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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Crash and Burn Of Modern "Reporting"

----------------------------------- basic stuff to answer, but so infrequent that we get even the basics.

The most important, and obvious questions, go unasked. 

Of course I like Fox News, they are the only thing that even tries to pretend they are real news.    And with Donna Brazille joining their know they are infiltrated/controlled very much now.

But this story line is pathetic, you can read through it, and look at the real story, at the bottom.

Article is poorly written: -
She was married to a St. Louis PD officer for 6 months -
She was cheating on her husband with this St. Louis PD officer -
Officer she's cheating on her husband with is drinking alcohol on-duty -
Officer is hanging out at his house while on-duty -
Officer got a burglary call but since he was out of jurisdiction, he radioed for another officer to respond -

She took the loaded gun from this officer, pointed it at him & pulled the trigger, it didn't fire -
Officer took the gun back from her, pointed it at her, pulled the trigger & it fired -

Officer confessed to his supervisor he was in love with her & she was planning to move in with him

For the actions above: They gave her "Officer of the Year"

 & gave him 7 Years.

Sources: KMOV . com (several articles) and Court documents

-------------------------------------------------- Alternate Theory

He was in love with her, and wanted her to move in with him.
because of her recent marriage to another man, he just couldn't.

he murdered her

Cops all invented a completely unbelievable fabrication of reverse Russian Roulette.
Mostly to protect the reputation of this sad police department. 

Friday, February 28, 2020

Went to Some Disney Entertainment "The Lion King" But I Got Doubled Q'd Instead

Odd things continually happen in my life.    Head shakingly so.

So we went to see the Musical, The Lion King.   The theater was pretty full, say 97% full.   It is a popular and very well done show.

Our seats were in the middle, so I figured I would be tripping over 32 people to get to our seats.

But check out the picture, all of the seats up to mine were empty.     And then it hit me....

My seat was Q-34.   They all stayed empty.

I had unimpeded trip to Q-17+17

I been Q'd

George Webb -- Why The Rise Up Of Pete Buttigieg? Connections to "Diverting" Funds in Africa

stock here---this submitted by a reader, including the  conversion to text.

I am beta testing a video to text converter.   I can go through text SO much faster than watching some bloated video.   All George Webb is kind of "all over the place" when putting together his "rat trails", so having it in print in front of you makes it a little easier to track.  

Webb travels all over, doing real reporting.   You decide whether you like his format or connections.   Much seems very plausible, but rarely is "court like" proof possible via open source.


George Webb is at it again, with a veritable Finnegan's Wake of fraud and intrigue, where he's found that so many people in recent headlines were involved in illicit weapons diversion schemes, using funds from the Iraq- and Afghanistan Reconstruction projects.

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction recently corroborated what Webb has been saying for the past three years, when he admitted that some 85% of the $30 billion allocated to Afghan reconstruction (mostly from the US) was "not absorbed" by Afghanistan, i.e., it was diverted.

Webb says that his recent posts, connecting Pete Buttigieg to Africa have drawn the ire of a follower who's in the Navy Reserve but that these attacks have proven to be enlightening.

"Just by getting one missile shot at you, there's a tremendous amount of metadata that you can learn...Sometimes, I think the conspirators here are trying to get caught...because the metadata is so voluminous...

"So who shot the latest missile at George Webb and the people here on our channel? Well, you guessed it, it's a Navy guy...He spent a lot of years in the Navy and he spent a lot of years with Tomahawk missiles...He was on several different ships that were surface warfare ships that fired Cruise missiles; Tomahawk missiles into Kosovo...

"When Obama was asked who was gonna win the election; who would be the next person they would consider, as a big front runner, he named an unknown mayor at that time from South Bend, Indiana...He named a pretty unknown guy as a presidential contender. Everybody said, 'Who the heck is Pete Buttigieg?'

"...So, I was interested, because this guy was in the Horn of Africa...and he seemed to be saying, 'At all costs, do not connect Pete Buttigieg with Africa.'

"Now, he's from Norfolk. He's currently got a Hale & Associates-type private security firm. I believe he does electronic security, sort of like Task Force Orange used to do, but electronic security, operational security, information assurance. That type of thing; probably defense against cyber-hacking and other things. I don't know what all Hale does, but he's a very knowledgeable guy and he's obviously served our country but he was also in the State Department.

"He was a liaison to the country of Djibouti....Now, this is a country that has a long history of money-laundering and a long history of dealing in illegal weapons, because it's so small.

"The Horn of've got four little tiny countries and one very badly war-torn country in Somalia. But you've got this little tiny country of Djibouti, a very small country of Eritrea.

"Now, why would Peter Strzok choose to target Djibouti or target Eritrea? Because, those are very easy governments to control. Those are very easy governments to do banking with. Those are very easy governments to launder money through...

"When you start getting torpedoes or missiles; Tomahawk Cruise missiles from Djibouti, you know, there's great metadata there! I mean, that's like a white chocolate-covered crossbow, in terms of metadata. There's not a lot of those in the world, you know?

"...So, it does very much bring out a part of history that is very pivotal to understanding how this money..of Iraq and how the money of Afghanistan [Reconstruction] was diverted to the Horn of Africa. And again, diverting it into a very small country, like Djibouti or what I say is Somalia, through some warlords in Somalia is a way of draining the very large war budgets that are going into Iraq and into Afghanistan.

"If it was me, what I would do is I would have huge amounts of weapons, let's say missiles sent to Iraq. I would have a guy like Odey, a person in-country do Middle East trading; in some way get a hold of these missiles, somehow loosen these missiles from Iraq and then fly them down, under the auspices of a Task Force Orange, Top Secret program; fly them down to a secret airbase called KS-50 in the southern part of Somalia.

"I'd load up and then I would trade these weapons. I'd give these weapons to warlords...that I was helping finance in the drug business.

"Now, I'm not saying that Pete Buttigieg is doing that, with the finance cell that he was in, the Afghan Finance Cell but what I am saying is, this Ken Hale said, 'Well, produce for me some evidence that Buttigieg was in the Horn of Africa.'

You can produce what they call a Fitness Report. A Fitness Report is basically your assignment, your orders...I produced four of 'em...four requisitions, if you will, that say Buttigieg was in Africa as an intelligence officer in surveillance...

"This is somebody who's already probably hacked, with his software - this Shadow software that he's involved in - already hacked the Iowa election. He's in South Carolina right now, in an yet again, another election...we have the footprints, the smoking gun, already from Iowa, that he's involved in this Shadow hacking, so we have to take this seriously...

"Why would this person say there's no Fit Reps, when I'm showing him four Fit Reps where it says Pete Buttigieg was in Africa and he was in former Yugoslavia?

"...Would Pete Strzok know where the weapons caches were in Kosovo? Yeah. What if you were trying to move the weapons caches from Kosovo to arm some warlords in Somalia? Wouldn't it just be a matter of Buttigieg going to Kosovo and flying them down to KS-50 in an Eclipse Aviation, in an Ekim Alptekin plane?

"Remember, this is another DARPA plane that these guys are flying, this Eclipse Aviation plane they've spent $500 million in DARPA for Electronic Warfare (EW) to defeat NATO radar. There's no way that they would know that the weapons were being moved from Kosovo to then being moved.

"And let's say you were going to do a campaign like Arab Spring, wouldn't it make sense that when Peter Strzok came back in power, he would bring his cronies in - and remember, Buttigieg was brought in with no training as a lieutenant - and all of a sudden now, Buttigieg is in Africa and Kosovo, right? Wouldn't it make sense that would be at a drone base, like let's say Djibouti, which is a drone base or Fort Huachuca, which is a drone base?

"Wouldn't it make sense that you would want to do flyovers near a border area to take out the border defenses? Isn't that exactly what happened in Tobruk from Egypt? Isn't that exactly what happened on the border of Tripoli from Tunisia? Wasn't there also a southern prong coming up from Uganda, coming through Sudan and Uganda? Wasn't there also southern prong there?

"Wouldn't it make sense that you would take money that was intended for Afghan[istan] and Pakistan would basically leave bread crumbs and say...'Osama bin Laden has left... Afghanistan and they've gone to the Horn of Africa.'

"Why do you have them go to the Horn of Africa? Because Osama bin Laden was holed-up in Sudan. Why do you go there? So you can cache weapons there, so you can divert money there. And we're not speculating that money was diverted there. We know it's diverted there.

"We're actually going through the contracts of the Iraq Reconstruction Fund. Everybody I've seen in all these trials, the only thing that I see in all these Manafort trials, Flynn trials, all of all these people - Papadopoulos, Carter Page - all these sagas, the only thing that I see is weapons-brokering.

"Papadopoulos: weapons-brokering; Page: missiles, weapons-brokering; Mike Flynn, Task Force Orange: encrypted phones; Paul Manafort: weapons brokering. It's all weapons-brokering!

"It's all about - all the people who - the Farooqi trial that I went to - all about diversion of weapons but they were supposed to go to Afghanistan... they still have the contract, by the way for Afghanistan, Pakistan, after diverting our weapons for our soldiers and food and trucks through Bandar Abbas, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard port, okay?

"Remember, how closely-associated Farooqi was with the DNC? We're not guessing. We know that the Afghan Reconstruction [Funds] were diverted there. We know the Iraqi money was diverted there.

"Wait, if you don't believe me and my three years of reports, well, guess who just came out and agreed with me? The head Inspector General for Iraq, a guy named Sopko just came out and said, 'Oh, by the way, 85% of the money was diverted.'

"I'd imagine, if he's the Special Investigator General, the SIGAR ...wouldn't he know if the money was diverted not? Why is he saying 85% of the money was diverted to the Horn of Africa?

Why is he saying that? I'm not saying that - I was for three years - but now he's agreeing with me. Why is he saying it? Because it was.

"So sometimes - and this is interesting - because this guy, Ken Hale is the country leader, the top diplomatic guy from the military, in the relationship with Djibouti, which is really super interesting, because they had a secret drone base in Djibouti.

"And you have Pete Buttigieg running around with General Dunford, right? Four-Star, Baby - and now he's running the Joint Chiefs of Staff - that's Numero Uno, right?

"We're not talking about somebody who's kind of a bit player, here. And they developed the RQ-21, sort of a marine vertical takeoff - no, like a Jeep-launched drone. It's a big. It's about the size of a Jeep

"I don't know, it seems like there's a lot of drone in this story. There's an awful lot of drone and there's a lawful a lot of people, like General Atomics and these cutaway businesses, like Carter Page is doing, that just seems to be the double-dip; just seems to be everywhere you turn, the reconstruction money is being diverted and these little cabal - small cabal not a big group of people - are are basically creating these little companies and using these Imran Awans to basically take down the contracts."

Running Time 30 mins:

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Milwaukee Shooting Some Facts Come Out, And We Will See About More "Narrative"

At the bottom I screen captured a bunch of Twitter items.     Presented without much comment.

Some guy name Mohammad wrote some stuff, and other are repeating it as gospel.

His house, apparently

2-28-2020 stock here, adding in some interesting stuff, found through the shooters Brother Benjamin Ferrill.    Looks like so many associates with court records, and curious enough, this guy lived in Ewa Beach, one town away from where Snowden, and I, lived.    Black guy in Ewa Beach makes me think "Military" or Spook.

5 fast facts that don't look too slanted.

This looks like a BS story.    Industrial technicians are not going to have "an office", a locker probably, but not an office.

The two co-workers had accused each other of going into each others’ offices and tampering with computer equipment or swiping tools, the source, who didn’t want to be named, told the outlet Thursday.
NBC fails to show a picture of the shooter.

All five victims were employees of the company's Milwaukee campus and ranged in age from 33 to 57, according to Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales. They were identified as Jesus Valle Jr, 33; Gennady Levshetz, 51; Trevor Wetselaar, 33; Dana Walk, 57; and Dale Hudson, 50.

Wow, Black guy kills 5 whites, and this is all about White Racism.    and in her next tweet she states that we ain't slaves no more and we are ready to fight.   

Citizenship Quiz I Did 24 of 24

stock here, it's a good quiz.

post your results in comments

LOL let's see how I do on a quiz about the elements....

One clue....metallic hydrogen.   It's kind of cool and wacky.   But as we get closer to some great truths about our world and it's interaction with "our Star", its good to understand this kind of 4th phase of matter, aka plasma.

Trump Attack, AND A Whole Bunch of Videos From China -- Some Are Faked, But Overall, Good Resource

stock here.

Of course, let no disaster slip by without an opportunity to attack Trump....

These are all "well known" if you are a conspiracist.  

One thing is clear, the incompetence of government workers shall continue unabated, perhaps accelerated incompetence....
SEE ALSO: Hospital: California coronavirus patient wasn’t tested for days

Rod Rosenstein's only sister, happens to be at the CDC, and is inciting total panic in USA.    Keep in mind, Rosenstein is kind of off the radar, he is not the same level of criminal as McCabe or Brennan.   But he is a criminal, just that he got some type of a deal.   I though that I would be able to sleuth out the deal after a few months, but no traction on that. 

Rosenstein was all butt cheeked happy when they brought the "Russian indictments"....that is all you have to know, really.    Check out Mandy's work of Body Language interpretation.

She has her own site also, do YouTube can't control her as much.

Curious though, this was hard to find, and not exactly the one I wanted....The search function on YouTube no longer works....I guess making it harder to find information makes it easier to peddle a narrative.

Rosenstein got some type of deal right at the end....

Good 'ol Sis
It’s not so much a question of if this will happen anymore, but rather more a question of when this will happen, and how many people in this country will have severe illness.” 

And an Ex-Obama advisor, who, amazingly, NOT, went to the totally corrupt WHO, also attacked Trump

Ex-Obama health adviser calls Trump comments on coronavirus response 'incoherent'

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a former health policy adviser in the Obama administration, said late Wednesday that he found President Trump's remarks during a news conference on his administration's response to the coronavirus outbreak a "little incoherent." 

Speaking on MSNBC's "Hardball," Emanuel, now a special adviser to the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), said that Trump's comments indicated how little the president knew about public health.

And here is the promised site with a ton of Chinese footage.   I have watched this first video, and they are literally chaining peoples doors shut to keep them in.

Milwaukee Shooting -- Some Predictions Before the Real Facts Come Out

stock here.

Wisconsin was a "swing state" very important to the 2016 Presidential election. 

Hillary came to Milwaukee once, after I broke the story about her little Kissinger inspired deal with Japan to buy their radioactive food without testing, and feed it to the American people without warning.

Most people here do not buy into the "spin is in" culture, and are willing to call out bullshit when they see it.    But that is changing also. 

I had some epiphanies about the Wisconsin shooting during morning meditation.   Normal you are supposed to go back to "thinking of nothing" but if your mind wants to go somewhere...sometimes I let it.

Last year when DNC picked Milwaukee as the Convention location the plot was clear.   They wanted to get Wisconsin back.  I predicted there would be 2 or 3 "flags" in Milwaukee, probably involving at least one mass shooting, maybe a North Side riot, maybe a "racially motivated bomb scare, and probably not false flags.     That false flag shit might work on the East Coast like at Sandy Hook, but people wouldn't accept that shit without digging into it.     So they would have to be real flags.


So let's review the Milwaukee Mass Shooting:

1) 10 hours after the shooting, no shooters name was released.    This seemed very odd to me, and I instantly assumed it was so that they could scrub the internet of any social media or other easily found public documents.

2) I assumed the shooter would be a black man with a chip on his shoulder, believing that he deserved more.   This is also useful for flaming the race war they so desire, they want division in as many ways as possible.

3) The iconic location was important for getting as many people disgusted as possible.    And the Mayor, whether he realized he was playing into the hands of the Globalists or not, make numerous mentions of how this location meant so much to so many, going back to 1860s. 

4) The BLM inspired victim mentality would also be part of things.

5) It was Ash Wednesday, not sure what to make of that, but keep it in mind.

6) There was 24/7 media coverage, with no actual reporting being done, and all the quite liberal news outlets including Fox towed the Government line about how no names would be released until all the dead were identified and their families notified.    Uh, this was at a place of work, identification could occur in minutes.   And even so, why would this matter in releasing the name of the shooter, who was already dead.   Unless they needed time for something.

7) Even at 8AM the next day, no information released on shooter name, although they did release yesterday that he was 51.

8) They mentioned he had a civil case from 2015 that was dismissed.

9) They mentioned that he may have been fired that day.

10) The law enforcement reaction was "over the top", putting the building on lock down, the whole area on lockdown.   Hundreds of officers, including Chicago police, FBI went to the scene.   The guy was already dead, there was no reason for all that drama.   I am not saying this was centrally planned, but they definitely "juiced it" to make it look as huge as possible. 

Keep this in mind.    People are a bit shocked, I am not a bit shocked, this was totally expected.     And he may not be FBI controlled, just a very angry man.    I assume it is a man, it always is.

But the thing to keep in mind is that there "needs" to one or two more in Milwaukee to actually sway people towards gun control, and "reparations".      I let my concealed carry expire and just re-applied this week, but do not have it yet.    I don't think they will do it so quickly, but an obvious target would be a hit on a cultural event, to further define the race lines.

Interesting enough, I was entering Pearl Harbor during the shooting last fall.    Now this.    I was planning on doing an organized Photo Shoot at this brewery, including the production and engineering areas....very unique.   That was to be tomorrow.     Glad I didn't plunk down my $25.

We Can Dream Can't We? The "Pope" Is Sick In Italy, Pray the Holy Spirit Finishes the Job

stock here:

I have long recognized this Imposter "Pope" as an element of evil.   And he has shown it again and
again.    He is a Jesuit, and that is important.

Also the last Pope "resigned", the first one to "resign" in 700 years.   He was sacked.     Podesta emails show how he was involved with structuring the sacking of the last real Pope so a Globalist Traitor could be installed.

So we can dream, that this great evil will just die.

Japan Closing All Public Schools For A Month, And Asking All Private Schools to Close

stock here

Japan closing all schools for a month.    Little known fact, Japan's schools usually have graduation during March. 

LOL he who panics first panics most effectively.    I bought the last remaining quality air filtration yesterday, at reasonable price  anyway.   N95 and N100 marketed for construction purposes, but they will work.

I was invited to, and attended the first anniversary of the new Emperor for Japan at the Japanese embassy in Chicago, and with new emperor comes also a new Era, the Rei Wa Era.   Hundreds of people there, many Japanese, LOL.    Then followed that up with a trip to the Shedd Aquarium the next day in Chicago.   It was Family Free Day, OMG, very crowded with thousands of rug rats scampering about, putting germs on everything.     Trick jumping Beluga Whales and more, LOL.

I felt my immune system was rock solid, but.....

Tuesday night I "got the Flu", and pounding zinc tablets, D3, C, and priobiotic pills and food.....kicked the hell out of the flu and felt 95% normal by Wednesday night.

20,000 people with flu in Wisconsin, some people taking 2 weeks to recover.     And on to Wisconsin.....when the Democratic National Convention was to be planted into Milwaukee, last year, I predicted at the time there would be several false flags and "real" false flags, and so it begins.  

With the shooting deaths of 5+1 at an iconic location, and ridiculous police coverage, with even the polive from Chicago coming up to "investigate".     I mean sheesh, they guy killed himself at the scene.   But a media shitshow was "necessary".

That was 2PM Wednesday.    As of 10:15 AM Thursday, they have not released the name, race, or motivations of the shooter.    I guess "they" need that time to scrub the internet and social media of anything pointing to leftist leanings, and plant some stories into 8chan or 4Kun or whatever those sites are.     Thats a whole extra story I will cover.   


MSM is pretty slow on the draw, amazing that they haven't seized this story to create more panic.

Japan closing all schools for a month.    Little known fact, Japan's schools usually have graduation during March.  

Also, many families have 2 working parents, so this throws a huge monkey wrench into things.  

This seems like an extreme move, and I think it is mostly motivated by making sure that things are "good" prior to the Olympics.