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Chernobyl Documentary 500K

This video is really good.   It shows what was known at the time.   It shows that the commanding officers really got up to speed really fast on what was needed to be done, and the risks involved.

Compare this heroic efforts at Chernobyl to letting the Keystone cops at TEPCO try to "manage" the sacrifice zone, whilst the globalist asshats at GE, using their owned media and owned politicians to shoosh it all away with lies.

 They sent in troops, AND hired civilians to perform a 45 second task of taking 1 shovel full of rad debris, and then running to edge of roof and throw it off.    They had to use humans because the robots were getting killed too quickly on the roof.   After that the human would be "retired" they took their maximum lifetime dose or more.   However, I also heard that some of these bio-bots as the liquidators were sometimes nicknamed, went back for 10 of these 45 second visits.

This video is both entertaining and enlightening.


  1. hmmm... lemme guess.... same way as always- pee their pants and then lie about what badasses they are.

  2. The video is available now. WTF??

  3. Couldn't get the video up, stock. Says it no longer exists. This is part of the trouble with this resource, the internet, unless you copy everything, it can be changed or deleted. I don't think we've seen the full implications of this failing yet.
    I suggest this video. It theorizes that the Apollo missions were a rehearsal for 9/11. Can we connect the dots to Fukushima? Made me think.

    Any thoughts, stock?

    1. I do not think Apollo was any part of conspiracy.

      here is new link

  4. This page comes up on that link:

  5. I was told. If this badge changes color, that was handed to me,,, my tour of duty in the US NAVY would be over,, I completed the task I was sent to do,, The badge did not change but I did as I now understand that I am still hot but still alive many years later,, do good things,, Tom.

  6. All your vids taken off... try put them on bitchute or brighteon?
    We appreciate all your hard work!


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