also announced that starting as early as October 18 she will require all state employees in the executive branch (which excludes the state Legislature and the judicial branch) to show proof of full vaccination status.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

“Oregon is facing a spike in COVID-19 hospitalizations –– consisting overwhelmingly of unvaccinated individuals –– that is quickly exceeding the darkest days of our winter surge,” Brown said. “When our hospitals are full, there will be no room for additional patients needing care –– whether for COVID-19, a heart attack or stroke, a car collision, or a variety of other emergency situations. If our hospitals run out of staffed beds, all Oregonians will be at risk.” –OregonLive

These are the same fear-mongering scare tactics used and repeated by the whole of the ruling class and its puppets in the mainstream media. At this point, we should be prepared for another lockdown.  We knew from the beginning if they could pull off another one without losing power and cement more control over the public while convincing them to take this shot, that they would do it.   It sure looks like the propaganda is being rolled out for it and the stage is being set.

Stay aware and alert to what’s going on. Keep honing your critical thinking skills. This is ramping up quickly.


  1. Naaah. Hawaii's Power$ That Be merely thought they could slip one by you while your attention turned to mainland travails! Foolish, mistaken P$TB!

  2. Housatonic points out the people who worked on Lyme disease are being bumped off ...

    A list of untimely and/or suspicious deaths, and missing persons, of people who are professionally associated with Dr Anthony Stephen Fauci

    1. Seems like many people on that list were directly involved in AIDS/HIV, and had epidemiology knowledge. They would have been very knowledgable about how AIDS features were stitched into the fabric of the variety of bioweapons being distributed via the example....

      Mark Wainberg drowned while on a vacation in Florida.[12] Some believe he had an asthma attack in the water, while others believe the undertow dragged him out. His funeral was held on Friday, April 14, 2017, in Congregation Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem, the Montreal synagogue where he had previously served as president.

    2. Salama was married; he and his wife had three sons.[6][9] He died from a heart attack on 23 January 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland, at the age of 51.[4][10]

      They kicked him out of WHO in 2019 and then when he wouldn't keep quiet, they heart attacked him in Jan 2020 during the kickoff of the fake pandemic.


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