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Monday, November 28, 2016

Nuclear Power Deeply Embedded in Governmental Corruption

stock here, Hattip HillBillyHoundDog
Do you know any other politician of late who make really ugly faces, ya you Hillary, well Cuomo joins the club of and evil heart generating really ugly faces too. 

Cuomo caught by the Right and Left in failed crony magic trick …
… …
The pushback has only just begun. As it turns out, Cuomo's new tax on New Yorkers isn't even going to go into the pockets of the cronies. That's because the company, Exelon, that owns two (and soon to be all three) of New York's nuclear power plants was just ordered to pay the Internal Revenue Service $1.45 billion in back taxes (Yes, that's billion with a B). Their tax bill comes from an issue regarding leases on power plants they own in their home state of Illinois.

To recap, Cuomo's magic trick was supposed to be the unveiling of a shiny new carbon-neutral energy plan to save the world. However, to perform that trick, his commission decided it was necessary to tax New Yorkers to give money to the owners of a non-carbon-neutral energy company that already owes taxes to the federal government. The people of New York are going to pay the tax bill for an Illinois company because a commission they didn't elect decided they should.

Cuomo appointed the board of the PSC that allowed the nuclear subsidies to pay Exelon's taxes in Illinois, FYI. This article is just three year old pay for play BS to highlight the agenda.

and then the PSC approved the sale of a NY Nuke facility to Exelon.
Billions of birds- one stone.
This is one deep rabbit hole. Just keep dumping your hard earned tax dollars into it, mmmmk?

Andrew Cuomo's Top Aide Lobbied For Firms With State Business

By Matthew Cunningham-Cook @mattcunninghamc On 01/16/15 AT 6:30 AM

…A steady stream of prosecutions of state officials led by President Barack Obama’s Attorney General-designate, Loretta Lynch, prompted Cuomo to convene the Moreland Commission, tasked with investigating public corruption.

The commission was supposed to evaluate allegations of corruption in Albany, but when investigators began to look at deals involving associates of the governor, Cuomo shut the panel down….

…Shortly after Mr. Cuomo, who is seeking re-election next week, took office in 2011, the Long Island Power Authority stumbled into the latest in a long line of public embarrassments dating to its predecessor, the Long Island Lighting Company, or Lilco, which built a $6 billion nuclear reactor that never opened. The authority announced that its customers had been overbilled by $231 million. Mr. Cuomo put his inspector general on the case….,{"1":"RI:9"} ( )

…Several suits are still pending seeking to undo or amend the takeover plan and the bonds, which extend 33 years. Gordian Raacke, director of a court-appointed watchdog group called the Citizens Advisory Panel, said, ''Tomorrow is the day we will all remember as getting a 33-year sentence for a crime we didn't commit, namely building a nuclear power plant.''..

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Discovery, Northwestern University, Huge Ocean 80 Miles Down In The Earth

stock here: Another example of how "accepted science" is again flipped on it's head.


JULES VERNE’s idea of an ocean deep below the surface in Journey to the Centre of the Earth may not have been too far off. Earth’s mantle may contain many oceans’ worth of water – with the deepest 1000 kilometres down.

“If it wasn’t down there, we would all be submerged,” says Steve Jacobsen at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, whose team made the discovery. “This implies a bigger reservoir of water on the planet than previously thought.”

This water is much deeper than any seen before, at a third of the way to the edge of Earth’s core. Its presence was indicated by a diamond spat out 90 million years ago by a volcano near the São Luíz river in Juina, Brazil.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Huge Earthquake Right In Front of the Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant, 8.3 in US Scale

Japan reports a 7.3 J-EQ directly off the coast of Fukushima, and only 10kM deep.

Some captured videos of the shaking were provided by Cafe Rad Lab, which you should check out. Many of the top contributors at ENE have migrated over there to a "PT and Byrion" free zone.

See far bottom for those videos.

This was proceeded by a mini swarm of 5 on the US scale.

Japan scale is US less 1, so a 7.3 is an 8.3 US scale.

Live cam at the damaged plant, I saw more live after shocks

The War On Citizen Journalists Has Begun -- Daily Sheeple Account Has Been Suspended

One day after Obama and Merkel deplored the "fake news" sites, and then Jewish Zuckerberg
promised to eliminate "fake news" from Facebook.....

The very popular, anti-establishment site called the Daily Sheeple has been axed.

Who is next?   Zerohedge? 

Nukepro?   LOL hosted with a Google blogger account....time for a change!    And a complete archive.

Friday night, the Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg went on his vast social network to convince an expanding chorus of critics — including the departing president of the United States — that he honest-to-goodness wants to combat the “fake news” that is running wild across his site and others, and turning our politics into a paranoiac fantasy come to life.

stock here -- so I guess "conspiracy theory" isn't strong enough, not deplorable enough, so they up the ante to "paranoiac fantasy come to life"

When the public get the whole story of Podesta's "Spirit Cooking" and other tidbits sure to come out and further convict the sociopaths and apparently child molesters that thrive on power over humans and have risen to the top of the pyramid.   
A search of the NYT for "spirit cooking" turns up zero results. 

They must have "fake news" at the NYT, because a Google search brings up all kinds of results.

Probabilities of A Hemisphere Destroying CME from the Sun -- Easy to Calculate From Actual Data

I was a bit surprised that we have such detailed knowledge of our Star's CME activity.
Data from SECCHI-A Satelite

Although the study period is not long enough to Capture super large events like the Carrington Event, probability and statistics can be modeled to give a very good risk model for a massive CME hitting earth.  

My gut says we have about a 1 to 2% chance per year of getting knocked back to the stone age,
probably Billions of people dead in months.

We could harder the USA electric grid to incur much less damage, for around $2B.    But instead, the annual bonuses to wall street exceed $100B.     Or about $2b per week.  

Yet we hurtle through space, unprotected from CME, strapped like a suicide bomber with 400 nuclear plants ready to melt down in a large scale grid down scenario.

That 3 pound Monkey Brain ain't working out so well



CMEs detected by Cactus

:Issued: Sun Nov 20 20:43:26 2016
:Product: CACTus catalogue (
# Instrument: SECCHI| Detector: cor2
# Threshold : 0.30 | Factor : 6 | Minimal CME width: 5
first cor2: 2016/10/31  00:24:00.006 20161031_002400_04c2A.fts
last  cor2: 2016/11/18  23:54:00.006 20161118_235400_04c2A.fts
# Output: Detected cmemap with the following characteristics:
#    CME: CME number
#   Flow: Flow number. Flows are suspicious detections, their color in the detectionmap is dark blue
#     t0: onset time, earliest indication of liftoff
#    dt0: duration of liftoff (hours)
#     pa: principal angle, counterclockwise from North (degrees)
#     da: angular width (degrees),
#      v: median velocity (km/s)
#     dv: variation (1 sigma) of velocity over the width of the CME
#  mindv: lowest velocity detected within the CME
#  maxdv: highest velocity detected within the CME
#  halo?: II if da>90, III if da>180, IV if da>270, indicating potential halo/partial halo CME

# CME |          t0    | dt0| pa | da |  v  |  dv | minv| maxv| halo?
  0025|2016/11/17 04:54| 02 | 066| 022| 0625| 0081| 0625| 0781|
  0024|2016/11/15 22:54| 03 | 235| 008| 0297| 0188| 0198| 0625|
  0023|2016/11/15 10:24| 03 | 066| 010| 0143| 0027| 0122| 0186|
  0022|2016/11/15 08:24| 06 | 053| 028| 0186| 0042| 0120| 0265|
  0021|2016/11/15 02:54| 02 | 081| 016| 0255| 0043| 0195| 0320|
  0020|2016/11/14 21:24| 02 | 080| 010| 0390| 0007| 0390| 0403|
  0019|2016/11/13 11:54| 04 | 083| 012| 0192| 0017| 0181| 0227|
  0018|2016/11/12 19:24| 02 | 264| 014| 0410| 0059| 0357| 0543|
  0017|2016/11/10 21:54| 03 | 092| 066| 0373| 0037| 0290| 0446|
  0016|2016/11/10 20:54| 02 | 085| 008| 0284| 0040| 0240| 0347|
  0015|2016/11/10 14:24| 03 | 249| 040| 0373| 0064| 0290| 0520|
  0014|2016/11/10 13:53| 05 | 259| 020| 0290| 0027| 0250| 0347|
  0013|2016/11/09 18:53| 08 | 087| 040| 0197| 0032| 0132| 0255|
  0012|2016/11/09 13:24| 02 | 232| 014| 0331| 0077| 0240| 0499|
  0011|2016/11/09 04:24| 01 | 108| 018| 0556| 0072| 0446| 0657|
  0010|2016/11/09 00:54| 02 | 287| 056| 0543| 0128| 0328| 0735|
  0009|2016/11/08 19:54| 01 | 266| 018| 0476| 0129| 0284| 0694|
  0008|2016/11/06 07:24| 02 | 072| 014| 0439| 0161| 0312| 0694|
  0007|2016/11/05 13:24| 03 | 287| 024| 0521| 0212| 0186| 0892|
  0006|2016/11/05 04:54| 05 | 321| 156| 0304| 0051| 0201| 0416|  II
  0005|2016/11/05 03:54| 07 | 119| 028| 0312| 0126| 0178| 0595|
  0004|2016/11/04 22:24| 04 | 082| 014| 0582| 0021| 0568| 0625|
  0003|2016/11/01 14:54| 06 | 107| 036| 0231| 0055| 0131| 0337|
  0002|2016/10/31 18:54| 03 | 069| 020| 0337| 0020| 0320| 0378|
  0001|2016/10/31 00:54| 02 | 089| 032| 0781| 0066| 0694| 0892|
# Flow|          t0    | dt0| pa | da |  v  |  dv | minv| maxv| halo?

George Soros: 60 Minutes Interview

It is amazing to me that old geezers like Soros, Kissinger, Greenspan are still pulling the strings of the world.    They are all Jewish, as is Mark Zuckerberg, who just yesterday promised that Facebook would become a sensor of "news" what he describes as fake news.

When the Jews marry the Chinese and take over social media and your "news", you know that does not work to your benefit.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

List of Journalists Caught Red Handed Colluding With the Democratic Party

Ron Paul had a list of "Journalists" who were caught colluding with the DNC and other conflicts of interest that in Civil Society would be punishable as a crime.

But his list was just a "picture", here we have names, organizations, and Links to emails which show their complicity in same immoral and illegal collusion.  


Outlet Sources
Maggie Haberman New York Times DNC Leak
John Harwood CNBC Chief Washington Correspondent, New York Times political writer Wikileaks
Wolf Blitzer CNN News Anchor Wikileaks
Cecilia Vega ABC Wikileaks
David Muir ABC Wikileaks
Diane Sawyer ABC Wikileaks
George Stephanopoulos ABC Wikileaks
Jon Karl ABC Wikileaks
John Heillman Bloomberg Wikileaks
Mark Halperin Bloomberg Wikileaks
Norah O'Donnell CBS Wikileaks
Vicki Gordon CBS Wikileaks
Brianna Keilar CNN Wikileaks
David Chalian CNN Wikileaks
Gloria Borger CNN Wikileaks
Jeff Zeleny CNN Wikileaks
John Berman CNN Wikileaks
Kate Bouldan CNN Wikileaks
Mark Preston CNN Wikileaks
Sam Feist CNN Wikileaks
Jackie Kucinich Daily Beast Wikileaks
Mike Feldman GPG Wikileaks
Whitney Snyder Huffington Post Wikileaks
Betsy Fisher Martin MORE Wikileaks
Alex Wagner MSNBC Wikileaks
Beth Fouhy MSNBC Wikileaks
Phil Griffin MSNBC Wikileaks
Rachel Maddow MSNBC Wikileaks
Rachel Racusen MSNBC Wikileaks
Savannah Gutherie NBC Wikileaks
Ryan Liza New Yorker Wikileaks
Amy Chozik New York Times Wikileaks
Gail Collins New York Times Wikileaks
Jonathan Martin New York Times Wikileaks
Pat Healey New York Times Wikileaks
Sandra Sobieraj Westfall PEOPLE Wikileaks
Glenn Thrush POLITICO Wikileaks
Mike Allen POLITICO Wikileaks
Alyssa Mastramonoco VICE Wikileaks
Jon Allen VOX Wikileaks
Megyn Kelly FOX Wikileaks
Brent Budowsky The Hill Wikileaks
Mark Leibovich New York Times Wikileaks
Kenneth Vogel POLITICO Wikileaks
Karen Tumulty Washington Post Wikileaks
Chuck Todd MSNBC Wikileaks
Jessica Valenti Guardian Wikileaks
Jamil Smith New Republic Wikileaks
Sady Doyle Guardian Wikileaks
Monisha Rajesh Guardian Daily Caller
For people wondering how attending a private party at a campaign managers house where fine food and drink was served is collusion and a breach of journalist ethics here is the Society of Professional Journalists code of ethics website:

stock here: also from an email attachment I found by clicking through the Wikileaks links....these are the other "journalists" who the DNC thought were "part of the team".

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pictures of The Super Moon -- Night Hike Through The Kettle Morain of Wisconsin

I did a group night hike through a popular recreation area called Pike's Lake, during the Super Moon.   It sure was Super.   Biggest moon in 69 years.

The Ice Age Trail runs through here also, I did 3 miles of that the prior day with my dogs, almost all the leaves were down, but it was still beautiful.   There is a side trail to a tall lookout tower from which you can see Holy Hill.    Its a Basilica, which basically means they have a bat phone direct to the Pope.

About 25 people went including 2 dogs, weather was mild, even a big warm.   One guy wore short pants....buts that's Wisconsin for ya.  

I had my yuuge 1300 mm lens for the Canon EOS Rebel, it is a beast.    Here are some of the pictures.

Bilderburgs, Globalization, Lies of Controlled Media, Obama's Muslims in Government

We should review how the super wealthy, the secretive Bilderburg "club", has a primary goal of weakening America AND extracting it's wealth, with mostly a move to Asia and their own accounts.

Honestly, I don't think that Islam itself is a huge problem, and co-existence would be possible.   But the powers that be have intentionally pitted Islam against America, against Christians.

That said, it would nothing short of irresponsible, perhaps even suicidally insane not to keep a close watch on any "radicalization" type of efforts, any recruitment of terrorists.    Germany is a very complex country, while they can get it wrong in such amazing fashion, they have also wisely phased out their nuclear power which is far too dangerous, and just lately, did raids in 60 cities to shut down a terrorist recruitment cartel.
From Steve Quayle -- who publishes some of the best of my works

FAREWELL TO BRITAIN --IT HAS BEEN ASSIMILATED--Hijrah; that's the takeover of a nation without going to war.
This is an interesting "Farewell to England" list of Islamic accomplishments in that country that I thought might give you a better understanding of the insidiousness of Hijrah; that's the takeover of a nation without going to war.
Don't think for a moment that America is not a target or that there are no American cities where Islamic and Sharia victories and takeovers have already occurred. It's time for border control, or start planning for a very big goodbye America party!
Here's what has already happened to England within a few years of opening their borders without entry control:
How the British have passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion:
  1. Mayor of London ... MUSLIM
  2. Mayor of Birmingham ... MUSLIM
  3. Mayor of Leeds ... MUSLIM
  4. Mayor of Blackburn ... MUSLIM
  5. Mayor of Sheffield ... MUSLIM
  6. Mayor of Oxford ... MUSLIM
  7. Mayor of Luton ... MUSLIM
  8. Mayor of Oldham ... MUSLIM
  9. Mayor of Rochdale ... MUSLIM
All the following achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population:
Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques
Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts
Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils
Muslims Only No-Go Areas Across The UK
Muslim Women... 78% don't work and are on FREE benefits/housing
Muslim Men... 63% don't work and are on FREE benefits/housing
Muslim Families... 6-8 children planning to go on FREE benefits/housing and now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT!

.... and we (the USA) can't decide on an immigration policy??

Saw this on the Twitter feed today.   We should look at some of the "operatives"

2 of the same name, which is the correct account, the second one looks more like the picture above

Mohammed Ellbiary

This guy doesn't look like he has a Twitter account -- the only one that doesn't.   The push on social media must be a closely calculated approach to winning the hearts of the disenfranchised, over indebted millennials living in their parents basements.

 And here is another guy, put in position of high authority in "Homeland Security"

Arif Alikhan

Here are some more names that popped up.   Senior Advisor to Obama --- she was born in Iran

Valerie Jarrett 

Bill  Ayers (Weather Underground) 

Ayers and Dohrn were on the run for almost a decade as fugitives for their involvement in the bombings of federal buildings, including the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol, in protest of the Vietnam War. Ultimately, federal authorities dropped the charges against them because of FBI misconduct, The Hill reported.

Ayers later served alongside Obama on a number of charitable and education boards in his capacity as a professor, and hosted a 1995 campaign event for Obama, who was running for the Illinois state Senate at the time.

Robert Creamer

Robert Creamer, founder and partner of Democracy Partners, the group behind the organized violence at Trump rallies, as shown in the video by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, is no ordinary agitator. Creamer, a convicted felon, is arguably the spiritual godfather of ObamaCare and much of the current progressive left agenda.

Creamer, along with his wife, Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky is no stranger to agitation, violence, and expanding the progressive agenda. As Investor’s Business Daily pointed out in March 5, 2010 editorial regarding protests against House Ways and Means Chairman Dan Rostenkowski over the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988, which expanded Medicare benefits and funded the change with a supplemental tax:

And how can we leave Huma Abedin off this list.     Loyal supporter to Clinton

Monday, November 14, 2016

Obama Lying About Climate Change "It Is A Matter Of National Security"

At 3:26 Lies About 500 Days to "Climate Armageddon" May 13, 2014--by the French Foreign Minister Also covered by "Isreali News Live" I guess we missed that speeding bullet, LOL

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bilderberg "Secret Society" Pit the Muslims Against the Christians To Weaken Both

I posted a question on a blog about "why is the forced acceptance of large amounts of Muslims into European countries happening, along with the attempted roll out of the NWO"

 It didn't make any sense to me.   Aren't they kind of contrary in purpose?

Someone answered with their own comment—
1) Break down National Identity
What do you think?

Also I added 2 epiphanies at the bottom, but quickly:
2) Jews (the NWO Bilderbergs, Soros Kissinger and their ilk) pit the Muslims against the Christians to weaken both.
3) Make all Euro countries suck, not just destroy nationalist feelings, but just create a "it sucks everywhere" so why not be part of it, no benefit to be sovereign.

The totally incredible thing is that almost no one on the entire internet has yet realized that there is nothing remotely accidental about this Muslim flooding of Europe.

It was not - as everyone, so sadly, seems to think - a 'mistake' by Merkel, at all. Her invitation to the entire Middle East (and far beyond) to pour into Europe was a calculated, totally deliberate dramatic ramping-up of the EU's plan to pour muslim into all EU countries formulated by Peter Sutherland when he was EU Commissioner - which was adopted by the EU's Polituro, the 'EU Commission', as policy.

The objective of their plan was to pour such vast numbers of muslims (preferably, because they don't integrate) into all European countries to break down national identity - which is the greatest threat to the EU, and the single and only obstacle which has frustrated them in achieving a Single European state.

This flooding of Europe with muslims has been going on since Blair's time - in vast numbers, as anyone living in any of the main EU countries can confirm for themselves. In the UK, this was initiated by Blair, and has been continued in similar volumes (hundreds of thousands every year) by Cameron - another EU stooge.

Europeans! If you don't overthrow the EU / German conspiracy which rules all main EU countries, you will have no Europe left.

And the other piece of the puzzle....
For the NWO they need to assemble countries into Blocks, with are then easier to control and integrate. So if Europe breaks up, a critical block is gone. So even though the introduction of the Muslim is quite risky, their future of world domination is at risk.

On similar note, why do you think Obama is president? Same reason, one of his main jobs was to marginalize the white christian middle class, and he has done so very effectively. His other overall task was to neuter the Bill of Rights.

They NWO cannot capture the USA whilst it had a strong white christian middle class because they had the wherewithal and the moral fortitude to stand up against the NWO.

Hows them apples.

2) Jews (the NWO Bilderbergs, Soros Kissinger and their ilk) pit the Muslims against the Christians to weaken both.

3) Make all Euro countries suck, not just destroy nationalist feelings, but just create a "it sucks everywhere" so why not be part of it, no benefit to be sovereign.

Friday, November 11, 2016

15 Point Action Plan -- First 100 Days in Office

I will be faxing this to Trump after a while.

If any of you have good ideas to add to this, write them up and add as a comment or email to me

0) Repeal pretty much every Executive Order that Obama created

0A) Clarify what "War" means in terms of needing Congressional Approval.    Make it much harder to engage in any military activity outside the USA.

0B) Create a phase out plan for the most dangerous of US Nuclear Reactors, all the GE Mark 1 similar to the Fukushima 3 reactors that blew up.

1) Restrictions on number and size of “mass media outlets” owned by one person or corporation (including their sub-corporation). Existing large holders of media operations to be broken up under anti-trust legislation.

2) Those who have our trust, and purportedly our best interests in mind, and that live on our dime, should be held to a higher standard. Those guilty of corruption in government or abuse of power shall be tried and held to 150% of the civil or criminal penalty that same crime would entail in the private sector. No government official allowed to pardon any other government official when being tried under these laws.

3) Break up the big banks, and separate all banks from brokerage firms

4) Reduce the allowable lobbying and political contribution limits to be $1000 per person, $3000 per corporation and have all contributions be posted on a public website within 1 week of receiving the money.

5) Ensure that scientists and researchers that are found guilty of publishing manipulated and false data, and that have done so using any type of publicly generated funds, be held accountable via means to be created, such as fines, removal from ability to publish any future works in the science realm, jailed as a criminal activity. Establish Nuremberg type trials, as the public for the most part must trust what these scientists state, and similar to 2) above, those living on “our money” shall be held to a higher standard. This includes, and especially so, those working at the EPA, CDC, NOAA, FDA, and other alphabet agencies.

6) Dry cask all existing nuclear waste, even if there is no existing repository for them, they can be stored on site until movable to a repository. About 10 metric tons per dry cask, and a material cost of around $1M per cask, along with labor and slabs to store them on, some security, call it $3M per cask. 77,000 tons currently in USA, so 7,700 casks needed. A $23B project cost of which about half would be a sustained shot in the arm to the AMERICAN concrete and steel firms, with the rest flowing to US workers, likely the ones with radiation experience who are being let go from the nuclear plants that are being retired.

7) Do not allow the “Big Utility” war on solar to proceed without a close review. Utilities across the nation are conducting a war on solar, primarily driven by the huge success of solar in Hawaii. They are using false models to justify what they have to pay to consumers with solar. Same 150% civil and criminal penalties on companies and individuals within those companies who use false means to promote themselves and conduct the war on solar. This includes anyone involved at any public utilities commission type organization that is supposed to regulate the utilities. Require 100% open financials and accounting records to justify all rate cases/payments for solar, to be reviewed by the AEE Association of Energy Engineers.

8) Harden the US electrical grid against a large CME or EMP. Cost of hardening, less than $2B

9) Start rebuilding America’s infrastructure, roads, bridges, park systems, utilities

10) Repeal Obamacare, create a fund of $400M to examine the “medical system” and root out inefficiencies, excessive profits, and waste. No longer allow Big Pharma to lobby Doctors and other medical personnel, no free skiing trips to educate the Doctors about the new drugs.

11) Conduct some serious food safety studies. Probably eliminate much GM/GE food products. Reduce usage of Glyphosate and it’s ilk. Require a 4 hour training program for anyone who using them, including homeowners. Enforce penalties for improper use.

12) Add to the Bill of Rights, clause of, You have the right to be a citizen of a Sovereign nation of the USA. Any type of law, regulation, trade agreement, climate change agreement, that gives other countries say so over how we conduct our affairs (non Sovereign control) shall be null and void.

<iframe width="580" height="300" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

USA / UK's Biggest Immediate Concern -- A Controlled Main Street Media Continually Spewing Propaganda

stock here::

It should be obvious, the media has shown it's hand very clearly, they no longer even pretend to report facts, maybe with an opinion or interpretation, and then let the viewer decide.  

Now they simply promote propaganda, the lies of the "ruling" super rich, those that also own the media

Reports of racist graffiti, hate crimes in Trump's America

Updated 8:10 AM ET, Fri November 11, 2016
(CNN)Fears of heightened bigotry and hate crimes have turned into reality for some Americans after Donald Trump's presidential win.
Racist, pro-Trump graffiti painted inside a high school. A hijab-wearing college student robbed by men talking about Trump and Muslims.

This is on CNN Friday morning, a full day after the hijab wearing student admitted that she completely made up the story about being robbed.    Yet CNN still promotes the lie.

And the bigotry and hate crimes are being conducted by the Hillary supporters.   Just like Hillary paid people to create violence at Trump rallies.

At this link, you can purportedly contact on of the authors of that article.   So I tried to send her a message.   Funny how the message box is so small, you can only see 2 lines of your message.   So I copied it and pasted into Word, here it is.

 And this one from the predictable Wall Street Journal

One Factor in Hillary Clinton’s Defeat: Lack of Support From Some Women Voters

stock here---The immediate implication of this statement is that "some women" are to blame because they should have supported Clinton, because she was a female, and that "glass ceiling" needed to be broken.    

They go further, implying that dumb white women are what cost Clinton the election.

Did lack of support from less educated white women cost Hillary Clinton the election? WSJ’s Jason Bellini has #TheShortAnswer. Photo: AP

One commenter nailed it in my view

Jason Chimienti

"“There are women, especially older blue-collar women, who are skeptical about women’s political leadership,” Ms. Greenberg said. “We still live in a sexist country.”"

Vote for a woman otherwise you're a sexist.  What is it with liberals and the race- and sexist-baiting?  I guess if you can't win on the issues, it's always better to tar and feather your opponent.
Karen Session

@Jason Chimienti

"Vote for a woman otherwise you're a sexist.  What is it with liberals and the race- and sexist-baiting? "

Exactly... They still don't understand how that attitude turned off voters!!!
stock here-- what is amazing is that after spending (wasting?) weeks pouring over various websites and reading comments, that even in the comment sections of obviously liberal / powers that be "news sources" that the comments are overwhelmingly Anti-Hillary, with many excellent Anti-Hillary arguments made.      

Conversely, the Pro-Hillary crowd that comments rarely has any argument but often plays the racist card, the sexist card, the misogynist card.    I copied the full comment section below, review it, it is very telling.

There are 90 comments.


In my tragically left wing county, overflowing with women who vote based on gender alone, I've spent the last 2 days lurking around in gatherings, listening to their ridiculous outrage.  But I've discovered that there are a few women who didn't support Clinton, who hang back from the whining conversation. When I ask, in a bright smiling voice "How are YOU today?" and get the reply of "I'm FINE", I know I've found a sane person.  It's sort of like a secret handshake.
Gregory Waters

Wait a second...seriously?  "We still live in a sexist society"? Half of the people in America just voted for a female candidate, and that makes it a sexist society? Okay.... Sexist is when you are saying you're voting for someone JUST BECAUSE they are of one gender or the other. I didn't hear a single person say they were voting for Trump because he is a man. At the same time, a very large bloc of Clinton's female votes came from people voting for her based on being female. It's idiotic to vote for anyone based on gender, race or sex. Period.
Ryan Woods

"...and white women without college degrees broke even more heavily for the Republican nominee..."

The separation of polling results by college degree and no college degree has come to mean educated/intelligent versus not.  Perhaps the real meaning is those without college education were not further indoctrinated by the liberal institutions of "higher learning".

As long as the D side of the aisle continues to treat no college education as uneducated/dumb, I hope they continue to lose ground.

Education has come to mean the ability to read and regurgitate the opinions and conclusions of others.  This is not intelligence.

Readers, this article epitomizes the new face of the WSJ.  It is joining the political ranks with Pravda on the Hudson.

“There are women, especially older blue-collar women, who are skeptical about women’s political leadership,” Ms. Greenberg said. “We still live in a sexist country.”

Right, as if as "blue collar" married woman with no college degree, there is NO OTHER POSSIBLE REASON you were motivated to vote against Billary, Inc. other than you "were skeptical about women's political leadership".  That's pure B.S.

The media just cannot believe that the policies Billary, Inc. favored was any major reason for the votes of women who did not vote for Billary, Inc.  They must find some gender, race, or "uneducated" reason to explain the vote, because they cannot comprehend why "women", no matter what they think, would not vote for Billary, Inc.

Ryan Woods

@TOM PAINTER “There are women, especially older blue-collar women, who are skeptical about women’s political leadership,” Ms. Greenberg said. “We still live in a sexist country.”

Right on.  Elitism.  Add it to the list of "isms".  The theme continues to be those voting DT, despite there being so many, did so because of their ignorance or stupidity.

Restated, the quote boils down to older women without a college education aren't smart enough or worldly enough to imagine a female president.
Paul Iverson

It came down to this: Electing a strong person although that person may be politically incorrect is far better than electing a proven criminal.  Any woman that voted for Hillary because she is a woman it uneducated and closed minded to the facts.  Everyone that votes should not care about race, creed or gender, it's what they believe and how they will lead that matters.  That is why we elected President elect Trump!
Barb Iverson
gardner morris

I found this article sexist!..Just because a woman does not have a college degree does not make her automatically stupid Ms. Adamy....Elitism at its worst in the WSJ!


@gardner morris You are so right! Get over yourself Ms. Greenberg. That women were more concerned with character and policy is a good thing.  It means they think beyond victim group identity.  Is she suggesting women should just be ignorant dummies who vote based on gender?

Bottom line, the Democrats were duped by the Clinton machine into nominating an un-electable, unpopular, corrupt and dishonest woman that could not even defeat the Donald.  A woman in the WH would be most welcome for me, but she wouldn't not be on my list for any reason.  The Democratic party was proven to be corrupt, and collaborating with the lamestream media, thanks to wikileaks, and they screwed Bernie, which was a big mistake. If the Republicans take advantage of owning congress and the WH properly, the voters of this country will find out how bad the Democrats are for this country and the next mid-term election will end a few more democratic careers.  She will now enjoy her millions, thanks to a very healthy slush fund.  

TK Wallace

@WILLIAM ROYCE I would have GLADLY voted for a BLACK FEMALE named Condoleezza Rice. Ever want to read a GREAT book, read her autobiography. Her mom and dad would have made GREAT neighbors!
TK Wallace

Here are some simple facts:

1. Like her husband, Hillary Clinton did NOT win a majority of the votes. Third party candidates once again assured that would not be true.
2. She had slightly more popular votes than Donald Trump - but her 7 million vote majority in JUST SEVEN STATES was matched by HIS 7 million vote majority in the other 43 - WHY she lost the electoral college so widely.
3. Of her 50+ million votes, FULLY 38%, 19.3 million came from those SAME 7 states. 14% of the states gave her 38% of her votes.

This is WHY we have the electoral college - so that a SMALL number of states do NOT rule the whole country.

James Savage

@TK Wallace Not just a small number of states, but a small number of localities.  In a popular vote, all a candidate would need to do is buy off the biggest cities.  With Trump winning <5%of the vote in some parts of NYC, its pretty clear that there's no real diversity of thought there.

Hillary put all her eggs in the left coast and right coast's major metropolitan areas because that where the Dems have built their voter base through dependency!  Guess what, she flew over the Electoral votes she needed to win and didn't stop to say Hello!  Goodbye Hillary, sorry we didn't see ya!  Hope the short circuits are going OK!

Your loving Deplorable in the heartland!

Paul Iverson

@EARL L SCHROEDER  She was so sure she would win, that it was owed to her.  We SHOWED HER!  Most people are sick and tired of the political correctness that has plagued this Country since Obo was elected and the Dems have had the LSM protecting them at every turn!
Barb Iverson
John Braden

This comment is related to Ms. Greenberg. Just keep forming the same conclusions about the political loss of Mrs. Clinton to Mr. Trump and the democrats will lose the next election. It is not about our "sexist country", it is about the most flawed candidate the democrats could have nominated.

Democrats have been using that same ideology with critics of President Obama. You couldn't disagree with "any" of his policies without being called racist. You democratic pollsters carry your bias with you when you interpret the data.
John Kunstadter

Ms. Adamy is yet another in the long line of WSJ hacks.  She casually, lazily uses phrases like "white women without college degrees", yet has scribbled an uneducated, thoughtless piece.
"other pockets of the female electorate"
--i.e., 42% of women who voted.
"Democrats hoped that emphasizing Mr. Trump’s history of lewd remarks about women and allegations of sexual assault against the candidate would prompt female voters to turn against him."
--Many women are rightly disgusted by the misogyny propagated by Jay Z, whom Hillary appeared with in one of her final rallies and by the serial violence and contempt toward women of the creature whose actions Hillary has enabled for four decades.

"'There are women, especially older blue-collar women, who are skeptical about women’s political leadership,' Ms. Greenberg said. 'We still live in a sexist country.'"

--Exhibit A of the condescension and contempt toward the salt of the earth that motivated so many women to vote for Mr. Trump.
Dom Luigi

Trump has made his greatest contribution before taking office: The political destruction of Hillary and her infinitely corrupt machine.
Jason Chimienti

"“There are women, especially older blue-collar women, who are skeptical about women’s political leadership,” Ms. Greenberg said. “We still live in a sexist country.”"

Vote for a woman otherwise you're a sexist.  What is it with liberals and the race- and sexist-baiting?  I guess if you can't win on the issues, it's always better to tar and feather your opponent.

Karen Session

@Jason Chimienti

"Vote for a woman otherwise you're a sexist.  What is it with liberals and the race- and sexist-baiting? "

Exactly... They still don't understand how that attitude turned off voters!!!
Barbara Wade

So now the spin begins?  Really, I got so tired before the election of hearing that all women were voting for her.  While I knew this was not true, it really bothered me that all women were sort of just lumped together into some homogeneous group of voters.  Women vote the same way as everyone else.  I didn't know ONE women who was going to vote for her, as a matter of fact I didn't know anyone who was going to vote for her.  Now it seems poor HRC just lost because she was a woman?  Nonsense.  She lost because no one could really trust her in so many ways.  SHE lost, we didn't snub her so can the sexist talk and can the this group of white [fill in the blank] voted against her.  Hogwash.


@Barbara Wade That's the Democratic/Liberal/Progressive playbook - identity politics.  Conservatives, like myself, don't see you as a woman - we see you as an American and an individual who has concerns and needs.
Dom Luigi

@Barbara Wade Trump has made his greatest contribution before taking office: The political destruction of Hillary and her infinitely corrupt machine.

Don't those women know there's a special place in hell for those who don't support Clinton?
David Stoneman

I agree wholeheartedly that it is about time we had an American women as president of America. And will vote for one when she doesn't says "isn't it about time we had a women in the White House."  If not is a reason to vote for a women, I disagree respectfully. That is not the only reason, policies and ideas matter more, no matter who says matter WHO SAYS THEM. Anyone who cast their vote because of race, color, greed, or age has a phobia against others.  Or is it just Americanphobia, or Constitutionphobia. We are Americans first.......ALL OF US..

Barbara Wade

@David Stoneman I will happily vote for the right woman for president and I won't care what color she is, where her parents came from or, quite honestly, where she went to college!  I will take into consideration her policies, experience running something and her veracity!
Joseph M. Szabo II

This is the wife commenting and I'd like to just say, I did not vote with my vagina and if I did then that would be sexist. I didn't vote for her because plain and simple: I don't trust her or her intentions.

George Kafantaris

Indeed, it is women more than men who are not quite ready for a woman president. No surprise there. Our Ingrained stereotypes are hard to beat.
James Schaad

winning over women?
simply put, more and more women don't respect or trust her
being a woman is not enough

look, we all are looking forward to a woman president, sooner rather then later
but not a soiled hack with decades of disgraceful baggage
yes, we can do better, much better
Lisa Thompson

This article exemplifies why she lost. Women are not victims! This country is filled with millions of successful women, leading large and complex organizations. They didn't have to rely on their husband's career, political handouts, and the protection of a secretive government to get them there like Hillary did. Also - she is unethical and broke quite a few laws along the way. Give women some credit! They recognized a bad candidate with bad policies. It's pretty simple if you are willing to recognize Hillary's faults.
David Brown

I do not vote based on gender and am exceedingly tired of being characterized as a racist, sexists, bigot and homophobe by every Democrat lefty over the last 8 years.  My issues are with political views only.  Next,  I rarely speak for my wife (it gets me in serious trouble) but she and her mother voted for Trump.  They did not like Clinton at all and thought she was a very dishonest person.  They certainly would have voted for a woman who shared their political views but not simply because they were of same gender. Oh and BTW both have advanced degrees.  God Bless America, the greatest country the world has ever known and especially look after those who are serving us all on this Veterans Day!
Marlene Stein

Fascinating analysis.  What it shows to me is that assuming that any voter is motivated to cast a vote on a SINGLE issue is wrong and that voters are a lot more intelligent than candidates give them credit for.

Let this be a lesson, for all Hillary had to do to attract the female voters was to talk about economic benefit. The idiot that wanted to increase the estate tax made her lose her credibility. The majority of women want lower taxes. It is that simple. After getting elected a deal could of been reached. never run a campaign with the highlight being tied to raising taxes on the wealthy. There are many issues, from abortion, to the death penalty, to bathroom equality for transgender, but never talk about the redistribution of wealth. It backfired.
By the way what have the Democrats done to better the life style in Michigan in the last eight years? Why did Pennsylvania turn? Why wan't Hillary in Florida the last week of the election? If she and won Florida, the entire result would of been different.  i am hearing that there was some speculation that Donald and Hillary were working together to get her elected, but it totally backfired, 
Jerry Knoski

"We still live in a sexist country."
Not true... she did not lose for that reason. She was a terrible candidate from the get-go.


@Jerry Knoski  It is baffling to me when I see so many whose vision is clouded by that constant harangue of "sexism, racism, and otherism's".

They just refuse to see what a poor candidate Ms. Clinton was and how vulnerable her views were with the traditional voter who does not have progressive or coastal views.
Geoff Aronson

Americans would overwhelmingly support and vote for a truly qualified woman as president.  They did not have that in Hillary.

Her only so-called achievements were due to her spousal relationship and any actual work she tried without that support ended up in disaster - repeatedly.  And to top it off, the one thing she has talent for is trashing the reputations of woman her husband had affairs with or abused.

Feminism dodged a bullet as her election would have set back Americans' view of women in high office for decades.

Now, thinking women need to find a woman that is not ethically corrupt and truly competent and Americans can vote for her.  There are several million of them in this nation.  Hillary was never it.

Maybe we women with memories longer than 5 minutes have watched the Dems run down Repubs with sketchy stories about women who appear out of the distant past and disappear with a check in their hands or a new lake house. Yet, we were expected to vote for a woman who has the most publicly unfaithful husband in modern times but does not choose to leave. Now, their marriage is their own business. But if all that behavior is ok with Hillary, why would I get upset about someone simply talking about it? Hillary went along with it, can I not ignore it also?

J Wood

And.....Hillary did way more than "going along with it."
She defended him against those women. She offended and threatened those women.
It would have been one thing to just say something in the order of "he did stupid things that I am not proud of....but I stand by my husband and we will try and fix it."
But she didn't. She did the opposite of that.
Good riddance.
Michael Baldridge

I don't know that this one way fascination with "uneducated" and "without college degrees" is.  You NEVER hear it about Democrats. Based on the numbers you can say at a minimum 94% of uneducated and without college degrees went for Hillary, along with a large percentage of uneducated and without college degree Hispanics.  Why are reporters obsessed with only showing how many went with Republicans, like it's some kind of mark or stupidity against them?

Jerry Knoski

@Michael - I've noticed it as well. It has become the new mantra by Democrats. I don't recall the "without college degrees" breakout in any prior elections. Then NBC and CNN did it on the same day when talking about a poll. On CNN the reporter must have emphasized it seven or eight times to make sure we heard it. Then they infer if you are not a college graduate you are uneducated.
The people on Facebook have jumped all-over it saying that middle America is uneducated and even calling them stupid.

Shari Greenlee

@Jerry Knoski I know, it's so funny.

My Master's degree and PhD husband were laughing at Taran Killam's comment which is typical of the Democrats that all rural people are stupid

Yeah buddy my advanced degrees sort of knock out your I couldn't hack even one year of UCLA.

And of course, that's that bastion of intellectual prowess, Miley Cyrus.

@Michael Baldridge
They never say anything about the uneducated Democratic base because it isn't white voters, and they enjoy trashing white voters. Plus they would be called racist, if they said anything negative about their base.
Carol Graham
J Wood

This is so classic.
Did I vote for any Republican EVER because of their gender? No I did not.
Almost any/every woman I spoke to about this said that, while they would love to see a woman run this great country, Billary is not the one.
It is so simple.
If the right woman runs.....she will (or even would have this week) win easily.....and I will vote for her two or three times.
Oh wait.....only Libs get to do that.

Bob Blanchette

No one really knows who voted for who.  Remember it was a secret ballot.  This is the same trash that came out of pollsters saying Hillary would win.  In a exit poll not every talks or even tells the truth.  This is a liberal twist trying to divide and conquer this country.  American citizens voted, period.  The only thing we know for sure is how each county and state voted.

Stop trying to divide us.


@Bob Blanchette I have to agree with you! All the articles about wrong-headed polls but let us base our new-found knowledge on the same crappy methodology used in the exit polls.
Robert Whitney

It is the history of Hillary Clinton that every time she either fails to achieve an office for which was not qualified or that she puts forth an idea that is rejected, that she blames others.
Hillary Clinton’s many lies as to her accomplishments, exploits and discriminations that she has suffered as a woman have been revealed as untrue. These lies are all part of a narrative of herself that she constructed that holds her out as a greatly accomplished woman who is being held down by a vast, evil force of uneducated people whose intellectual and moral sensitivities are from some dark past. And, from this, she gives herself license to act in ways that she deplores of her imaginary enemies.
Hillary Clinton’s delusions of herself and her consequential carte blanche to engage in hateful and criminal behavior are paralleled by the social warrior crowd. With this crowd, there are the added factors of irrationality and emotional immaturity.

J Wood

@Robert Whitney
I honestly hope that this is the last we ever see of Billary.
Other than maybe prosecuting them and sending them both to Guantanamo Bay.
George Visgilio

Whoever Anna Greenberg may be, she exhibits typical liberal illogic. When women don't vote for her female candidate, it isn't because they dislike her and/or her policies and actions. It's because they are sexist. This lady knows as much about working class women as she does about astrophysics. Let her work in a typical factory job for a few years trying to make ends meet along with a husband likely working a similar job. Then after eight years of stagnation, Hillary promises higher taxes and freebies to college kids. Maybe Ms. G would then have a glimmer of what's going on and adjust her glib, demeaning comments.

Dawn Fischer

I heartily agree. Quite A few of us college educated, white, married women voted for the president elect not because we were "skeptical about women's political leadership", but because we have observed Mrs. Clinton for many years and DO NOT TRUST HER.
Cezar Wellington

Lock up ALL of the Corrupt Clintons.  The number of felonies they committed the Crime Foundation could fill a book.  Every law related to self-dealing in managing a 501(c)3 they broke. 
Michael Baldridge

“There are women, especially older blue-collar women, who are skeptical about women’s political leadership,” Ms. Greenberg said. “We still live in a sexist country.” There's not much more sexist than saying you should vote for a person because of their gender.  So I guess all those Democrat men who didn't vote for Trump are sexist, right Ms. Greenberg?  Grow up.  You attitude is the reason Democrats have been booted up and down the ballot. Rational people, don't think like you because YOU are the sexist here.

Phil Collins

Classic Dem statement  from their Pollster: “we still live in a sexist country”........they always rationalize/attack and call you an and flawed and then call you names if you don’t agree or vote for them.

Dear Ms. Greenberg: besides for the fact that more white women voted for Trump than Clinton, how about the fact that the electorate saw Mrs. Clinton as a flawed candidate.......
Jeff Huber

“There are women, especially older blue-collar women, who are skeptical about women’s political leadership,” Ms. Greenberg said. “We still live in a sexist country.”

Ms. Greenberg, you're a Democratic pollster who doesn't see reality.  Hillary Clinton didn't lose because she was a women and the United States is still sexist.  She lost because she was a bad candidate.  Once Democratic pollsters like you realize that America isn't a sexist, racist country, your party may win the White House, Senate and House. You missed it and your candidate and party suffered badly for it..
T Mack

Hillary did NOT lose the election because she was a Woman.
Clinton did lose the election because she was NOT TRUSTED, even by Women voters. 

J Wood

@T Mack
I think there are probably about a dozen reasons she lost....but they want to throw it on the "woman" thing.....they just don't learn.
Marshall Dillon

Democrats wasted too much time playing the racist card, women's issues and bathrooms for transgenders. They ignored the call of blue collar / middle income America and it cost them the elections. They had no message on creating jobs for middle income Americans other than referring to "those uneducated women for Trump", those "angry white men for Trump", and not to forget those basket of deploreables.

Paul Curasi

In the end thoughtful folks realized Clinton was so 90's. Women have changed since then and Hillary was unable to appreciate women are 3-dimensional thinkers; able to see beyond cliches.

Frank McDonald

I read statistics like this and wonder how they arrived at them. Did they call people on their landline or cell? Was this exit polling? Even if it is exit polling how can they say with any certainty the education level of the voters?

@Frank McDonald Ingrained assumptions or bias is easier than analysis?