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Monday, December 30, 2019

Earth's Magnetics Allowing High Energy Particles To Accelerate Volcano's and Earthquakes, Hawaii Taking High Hits On Moana Kea

The Kp Index (Magnetic Shield aka Field) has been super low for almost 2 months now.    And EQ activity and Volcanic activity is definitely on the rise.

World wide 54 quakes in 24H at 2.5M and up 

That's a full sigma above median rates.

Pictures of the Crescent Moon -- Last Days of the Decade -- Canon 6D Mark 2

stock here

Shot from my back deck in Hawaii, using a $25 tripod from the Aloha Swap Meet, and manual release with the button on Camera.    The formerly easy to use smart phone control over the camera is now no longer easy to use.    Canon is too "woke" methinks. 

But this new camera is pretty amazing, beats the later makes of the 5D in many respects.   Enjoy and comment.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

LGBTQ Abuser -- Kevin Spacey's Third Accuser Dies -- Same Day Spacey Releases Video "Kill Them With Kindness"

Norwegian author Ari Behn, the ex-husband of Princess Märtha Louise and one of those accusing
actor Kevin Spacey of sexual assault, has died

Behn made international headlines in December 2017 when he claimed that actor Kevin Spacey had groped him at the afterparty for a Nobel Peace Prize concert in 2007. Behn said the two were talking for about 5 minutes before Spacey put his hand under the table and touched him.

But the really weird part....the same day that Spacey releases a Video saying "Kill Them With Kindness" along with ominous music.

I guess the sexual deviants and satanists pretty much know the Globalists got their back. 

Now the Norwegian princess who divorced him in 2017 has now brought home an American, a Black Homosexual, A self-proclaimed clairvoyant whose mother was also "Shaman type" from Haiti, and versed in Voodoo.  92% of Norwegians think she brought home a Charlatan.

Wow, the Spacey video that I posted here has now disappeared.   This is becoming common on Blogger (Google).

Spacey had previously been charged in the alleged groping of a young man at a bar in Massachusetts, but the charges were dropped on July 17.

Another case in California was dropped after the accuser, an anonymous masseur, was found dead. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office in October said it would be declining the case filed against the Oscar winner due to the death, described as “unexpected” by the LA Times.

In May another Kevin Spacey accuser was found dead after being struck by a car in Quincy, Massachusetts on Feb. 25, while crossing a parkway

This Black American "Shaman" believes in not working hard, and that we just pretend that things have to be hard because of our ego. And he has a whiny little voice....

Princess sure looks woke......she is happy and he looks like "I nailed you".


When I went through the video below, I noticed that it started out with a good "premise" aka Lie.

That just because something is hard doesn't mean it's your best course of action.

Then it devolved into "working hard" is just to feed your own ego.      See what you think.

Shifting the Narrative, Moving the Goal Posts -- As Positions Are Shown Untenable -- Media Is Used for More Pretense on "Cancel Culture"

stock here.

Calling the memes out of the gate.

I first saw this article on "Cancel Culture", which in my perspective, is the shouting down of anyone who's opinion the left doesn't like or tolerate. The essence of intolerance.

This has been happening many places, but most notably at American universities.

So when I saw "cancel culture" described as gorgeously messy, I intuited a new narrative being played.   That article on leftist Mashable is HERE

Let's go to the bottom line immediately.  
They pretend that cancel culture is having someone be criticized by multiple parties, and that it is primarily "OK" because it is often on "social media"

This same article points to the Fully Left (Globalist controlled) NYT article in which Hussein Obama

is portrayed as a "boomer" with a distorted view of why University students are so distorted....well read it yourself, LOL.

From article

As a millennial who has participated in using digital platforms to critique powerful people for promoting bigotry or harming others, I can assure you it wasn’t because they had “different opinions.”

It was because they were spreading the kinds of ideas that contribute to the marginalization of people like me and those I care about. It was because I didn’t want them to have a no-questions-asked platform to do this.
But same said millennial also plays the "boomer card", which basically says...."whatever", whatever you say is completely discarded by me because you are old.  

It is stunning that these "woke" cannot see that their own failings are exactly what they are trying to project onto others.  I say stunning,
because many really believe it.  It is not just because they are trying to push the "dissatisfaction everywhere, conflict and division everywhere" Globalist meme....they have bought it hook line and sinker.  

I guess that it is true that they have been "marginalized", by the liberal educational system that has been taken over in the K12 to the "highest levels".

Also a new meme from this article "Gender Justice"

In multiple articles, the Globalists, who were themselves using many of the celebrities in question, as part of their mutual assured blackmail and political control via sexual hijinks.....bring up Harvey Weinstein, and because many criticised him on social media (their pretend version of Cancel Culture) that their "movement" now holds all higher moral ground.  

Well, the best lies contain an element of the truth.  Weinstein was and is a pig of a man.   But it wasn't the "woke" that called him out in the first place.   Said woke were often other women who recruited young actresses and encouraged them to be Weinsteins "Toys".

Then another game they play.....we are not sure it even works, therefore boomers should be concerned with us using it.   Again, lets focus on the real process of cancel silence voices so that the controlled media narrative can be nearly unopposed.  About 2/3rds down on the article.

Whether cancel culture really works is debatable

stock post script, whilst closing out
my Firefox windows, I noted the story that really got me going on
this article.

They also shift the narrative by using an Urban dictionary, old, definition of "snowflake".


A Snowflake is a delicate little unicorn that can't accept the slightest criticism, that can't even STAND hearing something that conflicts with their programmed liberal
world view.   A snowflake needs a "safe space" where they can cuddle with a fluffy animal.

Ah, and now Medium will use a "slow" old veteran to reframe the Safespace.   

Read the graphic to see it.

And then he plays the "I am the slow old white guy" who is "uncomfortable" talking about the writings of classic writers.

Seriously?   He sounds like a snowflake.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

TMT Thirty Meter Telescope -- Massive Protests Funded By the Globalists to Create Strife --What should be their penalty?

No time, but I wanted to be the first to publish this thought.

Protests in Hawaii about a new telescope on top Mauna Kea are primarily a tool of globalist to create disatisfaction and race war.


stock here.   Most of you haven't heard of this but it is a REAL BIG THING (supposedly) in Hawaii.    They are even producing professional grade songs that push the narrative that "Everything is ours (Natives) from Hanalei to Hilo".

So you non-natives  who have worked your butts off to gain any property, should be expecting that all your assets may just be seized (eminent domain).   And it's not just property, it's "everything".
And that "We have been held down so long....".   Hawaiians are eligible for free Homestead land (wait list is long of course) while the other average families have to pay $800,000 for a basic house.  

The Bishop Estate Trust is one of the richest private charities in the World at $10B, at Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishops death in 1884, she held 9% of all the land in Hawaii.    The Bishop Estate owns 9.5% of Goldman Sachs.

If you take an estimate of 60,000 Hawaiians, that works out to $166,000 per Hawaiian.   This doesn't include the Hawaiian Homesteads that have been ceded to the new owners.  

The Kam schools are some of the best in the Pacific, and 77% of Hawaiian kids get financial support, on needs basis of course, with many getting full tuition covered.  This should definitely help to lift up Hawaiians, and this opportunity is unavailable to anyone else.    All that said, the annual tuition for 7 to 12, is very reasonable at $10,283.

But now through respected entertainers, musicians, through multiple songs, people are being made to feel that they have been "held down".


Who is funding this "protest".
Who decided to write the songs about MTM protest, professionally produced?
Why did this not happen for all the other telescopes?

Why has no evidence of "sacredness" ever been produced?

Methinks this is the Globalists trying to produce distrust, hatred, dissatisfaction at every level possible.

stock out

A local author, who is sometimes on the money, writes this


Saturday, December 21, 2019

Merry Christmas From Snowden's Hawaii House -- Snowden Did Not Kill His Own Passport

This picture was just taken today, a kind of cloudy windy day in Oahu.   As usual, the news was over the top with "wind alerts" and no damage was noted anywhere.

This is where Snowden lived with his pole dancing girlfriend.   It's 2 block kitty corner from my own house which is the exact same model.     The solar panels are filthy!    I should offer the new occupants a solar service, LOL.

Snowden did not kill his own passport.   The law breaking, spying globalists killed his passport.  

Merry Christmas from Snowden Country!


Thursday, December 19, 2019


A reader pointed to another site, with apparently contrary information. No time to review. End of year Solar work in full swing.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Earthquake Propagation -- by Michael Janitch

stock here -- I knew of Dutchsinse

But a reader alerted me to this EQ Propagation video.

For the record, Ma'am

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

2018 Hawaii Volcanic Event and the NZ Debacle Are Related, Proof Here.

I did a 3D animated movie of the start of the 2018 volcanic event, by plotting ONLY the above sea level earthquake events. It shows clearly that the event started with a big move of the Hilina Slump which set everything else off. Also should be noted that 2 large EQ in the former Slump underwater remnants destabilized the Slump.

This is being set off by magmatic nucleation of gases set off by very energetic Galactic Cosmic Rays which have increased steadily with the "Quiet Sun" and compression of Earth's magnetic field/shield. Pole shift doesn't help either. This is all my own research and goes outside what is "established science". Lot's of information on this site, but check this animation, it is very cool, AND explanatory.

Hawaii has been pounded this week with earthquakes, as well as the NZ tragedy. I have been predicting this based on a prior very unusual 30 days of the Kp index being super low "on the floor", which continues today, expect more activity. stock out.

Posted here

Monday, December 9, 2019

Kp Index -- Affects GCR's, Vuclanism, Earthquakes, and Clouds

12-10-19 Update --
Even though solar wind is picking up a bit, the Kp index stays flat on the floor.  

Expect more vulcanism, and Hawaii Earthquakes

I have also been observing near earth objects seemingly increasing over the last year, and have considered that it might be influenced by the newer telescopes put

I have a very scientific writeup on Space Weather, the new GOES-16 Satellite that went into official use today, and the 1972 Fast Flare that blew up 4000 ocean mines in Vietnam in 30 seconds.

Please check it out


Sunday, December 8, 2019

Pedophile George Nader -- "Donated" $3.5M To Put Hillary In Office and Take the House, $8100 TO Schiff, Liu, Klobuchar, Gillibrand, Booker,Baldwin, HRC

stock here

We "hear" a lot of things.   Having dead nuts proof is better.

George Nader was pimped out as the star witness against Trump in the Mueller debacle.   He was know for decades to be a pedophile, and by that I mean federal indictments.

Those who do not lie strongly enough about Trump get punished, and Nader sure did get punished.    As he flew into the USA, he was stopped at the airport, and they searched 3 phones, and found some pretty horrific child porn.

Like what?   You can read all you want but this guy has been getting sicker and sicker as time went on, see graphic on right.

Like 4 year old boys having sex with goats.  On his phone.

He was heavily connected with politicians, Democrats.   And the images below are from the spreadsheet I created, which you can download here from Box.

I created this from the raw data

stock here

We "hear" a lot of things.   Having dead nuts proof is better.

George Nader was pimped out as the star witness against Trump in the Mueller debacle.   He was know for decades to be a pedophile, and by that I mean federal indictments.

Those who do not lie strongly enough about Trump get punished, and Nadler sure did get punished.    As he flew into the USA, he was stopped at the airport, and they searched 3 phones, and found some pretty horrific child porn.

Like what?   You can read all you want but this guy has been getting sicker and sicker as time went
on, see graphic on right.

Like 4 year old boys having sex with goats.  On his phone.

Much of the actual indictments and such, and descriptions of the child porn, can be had at this site.   A real lefty site that tries to link Nader and Trump when the real Truth is Nader/Schiff/ Hillary


Now the globalists are pretending that Nadler was a top Trump campaign official.    I think that is a lie worthy of a defamation lawsuit.

Pedophile Nadler was 100% in bed with the DNC and Hillary 

In fact, and we have the proof, and with a lot of effing work I have put it into a spreadsheet and then into a PivotTable to summarize it.  You can have the whole spreadsheet, just keep the attribution "Another Kick Ass Societal Contribution by the Nukepro!"

This Pedophile donated heavily, donated 4 times to Schiff, donated twice to HRC and Booker. 

Some more writeup on Nader his funneler....

Scattered Pelosi Says If Trump Wins 2020 Our Civilization and the Planet Will Be Gone -- Global Flooding -- As Obama Buys House On The Ocean

stock here, the story speaks for itself.

Obama and "wife" have been handed almost $135M since he left office.

Selling Out Your Country pays well it seems.



You Will Know Them By Their Symbolism -- Pedophiles and Their Symbols

stock here: hat tip to Flying Cuttlefish
see video at bottom that gives examples of these symbols all over Hollywood and other places too, many related to places that children would go.

I knew this "issue" existed.   But I thought it would get very complex, with hundreds of symbols and codes.    But it isn't that way, and it would be a shame to have 4 simple symbols slip under your radar.

Here they are from the FBI

1 (U) Pedophile Activism, available at 2 (U) Ibid.3 (U) BLogo Variations, available at 4 (U) Pedophile Activism, available at 5 (U) Source is a Computer Analysis Response Team Forensic Examiner assigned to the Jacksonville Division. 6 (U) Support and Fellowship, available at 7 (U) FBI internal e-mail, 24 October 2006.  

George Nader and DNC Depravity --- Read Through the BS to See the Real Story

This fucktwit author is trying to frame Trump for what is clearly Nader /DNC depravity.

Although he is a good researcher, using PACER, his bias is obvious.

I posted this entire article as a comment on the site below....moderated....LOL

Also noted the FBI takes the information from his phones, and stores it on one particular hard drive, a Seagate, not particularly reliable.    I postulate that they do this on purpose, rather than immeidately taking it to a 99.9999% device like a synology server which has redundant on the fly backup.   

By storing it on a specific hard drive, they can at any point claim that the hard drive failed.

Fuck twit author also laments on how Trump attacks "rank and file" FBI (which he does not) and author exudes on how all FBI are good and hardworking.

Author also warns "do not read the real information" because it is so disgusting, and puts up images that are so small as to be unreadable.     If you right click, and choose view image, you can ctrl-scroll to zoom in to grainy image that is readable.    And yes there is some pretty disgusting stuff, beyond all "normal fetishes".

The author continues on with....

Hey remember that time President Obama’s campaign advisor helped set up a clandestine meeting in the Seychelles with a Russian Banker and then funneled millions of dollars to his West Coast Business partner (Elliot Broidy) by way of Canada?  And then said advisor landed at IAD with three cell phones that contained a dozen child porn videos? <note my extreme sarcasm>
He first pretends that George Nader was Trump Campaign advisor (not true and as you see below Nader was funneling 3.5M to Hillary before the election)

From a comment
He was not a Trump campaign advisor. He has been a shadow diplomat that helped broker meetings between Middle Eastern countries and the US. He "worked with" a Republican fundraiser to fund a conference denouncing Qatar. He was never on a payroll of Trump and was not a campaign advisor

He attempt to tie Nader's depravity directly to Trump via Broidy

Meet Elliott Broidy, Donald Trump's New Shady Fundraiser. Broidy avoided jail time by blowing the whistle on the same people who accepted his bribes. He admitted to ponying up $75,000 for an all-expanses paid luxury trip to Jerusalem, which included first-class tickets, luxury hotel suites, a helicopter tour, and a personal driver for New York State's comptroller and his family.

Per this article, Nader was funneling money to Hillary Clinton illegally, via a proxy.

Two Lebanese-American businessmen have been indicted for their role in a scheme to funnel $3.5 million in illegal campaign contributions to political campaigns in 2016.
George Nader, who was a key witness in the investigation by Robert Mueller of collusion by the Trump campaign with Russia in 2016, and Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja, CEO of online payment processing company Allied Wallet, were indicted for conspiring to conceal a $3.5 million contribution from Nader by making them in the name of Khawaja, his wife and his company, Allied Wallet Inc.
Although the 53-count indictment does not specify the 2016 candidate involved, campaign finance records indicate it was Hillary Clinton's campaign.

from the same article....after "She Lost" Khawaja tried to buy influence with Trump by a $1M donation for the inauguration.     So that is kind of true, but it is really just an obvious attempt to buy influence after much more heavily supporting the "sure to win" Hillary.

And the never trumpers always try to link everything bad directly to Trump, but never can.   In the paragraph below note the connection, between Trump campaign people and Trump associate (Blackwater's Erik Prince).   Oh and don't forget to tie in scary Russia Putin.

As for Nader, he rated more than 100 mentions in Robert Mueller's final report, most regarding possible UAE efforts to influence members of Trump's campaign. Nader's lobbying on behalf of the UAE crown prince involved setting up meetings with Trump campaign officials, including setting up a January 2017 meeting in the Seychelles "between Trump associate and Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a Russian official with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin."
In the Anti Trump spin on things, they try to prove how sex Pervert Nader is directly connected to Trump, because Nader's business associate had to resign because of a sex related payoff....they leave it open to make it seem like it was a payoff to benefit Trump on any of his hijinks....just saying, thats how they roll. 
While the two businessmen were helping Hillary, they also were interested in the Trump campaign and the early days of the Trump presidency. Nader appears to have been something of a political fixer. He was a business associate of Elliott Broidy, a top Republican fundraiser and deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, who resigned after it was revealed former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen arranged to pay off a Playboy model Broidy had impregnated.

Criteria to Create a Cult, Also Useful To See The Narratives That Create "A Cult"

stock here
Just ran across "Red Ice Media"

"Lana" did an interview with Amazing Polly, both very fine females, we need more like that.   That interview is at the bottom.

They had a Hit Piece wrote about them in the Guardian.   Then banned by Facebook and you know they are good stuff.

And their site directly

  1.  Milieu Control.  This involves the control of information and communication both within the environment and, ultimately, within the individual, resulting in a significant degree of isolation from society at large.
  2. Mystical Manipulation.  There is manipulation of experiences that appear spontaneous but in fact were planned and orchestrated by the group or its leaders in order to demonstrate divine authority or spiritual advancement or some special gift or talent that will then allow the leader to reinterpret events, scripture, and experiences as he or she wishes. 
  3. Demand for Purity.  The world is viewed as black and white and the members are constantly exhorted to conform to the ideology of the group and strive for perfection.  The induction of guilt and/or shame is a powerful control device used here. 
  4. Confession.  Sins, as defined by the group, are to be confessed either to a personal monitor or publicly to the group.  There is no confidentiality; members' "sins," "attitudes," and "faults" are discussed and exploited by the leaders. 
  5. Sacred Science.  The group's doctrine or ideology is considered to be the ultimate Truth, beyond all questioning or dispute.  Truth is not to be found outside the group.  The leader, as the spokesperson for God or for all humanity, is likewise above criticism. 
  6. Loading the Language.  The group interprets or uses words and phrases in new ways so that often the outside world does not understand.  This jargon consists of thought-terminating clich�s, which serve to alter members' thought processes to conform to the group's way of thinking. 
  7. Doctrine over person.  Member's personal experiences are subordinated to the sacred science and any contrary experiences must be denied or reinterpreted to fit the ideology of the group. 
  8. Dispensing of existence.  The group has the prerogative to decide who has the right to exist and who does not.  This is usually not literal but means that those in the outside world are not saved, unenlightened, unconscious and they must be converted to the group's ideology.  If they do not join the group or are critical of the group, then they must be rejected by the  members.  Thus, the outside world loses all credibility.  In conjunction, should any member leave the group, he or she must be rejected also.  (Lifton, 1989)