How about how the Fukushima Daiichi damaged the Pacific? Maybe someone should look into all the other issues the Pacific has had with die offs? It seems like the media does its best to avoid reporting the damage.

Radiation is a conspiracy theory.
Just because we've seen a couple UME's <Unusual Mortality Events> and multi-species die-offs along the Pacific since 2011 doesn't mean anything, its only been
  1. birds, 
  2. whales, 
  3. dolphins, 
  4. walrus, 
  5. sardines, 
  6. herring, 
  7. needlefish, 
  8. smelt, 
  9. salmon, 
  10. trout, 
  11. sturgeon, 
  12. seals, 
  13.  sea lions, 
  14. sea stars, 
  15. sea anemones, 
  16. sea cucumbers, 
  17. sea urchins, 
  18. sea hares, 
  19. octopus, 
  20. limpets, 
  21. mussels 
  22. and the ones I forgot.
Just because NOAA (or anyone else) isn't sampling any of these specimens for radionuclides doesn't prove anything, except that radiation is a conspiracy theory with no factual basis in science.

Its not like three cores bleeding into the ocean for 1631 days could even have an effect, look how big the ocean is and look how small radionuclides are... and its not like there are studies proving irradiated water increases water temperature for the life of its decay.

Meh, conspiracies.