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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Its Time to Close Palisades, SW Michigan Sierra Club, Gunderson, Chi-Town Boudart, and NukePro are ready to make the push

I received this reader comment and decided to make a post.   See if we can get just 6 people on board to write some letters,  get a few other people going in the same direction, write a few versions of sample letters that people can use to send to politicians, letters to the editors, and they could be materials for comments on news outlets that allow comments.

I think we can shut this down this year.    We need another confirmed kill.


Hey, Stock,

About closing Palisades -- I'll try to make this simple. I am asking constituents in the towns surrounding Palisades to submit a letter to their city councils or commissions asking that they pass a resolution requesting (demanding?) that Palisades be closed.

We did this in Chicago about the Ontario Power Generation L.Huron dump. Mayor Emanuel introduced it himself and it passed. Whether OPG will dump the dump is another question.

My idea was to start the letter going (I wrote it and passed it through Arnie Gunderson); then Bruce Brown of SWMichigan Sierra Club said he would help get it to people he knows in the towns around Palisades. In the letter I focused on an internal accident that could cause the brittle reactor vessel to crack or shatter. Arnie said an earthquake would not be the problem.

Then I used the Chicago Council resolution as a template for a "fantasy" resolution to give compatible councils something to go on to write their resolutions. Entergy is the corp that runs Palisades. (stock here, Entergy is the slumlord of nuke)Yankee Rowe in MA was closed when it was younger than Palisades because it faced Palisades's embrittlement problems when they were not as bad.

I'm encouraged by your statement from at least two years ago that Palisades has to be closed. You hear this from everyone in the know.

I know that the problems at Palisades are greater than “just” embrittlement, but that is the main focus of why it must be closed.

I'd love to hear from you and any of your fans that want to help with this project.

Jan Boudart,

Rogers Park, Chicago.

stock, here is an Ecowatch article, you can comment on the stupidity of a nuke waste dumps on a penisula on the Great Lakes.

Here are an assortment of articles on Palisades

Mar 21, 2015
Palisades, as they are under review for a very dangerous brittle core material (see next article, is so compalcent that whilst they are under the microscope they still allow a massive leak to continue unabated for 9 days.
Mar 19, 2015
Entergy Nuclear has applied for multiple regulatory rollbacks at its 44-year-old Palisades atomic reactor in Michigan on the Great Lakes shore (see photo), which has the worst neutron radiation embrittled RPV in the U.S. ...
Sep 03, 2013
Palisades worker found drunk on the job. She has been fired. Isn't it great when the employees running a dilapitated old nuke plant, which recently had large releases of radiation into Lake Michigan, are found drunk on the job ...

Apr 03, 2015
Zion Nuclear Plant Doesn't Have Enough Money to Clean Itself Up. And Palisades is Polluting Lake Michigan As Badly as Fukushima. Poor Lake. The NRC is complicit in allowing a separate entity to be "responsible for ...

Entergy is a Slumlord and Palisades is Leaking Into Lake Michigan and a long list of violations

This from a Nuke Worker.......
Desperation is no excuse for shitting where you live.
And the violations have continued since this was written

Cash for Clunkers - Palisades in the Spot Light

Classic clunker - See comment at bottom RE Palisades Michigan clunker, makes Detroit look modern. And they are bringing in an additional 1165 people just to duct tape and baling wire this clunker together.

They cost so much to decommission, they just find excuses to keep running

Cash for clunkers is needed. Seriously, under the Corporate Creed of so called maximization of share holder value, "they" have no choice but to try to keep running these clunkers. The clunkers only cost $100M to $200M to buy, and a new plant cost $14B (that the Vogtle estimate and cost over runs usually are 250% so use your imagination)

So from a greed only (maximize shareholder value) the only option that makes sense is to keep the clunkers running, their insurance only pays $375M per plant, even though meltdown cleanup cost can run $100B to $200B per government estimates.


Former Exelon CEO Rowe: Shutting down struggling nukes is 'the proper market-driven answer'

CHICAGO -- Even three years removed from running Exelon Corp., John Rowe is still among the few people who needs no name badge or introduction at electric industry events.
Rowe, who grew up on a Wisconsin farm and attended a one-room schoolhouse, spent more than three decades as a utility chief executive. He's best known for taking over troubled Commonwealth Edison Co. in the late 1990s and overseeing the transformation into Exelon, the nation's largest utility owner and operator of the largest fleet of nuclear plants.
And Just TODAY, looks like Excelon's quad city nuclear is a goner.....from the CEO of Exelon

Looks like Exelon's Quad Cities nuclear plant is a goner come September.
Chris Crane, CEO of the Chicago-based utility giant, which also is the largest nuclear plant operator in the country, made clear on a conference call with analysts today that he doesn't see a way to keep money-losing Quad Cities open....

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Confirmed! NASA and NOAA Confirm My Earler Post on Earth Magnetic Pole Shifting, Danger Level is Unknown

I have been weighing in for several years on the pole shift.   As a solar installer and designer in Hawaii over a few years I noticed my compass readings just not lining up with what I shot before.

And I thought it odd, that NO ONE was talking about it.    Was this the reason for the rampant corruption and the unabashed transfer of wealth (theft) mechanism?   For the powers that be to "get theirs" before the shite hits the fan?    We will see.

One very important fact that not many people are putting together.....when we have a weak Magnetic Shield, we are more likely to take a killing blow from the sun.    That's why they call it the Magnetic Shield.    

The below poem was created after an actual dream in which the dreamer saw the pole flip.

attribution - Anonymous
date: early 1980s
an actual dream then wrote the poem later

So now we have Confirmed:

1) Magnetic Pole Shift
2) Near Miss Carrington Event Strength Solar CME Blasts, as the sun enters a strange and dangerous "quiet spell"
3) Giant Holes In The Earths Magnetic Field (the magnetic field protects up from Carrington type CME and from being fried by Cosmic Radiation, of which gamma is our main concern.

Hard to believe?
The north pole was over Canada until a few years back it decided to start racing across the ocean and is now over Russia

Looks scary right?    Source of the material?   NOAA

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Mainstream" Media and Governments are on this now, getting ready for a Carrington Event

And finally a scary title about big Magnetic holes, gigantic actually.....must be from some conspiracy site, right?

Nope, its from NASA

And Suspicious Observers rolls out a special site just on the Pole Flip

"Fukushima" Song by Magnetic North & Taiyo Na

Lyrics are Below, please give a listen and drop a comment

Dedicated to the victims and families of 9/11 and the Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis of 2011.

Dedicated to the victims of any tragedy compounded by not just natural forces but human error and deceit.

Dedicated to those who in the midst of this, find the love and courage necessary to get back up on their feet and rebuild.

Dedicated to love over evil.


i remember 9-11 how my city cried for heaven
how people perished no matter what style of reverence
i remember tribeca buildings falling all day
missing people everywhere all the years of mourning
what made it worse was our leaders '05 you could see it
with katrina they didn't feel it they were just greedy greedy
just like fukushima good bad made clearer
it's salt to the wound when your leaders just leave ya
but that's when the lion's roar that's when you fight for more
that's when you figure out there're things worth dying for
it's only when the days dark you discover brave hearts
i know a girl from haiti motherless who has the same heart
my heart goes out to each and every one of you
children of the future will be greater because of you
i don't write songs for the fortune or a buzz or two
i write for my people hope you feel me love for you

i'll cross a stormy river
dig the deepest tunnel
build a bridge over
any length to love you
i'll bear any fate
carry it double
however much the stretch
i'll go any length to you

i don't even know the half only seen the photographs
reporters telling stories from the view inside their cul de sacs
so i sat eyes glued thinking of your loneliness
choking back the tears and blinking back condolences
a lowly gift cuz your world is rearranging
on the train sat beside a girl with paper cranes and
she feels so ashamed cuz she'd rather send a benjamin
but maybe hope's the better currency for this millennium
life is but a dream but a dream is all we hope for
like the light you cannot stifle shining behind closed doors
like the song you shouldn't sing you sing until your throat's sore
like the love that never dies though life itself is so short
and your beauty is resilience
holding on to nothing but the fact you will rebuild again
and I know you will rebuild my friend
we'll go to any length no distance is too significant


rebuilding is a struggle i feel it you feeling crumbled
your spirit's still recovering conflicted with god above us
have we been punished why what justifies suffering nothing
i see no reason for people to lose their homes from right under
maybe it's mother nature's way of saying we need a change
crusades of war and terrorism synonyms of the same
so filled with hate in our veins and racist youtube tirades
still makes me sick hot 97 played the tune on the waves
but i can't sit here in shame just hoping and praying
this ain't no dream within a dream there ain't no totem to save 'em
it's as real as it gets when you realize death
cuz when you lose someone you truly redefine strength
so i'll utilize this pen
my arms don't reach across the seas but songs move any length
any length to love you
rest and peace to all the fallen your strength is eternal

Cancer Stories, and Treatment With Radiation and Chemotherapy

I'll be using this article to compile some real life stories about cancer in humans.

The focus will be on Big Med, the Medical Industry, and Big Pharma (totally non-organic, lol).

Here is one story shared at ENENEWS July 2015

If you have a story you want to share, email it to me

or post it into comments.

The metric by which they judge "sucess" is whether you are still alive in 5 years, without active cancer.    I guess you have to set the bar somewhere, but this arbitrary measurement of sucess, and the implication that even if the treatment is going to kill you after 5 years but "give THEM sucess" now....well that is something to think about.

Now the whales…we are next, and a story for our time. My youngest son at 41 years was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma B (HLb) 3 years ago…a "treatable" disease Stage…as the medical profession sells it. HLb sits near the top of the list of "beatable" cancers. They say, "If you're going to get cancer, this is the one to get".

Keep in mind, success (clean and in remission) is usually measured up to 5 years. With NIH/CDC and a score of leading cancer treatment and research hospitals, like. MD Anderson, Sloan Kettering, Mayo, etc., the current chemo cocktail is ABVD. Employing the identical protocol using a chemo cocktail (ABVD) administered every 2 weeks for 6 months, the cancer was eradicated including a 10mm tumor on his liver.

[3 PET Scans and 4 CAT Scans w/contrast from diagnosis to today, now looking at a PET Scan every year, forever]

It's been established that low dose radiation is a frequent conditional precursor to Leukemia. HLb frequently morphs into Leukemia…Gee…no sh#t. Radiation therapy can also injure the lungs, especially when given with Bleomycin, the "B" in ABVD, and survivors who have had chest radiation are also at risk for developing lung cancer. Save him on one hand, and kill him with the other…good medicine, I think not.

And sadly he knows; but, he bravely carries on, for what else can he do. It hurts so much to watch this. His story is happening everywhere; and, the numbers of those affected are growing exponentially. His story is not the exception. Radiation…the ultimate and final toxic insult (destruction) to all things biological.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Should you think Twice Before "Nuking" That Food In the Microwave

It seems the answer is yes.

Are Microwaves Compromising Our Health?
By Kashish Gupta

The commercial microwave oven was developed from radar technology after World War II. First marketed as the "Radarange" in 1947, it was too large and expensive for general home use, but when the countertop model was introduced in 1967, microwaving caught on fast. In 1970, 40,000 units were sold in the U.S., growing to one million by 1975. The technology improved, prices came down and soon the microwave became a standard fixture in most American kitchens, and in many other parts of the world. By 1986, about 25% of U.S. households owned one and, according to current estimates, over 90% of Americans households are zapping their foods.

  1. People who ingested microwaved foods showed a statistically higher incidence of stomach and intestinal cancers, plus a general degeneration of peripheral cellular tissues and a gradual breakdown of the function of the digestive and excretory systems.
  2. Due to chemical alterations within food substances, malfunctions occurred within the lymphatic system, causing a degeneration in the immune system's ability to protect the body against neoplastic (cancerous) growth.
  3. Microwave exposure caused significant decreases in the nutritional value of all foods studied, most significantly in the bio-availability of B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, essential minerals and lipotropics (substances that prevent abnormal accumulation of fat).
  4. Heating prepared meats in a microwave sufficiently for human consumption creates the cancer-causing agent d-nitrosodiethanolamine.
  5. Cancer-causing free radicals were formed within certain trace mineral, molecular formations in plant substances - particularly in raw root vegetables.
  6. Ingestion of microwaved foods caused a higher percentage of cancerous cells within the blood serum.
  7. Microwaving foods alters their elemental food substance, leading to disorder in the digestive system.
And of course attacks on whistleblowers are not unique to the nuclear industry

The microwave industry reacted to the research by taking Hertel to court. He was convicted under Swiss unfair competition laws. And such was the pressure put on Blanc (he told Hertel that he feared for the safety of his family) that he publicly disassociated himself from the research. But in 1998 the decision was reversed when the European Court of Human Rights decided that the "gag order" issued by the Swiss courts against Hertel, prohibiting him from declaring that microwave ovens are dangerous to health, was contrary to the right to freedom of expression. In addition, Switzerland was sentenced to pay compensation of 40,000 Swiss Francs. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Why We Should NEVER Trust the Nuclear Industry!

At the bottom, drop a comment please.

Well there are literally hundreds of reasons not to trust the nuclear industry.    But I jotted out a few of the most egrarious real life examples of the last few years.

"The Hill" an unabashed mouthpiece for the Nuclear Cartel posted an article on 'Energy and the Environment':

I had this response:

Obama gets on TV and assures the public that no harmful radiation would come to USA, that all we had to do was "keep watching", then he gets on a previously unscheduled plane to go to South America with his family and chosen few.

Reactor 3 blows sky high, OBVIOUSLY a Prompt Critical as later verified by EPA test data showing massive amounts of isotopes in the air. Then, "they" decide to censor any more video out of Fukushima, as Reactor 4 sustains damage almost as bad as 3.

"Speedi" plume modelling shows obvious hot zones and Japan Government directs "evacuees" to and through the hottest zones, worse even than if they had stayed put. they do not release ANY Speedi results to Japanese local officials, people, or the US Military.

In America, all they had to do to reduce the absorbed dose by 50% was to say "stay out of the rain" for a month or two. They failed even this most basic precaution.

In Hawaii, all the flies disappear just like TMI, and the sky is angry, charged. Almost daily lightning storms when Hawaii normally gets one or two lightning rounds per year. Strontium is detected in cow milk and becomes big news, then not another peep out of the Department of Health.

Now the nukists say "trust us" this next type of reactor will be safe and clean, which has never has a proven working model, as they coerce and lobby legislators to force people to pay more for nuclear energy than for solar.

Even Einstein know it was a disgrace to hand this power over the atoms to greedy humans. And Oppenheimer went on video saying "we all felt like we have destroyed the Earth"

And the nukists ponder why we fear their dangerous cartel?
Ginna busted on 4 violations, but NRC says we won't "cite" 3 of them because Ginna put them on a corrective action plan.   On the fourth violation that were caught with a civil response plan that completely ignored how to evacuate/warn those on the great lake that the plant sits on.   This was severe, but after consultation with the NRC Director they decided "exercise discretion" and not impose any fine. 
 stock "sheeshing" here, I guess that means fishermans's lives don't matter.   How did a violation like this go on for 40 years?!   Or if lake coverage was in a prior plan, how could it have been dropped?    It just goes to show how poorly they think about what to do in an emergency.   Its criminal really.

 The inspectors also reviewed Unresolved Item 05000244/2014004-02, which was initiated
to determine whether Exelon Generation Company, LLC’s (Exelon’s) protective action
recommendation (PAR) strategy met NRC requirements. Specifically, although Ginna had
designated emergency response planning areas (ERPAs) for the land area within the 10-mile
plume exposure pathway emergency planning zone (EPZ), it had not designated ERPAs for the
portion of Lake Ontario that falls within this radius. Consequently, Exelon would not have
provided PARs for Lake Ontario to the offsite response organizations in a potential emergency
event (note that Wayne County’s and Monroe County’s Emergency Plans include actions to
evacuate Lake Ontario in the vicinity of Ginna during an emergency at an Alert level).
Following additional review of this concern, NRC staff concluded that the issue constitutes a
violation of NRC requirements, in that, contrary to Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations
(10 CFR) 50.47(b)(10), a range of protective actions had not been developed for the entire
plume exposure pathway EPZ for emergency workers and the public. NRC staff analyzed the
risk significance of the issue in accordance with Inspection Manual Chapter 0609, Appendix B,
“Emergency Preparedness Significance Determination Process,” and determined the issue was
of low to moderate safety significance (White/Severity Level III). However, the NRC concluded
that the cause of the violation was not reasonably within the licensee’s ability to foresee and
correct. The NRC’s assessment considered that the NRC inspection reports from the 1980’s
approved the initial Emergency Plan for Ginna and did not identify the issue, causing the
licensee to reasonably conclude that they were in compliance. Therefore, no performance
deficiency associated with the violation was identified.
As discussed in Section 2.2.4.d of the Enforcement Policy, a violation involving no performance
deficiency is considered an exception to using only the operating reactor assessment program.
Based on these facts, I have been authorized, after consultation with the Director, Office of
Enforcement, and the Regional Administrator, to exercise discretion in accordance with
Section 3.5 of the Enforcement Policy and refrain from issuing enforcement for this violation.
 The report will be available online generally within 6 days.  
You can find the report later by searching through this number

 ADAMS Accession No.  ML15208A127

Sunday, July 26, 2015

One Liner Lies Of Nuke: If You Are Anti-Nuke Then You Are Pro-Coal

If You Are Anti-Nuke Then You Are Pro-Coal

The Debunk

AA Clearinghouse John Chatelle a day ago

The coal vs n-waste claim is a false argument. People opposed to nuclear energy are not promoting coal. Coal and nuclear are dying in the US as opposition is at its highest and for good logical reasons. The fact that their industry won't mount real campaigns to stop coal shows that they are fakes, just pushing their own industry financed divide and conquer agenda, even to the point that many pro-nuclear people are even closet or openly public climate-deniers.

And of course the tactic here is to ignore the vast majority of n-waste or tailings at mining sites worldwide that make up nearly 99% of wastes that have long been contaminating minority communities around the world.

Go look at the contaminated drinking sources of the Dine People and the impacts to their health. These private thieves use ancient mining laws to extract uranium from public lands then abandon cleanup to the government with current cleanup costs estimated at over $40 billion in the US alone.

The real issue is simple, nuclear costs continue to climb while renewables are dropping. We don't need swat teams to protect windmills or solar cells from terrorists.

This discussion took place at Mother Jones News, supposedly an environmentally conscience publication.    The fact that the nuke cartel bribed them to publish the drivel seen in the link below is a sign of the desperation of the dying bronto nuke.

One of the Lies Of Nuke, The Football Field Lie, and the Debunk

A troll at Mother Earth News actually had the audacity to compare nuke waste to "solar waste"

The "Football Lie"
All the worlds nuke fuel waste to date, all preserved well out of the environment, would fit on a football field, a mininscule fraction of the deadly toxic forever solar waste now leaching into water supplies from land fills everywhere.
yes the troll really said it

The debunk

This football field scenario is flawed ,as you can not actually stack the fuel assemblies side by side.
For example, a TN 32 dry cask can only can store 32 intact spent fuel assemblies and would weigh aprox 115 tons each.

Commercial nuclear power production in the U.S. has resulted in over 70,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel—fuel that is used and removed from nuclear reactors—and the inventory is increasing by about 2,200 metric tons per year.

If spent nuclear fuel assemblies were stacked side by side, they would fill a football field over 17 meters deep. In addition, nuclear weapons production and other defense-related activities have resulted in about 13,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel and other high-level nuclear waste.

This high-level waste is extremely radioactive and needs to be isolated and shielded to protect human health and the environment. It is currently being stored primarily at sites where it was generated.

 After spending decades and billions of dollars to research potential sites for a permanent disposal site, including at the Yucca Mountain site in Nevada, the nation remains without a repository for disposal and future prospects are unclear.

Comparing highly radioactive waste to solar waste is laughable!

from the link

PV Recycling

Solar photovoltaic systems, solar thermal and concentrating solar power technologies have a life expectancy of 30 years. As the volume of solar installations in the US grows, the industry is planning ahead to create panel recycling programs. SEIA members are currently engaged in developing collection and recycling processes for the solar industry, and are committed to guiding both state and federal regulations that support safe and effective collection and recycling models.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

NRC Shamlessly Promotes the Nuclear Industry By Proposing To Eliminate The Most Basic Precept of Caution

stock here:you can email your comments directly to the NRC 

Include in the subject line and body text

Comments on "Docket Numbers. PRM-20-28, PRM-20-29, and PRM-20-30, Linear No-Threshold Model and Standards for Protection Against Radiation"

If you do not receive an automatic email reply confirming receipt, then contact NRC at 301-415-1677.
from a distance

This is important
This is unbelievable
This takes the cake
The NRC is actually considering accepting HORMESIS over the LNT model

"The NRC explains, “The radiation hormesis model provides that exposure of the human body to low levels of ionizing radiation is beneficial and protects the human body against deleterious effects of high levels of radiation.”
AS usual, COMMENTS are being taken until September 6th on what you think of this.

>> Can someone tweet this to Dr. Caldicott and ask her to comment, too.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
stock here

Many of you know that I am quite active in making reality based comments on various online forums that allow commenting.    Hence becoming the lightning rod of paid industry trolls.

About 75 times I have asked the promoters of nuclear, the promoters of "radiation is good for you HOREMESIS"-------

If you truly believe that low doses of radiation will improve your health, then in an era in which 66% of us get cancer, it would be completely irresponsible to not have a personal program and strategy to increase your radiation uptake, especially internally.       

So if you are a true believer, please detail what is the program that you use to get additional radiation into your body

So far the only response back was from Dr. Conca who stated "of course I don't try to get additional radiation".

Everyone else dodged the questions, throws out at ad hominem, or just an insult.

Sickputer had this to say to the NRC

I was over the limit with my comments at the NRC comment box. So F##k them and the mutated nuclear horse they rode in on!

I will split my hormedis rebuttal comments here because for one thing… More people read the true news at Enenews than at the NRC website! In fact I bet more NRC employees read Enenews than their own website! Save your own families folks!

The idea of accepting hormesis as a valid and believable principle. The late Bernard Cohen was completely wrong in his theory that low level radiation is good for you. Just witness the horrible birth defects in Belorussia and we know that Chernobyl radiation did not make the residents healthy humans.

We now face the world's greatest radiation hazard in the history of mankind's foolish and dangerous experimentation into alien radioisotopes. Take for example the ongoing world crisis at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

Totally out of control for over 1500 days and counting, Fukushima NPP is leaking vast amounts of radiation every second of the day into the troposphere and Pacific Ocean. Many sea life species are becoming extinct in North America western shore areas and that tragedy is because of massive Fukushima radiation particles rolling across on the 100-mile wide Kuroshio Extension and aerially by the eastbound jetstreams.

Pacific sealife creatures are dying by the trillions. Obviously hormesis did not work well for them!

As lower organisms get contaminated the apex predators on the food chain like whales, sea lions, and humans are at serious risk for bioaccumulation of radiation and resulting sicknesses and death. The proof is in the dead sea lions, whales, and humans dying from nuclear fallout from hundreds of nuclear leaks in the world. Fukushima is just the latest and largest. More will follow.

Instead of trying to promote idiotic theories about the "safety" of radiation fallout, this country should shut down the deadly industry. What good is trying to prevent global warming if your method is to produce death dealing radiation that lasts for millions of years?

We are killing the human race swiftly and putting the burden on our descendants to fix our mess. That task of "fixing" the issues of nuclear accidents is becoming an impossible task. The Japanese can't even keep robots functioning in the hostile ruins of Fukushima Daiichi. Why should we believe humans are not being affected in similar ways? Nuclear proponents have a great advantage in denying effects of an invisible toxin. But science does teach us that radiation kills.

Marie Curie and her daughter died horribly from radiation. I guess hormesis didn't work out so well for them.

Spend your efforts in phasing out leaking obsolete nuclear plants before it is too late. The nuclear power industry has constructed nuclear plants with poor future planning to dispose of nuclear waste. They are accumulating millions of 100,000 year dangerous spent fuel rods which are terribly dangerous left in poorly shielded buildings and even when casked the spent furl rods will be a burden to reshield again and again for a million years.

Why put that burden on our descendants. The nuclear industry has a lot of gall asking for further safety exemptions when the scientific proof of radiation fallout deleterious human health effects is readily available right now in Fukushima Prefecture. I say it is readily available, but will not be disclosed because the Japanese authorities have invoked the State Secrets Act and most negative news about human illnesses has been severely repressed. Make no mistake about it…suppressing the truth will come back to haunt the perpetrators.

They will not escape the verdict of history by falsely stating radiation contamination is good for you. Just witness the horrible birth defects in Belarus and we know that Chernobyl radiation did not make the residents healthy humans.

We now face the world's greatest radiation hazard in the history of mankind's foolish and dangerous experimentation into alien radioisotopes. That world crisis is Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

We are killing the human race swiftly and putting the burden on our descendants to fix our mess. That task of "fixing" the issues of nuclear accidents is becoming an impossible task. The Japanese can't even keep robots functioning in the hostile ruins of Fukushima Daiichi.

Why should we believe humans are not being affected in similar ways? Nuclear proponents have a great advantage in denying effects of an invisible toxin. But science does teach us that radiation kills. Marie Curie and her daughter died horribly from radiation. I guess hormesis didn't work out so well for them.

Spend your efforts in phasing out leaking obsolete nuclear plants before it is too late. The nuclear power industry has constructed nuclear plants with poor future planning to dispose of nuclear waste.

They are accumulating millions of 100,000 year dangerous spent fuel rods which are terribly dangerous left in poorly shielded buildings and even when casked the spent fuel rods will be a burden to reshield again and again for a million years.

Why put that burden on our descendants? The nuclear industry has a lot of gall asking for additional safety exemptions when the scientific proof of deleterious radiation fallout human health effects is readily available right now in Fukushima Prefecture.

I say it is readily available, but those health statistics on infant mortality and birth defects will not be disclosed because the Japanese authorities have invoked the State Secrets Act and most negative news about human illnesses has been severely repressed.

Make no mistake about it…suppressing the truth will come back to haunt the perpetrators. They will not escape the verdict of history.

Please remember Theodore Holcomb, killed by radiation in Japan he received while serving on the USS Ronald Reagan. Hormesis did not help save him.

Radiation Food Testing -- Nukepro To Set Up a Full On Food Testing Lab For People to Mail in Food Samples

This is very topical, I decided yesterday to set up a real food testing lab for radiation.

There will be some fairly serious money involved, and I am just putting together the plan.

Current thinking is to use the Kickstarter Website which functions as a fund raising /crowd funding mechanism.

Those who donate $50 or more will then get the chance to send in a food sample and get a test report back with interpretation.

Its kind of exciting.   I think it will go over very well.   Details will follow, I have family in town and it is "festival season" so my time is limited for the next 3 weeks.
A blog follower from Alaska sent some feedback from his food coop regarding radiation.   It seems that they are getting it wrong at every level, even apparently (pHD) people who should know better, or at least know when they do not know enough.

I mentioned the food testing for radiation at the Co-op board meeting last week. The only seafood they purchase from outside AK is shrimp, so the General Manager will inquire about testing done by the State of WA.

Angela Matz (PhD wildlife toxicologist) is on the board.  She said that living organisms don't retain radiation, so salmon and other fish coming back to AK pose little risk, and testing so far is within background levels.  (Rich Seifert noted that Doug Dasher of UAF is involved in the periodic testing of wildlife near Amchitka Island and that similar findings have been noted there also.) Food harvested in the exposure zone (western Pacific) could be of potential danger, which is why we are inquiring about the shrimp.  The primary concern presently is shellfish and stationary marine foods along the west coast of the N.A.
He wanted a counter argument, so I put together the following:

Dude, I can’t do too much today, but try this.

Living organisms do not just retain radiation, but they bioaccumulate radiation, sometimes 100’s or 1000’s of time the ambient radiation.

Here is the most potent information that I have ever data mined, and it pertains exactly to sealife in Alaska.  
In June of 2011, government scientists were already scheduled to do broad radiation testing of sealife in Alaska.    This was not related to Fukushima.

They found that the increase in radiation from Fukushima increased from a low background to a super high level that was found after direct nuclear bomb testing in Alaska in the 1960’s.     Wrap your head around that.

In particular, CS137 in lichen in Amchitka prior to Fukushima was around 2.5 Bq/kG dry weight.    After Fukushima, in June 2011, before the process of biomagnification even got into full swing, the radiation had rocketed up to 250 Bq/kG…..100 times higher, and certainly already at unsafe levels.    30 Bq/kG has been shown to be very damaging to animals.


Considering the mass animal die-offs  of recent years, it would be irresponsible not to test food products, as something big is going on.

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