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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Brave New Climate -- Stock Banned in less than 6 hours, 8PM New Years Eve

I guess I knew the truth.     I thought there could be some fringe element that would benefit from the truth.   No dice.

Check this out, my pseudonym was black888

Thanks Eclipse – black 888’s comments have been removed and his name blacklisted, as per the Comments Policy on climate chamge denialism, which you quoted.
All references and replies to climate change denialism have been deleted. BNC no longer discusses this wrong supposition but is concerned only with solutions to the problem. Check out the BNC Comments Policy for further clarification. Thankyou. posted by BNC MODERATOR
 Just hilarious, immediately after I post my opinion that I believe in climate change, and post data to backup the assertation, the little boys with big nuke toys at Brave New Climate ban me.     A lone voice of dissent, cannot be tolerated even one day.

here was my last comment:

To everyone engaging Black 888, As much as I’d like us all to tear down the delusions of another petty little climate denier, I’d encourage us NOT to ‘feed the troll’. We’ll just get dirty, and the troll loves it! Blog Commenting Policy: “This is a website for people concerned about mitigating climate change, protecting […]
my response: I would ask questions if I needed clarification on something that was said, that hasn’t happened yet.
I prefer fact based decision making. And that is why I present facts….here is the world wide temperature data from 1880 to 2013.
The interesting part is that cosmic ray effect deniers have never commented on the actual data, or even questioned its source.
That is very telling. My data actually show climate change which is obvious by antedoctyl evidence also, with spiking extremes, but oddly enough in an environment in which the overall standard deviation of the temperature changes is decreasing slightly.
So just because I ain’t drinking the Koolaid, doesn’t make me a troll, except to those who refuse to even look at evidence, real facts, real data. I do believe in climate change, but not warming at this time.
and 97% of all of the models have failed! Yet they are still clung to, for what reason, the hobgoblin of consistency?
no warming for 18 years folks. I also let you download the entire spreadsheet.
Data is here, ignore at your own loss
Well, we do know the level of thinking involved on the pro nuke side.     If they accepted an opposing fact, their inflated egos would be blasted by cognitive dissonance to kingdom come.    How sad these little boys are.   

In response to someone else Edward Greisch commented

TOM: Whatever your hangup is, get over it. You are going to get one of the following:
1. Nuclear power.
2. Intermittent electricity causing a collapse of civilization.
3. Global Warming causing a global famine that kills YOU.
  I see, the lies of nuke framed succinctly in 3 sentences.

And it gets better....did you know nuke can take the world out of poverty, save the biosphere, and create a space based race that will beam down plentiful power to everyone.

No shite, they actually said that

IF we develop the molten salt reactors (such as this one
Then, we would have the plentiful energy required to: 1, develop the world out of poverty, 2 lower GHG emissions (and save the biosphere) and 3, advanced humanity to become a space based race (in which case, unlimited space solar power will provide even more power than Earth’s fission resources!
 Visit if you can stand the stench

Pacific Ocean Radiation Stays in the Upper 250 feet, Dilution is Just a Lie

Sorry for some of these "partial posts".     I will develop them into more comprehensive posts as time allows.    As I have been researching new sources and finding very interesting "scientific" data that supports what I already knew.

A while back I ran across a testing regimen from a boat plying the Pacific and taking samples at various depths.    I was clear that over a wide horizontal range, that samples in the 200 foot and up range were much higher in ardioactivity than deeper samples like 400 feet, 600 feet, 1000 feet.    I did not preserve the link so I effectively lost the data.

Source Data
Woods Hole

But this point is very important.    The "experts" now predict a Cesium 137 lacing of the Pacific to be 5 Bq/M3.   Last year they were stating 2 Bq/M3.    Being a betting man, I'll give even odds that it exceeds 10 in the upper biosphere of the Pacific.     It doesn't dilute downward, so those using the whole Pacific volume (down to 25000 feet and more) to calculate dilution, are just plain wrong.

And we know that strontium in spent fuel is roughly equal to cesium.     And strontium in all likely forms is soluble enough that a large swimming pool could dissolve all the strontium and make it "available" to the Pacific.     Strontium goes into bones and causes leukemia among other things.    Strontium will definitely bioaccumulate.

The "scientists" at Woods Hole (aka Woods Whore for Grant Money) are sticking to measuring the water.      I have yet to see any decent "scientific" work on bio accumulation.

If any of you citizen scientists want to help out, find some resources on bio accumulation and drop them into the comment section.

We know that lichens, like mushrooms, are radiation sponges.   We know that reindeer like lichens.   We know that reindeer are dying off at a massive rate.    Look at some of the crap/useless information being studied and presented at the National Academy of Sciences

Summary all are per M3
600 feet         0.4 Bq
250 feet         4.5 Bq
175 feet          In progress (aka we came up with a really freaking high scary number and we are going to 'reanalyze it')
125 feet          4.4 Bq
25 feet            2.2 Bq
Coordinates: 49.97, -145.16
Sample Date: Aug 02, 2014 12:00
Depth: 600
Thanks to: Captain Curtis Collins, RV Point Sur, Moss Landing Marine Lab.
Cs137: 0.4 ± 0.1Bq/m3
Cs134: below detection

Coordinates: 49.97, -145.16
Sample Date: Aug 02, 2014 12:00
Depth: 250
Thanks to: Captain Curtis Collins, RV Point Sur, Moss Landing Marine Lab.

Cs137: 4.5 ± 0.2Bq/m3
Cs134*0.9 ± 0.1Bq/m3
*decay corrected to date of sampling

Coordinates: 49.97, -145.16
Sample Date: Aug 02, 2014 12:00
Depth: 175
Thanks to: Captain Curtis Collins, RV Point Sur, Moss Landing Marine Lab.
In progress.

Coordinates: 49.97, -145.16
Sample Date: Aug 02, 2014 12:00
Depth: 125
Thanks to: Captain Curtis Collins, RV Point Sur, Moss Landing Marine Lab.

Cs137: 4.4 ± 0.2Bq/m3
Cs134*0.9 ± 0.1Bq/m3
*decay corrected to date of sampling

Coordinates: 49.97, -145.16
Sample Date: Aug 02, 2014 12:00
Depth: 25
Thanks to: Captain Curtis Collins, RV Point Sur, Moss Landing Marine Lab.
Cs137: 3.9 ± 0.1Bq/m3
Cs134*12.2 ± 0.2Bq/m
*1decay corrected to April 6, 2011
Cs134*2: 0.7 ± 0.1Bq/m3
*2decay corrected to date of sampling

Acid Ocean Wherein Lies the Truth?

Doc Goodheart, who runs a substantial website, and is a prolithic writer and researcher told me this was an important subject to be familiar with.   Our  Acid Ocean.    So I am placing it here for ease of finding in the future when I have time to "run it to ground".
Everyone needs to become an expert on this subject, it is one of those things that is CRITICAL to know.
Acid Test; The Global Challenge Of Ocean Acidification; via A Green Road Blog


I found a number of sites that deal with the pH issue in a fairly scientific manner.  Somehow pH was massively sampled in 1970 until 1995 and then fell out of fashion.     But in that time frame the measured pH was VERY consistent.     Large variations were not seen.   

Now we have large downward (more acidic) changes reported but a dearth of samples!   

 Most of the samples were taken around Asia and upper Eur-Asia

Ongoing Fission Criticality at Fukushima

I postulate that many of the ENENEWs readers and visitors to my humble blog already "know" that there was ongoing criticalities at Fukushima.   Cold shut down, my arse.

But in trying to the actual research paper submitted to the National Academy of Science regarding testing in Canada showing a 500% increase in Cesium Radiation in the Ocean water....I ran across this gem, showing without a doubt that there were ongoing criticalities, fission events at Fukushima, after the initial set of accidents.

Scientific proof of massive amounts of criticalities at Fukushima AFTER the accident.

A recent earthquake and the subsequent tsunami have extensively damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant, releasing harmful radiation into the environment. Despite the obvious implication for human health and the surrounding ecology, there are no quantitative estimates of the neutron flux leakage during the weeks following the earthquake. Here, using measurements of radioactive 35S contained in sulfate aerosols and SO2 gas at a coastal site in La Jolla, California, we show that nearly 4 × 1011 neutrons per m2 leaked at the Fukushima nuclear power plant before March 20, 2011. A significantly higher Graphic activity as measured on March 28 is in accord with neutrons escaping the reactor core and being absorbed by the coolant seawater 35Cl to produce 35S by a (n, p) reaction. Once produced, 35S oxidizes to Graphic and Graphic and was then transported to Southern California due to the presence of strong prevailing westerly winds at this time. Based on a moving box model, we show that the observed activity enhancement in Graphic is compatible with long-range transport of the radiation plume from Fukushima. Our model predicts that Graphic, the concentration in the marine boundary layer at Fukushima, was approximately 2 × 105 atoms per m3, which is approximately 365 times above expected natural concentrations. These measurements and model calculations imply that approximately 0.7% of the total radioactive sulfate present at the marine

Here is the source

Ukraine Radiation Accident and Radiation in Ocean Confirmed, With Horrific Reporting

Update, for the first time in history, one of my posts is getting more hits from a single foreign country than from USA.     Looks like Europe is really on edge over this Ukraine nuke plant with conflicting stories.    Check out this chart of current visitors.

Bobby, did some of the best reporting in WIPP, and now he is on Ukraine Radiation Accident

And MichaĆ«l Van Broekhoven has been doing some top notch reporting, exposing truth.   In the past we had to expose lies, now that spin is in, lies are everywhere and exposing truth is a skill.     Reading the thing not stated.

And Majia is a steadfast writer of great skill, she has 2 books out of which I have both, I recommend you buy them.

Sheesh if only we could get William Banzai fully onto the anti nuke cause, at least ZeroHedge itself is pounding away.

As some of the big news agencies start to catch on to the glaring inconsistencies in official statements at the biggest nuclear plant in Europe, it become more curious by the day.   We know the game plan of the nuclear / radiation cartel is always to coverup, then deny, then minimize.

It is interesting to see a snapshot of online visitors to the Nukepro at 7:30AM on a holiday
Czech, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.......looks like the cat is getting out of the bag and people are searching for information.

And here is confirmation that Ocean water is shown to have doubled in Cesium already, and is expected to peak at 500% over "background".     But this reporting is horrible, they also state that

While the Cesium-134 from the accident will disappear within a few years, Cesium-137 can linger for years.
Thus, the scientists predict the Cesium-137 levels off the North American coast will not return to the levels seen before the Fukushima accident until 2021."
 Anyone with half a brain understands that Cs134 has a half life of 2 years, so it doesn't disappear within a "few years", at 10 years it is reduced to 3% of source term.

And then to state that Cs137 can "linger for years" is just insultingly stupid.     Cs137 has a half life of 30 years.   In 60 years it would be 25% of the initial amount (aka source term).     So if it went up 500%, and then dropped to 25% of that (in 60 years) that would be a 125% increase, so effectively in 60 years, it is still more than double the original background.

But they are saying it will go back to background levels in 7 years, WTF are they talking about?

And then they state that the Fuku fallout is well below levels seen from nuclear bomb testing, when obviously it is much higher.   If the bomb test residuals are now at a level a 1 Bq/m3, and roughly a little more than 1 full half life has passed, then initial background from bombs was roughly 2.2, but they say Fuku will reach 5 in a few years.    How the hell is that "well below"

Genetically Modified Organisms GMO a Video Debate

I have been able to "Run to Ground" a number of important topics, which is to say chase an issue far enough down the rabbit hole to draw conclusions, at least to be able to create an action plan.

1) Worldwide Financial System
2) Destruction of US middle class
3) Radiation and the Nuclear Cartel
4) Global Warming / Climate Change
5) Cap and Trade (Carbon Tax)

There remains 1 obvious "big ticket issue" for which I have not been able to put time into a draw a conclusion.     Although I have already cast my vote on the side of caution by producing a mini-farm that can and did grow all the food needed for my family including my 2 large dogs, using all "heirloom" seeds.    Heirloom is sometimes misconstrued by people as "those weird shaped tomatoes", when its basic meaning is a plant that is not a hybrid, that is not genetically modified.

The seeds from and heirloom plant, will produce that heirloom plant again and again.    The seeds from a hybrid are a crap shoot that might not produce a plant at all, or an unexpected plant.

So I have cast my vote through action, on the side of caution.
In the video below, posted on "Popular Science" GMO is debated from the pro and no-go sides.    They state that the pro side "were much better spoken".     I guess I would expect nothing less, since they have 10's of billions of dollars riding on the outcome, these companies hire, develop, promote, train, and massively compensate the few people's who have the ability to understand the technology, and the ability to dance away from the negative issues, and the ability to play on emotions, and the ability to sell.  

On the "anti" side, the parties don't have the massive financial backing, they are not imperatively personally motivated by large financial rewards of winning the argument. 

Of course the prospect of eating corn with scorpion poison genes in it, is inherently unappealing to me, I mean just how much scorpion poison can you have in your food and not be harmful?   And yes, our scientists are subjecting us to exactly that experiment.     Some of the anti arguments include pictures of lab rats full of bulbous tumors after eating GMO.

Wherein lies the truth?

I would like feedback and links from anyone who has run some of these GMO issues to ground.

From Popular Science--------------
"The 'for' people were just so much more on point than the 'against' people," Nye told Popular Science after the show. Nye himself worries that genetically modified crops aren't studied for a long enough time for their environmental effects before they're planted on farms. Crops get about five years of testing before they're sold in the U.S., Monsanto CTO Robert Fraley says. "I'm still not satisfied, as a scientist, as a voter, that five years is enough," Nye says. Still, in terms of the debate itself: "The GMO people were much better spoken." If Nye were in charge of drawing the line, he would draw it at combining ova and sperm in a lab, not at engineering pieces of genetic material into plant embryos. photo of a stage showing a moderator with two tables of two debaters each On Stage at the Debate © Samuel Lahoz Photography The "for" side argued there's strong scientific consensus, including statements from organizations such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the U.S.' National Academy of Sciences, that genetically engineered plants are safe to eat. Society can't afford to toss out this important technical tool. "GM is sometimes uniquely able to deliver a useful trait, like crops that are more resilient to climate change," said Alison Van Eenennaam, a geneticist at the University of California at Davis who accompanied Fraley on the "for" side. "The benefits of GM are too great to vote anything but yes for GM tonight." The "against" side argued there haven't been enough long-term studies of GMOs' food safety. "I've read essentially all of the statements by various bodies," said Charles Benbrook, a professor of sustainable agriculture at Washington State University who argued against GM crops. "Most of the recommendations for better science, more careful risk assessment, and post-market surveillance that have been made for more than 15 years, in these reports, have not been acted upon." In addition, Benbrook's partner on the "against" side, Margaret Mellon, argued that over the past 30 years, genetic engineers haven't made that many useful crops, except pesticide-resistant ones, which now suffer from resistant weeds. (Here at Popular Science, we think GM technology has created many beneficial plants.) "We need to be clear about what genetic engineering can't do," said Mellon, a founding scientist for the Union of Concerned Scientists' Food and Environment Program. "We've got other technologies out there. They're far more powerful than genetic engineering." Below is a video Intelligence Squared made of the debate. It's well worth a watch.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Household Electrical Usage, What Kind of Conservation Makes Sense?

What can you do at a Residence that really makes sense in terms of saving electricity?

I will add to this article at a later date "when I have time" lol.   But for now let this suffice.    I am an expert in these matters, there are only 14,000 Certified Energy Managers (CEM) in the USA.   I am one of them, my number is in the low 9000's

There are a few things you can do at a household that make economic sense with a quick payback.    And there are lots of things you can do that hardly make sense at all based on economics and the value of your own time.    That said....anything we do to conserve energy or produce energy strikes a nail into the heart of The Nuclear Lie.

Replace any 10 year old or older  Refrigerator or Freezer with a new more efficient  unit.   If possible, if you have like 3 total units at your house, try to eliminate one completely.

Replace any electric water heater with solar water heat.    If you have gas water heating, it is unlikely that going solar will make economic sense.

Replace older conventional washing machines with modern Front Loader washing machines

If you have gas available, consider converting Electric Dryer to Gas

If you have incandescent lights, convert to CFL.    Consider converting to LED, but be careful, not all LED is cheap at this time.     The run hours of the light say everything about the economic sense of the changeout.    Contact me if you need help on a simple analysis.    I need original  watts, run hours, and replacement watts, and cost of replacement.

Install Solar PV.   This is pretty much a no brainer throughout the USA except in the areas with super cheap hydro-power.    In places like Hawaii, it is the Mother Of All No brainers.   What is the cost (less tax and utility incentives), and what is the output?    What is the expected rate of increase in power cost from your power company (the answer is likely around 6% per year).    The analysis is pretty simple.     The more systems that go in your area, the lower the costs will become.    However, be aware of tax credits going away in 2016. 

Install Power Strips on congregations of equipment that can be shutoff completely, like your entertainment center.    Lots of devices have lights or CPUs or microchips running whenever plugged in, even if off.     These are also called vampire loads.   The Vampire Loads can be as high as 10% to 15% of your entire household usage.

In high heat areas like most of Hawaii, installing a solar attic fan is an extremely cheap way to accomplish a lot of worthy goals.    With current tax credits, the cost is typically under $400 net cost.  You can achieve, cooler attic and less heat coming  into the house.   That means greater comfort and lower air-conditioning bills.   They will also prolong the life of your roof, make your storage space more useable (attic space can run 150F to 180F, damaging anything in there).

That's it, 8 no brainers


DO NOT --Buy any "black box" gizmos from salesmen that will mount in your garage and magically make all your energy consumption drop 30% (or even 10%).    These Capacitors, aka Power Conditioners, and other trade names are 99% smoke and mirrors.   Remember, the best  lies have an element of the truth.

DO NOT - worry too much about your electric range.    Even if you cook a lot, these are a very small fraction of your overall bill.    It will not make economic sense to change a range from electric to gas, But, and I have just done this, converted from Electric to gas in order to have better cooking, instantaneous heat control, and emergency backup in a power outage (you still need to be able to provide 120V for the range to operate, but this is small, think computer backup UPS)

DO NOT fall for well intentioned but damaging misunderstanding of technical information like an electrician saying to convert your Jacuzzi tub to 240V from 120V will cut your electric in half.     I have heard this kind of thing so many times, it wants to make me pull my hair out.   YES it will cut your amperage in half, that it a simple formula.   However, you buy electricity in KWH.   True your amperage is down by half, but your overall wattage you need to buy stays right about the same.    The  change in efficiency is minor, 1% to 3% by going to 240V. 

DO NOT switch to a "Instantaneous Water Heater" in areas of high calcium and especially silicate water supplies.    The savings attributed to these types of heater are vastly inflated.   The amount of energy lost through thermal conduction through the insulation of your water heater  is really small, a heater might lose 2 or 3 degrees overnight.     Electric Instantaneous is even worse than Gas Instantaneous.

DO NOT fall for a "change to gas water heat from electric"  IF you can go hot water Solar.    Gas heaters are not good FUTURE candidates for conversion to Solar.   Don't think 'I can always do solar later after the conversion to gas', it is not that simple.    The best backup heating system for a typical solar is electric backup.    Do not buy Gas Water Heat on a new house.   Solar is FAR better.   Developors will set their best salesmen on you to convince you the gas is better, simply because it is cheaper for them to build and they can make more money off of you.   

In the future I will detail a CONSIDER LIST, it won't be that large


Modern refrigerators and freezers are extremely efficient, even with the electric heat defrost.

I bought a 20 Cubic Foot freezer to store 1/3 of my garden harvest.   I logged it using a kWH plug in meter.   These used to cost $120 and even as a CEM I only had 2, now they are in the $20 range and you can get them at the big box stores or online.

I logged my large freezer and in the heat of summer whilst loading it with warm product, it was using 1.2kWH per day, or a little less than $6 per month.   In winter, with the freezer in an unheated garage, I expect the usage to be much less, and I just deployed my logger to collect some REAL DATA.

Folks in order to make good decisions, we need REAL DATA.   Otherwise we spin our wheels, wasting our own precious energy and time.

To Emphasize a no brainer that doesn't even deserve analysis: if your refrigerator or freezer is over 10 YO, replace it, the energy savings alone will pay for the new unit.   Donate the old one to someone who really needs it.    Put it up on craigslist if need be.  

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Vermont Yankee is Dead! Long Die the Yankee: Economic Analysis of the Decomm

One of the worst GE Mark 1 reactors is being shut down on Dec 31, 2014. I hope they aren't drinking on New Years Eve.

They like new Years Eve fireworks in Hawaii, but we don't need any Chernobyl sky lights! Funny how they picked that day, probably based on financials, depreciation, and some tax avoidance scheme. Anyhow, good riddance.

Wasserman does a nice article on the shutdown, it took consistent activism to bring it down.

So in Illinois and elsewhere around the U.S., their owners demand that their bought and rented state legislators and regulators force the public to eat their losses. Arguing for “base load power” or other nonsensical corporate constructs, atomic corporations are gouging the public to keep these radioactive jalopies sputtering along.
I like Wasserman's spin on my Soup up the Klunkers (stock TM)
here is his writeup


Now we go into the next reality check. The decomissioning.

Entergy plays the card...we want to finish the decomm as soon as possible, not let it drag out until 2070, but it all depends on how the decomm fund grows through investments.

They have around $600M in the decomm fund, and it will like cost $1,800M or more to bring it back to "greenfield".  

I did some spreadsheets and came up with "they don't have a snow balls chance in hell of ever getting this done."       In some scenarios, the fund growth could outpace inflation enough to catch up.    BUT and this is huge and massive BUT (big enough to break the internet, lol) all this analysis is based upon no major market correction in the next 55 years.

Oh wait, there were majot corrections in 1987, 2000, and 2008.   They seem to be coming more frequently.   So that is 3 in 21 years, but the nuclear cartel expects us to believe that there will be no more crashes in the next 55 years.    

Obviously, if the firm is to be an ongoing firm, then they should have no problem with ponying up extra money right now into the fund, and when future events play out and things looks rosier, then allow them to remove the excess funds.     But we know that is not the game plan of the nuke cartel.   They want to extract the profits, bribe and control the NRC, spin off the weak and closed plants to another entity, and then go bankrupt.         It is a simple playbook.

Here is a link where you can download my actual Excel spreadsheet

Here are the charts, let me know any questions.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sources of Radiation in the United States

A new reader (well a new participant) at ENENEWS had this to say, and then the following list of radiation source terms in the United States.    I thought that "bowling" deserved some kudo's and I encourage them to write more.  

I love you all so much. stock, onto, obe, chas, bo, code, heart, dick, calif, roger, tacoma, joy, cisco, dosdos, johnny, really everyone. i am so sick. i was raised in triple threat area. downwinder, underground nuc detonations at the headwaters of the colorado river by aspen colorado of all places. finally shitloads of uranium mines, mill tailings going into. the colorado river. i would say the colorado river and lake powell are among of the most radioactive water bodies in the world. why do we allow these criminals to build nuclear reactors in places like japan? there was a huge uranium mill in the heart of my town. they will never clean up the radioactive mess they have created. we are floating on radioactive ooze.

  • bowling
    I am new here. thanks bo. people do not take into consideration processing facilities in japan that are at risk from earthquakes. Hospital radioisotopes. Nuclear waste dumps there.
    The united states is probably the most radioactive contaminated place in the world.
    The united states is so badly contaminated now few people can truly comprehend it. From the old uranium enrichment mills in paducah Kentucky and Ohio to the grotesque contamination of los alamos, oak-ridge Tennessee, Hanford, skull valley ut.  IDAHO, NEVADA, The ROCKY Mountain flats.  California . Oklahoma kerr magee.
    The numerous depleted uranium mortar sites all over the united states from Indiana to California to ny state to Georgia to virginia on tens of thousands of acres run by army, navy, airforce.  
    The radioactive waste dump burning under st louis as we speak. 
    Barges of radioactive waste sunk in the great lakes Mississippi. Off the coast. 
    Nuclear ships sank off the coast or in bays. 
    There were dozens of underground nuclear bombs detonated all over the country not just in nevada.  In alaska, miss, georgia, colorado, new mexico, texas, tennessee. 
    Low level dumps of radioactive materials in utah and texas from other counties we were not told about. 
    The huge high level dumps in Carlsbad NM called WIPP that just caught fire. 
    All the 100 reactors with the  ground and waste  pools and water bodies around them.  Radioactive contamination extending out for 50 miles with…

    low level waste dumps with radioactive waste from other countries
  • bowling
    More than 5000 nuclear waste sites, superfund sites, highly radioactive, low level sites, test  sites all over usa.
    Fracking water that is radioactive.  Industrial dumps in our backyards that we are not aware of much less them being radioactive.
    All the radium deposited in ground from fossil fuel burning from vehicles jets power plants. 
    Uranium tailings.
    Medical waste.
    Bomb arsenals and missiles spread across us and Alaska.
    The heavy contamination we have gotten from Fukushima.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Radiation in the Pacific Ocean up 472%, Real Data Collected in Hawaii

This post consists of:

1) Real radiation measured in Hawaii ocean water using boiled off samples taken and measured by the nukepro.
2) Original "background radiation" levels in the ocean.
3) Analysis of what it means

 1) Measured Radiation

Inspired by Dana Dunford, I hooked up with a friend in Hawaii who had a small enough dinghy it could be transported by hand and launched on the beach.      We went to Rabbit island which is a small island off Oahu's windward coast.

here is a link to Dana Durnford site ---visit, consider a small donation, he does paypal, you can donate $2 with no fees.

 We spent 2 hours at Rabbit Island, freediving and spearfishing.    We caught 4 fish and I will present data analysis at a later date.     I froze with guts intact.

I collected about 4 liters of ocean water, and later boiled this off.   The remainder was an amazing amount of "stuff" presumably mostly salt.     I tested it with a Geiger and did about 6 total test runs of 10 minutes each.

2)  Here is a source of information on background radiation in the oceans

3) Analysis. see the Calc Sheet 1A and Calc Sheet 2A

Radiation is Hawaii Ocean Water is 472% higher than prior "background radiation" in ocean water.    this is going to be primarily Strontium and Cesium. 

And here is nicely formatted Engineering based Fukushima blog

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cities Running on Renewable Electricity

One of the lies of nuke, is that "whole cities can't run on renewable"

(might not even be on my list of 93 one liner lies of nuke......check out this Utube video detailing these lies in an entertaining manner)

Here is an update from Germany
Electricity in Germany: Green energy for the first time the most important source of electricity
The energy turnaround is making progress: Solar, wind, hydro and bio gas are delivering the biggest part of the electricity mix for the first time. Second place comes brown coal, nuclear power and stone coal are falling behind.
Hamburg – For the German electricity market the year 2014 is the beginning of a new era: [...] Green energy with a contribution of 25.8 percent is the most important source of electricity. Hydro power stations, wind turbines, photovoltaics and bio gas power plants [...] in the last twelve months produced…


This website is dedicated to tracking those cities that are already 100% renewable or on the way to 100%

How about Aspen Colorado, will be 100% reneweable next year.[tt_news]=337&cHash=f24e4799ad5fe6506f7d40b2cbdcb7c7

This is a small town in Germany, runs 100% on renewable, usually exports power.

 This Pacific  Island is already 100% renewable[tt_news]=180&tx_locator_pi1[startLat]=-14.87670135&tx_locator_pi1[startLon]=3.70347235&cHash=784f71c6824a0cf05b6475d6b023b22e

Burlington Vermont, the largest city in the State, gets all it's power from renewable.

another lie of nuke is that renweable need tons of energy storage and it will be impossible to achieve.

Here I added to the lies of nuke, very good youtube video depicting these lies and set to music. perfect music showing the disharmony of nuclear with human life and all life for that matter.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Banzai Pipeline 2014 Triple Crown of Surfing Championship

After Doing a Solar Troubleshoot on the North Shore of Oahu, I decided to enter the fray and crawl into Pipeline area.     I knew some type of surf event was going on, but hadn't paid attention to details.   LOL, it was the triple crown championship.    Dec 20th was the last day that it could be held, and conditions were excellent.    Enjoy the report, I hope it gives you a feel of what the whole awesome event was like.     Drop a comment.  stock out

At the bottom is a still picture wave sequence showing a successful "pipe" and a video of the Champions perfect 10 run.

Gabriel Medina Took the Championship, he is from Brazil, and that is a first for Brazil.

Julian Wilson Took second place.    He is from Australia

Quite an amount of infrastructure is set up for the event

 Competition Status is nicely updated
 This is the judges booth and "insider hangout".    They give surf runs a score on a scale up to 10 being perfect
 There are lots of cameras, TV video, and stuff in the air, there are also professional water videotographers and photographers who free swim in the surf zone to get spectacular coverage.
 Above several individual citizens were operating private drones with video.     One operator informed me the drone was around $1000 and the video was $500 and up.

The waves were big and often nicely formed for the legendary pipeline "pipe"

Masses of people from all walks of life, many races, all age groups, and many countries converge on pipeline.    Some are dressed fully clothed protected from the strong sun, and others are dressed in string bikinis, and everything in between.     Somehow the "speedo" that male Europeans clung to for decades has seemed to completely be extinct.

 There is a support crew of jetskies / waverunner tow boats for safety and to help tow surfers out to the zone.    There are also the regular lifeguards on the beach on their four runners

 The surf is big and plenty of barrels and high flying action

 As the surfers come out of the water, they walk right through the crowds on the beach.    They are all laid back and more than happy to pose for a selfie with a fan.    The pet pig was a real hit on the beach too.    I hardly saw any dogs, just a few small ones, they seemd to be mostly off leash.

Lots of cameras, phone cameras, drones, tablets.  There is a fair amount of open consumption of beer, and lots of that was bottles which I would shy away from due to chance of glass on the beach, but I saw no broken bottles and when everyone left the beach, it was spotless, not a can or even candy wrapper.    Amazing respect for the Aina.

OK the surfs all over, time for the closing ceremonies.    Check out the guy tipping back a brewski, and does this girl look a little bit happy, LOL

 Here is Queenie who will present the awards

 Now the awards, a few leis, a hug from the Pipeline "Queen", and a big trophy.

 Lots of news coverage

 Watch this wave sequence, surfer gets on wave, the pipe develops and completely covers the surfer, which seems like minutes even though it is just seconds, as everyone wonders, will he pop out or was he already crushed inside the tube.

The end.   PS are all "stock photos"