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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arnie Gunderson -- Video on why the old GE designs are inherently unsafe.

Shelter in Place and Martial Law, there is a difference.

Bomb Scare in Waikiki causes Martial Law to be declared.   This is similar to Boston, although this was only 2 hours.     A lot of the tin foil hatters are saying that Big Gov wants to program America to accept martial law on a regular basis.    This will make it easier to quash large disturbances and make it seem "normal" at least in the news reports.

The nice terms of "shelter in place" are well known to prepper types and nuclear aware types.    And that has to do with being pre-prepared with necessary materials, tools, food, water, to take shelter in your own house during an extended civil disaster, nuclear meltdown, etc.

So they tried to sell us the term "shelter in place" which in fact has nothing to do with martial law for a manhunt, as was Boston.     Even the term "lockdown" or "stand down" is no where near the reality of "we have declared martial law".  There are video's floating on the internet of families being rousted out of their houses by "Swat" teams, and being marched out of their house with hands on their heads.    These look very credible, I just saw last night.   I was surprised it went this far.

Here is the "lockdown" in Waikiki.    There are just 3 "horizontal roads" in Waikiki and they are all one way,  so by shutting down one of them, indeed that is a crippling situation for one of the most dense human habitation and tourism areas in the US.  
For a better view of Nuclear Shelter in Place, refer to my easy to use checklist on how to prepare.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Report from steadily increasing radiation in Hawaii.

In response to a Hawaii based news blogger who puts full effort into his work, he asks an innocent question....are we in danger from Fukushima.

I answered with the following.


I have been measuring radiation regularly on Oahu since about 9 months after Fukushima when I got my first Geiger.   I ending up shipping that one to a Japanese family with young kids who really needed it.   Then I bought another.

Oahu has been steady at around 12000 clicks per 8 hour period.   That is 25 clicks per minute.

Amazing, in round numbers, Oahu in the last 3 weeks has been 14400 clicks per 8 hours, or 30 clicks per minute  

This is a stable 20% increase, probably due to radiation in the water finally making its way here.    this will be cesium and strontium, as well as uranium and plutonium ALL which are quite nasty. 

This is not an emergency level.
At 100 clicks per minute for 1 year, you stand a significant chance of increase in cancer, but keep in mind, cancer in not the only end result of radiation, all kinds of weakness and openings for disease.

At 500 clicks per minutes for 90 days, you stand a significant chance of increase in cancer.

Fukushima continues to spews radiation into the air through steam releases from under ground coriums at water level (varies with tides).   Also TEPCO has large dug earthen pool with flimsy liners that were meant for final treatment water, but the final treatment system still has not been certified, so they have been putting highly concentrated strontium water in there.    The cesium was mostly removed by the initial treatment system.    Strontium is far more dangerous than cesium, as it acts like calcium and goes direct to the bones and doesn't leave.    Leukemia is a likely result, as well as other bone disease, and blood disease and weakness.  

These large earthen pools were formed with 4mil PVC liner.   Your average architectural or fish pond liner in Hawaii would be made with 20 mil or 30 mil liner.  

In the last 2 weeks, there are 5 to 7 really large earthen pools that TEPCO has admitted as leaking badly, these used to hold the highly dangerous and highly concentrated Strontium.

Also, some coriums remain in the reactor vessels (all the vessels are breached) and beneath the vessels.   They have been pouring water on them for YEARS to minimize the amount of criticality which releases massive radiation, they sometimes fail.

They also fail in keeping the spent fuel pool powered up with cooling circulating pumps, having failed three times in the last 6 weeks.    TEPCO is getting worse at their task of protecting the world.   They have no financial incentive to do this right.  The spent fuel pools are far more dangerous than the coriums if that is possible to believe.    There is far most mass in the spent fuel pools, and the nasty isotopes are higher..  

TEPCO has no right to be in charge of this plant anymore.  

I have studied this situation several thousand hours, and have a masters degree in the relevant sciences to understand it.

The world is in harm, several tens of billions of USD needs to be dedicated to accelerate the reduction of radioactive emissions. 

There are nuclear and US security implications for why no real action is being taken.   The nuclear village has failed us again.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Debris field in front of Asteroids

This research from UCLA.    What happened in Russia last night hasn't happened for 100 years on earth.  And we have not noticed a close flyby of a 15 story building by 15 story wide cube (Asteroid 2012 AD14 to put things in perspective), ever before.

So is this a coincidence?  Well the asteroid that hit Russia (now call it a meteorite since it hit) odds are 1 day in 100 years or 36500 to 1, or .0027%.  
They think that big of an  object gets kind of close to earth  every 40 years, but some say every 1120 years, lets use 40.    40*365= 14600

So that is one in 14600 odds, or .0068% chance on any given day.

The odds of both happening on the same day is .0027% * .0068% = .000018%, or about 539 million to 1 odds.     Hmmm

 It is obvious, the powers that be will do anything to not scare the sheeple.
There should have been warnings, not "don't worry".  
Stay near home, have your emergency supplies prepared.

These warnings extend into tomorrow and the next day, eyes open, no fear.

Above is the Zinc factory in Russia that had its roof and some walls blown out.


"In more recent observations with Venus Express, the occurrence of IFEs is now lower than the average we find outside this region," study leader Christopher Russell of UCLA said in a statement.

Russell and his team think the answer to this riddle lies in a reduction of the debris that once clogged Oljato's orbital path. "

At one point in time Oljato shed boulders – mostly a few tens of meters in diameter – into its orbit and they formed a debris trail in front and behind Oljato," Russell said.

"These impactors then hit other targets as they passed between Venus and the sun. The large amount of fine dust released by these collisions was picked up by the solar wind, producing the IFEs observed by Pioneer, and was accelerated out of the solar system."

Friday, April 26, 2013

Magnetic Pole Shift Accelerating

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Moral of the story---we shouldn't allow the most dangerous thing on earth (nuclear power plants and nuclear waste) to exist on our HOME PLANET, when we know for a fact that our home planet is not stable, and in fact is getting more unstable.

I first noticed the magnetic pole shift around 2006, being a pilot and a solar engineer I often took measurements, and for a while nothing was lining up the way it used to, so I tried a few different compasses.   I thought it strange, and I thought it stranger that no one was talking about it.

I wouldn't say this was the "kick off" to my impression that things were getting wacky in the world.   Maybe the first was the doubling of property values in less than 2 years that let me get out from an underwater property to a nice profit.

But lets put it this way....the "experts" are often just making stuff up, to get their grant money and help their universities get federal funding.

NASA is downplaying magnetic shift saying "it happens all the time", as are  other parrots of the "don't panic the sheep" cartel.   These things are suspicious.   The experts can all justify their actions by rationalizing that avoiding panic is better than dealing with what is going to happen anyway.

Classic writing say that a north south magnetic pole shift happens every 320,000 years or so with wide variations, and that the last one was 700,000 years ago.

However, some pretty credible data cross correlated from the Black Sea, the Laschamp event in the Massif Central, and Greenland data, and shows a "rapid" 250 year complete pole shift, around 41,000 years ago, followed by a european super volcano around 39,500 years ago.

And let me throw this in....what about that really cool rise of Cro-Magnon man and epic cave paintings around 35,000 to 39,000?     Indeed, magnetic pole shift appears to occurs with a lessening of overall magnetic field, which allows more cosmic radiation in to the home planet, which allows for more DNA damage and the occasionally successful mutation that works better.    Saber toothed tigers probably kept the cancer rates in check pretty well.

We are in a period of very fast movement of the magnetic pole, and it appears the north pole has the itchy feet and the south pole is more stable.

But nothing to worry about....NASA says the pole flips "all the time", and other experts state that there is no evidence that a pole flip was harmful in the past (maybe check the IPhone data records), and that most people wouldn't even notice a pole flip.    Yeah, very reassuring, why don't you guy at least focus on detecting these 153,000 asteroids like the one that hit the earth in April 2012.    An amateur astronomer found it just days before it hit.

Another near miss

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Geiger Counter Interpretation Simplified Cheat Sheet Chart

Geiger Counter Interpretation Simplified

I made this chart.   Several other blogs have copied it nearly verbatim, and I am happy that others want to spread actionable information to protect people (would have been nice to get a proper credit though).   I had the chart translated to Japanese as I was sending a Geiger to Japan to help families address their real risk.   See bottom for the Japanese version.

This is a super condensed table on how to interpret Geiger Readings.   Use it to supplement your own research and getting a "block of knowledge".

If you take this radiation stuff at all seriously, then get a Geiger.   All the rest is guesswork.

Radiation Alert Inspector, $530 to $600 Amazon

And Here are LIVE radiation reports from independent reporting stations.

I am sending my Radiation Alert Inspector to Japan to a family that needs real data---soooo You won't see an Oahu based reporting station until I get my next Geiger delivered.

Japan –only 2 to 5 reporting sites
Hawaii –
US Mainland

And in Japanese

Monday, April 8, 2013

Background Check (I don't mean with a Geiger Counter)

Universal background checks, what does it really mean?

It means if a father wants to give away his trusty Ruger 10-22 to his son, he will have to do a full background check on his son, cost about $200.   However, the Gun is only worth slightly more than that.

Plus, how can this possibly work? As my Dad gave me 4 firearms last year, he is in his seventies and don't hunt no more.... but who would ever know? What if this IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK" background check gets passed.... and then after its passed, dad decide to give me 3 more guns, and we write something up, transferred in 2011. Are we now both felons?

What if the neighbor wants to buy a gun, and I am forced to run a full background check on him? Many of these pistols, shotguns, rifles are only worth several hundred dollars. Now I run the background check, and the FBI send me a response which goes to the house next door by mistake, and that neighbor finds out the other neighbor had a felony for assault from 28 years ago, and spreads the word far and wide, effectively destroying that man in his own neighborhood. Huh, could be a problem right.

Or does the FBI not give out a reason, just a "no go", and the deal falls through, with both neighbors now suspicious over the other one.

The costs, implementation, penalties, the proof.

 The unintended consequences.

 Its all a big Charlie Foxtrot, and it won't keep guns out of the hands of criminals.      

How many of those Huffpost reader who were polled on whether they wanted "universal background checks" even thought it through as far as this writeup?

Maybe .5%?      Polls are wonderful, they sound great, yeah, save the kids.....and ignorance feeds into "this is only the beginning 2 shot" Biden, and they know it, if nothing else politicians know exactly how to play the public.