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Thursday, October 31, 2019

2 Years of Earthquakes On The Big Island, Put Into a 3D Video

Stock here, see comments below.   And sign up as a follower, drops some comments too.

These are only the "above sea level" earthquakes, just a small fraction of the total, but they represent a very informative subset.    I will do another one with all the earthquakes too.   Soon.

Been meaning to do this for years.

Then amazingly pull it off in 3 hours!!!

After failing a dozen times prior. 

It's an MP4 video,, 5 minutes long 38MB that you can download at Box

These are ONLY the above sea level earthquakes, It starts slow, but around April 2018 the fireworks go off.

Thunderstruck -- Great Compiliation that Sums of 3 Years

Drop a comment if you like this. That said, we should focus on the issues, and the player, and the traitors, and not make this "all about Trump"

Biden Gate -- DNC Set Him Up To Fail -- Attempted To Create A Trap For Trump to Attack Him

stock here -- we said this months ago.    There is no way the Dems would realistically run an old white guy, especially a creepy one.    Biden may not have sex with children, but he sure likes to push the limit on what he can "get away with".

I was just reading an old headline from the super liberal local rag of a newspaper we have.    Early September 2019 "Biden and Warren Both Lead Trump in Polls". 

Hilarious!   Who took that poll, where, and who did they ask, and who tallied it?

In may 2019 I questioned whether the Dems would "really" run a pedophile.

On September 30, 2019 I opined that maybe there were 2 purposes to run Biden.
1) Protect Biden and Crack Head Hunter
2) Draw Trump into appearance of impeachable offense

I no longer think the DNC had any intention to protect Biden or his son.   They are simply fodder that never had a chance, but are too stupid to realize they been played.   

Now.....who is going to leak the DNC insider texts and email that show the setup of Biden?    They sure played Bernie good last race, and he is "back for more" after accepting his free house to keep his mouth shut about his prior setup. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

By George I Have Tied Together The Death of Kennedy Jr, HRC Indictment, 45, 11-18, 322, 444 of America Held Hostage

....We have assumed control, we have assumed control.......Rush

This is quite the rambling rant.   Amazing how things can tie together.   Not sure what it means, some think that our "guardians" come from the travellers.

Winter is coming

The Makahiki is when--Winter officially begins when the Makali'i cluster begins to rise at sunset and set at dawn and is visible most of the night.     The Makaali'i is also known as the Pleiades (a group of stars that I think looks like the super small dipper).

It is also Messier object 45.   

45, get it?

When the Pleiades Rises at Sunset, and Sets at Dawn (i,e, fills the sky the whole night) the period of peace called the Makahiki in Hawaii, starts, usually around 11-18 (November 18).

November 18 is the 322nd day of the year.

322 is an important number of the Skull and Bones Society and therefore the Masons

The peace lasts for several months.    Queen Emma in Hawaii (real name Heavenly Emma, Ema-lani) was named after Saint Emma, who you will see below.

The Pleiades is also known as the 7 Sisters, aka the 7 Daughters of Atlas who holds up the sky.    The mom was Pleione the Oceanid (A nymph)

The Daughters were Alcyone , Celaeno , Electra , Maia , Merope , Sterope and Taygete

You can rearrange those letters to be
C St. Emma
Catholic Saint Emma

whose pilgrimage connects Slovenia, Syria, and Austria


Its 444 Light Years to the Seven Sisters

The Iranian hostage crisis held Americans for 444 days.  

ON day 444 of the Trump presidency, The Zionist controlled Amazon Post wrote the blurb above.

My numbers are 8 and 11, sometimes together as 811

But also 888, and 11-11
Some other numbers of great importance to me, 1109 and 1112

Of course I focus on 311, 911  Fukushima, and the Demolition of the World Trade towers, and of course building 7.

Just saying, I don't really know what they mean, they are "just the numbers"


Austria and Ukraine have always had a history together even though today they are far apart.    Ukraine used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

In World War 1, Ukraine was Occupied by the Bolsheviks and the Bolsheviks were driven out by a coalition including Austria.

Austria is one of the weakest members in supporting the EU, and Austria is hesitant to point any finger at Russia.

George magazine was owned and started by John F Kennedy Jr, but folded in 2001 shortly after JFK Jr Died in a plane accident on 7-16-1999.    He was a front runner for a US Senate seat from New York.    Hillary Clinton went on to win that senate race.   She ended up running against Rudy Giuliani.

Hillary Clinton went on record as supporting Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel  on 7-9-1999.

On 10-8-1999 Clinton filed a statement of Candidacy, which CNN Reported at 11:18 AM

The Guardian gives an especially detailed view on how he crashed, which is amazing since no one really knows....

This issue talks about the indictment of Hillary Clinton for Whitewater crimes.

Inspiration from


Trump's Campaign War Chest Is Huge -- So Twitter Won't Let Anyone They Consider Political -- Advertise

Check out this thread.

"Reach" should be earned and not bought.     hmmm.....who decides when something is earned?

And with MSM promoting the lies of the Globalists, then I guess Twitter won't allow anyone to point out the lies of the Globalists?

I wonder if little abused Greta will still have a place at the table!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Globalist Media Doxes A Dog -- Do You Think They Care What Happens To You After They Dox You?

stock here - Satire on the net

This is only part funny.

I was thinking today, on how to form a lawsuit against Twitter and Facebook that are requiring personal information (cell phone) which can then be linked to residence address, emails, place of work, etc.

And that they will have a "data breach" (planned or unplanned) and people will get physically attacked by the rabid and paid left.

But today the Globalist media, Doxed a dog......

Multiple Defense Department sources confirmed to Newsweek on Monday that the dog's name is Conan. During a Sunday morning press conference to announce the death of Baghdadi, Trump said the dog was injured when the Islamic State leader detonated a suicide vest, killing himself and three children.
 In the same article the Globalist media indicate that they knew it was the intention of the Military to not release the name of the dog.

Trump declassified the photograph on Monday after a Pentagon press briefing between Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper and U.S. Army General Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Milley told reporters at a Pentagon briefing Monday that the dog was "slightly wounded and fully recovering," and said the Pentagon would not be disclosing the dog's identity as the animal was instrumental in the top secret raid which resulted in the death of the Islamic State leader. The dog has since returned to duty.
 Newsweek, on the sh*t list

Be ready for the immigrant or "offended people" to attack you, especially after Doxing, they will seek you out in your own home......


According to Courthouse News Service, Cosko released personal information such as home addresses and phone numbers of Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah), and then-Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) on Wikipedia and Twitter.

The publication claims Cosko also publicized information about Kentucky’s senior U.S. senator, Mitch McConnell, and then-Sen. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

It states that Cosko felt compelled to release the sensitive information after becoming enraged about the senators’ support for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, amid the sexual allegations made against him.
By August 2018, DeForest-Davis began to suspect that Cosko was breaking into the senator’s office and stealing information from Senate computers, yet she failed to report him.

On the night of Oct. 2, 2018, DeForest-Davis agreed to lend Cosko her keys to the senator’s office with the understanding that he would unlawfully enter the office to access Senate computers.
DeForest-Davis agreed to lend her keys to Cosko in return for money for her rent, according to Courthouse News Service.

Update Full Video Of William Barr's Speech at Notre Dame -- AND Transcript of Most Of It

I posted this in Mid-October, and then multiple videos were "deleted" censored, apparently by Notre
Dame.   Which seems quite odd, it would give them a lot of free advertising.

I used 4K Video Downloader to download the new full version I have pasted below.   And I will drop it into Box, its an MP4 File

Here it is in
Box, a permanent record.

You can also download it using the above link!!!!   Please download it.   Learn how to mitigate the coming Epic censorship!!! 


Here is a short 58 second video excerpt

I found another still viewable version on YouTube
Below is an annotated transcript from an article

Bill Barr: Religious Liberty Warrior

US Attorney General William Barr, addressing the Notre Dame Law School
Last week, US Attorney General William Barr gave an extraordinary speech about religious liberty at Notre Dame Law School. I have not been able to locate a transcript, and only found time to watch it this morning. Here’s a video of the entire thing. The speech itself begins at about the four-minute mark.
The AG begins by talking about the capacity for self-government, meaning not the form of administration of a liberal democracy, but the ability of individuals to master their own passions, and subject them to reason. Can we handle freedom? That, says Barr, is a question that preoccupied the Founders.
No society can exist without the capacity to restrain vice, he goes on to say. If you depend only on the government to do this, you get tyranny. (This, by the way, is what’s happening in China; many Chinese actually support the tyrannical Social Credit System, because communism destroyed civil society and social trust.) But, says Barr, licentiousness is another form of tyranny. People enslaved by their own appetites make community life impossible. (This, I would say, is what we are more endangered by in America today … and it will ultimately call forth tyranny, Chinese-style.)
Barr offers this quotation from Edmund Burke:
“Men are qualified for civil liberty, in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their own appetites; in proportion as their love of justice is above their rapacity; in proportion as their soundness and sobriety of understanding is above their vanity and presumption; in proportion as they are more disposed to listen to the counsels of the wise and good, in preference to the flattery of knaves.”
Why is religion a public good? Because, says Barr, it “trains people to want what is good.” It helps to frame a society’s moral culture, and instills moral discipline. No secular creed has emerged that can do what religion does, he says. And by casting religion out, we are dismantling the foundation of our public morality.
“What we call ‘values’ today are nothing more than mere sentimentality, drawing on the vapor trails of Christianity,” says the AG.
Barr took the gloves off, saying that religion is not jumping to its death; it’s being pushed.
“This is not decay,” he said. “This is organized destruction.” He named secularists in academia, media, and elsewhere as figures who are not neutral at all, but have rather inculcated a kind of religiosity in their own project of destroying religion. They conduct their own inquisitions and excommunications for heresy.
Then Barr said something, almost in passing, that in truth deserves a lot more attention by religious and philosophical observers: that we have created a popular culture in which we the people are “too distracted” to take these questions seriously. Just last night, readers, I received an e-mail from one of you who said that “the really striking thing of our age is the complete anesthesia of religious questions.” That’s true. This, I think, is where I would push back against AG Barr somewhat. It’s not only that the secularists want to suppress religion; it’s also that many of us aren’t interested in religion in the first place. To be clear, religious questions — that is, questions of transcendence and ultimate truth — can’t be suppressed forever. But we seem to be doing a great job of avoiding them.
Anyway, back to the Barr speech. He says that we are in a time like the days of the early Church, when the Roman authorities weren’t content to leave Christians alone to pray in peace, but actually tried to force them to violate their beliefs.
Barr says in his talk that one of the most important aspects of religious liberty is the freedom to pass the faith on to your children. This is where the battle is joined — and, because the Trump administration supports “religious accommodation,” the real battles are happening at the state level. Ground Zero for the warfare is at the schools. Barr identifies three specific areas of conflict:
  1. Content of public school curriculum. Meaning the implementation of an anti-traditional values curriculum without any opt-out for families. E.g., New Jersey, Illinois, and California law mandating LGBT curriculum. He cites a diktat by the Orange County (Calif.) board of education saying that parents cannot opt their kids out of LGBT training.
  2. State policies designed to starve religious schools of generally available funds, to force religious people to put their kids into public schools.
  3. Use of state laws to force religious schools to accept secular morality.
The Attorney General concluded by telling his Catholic audience that only by conversion of ourselves can we hope to transform society. He adds that Christians must have more emphasis on moral content in education. “Education is not vocational training,” he said. If we don’t pass on our faith and moral conviction to our children “in full vigor,” all is lost.
Finally, he exhorts lawyers to fight for religious liberty in the public square. He concludes with:
“I can assure you that as long as I am Attorney General, the Department of Justice will be at the forefront of this effort, ready to fight for the most cherished of all our American liberties: the freedom to live according to our faith.”
Let me simply say that as we religious conservatives are thinking about how to vote in the election next fall, we should ponder the fact that under Donald Trump, as awful as he is in so many ways, a man of William Barr’s convictions is heading up the Department of Justice. Thank God Bill Barr is there. It is inconceivable that any Democratic president would put a man like him in charge of the Justice Department. In fact, we are getting a good idea that a Democratic president would likely choose his precise opposite.
If religious liberty is the most important public issue to you — and, as a religious believer, should it not be? — then the Barr speech should be front to mind as you consider voting. The state cannot give us meaning, but it can maintain the spaces necessary for us to discover meaning. Or not. This is important. This is very, very important.
UPDATE: Here’s a link to AG Barr’s entire speech. 
UPDATE.2: Wow, wow, wow. Paul Krugman lost his mind over the speech. Seriously, read his column. It says very little about Bill Barr, and a lot about Paul Krugman. Excerpt:
Nonetheless, William Barr — again, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, responsible for defending the Constitution — is sounding remarkably like America’s most unhinged religious zealots, the kind of people who insist that we keep experiencing mass murder because schools teach the theory of evolution. Guns don’t kill people — Darwin kills people!
Barr said absolutely nothing about Darwin or evolution. Krugman is a poo-flinging monkey here. I invite you to read the entire Barr speech. It’s a standard defense of religion’s role in American life. It would have been unremarkable for any US Attorney General, Republican or Democrat, prior to 2008 to have given. But now, many on the Left have become so hateful of religion that Barr’s speech strikes the ears of people like Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman as the handiwork of a Cossack propagandist (” If that kind of talk doesn’t scare you, it should; it’s the language of witch hunts and pogroms”).
Krugman’s entire column was nothing but screaming-meemie insults. Again, please read the Barr speech, or watch it online. Krugman called it “fiery,” but it was nothing of the kind. It was sober. Bill McGurn of the Wall Street Journal, in a paywalled column, marveled at how berserk some on the Left reacted to the speech.
Political ethicist and professional attention seeker Richard Painter tapped out a series of even more furious tweets, here calling the speech the latest episode of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” there suggesting Mr. Barr isn’t much of a Christian, here again saying Mr. Barr sounded like “vintage Goebbels.” Over at MSNBC, meanwhile, retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, once chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, told Joy Reid the attorney general is “Torquemada in a business suit,” a reference to the Spanish Inquisition’s grand inquisitor.
McGurn said:
Even those who strongly disagree with Mr. Barr ought to have found this an invitation for thoughtful and vigorous debate. But rather than engage, some imply there is something unseemly about an attorney general’s even speaking at a Catholic university. Given the hostility that holding such a conversation engenders on campuses today, perhaps America can count itself fortunate it still has a university where this can happen.
Carter Snead, the law professor who invited Mr. Barr, puts it this way: “At Notre Dame, we are not afraid to explore the hard questions about God, religion and America together in friendship, especially on those matters about which people strongly disagree.”
Mr. Barr’s argument has been echoed throughout American history: “Our Constitution was made for only for a moral and religious people” (John Adams). “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith” (Tocqueville). “In teaching this democratic faith to American children, we need the sustaining, buttressing aid of those great ethical religious teachings which are the heritage of our modern civilization. For ‘not upon strength nor upon power, but upon the spirit of God’ shall our democracy be founded” (FDR). And so on.
That’s the amazing thing about these Leftist’s reactions. Barr said nothing that isn’t part of the standard rhetoric of American civic religion. I don’t mean to put down the speech, which was very fine. As I watched the speech this morning, my strongest criticism of it was in response to this passage:
But what was the source of this internal controlling power? In a free Republic those restraints could not be handed down from above by philosopher kings.
Instead, social order must flow up from the people themselves – freely obeying the dictates of inwardly-possessed and commonly-shared moral values. And to control willful human beings, with and infinite capacity to rationalize, those moral values must rest on authority independent of men’s will – they must flow from a transcendent Supreme Being.
In short, in the Framers’ view, free government was only suitable and sustainable for a religious people – a people who recognized that there was a transcendent moral order antecedent to both the state and manmade law and who had the discipline to control themselves according to those enduring principles.
As John Adams put it: “We have no government armed with the power which is capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”
As Father John Courtney Murray observed, the American tenet was not that:
“Free government is inevitable, only that it is possible, and that its possibility can be realized only when the people as a whole are inwardly governed by the recognized imperatives of the universal moral order.”
How does religion promote the moral discipline and virtue needed to support free government?
First, it gives us the right rules to live by. The Founding generation were Christians. They believed that the Judeo-Christian moral system corresponds to the true nature of man. Those moral precepts start with the Two Great Commandments – to Love God with your whole heart, soul and mind; and to Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.
But they also include the guidance of Natural Law – a real, transcendent moral order which flows from God’s eternal law – the Divine wisdom by which the whole Creation is ordered. The eternal law is impressed upon, and reflected in, all created things.
From the nature of things we can, through reason, experience, discern standards of right and wrong that exist independent of human will.
I happen to agree with Barr here, but my criticism has to do with his subsequent claim:
But religion helps teach, train, and habituate people to want what is good. It does not do this primarily by formal laws – that is, through coercion. It does this through moral education and by informing society’s informal rules – its customs and traditions which reflect the wisdom and experience of the ages.
In other words, religion helps frame moral culture within society that instills and reinforces moral discipline.
He is also correct here … but we have degenerated to a point in the West where we can’t even agree what is Good. How can religion habituate a people to “want what is good” when the people don’t even know what Good is?
As McGurn says, this is something we can and should debate. The debate comes from fundamental constitutional principles. But mention God, and people like Paul Krugman and Lawrence Wilkerson freak out.
This is all useful to know. It turns out that The New York Times also has up on its website now a column by a liberal Iowan named Robert Leonard, who says that many of the people of Iowa see those arrayed against Trump as crude despisers of people like them. He writes that the liberal mob setting on young Iowan Carson King (I wrote about that here) reinforces a powerful narrative:
To rural white conservatives, their culture is being rubbed out right before their eyes. Compared with that, Mr. Trump’s sins — Ukraine and all — are trivial, while the Democrats are unrepentant and persist in their wrongdoing.
So, yes, the dismal rural economy, brought on directly by the president’s actions, may prompt independents and some Republicans to vote for a Democrat, because they will see it in their economic interests to do so.
But most Republicans I know don’t vote in their economic self-interest. They vote in terms of what they perceive to be in their spiritual self-interest.
Which brings us back to the confluence of the Carson King brouhaha and the Trump impeachment narrative. For the conservatives here, they come from the same source, the media. Mr. King and Mr. Trump are both targets of a politically correct mob that is quick to judge and slow to forgive, so that the slightest deviation from an ever moving liberal moral standard can destroy a person’s career.
Carson King’s posts as a 16-year-old are nothing alongside Mr. Trump’s actions. But that doesn’t matter. Conservatives see the two cases as illustrating a pattern of misbehavior by liberals and the media.
You read or watch Bill Barr’s speech, and then you compare it to some of the hysterical reaction by our tumbril-pushing leftist elites, and you try to say with a straight face that religious liberty is not endangered by Democratic Party rule.
Meanwhile, Robert Francis O’Rourke is still at it. Now he’s saying that he would seek to take away the tax exemption of mosques, historically black colleges, and other institutions that declined to recognize same-sex marriage.
Elizabeth Warren has said she wouldn’t go as far as Beto, which is good, I suppose, as she has a good chance of being the Democratic nominee. But make no mistake: she (as well as fellow Democratic senators Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris) have put forth an amendment to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that would strip that law of its mild protections offered to religious believers who dissent from the progressive views on LGBT and abortion.
Like I said, all this is clarifying.

Department of Peacebuilding -- UN / NWO Control Over All Aspects of USA -- And Of Course, Take Your Guns

It's not just this one lady.   And it's not just the Dems.    But it is part of a systemic problem affecting the USA, but exists Worldwide.

Get to know the face of slavery, she wants your slavery.   And has introduced a Bill in the House.

She loves quoting NPR and VOX.
'Nuff said?

Politician for 21 years in California

(5) Every year more than 300,000 people are killed by gun violence around the world. In 2017, nearly 40,000 people died in the United States as a result of gun violence; the highest number of gun deaths in nearly 50 years. The rate of deaths—12 fatal shootings per 100,000 residents—is also at the highest point since the mid-1990s. Approximately 20 veterans a day commit suicide nationwide. Every day, 47 children and teens are shot, and each gun injury and fatality results in trauma to family members and loved ones. More people have died fro
m guns in the United States since 1968 than on battlefields of all the wars in United States history.

(6) A World Health Organization report estimates that interpersonal violence within the United States costs approximately $300 billion annually, not including war-related costs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the total economic cost of child abuse and neglect is estimated at $124 billion each year.

(7) According to a report by the Institute of Economics and Peace, which measures the economic impact of violence and conflict to the global economy, the economic impact of violence to the global economy was $14.76 trillion in 2017. The report also found that the regional impact of violence in North America, 99 percent of which can be attributed to the United States, amounted to $2.73 trillion in 2017.

This at the tail end of item 10.    Kind of amazing that they started this the year of 911, and kind of amazing they point out the Children of the world, whilst UN forces that are supposed to be doing "Child Protective Services" are really doing much child trafficking.
The United Nations declared the years 2001 through 2010 an International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World, and the United Nations supports a culture of peace. In 2015, the UN adopted 17 sustainable development goals, including promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies.
 This got me to research the 17 Goals.     They sure are cute little marketing pieces, but are entirely and grossly impractical and goals that cannot be met by any year much less 2030.     By 2030 we will likely be in the depths of a cooling downfall resulting in huge economic and food losses.   This is the worst possible time to spend money foolishly.

See cute soundbites.    But even when you just read the full title to each section, the "narrative" is quickly displayed.   

Those deserve their own article.   I'll make a draft at least.

Gaggle As An Enemy Of Human Health Via Censorship

stock here, see what I did there?

Recent Censorship Timeline:

Monday, October 28, 2019

On the Ground Footage From Epstein Island -- Video

stock here.   We have covered this before, and the Rusty drone footage has been great.   But now a group has landed and took video. 

I think you will find it interesting.


Earthquake Knowledge Is Huge -- Fukushima Was Predicatable -- There Was a Market "Tell" -- Yet They Will Never Warn The Little People

stock here

so how did I take this name?   I traded the markets, many of them, developing advanced technical analysis (chart analysis) tools that no one else had.   I played the game until I realized the super computers were now gaming the system on a very wide basis.   They would intentionally create classic patterns to get technical traders to enter either a short or long position, then they would run it the expected way, encouraging traders to not just keep their positions but to add to it.   Then they would rapidly blow it up, causing huge losses.  

So I stopped.   But during Fukushima, and actually right before Fukushima, the Nikkei had a "tell".   It had become obvious to me, before that, that the markets often predicted reality, at least the reality that was public news.    The knowledge of earthquakes is very large, and yet their ability to predict earthquakes seems to be almost nil.   Now that citizen scientists, with NO FUNDING, can out do USGS and others with funding of hundreds of millions, you got to ask WHY?

I am hesitant to dive into too much "classic" earthquake thinking, because I feel there is a large chance that it will keep me from a major breakthrough on earthquake prediction.   You can rest assured that if a major quake were imminent, they would error on the side of "let's not cause panic", so the only hope is for Citizen Scientists to carry the load.   

I discovered a long term predictor for massive earthquakes along the Japanese coast.

When there is a large lull in EQ activity south of Honshu, south of the Bonin islands, then when the activity starts up again, is a predictor of a very large EQ.   See OP here

And prior to Fukushima, "they" knew something big was underway, for up to 8 days.   The Fukushima mayor admits it in this OP article here.

There is a timeline video of the precursor EQ, and the thousands of after shocks.

But look at the amazing knowledge displayed in this "event" summary.   And yet they seem to know nothing.    USGS went on record this year as stating, "we really can't prove that there is any link between Vulcanism and Earthquakes.   My oh my, how lame they are.

Event ID: usp000hvpg

03/11/2011 06:25:50 UTC usp000hvpg
38.059°N 144.640°E
M 7.7 – Off the east coast of Honshu, Japan

Depth 18.6 km
The March 11, 2011, M 7.7 earthquake near the east coast of Honshu, Japan occurred as a result of shallow normal faulting within the oceanic lithosphere of the Pacific plate, approximately 60 km east of the Japan Trench. Focal mechanism solutions indicate that rupture occurred on either a north- or south-striking, moderately dipping normal fault. Slip on a fault aligned with either nodal plane is consistent with the intraplate setting of this event. At the location of this earthquake, the Pacific plate moves roughly westward relative to the North America plate at a velocity of 70 mm/yr, and begins its westward descent beneath Japan at the Japan Trench. Note that some authors divide this region into several microplates that together define the relative motions between the larger Pacific, North America and Eurasia plates; these include the Okhotsk and Amur microplates that are part of North America and Eurasia, respectively.
This earthquake occurred approximately 40 minutes after the devastating March 11, 2011 M 9.1 Tohoku earthquake. This 06:25 UTC earthquake can be considered an aftershock of the 05:46 M 9.1 event, despite occurring on a different fault structure (on a normal fault directly east of the subduction zone, rather than on the subduction zone interface). Over the 2 days preceding the March 11th mainshock, a series of large foreshocks had occurred, beginning on March 9 with a M 7.3 event approximately 40 km from the epicenter of the March 11th M 9.1 earthquake, and continuing with another three earthquakes greater than M 6 on the same day. Prior to March 9th, the Japan Trench subduction zone had hosted nine events of M 7+ since 1973.
While commonly plotted as points on maps, earthquakes of this size are more appropriately described as slip over a larger fault area. Normal-faulting events of the size of the March 11, 2011, M 7.7 earthquake are typically about 90x35 km (length x width); interference from the previous M 9.1 event makes modeling its source dimensions complicated, and as such a slip model is not available at this time.
For more information, please visit:
Directions: To here - From here

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Coronal Holes on Sun Bring EARTHQUAKE ALERT Unsual EQ and Vulcanism -- Mexico Volcano Thought Extinct, Erupts!

stock here, be on Alert for Damaging Earthquakes and Vulcanism

Alert published 3 days ago,

I have to claim this Large 6.6 EQ in the Philippines as a "Good Call", not as good as Doxing a Dog like Globalist Media did.....but it's real news. LOL

But I wouldn't say this is the end of the EQ alert, this could be a fore-shock of something bigger.    The solar wind has been lackadaisical and as noted before Kp also no joy.   It seems it must show up eventually by the weekend!    Scary Oct 31 and Nov 1.


We have been watching a triad of Coronal Holes in the Equatorial Range "target Earth".     The Kp index has barely budged so far, so I wonder if this "delay" if some kind of capicitive buffer that will let all hell break loose when the capacitor is full.

  1. Rare Volcano in Mexico
  2. Unusual EQ at Volcano in Hawaii
  3. Unusual EQ at the HUGE Volcano north of Madagascar
  4. And a Large EQ on the Mid Atlantic Ridge (MAR), pretty close to equator, they are usually more north.
I need to head off to a party, so I will flesh out the "evidence" later

The Mexico Volcano issue is interesting.   This twitter is the only video I can find, and it shows 3 large Eruptions (flare outs), one flare out coming from 2 different places simultaneously.

The few sites that cover it, restrict the Eruption to one event at 5:11 AM.....sheesh the 11's haunt my life.

Some people's video has just been taken down.    Odd that a Volcano becomes part of a political

narrative, LOL.

And most sites are still calling it "Extinct" although Dormant would be a better word, except that it is now "Active".    A review of EQ in the area would be interesting.

This Volcano is generally accepted as having 7 "chimneys".

Those who follow me, know my work and research on the Galactic Cosmic Ray (GCR) nucleation of magmatic gases is a cause of vulcanism in certain magma chambers.

And that Quiet Sun, allows more GCRs to pound the sun facing part of earth as the magnetic shield of earth is compressed by solar wind and other electro/magnetic effects.   This is why the Moana Loa (Kilaeua, Pu'u O'o, East Rift) large EQ were all in the wee hours just past midnight.  


draft article for now
Iztaccihuatl (a.k.a. Ixtaccihuatl, Izta, or Ixta) is the third highest mountain in Mexico and the seventh highest in North America. An extinct volcano, Ixta is a unique mountain. When viewed from either the west or the east you can distinctly see her; the sleeping lady. The north end of the mountain is 'the head'. A big dip, 'the neck', and then up to the summit of the sleeping lady, her 'breasts'. The rest of the mountain follows in logical progression, the stomach (glaciated), the knees, and the feet which is the sub peak at the south end of the mountain.

Except for that pesky little eruption that just hit 2 days ago!!!


Friday, October 25, 2019

General Flynn -- Bankrupted and Then Forced to Take a Plea on Manufactured Lies about Lies


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I suggest you post each of these images in thread format on twitter under #FREEFLYNN - one image per thread post with each post hashing #FREEFLYNN. The more the merrier. We need to make it impossible for them to suppress this information. It's really happening!
Post #1:
New court fliling by General Flynn's lawers show that the FBI tried to frame Flynn (and worse!) #FREEFLYNN
Post #2:
This was all directed by @Comey without a legitimate law enforcement objective. #FREEFLYNN
Post #3:

Post #4:
The government has much in its possession that is exculpatory to Flynn and will eventually reveal their motives for this charade. #FREEFLYNN
Post #5:
The government says they don't have to provide Flynn any exculpatory evidence because they were able to pressure him into pleading guilty, thus waiving that right. #FREEFLYNN
Post #6:

Post #7:
Comey met with co-conspirators, including the CIA the day before revealing the Steele Dossier to Trump. The FBI then leaked this information to the media, and then used it as a pretext to target Flynn. #FREEFLYNN
Post #8:
They knew they had no basis for the investigation. They did not inform the White House. (Also, they may have a mole in their ranks.) #FREEFLYNN
Post #9:
They knew what they were doing. Lisa Page eventually flipped. #FREEFLYNN
Post #10:
Their plan worked. They got Flynn to talk honestly and openly without a lawyer present.
Post #11:
The only problem was: Flynn was innocent. #FREEFLYNN
Post #12:
That didn't stop them from manufacturing a lie. #FREEFLYNN
Post #13:
Meanwhile, they are looking to selectively leak so that they can create the illusion that Trump and Flynn are Russian agents. #FREEFLYNN
Post #14:
But then Trump made his move and fired Comey. They jumped into gear to put their plan into action while they still could. They had no idea who Trump would bring in. Time was of the essence. #FREEFLYNN
Post #15:
Flynn and Trump were framed by @Comey's FBI. The special counsel would have never been possible if they had given Flynn the exculpatory evidence. This demonstrates intent. #FREEFLYNN
Post #16:

Post #17:

Post #18:
Conclusion. #FREEFLYNN
Post #19:
This information is no surprise to anyone who has followed #QANON. It has pretty much been narrated to people following the information along the way. We're now seeing fruits of this information. This isn't even a snowflake on the tip of the iceberg.

Why Are Full On Lies Allowed In "Justice", a Law Passed in 1996 Made Lies Legal

Submitted by Lot's Wife

Before I was 20, I’d read 'One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. The experience forced me to confront the world of shadows and lies that pass as everyday truth. 

In order to reduce legal requirements to speak truthfully, the feds enacted a Soviet-style loophole. In 1996, Congress exempted a special class from using truth as a criteria for determining justice. 

Challenges posed by fake news (Project Mockingbird), 5G, vaccinations, captured agencies, false-flag wars, drugs for weapons trade, and more can be traced to this “law”. The press doesn’t deserve its First Amendment protections. Rather than serving its readers the press has sold itself (i.e. a prostitute) to subvert the republic while enriching and perpetuating rule by cult leaders. See details. 

Would make a great LTE; who’s game?