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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Earthquake Alert Re-Upped, 7.2 on the "American Plate" The Whole Plate Is MOVING!

 The entire North and South American plates are moving again in unison.  This is a bad sign, and forebodes large earthquakes and volcanoes.

See my prior EQ alert from May 14th, the chart here shows today's new activity.

 Large 7.2 at the crinkled bottom of the atlantic Ridge.   And another on the Atlantic ridge, at 5.2.   About 2 weeks ago there was a similar sequence, showing the whole American plate (north and south) were moving, and we predicted as a precursor to large EQ and Volcanoes in specific areas, many of which were struck.

6.1M Taiwan Quake Near 3 Nuke Plants
- See more at:
 from missFrill
6.1M Taiwan Quake Near 3 Nuke Plants
- See more at:
From a web source==this is another topic, but I wanted to preserve this information, so it is here.

Table 1
Some isotopes of concern after a nuclear accident:
Plutonium 239, half-life: 24,000 years, decay mode: alpha, decay energy: 5.24 MeV
Strontium 90, half-life: 29 years, decay mode: beta, decay energy: 0.546 MeV
Cesium 134, half-life: 2 years, decay mode: beta, gamma, decay energy: 0.698 MeV
Cesium 137, half-life: 34 years, decay mode: beta, gamma, decay energy: 1.76 MeV
Iodine 131, half-life: 8 days, decay mode: beta, gamma, decay energy: 971 keV
Tritium, half-life: 12 years, decay mode: beta, decay energy: 18.6 keV
Decay energy is measured in electron volts (eV), a measure of the particle’s momentum. 1 MeV is 1,000,000 eV, and 1 keV is 1,000 eV. According to the table, Plutonium 239 is the most dangerous internal emitter, but the hazards to public health depend on the relative quantities released and the relative quantities that people actually absorb. Some segments of the population are more vulnerable than others. Is it a matter of a single exposure or a continual exposure and accumulation?  What parts of the body do different particles tend to go to, and how long on average do they tend to stay in the body (the biological half-life)? None of this complexity can be conveyed with a map and a simple declaration of a “safe” limit of external gamma radiation exposure.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Death of Pacific -- Even The Scientists Are Now Starting to Admit It, The SHTF

The canary in the coal mine that shows that the Pacific Ocean is in serious trouble, are ....not birds, they are Squids.

 "We're seeing a new world here, one we haven't seen before. Any time you push an ecosystem into a different state, there's greater uncertainty in how it will behave, and how it will respond to future changes. Frankly, I think that should make people really worried," Ben Halpern, a biology professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara's Bren School of Environmental Science and Management and director of the school's Center for Marine Assessment and Planning tells the Monitor in an email.
So Ben seems to have his head screwed on straight, but then he goes on to blame "overfishing".

Ben Halpern, who teaches biology at the University of California, suggested that overfishing has led to more cephalopods because humans have been constantly taking out sharks, swordfish, and tuna, among other large predators, before removing smaller species. The fact that people usually fish down the food chain and global fisheries can overfish due to wrong management results in tremendous amounts of prey, including cephalopods.
 And then in the totally morally and intellectual and financially bankrupt UK, they immediately jump the shark so to speak and blame "global warming" for all the squid.

Octopuses, cuttlefish and squid have thrived in the world’s oceans over the last 60 years despite – or because of – human activity that has warmed oceans and reduced fish populations.

Its Fukushima people, they scientific proof is here

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rad Decision A techno-thriller about a looming disaster at a nuclear power plant, written by an engineer with over twenty years of experience in the American nuclear industry.

Rad Decision

A techno-thriller about a looming disaster at a nuclear power plant, written by an engineer with over twenty years of experience in the American nuclear industry.

stock here, this was written in 2005, and amazingly foretells the story of Fukushima.

It is written as fiction for entertainment, but chock full of technical details.

If you don't truly understand Fukushima, this will help.


The above "resource" was found on a March 13 2011 article on newscientist, and it also make a VERY interesting read.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fluoride - Part Of Our Toxic Environment

TY to Plowboy for this post idea and link.

I have taken a bit of a shift away from just nuclear and radiation related subjects.   It's a big world, lots of very interesting things to dig into.  My real focus in on how to live healthy and how to understand, and mitigate where possible, the toxins around us.

For instance, the "theory" about passing through the galactic plane and being subject to more asteroids....I did some due diligence, and learned a hella lot in the process, including information on the Oort cloud, good stuff, check it out here----

So I wanted at least a place holder for an important toxin -- Fluoride

Fluoride is a nuclear and industrial byproduct, very hazardous.    So what do sociopathic greedy corporate and governmental leaders do?   Figure out how to instead, sell it as a product.

Fund some studies that show Fluoride can prevent cavities.      And then put the toxic chemical into municipal drinking water systems to "get rid of it", or even sell it at a profit.

This site below has compiled an excellent amount of resources to understand fluoride.    Please check it out.

FROM a reader Dan GermouseMay 21, 2016 at 9:24 PM I have asked many forced-fluoridation fanatics to tell me how much accumulated fluoride in the body they think is safe. So far not a single one of them has been able to answer the question. -

A reader emailed me with this information RE fluoride, he is a FFF Fluoride Freedom Fighter with notches on his sword.

Pleased to see you branching out...the water fluoridation issue in Alaska is still in flux. Juneau, Fairbanks and Palmer used science to inform policy. [But it wasn't always pretty.] All three cities stopped fluoridation. It had been added to Fairbanks water since 1961. It was stopped in June 2011. It took 10 tens of determined and persistent activism. I wrote op/eds and LtE in multiple newspapers; appeared on talk radio; in front of the city council; invited experts to meet with local influence leaders; distributed copies of The Fluoride Deception to city council members...and learned the background of the decision makers - the council - and tailored special-interest email to them. Leukemia in the family? Osteo-cancer? Family member with dementia? These and many more common issues in people's lives can be traced to F but until you point it out to them [they are blind].

One of the best things was the creation of a localized web site resource presentation. Give it a name that rings for the locals then fill it up with data. As in:

Then promote it in the community; get the URL published in a letter to the editor [multiple times]; say it on talk radio; biz cards with URL left in cafes, laundromats, etc.

Of course, everything on the FFF site is open domain. Crib, borrow and steal at will.
------------------------------------------------------ lots of people chimed in on the fluoride debacle/mass murder

Stock, here's some more on how fluoride got it's start

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  • PlowboyGrownUp
    I can't copy anything from the article itself.
  •  PlowboyGrownUp
    'before 1940 the only known use of fluoride was a rat and cockroach poison'
    • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
      “…fluoride was used in Nazi Concentration camps and the gulags in Siberia to make prisoners docile and easier to control. It is also absorbed through the skin when bathing, showering, or swimming in fluoridated water. You absorb through the tissues of your mouth when brushing your teeth. You don't have to swallow it. Cooking with fluoride in water concentrates it in food and beverages. You can't cook it out. Only 50% of it can be excretes by the body so it is a cumulative toxin leading to many health problems. Twenty-four studies have also shown it lowers IQ's in children.
      “In Kentucky, despite a 1977 fluoridation state-wide mandate, preschoolers cavity rates went from 28% in 1987 to 47% in 2001, according to the July/August 2003 journal, Pediatric Dentistry,
      “According to an 11/27/2011 news article, “In recent years, Northern Kentucky health officials have encountered more children with cavities in a state known for some of the worst teeth in the nation. Kentucky has the second highest rate of toothlessness in the U.S. The national average is 20.5 percent, while 38 percent of Kentuckians have lost their teeth.”
      “What is put in tap water isn't pharmaceutical grade nor is it natural "calcium fluoride". It's a by-product of the fertilizer industry. Here's what is added to tap water. It is toxic. See below PDF's:
      • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
        “It's nothing more than toxic waste or pollution.
        “Studies by Drs. H.S. Brown, D.R. Bishop and C.A. Rowan in the early 1980s demonstrated that an average of 64% of the total dose of waterborne contaminants, such as fluoride, are absorbed through the skin. (American Journal of Public Health 1984; 74: 479-84) —Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death, Barry Groves, pp. 275-265
        “A study by Professor Julian Andelman, Professor of Water Chemistry at the University of Pittsburg's Graduate School of Public Health, "found less chemical exposure from drinking the water than from using it to wash clothes or take a shower or a dip in the swimming pool". Every time you take a shower or go for a swim, you will be soaking it up. The percentage for skin absorption are as follows: Scalp – 32%, Ear Canal – 46%, Forehead – 36%, Plant of Foot – 13%, Forearm – 9%, Palm – 12%, Male Scrotum – 100%.
        “Dr. Dean Burk, Chief Chemist Emeritus of the National Cancer Institute published a paper in 1975 that detailed an increase in cancer deaths in fluoridated areas. According to Burk, "In point of fact, fluoride causes more cancer, and causes it faster, than any other chemical".
        “Fluoride is NOT essential. In 1979, the FDA required the deletion of all government references previously classifying fluoride as "essential or probably essential", (Federal Register, March 16, 1979, page 16006).
        • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
          “Robert Carton, PhD formerly President of the union of Government Scientists working at the US Environmental Protection Agency said: "Water fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time." In 1997, more than 1,000 members of this union working at USEPA HQ in Washington DC, who are directly responsible for the US Safe Drinking Water Act, voted UNANIMOUSLY to ban water fluoridation. Their bosses are not listening.
          “There is not a single scientific or laboratory study from anywhere in the world which proves that fluoridation reduces tooth decay in humans. There are, however, hundreds of published scientific papers which show that water fluoridation is dangerous to human, animal, plant and aquatic life, which is no surprise, since fluoride is more toxic than lead and only marginally less so than arsenic. (Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products, 5th ed., Gosselin, et al, 1984.).
          "Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons, probably because of their capacity to modify the metabolism of cells by changing the permeability of the cell membrane and by inhibiting certain enzyme systems … The sources of fluorine intoxication are drinking water containing 1 ppm or more of fluorine, fluorine compounds used as insecticidal sprays for fruits and vegetables (cryolite and barium fluosilicate) and the mining and conversion of phosphate rock to superphosphate, which is used as fertilizer.
      • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
        I think they are using hydrogen fluoride to put out fires.
        CSB Issues Urgent Recommendations to CITGO; Finds Inadequate Hydrogen Fluoride Water Mitigation System during Corpus Christi Refinery Fire Last July
      • aunavoz
        Besides a blog site .. you got any peer reviewed sources for.the.Nazi reference Anne?
        I think it's a crock concocted by wild conspiracy theorists.
        • aunavoz

          .. I don't even know what to say when this forum gets off on some of the wildest conspiracy theories I have ever heard ..
          I suppose that is the breadwinner now ..
          • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
            "…’I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great IG Farben chemical industries and was also prominent in the Nazi movement at the time. I say this with all the earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years` research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine–any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person mentally or physically.’ CHARLES E. PERKINS, Chemist, 2 October 1954….”
            • aunavoz
              Anne .. your peer reviewed evidence of a Nazi connection is .. Rense.
              Ok .. I feel like I am in a twilight zone script.
              You can stop flooding the thread .. it makes me feel nauseous to continue this course here.
              • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
                The Germans didn't publish their inhumane medical experiments in peer reviewed scientific articles in the 1920s and 1930s. Rense is merely repeating what is reported elsewhere. The Germans also experimented with radar, nuclear fission, and the use of gas to exterminate millions.
                • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
                  For use of chemical weapons used in WWI, see:
                  “…The most widely reported and, perhaps, the most effective gas of the First World War was mustard gas. It was a vesicant that was introduced by Germany in July 1917 prior to the Third Battle of Ypres.[6] The Germans marked their shells yellow for mustard gas and green for chlorine and phosgene; hence they called the new gas Yellow Cross. It was known to the British as HS (Hun Stuff), while the French called it Yperite (named after Ypres).[33]…”

                  By Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson
              • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
                Fluoridation: Mind Control of the Masses
                “Extracted from his self-published booklet "The Dickinson Statement: A Mind-Boggling Thesis" published in NEXUS magazine August-September 1995 issue….
                “…In a letter abstracted from Fluoridation and Lawlessness (published by the Committee for Mental Health and National Security) to the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on 2nd October 1954, a Charles Eliot Perkins, scientist and author of Washington DC, and one must assume, that same Charles Eliot Perkins of the "Dickinson Statement" to the Victorian Parliament, said this (and the words of the last two lines of the second paragraph cannot be overemphasized):
                "’We are told by the fanatical ideologists who are advocating the fluoridation of the water supplies in this country that their purpose is to reduce the incidence of tooth decay in children, and it is the plausibility of this excuse, plus the gullibility of the public and the cupidity of public officials that is responsible for the present spread of artificial water fluoridation in this country.
                "’However – and I want to make this very definite and positive – the real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children's teeth. If this were the real reason, there are many ways in which it could be done which are much easier, cheaper and far more effective.

                • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
                  The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty…
                  "’When the Nazis, under Hitler, decided to go into Poland… the German General Staff and the Russian General Staff exchanged scientific and military ideas, plans and personnel and the scheme of mass control through water medication was seized upon by the Russian Communists because it fitted ideally into their plan to Communize the world…
                  "’I say this in all earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years research into the chemistry, bio-chemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine: any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person, mentally or physically.’…"

                • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
                  "…At the end of World War II, Charles Elliot Perkins, a researcher in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, and pathology, was sent to Germany to take charge of their chemical plants. He later wrote in response to what he had seen and heard while there…
              • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
                Chemical Weapons and/or their Precursors
                Fluorinated and Fluoride Pesticides
                “Chemical Weapons Precursors for the production of sarin-family nerve agents
                “List (Precursors):
                Hydrogen fluoride (7664-39-3)
                Potassium fluoride (7789-23-3)
                Ammonium bifluoride (1341-49-7)
                Sodium bifluoride (1333-83-1)
                Sodium fluoride (7681-49-4)
                Potassium bifluoride (7789-29-9)
                Fluorine (7782-41-4)
                For fluoride derived from fluorine see:

            • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
              FLUORIDE "amounts to public murder on a grand scale" Dr Dean Burk National Cancer Institute
          • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
            The Fluoride Deception: How a Nuclear Waste Byproduct Made Its Way Into the Nation's Drinking Water

          • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
            Nazi Connections To Flouride In America’s Drinking Water
            “Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it.”
            – Adolf Hitler
            “Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.”
            – Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA scientist, 1992
            “The history of forcing fluoride on humans through the fluoridation of drinking water is wrought with lies, greed and deception. Governments that add fluoride to drinking water supplies insist that it is safe, beneficial and necessary, however, scientific evidence shows that fluoride is not safe to ingest and areas that fluoridate their drinking water supplies have higher rates of cavities, cancer, dental fluorosis, osteoporosis and other health problems. Because of the push from the aluminum industry, pharmaceutical companies and weapons manufacturers, fluoride continues to be added to water supplies all over North America and due to recent legal actions against water companies that fluoridate drinking water supplies, precedent has been set that will make it impossible for suits to be filed against water suppliers that fluoridate. There is a growing resistance against adding toxic fluoride to our water supplies, but unfortunately, because fluoride has become “the lifeblood of the modern industrial economy”(Bryson 2004), there is too much money at stake for those who endorse water fluoridation .

            • PraisingJesus PraisingJesus
              The lies of the benefits of water fluoridation will continue to be fed to the public, not to encourage health benefits to a large number of people, but to profit the military-industrial complex.
              “The story begins in 1924, when Interessen Gemeinschaft Farben (I.G. Farben), a German chemical manufacturing company, began receiving loans from American bankers, gradually leading to the creation of the huge I.G. Farben cartel. In 1928 Henry Ford and American Standard Oil Company (The Rockefellers) merged their assets with I.G. Farben, and by the early thirties, there were more than a hundred American corporations which had subsidiaries and co-operative understandings in Germany. The I.G. Farben assets in America were controlled by a holding Company, American I.G. Farben, which listed on it’s board of directors: Edsel Ford, President of the Ford Motor Company, Chas. E. Mitchell, President of Rockerfeller’s National City Bank of New York, Walter Teagle, President of Standard Oil New York, Paul Warburg, Chairman of the federal reserve and brother of Max Warburg, financier of Germany’s War effort, Herman Metz, a director of the Bank of Manhattan, controlled by the Warburgs, and a number of other members, three of which were tried and convicted as German war criminals for their crimes against humanity.

          • DUD DUD
            If you would go back in time and show them what we done to the planet and say..write a explanation to get there from where you are now..i doubt they could envision the inventions we made to gain so much destructive power..and the absolute insanity we demonstrated by actually using it/attacking nature and its precious balance with it..but every step of the way those that warned and objected were called alarmist and conspiracist amongst many other things..hmm

          • Other research resurfaced by Dr. Dean Burk, former chief of cytochemistry at the National Cancer Institute for 30 years, also shows that fluoride increases the cancer death rate. Dr Burk refers to a study conducted which compares the 10 largest U.S. cities with fluoridation and the 10 largest without. What researchers found was that following fluoridation, deaths from cancer went up immediately- in as little as a year.
            Video; 7 min.
  • Dr. Joey Hensley MD Calls Flouride A Harmful Toxin, Calls For Removal From Drinking Water
  • PlowboyGrownUp
    'Before 1940, health people were trying to remove fluoride from water because it was destroying teeth…the fewer cavities in high fluoride areas was due to there being fewer teeth' not verbatim but U get the idea :)