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Monday, December 30, 2013

Majia Nadesan Book --Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk

Majia is an anti-nuke friend.    She did some well done presentations that were widely attended, and has excellent writing and communication skills.   She has used references to Nuke Pro articles in her presentations.

I suggest that you buy her book.   I will put a link to Amazon when I can get around to it.




Richard Wilcox Reviews and Discusses Majia Nadesan's Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk

Nuclear Technology: Lasting Damage To Life’s Genetic Integrity And Heritage
Book Review of “Fukushima And The Privatization Of Risk” by Majia Holmer Nadesan (1)

By Richard Wilcox, Ph.D.
December 28, 2013

Life was not a valuable gift, but death was. Life was a fever-dream made up of joys embittered by sorrows, pleasure poisoned by pain; a dream that was a nightmare-confusion of spasmodic and fleeting delights, ecstasies, exultations, happinesses, interspersed with long-drawn miseries, griefs, perils, horrors, disappointments, defeats, humiliations, and despairs–the heaviest curse devisable by divine ingenuity; but death was sweet, death was gentle, death was kind; death healed the bruised spirit and the broken heart, and gave them rest and forgetfulness; death was man’s best friend; when man could endure life no longer, death came and set him free.” – Mark Twain (2)
Yeeehaw!” – Slim Pickens and how he learned to love the bomb

Introduction: Our Genomic Legacy In Danger

“Yeeehaw” indeed. And pardon Twain’s ironic twist of words, he was a great lover of life but had moments of doubt. We have our own troubles too, most of them caused by fellow travelers, our collective ignorance and complicity on a runaway train of greed, unaccountability and mutually assured destruction. Given that the genome is the building block of life the pervasive disruption at that level from ongoing nuclear disasters will reverberate in biogeographical and transgenerational dimensions, and cause lasting damage to the viability of our descendants.

Anyone tuned into the message of the alternative media these days will already know the compendium of ailments: a malevolently designed global slavery and depopulation agenda implemented by the powers-that-be to shear the sheeple on their way to the slaughterhouse. Whether by stupidity or malevolence in the end the result is bad news.

Continuation of this Review is here

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Radiation Detection by simple Digital Camera "Saturation Leveling Effect" Proof on Fukushima

This is going to trip you out.    I discovered this by accident while doing a "super zoom" into some high res Fukushima photos from a drone flyby in March 2011.

Areas of exposed high radiation (melt out or blow out) show as a set of 36 pixels being all the same color in a Mini Block.    They are never all the same color, except when the radiation flashes them and the camera can only react by "printing" a single color.

Very interesting.  When the same "source" has the same effect on different picture shot at different times and from completely different angles, you just have to say hmmmmm.

Also confirms a meltout from Reactor 4.    Look at all these and let me know what you think.

Here is a link from A Green Road

A great site...they are into exposing lies.   I am into exposing truth.    Both work.  LOL

Here is a video from that site on Reactor 4 Melt Out.      This is important.    AGR and myself both independently came to the conclusion that TEPCO was also experimenting with MOX in Reactor 4.    They were not licensed to, and MOX is way more dangerous.    However, the pro-nukers have MOX as their main sales tool to "get rid of existing nuclear waste" and to soup up the old clunker plants using the MOX to extract profits and keep their "precious" industry alive.    Admitting that MOX is EXTREMELY dangerous, and caused a mini nuclear explosion at Reactor 3, AND admitting that the new MOX in the equipment pool at reactor 4 melted out due to its increase reactivity and therefore heat and radiation....well that would shoot their MOX down, and it would shoot their source of their high faluting livliehood down.   And they can't have that, even if the face of ocean killing diasasters.   So they cover up and lie.   

At Reactor 4, the new MOX they were loading (ready to load in the equipment pool) melted down and out.   And when corium contacts cement, it pretty much immediately releases all its cesium and start making 10 fold the normal amount of strontium.   At Reactor 4, spent fuel pool, there was a 9 hours fire, and certainly a lot of poison was released, but that stopped with borated water.     But not the MOX fuel, that burned through the stainless steel liner, and 3 feet of concrete.    

MOX-GATE you heard it here first.

Crash2parties had to say:
I'm having trouble seeing how a CMOS or CCD camera would do what he's claiming; they just aren't sensitive to gamma (or beta). Here's a good explanation as to why (and why webcams don't make for good cheap detectors, either):
My tin-foil hat money is on intentional obfuscation of something in the drone images, similar to redacted words or lines in text documents.
Of course, that would raise the obvious question…
Right, I did an extensive research on ionizing radiation effect on digital cameras and came up nearly empty handed.
Your link was the best of all that I found, however the testing the amateur did was only to elicit visible light while looking at the chip in the presence of a source (radar detector).   The CHS guy who answered him was pretty good though!   However, I don't think that test for "sparkles of light" is really proposing the same thing as my accidentally discovered "saturation leveling effect"

I wasn't willing to go down the conspiracy rabbit hole, but I sure can! LOL.    I just don't think that in the midst of that emergency they were smart enough, not busy enough, to be redacting pixels on flybys.   

It is a very strange effect, of course found by accident.    After applying a gamma filter, and using an image browser Thumbsplus to super zoom (you aren't going to get that zoom on a browser.   I haven't checked other Image viewers but others should also work.   Someone give it a try?   Stock out.

Background on Fukushima Shroud Replacements / MOX and MOX-GATE

This comes from the former Director of Fukushima 1

Futami started working at Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) in 1967, and worked his way up to become manager of the nuclear generation department before taking charge of Fukushima Dai-1

This comes from a very credible source, an industry insiders magazine, and a personal interview, not a he said she said thing.
Coincidentally, at the number 4 reactor unit at Fukushima Dai-1 they were just replacing the shroud in this year’s annual inspections. That’s why all the core fuel was removed from the reactor pressure vessel, and installed in the spent fuel storage pool. That may have generated more heat than is usual at the spent fuel pools, and may have contributed to the fires that broke out around the spent fuel pool in the number 4 building.

Nukepro here---huh that's very interesting  A shroud change costs almost $100M, why would anyone in their right mind shut down a plant in the middle of a fuel cycle, to do a $100M upgrade.   You would certainly wait for the next fuel change, they come about every 18 months.    The story smells fishy, even the ex-directors words above smell fishy.   "Coincidentally", "thats why" "more heat" "contributed to the fires".     

This is early on shroud changes at Fukushima, the first in the world.

Here it is embedded, you can download if you wish

<iframe src="" width="500" height="400" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>

Rense Story on MOX and more at Reactor 4, 2012

There is good background here, I didn't discover their post until today.    However, they draw one alarmist conclusion, that R4 had already collapsed.    But the other MOX related issues are good background, at least launching point for further research into what was known, and what was admitted.
Interesting to note, the video in their article is "no longer available"
"We" need to get better at archiving our own videos and not relying on Youtube and such.
stock out
Official Coverup Obscures
The Collapse Of Reactor 4

See The Video Of What Is Being Demolished
At Fuksuhima Daiichi Here

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To
A security camera inside  the Fukushima 1 nuclear plant reveals the final steps in the demolition of a ferroconcrete structure. A mobile crane-mounted plasma torch cuts through the skeletal remnant of a three-story building, methodically cleaving the few remaining support beams, releasing dust clouds of burnt slake lime.

Though the digital mosaic is often blurry, it's clear that only one side of the structure is left standing, indicating that the three other walls had been either removed earlier at nighttime or collapsed in the Richter 5+ earthquakes that struck northeast Japan between June 17 and June 22.

The obvious conclusion could be drawn from the scene, which still goes unreported by the media, but once again as throughout this crisis I have always wished to be pleasantly wrong rather than painfully correct. In response to my skeptical query, Japanese activists responded: "It was definitely the No 4 reactor. We have not heard anything else about it. It (the demolition) was done on the day when the nation was focused on the government decision to raise the consumer tax."

The demolition of Reactor 4 - yet to be officially announced by TEPCO or the Economy Ministry - has been overlooked by the mass media and even the anti-nuclear movement, which are preoccupied by the ongoing protests in the capital Tokyo against the reopening of the Oi nuclear power plant and a parliamentary vote for a higher consumption tax. On June 26, after a divisive debate among his party members, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and his supporters in the ruling Democratics introduced a bill doubling the consumption tax - timed to divert public attention from the deteriorating conditions at Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant. If the videoclip is indeed of a collapsed Reactor 4, then Japan and the rest of the world are in for a long hot summer and much worse ahead.

Synergistic Blasts

Three days after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit the Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant, its Reactor 4 sustained massive damage in an engulfing blaze on March 14 and in the subsequent re-ignition two days later.  Then and ever since, TEPCO and the government has claimed that the fire at unit 4 was triggered by "hydrogen gas released from a nearby reactor," which would have been Reactor 2.

At the time of 3.11 disaster and soon thereafter over Rense radio, I stated without equivocation that hydrogen leakage could not have been the cause of the Reactor 4 fire, since extremely overheated gas would have combusted in contact with the air before reaching any other reactor. I suggested then that the actual cause was a "never-before seen type of nuclear explosion involving high-energy nuclear isotopes."

My logical deduction back then -  and since confirmed by leaks and official disclosures - was that Reactor 4 had been recently loaded with fresh fuel rods in preparation for start-up on March 12. Its planned operation was kept secret and unscheduled, and therefore had to be linked to illegal enrichment of weapons-grade uranium for the purpose of making nuclear warheads.

In contrast to the official story about hydrogen, the timeline of those initial days indicates a reverse chain of cause and effect: A nuclear blast inside Reactor 4 created enough heat to set its spent-fuel pool on fire, and also intensified the neutron bombardment against a degraded Reactor 3, which exploded in a mushroom cloud on the next day, March 15. That huge explosion, in turn, re-ignited the Reactor 4 spent-fuel fire. These synergistic high-energy nuclear events did not constitute a classical chain reaction, for if complete fission had occurred an area many times larger than Nagasaki would have been leveled. Instead of a single nuclear explosion, the Fukushima crisis is a protracted series of nuclear events, unleashing a Pandora's Box of troubles onto the world.

My appraisal during last year's meltdowns led to the conclusion that melt-downs of fuel rods would quickly burn through core-reactor shrouds, the steel containment chambers beneath, and then the concrete-block footing. The consequences were obvious then, though not to the corps of nuclear engineers: That the corium would tunnel into the landfill of rock and sand, and on contact with water release enough high-pressure steam to create a sinkhole under each reactor. Huge vents of steam, as reported by nuclear workers, have since blown out through the ground surface.

The unstable landfill would eventually become too weak to support the combined weight of the reactors, spent-fuel pools, ferroconcrete structures and all the water being pumped inside The inevitable result is a collapse into a sinkhole, after which recovery of intact fuel rods would be impossible.

Finished Off by Earthquakes

Starting in the first hours of New Year's Day of this year, 2012, the loose soil under Fukushima underwent liquefaction during a series of earthquakes. The Fukushima 1 plant was completely evacuated in secret, as police barricades were set up on incoming roads and military helicopters sped in to evacuate remaining workers and engineers. Nighttime helicopter flights were heard in the darkness over Minami-Soma town, indicating that fuel rods were being airlifted into nearby river estuaries.

During the solemn New Year's holiday, when Japanese families rest at home, few residents went outdoors. Those who did venture out with dosimeters reported a major spike in radioactivity across northeast Japan. The suddenly higher readings across the Northern Hemisphere indicated that the piping for the No.4 core reactor and containment chamber had ruptured, probably when a reactor fell into a sinkhole.

Highly radioactive particles littering the ground were soon spotted by local residents - the first of the "black dust" reports - which I suggested, were fragmented pieces of heat-cracked fuel rods airlifted  from atop Reactor 4. The New Year's season was not the first occasion for helicopter airlifts. In the days immediately after the March 11 disaster, a long cigar-shaped casket - suspected of containing weapons-grade fissile material smuggled in from the U.S. military stockpile in Armadillo, Texas - was hooked and pulled out of the Reactor 4 fuel pool by a Special Forces helicopter.

From June 17 to June 22, another series of 5+ quakes apparently snapped the heat-weakened steel beams that supported the spent-fuel pool, sending more than 1,500 fuel rods tumbling down over the twisted-metal wreckage  of Reactor 4. Thus, the nuclear-emergency minister, Goshi Hosono, must have rushed out a secret order to tear down the heat-warped concrete structure, while his prime minister diverted media coverage and public attention with a grandstand speech to double the consumption tax. Behind this media spectacle staged less than 18 months after the 3.11 disaster, the Fukushima nuclear crisis has reached the point of no return.

In an otherwise hopeless situation, I stick to my early-on recommendation that the only feasible method to neutralize sunken reactors is to pump in borax brine (not boric acid, which eats away at metal) that will gradually crystalize to create a vast subterranean neutron-absorbing barrier, an artificial salt bed that an take solid form even under watery immersion.

Secret Activities by GE-Hitachi

The nuclear industry, regulatory agencies and the IAEA deliberately lied about the presence of nuclear fuel inside Reactor 4 and 5 (and earlier inside No.3 before it exploded), which all supposedly had been emptied for scheduled maintenance and down time. Only three reactors - Nos. 1, 2 and 6 -  were authorized for electric-generation in the month of March 2011. In fact, uranium enrichment for weapons-production was being prepared inside the supposedly idle reactors.

Nearly a year after the blast at Reactor 4, TEPCO finally gave into the public pressure and disclosed the refitting of its core reactor with a new shroud, needed for the switch from uranium fuel rods to more powerful MOX, or mixed oxides of uranium and plutonium. In total secrecy, GE had brought in an American crew for the work with Hitachi engineers to install the denser neutron shield.

While in the autumn of 2010, a Diet committee had approved experimental test-runs of MOX fuel, Japanese legislators were never informed of the specifics and most understood that only Reactor 3 would be tested. Some Diet members had protested in committee hearings with TEPCO and the Economy Ministry representatives that the GE reactors were not designed to handle MOX fuel, but their objections were brushed aside under the rubric of nuclear safety.

The executives of GE, Hitachi and Toshiba, Economy MInistry officials, and nuclear regulatory agencies, including the IAEA and DOE, are undoubtedly guilty of falsification of safety studies, deliberate subversion of democratic procedures, and at the very least manslaughter abetted by corruption and bribery.

Justice Must Be Served

These murderous business executives and government leaders - salesmen of death, disease and destruction - still maintain the pretense that nothing is happening inside Fukushima 1, while they shamelessly bribe government officials and politicians in Lithuania, Britain and dozens of other countries for multi-billion euro contracts to install new nuclear reactors, practically identical in design to the ones that exploded in Fukushima.

Their plans are nothing short of diabolical. GE-Hitachi  (hybridized as GEH) is proposing to build a plutonium breed reactor at the troubled British Sellafield plant, which once reprocessed Japan's MOX fuel just south of the Scottish border. This type of reactor, which produces more high-grade plutonium than it consumes, has already failed years of money-wasting and radiation-leaking operations at the Monju facility in Tokai Province, Japan.

GEH is now getting ready to test its new laser plasma extraction technology, which is claimed to separated out uranium and plutonium from spent MOX rods more efficiently than the tributyl phosphorus chemical treatment system. Disastrous laser plasma accidents have been routinely covered up since an initial test run in the 1960s torched the U.S. lab facility and seared a tunnel through solid rock. Like stupid little boys who play with matches and lighters, the nuclear industry never worries about burning down the neighborhood.

At an ethical level, our leaders are guilty of a fast-approaching mass murder and environmental devastation, and possibly genocide, depending on how the cancer toll over the coming decades is counted. The dead, the dying and the soon-to-die cannot rest until justice is done. Those responsible must be brought before stern justice to receive the ultimate punishment and nothing less.

If the undeclared war against victims with radiation-triggered illnesses across northeast Japan offers any indicator of things to come, it will not be long before the World Health Organization, partner agency of the IAEA, unleashes a super-flu virus and then distributes cyanide capsules to the sickly survivors around the world. The globalist madmen who dare claim ownership of this once living, now dying planet must be stopped - taken out - by people who still have a conscience and their courage intact before the clock runs out.

Yoichi Shimatsu, former general editor of The Japan Times Weekly, is an environmental consultant working in Southeast Asia and Japan.

Turner Radio with a Good Article Dec 28 Prepare for Radiation Cloud

Some releases like this happened in July 2013
and now
Dec 19, 25, 27, 28

I think they are being overly alarmist, but then again, I am already prepared, so if it gets bad I just execute my plan with equipment on hand already.  There list of what to do, how to do, is good though, and I have copied it in full.

NEWS FLASH - URGENT - December 28, 2013  11:00 PM EST -- (TRN ) -- Persons residing on  the west coast of North America should IMMEDIATELY begin preparing for another possible onslaught of dangerous atmospheric radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site in Japan.  The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) says radioactive steam has suddenly begun emanating from previously exploded nuclear reactor building #3 at the Fukuishima disaster site in Japan. TEPCO says they do not know why this is happening and cannot go into the building to see what's happening due to damage and lethal radiation levels in that building. Experts say this could be the beginning of  a "spent fuel pool criticality (meltdown)" involving up to 89 TONS of nuclear fuel burning up into the atmosphere and heading to North America. Steam photo, full details and suggested methods to protect yourself appear below.
On December 28, 2013, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)  admitted steam was seen billowing out of reactor building #3, saying the steam appeared to be coming from what's left of the fifth floor of the mostly-destroyed building.  It is widely known that persons cannot get inside Reactor Building #3 because it is severely damaged and highly radioactive, so TEPCO cannot state for certain what is happening in that building or why. TEPCO admits they do not know why this steam is being generated, but matter-of-factly revealed today (December 28)  the steam was first spotted on December 19 for a short period of time, then again on December 24 and again on December 25.

Nuclear energy experts have told TRN that the ONLY way this could be happening is if radioactive material previously ejected from the reactor explosion in March, 2011 has mixed together with other materials and has begun its own self-sustaining reaction(s), also known as a "criticality."  Put simply, another "meltdown" may be taking place.

There are basically two possibilities if another meltdown is in progress:
1) Pellets of radioactive fuel, ejected when the reactor exploded, have mixed together and "mini" meltdowns are taking place with those small clumps of pellets.  This would not be a horrific problem and may be manageable, OR;
2) Pellets of radioactive fuel, ejected when the reactor exploded, went into the spent fuel pool located above the reactor and have begun melting down so seriously they are boiling off the water in the spent fuel pool.

Since steam is visible, experts tell TRN that Scenario #2 above is is the most likely scenario and if so,  it would be an absolute nightmare -- WORSE than the original Fukushima disaster!  The Spent Fuel Pool which was situated on the fourth floor above Reactor #3, the situation could escalate rapidly out of control.

The As shown in the diagram at left, the spent fuel  pool  is not a contained structure; it is literally a "pool" filled with water, to keep old fuel cool. (The metal radioactive fuel, once removed from a nuclear reactor, remains hot enough to melt itself for two to three YEARS after being removed from a reactor.)  The experts tell TRN that if steam is coming out of reactor building #3 this could very well be the start of a much worse radiation release because once the spent fuel pool begins its own reactions, all of it will be uncontrolled and uncontrollable.

To provide insight into how much trouble this could be, the chart below proves that, according to TEPCO, reactor #3 was loaded with 566 fuel assemblies.  The spent fuel pool in reactor building #3 contains 514 assemblies; about 89 TONS.  If that "goes critical" there's nothing to contain the radiation which will go directly into the air.

The video below was taken several months ago by TEPCO. It shows that the roof is totally blown off reactor building # 3.  It shows a robotic crane being operated by remote control, trying to clear debris from the Reactor # 3 spent fuel pool  several months ago.  TEPCO is forced use robotic cranes operated by remote control because the area is so contaminated, anyone entering the area would die from radiation within one hour.

Imagine, now, 89 tons of nuclear fuel boiling away that water and releasing 89 tons of deadly radioactive fuel directly into the air.  Two to three days later, the west coast of north America would be "fried" by levels of airborne radiation and "hot particles" which could kill.

PREPARATIONS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER  ( We do **** NOT **** sell any of the products suggested below )

1) Keep up-to-date on developments via the Internet. The mass-media is not reliable because like the government, they want to avoid any mass panic.  While that is a noble goal, withholding information as was done previously when the Fukushima disaster struck in March, 2011, allowed people to get exposed to radiation which could kill them now - or years from now.  TRN believes people have a right to know, so as to make an informed decisions about whether to protect themselves or not. 

2) Go immediately (RIGHT NOW) to your local home improvement or hardware store for rolls of plastic, Duct tape and  a couple rolls of self-adhesive weather stripping. You want to have a roll or two of the type of plastic that is used by painters; (the kind they use to cover your floor and furniture in case paint drips) and a roll or two of Duct tape.  Don't deploy this yet, but if the radiation arrives, you'll HAVE what you need and won't be battling a million other people trying to get some when the danger actually hits.  You can use the plastic and duct tape things to cover the insides of your windows, doors, AC electric plugs, light switches, bathroom exhaust vents, stove exhaust vents, -- even ceiling vents, to TRY to keep out radiation particles once you know they're arriving.  (NOTE: this may not be 100% effective.  Houses have loads of nooks and crannies which allow air from the outside to get inside.  If you cover the largest ones, you're at least giving yourself and family a fighting chance.)

3) If radiation is identified as heading toward your area or has arrived in your area:
a) Cut sheets from the roll of plastic, large enough to cover your windows, window frames/woodwork, sliding glass doors, doggie doors, etc., and do so on the INSIDE of your house.  Once the sheets are cut to size, secure that plastic to your inside walls using Duct tape.  You want to cover things inside not outside so the weather doesn't cause the plastic to make noise or perhaps rip off during high wind, rain or snow. The duct tape should cover 100% of the edge of the plastic, making a good seal AROUND the window, sliding glass doors, doggie doors, etc.  It is important to note that the plastic should go AROUND the woodwork on the inside the window/door and NOT merely around the inner perimeter of the window itself.  Gaps between the window assemblies and exterior walls might not be air-tight; especially in older homes where the silicone weather sealant around windows/doors is worn or in earthquake prone areas where the shaking has loosened-up window/door seals.  This will help seal out radiation particles in the air so they shouldn't be able to get inside your home.  Those of you in private homes should do this sealing on EVERY door, window, vent on every floor of your home, from the basement to the attic.  Those of you who do not have basements, will usually find vents along the slab foundation which are designed to naturally ventilate under the house.  SEAL THESE from the outside as best you can.  Similarly, those of you without full attics, will usually see vents of some type for the roof rafter area. SEAL THESE as best you can too. (PLEASE don't fall off any roof or off any ladder. Be careful!)

b) Cut smaller sheets from the roll of plastic to cover electrical outlets and  light switches inside the house. Those outlets and switches are breaks in the walls to the inner structure of the house.  The inner structure gets naturally ventilated under the eaves and awnings of the house.  While the air flow is not generally a lot, it IS there;  you want to seal it out.  As with the windows, use Duct tape to hold the plastic a full inch or two around the entire perimeter of the light switch our electrical outlets.

c) Cut sheets from the roll of plastic to cover vents: Bathrooms, stoves. Remember, this is just a TEMPORARY situation and the radiation will usually blow-over or dilute within a week or so.  While none of us likes the smell in the bathroom after it is used, it's better to put up with that for a few days than have radiation in there from the vents.  BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU CHOOSE TO COVER A STOVE EXHAUST VENT; YOU DON'T WANT THE PLASTIC GOING ON FIRE IF YOU'RE COOKING.

d) DO NOT use duct tape or plastic over your main entry/exit door. If, God forbid, there's a fire, you want to be able to exit fast and not be battling duct tape to get out.  Instead, maybe check to see the weatherstripping around the door is in good shape or at worst, add a layer of new weatherstripping to what's already there.  The bottom of the door sill can be covered with a rolled-up towel if necessary,to prevent drafts at the bottom of the door.

4)  Get an minimum "NIOSH N100-certified" filter mask for yourself and each member of your family. NIOSH stands for National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) which is an agency of the US Government.  They rate protective gear for various industries and the lowest possible level of mask with any hope at all of filtering out radiation particles must be rated by NIOSH as N100.   The masks cost about $30 on Ebay and look like this:

SERIOUS NOTE: There are TIME CONSTRAINTS on the use of the N100-rated mask in a hostile environment.  Having such a mask is not a license to go out and have fun.  It is a limited mask, with limited capability for a limited time period, to help protect you in this type of emergency.

Of course, you can go all-out and get some super-mask for several hundred dollars, but the minimum you need is an N100 rated mask.

Whatever you do, don't try to get "cute" and figure you can "get away with" a mask that is rated N95 or lower.  An N95 mask will NOT filter out the tiny particles involved here and you will be fooling yourself if you buy any mask rated less than N100.

It is important to understand that a "hospital mask" normally used by Doctors, WILL NOT PROTECT YOU AT ALL from radioactive particles.  The particles are so small, they can fit right through a typical surgical mask used by doctors.  If you breathe-in any "hot Particles" of radiation, they will wreak havoc on your lungs and cause very rapid deterioration of your health. Cancers, Leukemias, Hemorrhaging . . . . you get the idea.

5) About your job and going to work during a radiation emergency . . . .
Those of us with jobs can't simply call-in and tell the boss we can' come to work today because we're afraid of the radiation. So start discussing this situation with your bosses first thing TODAY. See if the company as a whole is willing to develop some type of strategy to deal with taking time off due to a radioactive plume coming onto the west coast of north America from Japan, making things unsafe for a few days.  Start the conversation.  Don't wait until things spiral out of control and people are panicking.

6) If you HAVE to go out, clothing will get contaminated; be prepared to protect yourself
Wear an NIOSH N100 mask at all times when you are outside your house during the plume's arrival and presence.  Yes, you're probably going to feel like a jerk; especially when the uninformed, the ignorant and those "in denial" about the real danger, start poking fun at you.  Just remember you'll have the last laugh.

A VERY helpful tool for this situation is a disposable TYVEK suit and booties.  You can get them at most home improvement stores and on EBAY for about $8. Tyvek coveralls are one-piece garments, usually white, commonly worn by mechanics, painters, installation installers, and laboratory and cleanroom workers where a disposable, one-time use coverall is needed.   They are also used for some light HAZMAT applications, such as asbestos and radiation work but do not provide the protection of a full hazmat suit.  Wear it to work, when you get inside, take it off right at the doorway and throw it away in a garbage can near the door.  It's done. Don't touch it again. Then go wash your hands and face to wash away whatever may have accumulated on them.

If you simply refuse to walk outside dressed-up like a Bunny, you must realize that Clothing worn while you are outside will have contamination on it.  This is unavoidable. Once you've been outside and enter your job, remove your outerwear and place it as close to the door as you can. You may want to pack a change of clothing in a tightly closed gym bag, to change-into at work. Having a change of clothes for when you get to work might not be a bad idea.  The change of clothes ought to include FOOTWEAR.

When you're outside, your footwear is going to be picking up the contamination that fell onto the ground. This is unavoidable.  What you CAN do, is take those shoes off once you get where you're going, and thereby not track the radiation into wherever you are.  You may want to get "Disposable Plastic Shoe Covers" to help avoid at least SOME of the radiation getting onto your shoes.  These shoe covers are cheap, and you throw them away as soon as you get inside your destination.

For Eye protection, we suggest a cheap pair of Swimmer's Goggles.  The purpose of this is to prevent radioactive particles from landing on your eyeballs.  Swimmer's goggles will fit the bill pretty well and you can wash them off once you get to where  you're going, and use the goggles again the next time you go out.  Radiation washes off with soap and water.

The same procedures listed above for going to and from work, should be used by you and your family when going to/from home.  After all, you don't want to bring radiation into your house on your clothes, shoes etc, or walk-it-through the whole house once you arrive.  Put a coat rack just-inside the entry door.  Put a shoe rack too.  First thing everyone does when they walk in the door - ditch the outerwear and shoes right then and there.  YOU DO NOT want to be tracking radiation into and all over your house, then spewing it up into the air when you vacuum and it comes out with the vacuum exhaust air.  You want to stop the radiation as close to the door as you can.  If you prefer, put a clothes hamper -- LINED WITH A PLASTIC LAWN-AND-LEAF-SIZE BAG just inside the front door and change your clothes the moment you get in.  When the hamper is full, seal-up the bag, take it to the washer and wash the radiation away.

The suggestions above are just that SUGGESTIONS.  What you choose to do - or not do - is, of course, up to you. One thing is clear, though: Fukushima is acting up again and when it does, the wind and sea will carry the results to North America within days.

If you would like to be alerted by e-mail about future news of this type or of RADIATION ALERTS, you can subscribe to our "ALERTS" e-mail service, free!  This is *NOT* a discussion list; you will *NOT* be deluged with email and your email will *NEVER* be sold or rented to anyone.  To sign-up, click HERE


Kauai Reporting Huge Radiation Spikes, TEPCO Reports Fukushima is Steaming Away, Dec 24, 25, 27.

 48 At around 7:00 am on December 27, and confirmed by the camera that from Unit 3 reactor building, 5th floor near the center, steam is generated. Have not been identified abnormal plant conditions of 54 minutes at 7:00 am the same day, the indicated value of the monitoring post (meteorological data of 50 minutes at 7:00 am, 5.1 ℃ temperature, 93.1% humidity).
 They also reported this on Dec 24, and Dec 25.     I think it is because they "show up for work at 7AM" and possibly tidal effects are impacting the coriums during their time of start work.  

This is the Google translated link

This is the original link

This is the Google Translate Site

PS Google is not all evil, just mostly evil.   Thanks for the blogger platform though, LOL.

Kauai just reported just huge radiation spikes.

Civil Servants, their focus is taking money

This is kind of funny.   During the shutdown, this was what NWS workers spent their time on.

Creating a funny code.     Suspicious is the use of the word amalgamating in the fourth line.   

When it comes time to protecting the public, when the chips are really down.   Just saying, protect yourself as well as you can, if you are expected Gov help after Katrina, after Sandy, the results should be obvious. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Strontium, the Bogeyman exists, a Wicked One Two Punch

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There are bogeymen that we do not speak of, but let us speak of them now.

Indeed, Strontium is truly the Bogeyman.      The "hit energy" is .546MeV Beta, which if that is not bad enough, the daughter radionuclide of that reaction is Yttrium Y90 with a short half life of 2.5 you get a quick and predictable secondary blast of Beta but this time at a much higher energy at 2.2 MeV.   This is THE HIGHEST FORCE punch of any of the common radionuclides.   Think Mohammed Ali.

Ouch, so first you get sucker punched by the Zombie Bogeyman, then in your weakened state, your get a point blank massive blow from a MMA fighter.

Strontium goes right into the bone and stays there, and of course the blood is produced in the bones, and then you get leukemia, which is terrible and deadly, often very quickly.   Bone marrow also produces essential element of the lymph system which is what fights sickness and disease.

1963 was the peak levels of atmospheric pollution from nuclear testing.

Kids tested high in strontium in their teeth (think tooth fairy and that workman's comp nightmare, LOL) in those days.   There were also a lot of respiratory realted ailments, and nuclear fallout does cause that.

I was born in 1963.   I almost died twice from respiratory ailments, in my first 2 years.    Nuclear almost got me.   Now it's time to Kill Nuke.

You can protect against Strontium by loading with calcium (think Tums) but it must be done within 24 hours, and sooner is better.  The liars will never fess up within 24 hours.   

The below link shows how to protect against certain radionuclides.

And the Fukushima "water treatment" only takes out the cesium, not the strontium, that is why "they" try very hard to avoid talking about the bogeyman under the bed, Strontium.    The Fukushima treated water is thus highly concentrated in strontium.

In fact, as of Feb 2013 TEPCO has not done any removal of Strontium, although the infamous ALPS system which can remove some strontium is supposed to be working in March 2013.   After that, TEPCO wants to dump the still somewhat radioactive water right into the ocean, because they "don't have room for more tanks".

Besides the massive radiation from the initial dispersal exlosions and nuclear fires, and the subsequent continuous groudwater pollution, a further "dump" from nuclear boy, will mean many fish, shells, and coral will have a large concentration of strontium, and the half life is right around 30 years, just like cesium.  The gift that keeps on giving.

Here is a scientific paper on Strontium specifically related to Fukushima.

Here are some handy charts for Energy Levels and types of emissions (alpha, beta, or gamma)
Interesting that the energy levels are different from the ones stated in the biogeosciences scientific document above.

To remove radioactive cesium from the water, TEPCO introduced the Simplified Active Water Retrieve and Recovery System (SARRY) in August 2011. Fourteen four-meter-tall cylinders stand inside a SARRY building. Filters inside the cylinders remove radioactive cesium, making the radiation dose 10,000 times lower.
 On the west side of the plant's grounds, another system dubbed ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System) was being constructed. As this can remove 62 of 63 kinds of radioactive materials released from the plant, TEPCO decided to build ALPS to deal with materials that SARRY cannot handle, such as strontium. The one material ALPS cannot remove is tritium.    Tritium is basically radioactive water and nothing can filter it out.   Fortunately Tritium is a weak Beta emitter at 18.6 keV, but the half life is fairly long at around 12 years.   All nuclear plants produce and emit tritium.   

Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Tracking Cancer and Asking the Right Questions

Growing up, going through a few science/engineering colleges, and working in the energy engineering field for 30 years, one might think that I would have a very good  grasp of nuclear power, radiation, and THE RISKS related to radiation.    Unless of course, there was a system in place to keep THE RISKS hidden in plain site.

Indeed I had a pretty good grasp of

1) Alpha, Beta, Gamma radiation,
2) And a pretty good grasp of the process of nuclear power (splitting atoms to boil water one way or the other),
3) But the risks had always been obscured by "the wrong question".  

To quickly answer 2) for decades after TMI I had mistakenly assumed that US nuclear plants were being run responsibly, with proper risk management.     I was sadly wrong, and I wrote this Manifesto shortly after Fukushima, check it out here:

Manifesto - Why Shut Them Down

The risks have been obscured by an excellent lie that somehow the nuclear industry had foisted on the public, even the universities.    The lie is that the only risk of radiation is in causing cancer.   And further, that radiation takes a long time to cause cancer, therefore it is not something you need to be concerned with now.

I wasn't aware until today that Dr. Rosalie Bertell had died last year.   She fought to expose these lies of nuclear for over 40 years.    Interesting also that she was a Nun like that 82 year old Nun who broke into the nuclear storage facility and is now being an activist in jail.

Dr. Bertell did huge studies on radiation risks due to X-rays and it's effects on people.    She found in the data, not just cancer, but also other disease, and she worked it into an accelerated aging process.

So the Question of "How Much Cancer Does Radiation Cause" is the WRONG QUESTION.   How much weakening of your immune system does radiation cause, how much other disease does radiation cause, how much lower energy and confused thinking does radiation cause, what level of lower quality of life through all these factors does radiation cause?    
Radiation ages you faster.     Radiation also weakens us, while at the same time, putting us under more stress.   That's a wicked one-two punch.

From this link, Rosalie Bertell kept up her activism into the last years of her life.   Let us celebrate that life.   She died June 14, 2012, 15 months after Fukushima started.

How grateful we must be for this magnificent gift of life and all we have needed to sustain it over the last hundreds of thousands of years! Yet, today it is under threats never felt before in its entire unfolding journey!“ Rosalie Bertell (Slowly Wrecking Our Planet, 2010)
We are presented with the chance of an awakening from the deceptive dream of a righteous way how things are working. We have the opportunity to recognize that in the end what counts are only the recognition and practice of the joy of living and the love of life! However, this life as it is possible on this earth – unique in our cosmos – is incredibly endangered today. If we manage to recognize this, then paradoxically we can grow toward the ability of perceiving and experiencing this joy and this love anew or maybe for the first time in its full dimension – and this time without any naivety, but rather as an answer to the question about what we can actually really do in face of this fear provoking threat towards life and the earth: Namely to stand up for them – beyond feelings of fear and anxiety – what else!?“ Claudia von Werlhof (Two Years Of Planetary Movement for Mother Earth: The Fear and – What to do?“, 6th Letter of Information of the PMME, June 2012)

Rosalie Bertell and The Future of Planet Earth

Interviewer: I think you did a lot of research about the radiation, even when it is a low radiation where usually it is said: “Don’t worry, no problem at all”. What have you found out about the effects of low radiation in the long run?

Bertell: Well, my background is as a researcher. And I started by studying the effects of medical diagnostics x-ray, dental x-ray and chest x-ray. We had a huge population that was followed over three years. So we had about 64 million person years in the study, it is very big. If you have a big population like that and you have measurable x-ray exposures, you can see what happens in the population. I am coming from looking at medical x-rays, and then seeing environmental pollution as bigger.
With many other researchers studied the atomic bomb and they go down to these low levels and I said: Oh it´s not anything! So a lot depends on your perspective. So when you look at a large population and you start saying and you ask what happens when they were exposed to radiation, I think generally the question has been wrong. People ask: How many cancers does it cost. I don’t think that is the answer. Because if you look at live in general, the most obvious thing is we grow old. And we grow old in a kind of systematic way and even the cancers are old age diseases. So what I did was to change the question. And I said: How much medical x-ray would you need to be exposed to so that you get the equivalent of one year of natural aging. That is a very different research question. In order to measure natural aging I use the non-lymphatic leukemia. They go up in a large population like compound interest, ranging from about age 15 every year there is a 3% to 4 % increase in the rate of the non-lymphatic leukemia. It is just when you have money in the bank that interest is not very big when you are 16 or 20 years old, but by the time you get to 60 that is a large amount of money, it is also a large rate of this cancer. That is why they come at the end.
So I used that as my measuring stick and asked: how much medical x-ray would be the equivalent? I actually measured the aging effect of having dental x-rays or chest x-ray. What was surprising to me: It’s the same amount as you would get background in a year. So it didn’t make any difference if you got that radiation exposure very fast, because you got a chest x-ray or whether you had it slowly over a year. You still in terms of vulnerability you were aged. What that means then practically: If you are in your 20s or 30s and you have an accident and need extensive x-rays probably you won’t feel much in terms of the difference. However if you are vulnerable like 60, 70 years old, the annual level of what you experience, you will experience more vulnerability from the x-rays because it is a percentage and a higher rate if incidents. So you are more vulnerable as you get older.
And so I started looking at young people who got leukemia and I mean the cases under 45 years of age. And I found within certain groups they are something like six times as likely to get leukemia in that younger age group. And if you have young people with things like diabetes arthritis, often we associate them with old age. There it is 12 times as likely to be in a young group to have leukemia. So there are some signals to us that a person is prematurely aged and those people are more vulnerable to radiation exposure.
It’s like they have already moved further on the list. And it’s not exactly medical x-ray, because for example with people who have heart-disease, some are treated more aggressively with respect to x-ray. Some people with heart-disease are x-rayed every year. Other have an x-ray may be five or six years and it was the once who had the x-rays more frequently that came up with the leukaemia. So I started moving people at the age line according to their own personal record of medical diagnostic x-ray. And it explains very many biological phenomena. There seems to be a whole lot of aging processes connected with this.
 4b354) One of the most remarkable things is very often in radiation studies that men and women radiation measurements are different. I put them on the exposure age which was your ordinary age plus your medical exposure. When I did them with exposure age many women were the same and I found that it had much to do with the cultural difference in the use of x-rays. Many young men had x-rays because of sports. They had all these sport injuries. Women don’t start to get x-rays until they are pregnant. And then it is mostly dental. And then you get to the midlife-crisis. So where is a difference in the way we treat men and women and boys and girls with x-rays.
 Interviewer: Could this relate also to this kind of radioactive radiation which we have through atomic testing or Chernobyl?
Bertell: When we get into the nuclear industry whether it is uranium mining or milling or the reactors or use of weapons or even the radioactive waste, you are into particular radiation which we can either breathe in or take in in water and food. It can stay in the body and differentially expose some organs and not other organs. So, you get these small amounts of radiation operating in the body, and you get what I would call „differential aging“. So many of the problems we see come from who long this material stays in the body and where it goes.

Interviewer: So would you say these general reactions of the governments if there is any accident that there is no danger for the citizens, that this is basically wrong?
Bertell: It is basically wrong. It is basically wrong because this particles release energy. The DNA that carries all your genetic material or the RNA which are the messenger molecules which run our body, which make our body work. So we have to ask: how much energy will it take to break them? It only takes 6 to 10 electron-volts of energy to break these big molecules. If you take something like uranium, which is not considered very radioactive, just one atom and one event releasing an alpha-particle is over 4 million electron-volts. You cannot release that in tissue that is living and not do damage. So when you talk probabilities, you are moving from the fact that you break DNA, you break RNA, you can destroy the membrane of a cell, you can break things like the mitochondria that can do the energy of the cell.

You can say, we do not care about all the damage, we only care if this damage leads to a fatal cancer. So that is the only one will count. You can start making the probability smaller if you make the end point more particular and say: I don´t care if I get diabetes, I don´t care if my immune system is down, I don´t care for all these other things.
Interviewer: Iraq DU (Depleted Uranium). Can you say something about DU in weapons as they were used during the Iraq war?

Bertell: Depleted uranium is the waste from the uranium enrichment process, which is a process needed both for a nuclear reactor and for nuclear weapons. In term for the United States the greatest amount of waste is depleted uranium. If it is radioactive, it requires a licence to be able to even handle it. And when they do the tests of these weapons in the United States they do it in a superbox, which is totally sealed, in the same way they would experiment with biological warfare, chemical warfare agents. So it is a level for high protection for even to test it.

It is chemical warfare, because uranium is a heavy metal, a very toxic heavy metal, and it is also radiological warfare, because these things are radioactive. Something special happens to it in the field. It is not just like radioactive dust in a mine or a mill. Because if you put it in a bullet or a missile and it hits the target this friction is enough to set it on fire and it goes to very high temperature. What happens is it forms an aerosol, which is ceramic or glass. It is like pottery and putting it in an oven it becomes ceramic. So what you have are very small particles of glass which are radioactive, which can be breathed, which are light, so they can move a great distance from the point of impact. It is easily measured 40 kilometers from impact.
Because of being glass they are highly insoluble in water and that is very important, because it means they stay in the body longer. To understand that: If you sit in the sun for 15 minutes is not same as if you sit there for 12 hours. So if you take very soluble uranium it can pass through the body in 12 hours and be gone. Some of the more insoluble may take to years. But this stuff looks like it is taking 10 years or more. So right now the veterans from the gulf war – they were exposed in 1991, this is 1999 (in the research) and they are still excreting between 4 and 5 microgram of this depleted uranium every day in urine. That is totally unacceptable. It is no wonder they have medical problems. It does damage to the blood, the bone, the lever, the spleen, the lymph-knots, the kidney. You got this material which is radioactive inside the body for nine years, ten years. That is why you are dealing with such a massive and such a mysterious kind of medical syndrome.
 According to the Pentagon 400.000 of the American veterans where exposed with depleted uranium: on the map is the whole southern part of Iraq. So you had 400.000 exposed. They say 200.000 have sought medical care through the veterans-administrations since they are home. Of that a 115.000 have been diagnosed with gulf war syndrome, which means these man are unable to work. Many have died. I have had various estimates that the number of those that have died reaches upwards 8000 to 10.000. The others can’t work. They have chronic fetite (fatigue?), vomiting, blinding, headache, inability to sleep, respiratory problems, various kinds of pain, cramps – just general disability. They also had an abnormal number of deformed children. And this depleted uranium has been found in seminal fluid. So it is a very serious problem. If I have to say how much of the gulf syndrome would be due to depleted uranium, I would guess about 50% of the damage. (…..)
What they like about the uranium is it is free. They get it free because it is radioactive waste. And it saves the company money because they would have to properly keep it away from the biosphere. They like it because it is free. (…) 600) It is very much like landmines, because it will continue to kill long after the war is over. It differentially will kill the women and the children, because women have high risk tissue, breast and uterine tissue which are more radiation sensitive. Children are growing so they incorporate more in bones and will have the long term cancer effects. It is also a violation of the international law because it has very broad pollution effect that will go across national boundaries. It also makes the „precision-bombing“ lutecrice (ridiculous?). It is not precision bombing. And I think it also undermines NATO’s claim of this being a humanitarian war, because what they are doing it terms of poisoning the land and the people and the water and the food is certainly not humanitarian. So it is a complete contradiction to everything they claim to be standing for.
I understand from international lawyers that we do not even need a new convention for it, it is already condemned under international law. The opinion of the human rights tribunal in Geneva (it is in Strasbourg) is that it is a weapon of „mass and indiscriminate destruction and therefore it is unlawful“. The United Nations has appointed a reporter for this issue and they are going to present their brief in August this summer. The World Health Organization is trying to set up an Investigative Committee to look at Iraq´s claim, because they now have six times the rate of childhood cancer and some of the Iraqi Veterans, that were exposed now have between five and six times the lymphomia and leukemia rate of veterans that where not exposed. So the World Health Organization has asked for funding and volunteers and wants to do a three year study in Iraq. All of that supportive information is not in, but it is already clear that it violates the international laws and it certainly violates the public relations material coming out on this war.
Interviewer: …Severe consequence for future generations?
Bertell: It will have consequences. I have done a lot of work on the Marshall Islands where they got the fallout from the weapon testing. And the Rongalap people are people that are dying out, that whole clan.
Interviewer: …Marshall Islands- example

Bertell: It increases infertility and inability to have children. They went for about five years without even being able to get pregnant. Then they started having spontaneous abortions, what they call jelly-fish-babies. It is a pregnancy of something like a tumour, a child is not formed. It is a molar pregnancy. Then they started having deformed birth. But the birth rate is dramatically down at this whole clan of people and there next generation is physically less fit. Their birth rate is down, they die younger, in the 30s and 40s. So it is obvious that this whole line of people is dying, it is not going to survive. What I think we are doing is that our generation is making a decision on how many future generations there will be. How much in shorted depends on how careless we are. So we already shortened future generations because whenever you introduce genetic defect then this line will eventually die out. But some will go two generations, some will go seven generation.
When you are talking about constant low radiation exposure, what you are doing is introducing mistakes into the gene-pool. And those mistakes will eventually turn up by killing that line, that cell line, that species line. The amount of damage determines whether this happens in two generations or in seven generations or 10 generations. So what we are doing by introducing more mistakes into the DNA or the Gene pool is we are shortening the number of generations that will be viable on the planet.
We have shortened the number of generations that will follow us. We have shortened that already. So we reduced the viability of living systems on this planet, whether it can recover or not. We don’t have any outside source to get new DNA. So have the DNA we have, whoever will live on this planet in the future is present right now in the DNA. So if we damage it we don’t have another place to get it.
There will be no living thing on earth in the future that is not present now in a seed, in a sperm and the ovum of all living plants and animals. So it is all here now. It is not going to come from Mars or somewhere. Living things come from living things. So we carry this very precious seed for the future. And when you damage it you do two things. You produce a less viable harmonized organism with the environment; at the same time we are leaving the toxic and radioactive waste around. So you are going to have a more hazardous environment and a less capable organism. That is a death syndrome for the species, not only for the individual. It is going to be harder to live. And the body will be less able to take stress and you are increasing the stress at the same time.
We are responsible for what we turn over to the next generation. It is amazing to me because I am the daughter of people that came from Europe, migrated to Canada and the United States for a better life for their children. And it seems that our generation does not care for the future. It is not our heritage. Our heritage was to give something better to our children, than we received. And we seem not to care. I find these very strange and I think most of our grandparents would turn over in their graves, if they would know what we are doing.
 Yes we certainly have to chance our heads and there are very good ways to carry this message. I think we even need a legal protection. We are thinking in terms of a „Seven Generations Law“, which means that everything that is passed through legislation, you have to answer the question what is the impact of this to our great grandchildren´s great grandchildren. You have to be asked an answer this question before you take any major planning or major changes or major laws. It is the North American indigenous peoples´ rule that it has to (be) safe for grandchildren´s grandchildren. Otherwise it is not acceptable.
 There is no real protection from it but you can reduce the effects by some things. Certainly stay in the house with windows closed during these bombing episodes and as long afterwards as possible. But your main concern will be getting it through the food chain. They are same key-leading agents. They take inorganic material out of living tissues. One very simple key-leading agent and a mild one is distilled water. You can use distilled water to cook your vegetables. If there were any uranium in the vegetables it will go out with the liquid. You can also drink the distilled water instead of either bottled or filtered or regular water. Distilled water will do the same thing in the body. It will tend to take out the unwanted inorganic chemicals. Another thing that available generally is „spirulina“, which is a blue-green algae you can usually get in a health-food-store. That is also mild key-leading agent and will help to rid the body of some of these toxins, included the depleted uranium.
Or try to get rid of it through sweat respiration: Saunas. If you get it out through the skin you save the kidneys. The idea is to get it out of the tissue and out of the blood and then out of the body instead of going back into storage.
We need to learn to get along with each other, because we live on a small planet. If we fight over it nobody is going to have it. Another thing is: We are straining the natural ability of the earth to generate itself. The earth can usually take it back within a year. But when we measure what we now take out (as) resources (fish, food, iron, coal, oil), all these resources which we take for our lifestyle. We are now taking out about 1.33 times what the earth can replenish in a year. So we are running an ecological deficit. In 1992 we were at 1.25, so is going up. People worry about financial deficit, but that is nothing compared to an ecological deficit. It means constantly reducing the carrying power of the globe. At the same time we are increasing in the number of people. If we don’t do something this will be a global dimension crisis.
That´s the reason to say: the most important thing to do is to eliminate the military globally. The military is one of the most rapid consumer of resources. If you got rid the military globally you would immediately get rid of the ecological deficit, that we are running up every year. This is buying us time to set up a better way to live on this planet. Yes, we need globalisation in the heads. We don’t need Mono-culture, but we need to learn how to live together on this earth, how to use conflict resolution in place of military, yes we need a police-force, yes we need laws and courts and that sort of thing. But we don‘t need military. Military is an abnormality. It is destroying our culture, it is destroying our environment, it is destroying everything we want. And it is time to get rid of it.
 Interviewer: 7 Generations?

Bertell: I would maximize the health of this beautiful living planet as much as I could and I would say: I give you this with love. Keep it and give it to as many generations as you can. Life can be good. And live is really a beautiful gift. None of us has asked for it. None of us deserves it. It shouldn’t be something that is a disaster for everybody. It should be something enjoyable and that means that we have to do it differently from the way we are doing it now. For most people live is a terrible thing. People are committing suicide, because it is so ugly for them. That is not life. That is not the way it should be. No other species is going around committing suicide like humans. So there is something very radically wrong with the way we are behaving.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bubble in Tiger Shark Attacks Makena Maui Hawaii and Shark Tracking Program

Just what that the world needs....a Bubble in Tiger Shark Attacks

The one that just happened in Makena Maui is getting a bit spooky.    The Tiger killed a man who was on a large kayak.  Maui has now seen 8 attacks this year, even some hardcore locals are staying out of the water until they figure out what is going on.     Maybe try hiking for a while?

Live shark tagging and tracking site.

Also see my chart showing the parabolic rise in shark attacks since Fukushima.    It is always inadvisable to kill the biggest ocean on the HOME PLANET.   Bad juju.

Chart and article here

Monday, December 23, 2013

Fukushima Unit 4 was NOT a hydrogen explosion transferred from Unit 3

This link is a good compilation of pictures in Chronological order, the takeaway is that TEPCO lied yet again, and there was fuel in reactor 4, and the spent fuel pool melted/burned a little, and the equipment pool burned big time and burnt out of its pool and through the side wall of the building.

Reactor 3 was already completely destroyed the prior day, so the claim that hydrogen explosion from the cross connector pipe to 3 went into 4 and caused the explosion is just ludicrous.     Now we have to turn to thinking that 4 was also MOX, and also experienced a minor moderated prompt criticality.

I copied the text below from A Green Road blog, as it lays out the video transcript in one easy to consume reading.      Funny, I watched the video first before reading AGR conclusions, and had come to the same conclusion----------

Reactor 4 was not empty, and the Equipment pool at 4 was full of MOX fuel.     So this is a significant lie since that means so much more Plutonium was launched and aerosolized into our HOME PLANET atmosphere.   Also because there was a meltdown of the hotter burning MOX, there was corium to concrete interaction, which results in much more Strontium being volatalized.     This is backed up by Strontium being measured in higher quantities than Cesium in Hawaii cow milk. 

You probably do know that Strontium is way more deadly than cesium.   I did a nice writeup here on Strontium.
Watch the overwhelming proof in this material, that suggests TEPCO and the nuclear industry are lying about many of the things that happened with Building # 4. This is a report about the equipment pool of R4 totally melting down, and the fuel inside of it flowing out of the building.
The pictures tell a story that does not line up with what TEPCO and the nuclear industry is saying about Building #4. Watch and see if you agree with the analysis. Watch the video to see the following details:
Satellite imagery of Fukushima all four reactors from March 14, 2011 @11:04am note R4 is steaming away! TEPCO and NRC claims r4 blew from hydrogen entering from reactor 3 pipe. How could this be possible when R3 is blown up and we can clearly see R4 undergoing extreme heat steam release?
Satellite imagery from March 14, 2011 @11:04am R1 blown up melted down bottom left next up is the R2 building outside structure intact, next R3 MOX plutonium reactor blown up steaming heavily to atmosphere centre pic, top is R4 steaming away putting into question the lie from the nuclear industry that R4 blew up from hydrogen from R3.
March 14 2011 @ 11:01am R3 building explodes, injuring six workers. @13:15pm The reactor core isolation cooling system for reactor 2 stops and, shortly afterwards, the water level within the reactor starts falling. @15:00pm A major part of the fuel in R3 meltsdown and drops to the bottom of the reactor pressure vessel. @18:00pm: The water level in R2 reaches the top of the fuel and by 20:00pm Core damage starts occurring in R2.
There are no images of Fukushima on March 15, 2011 due to a 9 HOUR fire that breaks out at R4. Radiation levels at the plant rise significantly and the workers are evacuated. @11:00am A second explosion of reactor 3 happens. (this is another lie about another building; they say only 1 hydrogen explosion happened)
Satellite imagery from March 16, 2011 @09:35am see R4 to the left (south) steaming from the south wall where the sfp (spent fuel pool) is located. R3 is steaming like a jet into the atmosphere centre pic most damaged reactor. Can see R1 on the right blown up and no steam as it would have already burned and released its lethal load to the environment.
Satellite imagery March 16, 2011 @ 10:35am Just like the picture before this one we can see R1 in red box at top (north) with no steam from its already melted fuel. R4 is at the bottom (south) in red box no steam seen from the north wall.
March 16, 2011 Zoom on North wall of R4 molten mass note the molten mass that flowed out of the wall is gold colour it later turns black as pictures will show. Also not the black smoke rising from R4!
Satellite imagery March 17, 2011 @ 12:00am steam from all reactors dissipates compared to the first week of releases.
March 17, 2011 from helicopter TEPCO says/confirms there is water in R4sfp
March 18, 2011 fly over. Yellow smoke seen rising up from R4SFP indicating fuel damage in the SFP!
March 18, 2011 fly over Zoom of molten mass that flowed out of R4 north wall the same side as the Equipment Pool (EP). The R4SFP in located on the south wall.
March 20, 2011 drone fly over facing west, see r4 north wall buckled and blob melted out.
March 20, 2011 drone fly over looking straight down see the buckle in the north wall. SFP is still steaming away good thing that means there is water.
March 20,2011 heat signature from thermographic images show there was more to reactor 4 then the spent fuel pool. The SFP would be on the left and the core in the muddle and the equipment pool on the right all show heat signatures.