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Thursday, December 31, 2015

"The Precious" Blinded Me With Science - Heretics of Science or Speakers of Truth?

My schooling and career have been based on "science", mathematics, materials, energy, engineering and practical application of all that. I became a CEM Certified Energy Manager when there were only 9000 in the entire USA. Most wars are fought over energy, yet we have only 9000 specialists in Energy Management? How screwed up is that? Even among my college associates...if I express anti-nuclear, people don't like it. Some put me into the camp of "heretic". So be it. Science is not clean and good, it just is. And these days it can be used for the bad....especially as society gets more desperate. stock out. Don't be blinded by anything. Healthy New Year to Ye.

Britian Shuts Down An Old Reactor 44 YO. NO, They Will Not Last for 80 Years.

One thing I hear all the time from the pro-nuke club, is that the original licensing period of nuclear plants, 40 years, was not supposed to be their design life. AND that the design life is actually 80 years. Typical lying nukists. As plants get older, there are more and more expensive problems to fix, more down time. At 40 to 45 years, economics closes these plants. Good riddance, Wylfa 1
Dec 30 Britain closed its oldest nuclear reactor, Wylfa 1, after nearly 45 years of operation on Wednesday, operator Magnox Ltd said. "Wylfa Nuclear Power Station closed down, marking the conclusion of Magnox reactor generation in the UK," it said in a statement. The nuclear reactor in Wales was scheduled to shut down at the end of September 2014, but operations were extended until this week. The 490-megawatt nuclear reactor started operating in 1971 next to its twin Wylfa 2 reactor which was permanently shut down in April 2012. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Song About "When a Crazy Person Shoots Someone, Obama is going to Blame THE GUN"

Funny parody as a song set to Billy Joels "only the good die young"
About Obama and gun control.

Many sites already shut down for "copyright reasons in your country"

hmmm….who ever made this….do you think they did it to make money? Do you think they are worried about the copyright or getting the message out?

It just shows the hands of the Matrix operators.

Nature Bats Last, Pacific Ocean Bats After Nature

The GMI world is going bat shit crazy.

But this site clarifies some of it.     Nature Bats Last.

Check it out

Radiation at Altitude

Finally, a space weather site that provides data on Radiation at Altitude

Some of you may remember my citizen scientist efforts at Geiger data gathering at altitude on airplane flights.    What was most interesting was that by holding the Geiger against the leg, you can block half the beta and all the alpha. 

My testing showed a significant amount of Beta in the "jet stream".   Cosmic is gamma, do this beta is foreign, man made.   Search the site to find those.   Use the search box.
For the testing below, this guy is in charge.    For a $500 donation, they will do a specific test for you.    I want to document his name and email, because after the holidays I want to suggest some tests that may leap frog on my own testing on the trademarked "beta blocker" leg test, or the orientation testing. 

Doctor Tony Phillips

Radiation levels peak at the entrance to the stratosphere in a broad region called the "Pfotzer Maximum." This peak is named after physicist George Pfotzer who discovered it using balloons and Geiger tubes in the 1930s. Radiation levels there are more than 80x sea level.

Note that the bottom of the Pfotzer Maximim is near 55,000 ft. This means that some high-flying aircraft are not far from the zone of maximum radiation. Indeed, according to the Oct 22th measurements, a plane flying at 45,000 feet is exposed to 2.79 uSv/hr. At that rate, a passenger would absorb about one dental X-ray's worth of radiation in about 5 hours.

The radiation sensors onboard our helium balloons detect X-rays and gamma-rays in the energy range 10 keV to 20 MeV. These energies span the range of medical X-ray machines and airport security scanners.
stock here--as expected, flying at night is not protection from Cosmic, because it comes mainly from deep space, all around us.   In all directions

Space Weather is good stuff.    It explains a lot of things that happen on the Earth, especially things that lying scientists attribute to other causes.    interested?   Dive in, if I told you the truth, you wouldn't believe me.

NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
The official U.S. government space weather bureau
Atmospheric Optics
The first place to look for information about sundogs, pillars, rainbows and related phenomena.
Solar Dynamics Observatory
Researchers call it a "Hubble for the sun." SDO is the most advanced solar observatory ever.
3D views of the sun from NASA's Solar and Terrestrial Relations Observatory
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
Realtime and archival images of the Sun from SOHO.
Daily Sunspot Summaries
from the NOAA Space Environment Center
the underlying science of space weather
Columbia Northern High School
Web-based high school science course with free enrollment
Kotton Grammer, Search Engine Marketing
sponsored link
Synergy Spray Foam Insulation of Houston TX
Protection from the Sun!

A Great Nuclear and Nuclear Waste Education Site --Know Nuclear Waste

Please visit, drop a comment and say stock sent you.

Pilgrim Nuclear Needs to BE Shut Down

stock here---this plant is dangerous, it also leaks radiation like a sieve.

Pilgrim needs to go.   Any regulator worth it's own salt would shut this site down immediately.  Don't even let it finish it's burn cycle.

Here is the coup de grace for Pilgrim.....
from the NRC blog

steamshovel2002 November 6, 2015 at 2:13 pm
The black swan event is Pilgrim’s part 21 SRV bellows failure. The insanity is we assume it would leak before failure. The only reason a warning of a bellows failure in the control room is through the lessons we learned in TMI. Remember their PORV valve only showed if the solenoid was energized or not? It showed nothing if the valve was open or not. If the operators in the control room had direct indication of PORV valve flow, TMI wouldn’t have happened. Not getting a leak warning before failure such as in Pilgrim’s SRV part 21 bellows failure and the undiscoverable massive inop SRV setpoint tech specs inaccuracies in Fitz reminds me of the blindness with poorly instrumented up PORV valves just prior to TMI.
Here in the Pilgrim’s part 21 the bellows failed without any warning. The bellows hi pressure warning. This guy was run for a full cycle in the plant. They removed it and sent it to a testing facility. Up at pressure on the stand or bringing to pressure they heard a pop. It was a bellows failure.
I am here to tell you the quality and reliability safety component is extraordinary important in a nuclear plant. The quality of the information the control room has on the condition of components and plant processes in extraordinary important.
Don’t even get me talking about gunslinger engineers who will tell anything you want for money?

Snowstorm at WIPP Nuke Dump Shuts Down Electrical System, Causes Massive Radiation Release, and Kills a Man

Massive spike on the 27th using the EPA data for Carlsbad.

Then a death the night of the 27th.
UPDATE---5 days after the death, his name was finally released.   Any suspected cause of death was not released.

I hypothesize that the big snow storm shorted out their electrical primary substation, which stopped the ventilation fans from pulling contaminated air through the HEPA filters, which resulted in a massive release of radiation.

This contributed to the death of the worker from WIPP

The data all fit.     Now let some pro-nuker try to disprove my hypothesis.

from ENE - freebywill ,<+120,000 for "sadnet">

Carlsbad sadnet data shows a large spike on Dec 26 all gamma ranges.
Query Parameters:
Location Names: NM: CARLSBAD,
Query Start Date: 12/23/2015
Query End Date: 12/30/2015
Fixed data selected.
Query Result for monitoring location NM: CARLSBAD.
Total Number of Records: 183
snap of data
This stn does not report beta
This stn is approx 40 km west of WIPP
Time adj is GMT -7,
starts around 3pm MST on Dec 26,
using gamma range 5 counts as reference
stay over 250 until 1am Dec 27.
surface winds approx 2pm MST,36.68,1024
surface winds approx 5pm MST

Monday, December 28, 2015

Nuclear Waste Dump Worker Found Dead at WIPP, No Age, No Cause of Death, No Intention To Do Autoposy Stated

Dead body found at WIPP.

  • How old was the guy….seems very relevant, and a standard part of almost every story….yet it is not mentioned.
    They do not state that he will undergo an autopsy, also quite odd.

  • The workers were so poorly trained that they reported him as unconscious, and they didn't both to take a pulse or check for breathing?
    The first responders instantly knew he was dead.

     Nothing smells right at the WIPP.

    This article has EVEN LESS information about the dead body found at WIPP.


Forcing Homeowners to Go Off Grid With Batteries Is a Victory Knock Out Punch for "Big Utilities"

I have been meaning to write this up for quite some time, say 9 months.   It is not rocket science, but you can see how the average person would be daunted by attempting the analysis.

However, with grade school math, you can see how this works out.    If you like this stuff, drop a comment and sign up as a follower.    I might even believe someone is reading my articles.

Synopsis: Big Utilities want to kill customer owned solar, and keep it all for themselves.     One trick they are developing is to pretend that customer generated solar and customer owned batteries are a legitimate way to allow people to have solar, and to "protect the grid" from the dangerous solar.

Right now the cost of batteries for a large home system is about $5000, and they need replacement every 5 years when used in a daily use environment (its 10 years or more when used only for emergencies)

That $5000 of batteries will store about 10kWH per day at a 50% discharge rate. That is 3650 kWH per year, or 18250 kWH delivered over 5 years.

JUST the cost of replacing the batteries is therefore 28 cents per kWH. Not to mention amortizing the cost of the solar PV AND the cost of the additional equipment needed to make the batteries work, that is around $12,500 for the additional equipment. If we assume the additional equipment has a life of 15 years, along with the batteries output in that time, produces/delivers

 54,750 kWH of electricity

in 15 years..    let's highlight that quantity of electricity, because we are going to keep coming back to it. 

15 year system cost, the initial cost of battery specific equipment plus
$12,500 +$5,000+$5,000+$5,000 3 sets of batteries) is $27,500

So the average cost of the Battery specific equipment and the batteries equates ($27,500 / 54,750 kWH) to 50.2 cents per kWH.

The average rate per kWH in the USA is 12 to 14 cents per kWH.

Encouraging people to go batteries leads to 2 things:
1) A proper investigation, which also wastes time and energy and destroys resolve to go solar PV.
2) An improper investment which leads to higher costs to the consumer.

The Solar PV itself, however, if you divide the cost after tax credits, by the kWH produced over a 30 year life, calculates to less than 3 cents per kWH.

So if you stay attached to the utility grid and use the grid and all the other customers and all their electric vehicle batteries as "your battery" you get power at less than 3 cents.

Or you can decide "allow" the utilities to prevent you from using the best and biggest battery around, the grid, and instead pay 50 cents plus 3 cents.

Or 3 cents.   Which is better?

What if on your initial purchase you could receive a total Federal and State tax credit of 50% of the initial cost of the system, and let's focus on the cost of the battery specific equipment and first set of batteries.    On your second and third set of batteries you won't get any tax credit, you pay full list price and probably some labor and overhead and profit also (but lets ignore those for simplicity).

So the initial batteries plus battery specific equipment to make them work is $17,500.     And if you can get 50% overall tax credit the net cost is $8,750.

Now add the sets 2 and 3 batteries in at $5,000 each.     $18,750 divided by 54,750 kWH is 34.2 cents per kWH.   Now add in the 3 cents cost for the PV itself.

That's 37.3 cents per kWH, compared to 3 cents for just the PV using the grid as a battery.   And 12 to 14 cents for current residential rates.   

See how going off grid is a huge economic cost?   Sure it might feel good to whip the bird to the utility, but in reality, by them not letting you use the grid as a battery, they have whipped the bird to you in a large way.

What if the cost of batteries falls by half and Mr Musk succeeds?

Simple math --- $12,500 +$2,500 +$2,500 +$2,500 = $20,000 / 54750kWH    or    36.5 cents per kWH plus 3

Wait, wait....there must be some way to make this work.......

Hey I can get 50% total tax credits on the initial battery and battery specific I betcha I finally got that utility whooped.....and using Mr. Musk's half price batteries.....

($12500+$2500) *50% = $7,500 +$2500 +$2500, Wow now we are down to $12,500 or

$12,500 / 54750 kWH = 22.8 cents per kWH, plus the 3 cents for the PV itself.

Sheesh.....even over long time spans, the consumer cannot rely on batteries AND even get close to the current rates of 12 to 14 cents.  

For solar to succeed, the grid must be used as the "battery"

For Big Util to keep their slaves ever under their control.....they need to prevent people from using the grid as a battery.

Have I drawn the line in the sand clearly enough?

Lies like the article below give the victory directly to Big Util.    Even where a grid doesn't exist, an area should develop a microgrid through which the participants will benefit from diversity of when specific people are using electricity.    The bigger the grid the better, and that needs to be the lesson.

Cheap batteries will give utilities electric shock

By Katrina Hamlin December 28, 2015

The author is a Reuters Breaking views columnist. The opinions expressed are her own.
Power suppliers have long enjoyed a natural monopoly. But the arrival of budget batteries coupled with cheaper solar power will allow a growing number of consumers to pull the plug on old-fashioned electricity networks in 2016 and beyond.
Solar panel prices have already plummeted, and batteries look set to follow in the near future as manufacturers hone new technologies and ramp up production. Tesla says it can slash the cost of its own batteries by more than a third with a bigger, better factory. That’s plausible: costs dropped by 14 percent on average every year between 2007 and 2014: broker CLSA reckons they will tumble by a further 70 percent over the next five years.
The prospect of being able to generate, store and manage their own power may prompt some customers to leave the grid. In parts of developing economies where electricity has yet to arrive, power networks may not be needed. More than a fifth of India’s population does not have access to electricity. Rather than waiting for infrastructure to expand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is offering a 30 percent subsidy to encourage homeowners to use solar …

Some may question my 3 cents per kWH average cost for the Solar PV (with no batteries)

Here is the backup on that, it is already pretty old, so it could be even cheaper.

Matrix the Real Matrix

This is a pretty good summary of the illusion of freedom Watch dog at Fukushima Others write about the NWO end game
The Beast’s head: the Rothschilds

The New World Order movement is set up and controlled from the shadows by the wealthy Rothschild dynasty. They are promoting the NWO under Zionism, but they are not alone in this endeavor. There are other small families involved, less powerful but still very influential. The “clan” consists of about 300 major families, out of who on 13 make up the high council. The rich are not only seeking wealth, but world domination and the worship of the Beast. Most of these families are behind organizations like the Bilderbergers or the Council on Foreign Relations, but not only that, as they also pull the strings of the Masonry or theMafia.

They’re ties with the occult are evident and they’re lust for world domination and destruction is even more so. For many decades, most members of this family used as their official seal (that followed their official signature in official documents) the Seal of Solomon, which back then was a symbol of magicians and mystics that that were practitioners of the black arts. The Beast’s 10 horns: the upcoming global regional divisions

In 1996, NAFTA had devised an outstanding economic strategy that was to raise global economy a great deal. The organization divided the World from a so-called “financial” point of view into 10 regions: 1. North America, 2. Western Europe, 3. Japan, 4. Australia + South Africa, 5. Eastern Europe + Russia, 6. Latin America, 7. North Africa + the Middle East, 8. Tropical Africa, 9. South and Southeast Asia and 10. China.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Pacific Ocean Has Been Nuked - Rad Chick Breaks It Down Before you review the videos below, please see this just in video of a Giant Squid visiting a harbor in Japan, very unusual behavior.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hawaii Once a Proud Leader in Solar, Now The Poster Child For Corrupt Utilities and Government / Regulators

 stock here---the title of this article is absurd, they pretend that the dysfunctional utility HECO killing customer owned solar is somehow a good thing......

How Hawaii Has Empowered Energy Storage and Forever Changed the U.S. Solar Industry

stock here, from the lying arse article
Over the past two months, the Hawaii Public Utility Commission (HPUC), which regulates the utilities in Hawaii, took its first steps to resolve this fight by introducing a set of regulations (Phase 1 Decision and Order, Docket No. 2014-012) that could drastically change the energy incentive structure in the state. In doing so, they are laying the foundation for a new economic model of how solar and energy storage will work for decades to come.
In this post, I will outline how this first set of regulations have the potential to make storage economically viable, addresses key challenges with the current solar business model, and set up the industry for a brighter tomorrow.
 stock here: what is really sad is that industry suppliers, being the most likely "source" to fight corrupt utilities and regulators, have actually become mouth pieces for the corruption.     Here is how it works....the suppliers have realized that they are affected by regulations, but that they will do fine under any scenario other than a complete stoppage of solar.

So they go out of their way to try to keep selling solar, even when placed under an irrational rate structure, such as the one recently conjured up by Hawaiian Electric (HECO) and giving to the Public Utilities Commission who then "forced HECO to implement the new plan".  

In the article they lie about the cost of storage (batteries) and then go on to pretend that small customer owned battery storage is going to be a good thing.   And they use this further lie to promote the new rate structures.  

This is the new reality---solar suppliers will no longer be the monied interest with enough neutrality to keep corruption in check, but actually become a supporting voice of the corruption.   

REALITY about a 5kWH per day battery backup system will add about $15,000 to the cost of a project.    The article pretends that 4 kWH per day battery storage will add only $3,333 to the cost of the project.

This type of vast lie out of the gate invalidates all further arguments.

What has been done is criminal.

Integrating renewables is difficult, as a matter of fact it's so difficult that the Central American country of Costa Rica only managed to supply 98.8% of their electrical needs from renewables.

Could it be because it has a smaller population?

No, Costa Rica has a population of 4.5 million vs Hawaii's population of 1.5 million.

Is it technology?

I suspect that the US is more technologically advanced than Costa Rica.

Or perhaps it's big energy using disinformation and political influence to slow the spread of renewables which threaten their business model?

It's about time businesses study the economics of creative destruction, one of the drivers of capitalism, which says a new product coming to market at a lower price and better quality will drive older businesses under if they can't compete.

Perhaps a fact finding mission to Costa Rica to ascertain how they manage 98% electrical supply from renewables.
Typical sociopaths......promote nuclear, kill solar

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This guy talks about Fukushima radiation, and also how Solar is being attacked, and how Global Warming is a farce simply meant to transfer wealth to those who already have the wealth. -------------- Streamed live on Dec 3, 2015 Greetings Unsettled Souls, 'Tis Sam I Be Di Gangi of The media Speaks (dot com) with this months MASSIVE Fukushima update via: Fukushima is looking at a MILLION cancer DEATHS due to the meltdown(!), melt out, and melt through's; Fukushima CANCER RADIATED FISH is being FED TO YOU; INTERNATIONAL LAW FORBIDS the poisoning of the sea that TEPCO is doing; Solar power is being HELD DOWN by big energy companies; Is there a connection between ISIS and so called "global warming"?; Did the US launch a missile that may be both nuclear AND invisible under current detection methods?; ....NEVER BEFORE DONE ON THE SHOW...WARNING NR17 MEGA RATED R due to VULGAR LANGUAGE! The dumbdee of the day is both AGAIN debunking global warming AND putting it into the words that even a lay person will understand....HOLD ON. Sam

TEPCO Confronts "New" Problem of radioactive water

stock here---right!    It's a "NEW" problem, sheesh, we have been discussing this for over 4 years.

This potential extintion level event (ELE) has been so digustingly mismanaged, it almost looks intentional.     No, I am not playing the "culling card", it's just a comparison of ineptitude.

So now they discover that the ground water that was previously flowing into the ocean is actually a lot higher in radioactiveity than they previously thought.    God forbid they ever measured it, AND reported it accurately.

So now these nuclear scientists are taking their walled up rad water, and since they stopped building storage tanks around 2 years ago, they have no where to put it, BUT IN THE FREAKING REACTOR BUILDING!   

Where it will become much more radioactive!

If we had an effective New World Order, could we convict these "people" of crimes against humanity?

However, the water from four of the wells was discovered to have high levels of tritium--a radioactive substance that is hard to remove--at levels higher than 1,500 becquerels per liter, which means the water cannot be released into sea.
 Then they were "surprised" that the ground water level increased after they built the "dam".    Damn It Jim, a seventh grader could have figured that out.  

Maybe these rocket scientists should have listened to me and Arnold Gunderson who put it in writing that a wall needs to go upstream of the blown up nuke plants, on the mountain side.   And then put in wells and re-route the water from upstream of the plant, directly to the problem solved.

But no, they play Keystone Kops.   I really find it hard to understand how stupid they have been in this most important of endeavours.

To understand the water flow and the underground river, please review my article on "The Making of Fukushima"

Friday, December 18, 2015

Early Aerial Images of Fukushima Meltdowns in Progress

March 17 2011 8:11 PM UK time Japan's latest mission to avert nuclear disaster Nearly a week on from Japan's worst ever natural disaster, efforts continue to cool the reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant, which remain the focus of the recovery mission Yukio Edano appears in this video, he was a reassurring voice of calm in blue uniform. Until everyone realized that he had just been lying. The head of the IAEA Yukiya Amano spouted "Japan is not alone, IAEA is 'standing by Japan'" stock here---how about some real action folk? less lies March 16th, the Emporer calls for the nation to unite March 16, 2011 Japan nuclear plant disaster: warning of an 'apocalypse’ as fallout hits danger levels Japan's ongoing nuclear emergency was compared to an "apocalypse" by the European Union's energy commissioner last night as dangerous levels of radiation were detected around the disintigrating power plant after a fourth explosion. The Tokyo Electric Power Company which runs the plant disclosed last night that there had, in fact, been four explosions since Friday's earthquake knocked out power at the 40–year–old power station. Three blasts were heard by locals, but it was more than 20 hours before the company admitted that a fire at a fourth reactor had occurred following another explosion at daybreak on Tuesday, local time. It later emerged that two workers from the power station were missing following the explosion at reactor No 4. Last night it was disclosed that a new fire had broken out in the same reactor. The head of the UN's nuclear agency, Yukiya Amano, said there was a "possibility" reactor No 2's core had been damaged, but he added that the increase in radiation levels was due to the fire at reactor No 4.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Coffee Lowers Your Risk of Death by 20%, But Does not Protect You From Radiation Caused Cancers

By Kathryn Doyle
(Reuters Health) – In a 10-year U.S. study, people who drank coffee regularly were less likely to die of many causes, including heart disease and diabetes, than those who didn’t drink coffee at all.
The more coffee study participants consumed, the lower their risk of dying, and decaf drinkers showed a similar pattern.
“Coffee contains numerous biologically active compounds, including phenolic acids, potassium, and caffeine,” said lead author Dr. Erikka Loftfield of the National Cancer Institute in Rockville, Maryland.
Many studies have found that coffee consumption is associated with lower risk of overall and heart-related mortality, Loftfield told Reuters Health by email.
The researchers used data from a previous study on 90,317 adults without cancer or history of cardiovascular disease who were followed from 1998 through 2009. They had reported their coffee intake, along with other dietary and health details, at the start of the study.
By 2009, about 8,700 people had died. After accounting for other factors like smoking, the researchers found that coffee drinkers were less likely to have died during the study than nondrinkers.
The risk of death was lowest for those who drank four to five cups of coffee per day. A similar association was seen among drinkers of decaffeinated coffee as well, according to the results in American Journal of Epidemiology.
Coffee drinkers had a reduced risk of death from heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, pneumonia and influenza and suicide, but not cancer, the researchers found.


 On another note: Radiation Contributes to Autism--mutated blood vessels in the brain

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Interest Rate Hike and the Scam of the Century

Contrariologist's picture
What Professor Keen, Janet Yellen, and just about EVERYONE ELSE  is missing: The Fed has no business being in the full employment business, or the price stability business. The supposed "dual mandate" of the Fed is a nothing more than a pie-in-the-sky "dual suggestion" emanating from the toothless 1978 Humphrey Hawkins Act...which, if you take the time to read it, also "mandates" that Congress balance the budget.

We all know the old saying: if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. The Fed has two tools, both inter-related: manipulation of interest rates, and manipulation of liquidity. Unemployment inching up? Well, let's just cut some interest rates. Inflation getting a bit weak? Well, let's just pump a little liquidity into the banking system. Any success their ministrations have is anecdotal at best, and purely transitory. It's a parlor trick, nothing more.

And it is also comical, and very reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz...I can see silly little Janet, hiding behind the curtain, pulling Lever A and Lever B, smoke and fire puffing away. At least the Wizard admitted he was a fraud. Mind you, the two tools in Janet's hands are very, very powerful, but they are useless for the tasks at hand. To think that a multi-trillion dollar, dynamic, interactive worldwide economy can be "managed" by the blunt instruments of repo rates and QE...bahhhh, pure folly. It is a dangerous game they are playing, and we will all lose.

Central Banks, if they are even necessary any more in this digital age, serve only ONE legitimate function: Being the lender of last resort for solvent but illiquid banks, upon presentation of GOOD collateral, at a penalty rate of interest. Period. That's  it. Alas, we are so far down the rabbit hole, that the rabbits have given up. No one, absolutely no one, can say how all this ends...but it won't be pretty.
George Washington
George Washington's picture
I agree with everything you say. Also, the Fed is violating its "mandates" left and right:
  • According to Robert D. Auerbach – an economist with the U.S. House
    of Representatives Financial Services Committee for eleven years,
    assisting with oversight of the Federal Reserve, and subsequently
    Professor of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin – the
    Fed had a hand in Watergate and arming Saddam Hussein.  See this and this
  • The Fed threw money at “several billionaires and tens of multi-millionaires”,
    including billionaire businessman H. Wayne Huizenga, billionaire
    Michael Dell of Dell computer, billionaire hedge fund manager John
    Paulson, billionaire private equity honcho J. Christopher Flowers, and
    the wife of Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack
Wed, 12/16/2015 - 23:43 | 6933836 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture
  • "the fed is owned by the big banks"
  • "the fed is corrupt"
  • well, one does follow the other

    Monday, December 14, 2015

    Violent Terrorists Are Allowed to Work at US Nuclear Plants

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - The man who opened fire at two military facilities in Chattanooga, killing four Marines and injuring three others, is Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez. WKYC has confirmed that he worked and lived for a time in Northeast Ohio. FirstEnergy confirmed to WKYC's Investigator Tom Meyer that he also worked at Perry Nuclear Power Plant from May 20 to May 30 of 2013. Recorder Journal

    Chair of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences With a Spot On Commentary About the Fraud of "Climate Change"

    Dr. Judith Curry is Professor and former Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

    The Bridgeton Landfill Radiation Fire, a Debacle of Shame

    from An Open Letter to the People of Missouri Regarding the Bridgeton Landfill Smoldering Event January 10, 2015 My name is Dan Norris. I am a former employee of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR), having worked there for 8 years. In the 8 years I spent in Missouri, I have grown to love it far more than I ever imagined I would. The people of Missouri have a diverse mix of backgrounds, the scenery is remarkable, and the rivers and recreational opportunities abound. In my role with the DNR I worked on a number of issues involving public safety, as well as human and environmental health. My work led me to a unique situation. I directed the the air sampling efforts around the Bridgeton Sanitary Landfill for the DNR from 2012 to January 2014. Along with the help of a number of my colleagues, I developed and implemented the air sampling plans for the Bridgeton community. I built data systems, worked with contractors, created maps, conducted sampling, and coordinated with the landfill owners and property owners in the area surrounding the landfill. During the heavy construction activities in 2013 I lived in the community around Bridgeton. I put up with odors in the hotel I stayed at and personally experienced what life was like for those who lived or worked around the landfill. I was one of the only DNR staff who lived in the community during this time frame. I was even there for the tornado that hit the community on May 31, 2013. Besides my time living there, I spent a substantial amount of time in the community conducting and overseeing air sampling activities. I had a very good working relationship with a number of people in the community during my work there and am quite understanding of the different points of view and concerns that citizens in the community had regarding the landfill. Growing up in a family that made a living from the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, I am always mindful of our need for industrial goods and services. There are many facets of any issue and one must be careful to not judge an issue on a single of these factors. Unfortunately, in the balance of factors, political forces appear to dominate above many of the other factors in Missouri. The subsurface oxidation event, subsurface smoldering event, suspect fire, or whatever other name you wish to assign it, has been going on for 4 years now and it could very well continue on for many years to come, based on the amount of waste at the site and how similar events around the country have progressed. While the landfill owner has spent considerable money and resources to addressing some of the effects of the event, conditions are still far from ideal. The area involved in the smoldering has increased in size since the start of the event, there is still no solid isolation plan, groundwater continues to be contaminated, and soil gas migration continues to pose a potential risk to nearby structures. In 2012, a number of conceptual options were discussed for isolating the event from the radioactive material. One option was a trench. Concerns with this approach included the potential impacts this could have on the community (odors, nuisance, potential impacts to Lambert International Airport, dust, asbestos, and other air pollutants). An alternate isolation strategy was to install a cooling wall or freeze barrier, which might be less impacting on the community. To my knowledge, the landfill owner 1 has only implemented a very minimal cooling system. Instead, owner pushed strongly for installing a trench, similar to how the Countywide Landfill event in Ohio was handled. This necessitated a radiological material investigation at Bridgeton/Westlake, which identified that radiological materials went beyond the area previously thought to encompass them. Rather than continuing the radiological investigation to find a possible area to install a trench, the investigation was terminated. If a plan to install a trench does move forward, it is imperative that all of the potential impacts on the community are taken seriously by conducting an appropriate investigation to design removal actions and that proper monitoring is conducted to ensure community safety. Based on my experience, lack of communication is one of the biggest challenges that face those working on the project. There were many instances where DNR staff were not informed by landfill owners of a situation involving the site until seeing it firsthand or being informed by members of the community. Equally challenging was the lack of political appetite within DNR to pursue this case to its fullest. There was also a lack of information sharing among some DNR staff at times. Although the degree to which this event has had an impact on the community is unprecedented, there exists an overall cozy relationship between owner and DNR. For a while in 2012-2013, the landfill owner referred to themselves and DNR staff involved with the landfill as “Team Bridgeton”. As an example of this relationship, in 2011 the landfill owner pushed for the DNR to release a financial assurance instrument held to address problems at the landfill and requested that DNR change the status of the facility from inactive to closed. In lieu of the closure financial assurance instrument, the landfill owner proposed a corrective action financial assurance instrument in the amount of $690,000 1 . Few people within DNR have the fortitude to stand up to the political pressures of the system, but they successfully did in this instance and DNR did not approve the release of the financial assurance instrument. Owner has since documented over $100 Million in expenses related to remediation and monitoring of the site, far overshadowing the $690,000 instrument offered 2 . The political problems related to this site were exemplified in 2014 when state Senator Kurt Schaefer offered Amendment 4 to Missouri Senate Bill 731. This amendment would change some existing state nuisance provisions. Specifically, it attempts to require an owner to live within 1,200 feet of a nuisance to claim damages and attempts to prevent nuisance actions against facilities that are complying with an order issued by the Missouri DNR, US EPA, or the Missouri Attorney General's Office 3 , 4 . Senator Schaefer is a partner in Lathrop & Gage, a law firm which represents landfill owners 5 . I'll leave it to you to judge whether the landfill that his law firm represents would stand to benefit from this legislation. Families and workers have been in this community for decades and expect to have a right to live without long-term nuisance impacts. 1 November 9, 2011 Corrective Action Financial Assurance Instrument proposal for Bridgeton Landfill. Preparred by Aquaterra for Republic Services. 2 Republic Services October 30, 2014 quarterly report (10-Q) to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Retreived from on January 10, 2015. 3 Senator Kurt Schaefer amendment 4 to Senate Bill No. 731. Offered March 25, 2014. Retrieved from on December 1, 2014. 4 Missouri Senate Bill No. 731 (2014 session) full text. Retrieved from bill/tat/SB731.pdf on December 1, 2014. 5 Lathrop & Gage webpage. Biography of Kurt U. Schaefer. Retrieved from on December 1, 2014. 2 As with most political issues, money seems to drive a lot of what goes on. Missouri Ethics Commission records indicate that Republic Services contributed over $97,000 to Missouri political campaigns in 2014 alone, including $25,000 to the Missouri Senate Campaign Committee, $25,000 to the House Republican Campaign Committee, and $20,000 to the Missouri Democratic State Committee 6 . Missouri Ethics Commission records also show that Lathrop & Gage, has made sizable contributions to political campaigns in Missouri. This includes a $10,000 contribution to a campaign associated with Chris Koster and a $5,000 contribution to a campaign associated with Senator Kurt Schaefer's run for Attorney General 7 . In many instances, the potential impacts of the Bridgeton situation have been marginalized by the owner and in some cases have been sensationalized by environmental groups using overblown scare tactics that aren't supported by science. Meanwhile, the situation has largely been glossed over by state and federal political entities. Public agencies have engaged in a game of bureaucratic finger-pointing, while none have assumed the lead and taken a strong position as a public regulator of the landfill. What is needed in a situation such as this is pure science, unimpeded by money, politics, or mindsets. That is what I believed our role at the DNR was supposed to be and it is what the people of Bridgeton deserve. There is a larger systemic problem with governance in general in Missouri. Rather than asking questions like how a given action will benefit or impact the people of the state, decisions are often made on the basis of how the action will respond to a given legislator, lobbyist, or company that has political pull. So, in many but not all cases, we are left with a management structure who is dedicated to catering to said political pressures, while there remains an office full of scientific staff who know what should be done in the interest of the citizens at large and who are losing their minds because they are fighting their own management structure to simply enforce the laws/regulations that exist and fulfill the very purpose of the department. The response to the news media under the current Governor's administration has shifted drastically from when I started working for the DNR. Whereas in the past, technical staff who were experts in what they do were able to speak directly to the media, DNR employees are now threatened with consequences if they speak to the media (and in some cases to the public). This policy became increasingly restrictive in 2010 and ever more restrictive since. The current office of public information at DNR and the Governor's Office is nothing short of information control. News is constantly spun in a manner to try and make everything look good. While there is a fair amount of good news to report on, many of the aspects that a regulatory agency deals with are simply not that cheery or uplifting. It is an insult to the intellect of the public to try and paint a positive picture out of something that just isn't positive. In many cases, public information just doesn't happen anymore if the news is bad. We should not allow ourselves to live in a society where public officials are impeded the free flow of information to the public who they are supposed to represent. Yet, that is where we find ourselves today. 6 Missouri Ethics Commission search for donations provided by Republic Services in 2014. Retrieved from on December 1, 2014. 7 Missouri Ethics Commission search for donations provided by Lathrop & Gage in 2014. Retrieved from on December 13, 2014. 3 Individual departments and management structures at DNR and other state agencies in Missouri also suffer from entrenched processes that are overly-bureaucratic. This slows decision making and results in internal and external inefficiencies. Just as one example of how bureaucratic things have gotten, shortly before my departure from DNR, we were forwarded an e-mail informing us that the Missouri Office of Administration had prohibited us from spreading salt at the entrances during icy conditions 8 . Rather than look out for the immediate safety of ourselves and our co-workers, we were instructed to inform someone who would call someone else to tell that person to send someone to come put salt on the sidewalk. The direction of the current Governor's administration and the degree of bureaucracy in state government has left many dedicated employees on both sides of the political spectrum looking for the exit or counting down the days until they are eligible to retire. Part of my decision to leave my position in Missouri with DNR is because of overall disappointment with how we were able to perform our job and anger at the degree to which bureaucracy was consuming day-to-day progress. During my time in Missouri there have been political pushes resulting in disproportionate power for industry, while reducing the rights and power of individual citizens. Politics and fear are, unfortunately, more powerful than science and reason. I wish all Missourians the best in regaining their voice and obtaining a governance structure that represents the diverse interests of the state as a whole, rather than just those with political power.

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    R4 Spent Fuel Pool Fires

    This video was posted on June 13, 2011 Look at the time stamp at the upper center 3号機、4号機から白煙(白黒なので明確な色は不明)は突如大噴出を始めた。(1:3­0頃から)その煙に包まれて、カメラからは発電所が見えなくなるほどであった。 再臨界がおこった事によるものか?  冷却水が不足したからか? 本当に不安である。 また、昨晩からしばらく、北風にのって関東圏にも飛散すると思われますので、皆様(特­に子供)はマスクの着用などして、内部被爆に注意しましょう! Unit 3, (a clear color because black and white is unknown) from Unit 4 white smoke began a large jet suddenly. Wrapped in the smoke (1:30 from time), from the camera was about power plant is no longer visible. Or due to the fact that the re-criticality happened? Or because the cooling water is insufficient? It is anxiety really. In addition, for some time from last night, so it seems to be scattered in the Kanto area and riding the north wind, everyone (especially children) is by, for example, wear the mask, let's note the internal exposure! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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    Bad Science: A Direct Result of Big Corp and Big Gov, AND It's Killing Us All

    The "system" which created the lies of Big Food, is the same system promoting the lie of safe nuke, and the lie that nuclear is what we need to save the planet.

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    Polar Sea Ice Data Page Links

    From WhatsUpwithThat

    Global Sea Ice:
    Global Sea Ice Area and Anomaly

    Cryosphere Today – University of Illinois – Polar Research Group – Click the pic to view at source
    Global Sea Ice Area Anomaly

    Cryosphere Today – University of Illinois – Polar Research Group – Click the pic to view at source
    Global, Arctic & Antarctic Sea Ice Area – Ole Humlum – Professor, University of Oslo Department of Geosciences – Click the pic to view at source
    Global Sea Ice Cover

    National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (MMAB) – Click the pic to view at source
    Arctic Graphs:
    Arctic Sea Ice Extent – 15% or greater:

    National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSIDC) – click to view at source
    Arctic Sea Ice Extent -15% or Greater:

    Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) – International Arctic Research Center (IARC) – Click the pic to view at source
    JAXA data download (CSV file of extent) here Details here
    Arctic Sea Ice Extent – 15% or Greater:

    Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) – International Arctic Research Center (IARC) – Click the pic to view at source
    Details and raw data on this graph product here
    Arctic Sea ice extent 15% or greater  (DMI)

    Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) – Centre for Ocean and Ice – Click the pic to view at source
    Arctic Sea Ice Extent 15% or Greater (NANSEN)
    Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC) – Arctic Regional Ocean Observing System (ROOS) – Click the pic to view at source
    Nansen data (CSV file with both extent and area) download here
    Arctic Sea Ice Area
    Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC) – Arctic Regional Ocean Observing System (ROOS)- Click the pic to view at source
    Nansen data (CSV file with both extent and area) download here
    Sea Ice Extent – Change in Maximum, Mean and Minimum
    Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC) – Arctic Regional Ocean Observing System (ROOS) – Click the pic to view at source
    Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area and Anomaly

    Cryosphere Today – Arctic Climate Research at the University of Illinois – Click the pic to view at source
    Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area Anomaly

    Cryosphere Today – Arctic Climate Research at the University of Illinois – Click the pic to view at source
    Arctic Sea Ice Forecast from NOAA:

    Northern Regional Sea Ice Charts
    Map of the Arctic – Thanks to REP

    National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSIDC) – The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection – click to view at source
    Arctic Basin: Cryosphere Today
    Central Arctic: NSIDC
    Baffin Bay/Gulf of St. Lawrence: NSIDCCryosphere Today
    Baffin/Newfoundland Bay: Cryosphere Today
    Baltic Sea: NSIDC
    Barents Sea: NSIDCCryosphere Today Arctic ROOS
    Beaufort Sea: NSIDC Cryosphere Today
    Bering Sea: NSIDC Cryosphere Today
    Canadian Archipelago: NSIDC Cryosphere Today
    Chukchi Sea: NSIDC Cryosphere Today
    Cook Inlet: NSIDC
    Gulf of St. Lawrence: Cryosphere Today
    East Siberian Sea: NSIDC Cryosphere Today
    Greenland Sea: NSIDC Cryosphere Today Arctic ROOS
    Hudson Bay: NSIDC Cryosphere Today
    Kara Sea: NSIDC Cryosphere Today Arctic ROOS
    Laptev Sea: NSIDC Cryosphere Today
    Sea of Okhotsk: NSIDC Cryosphere Today
    Yellow Sea: NSIDC
    National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) Cryosphere Today Nansen Arctic ROOS
    Arctic Temperature:
    Mean Temperature above 80°N

    Danish Meteorological Institute – Click the pic to view at source
    RSS Northern Polar Temperature Lower Troposphere (TLT) – 1979 to Present

    Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) – Microwave Sounding Units (MSU) – Click the pic to view at source
    Northern Hemisphere Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly

    National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (MMAB) – Click the pic to view at source
    Northern Hemisphere Sea Surface Temperature

    National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (MMAB) – Click the pic to view at source
    Northern Hemisphere Sea Surface Temperature

    Danish Meteorological Institute – Click for data archive and animation tool
    Northern Hemisphere Surface Temperatures

    NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory – Click for data archive and animation tool
    Arctic Sea Surface Temperature
    Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) – HYCOM Consortium for Data-Assimilative Ocean Modeling – Click the pic to view at source
    NRL – Arctic Sea Surface Temperature – 30 Day Animation
    NRL – Arctic Sea Surface Temperature – 365 Day Animation
    Moyhu – Arctic Sea Surface Temperature – 50 Day Animation
    Moyhu – Arctic Sea Surface Temperature – 365 Day Animation

    Sea Ice Concentration:
    Arctic Sea Ice Concentration
    Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) – HYCOM Consortium for Data-Assimilative Ocean Modeling – Click the pic to view at source
    Arctic Sea Ice Concentration – 30 Day Animation
    Arctic Sea Ice Concentration – 365 Day Animation
    Arctic Sea Ice Concentration
    Cryosphere Today – Arctic Climate Research at the University of Illinois – Click the pic to view at source
    Download various Cryosphere Today data sets here
    Arctic Sea Ice Concentration – Same Date Compared With 2007
    Cryosphere Today – Arctic Climate Research at the University of Illinois – Click the pic to view at source (thanks to Ric Werme)
    Compare two dates in Cryosphere’s records.
    Canadian Sea Ice Concentration

    EC/Canadian Ice Service Map – Click the pic to view at source
    Arctic Sea Ice Extent With Anomaly

    National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSIDC) – Click the pic to view at source
    Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Real-Time Nowcast/Forecast in Meters
    Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) – HYCOM Consortium for Data-Assimilative Ocean Modeling – Click the pic to view at source
    Arctic Sea Ice Thickness – 30 Day Animation
    Arctic Sea Ice Thickness – 365 Day Animation
    Arctic Sea Ice Speed & Drift
    Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) – HYCOM Consortium for Data-Assimilative Ocean Modeling – Click the pic to view at source
    Arctic Sea Ice Speed & Drift – 30 Day Animation
    Arctic Sea Ice Speed & Drift – 365 Day Animation
    Arctic Sea Ice Volume Model from the University of Washington (Note: this is only updated monthly, and is a model output, not a real-time observation, details here )

    Source: [ ]

    Drifting “North Pole” Camera (updated for 2014 season)

    Webcam 1:
    Webcam 2:
    Webcam 3:
    Image Archive
    Arctic Satellite Imagery:
    True Color Arctic Satellite Image – With Google Maps Zoom – – Infrared and Global imagery is available from the Arctic and Global dropdowns on the map linked above.
    Terra 4km True Color Arctic Satellite Image – Mosaic Image – With Zoom – NASA
    Terra 4km Bands 3-6-7 Arctic Satellite Image< – Arctic Satellite Mosaic Image – With Zoom – NASA
    Aqua 4km True Color Arctic Satellite Image – Mosaic Image – With Zoom – NASA
    Antarctic Graphs:
    Antarctic Sea Ice Extent – 15% or Greater

    National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSIDC) – Click the pic to view at source
    Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area and Anomaly

    Cryosphere Today – Arctic Climate Research at the University of Illinois – Click the pic to view at source
    Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area Anomaly

    Cryosphere Today – Arctic Climate Research at the University of Illinois – Click the pic to view at source
    Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area

    Cryosphere Today – Arctic Climate Research at the University of Illinois – Click the pic to view at source
    Antarctic Temperature:
    RSS Southern Polar Temperature Lower Troposphere (TLT) – 1979 to Present

    Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) – Microwave Sounding Units (MSU) – Click the pic to view at source
    Antarctic Sea Surface Temperature
    Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) – HYCOM Consortium for Data-Assimilative Ocean Modeling – Click the pic to view at source
    NRL Antarctic Sea Surface Temperature – 30 Day Animation
    NRL Antarctic Sea Surface Temperature – 365 Day Animation
    Moyhu Antarctic Sea Surface Temperature – 50 Day Animation
    Moyhu Antarctic Sea Surface Temperature – 365 Day Animation
    Antarctic Sea Ice Imagery:
    Antarctic Sea Ice Concentration
    Antarctic sea ice
    Cryosphere Today – Arctic Climate Research at the University of Illinois – Click the pic to view at source
    Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Extent With Anomaly
    Antarctic sea ice
    National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSIDC) – Click the pic to view at source
    South Pole Station Webcam (offline in SH winter)
    Antarctic Satellite Imagery:
    Terra 4km True Color Antarctic Satellite Image – Mosaic Image – With Zoom – NASA
    Terra 4km Bands 3-6-7 Antarctic Satellite Image – Antarctic Satellite Mosaic Image – With Zoom – NASA
    Aqua 4km True Color Antarctic Satellite Image – Mosaic Image – With Zoom – NASA

    Source Guide:
    Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) – Centre for Ocean and Ice
    Home Page –
    Arctic Page –
    Home Page –
    Satellite Observations Page – – Ole Humlum – Professor, University of Oslo Department of Geosciences:
    Home Page –
    Ole Humlum Bibliography –
    Cryosphere Today – Arctic Climate Research at the University of Illinois:
    Home Page –
    Products Page –
    Images Indexed By Date –
    Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area –
    Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Area –
    moyhu – Nike Stokes
    Home Page –
    Regional Hi-Res SST Movies –
    Collection of High Resolution NOAA SST Images with WebGL –
    Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) – HYCOM Consortium for Data-Assimilative Ocean Modeling
    NRL Home Page –
    NRL Products Page –
    HYCOM Home Page –
    Satellite Products Page-
    Data Page –
    Multi-view –
    Navel Coastal Ocean Model –
    FTP Page –
    FTP Page Global –
    National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC):
    Home Page –
    FTP Page –
    Regional FTP Page –
    Data Search Page –
    Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Extent –
    Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Extent –
    University of Bremen:
    Home Page –
    Sea Ice Page –
    International Arctic Research Center/Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (IARC-JAXA)
    Home Page –
    FTP Page –
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) – Lance Modis
    Home Page –
    Rapid Response Satellite Page –
    National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – National Climate Data Center
    Home Page –
    Public FTP Page –
    National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – National Weather Service – Environmental Modeling Center
    Home Page –
    Sea Ice Analyses Page –
    Public FTP Page –
    Sea Ice FTP Page –
    Regional Arctic Sea Ice FTP Page –
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – National Ice Center:
    Home Page
    National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – National Weather Service NOAA Arctic Cam Page:
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL)
    Home Page –
    Physical Sciences Division (PSD) Products Page –
    Physical Sciences Division (PSD) Data Data Page –
    Physical Sciences Division (PSD) Data Maps Page –
    Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC) – Arctic Regional Ocean Observing System (ROOS):
    Home Page –
    Sea Ice Charts –
    Norway Meteorological SAF Sea Ice:
    Washington University North Pole Environmental Observatory:

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