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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Website Publishes Clear Aerial Video of 3 Planes Chemtrailing....Wordpress Destroys that Website

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I was thinking of migrating to Wordpress.   I am fairly tech savy, but finding the time to implement things is the tough part. 

Obviously anything provided to you for free, must have some downside to you, or upside to them, at least on large scales such as an internet hosting site like Wordpress.  

If you have twitter, you can still view this video of clear "team chemtrailing".   

I wanted to go directly to the site, and not rely on Twitter....Wordpress had blackballed the site after the clear video was posted.   

Expect more of this.   Be prepared.   Back up your sites and data.   Burn to DVD when feasible, or put on harddisk and thumbdrives and put in a good Faraday cage (gun safe is one choice).

If you got this far, you deserve some humor..... Democratic Senator thinks that Guam may tip over and capsize.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Traitor Tremons -- Angela Merkel ---Shaking Uncontrollably 2nd Time in One Week

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The first time, they claimed it was dehyration (and then she was fine) This time, she knows that water won't help her condition. She refuses water. hmmmm....
Stress much?

------------------------First time Try to find CNN or ABC coverage of this Panic Attack while listening to the National Anthem and
welcoming the Ukrainian President.

right now 9 minutes ago Nationalism and national anthems are her kryptonite Methinks the combination of the National Anthem, and the Ukraninan President set her off.

We know that Ukraine has been less than Lily white in the whole globalist and "get Trump" and destabilize the USA effort. Her first meeting with him allowed the chance for him to tell her something....."they caught us on this one..."

And she is shitting bricks. She looks like shit for 64.

This YouTube posting is already censored!

MSN covers "it" but does not provide any video, which is especially damning.

And this one from the other side, making it even more clear. She and Hilary have a lot in common. None good.
Dehydration is RARELY a cause of shaking in adults. I don't know of a single episode of this.

Kamala Harris -- Biden as the Straw Man, Harris as the Chosen Globalist/Socialist To Degrade USA

This seems clear, NOW.

It was always shaky that "they" decided to run a Groper (if not a true Pedophile) Joe Biden.    I thought it was because they wanted to slip in M. Obama as the real chosen one.

She sure plays the "Black Card" and she is not black.    Her father, an Indian from India, live in Jamaica.    Mother from India.    She had sex with west coast politicians, to advance her career and no participants deny this.

How will the top Globalists get total control over her?    Just by giving her the presidency?  Methinks not....they need some control out of the gate....Autists.....what is it!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

Read the articles.   Harris's uncle is an Indian Nuclear specialist (India, that is).   After China has been effectively stealing our hard paid for technology for decades, and recently one ex-high up US gov official pleased guilty t o giving information to China and spying for them.


Kamala Harris is Tamil (India) on her mother’s side, and possibly Tamil or other East Indian on her father’s side. Her father spoke of his white slave-owning ancestor (Harris), and said he didn’t know the ethnicity of the others. Her father has been an advisor for Jamaica. People from India were brought into Jamaica to replace freed slaves and deny the former slaves their rights. 

from article

West Point is just half an hour north up the highway from Brooksville Mississippi where Attorney Antonio Moore’s mother comes from. It’s important for everyone to listen to his almost 13 minute video about Kamala Harris:
Brooksville Mississippi (pop. 1182) is still a world apart from the elite upper upper class anglophone Westmount suburb of Montreal – home to the Bronfman and Molson families – where Kamala Harris grew up with her Asian Indian mother. Her mother worked as a researcher at Montreal’s Jewish Hospital.

Mr. Moore explains that while it’s fine for Kamala Harris to run for President, and be judged on her merits, that it’s wrong for her to try to appropriate the identity of Black American descendants of slaves. Her mother is Asian-Indian. Whether or not her father’s ancestors were slaves is unclear, and Jamaica isn’t the United States. Her father, and mother, were both born…

Kamala’s father was born a British subject (Jamaica), as was her mother (India).  Kamala’s mother may be from a communist family – either pro-Russian, Maoist or both. Her family surname seems to be Gopalan. Plus, India was in the Soviet orbit and her grandfather a diplomat.  A cursory glance of titles of her father’s work, suggests that her father is an upper class third world Marxist, too.

He is professor emeritus Donald Harris at Stanford. They could be well-meaning but they could be Russian agents. Kamala lived in the wealthiest part of Montreal – one of the wealthiest places in the world.

The Bronfmans live there.  It’s called Westmount and is rich English-speaking in a poor French-speaking city. She lived there from age 7 and graduated from high school there. The places where her grandparents lived in India is equally ritzy according to Wikipedia.–Russia_relations#Soviet_Union_and_India

It's also funny that the "winner" of debate day one, 10 of the lower "ranking" was Tulsi Gabbard, a Hindu Female.    I kind of like her.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Google AI Expert, On Swaying Searches and Info to Make Sure Trump "Never Happens Again"

Oh My "Jen" responds, but she still doesn't get it at all.    She still thinks she holds the high moral ground and is just "doing the right thing".

She cannot comprehend how big this is.

Her article is complete and utter bullshit.

When you are a Seditionist and you get caught, and can't spin away.......
In a casual restaurant setting, I was explaining how Google’s Trust and Safety team (a team I used to work on) is working to help prevent the types of online foreign interference that happened in 2016. Google has been very public about the work that our teams have done since 2016 on this, so it’s hardly a revelation.

The video then goes on to stitch together a series of debunked conspiracy theories about our search results, and our other products. Google has repeatedly been clear that it works to be a trustworthy source of information, without regard to political viewpoint. In fact, Google has no notion of political ideology in its rankings. And everything I have seen backs this up. Our CEO has said ”We do not bias our products to favor any political agenda.” He’s somewhat more powerful and authoritative than me.
But despite what the video may have you believe, I’m not involved in any of these products, just like I’m not involved in any of the other topics Project Veritas baited me into discussing (whether it’s antitrust, Congress, or the dozens of other topics that didn’t appear in the video, on which I presumably didn’t say anything that could be twisted to their advantage).

One response, look at all of them, no one is supporting her, like no one is supporting Biden

There will not be a single comment here “in your defense”. I was shocked that I was able to observe your entire Facebook presence, before you removed all the postings and photos today. I got much of it documented though, not all. And by the way…there were some sarcastic pot shots at you, no physical threats, no death threats. Uh, per your other claims….is it easy to get your email, I mean I couldn’t find it…is it easy to get your phone…..I didn’t look but can’t imagine that someone at the top of Google would allow that to be easily findable. 
You are a full fledged Social Justice Warrior and like Obertein College are about to get the pounding of your life. This is not a physical threat, but you may at some time be physically restrained by the due process of law.

Deep State Will Use More Than FF, They Will Use Violence, Dam Breaks, Police Executions, More Fake "Lynching"

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As the Deep State actors get indicted and prosecuted....many will rat out their compatriots, even they are not patriots.   

The Google machine, as a detablizing factor for America, is now out in the open.    Can American stomach seeing a "pretty" 40 ish female, with a "good heart" who is willing to totally lie to everyone in order to push her installed narrative of SJW and Socialism....what she has admitted to on film, is sedition.  

Will they blow a dam, as distraction?

Will they try to start a War, as distraction?

Will they Shake in their Boots with TT Traitor Tremons as Merkel has just done?

Will they kill cops, execute them, to make cops lash out even more.    Will they renew the BLM
theme that young black men DO NOT HAVE TO listen to police orders!

Defund and Depower Big Evil Tech -- Time Is Running Fast -- Use Alternatives

stock here.   The face and voice of Evil

I did a Wayback machine capture of her Twitter account just now

On this article I had captured 5 photos from her Faccebook, there were like 80.   I meant to go get them, but she had already deleted or hid everything.

Someone did a Wayback capture of her Facebook, today, but it didn't "work"

A snowflake girl from California, a total Social Justice Warrior, hands down.

Her name was Jen McDonnell for those who want to further research this "spook", as the head of Google AI, I am amazed that her Facebook page is still up.

Maybe she is out hiking somewhereNow she is Jen Gennai, married to Paul Gennai in 2015.

And he is one ugly bird too....who else would want this snowflake,

I mean she is kind of pretty....BUT the flake part would be impossible to deal with.

We need to defund, depower these evils that be.

It is funny how the most biased, rail against what they think is others bias.

Those who are the most brainwashed, the least woke, think they are the woke ones.

I am sure you saw my article and Project Veritas exposing Google as being fully OK with and fully intending to break the law and throw the 2020 Elections to the Socialists.

Epic Browser (

and Yippy Search Engine ( are great, too. Especially Yippy. It seems to be uncensored and NOT based on Google search results.

Gibiru Search Engine ( seems good, too.

Use bitchute, instead of YouTube, what you find of value on YouTube, convert it to bitchute before YouTube censors it.

Article "The Jen" wrote

Alternatives to evil Google's YouTube:


Vimeo ---- NOTE Vimeo is now at best controlled opposition.   After Project Veritas totally outed
Google as a tool of the Globalists / Socialists.....of course, YouTube censored them, but when Vimeo followed suit, well, its time to defund and boycott them also.


Is this her "work" she did go to college in Dublin

Google Bias Will Force Feed an Anti-Trump Bias To the Public (As Google says it fights against bias)

stock here.

Wow --her Facebook page is still "up".    With a hit piece against Trump pinned to the top.

Her new married name is Jen Gennai, she used to be Jen McDonnell

No time.    This is a big story.   It represents a basic threat to not just the USA as a sovereign nation,
but to the freedom of human beings

Some call this the promotion of the "Social Justice Narrative" but it goes beyond just that.

I have written on this matter already, with an example on "white couples" showing anything but white couples.   See HERE.

I have probably 400 screen captures of the types of things that get censored in various comment sections, twitter, disqus.   Someday, I will sift through these and "expose the narrative".   We already know what the narrative is, but "Proof" is good too.

So I don't "Google" anything, anymore, for what it is worth I use DuckDuckGo.

Her prior jobs at Google have similar "themes", see above.

Section 230 the Communications Decency Act of the Internet "Protects Google" or so they think.

Project Veritas, heroes, like Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, are exposing this.   Watch it!

Amazingly, I had an embedded video right from the course Project Veritas.   That disappeared from my article.     I am not joking, so now Google is directly editing my blog post because of information not to their benefit.    SERIOUSLY.

Watch it on bitchute, stay away from YouTube, depower them

From the video, this ought to be enough to make you watch the whole thing.

Here is one active twitter account, NOTED she joined MARCH 2011.
I guess she didn't have Fukushima to deal with during that time?

She deleted one twitter account.....

Here is one lady that mentioned her prior Twitter account, for what it is worth.  Prior account was JenRobinSparx

Gennai is an unusual name.    Is she married?   Even hard to find that out.

Here is an archive site for her twitter page, nothing earth shattering there, just a SJW.

here is an article from 2018

Here is Google CEO who works closely with Gennai, he has 2.34 Million followers, but Gennai only has 312 followers?    WAY WEIRD.

He was born in know, where HRC and Huma Abedin and John Kerry all party for weddings?   In 2016 he was paid $200M from Google.

There is a lot of information about this guy, he married an Indian lady. 

Related article

This just in April 2019, internal Google panel to vet AI projects.     They formed a group called the ATRC, which self imploded when the inclusiveness, including a lady who had religious views on homesexuality and her own views on climate.

And for the record, an archive of her 2nd twitter account

Note the emphasis on "Climate Change"

On youTube

Friday, June 21, 2019

Climate Change Shock and Advancing Heliophysics -- PUNCH and TRACERS

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This deserves it's own article, it's own book actually.

The powers that be, probably back in the MK Ultra days and before, have learned that it is easier to "program" people after you have destabilized them.    And putting them in a fearful state is one way of destablizing.

So all the scary stories out there can now be seen in a fresh light.   
Got it?

So when I saw this title, I was SHOCKED, because I thought that MSM was going to admit that sea
level rise forecasts have only been 20% of what was forecast.    This type of admission goes against the Global Warming narrative.

I was mistaken.   They are doubling down on stupid.    97% of all climate forecasts have so horribly missed the mark, but they have the arrogance, stupidity, cruelty, obnoxiousness to now claim that rising oceans will be 500% higher than they thought before! 

If you want real information on Sea Level Rise, use this formatted Search of WUWT

But the reality is also that there are scary things out there.   This site brings up "The Carrington
Event" and the reality of the electric grid being knocked out INDEFINITELY.

Heliophysics is fascinating stuff, and we are learning so much more.    There is so much good science that it is amazing that utter fools like Beto and AOC can even have a platform, with Beto promising that USA should be a leader in "climate change" and spend $5T.   These feeble minded little socialists, you have to wonder if they even believe their own bullshit.

But check this out, NASA launching 2 new powerful System, and the same launch, to study the Sun, our Star. 

Cool names, PUNCH and TRACERS.    STORY HERE!

They are funded with $280M total.
That doesn't include the launch cost of $133M for one launch of 5000lbs.    Think about the food going up to astronauts, a lemon may cost $2,000.  

But they are going to "ride share", for a significant cost savings.   

PUNCH is focusing on the solar wind, and uses 4 satellites.

TRACERS uses "2 spacecraft" to study how the magnetic fields around Earth interact with the Sun.    The whole "Global Electric Circuit" is a developing science, that methinks is very important.    I think much knowledge of Earthquakes and Vulcanism will be explained or at least clarified by this knowledge.     Will it ever go mainstream and be taught in Junior High School?  

No.   Not until the Socialist and the co-opted liberal agenda is struck down and fully exposed, and eradicated from "the system".  

My gut feeling is that Hawaii and it's Hot Spot,  are a result of being in the middle of the Pacific which covers almost fully one half of the planet, look at a globe.   Or Google Earth.    And being in the middle of this vast expanse of water requires an outlet for electrical and magnetic energy, mostly electric and methinks the "Hot Spot" is a result of electric flow. 

How to test this?    Not sure, but gathering data.

Some interesting video in this NASA clip on "Solar Rain" which is not water, of course, but plasma.

And another take you may not be aware of.    Up until just recently, the issue of whether water exists anywhere else what described at "no proof".  

The solar wind, which is "stuff" being ejected by the sun, is mostly hydrogen, but does contain every element known to man although in very small quantities.    Hydrogen blasting at high speeds into oxygen laden space rocks and planets can definitely form water.

Awesome writeup on ZeroHedge same day I posted the above

uthored by Renee Parsons via,
Since Climate Change (CC) has been a constant of life on Gaia with the evolution of photosynthesis 3.2 billion years ago and has more complexities than this one essay can address; ergo, this article will explore co2’s historic contribution to global warming (GW) as well as explore the relationship of Solar Minimum(SM) to Earth’s climate.

Even before the UN-initiated Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) formed in 1988, the common assumption was that carbon dioxide was thekey greenhouse gas and that its increases were the driving force solely responsible for rising climate temperatures.
At that time, anthropogenic (human caused) GW was declared to be the existential crisis of our time, that the science was settled and that we, as a civilization, were running out of time.
And yet, in the intervening years, uncertainty remained about GW’s real time impacts which may be rooted in the fact that many of IPCC’sessential climate forecasts of consequence have not materializedas predicted.  Even as the staid Economist magazine recently noted:
Over the past fifteen years, air temperatures at the Earth’s surface have been flat while greenhouse gas emissions have continued to soar.”
Before the IPCC formed, NOAA’s Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii registered co2 levelsat under 350 ppm (parts per million) with the explicit warning that if co2 exceeded that number, Mother Earth was in Big Trouble – and there would be no turning back for humanity.  Those alarm bells continue today as co2 levels have risen to 414 ppm as temperatures peaked in 1998.
From the outset, the IPCC controlled the debate by limiting its charter
to understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation.”
In other words, before any of the science had been done, the IPCC’s assumption was that man-made activity was responsible and that Nature was not an active participant in a process within its own sphere of interest. 

As an interdisciplinary topic of multiple diversity, the IPCC is not an authority on all the disciplines of science within the CC domain.

While there is no dispute among scientists that the Sun and its cyclical output is the true external force driving Earth’s energy and climate system as part of a Sun-centered Universe, the IPCC’s exclusion of the Sun from its consideration can only be seen as a deliberate thwarting of a basic fundamental law of  science, a process which assures a free inquiry based on reason and evidence.

It is the Sun which all planets of the solar system orbit around, that has the strongest gravitational pull in the solar system, is the heaviest of all celestial bodies and its sunspots in relation to Earth’s temperatures has been known since Galileo began drawing sunspots in 1613.
Yet the IPCC which touts a ‘scientific view of climate change’would have us believe the Sun is irrelevant and immaterial to the IPCC’s world view and Earth’s climate; hardly a blip on their radar.
In the GW debate, co2 is dismissed as a colorless, odorless pollutant that gets little credit as a critical component for its contribution to life on the planet as photosynthesis does not happen without co2.  A constant presence in Earth’s atmosphere since the production of oxygen, all living organisms depend on co2 for its existence.
As a net contributor to agriculture, plants absorb co2 as they release oxygen into the atmosphere that we two- and four-leggeds depend on for sustenance and oxygen as necessities for survival on Earth.
There are scientists who believe that Earth has been in a co2 ‘famine’ while others applaud Earth’s higher co2 levels in the last three decades as a regreening of the planet.

While An Inconvenient Truth (2006) and An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2016) stage managed the climate question as a thoroughly politicized ‘settled science’ with former veep Al Gore declaring the drama a ‘moral’ issue, there is no room for any preference that does not depend on a rigorous, skeptical, independent investigation based on evidentiary facts rather than the partisan politics of emotion and subjective opinion.

Given the prevalence of weather in our daily lives, it would seem elementary for engaged citizens and budding paleoclimatologists to understand Earth’s ancient climate history and atmospherein order to gain an informed perspective on Earth’s current and future climate.

As a complicated non-linearsystem, climate is a variable compositionof rhythmic spontaneity with erratic and even chaotic fluctuations making weather predictions near-impossible.  
Climate is an average of weather systems over an established long term period while individual weather events indicative of a short term trend are not accurate forecasts of CC.  While ice core readings provide information, they do not show causation of GW but only measure the ratio between co2 and rising temperatures. It is up to scientists to interpret the results.  And that’s where this narrative takes, like ancient weather and climate patterns, an unpredictable turn.
It might be called an inconvenient truth that ‘skeptic’ scientists have known for the last twenty years that the Vostok ice core samples refute co2’s role as a negative and even question its contribution as the major greenhouse gas.  

It is no secret to many climate professionals that water vapor with co2at 3.6%.
Located at the center of the Antarctica ice sheet, the Vostok Research Center is a collaborative effort where Russian and French scientists collected undisturbed ice core data in the 1990s to measure the historic presence of carbon dioxide levels.

The Vostoksamples provided the first irrefutable evidence of Earth’s climate history for 420,000 year including the existence of four previous glacial and interglacial periods. 
Those samples ultimately challenged the earlier premise of co2’s predominant role and that carbon dioxide was not the climate culprit once thought.  It is fair to add that IPCC related scientists believe Vostok to be ‘outliers’ in the GW debate.

The single most significant revelation of the ice core studies has been that GW could not be solely attributed to co2 since carbon dioxide increases occurred aftertemperature increases and that an extensive ‘lag’ time exists between the two.

Logic and clear thinking demands that cause (co2) precedes the effect (increased temps) is in direct contradiction to the assertion that carbon dioxide has been responsible for pushing higher global temperatures.  Just as today’s 414 ppm precedes current temps which remain within the range of normal variability.

Numerouspeer-reviewedstudies confirmed that co2 lags behind temperature increases, originally by as much as 800 years.

That figure was later increased to 8,000 years and by 2017 the lag timebetween co2 and temperature had been identified as 14,000 years.   As if a puzzlement from the Quantum world, it is accepted that CO2 and temperatures are correlated as they rise and fall together, yet are separated by a lag time of thousands of years.

What is obscure from public awareness in the GW shuffle is that geologic records have identified CC as a naturally occurring cyclewith glacial periods of 100,000 year intervals that are interrupted by brief, warming interglacial periods lasting 15,000-20,000 years.

Those interglacial periods act as a temperate respite from what is the world’s natural normal Ice Age environment.  Within those glacial and interglacial periods are cyclical subsets of global cooling and warming just as today’s interglacial warm period began at the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age about 12,000 years ago.   Since climate is not a constant, check these recent examples of Earth’s climate subsets:
200 BC – 600 AD: Roman warming cycle
440 AD – 950 AD: Dark Ages cool cycle
950 AD – 1300 AD: Medieval warming cycle
1300 AD – 1850 AD: Renaissance Little Ice Age
1850 – Present: Modern warming cycle
In addition, climate records have shown that peak co2 temperatures from the past are relative to today’s co2 level without the addition of a fossil fuelcontribution.  For instance, just as today’s measurement at 414 ppm contains a ‘base’ co2 level of approximately 300 ppm as recorded in the 19th century, any co2 accumulation over 300 ppm would be considered anthropogenic (man-made) and be portrayed as “historic” or ‘alarmingly high’ and yet remain statistically insignificant compared to historic co2 norms.

During the last 600 million years, only the Carboniferous period and today’s Holocene Epoch each witnessed co2 levels at less than 400 ppm.

During the Early Carboniferous Period, co2 was at 1500 ppm with average temperatures comparable to 20 C; 68 F before diving to 350 ppm during the Mid Carboniferous period with a reduced temperature of 12 C;54F. In other words, current man-made contributions to co2 are less than what has been determined to be significant.

Contrary to the IPCC’s stated goal, NASA recognizes thatAll weather on Earth, from the surface of the planet into space, begins with the Sun” and that weather experienced on Earth’s surface is “influenced by the small changes the Sun undergoes during its solar cycle.”
Solar Minimum(SM) is a periodic 11 year solar cycle normally manifesting a weak magnetic field with increased radiation and cosmic rays while exhibiting decreased sunspot activity that, in turn, decreases planetary temperatures.

Today’s solar cycle is referred to as the Grand Minimum which, according to NOAA, predicts reductions from the typical 140 – 220 sunspots per solar cycle to 95 – 130 sunspots.
As the Sun is entering “one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age,” a NASA scientist predicted a SM that could ”set a Space Age record for cold” but has recently clarified his statement as it applies only to the Thermosphere.

In October 2018, NOAA predicted “Winter Outlook favors Warmer Temperaturefor much of the US,” as above-normal precipitation and record freezing temperatures were experienced throughout the country.

As of this writing, with the Sun noticeably intense, Earth has experienced 22 consecutive dayswithout sunspots for a 2019 total of 95 spotless days at 59%. 

In 2018, 221 days were spotless at 61%. monitors sunspot (in)activity.
With the usual IPCC and Non-IPCCsplit, the SM is expected to be at its lowest by 2020 with a peak between 2023 and 2026 as it exhibits counterintuitive erratic weather anomalies including cooler temps due to increased cloud cover, higher temps due to solar sunspot-free brilliance, potential electrical events,  heavy rain and flooding and drought, a shorter growing season, impacts on agriculture and food production systems or it may all be a walk in the park with shirt sleeves in January.

While there is clearly an important climate shift occurring even as the role of co2 and human activity as responsible entities remains problematic, the elimination of co2 and its methane sidekick would be exceedingly beneficial for a healthy planet.  It is time to allow scientists to be scientists without political agendas or bureaucratic interference as the Sun and Mother Earth continue in their orbit as they have for eons of millennia.

As Earth’s evolutionary climate cycles observe the Universal law of the natural world, the Zero Point Field, which produces an inexhaustible source of ‘free’ energy that Nikola Tesla spoke of, is the means by which inter stellar vehicles travel through time/space.  The challenge for ingenious, motivated Earthlings is to harness and extract the ZPF proclaiming a new planetary age of technological innovation with no rapacious industry, no pollution, no shortages, no gas guzzlers and no war.

Archiving some ENENEWS / Fukushima

stock here.   This used to be a "Page" on the blog, but I need that allocation for resources on Earthquakes, so moving this to a permanent Article.

stock here. In an effort to fill the void left by the Nuclear Cartel Buyout of ENENEWS, I am changing this not to often viewed page which was "List of Reactors" to be a go-to discussion page.

Please participate. Dissenting opinions will be expressively allowed, trolling behavior will not be allowed.

 Now at WIPP, where they can't handle low level nuke waste, now they want to stash the highest level waste in their "cave".    And they pretend the 2014 "accident" just cost $500M, when it is far over $2B and just the ventilation upgrades where over $400M.   Lying asshats!

Another good site

 And the continuing Media division of Americans, inflaming hatred and intolerance at every level.


 One of the easiest areas to show the incompetence, the handling of nuclear waste at WIPP and
Hartford. After the 2014 accident at WIPP that cost taxpayers over $2B just to get to the point of operations again, now WIPP is posturing to store full on high level nuclear waste. This is after they proved that they cannot handle low level nuclear waste (gloves and stuff, ya right).

Note in the "study" above, they are only considering one site.     Hmmmm, I wonder what that
chances are that they pick WIPP as the "perfect" site for high lvevel nuclear waste?    Kind of like the "study" on storing "low and medium level" nuclear waste on a Peninsula jutting into lake Huron, as Canada has been trying to do.

And Hanford, one fiasco and debacle after the next.....

Mistakes and mismanagement are to blame for the exposure of Hanford workers to radioactive particles in December, according to a new report.
The primary radioactive air monitors used at a highly hazardous Hanford project were not up to the job, said the report.
Then when the spread of contamination was detected, the steps taken to contain it didn’t fully work. Mistakes on the project included diluting fixative, against the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Other's called Hanford a "normalization of deviance"....couldn't have said it better myself.

Submited by Plowboy


Anything to do with poisoning our environment, ourselves is ALL ON TOPIC HERE!

i will occasionally post reader costs and links into the main document to have the ease of a working hyperlink.  stock out

“Sylvia P Onusic, PhD, CNS, LDN June 29, 2016 at 12:22 pm
“Great articles! Even if it is not GMO sugarcane, farmers in the U.S., Brazil, and other sugar producing countries, use glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up Ready (used on the GMO soy beans, etc ), before and after harvest. A carcinogen. You’re getting the glyphosate in the sugar. In fact, the Pernambuco region of Brazil, the area which had the highest number of children with small heads (microcephaly), is a center for the production of sugar cane. And in addition to the glyphosate which is sprayed on the site of cultivation heavily every year through a few cycles of production, other chemicals are used in connection with the sugar cane growing and sprayed by plane on the population. The water system is heavily polluted. On top of that now spraying other carcinogenic chemicals to kill mosquitoes (because of Zika).”

Read more here:


  1. great idea! I posted a few 'saved'pages from ENE News here -
  2. American sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan were exposed to radiation from Fukushima. Many are sick. Some have died. Why can’t they get justice?
  3. Stock, glad to see this ENE subject.
    Mar 1 2018 "SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — A new proposal to store nuclear waste underground in southern New Mexico — this time from nuclear reactors across the country — has cleared an initial regulatory hurdle and can now be vetted for detailed safety, security and environmental concerns, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced Thursday."
  4. Crash Course on Who Controls the CIA, US State Department, and Donald Trump

    The Rothchilds, through the Council on Foreign Relations controls global business through the U.S. foreign policy. Trump hires CIA organized crime director Mike Pompeo for head of State Dept.
    Its impossible to oppose the New World Order. Simple rhetoric and emotional buttons like patriotism easily control the attitude of the public. Capitalist ideology believes profit driven competition is a Darwinian principle. Exploitation rather than protection of the environment is a primary result, thus the earth was lost
    1. LOL the video first trots out the lie that tillerson was fired by Twitter, "stabbed him in the back publicly". It's not the firing of Tillerson thats bad...its the appointment of the CIA director to Secretary of he says.

      And then he focuses on "the dignity of the office of President". Agreed on the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)...amazing this was never on my radar until recently.

      Hillary says CFR "tells us what to do"
    2. stock, we should keep an open mind, which means unbiased. The details of how Trump fired and hired are not important. The big thing is the CONCEPTs we take for granted, and how the whole thing is unfolding. Sticking to a partisan line wont do anything if we destroy the ecosystem. Primary to understanding this requires a leap from your cherished ideals of the capitalist market. To understand it, look into the Dutch East India Co. the formation of capitalism as we know it, the key players the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and how multi national corps sprang from this. The failure of capitalism is rooted in a Darwinian idea the free market competition results in the best solution. The opposite is showing to be the case. A link
    3. I am on alert for bias, in fact I am bias against bias, hence my insistence on pointing out the insanity of how the anti-Trumpers insist that they hold the high moral ground (allowing them to use violence and lies against their opposition with inpunity), and focus on every detail of "sytle" even when they have to make it up via lies, such as the firing by Twitter.

      Capitalism can be anything we want to reign it in as....rules, under the evenly applied rules of law. Well not anything, but you get the idea. Indeed a "free market" concept must be reigned in to prevent systemic collapse.

      I want anything opposite of the NWO. You do realize that Japan just used NWO world trade practices to push its irradiated fish on the rest of the world?

      The "success" of the NWO AT THIS TIME IS THE BATTLE OF OUR LIVES, and NWO success will likely bring systemic collapse quicker than "capitalism". At the very least, the human condition will suck so bad under NWO that even if the ecosystem was pristine, I would choose the non-NWO route.

      I am the crossover candidate who can not follow any particular "party line"
    4. stock, I saw the piece on Japan NWO and korean fish. Its a capitalist success story! Words...we have to use them, but they often dont serve since everyone has a different interpretation. The NWO...its birth and key players IS capitalism. I provided many links for this at ENEnews. Its not a moot point or haggling semantics. The system, and now its a global one, is providing us the results we see. Its the system that gave us nuclear, bends scientists into political views, and legally lets the big guys off the hook. Not just the rules of the system, by the concepts behind it that are taken for granted. Profit does not need to be the sole driver, thats a big mistake.

      U.S. sovereignty...we all feel it slipping. Fact is, its too late. First the native americans killed the mastodons and great sloths...north american sovereignty lost! Then europeans killed the natives..sovereignty lost again! Then capitalist forces exploited low cost labor globally to be competitive. This means the U.S. can no longer stand on its own feet. Sovereignty lost again! Unless you mean the U.S. global hegemony, our military strong arm 'regulating' global markets for U.S. economic benefit...then you have a point. The elite powers obviously dont give a damn about the quality of life in the U.S. Makes you wonder where they have their homes doesnt it?
  5. Conca wrote "Russia Hacks Into U.S. Power Plants, But Nuclear Reactors Should Be Impervious"
    1. Conca-shill, what a joke....
      So don’t spend sleepless nights worrying about hacking of our nuclear power plants. But do worry about hacking our electric grid in general.

      And definitely lose sleep over hacking of our democracy.

      He bought the biggest lies hook line and sinker.
  6. Just over six gig... one big file... I have it.

    Want it?


    Ps... You will have to wade through the troll droppings... But it still survives.
    1. masher1, awesome! yes please get it to me, can you use Box or Dropbox?

      I also have a purchased site for my Photography Portfolio with unlimited storage, that could possibly be used if the other 2 won't get it done. for the next month
    2. Be sure to share the archive to everyone wanting it.

      Hope it helps.
    3. how will you transmit?
      or even mail a USB drive?
    4. Got it and stored in 3 places. TY. Of course those who want to help archive will be provided.

      BIG mahalo to you for this foresight! We all knew it could happen "overnight"
    5. You are most welcome Stock, Have a good one.

      I will leave it at that link, if someone wants it just give them that link. File is 4.8 Gb zip.
    6. Masher1, Stock, I don't see the link here. I'd like to download the ENENews archive. Could you post here or email me the link? Thanks.
    7. Horse, I sent link to you and Pia via Caferadlab
    8. Thanks Stock, downloaded the zip and extracted. It was great to open the index and see the ENE articles and comments again. Wish I'd had the foresight to mirror the webcam forums. Did Masher1 save any of the other forums? Do you have any news of ENE's fate other than the ICANN notice? Many kudos and thanks Masher1.
    9. Horse, awesome that it works! I haven't tried it yet. Masher1 left his real world email below, so feel free to contact him direct. I introduced Pia and Allen via email.

      My spidey sense is never wrong. Never, it's a gift that comes with the Eagle Spirit. And that intuition told me quite a while back that rights to ENE were purchased by the nuke cartel, with a retainer for admin to crank out a story once a month whilst nuke trolls degraded the site into irrelevance. After I returned "in force" for several days, they made the decision to change the email address for the domain and then just failed to confirm the new address.

      It was a shell of it's former self, but the value of the stories, links, and comments AND what was known in real time, AND covered up.....well that stuff is invaluable. I have considered wide release of the archive, allowing multiple posting/hosting by anon sources so that the nuke cartel could not "take them all down"
    10. Opening the index was a blast from the past. All forums are there except webcam. Alan did good, download was clean, unzipped needs a folder with a short path to get it all w/no errors. Losing the webcam was my strongest clue that ENE had a different direction. Yes, vintage ENE had some of the best info on Fuku.
  7. The link between autism / ADHD and radon / uranium — Autisme / TDAH et radon / uranium
    1. Fallujah, Fukushima, & the Global Radiation Catastrophe, Part 2
      Posted on March 4, 2012 by nsnbc international by Jim Fetzer, Leuren Moret and Christopher Busby

      Fallujah, Fukushima, & the Global Radiation Catastrophe (Part 1)
      Posted on March 2, 2012 by nsnbc international

      By Jim Fetzer, Leuren Moret and Christopher Busby
    2. Fukushima prognosis and how radioactivity affects the body: Medical facts from Dr. Helen Caldicott

      The Impact of the Nuclear Crisis on Global Health
      By Dr. Helen Caldicott
      Australian Medical Student Journal
      , Volume 4, Issue 2 2013
      , pp. 40-42

      *The Fukushima nuclear meltdown continues unabated – Helen Caldicott, Global Research News
      January 5, 2018 by Melanie

      Radioactive hot particles still afloat throughout Japan six years after Fukushima meltdowns — BuzzFlash
      August 4, 2017 by Melanie

      The Genetic Killer – Ionising Radiation
      Christopher Busby exposes the fallacy behind the current accepted model of exposure hazard adopted by governments and the nuclear industry since the ‘50s and which he will be challenging in a major legal case in London in June on behalf of nuclear test veterans. This is one of the rare times that I publish someone else’s work to the IMVA.
  8. PV panels now at Chernobyl
  9. "LANL docked $3.1M for shipping plutonium via commercial air" No copy link, AlberquerqueJournal
  10. 'Birth Defects in Fukushima' 2014. Majia covers many points not considered in studies and many articles.
    1. Yes Majia continues to rock, TY to her
  11. "We are watching Southern California Edison put 3.55 million pounds of spent nuclear fuel rods in containers less than 100 yards from the cliffs at San Onofre State Beach—an area which just this last year lost as much as 10 yards of beach-front from erosion. The public was not informed enough despite the meetings that were held and less than a handful of news articles. The canisters are guaranteed to be safe for not more than 25 years (Edison’s estimate) before they might leak straight into one of Southern California’s premier surf and beach recreation parks visited by over a million people a year. No one will be able to tell if they might be leaking long before that because these toxic time bombs will be encased, covered and out of sight. It is literally a case of burying the evidence."
  12. The 21st Century’s Olympic-sized nuclear lie – FUKUSHIMA – theme for March 2018
    “They are telling us that all is OK now in Fukushima, as enthusiasm rises for the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan.
    “This is indeed the lie of the century. And it is such an important lie. It carries the message that the nuclear industry is under control, and can continue through the century...."

    1. Even the cheerleaders admit that "resettlement victims" are living under "grave" conditions.

      What a word.
  13. "This month, seven years after the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi reactor meltdowns and explosions that blanketed hundreds of square kilometres of northeastern Japan with radioactive debris, government officials and politicians spoke in hopeful terms about Fukushima’s prosperous future. Nevertheless, perhaps the single most important element of Fukushima’s future remains unspoken: the exclusion zone seems destined to host a repository for Japan’s most hazardous nuclear waste."
  14. "Most Ohioans don’t know that this bailout would mean their electricity bills could double, triple or even quadruple in the next few years, just as most Ohioans don’t know that Davis-Besse is leaking radioactive tritium into Lake Erie or that the plant’s containment dome is cracked and in danger of collapsing...
    All of northwest Ohio is in danger of becoming a Fukushima-style wasteland as long as that plant continues to run. Most people in northwest Ohio also don’t know that the plant nearly did have a meltdown once already in the infamous “hole in the head” accident, where boric acid nearly ate through the reactor head."
  15. SafeCast article "“The readings were so high, 50 times higher than natural radiation,” he said of the post-disaster data. “I was amazed. The news told us there was nothing, the administration was telling us there was nothing to worry about.” "
  16. Stock's page on bees, bats, chitin etc. (WalMart has a patent on robotic bees)
    1. 'WalMart FILED a patent' for robotic bees, correction.
  17. "World famous psychiatrist warns that increased use of psychiatric drugs will translate to more mass shootings"
  18. NRC: Company dismantling Genoa nuclear plant spilled tainted water into Mississippi River
    1. I added a "no ad block" site with that story.
  19. Anyone wanting the link to the archive of ENE can email Stock or me to get it.

    evilslain on the Gmail system... is me.


  20. Mafia sinks toxic waste ships in the mediterranean 2009
  21. Works crews transferring spent fuel at the San Onofre nuclear plant from cooling pools into dry storage discovered a loose bolt inside one of the canisters, prompting Southern California Edison to temporarily halt the relocation effort.
  22. In more bad news for taxpayers, the Board of Audit says the cost of the Fukushima nuclear disaster could balloon to ¥218.2 billion, up 58 percent from the previous estimate of ¥126.4 billion.
  23. No flies no ants, some farming area in Michigan
  24. “Approximately one year after the fuel has been discharged from the reactor, the dose rate is around 1,000,000 mSv/h. This means that a lethal dose, about 5,000 mSv, is received in about 20 seconds. The dose is dominated completely by the contribution from gamma rays. The radiation declines with time, but the dose rate after 40 years, when the spent fuel is to be emplaced in the deep repository, is still as high as 65,000 mSv/h.” That is, 5 minutes for lethal dose. From the following document…/NCLCo…/_Public/29/015/29015601.pdf
    (Page 30 of the PDF)
    1. Thanks for the continued efforts Plowboy
  25. You’re likely gulping a mouthful of microplastics if you drink bottled water, new study reveals
  26. ENE archive link....

    Get it or don't... You choose..

    1. Thank you. unincredulous. out
    2. Not sure Masher1 is Uni?
    3. Not me. Oh, I'm not "David" either. Who is Masher 1? Looking forward to seeing the Htrack when it finishes downloading. Maybe the girl I bummed smokes from thinks I'm a masher. Still avoiding the girls here. Cripes.
    4. Oh, why does Alan have Masher1 name? I see. One of life's little mysteries. Like why didn't Skynet just send a bunch of chips to Cyberdyne in T2? Just liking the drama of "the resistance" I guess.
    5. my oh my Enenews is gone. I'm not really uni anymore. I guess I have to get over it. The times they are a changin.
  27. “Sylvia P Onusic, PhD, CNS, LDN June 29, 2016 at 12:22 pm
    “Great articles! Even if it is not GMO sugarcane, farmers in the U.S., Brazil, and other sugar producing countries, use glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up Ready (used on the GMO soy beans, etc ), before and after harvest. A carcinogen. You’re getting the glyphosate in the sugar. In fact, the Pernambuco region of Brazil, the area which had the highest number of children with small heads (microcephaly), is a center for the production of sugar cane. And in addition to the glyphosate which is sprayed on the site of cultivation heavily every year through a few cycles of production, other chemicals are used in connection with the sugar cane growing and sprayed by plane on the population. The water system is heavily polluted. On top of that now spraying other carcinogenic chemicals to kill mosquitoes (because of Zika).”
  28. A Cyberattack Hobbles Atlanta, and Security Experts Shudder
    1. Made an article, with an IP edge to it. No time to develop, but the "super inclusive" seem to have huge problems in their cities. imagine that.
  29. The Nuke Liar Industry Is Freaking Out Over Fukushima 2-20-2018
  30. Study says Fukushima radioactive water continues to flow into sea
  31. CARLSBAD, N.M. (AP) — More than 180 shipments of radioactive waste from sites around the United States have been sent to the federal government's only underground nuclear waste repository since operations resumed last year following a 2014 radiation release.
    That's a lot of road the radioactive waste traveled. Live near a road?
  32. A plane carrying weapons-grade nuclear waste to the US left the Highlands the day after the UK’s terror threat level was raised to “critical.”

    Armed police and anti-terrorism specialists stood guard at Wick John O’Groats Airport as the enriched uranium was loaded onto a US Air Force C-17 Globemaster transporter jet...
    It is the third such flight under a deal agreed between the UK and US governments to transfer nuclear material in exchange for a medical grade uranium from the US used to diagnose cancer. No-copy link, Aberdeen Journal
  33. 9/11 Truth new website
  34. Remember Kentucky passed the bill to relinquish controls over nuclear waste to the Feds? Old law: no nuclear plants to be built in Kentucky until the permanent nuclear waste storage problem is solved. New law: whatever Now this ...

    uh huh. fascist enabler. People threw a fit and I guess emails between lawmakers and industry can't disappear into a black hole. I hope. uni
  35. Hey Guy's and Girls..Its Back Online !!

    1. You have reached a domain that was pending verification per ICANN rules but has since been verified. It may take 24 to 48 hours for the website to come back online.
    2. Amazing indeed, just when I thought I was done with Hotel California
  36. I was going to post that :)
  37. Scientists create a cheap paper water filter that removes lead, arsenic and bacteria while being portable and disposable. Mesopaper.
  38. According to a review by researchers from the University of Colorado Cancer Center (CU Cancer Center), viruses can manipulate the human immune system to ensure their survival and even promote cancer.
    Fortunately, this discovery can be used to boost the effectiveness of immune-based therapies to fight cancer.

    Radiation is in there somewhere frequently, methinks.