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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Plutonium and Various Physical Properties

A newcomer to ENENEWS, let me refrain for the time being from calling it the T word, is talking a bunch of nonsense.

Plutonium is indeed a odd element.    As you can see in the graph below, it changes size in odd ways with temperature.  The last solid phase labelled as Epsilon, shows a drop in volume  (aka size) as it turns to liquid.     And then it continues to increase in volume as the liquid is heated up, as is normal.

The number of different phases in the solid form for plutonium is oddly high.   But the getting smaller in volume as it turns to liquid is not unheard of.

There is another chemical called di-hydrous-oxide which also gets smaller as it turns to liquid.   This chemical, shown as  H2O, is also called "water"

is arguably the most complex element known,
nd it is one of the least well understood. Before it liquefies,
plutonium exhibits six solid material phases that vary considerably
in density.


I have stopped following this "non troll", it's writing are increasingly goofy.     It says it is a cat person, must have cat scratch fever.  

Sam at ENE says
My dog this morning after I read Ness's latest incredible
far out theroizings to him this morning had these simple
1. coriums will never be approached nor even be
dug out or cut out. no need to try to fashion a metal to
withstand 5000 degrees -impossible.

2. All this talk about cheese as a theoretical explanatory
principle is confusing. He likes swiss cheese. big holes
to climb into for astral travel. kind of reminds him of
worm holes. lots of passageways to view the universe
as he glides through the etheric realms.

3. His head is spinning from all this and foaming at the
mouth. Tells me he is no theorist but his nose is very
earthy and loves to smell.

4. I gave him some lithium infused water to calm him
down. and now for a walk outside.

And Fukushima keeps bringing us more and more gifts
as it is like a perpetual motion machine releasing ever
increasing amounts of deadly radiation and deadly to
get near any of it. What a mess. no wonder Ness has all
of us flying the witches broom into theoretical musings.

I just calculated that 1000 kilograms of plutonium in a sphere has a radius of 23 centimeters or 46 cm in diameter – roughly. (I took density = 20 grams/cm^3)
To give people an idea. That would be quite some cutting, but in any cut and topology in any universe, the eye of the corium would be in one or in the other half but not in both. It might even disappear for a while, who knows…
About 10 kilograms of the stuff would go (super) critical under these conditions and form an eye but not too fast, because 'the island of stability' has to be formed first. So 10 cuts are needed for one such corium. I don't know the total weight of the fuel though.

I like real cheese please.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

URS, in charge of WIPP (blown up), Sellafield (recently sacked), and LANL (now in breach of top secret security)

When an entity is corrupt to the core (so to speak) at some point they push it so far that it is obvious to everyone paying attention.

One of these companies, involved with over $100B of contracts using YOUR hard earned tax money, to clean up the radiation cartels old waste.....has finally come into laser focus.


URS was a JV partner at WIPP, they hired a guy named Mohammed Farok Shariff  to crank up it's operation from 2 shipments a week to 30 shipments per week.   And then it had a Plutonium and Americium explosion in the deep disposal dump that shut it down.   This explosion happened on Valentines night deep in the country, at a plutonium dump.   

Then URS was in management running Sellafield in the UK when in late 2014 pictures came out of the horrendous way they had been "managing" one of the most deadly contamination sites in the UK.     A month later they were sacked, losing a $60B contract.

Today, Federal investigators indicate that Los Angelos National Labs practices led to improper release of National Security Information.     Who do you think was in charge of the security at LANL?

Well finally it wasn't URS, it was Los Alamos National Security LLC---- LANS LLC
 Oh but one thing-----  LANS LLC was run by URS and Babcock and Wilcox, and excuse me...the University of California.     What the heck is U of California involved in security?

But just a few months ago the National Nuclear Safety Administration NNSA docked LANL management 90% for their role  sending improperly packaged waste containers to WIPP which ended up in a Plutonium explosion inside the waste dump/mine, shutting it down, and costing taxpayers at least $1000 M to get in back to function, if that ever happens.   

Oh wait....who was running LANL, not just the security, but the operations?

Story background here
Here are come comments from LANL employees

  • Thanks Patrick for your report. We can only hope that because the Obama administration takes its time to make changes (i.e., the VA), that it is also quietly in the (slow) process of terminating the LANS contract for cause. After the mishaps of the nuclear materials and safeguards upgrade project, the indefinite closure of WIPP, and now the failure of a senior security manager, who earns the equivalent salary of a member of Congress and the Vice President of the United States, we can only hope that the termination of the contract is weeks away and hopefully not months. A friend who works at the Lab recently told me that every employee in her organization is required to provide a joke at a staff meeting as management's attempt to improve morale. Here's one for your meeting: How many managers does it take to secure classified information? Answer: I don't know, how much does the job pay?
  • Chris Mechels posted at 10:26 am on Wed, Jan 28, 2015.

    Chris Mechels Posts: 249
    This is not a new problem at LANL, it is a very old one.
    For instance, in the well known Wen Ho Lee case, the REAL story, which the media never picked up on, was that some of the files Lee transferred were classified PARD (a less restrictive classification) when they should have been classified SECRET or TOP SECRET under the guidelines. Lee did not assign the classification. Why were the filed classified at the lower level, by LANL management? For ease of handling. It is burdensome to handle the higher levels. This problem should have led to the firing of some top management at LANL, but was ignored.
    The same holds for the famous "missing discs" of that era, which "turned up" behind a copier. Those discs were also improperly classified at a lower level to make handling less burdensome. Again, an investigation could have led to firing of top managers, but was ignored. In this case LANL Counsel and Senator Domenici intervened to block the investigation.
    The section I worked in at LANL routinely violated security, for ease of handling. I discussed this with my line management, and was ignored. Others had the same experience.
    Classification at LANL has always been a problem, one that is swept under the rug. With the present management this is likely to continue.
    Mr. Prince is right about the budget. He is wrong about the dysfunction, which is due to LANL management, not DOE


  • Joseph Hempfling posted at 7:41 am on Wed, Jan 28, 2015.

    joehempfling Posts: 393
    LANL has lost it's "cold war" Mission and has become an empty shell of it's former self and needs to be converted to a PEACE MISSION and stop building Weapons of Mass Destruction designed to obliviate the World and us, with it ! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. KEEP IN MIND THE DOOMS DATE CLOCK I.E. OBLIVIAN HAS RECENTLY BEEN MOVED A WHOLE THREE MINUTES FORWARD ! OR are we waiting to see the Nuclear Cloud on the horizon?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fukushima Destroying the Pacific - Rare Shark Species Being Decimated

ORIGINAL work from the Nukepro

Since Fukushima, 5 MegaMouth Sharks have been killed in the Pacific, one of them just today in the Philippines.

That might not sound so terrible, after all the Pacific is a Huge Place!

However, in all of recorded history only 61 MegaMouth Sharks have ever been seen alive, seen dead, or caught.    Some have been caught, tagged and released.

Fukushima is poisoning the ocean with radiation and heavy metals and it is only getting worse.    We have discovered that the lower life forms are the first to bio-accumulate radiation and heavy metals, such as plankton and lichens.   See here:


Almost all of the radiation stays in the top 250 feet, those scientists claiming "dilution" as the solution are deluded at best, and intentionally lying with diasasterous effects.   Like Ken Busseler. 

Link Showing the Radiation Floats

But all the ocean scientists "knows" that the Mega Mouth Sharks are "deep water" sharks, so they are dismissing any link to the Fukushima Radiation.

Only 61 have ever been seen in the whole world for all time, and now 5 have died in the Pacific Ocean since Fukushima.

Fact 1: The Mega Mouth is a "filter feeder" one of only 3 types of sharks to filter feed.

Fact 2: They filter the water for plankton, the first organisms to bio-accumulate radiation

Fact 3: They live during the day, deep, like 400 to 600 feet, but at night they come up to 40 to 80 feet and filter plankton all night using luminous photophores around it's 1.3 meter wide mouth.

Fact 4: Almost all the radiation stays in the top 250 feet, see link above for proof, from Woods Hole of all organizations.

Fact 5: The Pacific is being Decimated, and larger and larger life forms are having mass die-offs.

On 12 June 2011, a 3-m (10-ft) dead juvenile male was found by fishermen near the western Baja California peninsula coast, in Sebastián Vizcaíno Bay. It was picked up by the same fishing vessel that in 2006 captured another megamouth specimen in Sebastián Vizcaíno Bay, which has led Mexican scientists to believe that the megamouth could be a seasonal visitor to the Baja California peninsula. The new specimen was taken to Ensenada, where it was photographed and sliced in order for Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Mexican researchers to study the structure of its muscles and gills.[11]

On May 7, 2014 a 3.96-m (13-ft) 1,500-lb (680-kg) female shark was captured at a depth of 2,600 feet (790 m) off the coast of Shizuoka, Japan. The body was dissected in front of the public, by staff at the Marine Science Museum in Shizuoka City, Japan.[12]

On June 30, 2014 a 1,102-lb (500-kg) female shark was captured in the shallow waters of Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines. Samples were sent to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in northern Mindanao (BFAR-10) and the outer skin is to be stuffed for a local museum.[13]

On January 28, 2015 a 15-ft. (4.5 m) deceased megamouth shark was found by residents of Barangay Marigondon, Philippines.[14]

And today another Megamouth rolls up dead in the Phillipines.

WIPP Has Some Real Water Problems, It is NOT a Safe Repository for Nuclear Waste

At this "only nuke can save the world and the USA" article, the responses to my comments was somewhere between dismissing without research, and rabid ad hominems (false arguments)

Water ...? In a salt mine? Not so much.
See the incident reports on the WIPP site:

Incorrect Mike, it is really the case, now and 15 years ago.

''The National Academy is very familiar with the WIPP site,'' he said. ''The Academy must step in and find out if the brine water poses a serious threat.'' Scientists will hold a hearing in Albuquerque on Feb. 15, and a report is expected to be published in March. Seepage Is Evident Below

And this just from December 2014

Another recovery process update involved pumping water out of the sump, or pit, that has built up. Workers have not been able to pump the water out of the sump on a regular basis since the February incident.

Reynolds said if all the water is pumped out of the sump, then the waste hoist can be used.

What the Frack!? North Dakota Gives Argonne Money to Say That 10 Times More Radiation Is Safe for It's Taxpayers

rogerthat at ENENEWS, is always coming up with great stories related to radiation.

 Here is rogerthat's quotes and comments
North Dakota: oil producers aim to cut radioactive waste bills
WILLISTON, N.D. Wed Jan 28, 2015

…North Dakota's landfills currently can only accept waste with radioactive material up to 5 picocuries, a measurement of the radioactivity found in a gram of material.
A banana has, on average, 3.5 picocuries of radiation.

Last year, state officials commissioned Argonne National Laboratory to study what the safest levels of radiation would be for landfills. The answer: 51.5 picocuries. Armed with that information, the state's Department of Health is seeking approval to boost the level for in-state disposal to 50 picocuries…

"This is all a part of our efforts to protect the health and safety of North Dakotans," said Scott Radig, head of the department's waste management division, which late Tuesday extended the public comment period to March on the rule change. …

- safe as bananas … 51,5 is ''the safest level'' … and we're doing this ''to protect the health and safety of North Dakotans''.

Yeah, right
Stock chiming in here

ya rogerthat, Conca said its no problem, then tries to distract with VOC's, and finally, a comparison to a potato chip (same as banana lie K40)

check it out here if you have a strong stomach, please leave a comment for big Jim

PS the frack fluid contains uranium and radium.   Uranium is deadly as a heavy metal and mildly radioactive, Radium is a deadly Mohammed Ali style Alpha radiation sucker punch.

so no, I don't see these being anything like a banana even if the "disintegration" were the same.   And uranium and radium stick in your body, k40 regulates out within a day.

The comparisons are criminal in nature.     Those who know insist on lying in this manner.

Here is the Conca Shill

  • Fresh 1 day ago
    Ruh ruh, I sense the “potato chip” deflection. Trying to compare deadly internal alpha radiation to the relatively benign radiation from the potassium in a potato chip, is an improper comparison.
    It is a lie to get people complacent, as in, who would be scared of a potato chip and stop eating them….and if not that, why regulate fracking. A government study which breaks out the PCD Potato Chip Deception cannot be trusted out of the gate.
    • Called-out comment
  • Author
    James Conca James Conca, Contributor 1 day ago
    Not improper at all at low doses, they are corrected for biological factors. If you think beta from K-40 is less deadly than other rad, you don’t know much about radiation. There’s no worry about complacency, irrational fear is too widespread. But the whole point is fracking’s problems have nothing to do with radiation, they’re all about toxic volatile organic compounds. Toxic chemicals are much more of an environmental threat than radiation has ever been.
    • Called-out comment
  • You just cant seem to understand basic radiation effects, either internal or external. First you say “deadly alpha radiation” without really quantifying what is a deadly amount. Then you assume that the intent is to get people complacent over eating potato chips. You eat many naturally radioactive foods that emit alphas. Pretty much a certainty if the food was grown in the ground. How about you going to school to learn some basic radiation effects. You just dont seem to get it in your posts here.
    • Called-out comment
  • Fresh Fresh 1 day ago
    Turd, you seem to have an issue with understanding intent. Its laughable that you state my intent was to get people complacent over eating potato chips. My comment was pretty clear that the intent is to get people complacent over radiation….because sheesh, its everywhere, even in potato chips.
    Please list your alpha emitters in food, you know the ones commonly found in stuff grown in the ground.
    • Called-out comment
  • Fresh Fresh 1 day ago
    Actually i know quite a bit about radiation. And the “banana lie”. And yes, beta from k40 does a lot less harm than alpha emitters which will have a W(r) of at least 20 and maybe even 100. So that is 20 to 100 times more dangerous in the old school way of saying “quality” of the radiation. Plutonium has a W(R) of 112,000 by some accounts, it is an alpha emitter.
    I agree that VOCs are very important. But to dismiss the importance of radiation as a danger, using the ol banana or potato chip lie cannot go unchallenged.
    People are a lot smarter after Fukushima, and do not take these types of lies and false analogies lying down.
    At WIPP, the president at the time of the Plutonium explosion, Mohammed Farok Shariff, stated that inhaling plutonium was like “a dental Xray”.
    We don’t accept those lies either.

Total Spent Fuel Radiation "Inventory" at Fukushima

This spreadsheet is "light" by the uranium and the noble gases (Xenon)

 It also is missing the in use fuel at R1, R2, R3

Any geeks out there watching the snow fall and can download the Excel, and add in the missing quantities would be greatly appreciated.

Download the Excel Highlighted in Green
 Total Spent Fuel Radiation Inventory at Fukushima

here are some Xenon Resources to get started to fill in the blanks in table 2
Enenews Admin:
Can you please fix the link for the reference for Steven Biegalski.
The source I have on file
J. McIntyre, S. Biegalski, T. Bowyer, M. Copper, P. Eslinger, J. Hayes, D. Haas, H. Miley, J. Rishel, V. Woods (2011) ‘US Particulate and Xenon Measurements Made Following the Fukushima Reactor Accident’,
MY SUMMARY: In June of 2012, researchers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Texas published for public review a power point presentation titled ‘US Particulate and Xenon Measurements Made Following the Fukushima Reactor Accident’ by. The researchers had used a SAUNA-II xenon measurement system in March and April of 2011 to measure noble gasses from Fukushima reaching the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The system measured Xenon-133 at 450,000 times background. The levels persisted for weeks. Xenon-133 emits beta particles (high intensity electrons) and gamma rays as it decays. Inhalation of Xenon poses a danger to human health.

Report comment

dosdos dosdos
The xenon release was primarily from the unit #3 detonation, and it blanketed the entire US and Canada.

Nuclear Cartel Attempts to Disrupt and Misdirect, Trolls at ENENEWS and Elsewhere

Another "higher quality troll" appears to be active at ENENEWS

My dog too has a good nose and is suspect of Ness.
Tells me Ness comes across with "impressionable"
nuclear technical knowledge that appears to be
credible and convincing but with further analysis
is designed to create doubt and lead one to
dispute the facts of Fukushima. The Socref
crowd wants to deny that Unit 3 spread Mox
around the world, that nuclear plants are not
nuclear bombs. She is drowning the debate
with technical misdirection. Comes across as
authoritative, authoritarian and stern.
Ness is a heavyweight formidable TROLL.
My dog won't go near.

stock here

"drowning the debate with technical misdirection"

well said Sam

yes, the nuke cartels biggest fear is exposing MOX for what it is.   It is their hope to get rid of the spent fuel which we wallow in.   Yet its failures in all of the attempts at MOX processing plants are astounding, tens of billions wasted on a lousy plan.

They look at MOX as the savior of their precious, in fact it also serves as the end of their cartel, their power privilege, ego, hubris and large incomes.

Expose MOX for what it is, joust on fellow warriors exposing truth.

Angela_R stated:

The most eye catching statement I read in the above exchange was this:

"A criticality is a CHAIN REACTION and it produces enormous heat. And it gives not a sh1t about this heat but simply breeds on and on and on. Which is much more dangerous than anyone here can imagine because it NEVER STOPS."
I will repeat the last sentence : ""Which is much more dangerous than anyone here can imagine because it NEVER STOPS."
If Ness's belief, cited @ 10.33pm, is correct – Why is it being missed?
Angela, that one did catch my eye also.

for a different reason.   it is an obvious lie

Of course all processes will "stop"

I think it is an attempt to incite a higher level of "its all over", learned helplessness

Per Ness response "Their nature is to breed, 'prosper' and grow."

No, coriums will not "grow" nor will they "prosper" will is just a silly word, and based on prior Ness assertion of forever....he is trying to create the illusion of a never ending process of a growing corium.

I don't know the endgame of this type of misdirection.
Coriums will decay as their radioactive isotopes half life away....coriums will also dissolve into the river waters that bathe them, they will have an outer crusty shell that will insulate and protect against water contact, but this will not be perfect either and especially earthquake events will jostle them and break them open.     Coriums will cool down over years, as their shortest half-life components release their energy and halflife away. stock out.
why are ness and weeman so concerned about the perception that nucleoapes have been lying all these years? its because they are pronuke shills that came here
with socref and that hide and come out every so often to do their dirt.
fukushima is an ongoing nuclear catastrophe worse than chernobyl and all nuke have tobe shut down.
here is an article with photos and calculations from asia weekly

Report comment


stock here, check out the link Ness provides, and what arrogance.

So listen very carefully because i shall say this only once ( if there had been a nuclear explosion at Fukushima nothing would have been left standing in a circle within a diameter of 20 miles or more, given the fact that when one bomb explodes all bombs present will explode because the chain reaction of one ignites all, meaning ALL the fuel in ALL the pools and ALL the vessels would have exploded in one enormous big bang.
This cannot happen because fuel isn't packed like a bomb. Such a bomb needs devious tricks to explode because Pu and U do not explode when going critical unless you go out of your way to make it detonate. Instead, Pu an U will BREED. In a self sustained reaction. That never stops. Which is far worse imo. Because the sh1theads haven't found a way yet to stop such a wild breeder. I've told them how to do it with this chimney.


stock here, Ness is now trying to confuse, to promote the party line of no nuclear explosion.   The highlighted area above is patently wrong.    Even in a true nuclear bomb type explosion (which Fukushima was not) the presence of nearby uranium or even plutonium in mixtures of 3% to 7% would not "explode all bombs".    He is also using the misdirection of trying to confuse a tru nuclear bomb type explosion with a "prompt moderated criticality".

Review an email discussion with Arnie Gunderson on PMC here
Troll it is.   Watch following links, similar trolls pretty much decimated my main computer with a Stuxnet type virus unlike any I have ever seen before.    

Review here

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Climate Gate, very Suspicious

The Suspicious Observer is Weighing in on Climate Lies

And more Sites are exposing Climate Lies....They simply adjust the temperature data.

One of the regions that has contributed to GISS’ “hottest ever year” is South America, particularly Brazil, Paraguay and the northern part of Argentina. In reality, much of this is fabricated, as they have no stations anywhere near much of this area, as NOAA show below.

And more it gets worse

Los Alamos National Labs -- Millionaire Scientists Profiting from Pollution, Lies, and Firing Whistleblowers

In 2013 a contract employee at the Los Alamos National Laboratory found himself stripped of his security clearance and suspended from his job shortly after he published an article arguing the benefits of getting rid of nuclear weapon stockpiles.

This month he begins mediation with the lab after his second whistleblower claim was accepted by the National Nuclear Security Administration. Dr. James Doyle worked at the Los Alamos lab, one of the laboratories in the Department of Energy nuclear complex, for 17 years. Prior to submitting his article for publication, he had it reviewed by a classification analyst at the lab, met with the director of the security office to address any concerns, and made it clear in the article that he was providing his own opinion as an individual and not as an Energy Department employee.

But just two days after the article was published by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Dr. Doyle was accused of disclosing classified information. Lab officials searched his personal computer, retroactively classified the article, and suspended his security clearance. Dr. Doyle was understandably confused and filed a complaint alleging that lab officials were retaliating against him for expressing unpopular opinions in the article.

After filing the complaint, Dr. Doyle was fired from his position at the lab and his whistleblower complaint was rejected. While the Department maintains that his termination was due to budget cuts, Dr. Doyle believes it was due to his push-back against the retroactive classification of his article.


Millionaire scientists at Los Alamos figure the best way to cleanup their ground mess, is to vacuum it up then dilute it into the atmosphere….seriously.

Report comment

CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
the cleanup began with the lab releasing the radioactive/toxic chemical gases directly into the air without filters. The state’s Environment Department approved the change (vent to air without filters) without public notice.
Just your common run of the mill government bastards. That area is beautiful too, now ruined like all the other beautiful spots by pin headed government bodies. To be "governed" is to suffer under psychos….such is human psychology. Thus the earth was lost
Yes. stock. TY. The United States Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratories do not have any respect for the Laws of the United States, and much less concern for preserving Human Life. Instance after instance bears witness to these statements. Nothing but lies and obfuscation has come from the DOE and LANL.
It seems peculiar to me that of the gases vented no mention was made of radon, xenon, or uranium hexafluoride, or any other of the myriad of radioactive gases that are certainly being released into the environment. LANL is a Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing Facility; not an auto-body repair shop.
The DOE admitted to venting radioactive gases into the environment for two months following the February 14th Plutonium and Americium explosions of LANL waste in the waste storage area at WIPP, which contaminated the whole of the underground facility.
The DOE vented WIPP in September and October unfiltered prior to the "fan test" Oct. 20th. Local residents detected these releases, and the gamma increases can be seen on EURDEP charts during that interval.
One note of interest, while interviewing Carlsbadians in September I was told that radioactive drums at LANL burned and black smoke "ran down" into the valley town of White Rock during the Los Conchas fire in June 2011.

Sociopathic Millionaires stroking Their Precious

According to the November edition of Kiplinger, reporting on a study by the financial services firm Phoenix Marketing International, 11.7 percent of Los Alamos households are worth more than $1 million.

Nuclear Power Plants Emit Radiation on a Regular Basis Even if There is No Accident or Coverup

This was a comment at ENENEWS

LastChants Teri -in NE WA
Some usable info bite here within the pdf fact sheets, although I wish more of them were updated.

This website is a great source of information on the dangers and lies of the nuclear radiation cartel.

All nuclear reactors emit radiation on a routine basis, endangering the health of people and the environment. The pamphlets below, in printable pdf format, describe these releases and include maps of specific regions of the country:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Massive Species Die Offs

I have wanted to aggregate stories on mass die offs, and mutations.    Mutations will come in a soon to be article.    I also found a site that focuses on mutations.

Here is a start, found this on Nat Geo

J. Stephenson 2 days ago
Yes. Madscimatt Wolff. Thank your for your considered opinion regarding the possible causes for the mass die-offs of the Cassin Auklet. The are unique in qualities in the bird world. They are something of a sort of diving duck type. Precious birds.

I believe that it is important for you to understand that I believe that Radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant killed these birds.  I have been studying the mass die offs of fish, birds, and sea mammals since they began occurring following the nuclear meltdowns and thermonuclear detonations at Fukushima in March, 2011.  I am not here to make enemies. I do not want to argue either.  My concern regards what is killing life in the Pacific Ocean, and what can be done to save it.

The Cassin Auklet is not an isolated incident of mass die-offs that began following the accident at the FDNPP.  It is a die-off that is just now occurring at a very noticeable level. 

There was a massive die off of Anchovies last July.
Baby Orca Whale massive die-off in October of 2014.

Sea Lion mass die-off ongoing in March 2013.

The point I am making here is that there is an ongoing series of mass die-offs of birds, fish, sea mammals and continental mammals that are in every incident confounding scientists, there is not any hypothetical explanation that has been proven to cause these deaths, and there is never any mention of even the possibility that tons of radiation streaming from the melted reactor cores, thermonuclear detonations, and fission in air events contaminating the ocean and atmosphere could even be contributing to the sickness and death of these fish, birds, and mammals.

I think it is time that we start taking a look at the possibility that Nuclear Radiation may play a role, if not a major role, in these mass die-offs. If it is found that Radioactivity is contributing, then we can begin to address that problem, with the hope that these mass die-offs can be prevented, or diminished, in the hope that some species can go on living. 

If we fail to be realistic, to examine honestly and fearlessly, to determine cause and effect, to work together to address very real problems, we may not be prepared, as a species, to prevent ourselves from experiencing the very same fate of the birds, fish, and mammals; that is, extinction. The failure to look at, to study, to investigate, the possibility that Nuclear Radiation is destroying Life may be the last mistake Mankind will make.  Peace
And from some great researchers at ENENEWS

Praising the Truth
Here's a world map for just 2013 of:
Mass Animal Die-Offs -2013

From "bo"
The only account I've seen to date→ this is from a while ago but Yoichi Shimatsu held a geiger against dead sea lions in San Diego -

Mass Animal Die-Offs Are on the Rise, Killing Billions and Raising Questions
Huge animal die-offs, along with disease outbreaks and other population stressors, are happening more often.
January 13, 2015

Praising the Truth
Mass Animal Die-Offs Are on the Rise, Killing Billions and Raising Questions
Huge animal die-offs, along with disease outbreaks and other population stressors, are happening more often.
January 13, 2015
 783 Mass animal die off in one year [2013]! 98% ocean bottom covered in death! Fukushima radiation america
Jan 8, 2014
The radiation travels the world. The collapse is global.
Please look at this photo from Australia and view the events just from Jan. 1 of this year:
“22nd January 2015 – Thousands of dead jellyfish wash up on Redcliffe Peninsula, Australia. Link

Asteroid Impact, Asteroid Tsunamis and Nuclear Facilities -- A great new Blog Found

Here is the Source, visit and bookmark please.    I put it my blogroll also.

I wrote most of this post (below the line) a few months after the asteroid strike on Russia in February 2013. At the time I thought it might have been a little excessive to worry about such a low-probability event, but recent news makes me feel vindicated. This really is a problem that our society should wake up to because it highlights once again one of the many ways that the nuclear legacy has many shocks and surprises in store for future generations. Benjamin Hart, in The Huffington Post, reported today:

Bad news, earthlings. A former NASA scientist says it's mere happenstance that an Armageddon-style asteroid hasn't hit a densely populated area in the last few years. On Tuesday, the B612 Foundation, which is devoted to preventing the next deep impact, will present data from a nuclear-weapons test warning satellite showing that far more asteroids have hit earth in the past few years than previously thought, the organization announced on its website.

The data, collected from a nuclear missile detection system that picks up large blasts on earth, shows that since 2001, asteroids have caused 26 explosions on the scale of an atomic bomb. 

“This data shows that asteroid impacts are NOT rare, but actually 3-10 times more common than we previously thought,” Ed Lu, one of the astronauts working on the project, said in a statement. "The fact that none of these asteroid impacts shown in the video was detected in advance is proof that the only thing preventing a catastrophe from a 'city-killer' sized asteroid is blind luck."