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Monday, July 29, 2019

Zero Hedge Recycling Old Lies to Make Russia Look Bad, and Fukushima Look Small

stock here -- this would be a sad day indeed if I am right, but over the last 6 months I have seen a
trend of stories at ZH that I totally disagree with.

They recycle a story about a leak of Ruthenium-106 from 2017 and now use use it to make Russia look bad  and they say it is 100 times bigger than Fukushima radiation releases.....

It's weird.   I covered this story in 2017 and I do remember finding out the release was far braoder than JUST RU-106.    Another great researcher from ENENEWS days, MVB also did an article on that farce, and CodeShutdown chimed in also.

BUT ITS ODD that ZH is rehashing this shit NOW.    Are they clickbait, or worse, controlled opposition.   Be on guard.

Here is one from Mining Awareness


Ru-103 has a half-life of only 39.26 days.  Iodine-131’s half-life is only 8.02 days.  Both are indicative of an active fissioning reactor leaking.  The corresponding data gaps and disturbances affecting monitors across the entire Northern Hemisphere, and particularly inland in Europe suggest a MAJOR nuclear incident / accident.  It is IMPOSSIBLE,  with such a major radiation release, that so-called “independent nuclear watchdogs” and supposed national authorities “have no clue” what happened where.

'Whatever it was, likely a nuclear meltdown accident on par with Chernobyl or even Fukushima-Daiichi, is affecting radiation monitors across the entire Northern Hemisphere.  Diversion stories bullshitting about a little harmless whiff of pharmaceutical Ruthenium-106 “from Russia” don’t hold up to scrutiny, whatsoever.  Pointing that out to mainstream media outlets has so far not made one iota of difference, suggesting a cover-up of epic proportions…'

'spikes of Ru-103, I-131, Cs-134,  and upticks of Cs-137, Pb-210, Na-22, Be-7, (see also repeated graphs below) a tell-tale mixture of definitely a major radioactive cloud released from an active fission nuclear reactor'

Turkey, Flynn, Mueller, Obama's Bio fuel tax credits, CF, and Child Trafficking -- Truth Would Bring Down the Cabal

This author at Neon Revolt is an autist.    Is he exactly right?   Probably not.

You need to read the whole thing
Do you see now why Q calls Flynn a hero?

Now look, it’s highly highly highly probable I’m missing some chunks of information here. I’m doing the best I can with an internet connection at my disposal, but I’m willing to bet there are at least a few pieces missing from what I’ve managed to assemble here. As such, this last section where I speculate on the nature of this case should not be read authoritatively, but as (informed) speculation.
 Remember, the only reason we’re even tipped off to the fact that this is a human trafficking operation in the first place is because Enty over at CDAN said so.
And while the evidence I’ve laid out here today certainly seems to support that – such as this being one of Huber’s sealed indictments, and Flynn’s proximity to the whole thing – we definitely need to keep our heads on a swivel and watch for any emerging details about this particular story and the players involved.

666 Days Between the Garlic Shooting and Las Vegas Shooting

stock here
There have been 666 days between the Vegas massacre and the Cali Garlic Shooting.

I am kind of a numerologist, although there are many that are far more advanced than me.

322 is a good one to keep on your radar, its the number of the Skull and Bones society.

Damian's Day was June 6.

My large German Shepherd got "bloat" on June 6th, its a life threatening problem, that is not caused by food, it's caused by stress.  It requires immediate surgical intervention.   If you slough it off with "lets see how he is doing in the morning" you will be visiting the cremation shop.

Three years later my smaller German Shepherd also got "bloat", on June 6th.   The great evil one likes to take pot shots at me, he didn't win this one either.   Although this one was harder to diagnose, there was no pressure felt at the stomach, it sure didn't look like bloat, but Hanako sure acted strange and was persistent in "telling me" that something was really wrong.   I took her in to the emergency vets and the X-ray confirmed, classic bloat.

I reviewed the prior medical records, they went into the hospital exactly 1 hour apart, and exactly 3 years apart on Damian's Day.    So 666 has a "special" meaning in my life.


Sunday, July 28, 2019

False Flag at Garlic Festival -- Odd How So Many Injured But So Few Killed?

stock here

Not to make light of "only 3 killed".

Is this a new meme?  Leave shotten survivors to "spread the word" against guns?   Not sure, but it is sure odd.

The Name comes out.

Santino William Legan

He is half Iranian and he apparently doesn't like white people calling them "white twats" but of course a fully leftist rag of propaganda tries to spin him into a "white nationalist".    Seriously.

A white nationalist at 19 YO who went to kill white people at a garlic festival.

Heavy, at least they are helpful.    They immediate expose the initial narrative, talking points for their base.

They sure loved to play and replay the same chaos of people running.

Garlic festival.    Hmmm.   I love Garlic, will harvest over 100 tomorrow.   Hardneck.  Awesome garlic.

People who "think right" love Garlic.    Odd the news has this graphic ready to go, but no other coverage of the actual scene.

Bullshit video below

Gov of California, 5H earlier attacked Trump in this


Funny Dan Coats, total Deep Stater, denied the "right" to declass or not, Given to fired, allowed to "resign" and the Globalist media pretends that he "left" the Trump Administration.

Fucking good riddance to this deep state asshole.

Largest Volcano in World Poised to Erupt and Overdue for 6 Times It's Average Eruption Cycle

Based upon EQ patterns and recent Sun Magnetism anomalies (recently rare Coronal Holes), I issued
an earthquake alert.  

Note that earthquakes and Volcanos are directly related.   

The distance of height in this most important chart on the top, is in kilometers, 1000 meters, or 10% more than 1000 yards.   These are miles high up in the Volcano, and hitting at the prior Calderas.

We did get a 6.3 in Japan, but the real story is not that one.    Mount Etna did erupt, and the largest Volcano on the Earth, Moana Loa, sure looks like it is getting set to erupt.

Shortly after the "small volcano" Kileaua stopped erupting last summer, Moana Loa started having high altitude quakes, this mean magma pushing into higher regions in the volcano, and signifying a pending eruption. 

But since the Equatorial Coronal Hole, there have been a spate of very high altitude EQ at Moana Loa.   Check the chart I made after parsing the data nicely.   It was a shock even to me, the results were so clear.  

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Coronal Hole on the Sun, Earthquake Alert Initiated

stock here, Sunday update.  Can you spot the 2 new coronal holes ready to focus on Earth?

We called an earthquake alert and Japan got hit with a 6 plus, also Hawaii was hit with a high altitude quake at Moana Loa which is 600% overdue for an eruption.    The last one in 1984 came within 6 miles of wiping out Hilo.

And said Coronal Hole spins to directly earth facing....2 more CH appear just above and below our Star's equator.

The sun has been really quiet last few months, no sun spots, barely even any coronal holes.

When coronal holes are "earth facing" and near the equator of the sun, they can have a large effect on earth's space weather.    And today we see a coronal holes putting earth in it's sites.

So I am calling an Earthquake alert.    Expect at least 1 or 3 EQ in the 6 Mag range, and maybe in the 7's.

I downloaded and printed the whole help file for the Helioviewer.   It is so much easier to read in print than on the screen, faster.   Easier to annotate.

These settings make it easy to see the coronal holes!

Ah, back to our favorite, FUKUSHIMA

What is a coronal hole?   Don't stick with Wikipedia on this one!!!

The Helioviewer can "auto pick" sun structures and label them.   But amazingly, this obvious earth directed and effective Coronal Hole is "missed" by the software.

Massive Censorship Underway -- As Globalists Realize Their Plot Is Exposed and Failing

stock here -- The Propaganda is heating up.

For many of the young indoctrinated ones, the propaganda has been very effective.   They are "true
believers".    But many others see through the lies.

VOAT was shut down because they attacked some powerful forces.

But like the dying Bronto, thrashing as the ooze closes in oh him, the death throes can be quite deadly and dangerous.

VOAT is / was a great site.    They have come under denial of service attacks before and now they have been down ALL DAY.

Meanwhile, CONGRESS is passing a bill in which "meme sharer's" can be administratively fined up to $30,000 with no recourse.

Ya think that might have quite the chilling effect on sharing of anti-globalist memes?
But the reality is the CASE Act would significantly lower many of the legal hurdles that protect citizens from overzealous copyright lawyers in a variety of ways, from allowing claims for works that aren’t registered, to the ability to unmask alleged infringers without the same standards as federal courts, the power for the CCB to create its own rules, limited due process for claims below $5,000, and an “opt-out” approach that can be confusing for folks who can’t afford expensive lawyers.

The CASE Act also allows claimants to collect fines without showing actual harm from a copyright violation, and leaves those trapped in the system with little recourse.
“It’s true that federal litigation for small-dollar-value disputes generally isn’t practical. The federal courts impose costly, sometimes unnecessary burdens on nearly all who use them. But much of that expense comes from procedures that promote fairness, established and refined through years of use in all types of cases, not copyright infringement suits alone,” EFF reports.
“Creating a parallel track that allows copyright holders to dispense with those procedures as a privileged category of litigants just doesn’t make sense.”
“It lacks meaningful opt-in consent for all parties, structural safeguards against abuse, and legal accountability through a right of appeal. The bill would allow an unappealable tribunal to assign damages of up to $30,000, or nearly half the income of the average American household. A tribunal with that kind of punitive power must be accountable. The system envisioned by the CASE Act is not,” said Meredith Rose, counsel for Public Knowledge, a public interest nonprofit that promotes open internet.

“Moreover, we are deeply disturbed by the lack of process surrounding the consideration of this bill. The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill today without any hearings on its content, and without any opportunities for all stakeholders to voice their concerns. For any bill — let alone one that could drive the average American household into bankruptcy — this lack of transparency is inexcusable.”
The CASE Act is now awaiting a vote before the full Senate.
Methinks this Facebook "Settlement" will be spun by Facebook into policies that create more, not
less censorship.    If you post items that go against the narrative. Facebook will create a special policy for you to accept or not.   Of course, if you don't accept it, Facebook will have put you unilaterally into a "holding pattern", i.e. censored.

And rest assured, future censorship, once busted and proven, will be "explained" by the tech propagandists as just processed that are "automated" or part of an algorithm.

It is happening already.

A Google spokesperson said in a statement that Gabbard’s account suspension was a result of the
company’s automated systems.
“We have automated systems that flag unusual activity on all advertiser accounts — including large spending changes — in order to prevent fraud and protect our customers,” the Google spokesperson said in a statement to CNBC. “In this case, our system triggered a suspension and the account was reinstated shortly thereafter. We are proud to offer ad products that help campaigns connect directly with voters, and we do so without bias toward any party or political ideology.”
“Google’s discriminatory actions against my campaign are reflective of how dangerous their complete dominance over internet search is, and how the increasing dominance of big tech companies over our public discourse threatens our core American values,” Gabbard said in a blog post Thursday.


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Electronic Leaks Will Enable Destruction of the Old Guard, The Criminal Elite -- 85 Gigabytes to Sort Through

stock here --

back from a whirlwind tour of Hawaii, even had some fun, did some snorkeling off Electric Beach, and huge stocking up at the "Swap Meet".   It was great, and a blur, and a full day of break neck work followed by flying all night.

So when I saw this article in Hawaii, I quick posted it without much review or comment.

SO WHAT IS THE CATCH?    Well, the "news" agencies that they appear to partner with, appear to be all assets of the Globalists.   And they will not publish their "leaked data", like Wikileaks does.   They will allow "journalists and anti-corruption officials" to submit keywords, and then they will do the searching and presentation of the results. 


Of the "Journalistic Sites" menitoned, CounterPunch leans quite left, whilst retaining some sanity to see that the NYT, Washington Post, and the Guardian, the 3 largest "global" news organizations, cannot be trusted. 




This London Firm Helps the Wealthy Hide Assets – or Steal Them. Luckily We Have 15 Years of Their Client Communications.

by Barrett Brown

The "Guardian" Says It Is Unethical To Have a Pet -- Sowing Discontent and Inneffective Lifestyles Is Their Goal

stock here I wrote before about an article that stated that Dog were "parasites"

The NWO goal is to sow discontent everywhere, to make people disatisfied, to encourage them into non-productive lifestyles. 

Their goal is to make everyones life as shitty as possible.

What should be the punishment for that?

At VOAT, commonly attended by Globalist shill, one called this article "shill Sliding".  

A response

Are you fucking stupid?    If you don't understand that this is an important point.   Part of the narrative.   Like flooding Europe with Muslims, the point is to make everything suck.   Its working, and it needs to be exposed at every level.    

Normies would be an anti-Dog article makes you think there is an evil empire that is trying create strife and discontent, and squash the people and Government of America which were previously too strong to control.....

No a normie would not allow that leap of logic.   But when you have 100 items like this and one stands back and says there is only one or two logical explanations for the absurdities of the "arguments presented", well, at least my hope is that the underlying plot can be fully exposed.    And then we can swing these fuckers from lamposts.  

Sorry, even the "innocent ones", the so called journalists that were fed the narrative from Bezos and boyz and told to write a story "exploring this concept".   Sorry, if you are so fucking stupid or desperate to follow those directions, I would be glad to see them removed from society also.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Devlin Barrett - a Traitor at the Wall Street Journal Then Hired By The Washington Post -- Devil's Details with Strzok and Lisa Page

stock here.

Research this name.   Then when he is indicted, we can force discovery of all the internal email of Washington Post, and show direction coming from Barrett's higher ups, maybe all the way to Jeff Bezos.

There a lot of stories on Barrett and he of course goes back into the Obama administration.

Kind of has that really wide, sociopath head shape.

 He started his career at the New York Post, which does do occasional real news, as he didn't last long there.

Popcorn anyone?   Enjoy the show, do some research.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Apollo 11 -- Was This a Simulation? The "Interview" News Conference Sure Was Interesting.

I was never a big fan of the "Moon landings were fake" meme. 

And I have been meaning to write this article for a long, long time.   Mandy gave me a help in that regard.

But I think the first moon landing was faked.   I think we were close, but I think USA needed to one up Russia and took extreme measures to do so.   Apollo 11 only.   Other landing were real, and it is well within our ability.

So last year, I watched this old news conference, and it was clear.....someone read these 3 astronauts the "riot act" before this interview.

Mandy Bombard covers this interview, using body language which she is great at.

Bankrupt the Midwest, Starve the Rest Of The Nation. Let No Flood Go To Waste -- Use It to Extract Power and Weaken the "Enemy" (US)

stock here.

I predicted a cold and brutal winter for much of the USA and was totally correct.   The "Quiet Sun" is
not rocket science.    I made these predictions far before NOAA totally stepped on their lack of any grounding in common sense and observation, in October last year when they predicted:

1) A warm winter
2) Not any single county in the USA being below average

Here is that article:

But after that Epic Gaff, the saga continues on into summer, with floods wiping out food production throughout the midwest.


Some have claimed that the midwest flooding is totally intentional.   Like the way that Russia rained out the Chernobyl radionuclides over the country side to avoid letting it get to Moscow.... Indeed, for the evil powers that be, I would put nothing past them.

stock here --- Lets cut to the punch lines:

1) Floods continue in many midwest states.    
2) These floods were horrible in spring, and many farmers did not plant their fields, many could not even drive into their fields.
3) Even many gardeners did not plant, as their soil was too wet, unworkable, unplantable.
4) MSM is ignoring this plight.    They want a weak "flyover country" to weaken the "Trump base".
5) Wisconsin is hard hit.   Corn is supposed to be "knee high by the fourth of July", unless of course it wasn't even planted at all.
6) Gas with ethanol (which is from corn), and that is all the gas in the USA, is going to be expensive soon.
7) Food is not just going to be expensive, it will also be "unavailable".   Kind of nice to have a few years of food already "canned" eh?
8) Trump is not focusing on this issue either.   It help the "trade war".    We don't have to worry about other countries not buying our food, since there is no food.   Their leverage over us is limited in this way.
9) It was already clear in spring that many farmers were going to rely on crop insurance, and not even going waste the money on trying to plant and hoping for the best (correct guess -- continued flooding would have made all the seed purchases and sowing, at WASTE)

Food shortages begin as canned vegetables start to run out at grocery stores across America


Not to brag, much, but ability to see past the lies of the entire power structure and their mouthpieces, the main 6 MSM owned by the same "club" useful.    Even last fall I was building 2 more raised planters that got a significant amount of crop production up and out of harms way.   I dropped other projects and hit the Micro Farm hard with 2 additional raised beds this spring, and in early July it was dry enough to plant the "ground level" in many areas.   

 I'll do a full post on the Micro Farm probably in mid-August.   It's project year, its time to prepare.


Real Cool Bernie......higher wages so that your minions can try to buy what doesn't exist.    As workers are replaced with robots....the perfect storm for dependency.  



Thursday, July 18, 2019

Daily Chemtrail Forecast -- Morales

hat tip Brook Chandler (no relation to the infamous Rachel Chandler)

Daily Weather Chemtrail Forecast by Mike Morales – Above Ground World News


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Google Covering Up Ritual Sacrifice Court On Epsteins Island

It gets odder and odder, the court used to look quite different, squared into four segments with a white
square in the middle.

This is similar to some structures at Vatican City, well hidden beyond its tall fortress walls.    I will put picture of that at far bottom.

Q references this type of structure also.

And additional pictures from a flyover in July 2019 show lots of odd circles patterned.

This is the size of the court, it is far smaller than the reported Mayan game of Pok-ta-Pok which is reported to have been played with one side receiving death.

At least the Google coverup used a proper sized Tennis Court dimensions!

Sacrifice Court shown clearly in this July drone flyover

And Epsteins "investments" in science

Per Cuttlefish blogger...... I find this video to be very important (after 9:20 min. mark) - about this island and the design influence of the "temple". ... and it also is telling how smart this man is ... not in high degrees etc. but in plain common sense. In modern society we waste this type of brain-power. ----------------------------------------------------

Secret Entrance to Epstein Island -- For Valuable "Goods" That Can't Delivered On Same Helo's or Boats at the "Guests" aka Parasites on Society

Monday, July 15, 2019

Google Covering For Epstein -- Showing a Tennis Court Instead of the Human Sacrifice Heiau

stock stock here.    
Lets cut to the punchline

I compare the Epstein structure to a very famous Human Sacrifice mound on Oahu, Puu O Mahuka

I saw this in two places, first I saw the tennis court.   Seems odd to place a tennis court so far away from the living areas, far away from water or other resources.    No bit of shade on that tennis court.

I put a few more images of this Human Sacrifice Ceremony site at bottom.   And the drone flyover at the far bottom

As well as a Q post speaking on this.

Here is a Google link to see the "Tennis Court"'52.0%22N+64%C2%B049'20.5%22W/@18.299489,-64.8274723,250m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m14!1m7!3m6!1s0x8c051168d7542dc5:0x110473b6198e7717!2sLittle+Saint+James!3b1!8m2!3d18.300278!4d-64.825556!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d18.2977874!4d-64.8223651

And while we expose this debauchery, Clinton is now in USVI to speak about "climate:, LOL I meanto run interference for Epstein, to bribe the local officials to keep Droners away from that island, etc.

Then I saw a rougher terrain with a high mounded exterior, where I thought the tennis courts could be......   And I immediately thought of a favorite Heiau on Oahu, Puu O Mahuka.     One translation is "Hill of Escape".   Decades ago, I took a girl on a date there, we walked around the whole place.   I felt an energy.    This picture does not show the Heiau well, there is an obvious platform / ceremony area on the far left side, the higher side.

I knew in my gut right then, right there, that they did human sacrifices there.     The next day I talked to my date and she said that 3 spirits had followed her home from the Heiau, and they came to her in her dreams, she could not wake up, they held her down and talked into her ear.

Why the high mounding?   So that proceedings wouldn't be seen by passing boats or the other nearby islands.    What do you think Epstein and ilk did there?

And why is Google, still today, pretending that is a tennis court?   Look at the end fence angles?   It sure is odd.

I think this is their original ceremony ground.    It was too open and they were already attracting
attention.   So they built the new killing field, with high mounded walls

This old area is right next to "the temple".

Note the "bar the door" on  the outside of the doors.....not at all suspicious.   UNTIL you realize this is a paint on door, made to look 3D, created so that those who comment on it, can be made to look like crazy conspiracists.......

An anon did some research and guess work. ----------------------- Amazing Polly
Where do roads lead?
Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction: north, south, east and west.
Table 29.
D-Room H
D-Room R
D-Room C
Pure EVIL.

Epstein -- Plethora of Great Fly Over Drone Videos -- Great for a Deep Dive

stock here

More and more Drone videos.   Eventually, Epstein will direct his workers to shoot them down with
shotguns.   But lets collect some evidence while we can.

And archive these to bitchute, get away from YouTube

Note the bolts on the outside of the left door.   And the scratch marks on the painted slab, as if forklifting heavy things in and out.

The second "door" showing limited traffic, I think is purely a ventilation door.     Lots of ventilation for what underground??  

Could just be for gensets, or could have a more nefarious underground use.

And don't miss the connections between Epstein and Victoria's Secret.    Who better to marginalize than women with great bodies who don't mind posing 90% naked, and like "easy money".

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Rot In Congress -- Mutual Assured Blackmail Posing as Tribalism

hat tip Lot's Wife

Mainstream journalism is complicit in shielding Americans from reality

The doors of Congress are breached as easily as the southern border. Alaska’s US House representative, Don Young, is MIA. His horses left the barn years ago. Most of his colleagues are equally infirm or compromised. The State of Alaska is threatened with financial exigency by a farm team headed by a new governor and his billionaire owners. Gas and oil extraction w/ minimal environmental protection and no political opposition is the planned outcome. Potentates in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, India, and Saudi Arabia watch the chaos as they plan their next moves. Scores of whales are rotting on Alaska and BC coasts, likely less than 10 percent of the total die-off. Industrial pollutants have closed domestic water wells across Alaska. Most of us see little concern, only power outages disturb the electronic soma, aka television and Facebook. The loss of personal autonomy in the face of massive wrongdoing is stunning. If this attitude held sway on the Titanic, there would have been no survivors