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Rad Maps, Earthquakes, Nuke Bombs, High Quality Pictures

Site focused on agricultural production--

Regardless of cause of "climate change" Crop production will be the canary in the coal mine. 

Above is a new link provided by ISeePinkClouds at ENENEWS, it has some China Sites.

Black Cat systems  Drag world map to also see Hawaii, and Japanese stations (P)
EPA USA Radnet (G)  Lots of stations links, plus live monitoring for California. (P)
EPA charts provided by EnviroReporter, easy to access local EPA air monitoring radiation station data in the USA.

Greg’s Lab  California radioactivity monitoring maps, click on city locations to see location charts. (P)
Longmont Colorado (P)
Nuclear Emergency Tracking Centre Drag world map to also see Hawaii, and Japanese stations (P)
Oregon, Radiation Monitoring for the Coos Bay & North Bend area (P)
Potrblog  Saint Louis Outdoor & Indoor Live Radiation Monitors (P)
Radiation Network  USA, Canada, Hawaii, also has one station in Europe, and Australia.  (P)
Radtest4U Company offering free car and home air-filter radiation testing. (P)
Radwatch, Provides elevated stations graphs from Radiation Network (P)
The Community Environmental Monitoring Program (CEMP),  Monitoring Nevada and Utah, is a network of 29 monitoring stations located in communities surrounding and downwind of the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS), formerly the Nevada Test Site (NTS), that monitor the airborne environment for man made radioactivity.

 Radnet near real time Gamma charts


A graphic depiction of every nuke bomb test since 1945.

 Japan 2011 Earthquake Visualization Movie

RAD Maps 

April 2012---Added this Rad Map of Japan



monthly rad maps for US cities, very nice

Here are some radiation maps, Hawaii, US, and Japan

Link to a full on book by Karl Grossman called "Cover Up"
it describes the lies of nuke

Good link to Radioactive Potassium and decay products in Human Body
Don't forget the carbon 14 also

Great website

Source for background levels of Uranium and Plutonium EPA Radnet

Gov Website, Shows a high level of sophistication in long term monitoring of radioactivity and knowledge of baseline conditions....As Jebus says...."they know"

Link to US nuke plant map, enter an address to see the closest one to you

IAEA commissioned simulation of rad spread in ocean currents

France based simulation of air current distribution of cesium

Here is a transcript by a trained nuclear expert who can read Kanji and translate into good english.  It describes the testimony of the operators at the plant in the first few days of the continuing disaster.

Japanese Interim Report on Investigation into Fukushima and Response
Japanese and English Versions

Fukushima Report in English

Good Radiation Resources on this blog,152.msg393.html#msg393
Above link is new resource on EarthquakesGreat Source of Info on Energy to melt concrete

Also keep in mind that steel melts around 2500 deg F, Corium fissions at around 5000 deg F "Blob temperature".    The cute little "blob" that TEPCO showed in their recent drawing of a Corium out of the box was deceptive in size, the real mass of the Corium will be !!!!   200 TONS !!!! of fissioning, poisonous, super hot hell on earth.     Y'all TEPCO boyz got a 200 ton blob of stuff and you can't tell me where it is?

Below is charts of radiation and temperatures at Fukushima, great data!

60 Minutes Report of Fukushima

 Interesting new post - a 340 page documentation of Fukushima and other "covered up" diasasters, PS there is about 1 per year.   11 MB
 The below link is from a self admitted "nuke head", he talks of measuring radiation

From Germany Spiegel, pretty much like real news (old school, before the financial firms owned the media),1518,756369,00.html

Radiation expert shows data on charts, on the gov website for radiation but deep within the data.

Interesting Blog, many nuclear comments 

2 great PDF downloads  on the Nuclear Issues at Fukushima

Nuclear News Good 8 Page Report

New Report--104 Pages, a great summary of Fukushima, Download it from my site as a PDF
This is from the INPO
INPO 104 Page report on Fukushima

Kind of extreme, but good links to lots of past stories on semi MSM

Yoshioka Failure Analysis Part 2 of 4

Yoshioka Failure Analysis Part 3 of 4

Yoshioka Failure Analysis Part 4 of 4

span class="comments-post">Here is link to lots of Nov 2011 Pictures when press was finally let back in.

good link lots of pictures even historical ones, Fuku

Annotated Site Pictures very nice


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  2. Oh yes, I will be back. Working out of mainland right now. Was hoping ENE admin would grow a pair to not let the trolls take over. however, the trolls did a lot of good for ENE, but their usefulness is gone.

  3. I feel really bad that one of the last posts on ENE was from me asking admin to stop the trolls and all the fighting that was going on. Within a day the site was shut down. So sorry but was so tired of the never ending nasty comments back and forth and nothing of value in terms of news of Fukushima. The silence these days is deafening and it's so hard to get any information. I think it's a double edged sword in that there's not a damn thing we can do nor the people in charge as they are clueless and that perhaps ignorance is bliss though people could be protecting their children. Still so many eating sushi!

    1. What was your name at ENE?
      One of my last visit episodes was days before the shutdown. I argued against the full on liberal agenda being pushed while they ignored radiation and Fukushima.


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