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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Worldwide Cancer Statistics --- Bottom Line, We Are Not Winning

Risk of a Monster Earthquake Throughout Pacific Region

The have been three 7.0 class earthquakes in the last month

 Many earthquakes are happening exactly at volcanic hot spots.

The videos from dutchinsense point those out nicely.

Also there were 10 earthquakes over 5.0, and 48 total over 4.5

The whole Pacific Ocean plate is moving

This could forbode "The Big One" and it could be West Coast USA, Russia, even Japan where they just restarting their 3rd nuclear plant.     Nature has a twisted sense of humor when you poke it in the eye.   

The next two graphics are my annotations using dutchinsense's methods.

Here is the latest from dutchinsense

This one from Jan 29, 2016

Being Fat Is Not A Big Problem, But What Made You Fat Is A Big Problem

 I found this one twitter, and pulled a one liner soundbite out of it.

Being obese will increase your cancer risk somewhat, BUT if you became obese from eating processed foods, then you are 5 to 10 times more likely to get cancer compared to an obese person who eats non-processed foods.

Got it?    And this just speaks to processed foods, not specifically looking at GMO effects which are going to be even more extreme.

Found this article on twitter by the way.   Go full bird, go tweet.

stock out


The following figures seem to reflect that obesity caused by primarily unprocessed foods appears to be far more benign than obesity caused by processed food:
  • Eight percent of all cancers in women in developed nations is associated with obesity, compared to just 1.5 percent in developing countries
  • Three percent of all cancers in men in developed nations is associated with obesity, compared to a mere 0.3 percent in developing countries
According to lead author Dr. Melina Arnold, of the International Agency for Research on Cancer:
"Our findings add support for a global effort to address the rising trends in obesity. The global prevalence of obesity in adults has doubled since 1980.
If this trend continues, it will certainly boost the future burden of cancer, particularly in South America and North Africa, where the largest increases in the rate of obesity have been seen over the last 30 years.”

Friday, January 29, 2016

Iodine: A Very Important Element, And A Very Dangerous Component Of A Nuclear Radiation Emergency

Let's Talk Iodine:   Boring but oh, so, critical for human health, in normal life, and especially in a nuclear radiation release.

And a subject near and dear to my heart: what can we do to better protect our pets?

Let me give you the low down out of the gate, and explain this: Iodine is extremely necessary to life, yet in the new world we live in 25% to 80% do not get enough.    Long ago, they started putting Iodine into salt, before salt was recognized as a high blood pressure cause.    That was a primary way to make sure we got enough Iodine.     What of those who stopped using added salt?    Indeed a problem.   Lots of Iodine can come from vegetables, BUT some areas of the USA just don't have much of this micronutrient in the soil.    Those with a "healthy diet" can be missing one of the most important elements: Iodine
This is my puppy dog, he is 9 years old now

Where did all this research start?  My older dog, has a history of allergy and skin problems, but it is not constant.    Lately, he is quite itching, always scratching to the point of skin damage, he has never been cold intolerant but is now (what I mean by that is that a 10 degrees he doesn't want to stay outside for 30 minutes) a bit grumpy, and less energy.     These are dead ringers for iodine deficiency, which I found after  hours of research.    Iodine impacts thyroid function, which influences a lot of things, including weight gain.

I do believe my dog is iodine deficient, I will increase his intake of iodine and observe for several weeks.   If warranted, do an expensive blood test if no results.   If things improve, then I nailed it, and no further action is needed.

Here are both my dogs, the younger one is his sister, from a subsequent litter.   Would you want these guys to have skin problems, be itchy all the time, subject to weight gain, low energy, and other health problems?    If not, you need to be aware of Iodine. 

There are iodine vitamins available, and iodine with D3 also.    Most of those seem to want to push up to the upper daily limit for humans.    Seems odd.     Why push to the "tolerable limit"?    But the lower limit is meant to avoid "goiter" in which the thyroid becomes large to try to produce it's hormones without adequate supply material (Iodine).    Funny that "they" our medical professionals, never came up with an "optimal" level of Iodine.

I am picking 325 micrograms as the optimum level for myself, and found a supplement at Amazon Prime, I love that Prime!   After using it for a month, I'll report back on whether I feel any different, and if its good, I'll investigate shelf life and stock up on it as an emergency prep item.  

There are 2 widely varying applications of Iodine

1) During Nuclear Emergency (1000 times more required)
2) Normal Life

First--Nuclear Emergency Iodine

Babies to 3 years, 16,000 Micrograms to 32,000 Micrograms (32 Milligrams)

Adolescents, 65,000 to 120,000 Micrograms (120 Milligrams)

Adults 130,000 Micrograms (130 Milligrams)

Second, let's talk about normal life, the summary first, then later the discussion.

Very very simple rule of thumb to remember, for everyone over 12 YO, the minimum recommended is 120 to 130 Micro Grams per day.   That is millionth of a gram.   That is .130 Millgram per day.

The Maximum tolerable is 1100 micro-gram per day.    Micro.    Do not confuse this with milli-gram which is 1000 times larger, and what we speak of during nuclear emergency.

backup data is below from WebMD

A possible source for human testing of thyroid, I have not vetted this company or this type of company.


The following doses have been studied in scientific research:

  • For radiation emergencies: potassium iodide (KI) should be taken just prior to, or as soon as possible after, exposure. Radiation is most harmful to pregnant or breastfeeding women and children, so KI is dosed according to amount of radiation exposure and age. Radiation exposure is measured in centigrays (cGy). For infants, babies, children, adolescents, and pregnant or breastfeeding women, KI is given if radiation exposure is 5 centigrays (cGy) or more. Tablets can be crushed and mixed with fruit juice, jam, milk, etc.
    • For birth through 1 month, the dose is 16 mg of KI;
    • For babies and children over 1 month through 3 years, 32 mg;
    • For children 3 to 12 years, 65 mg;
    • For adolescents 12 through 18 years, 65 mg or 120 mg if the adolescent is approaching adult size;
    • For pregnant or breastfeeding women, 120 mg.
    • For adults 18 to 40 years with exposure to 10 cGy or more, 130 mg of KI is given.
    • For adults over 40 years with exposure to 500 cGy or more, 130 mg of KI is given.
The National Institute of Medicine has set Adequate Intake (AI) of iodine for infants: 0 to 6 months, 110 mcg/day; 7 to 12 months, 130 mcg/day.

For children and adults, Recommended Dietary Amounts (RDA) have been set: children 1 to 8 years, 90 mcg/day; 9 to 13 years, 120 mcg/day; people age 14 and older, 150 mcg/day. For pregnant women, the RDA is 209 mcg/day, and breastfeeding women, 290 mcg/day.

Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (UL), the highest level of intake that is not likely to cause unwanted side effects, for iodine intake have been set: children 1 to 3 years, 200 mcg/day; 4 to 8 years, 300 mcg/day; 9 to 13 years, 600 mcg/day; 14 to 18 years (including pregnancy and breastfeeding), 900 mcg/day. For adults older than age 19 including pregnant and breastfeeding women, the Tolerable Upper Intake Level is 1100 mcg/day.
Some areas of the country just have low iodine levels in the soil.    Food grown in these areas is not going to have much Iodine.

I guess my article got the narrative going. Feb 6 another interesting article seen on beforeitsnews Iodine Supplements: The Three Best Kinds To Use Saturday, February 6, 2016 16:12 (Before It's News) Iodine Supplements: The Three Best Kinds To Use Iodine is essential for a vibrant and radiant body. It’s a key player in our DNA, it boosts our immune system, stabilizes our metabolism, and even assists with cardiovascular health. [1] Furthermore, it’s estimated that more than half of the US population suffer from insufficient levels of iodine. Iodine is a major contributor to the function of your thyroid gland, especially in the creation of T3 and T4 hormones, which are important for regulating your body’s metabolism. So what are some Iodine supplements available on the market, and how do they each stack up?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Global Trade, Is It Stopped? Or Another Lie to Help Push the TPP Through, a NWO Tool Bag

How about rail data:

And here is some vessel traffic

LOL, I registered my boat and got an MMSI number so my boat will show up when radio is on.

Here is another link to vessel traffic


Play Music
"Trouble Every Day"

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West Coast At Risk of Huge Earthquake, and Whitehouse announces a WebCast Special Meeting

If you are following the West Coast Big Quake idea

Next Tuesday, white house hosting earthquake summit, 9:30PM

This guy predicted the big recent earthquakes, he is a citizen scientist that does better than the pros working on your tax dollar.

And the pro's troll this guy.   Sheesh, welcome to the club.

Congressman Greg Walden - Explains What is Wrong With Government and The Bundy Debacle

What do you think folks? Drop a Comment. Has this man said even one thing that was wrong?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why Have the Muslims Been Allowed To Invade The European "Union"

I posted a question on a blog about "why is the forced acceptance of large amounts of Muslims into European countries happening, along with the attempted roll out of the NWO"

 It didn't make any sense to me.   Aren't they kind of contrary in purpose?

Someone answered with their own comment—
1) Break down National Identity
What do you think?

Also I added 2 epiphanies at the bottom, but quickly:
2) Jews (the NWO Bilderbergs, Soros Kissinger and their ilk) pit the Muslims against the Christians to weaken both.
3) Make all Euro countries suck, not just destroy nationalist feelings, but just create a "it sucks everywhere" so why not be part of it, no benefit to be sovereign.
Update 10-31-17 After another "successful" terror attack in New York City, the establishment owned Media in USA try to downplay the terror.

Shimon: “That’s right Jake. So what we’re told, I’m told by three sources now that the NYPD and the FBI are investigating this as a terrorism incident. Our understanding is that, according to witnesses … they’re telling police that they heard the driver saying, yelling, ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,’ during this incident.”
And Tapper’s response?
“The Arabic chant, Allahu Akbar, God is great, sometimes is said under the most beautiful of circumstance and too often, we hear it being said in moments like this,” he said.

Oh please, make it stop.
It’s bad enough the leftists of the country can’t take even the most mundane and common sense of national security protections to stave off radical Islam terror attacks — like clamping the borders, for example.

The totally incredible thing is that almost no one on the entire internet has yet realized that there is nothing remotely accidental about this Muslim flooding of Europe.

It was not - as everyone, so sadly, seems to think - a 'mistake' by Merkel, at all. Her invitation to the entire Middle East (and far beyond) to pour into Europe was a calculated, totally deliberate dramatic ramping-up of the EU's plan to pour muslim into all EU countries formulated by Peter Sutherland when he was EU Commissioner - which was adopted by the EU's Polituro, the 'EU Commission', as policy.

The objective of their plan was to pour such vast numbers of muslims (preferably, because they don't integrate) into all European countries to break down national identity - which is the greatest threat to the EU, and the single and only obstacle which has frustrated them in achieving a Single European state.

This flooding of Europe with muslims has been going on since Blair's time - in vast numbers, as anyone living in any of the main EU countries can confirm for themselves. In the UK, this was initiated by Blair, and has been continued in similar volumes (hundreds of thousands every year) by Cameron - another EU stooge.

Europeans! If you don't overthrow the EU / German conspiracy which rules all main EU countries, you will have no Europe left.


And the other piece of the puzzle....
For the NWO they need to assemble countries into Blocks, with are then easier to control and integrate. So if Europe breaks up, a critical block is gone. So even though the introduction of the Muslim is quite risky, their future of world domination is at risk.

On similar note, why do you think Obama is president? Same reason, one of his main jobs was to marginalize the white christian middle class, and he has done so very effectively. His other overall task was to neuter the Bill of Rights.

They NWO cannot capture the USA whilst it had a strong white christian middle class because they had the wherewithal and the moral fortitude to stand up against the NWO.

Hows them apples.

2) Jews (the NWO Bilderbergs, Soros Kissinger and their ilk) pit the Muslims against the Christians to weaken both.

3) Make all Euro countries suck, not just destroy nationalist feelings, but just create a "it sucks everywhere" so why not be part of it, no benefit to be sovereign.

Massive Whale Deaths Across the World Now -- And The Wake Up Call, It's Fukushima At Your Door

My fear is not that high levels of radiation are killing these animals directly, my fear is that radiation and heavy metals have mutated one or several critical components of the bottom of the food chain like plankton and krill.     What do you think?

Some in the world are waking up?    Will enough wake up to tip it towards the good?

No whales on the whale cam in Hawaii

Fukushima Coverup -- Why Are There So Few Celebrities Promoting The Truth, Speaking Against Nuclear

stock here: In the discussion below, CodeShutdown nails an important point.   Celebrities speak out on a wide variety of subjects.    But it is extremely rare to find a vocal anti-nuclear celebrity.   Something to think about, how can we communicate the reality of Fukushima and the Lies of the Nuclear Cartel to all celebrities and try to find a half dozen with the cajones (and hopefully breasts too--read the whole post you will understand the joke).   

So people, what I want you to do is to provide some ideas on how we can communicate to ALL celebrities, through twitter?    Find a shotgun way to send "personal" tweets to hundreds of celebrities.

stock out

Code said-----------------

stock, the goal is to awaken the public to what is going on with nuclear and the pervasive corruption. Mainstream media is no good. Places like Enenews do little good I'm afraid. Then it comes down to the famous people, and 'helps to have breasts' actually hits the… nipple square on the head. The point is this; there is a conspicuous lack of activists in the entertainment field. The people that have a truly big public following. Where is the Lady Gaga Fukushima piece?
Lets hear it from Susan Sarandon;
Explaining her anti-war stance, Sarandon said the world had belonged to her generation, but they "screwed up".
"Now we have to unscrew it. Maybe things have to get so bad before we wake up.
"I lost a very dear friend in the Twin Towers on 11 September and thought the shock was so huge that American arrogance would be diminished.
"Instead, our president has turned it into one of the most divisive times since the Civil War."
Her views led to her being the subject of a "witch-hunt", she said.
here is the original discourse.

Now lets say you really wanted to do something, wanted to kill a nuclear plant (watch the troll chime in on that), one way to do it is to show that they are not living up to the documents they should be following.
So you go to this page, look at key documents on lower left, and do some reading. Read some news, ask some direct questions to plant personal (helps to have breasts, just ask Erin Brocovitch), letters to the editor, maybe get a like minded lawyer to file a suit.
At some point they will be sick of the fight, and that and economics will kill the plant.
got it? stock out
and here is a list of all the plants. Take down the weak ones….they will collapse several month before the next outage when they have to make the decision to order and buy the fuel, so it is at site for the outage.

CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
actors get blacklisted, their careers ruined. In the world run by 3 lb brain apes, some things never change very much. Media is the henchman
CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
stock, the goal is to awaken the public to what is going on with nuclear and the pervasive corruption. Mainstream media is no good. Places like Enenews do little good Im afraid. Then it comes down to the famous people, and 'helps to have breasts' actually hits the… nipple square on the head. The point is this; there is a conspicuous lack of activists in the entertainment field. The people that have a truly big public following. Where is the Lady Gaga Fukushima piece?
Lets hear it from Susan Sarandon;
Explaining her anti-war stance, Sarandon said the world had belonged to her generation, but they "screwed up".
"Now we have to unscrew it. Maybe things have to get so bad before we wake up.
"I lost a very dear friend in the Twin Towers on 11 September and thought the shock was so huge that American arrogance would be diminished.
"Instead, our president has turned it into one of the most divisive times since the Civil War."
Her views led to her being the subject of a "witch-hunt", she said.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Japan Monkey Feces at 1500 TIMES Legal Limit for Radiation

I wanted to do additional research on this red hot radioactive Japanese Monkey Feces, but eliminating troll from ENE has wasted a lot of time.

So for now I will publish as is.   

If you ever need to find this article, simply type "monkey feces" into the search box, and it will find it for you.

stock out


with a cesium content of more than 150,000 becquerels per kilogram, this qualifies as radioactive waste, requires special handling and needs to be placed in a secure repository:

January 23, 2016

An example of bio-accumulation of radioactive material in Fukushima:
According to the following post, wild monkey poops from Namie-city, Fukushima had more than 150,000Bq/kg in terms of radioactive Cs137 & Cs134.

Cs137: 133987 Bq/kg
Cs134: 25186 Bq/kg
K40: 225 Bq/kg

The surrounding ground surface was about 500~600cpm.

HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog
"…requires special handling and needs to be placed in a secure repository:…"
Any volunteers?
As someone here mentioned, all animals defecate…I assume only monkey doo was tested…The way Tepco/Japan is handling the nuclear fallout tells me they'll just leave the crap laying around…or let it float away.
Fukushima: What goes up must come down…or out, in this case.
Monkey see, monkey doo.
All around the radiated bush, the monkey chased the nucleide…POP goes the food chain.
And other assorted humor to deal with the rediculousness of nuclear fallout and contamination of the planet and all of it's inhabitants.

Our Pets Are Particularly Susceptible to Environmental Contamination and Radiation

Our Pets Are Particularly Susceptible to Environmental Contamination and Radiation - See more at:
Our Pets Are Particularly Susceptible to Environmental Contamination and Radiation, what can you do to help them?   There are simple ways to improve the situation.

Saw the conversation at ENENEWS -- there is some good information and conversation, and if the site can rid itself of a few embedded trolls, it will be even better.  Protecting your pets!

Any who can chime in on their experiences with pet health post Fukushima please do so.

We should already be aware of the massive toxins thrown into the air by the explosions at Fukushima.   They will effect us and our pets, the responsible question is --- what can we do to stay strong and minimize the damage.  Review this for the initial toxin estimate:

Now keep in mind that unlike Chernobyl, they never stopped the radiation coming out of Fukushima.  The plant was built over a river, now that river is underground, under the plant, where the radiation is.    So more and more radiation and heavy metals are coming into our environment. 

Are there any simple actions people are taking to protect their dogs and cats from environmental toxins and radiation?      Chime in, drop a comment!

My quick ideas:
Stop buying lousy dog food made in flouride in our water systems, you know how China gets rid of toxins.....think about it.

I do give only RO filtered water to my dogs.

I also give them mostly real food, and they eat heavily from the organic non GMO garden.

Breakfast today was a re-heated gallon size bag of garden vegetables, brown rice, turkey, then some dry dog food (good local known stuff), oats, and some butternut squash soup, and a chunk of cheese for fun.     Ya, spoiled doesn't even begin to describe the situation, but it is actually quite easy if you do it right and in big batches, and not costly at all.  

They also get Vitamin D3, Fishoil, Flaxoil, Glucosamine, sometime vitiman C an excellent anti-oxidant.

A local lady is a rep for a dog food kibble, and super knowledgeable on food.    Even though she sells food, she encourages us to provide home cooked and especially home uncooked foods.  

Raw chicken with the bones, raw eggs, liver organ meat.

They are mostly "inside" dogs, and I run 3 HEPA filters in rooms, as well as having a nice whole house Honeywell electrostatic air filter on the furnace/air con.   This definitely affects the dogs too in a positive way.

 On one HEPA filter, I pulled it last week and let it sit for a week, then I ran a 1 hour Geiger sample on it, Radiation Alert Inspector.

The picture shows the Geiger results, it is definitely taking long lived radio-isotoped out of our breathing air.

Oh that device next to it, a biological lab grade microscope.   Just learning it, but already did some blood inspections, tap water inspections, bio-swab from a dog itchy spot, looks at some micro-bugs on indoor  herbs and peppers, etc.

 It is an awesome tool, it opens up a new world.    Will buy a Canon EOS camera mount adaptor.   Its a tri-nocular, so you can look through it, AND take a picture of exactly what you are looking at.   The blood work stuff is amazing

Best new Friends

January 25, 2016 at 12:58 pm · Reply   

Does anybody know if there is a CDC-like agency for pets?

Since pet dogs, cats, and birds are our sentinels it might be a good idea to track their clusters of illness.

How many other areas of the country are having similar 'pet' deaths and illness? How would we know? The only reason we are hearing about the Porter Ranch/San Fernando Valley situation is because there is a gas leak that ties the community together.

IMO – It's may be a way of getting people used to mass die offs. If it's not gas in the air, perhaps it's lead in the water or maybe something else that's tangible like El Nino killing our ocean. I say… no, no, NO! To some degree, I believe it's FUKUSHIMA! (hair falling out, sores, weakened immune) All of these man made catastrophes add up. Scientists seem to have a way of being able to focus on only one thing and not being able to look at the long range overall big picture.

Note: When the initial FALLOUT waves of 2011 hit, they came down like ink splatters, so if you lived on a hillside or in a valley maybe your area took a hit while other areas near you didn't.

    January 25, 2016 at 2:04 pm · Reply   

    Good question. I did a fairly simple search upon which others may wish to follow up.

    First I would consider the top vet med schools that also do research .. like uc davis and cornell and Colorado state.

    Second there are some outstanding state of the art animal hospitals and national vet med associations.

    Some links:

"…Environment: Cancer cells develop because of damage to DNA. Most often a dog’s DNA becomes damaged by exposure to something in the environment, such as tobacco smoke, pesticides or OTHER carcinogens."
Source: Morris Animal Foundation
"…some infectious diseases are on the rise, particularly feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)"
Tumors and alopecia (hair loss) are a couple of things on the rise.

Thought I would add one more link.
Porter ranch residents, downwinders, and vets should report pet/animal/wildlife illnesses and deaths they believe are related to the leak to

California Massive Methane Gas Leak Along With Radiation -- Some Reference to Energy in California

Did you know that almost every war is fought over energy?

Its that important.

Maybe if the "Big One" 9.0 earthquake hits, it won't be that important for a while.   Or maybe it will all blow up in our face.  

I wasn't aware that they were storing massive amounts of methane underground, in cities.   That seems amazingly stupid, like nuclear energy. 

Porter Ranch -- a methane castastrophe

Energy Maps of California (from Or-Well)

Commentary at the NRC Nails The "Transformer Issue" and the Lie of "Cold and Dark Hippies"

The NRC has a blog in which they try to "engage" the public.   They do answer questions fairly rapidly, and their censorship is within reasonable levels, depending on who is doing the review, there are a few that are too draconian, which hurts their effort to "engage".

A pronuke blog participant had this to say and my response is below his comment

Jim Bowlby January 24, 2016 at 6:11 pm
What a great idea! Let’s shutdown the one source that currently provides 60% of our clean energy 24/7 and replace it with let me guess…windmills and solar panels because this is free energy and the wind always blows and the sun always shines.

And next we can get rid of those nasty fossil plants that burn coal, oil and gas and contribute to global warming and kill people with their emissions. Those old hydro dams that we built back during the Great Depression need to be decommissioned before they fall apart and hurt someone.
Once they are gone the rivers can be restored to their natural beauty and the salmon can run free.

We can all heat our homes with wood because wood smoke is natural and wood is a renewable energy source. Let’s outlaw the combustible engine and make sure that everyone drives electric cars. We can charge them up at home with our very own windmills and solar panels for free.

Now the only thing we’ll have to worry about is if the lights will come on when we flip the switch.

Sir, respectfully, it is hard to say with a straight face that nuclear is "clean".     Just ask the monkeys in Japan that just last week had their feces measured at 150,000 Bq/kG, vast majority Cesium with the 137/134 ratio clearly indicating Fukushima origins.   

Also, all nuclear plants emit radiation as a normal part of their operations, some are so dirty they are hundreds of times higher in leakage than others.

The salmon population has been pretty much wiped out via Fukushima and its radiation and mutated planktons and viruses that are working over the whole Pacific right now.    So we can pretty much write them off already.    Sorry, but in the balance between wildlife and human life, I think that we need as much hydro as we can do.  

I do like heating my home with wood, its extremely renewable, and the newly planted trees are a great way to use up the good supply of plant food in the air, we call that CO2.   That said, the opposite side of your argument can only imply that you would recommend heating with electricity, which only makes sense in the mildest of climates, although a case can be made for heat pumps in moderate climates.   But making that electricity with nuclear, where each plant produces about the equivalent radiation of 3 nuclear bombs, PER DAY, makes little sense compared to solar PV which has come of age, has beat grid parity almost everywhere and once purchased, your "rate per kWH" stays the same for it's 30 to 40 year life.   Whereas in the classic utility model, the rates go up at 3% to 6% per year, except in place like Vogtle with a nuke plant costing $18 Billion, and the cost of project financing they need to extract $65 Billion from the ratepayers over time to have the project "make sense", that will double or triple their rates almost immediately,.

The combustion engine will certainly not be outlawed, and will likely fade away, but never go away, as EV's make further market penetration via technology and cost/economies of scale.    EV's are also an important part of a primarily solar PV fed grid since these EV's that are plugged in 94% of the time, can solve a calculated 58% of all of the "storage" needs that PV will require and they can solve that problem with nothing more than a smart charger.   And by the way, you can take my 275 HP 1966 Mustang right about the same time you come and take my guns, it ain't gonna happen.

So yes we can charge up our own EVs with electricity we make on our own roofs, and this highly distributed generation will make America stronger and more robust, and less subject to terror attack.

Finally, I was disappointed that at the end you choose to play one of the stalest lies of the nuclear generations, which simply stated is: If you don't have nuclear you are going to be in the cold and dark (you can throw also 'dirty hippies' if you like also).    Sorry, we ain't buying it and we collectively are not that dumb to build another dysfunctional system, my own PV system actually allows me to use MORE electricity, it is after all a valuable product that enhances human life.   Solar PV lets you maximize those benefits.  

stock January 22, 2016 at 1:18 pm
What actions have been taken for those primary substations / transformers shorting out during storms?
NRC January 22, 2016 at 2:11 pm
One action taken is to ensure any debris that could become airborne during a storm and result in switchyard electrical shorts are addressed prior to the arrival of severe weather. Another is close monitoring of equipment performance during the storm. Transformer failures generally do not occur as a result of storms.
Neil Sheehan
Region I Public Affairs Officer

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Great Video on Fracking, Radiation, and The Overall Fear and False Flag Bullshit They Throw At Us

10:19 / 14:07 RADIOACTIVE FRACKING: THE UNTOLD NATURAL GAS STORY ron johnson ron johnson 9,535 2,020 Published on Jan 20, 2016 A significant public health hazard associated with drilling for natural gas is from radioactive radon gas... Useful Links: Radon in Natural Gas Over 1.1 Million Active Oil and Gas Wells in the US Texas fracking site that spilled 42,000 gallons of fluid into residential area hopes to reopen EPA Radon Zones (with State Information) Exposing the real price of the US fracking industry (PLAYLIST) STFN is on Facebook:

Study Reveals Amazing Surge in Scientific Hype

"Although it is possible that researchers have adopted an increasingly optimistic writing approach and are ever more enthusiastic about their results…"

Nobody died. Everything is beautiful

Global Sea Ice Data Page - Updated for 2016

All from Watts up With That

What cool charting

Antarctic Satellite Imagery:
Terra 4km True Color Antarctic Satellite Image – Mosaic Image – With Zoom – NASA
Terra 4km Bands 3-6-7 Antarctic Satellite Image – Antarctic Satellite Mosaic Image – With Zoom – NASA
Aqua 4km True Color Antarctic Satellite Image – Mosaic Image – With Zoom – NASA

Source Guide:
Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) – Centre for Ocean and Ice
Home Page –
Arctic Page –
Home Page –
Satellite Observations Page – – Ole Humlum – Professor, University of Oslo Department of Geosciences:
Home Page –
Ole Humlum Bibliography –
Cryosphere Today – Arctic Climate Research at the University of Illinois:
Home Page –
Products Page –
Images Indexed By Date –
Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area –
Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area –
moyhu – Nike Stokes
Home Page –
Regional Hi-Res SST Movies –
Collection of High Resolution NOAA SST Images with WebGL –
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) – HYCOM Consortium for Data-Assimilative Ocean Modeling
NRL Home Page –
NRL Products Page –
HYCOM Home Page –
Satellite Products Page-
Data Page –
Multi-view –
Navel Coastal Ocean Model –
FTP Page –
FTP Page Global –
National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC):
Home Page –
FTP Page –
Regional FTP Page –
Data Search Page –
Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Extent –
Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Extent –
University of Bremen:
Home Page –
Sea Ice Page –
International Arctic Research Center/Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (IARC-JAXA)
Home Page –
FTP Page –
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) – Lance Modis
Home Page –
Rapid Response Satellite Page –
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – National Climate Data Center
Home Page –
Public FTP Page –
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – National Weather Service – Environmental Modeling Center
Home Page –
Sea Ice Analyses Page –
Public FTP Page –
Sea Ice FTP Page –
Regional Arctic Sea Ice FTP Page –
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – National Ice Center:
Home Page
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – National Weather Service NOAA Arctic Cam Page:
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL)
Home Page –
Physical Sciences Division (PSD) Products Page –
Physical Sciences Division (PSD) Data Data Page –
Physical Sciences Division (PSD) Data Maps Page –
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC) – Arctic Regional Ocean Observing System (ROOS):
Home Page –
Sea Ice Charts –
Norway Meteorological SAF Sea Ice:
Washington University North Pole Environmental Observatory:

Hawaii Whale Population Severly Reduced. Related to Alaska UME This Summer?

Video of whale beaching - disturbing

Whale video showing whale in process of getting beached

Obviously this whale had enough water to still swim, but it was too weak or too "crazy" to be able to swim effectively.    How sad is that.

Look at the pictures below (in the link), this whale was all cut up from its last minute struggles or an earlier events.


I did find a few 2016 video of Hawaii whale on Youtube, I would expect there to be much more if there were more whales.

10 minutes filming 1 mother and calf, off Maui, Jan 10, no other whales seen

Lahaina whale watch Jan 5

This is the questionable photos, that made worldwide exposure.    A blatant attempt to minimize the hugely important issue of "lack of whales" in Hawaii.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Several New Trolls Hired By the Nuclear Cartel -- Damaging ENENEWS

stock here, I am just going to list a few of the comments made by the new trolls, while they are fresh.

time permitting, I will explain what and how they are doing things.    They have an electronic dossier of material to attack particular activists (like me in particular), but their methods also give them away.

AFter SocioDog melted down, minutes later, joseygirl shows up, hmmmm

ya right
January 22, 2016 at 1:56 pm · Reply
Fuck you, dick. Come to Ga, anywhere in the state and I'll meet you there.

ya right
January 22, 2016 at 5:52 pm · Reply
Fuck you both! You'll deal w me tmrw, you pathetic excuses for men.

Yes robg. even on this site. The tea partiers like stock et al yell that Bernie Sanders is a big government socialist. He is a social democrat who does not believe in the govt. controlling the means of production. Good luck Rob in explaining that to most of the lunk heads, bullies, teapartiers, and idiots on this site. Bernie Sanders is the only antinuke candidate in this election cycle. He is almost centrist by world standarts while the rest are fascist or right wing neocon neoliberals like hillary clinton. Try explaining that to most of the people on this site or most americans Rob. Braindead is too kind a word.

Report comment

LOL a newcomer, shows up and tries to instigate everyone.
How surprising. PS never made a comment about Bernie, but I would take him over the Hilde-beast.

Report comment

Not everyone stock. Robg and obvious agree with me. Back to the oll bully tactics eh right wing bully and troll. The words are right there bernie sanders antinuclear. Try to twist distort manipulate bully as you may you cannot change that. Who is going to dissemble the nuclear power plants, stop more from being built and find safer means for nuclear waste. Of course you will not grapple those pixels of light. This will now degenerate into rightwing politics and attacks with no solutions as usual with stock.


another self appointed troll chaser. no one invented anything. Maybe i am wrong about obvious. Palin and trump are very righ wing also pro nuc. Robg has said many times america is dominated by rightwing politics."They'll just keep buying things they don't need, and will keep buying the propaganda, and will keep voting for the likes of Palin and Trump; both of whom are a total insult to the notion of a nation state." Those are robgs words. I do not think.rob g is endorsing hillary or trump or palin. Do you orwell. I will say for my self i endorse nernie sanders whole heartedly. Still no answer from Stock about sanders. Sanders is the only antinuclear candidate now. He is big govt by the standards of people like stock.

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JonesyGirl, Please refrain from divisive attacks here, ok? Stock works hard to further the anti-nuclear cause. Much harder than you, I am quite certain. Perhaps you know this already? Perhaps you are making $$ by trolling him here? Trying to divide us? Most of us realize that certain candidates are pro nuker whores. Hellary being chief among them. I hope Bernie does win. Let's move beyond the division.
Ban Reactors Forever!



What would people like trump and palin do about nuclear waste building more nuclear power plants stock, orwell, DUD?


plan on making every post offtopic, troll?
How would you deal with this die-off?

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I will keep it more simple newcomer, you ain't getting no traction and screw yourself.
Until a tipping point, or the system collapses, no individual is going to take down nuclear power. But we can build support. and not with your lies.
I have 7 to 9 trolls who have detailed dossiers on me and bring them out to discredit. You know what that means? Effective enough to be attacked.

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Enenews is unfriendly to new ppl! Great show stock.

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or-well or-well

  • jonesygirl
    For bein a scientific illiterate, an embeded leuren moret vampire troll and an ene monkey you sure are stupid chem monkey. Here protected in the ene fishbowl with embedded koch trolls and moret trolls. Moore is a rich prick with most of his money tied up in private prisons, modular nucs charter schools and the military complex. What a silly ol leuren moret troll and scientific illiterate. Did ya ever read anything outside of the hobbit in high school chem monkey?

Michael Moore=Cointelpro
jonesygirl=lowly paid-per-Whipper-Snapper-post
You must have gotten around to that pee break, jonsey
Welcome back! Way to GO!

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Oh yea? I know what you are cf but what am I?

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Now you can call the FBI on me cf

there are plenty of nuts where you come from leuren moret shill. Tell me again how electronic signals can push radionucleide particle several hundred miles to the earths envelope and then into outer space. Just love magical believing scintific illiterate zealots and fantacists . Cultists really.

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I actually have no.ideaa where hillbillyhounddog live. Based on monikor assume in hillbilly country in us which is pretty far south of bc.eOYwKhnkeRYv
December 2, 2015 at 12:20 pm Log in to Reply
December 1, 2015 at 11:49 pm · Reply
HHD here. Funny thing, that auna. "…implying that he has his legions to also follow up with or for…"
So Cullen was trespassing on my property, stalking me, PRIOR to Dana'a arrest because he was so afraid of Dana, that he thought anyone who spoke out against his own garbage news releases posed as science, would also be someday guilty of harassment or terroristic threats- anyone who spoke out @ ENE must be an accomplice and also enough of a threat that he would cross Canadian/US borders to get a good look at them? Enlighten me auna. Anyone who calls foul on Cullen/Buesseller BS get's stalked and trespassed upon or jailed? I never posted anywhere but ENE, I have NO following and I never said one word about doing harm to anyone. But I did say Cullen is full of crapola and I did do the piece everyone seems to have missed regarding FUNDING. It's all here. Never been anywhere else on the net in 16 years. So, how did he get my address, way out here on a dirt road, in the middle of nowhere?
Buck season.

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Do not get me wrong I am seriously repulsed by Jay Culle. Above post by hhd pretty crazy

Just because some geiger counters were bad pia all geiger counters are bad. even if they are used by experienced users. Ya right pia that makes a lot of sense.


Here is the original abc article from 1 20 16 in this latest article from enenews

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Are you gonne post randomly in the thread links from the headline ?

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Lol , and the timing and style is coincidence ofcourse..whatever..

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