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Radiation Removal

First things first.   Your best bet is to avoid Radiation from the get go.   You can't avoid all of it, but its most important that you don't let it get into your body because it gets 20 times stronger within the body.

1) Get a Geiger counter and learn how to use it.
2) Don't go out in the rain or snow unless you have tested with your Geiger
3) Also watch NETC tracking center for an overall view on USA, its your heads up.   
4) Run your drinking water through an RO (about $140) and a softener if needed
5) Test your house for Radon and install a system if needed ($1000)
6) Run several HEPA filters inside your house
7) Take lots of anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and E.   Also take Vitamin D3

Review this blog using the search function for more information on all those steps.


Best site on treating radiation.    Hint, it takes preparation.  Great site, please review.   There are actual treatments for almost every type of radiation, most could be self administered with planning.

This list in full is available in the link below

Great link on radiation decorpation (removal)
for Uranium a good treatment is Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda, no joke here), and for blocking other radiation elements, Tums is actually really good.   I have heard none of this anywhere but my own research.

Maybe "they" are worried about scaring people and having a run on Tums.   A rancher wouldn't treat his livestock like this.

Be careful to too many "holistic" home remedies, don't just pursue something in a feel good hippy kind of way.

Cesium and Prussian Blue, Fukuhsima Japan
Hey Y'all, we aren't in worry mode in Hawaii, we are in preparation mode.

Link is Cesium and Animals
Bottom line biological half life of 70 days, and Cesium can be excreted...however, can do plenty damage until then, it sits mostly in your muscles.   Your heart is a muscle, a lot of highly trained athletes have just been keeling over this year.

TIMING of IODINE intake is super critical in its effectiveness

The title of the article above is…
"Managing Terrorism or Accidental Nuclear Errors".
This chart seemed important.
I did not realize how critical the KI TIME FACTOR was! ;)
Time (Hours) of KI prophylaxis —- Effectiveness
96 h before radioiodine exposure — 5%
72 h before radioiodine exposure — 32%
48 h before radioiodine exposure — 75%
24 h before radioiodine exposure — 93%
At time of radioiodine exposure — 99%
1–2 h after radioiodine exposure — 85% – 90%
3–4 h after radioiodine exposure — 50%
8 h after radioiodine exposure —- 40%
24 h after radioiodine exposure — 7%
Source: modified from Sternthal et al;
World Health Organization
(page 6 in the pdf document)
Note: There are several interesting charts/graphs in this one.  


  1. Dr. Mark Sirius covers sodium bicarbonate extensively. Do not use Arm and Hammer, need aluminum free brand for human consumption.

    Apple pectin for decorporation of cesium in children, need clean air and food, protocol - download and use 'find': “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”
    Alexey Yablokov, Vasily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko
    NY Academy of Sciences, Volume 1181, 2009.
    5,000 Slavic language studies reviews, over 1,400 cited. print copy $12.50 USA

  2. Cesium half life is 30 years and that equates to at least 300 years in the environment. Chrnobyl experience demonstrates that is not decaying in the environment as had theoretically been believed. meanwhile it is virulently damaging to muscles, heart, adrenals... 500 Bequerel per Kilogram – japanese limit IS MURDER. Why: we can rightly consider the Cesium-137 in relatively small doses (20-30 Bq/kg); a breach of the regulatory processes in the body: PAGE 2 – 3:

  3. Thanks for helping the public with your Radiation removal instructions above.

    U.S. Dept of Homeland Security & the National Nuclear Security Consequence management team.

    The NNSA Office of Nuclear Nonproliferation works closely with a wide range of international intelligence agencies, the U.S. national laboratories, and the private sector to safeguard, and/or dispose of dangerous nuclear and radiological material. Analyst also track the proliferation of related WMD technologies that threaten Nuclear power systems.

    Pentagon Planning for the potential impacts of abrupt climate change include technologies and methods that are as unimaginable now as the Manhattan project was before the creation of the first atomic bomb. On the brink of extinction "applied molecular evolution" may take an sudden leap on this shifting planet.

  4. DMSO: The Antidote For Radiation Poisoning


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