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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

FBI Data Shows That Hands Kill More People than Rifles and Shotguns Combined

Opioid Crisis -- An Intentional Plot to Degrade America -- Enrich the Elite And Further The NWO Jackboot

Opioid Crisis: Complete Economic Destruction Of The "White Working Class" 

The link is barely touches the surface. Though sources are still in the shadows, evidence will out that the opioid crisis is tied to Pakistani-Afghani vendetta culture. It’s payback - reprisal - for decades of pillage by US forces. Rouge officials on both sides, using the color of law, move heroin and pain-med pharmaceuticals [oxy or fentanyl] into US markets. Apparently, a nexus of CIA/FBI and deep staters have arranged contracts between the VA [+mil health units] and pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. The poppy crop is huge and under US control - mostly. US elites get a cut of the action while paying Paki warlords with weapons on the back-haul. The ‘war’ is a profit center with multiple partners. Using hacked ID data, active and retired US mil are being targeted at home or as patients in hospitals or pain clinics. The drug crisis is compounded by poor nutrition [GMO’s] and the effects of radiation from Fukushima. Anticipate mass overdosing incidents. Labeled ‘deplorables’ by Hillary, they are about 25 percent the country [according to her]…and apparently expendable. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The War On Men (and Women) Continues -- Create Chaos By Dividing Everyone

Seen on the net -- so few people have the ability to see with their own eyes. Sometimes a moment of
disgust is needed to open our eyes and create lasting change.

Apparently, anyone who even tries to discuss the so called "harassment issue" will be viciously attack.

Anyone who even points out that the vast majority of men are "good" will be viciously attacked.
 I am nervous to post this video but felt compelled to record it after coming home from work today. I wanted to briefly express my appreciation for all the amazing men out there and the contributions they make, which often go unrecognized. Their actions are what allow a society to function. I tweeted a while back — I wonder (and worry about) what will have to happen for women to realize WE are the privileged sex — looking around at all the male bashing being encouraged in our culture, I am blown away by women’s shortsightedness. Men are the builders and keepers of a culture, but they’ll only maintain and protect it for so long, without female appreciation and inspiration.

Monday, February 26, 2018

It's Time to Wake up -- Fake World Is Living In Hell

stock here, here is one of my favorite newish songs on my radar, a dear friend from central america hooked me up with this.
See videos below. Submitted by Lot's Wife (Google That), and step into the light key word "Crowd's On Demand" This guy, drake, radak, kriaku, snowden are heroes. -------------------------------------------------------------------

nice response from GOM at ENE to detractors of America (this one from South Africa supposedly, another from Belgium, who thinks it is his purpose in life to denigrate the USA).

 Fuck You Fauna America is what she is but at least I can walk down the street without gangs of government sponsored thugs trying to kill me over religion or some other 'cause'. I have the freedom & privilege to shop for food in clean stores, drive my vehicle on decent roads, attend schools, visit museums, go watch a movie..

 If I am Gay, Lesbian, or Transgendered, I have the right to be treated human without prejudice. If I am disabled or blind, I have rights that allow me to live normally. I have a right to the freedom of speech, a right to protest.. I have the right to bear arms which gives me the right to defend myself.

I have a right to sleep at night knowing my country is feared around the world. And that is exactly why so many people want to live here. We may bitch & moan, but I've seen enough of the world to say Thanks But No Thanks..I'll stay here..


From a ZH reader, although Google no longer counts hits from "fake news" ZH, LOL

Counting on a government worker to act like a hero is bad calculus. The police are not going to save you. The police are not paid to protect you.

The police are paid to serve and protect The State, law enforcement, not personal protection.

With all of that in mind:

 I have covered defending your life with a pistol.
 I have covered defending your property with a shotgun.

 I have covered defending your liberty with a rifle.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Solar Radiation Management -- An Air Force Insider Spills The Beans

But the creativity of the trolls to twist even their own positions and facts is an expression of their growing desperation. They would even claim they’re with us.

The battle against chemical and biological warfare in all their forms, e.g. chemtrail, vaccines, and GMO, is humanity’s battle. This is our battle against pure evil that is now occupying critical positions of power.

We are hoping that more insiders would come out in the open and tell the world the whole truth about all these sinister operations.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Japan uses NWO Tool To Force South Korea to Consume It's Radioactive Food

The World Trade Organization is a tool of the Globalists.   The basic idea is to allow the super rich to
sell their crappy and dangerous products any where, any time.

This comes on the heels of the largest coverup in history.

UPDATE 1-Japan wins WTO dispute over Fukushima-related food

By Yuka Obayashi

TOKYO, Feb 22 (Reuters) – The World Trade Organization on Thursday largely upheld a Japanese complaint against South Korea’s import bans and additional testing requirements imposed on Japanese seafood because of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

In a ruling that can be appealed by either side, a WTO dispute panel said that South Korea’s measures were initially justified but that keeping them in place violated the WTO’s sanitary and phyto-sanitary (SPS) agreement.

Japan launched its trade complaint at the WTO in 2015, arguing that radioactive levels were safe and that a number of other nations, including the United States and Australia, had lifted or eased Fukushima-related restrictions.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Educational System Being Used For Not Just Indoctrination, But For Extinction of Basic Human Rights

stock here: <comments appreciated>

let me explain the Headline:

Schools have all become training centers for the acceptance of the New World Order, one government control of everything that matters.    Some picture this as a liberal brainwashing, and in part it is, but it runs deeper.    The super rich, many are sociopaths that demand complete control over the world, and don't ever anyone dare question their status...have co-opted the "liberal cause" to a great extent to adopt their own policies of ultimate control.

300,000,000 guns in USA, and a strong middle class with strong moral values is a tough nut to crack.

Decades have been spent trying to degrade the middle class and moral values.

By bringing up "mental health" as the culprit to be dismissed, they don't even have to address the psychoactive drugs foisted on the population, and the fact that so many are pissed, weakened, no path forward, by the abuse of the government and the leaching by the financial system.

So after decades of indoctrination of students, what better way to have the indoctrinated rise up than by mass murdereing groups of them, so they can bleat for "take away the guns"

Just an aside, but isn't it interesting how everyone except the defendant is grossly overweight, even obese?

 NBC now pretends that "Students are Seizing Control of The Gun Debate"


----------------------------------- This was interesting----from a comment at TDS, not vetted Avatar Erik Snohdin • 13 hours ago List of Jewish serial killers: Jack The Ripper Nathaniel Bar-Jonah Ed Gein Joel Rifkin Harold Shipman Rodney Alcala Herb Baumeister Harvey Glatman David Berkowitz John Wayne Gacy Albert DeSalvo Charles Cohen Jeffrey Dahmer Peter Kudzinowski Tillie Klimek Henry Lee Lucas Charles Schmid Robert Shulman Efren Saldivar Leopold and Loeb Randall Woodfield Louis Fine George Sack Alfred Leonard Cline Louis Neu Ralph Jerome Selz Edward Simon Wein Harvey Murray Glatman Robert Zarinsky James Koedatich Ralph Nuss Gloria Tannenbaum Milton Niport Bertram Greenberg Joseph Kallinger William Rothstein Joseph Fischer Brian Kevin Rosenfeld Robert Durst Steven Oken Nathan Trupp Charles Mark Cohen Jeffrey Feltner Philip Carl Jablonski Edward Isadore Savitz Robert Shulman Eyal Shachar Salomon Rosenbloom Norman Parker James Eric Gottfried Andrei Chikatilo

The Father Of Cold War Nuclear Explains How Radiation Will Now Wipe Out The Planet


On January 29, 1982, the Father of the Nuclear Navy, Admiral Hyman Rickover, testified before the Joint Economic Committee of Congress on the Hazards of Nuclear. Rickover was probably the single most influential person over our government's involvement and the heightened productions of nuclear government contract productions during the Cold War. That is why his quote below is so jaw-dropping:

"I'll be philosophical. Until about two billion years ago, it was impossible to have any life on earth; that is, there was so much radiation on earth you couldn't have any life - fish or anything. Gradually, ab out two billion years ago, the amount of radiation on this planet and probably in the entire system reduced and made it possible for some form of life to begin, and it started in the seas, I understand from what I've read, and that amount of radiation has been gradually decreasing because all radiation has a half-life, which means ultimately there will be no radiation.

Now, when we go back to using nuclear power, we are creating something which nature tried to destroy to make life possible. Now that is the philosophical aspect, whether it's nuclear power or using radiation for medical purposes or whatever. Of course, those are not bad because they don't last long, but every time you produce radiation, you produce something that has life, in some cases for billions of years, and I think there the human race is going to wreck itself, and it's far more important that we get control of this horrible force and try to eliminate it.

I do not believe that nuclear power is worth it if it creates radiation. Then you might ask me why do I have nuclear-powered ships? That's a necessary evil. I would sink them all."

--Admiral Hyman Rickover

Friday, February 16, 2018

What so "New" Small Modular Nuclear Reactors have In Common With Clinton ---Corruption

This was Rod Adam’s baby; lots of money dropped into it and then cancelled. For a series of informed speculations about the likely hijacking of US nuke power R&D, attend the video by George Webb. Did you know that senior FBI officials actively manage nuke fuel processing, sales and transport? If you follow Webb’s lead, he corroborates HRC's 20-year-long choke-hold on this sector relied on staffing key positions with loyalists. This eased changes in oversight regulation, giving the FBI special management. Under the guise of national security, HRC and her team at the FBI stripped the Nuclear Regulation Agency [NRC] of its perogatives in order to personally enrich themselves.

In a sane and just country this POV would not be rendered solely on YT but confirmed and advanced by the NYT and WAPO. Instead, a few journalists set each day’s national news feeds with encrypted talking points sent from Langley. Slipping the CIA’s Mockingbirds, use this inside nugget to fuel your indignation to new heights

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Citizen Scientist Discovers "Lost" Re-Booted Satelite -- NASA Befuddled but Happy!

“But who’s going to listen to some guy in his basement with a coil of copper wire on his roof?”

stock here-- indeed Citizen Scientists retain the ability to think and intuit.    Could this satellite have been rebooted by an Eclipse?

We’ve covered this before, and now here’s the backstory and timeline from NASA Goddard, it’s fun reading.

A Detailed Timeline of The IMAGE Mission Recovery
The Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration, or IMAGE, spacecraft was re-discovered in January 2018 after more than twelve years of silence. A powerhouse of magnetosphere and aurora research, the IMAGE mission was a key driver of studies of the Sun-Earth connection from its launch on March 25, 2000, until its last contact on Dec. 18, 2005.
Now a watchful citizen scientist, NASA, and a team of IMAGE scientists and engineers detected and received data from the spacecraft. Here’s how it happened.

Saturday, Jan. 20
1:39 AM EST:  Amateur astronomer Scott Tilley in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, using his home satellite detection rig, begins his nightly sky scan then goes to bed.

Here is one:

Some amazing things discovered or invented by amateurs:

  1. Gravity, laws of motion – Newton was a 23-yr old farm boy though he studied math at Cambridge U
  2. Lightning rod – Benjamin Franklin was a science hobbyist
  3. Combustion, conservation of mass – Lavoisier’s hobby was chemistry
  4. Planet Uranus – Hershel was a musician and amateur astronomer
  5. Group theory – Galois was a 19-yr old college student
  6. Conservation of energy (1st law of thermodynamics) – Joule was a brewer not a professional scientist
  7. Maxwell’s equations (in modern form), vector analysis – Heaviside was a self-taught mathematician
  8. Fundamentals of rocketry – Tsiolkovsky was a recluse who did scientific research in his home
    Airplane – Wright bros. were bicycle makers tinkering with flying machines
  9. Special theory of relativity, photoelectric effect – Einstein was a 26-yr old clerk but he had a degree in physics
  10. Continental drift (precursor to plate tectonics) – Wegener was a meteorologist dabbling in geology
  11. Electronic TV – conceptualized by 14-yr old Farnsworth, independently of other inventors
  12. Computer – Zuse was a civil engineer tinkering with computing machines in 1930s

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cosmic Rays Are Affected By Solar Cycles -- And These Cycles are Correlated With Death in Humans

I will answer the question.   The problem of an huge population entering unhealthy old years, whilst there are no good jobs for millennial to “support” the old people, has been solved.    Enter 2 cycles of Grand Minimum, and we get disease, poor crop production, bad economics.   

Don’t be scared, be prepared.

Stock out.
From: Lot's Wife

Subject: Cosmic rays and mortality connected

Here’s a study showing positive correlation between mortality and global cosmic rays. See Table 1 by going to site. Note the significant differentials in mortality in those 75 years and above. Death is far more likely in aged people in periods of high cosmic ray exposure. 

With regard to exposure from Fukushima’s ongoing releases, we can assume they are additive to the Universe’s contributions. Who will answer if the combined exposures enhance our development or foreclose it?

Please advise

Long-term association between the intensity of cosmic rays and mortality rates in the city of Sao Paulo 

The Earth's atmosphere is constantly bombarded by a variety of sources of extra-terrestrial ionizing radiation, such as galactic cosmic rays (GCRs). Observations have shown that many large short-term increases in the GCR flux from nearby supernovae are strongly associated with the cooling of the Earth's climate and biodiversity crises over the past million yearsIt is well known that chronic exposure to GCRs at high altitudes is strongly associated with cancer, e.g. leukemia in aircraft crew and astronauts. Additionally, there is evidence connecting exposure to secondary background GCRs with increased occurrence of cancer, myocardial infarction, congenital anomalies, and mortality rates.
During epochs of solar minima (when CRII is high), there was a significant increase in the mean mortality rates (p < 0.05) for the diseases listed below (table 1). The correlation between CRII and all causes of death in women were significantly higher than in men and children, excluding perinatal mortality rates.
Table 1. Significant variance between periods of solar minima and solar maxima by standardized age ranges in Sao Paulo citya.
The collisions between primary GCRs and atmospheric gas molecules result in a cascade of chemical and physical reactions producing secondary cosmic rays, which penetrate the Earth's surface and underground layers. All of these processes result in atmospheric air ionization, which has been associated with atmospheric electricity, cloudiness, and climate, all affecting human health.

Human beings are continuously exposed to many kinds of environmental agents, e.g. radiation and air pollution, which can affect their behavior, health outcomes and lifespan. Historically, GCRs have posed a threat during Earth's mass extinctions where they are accompanied by high rates of mutations over geological time scalesExcept during catastrophic geological periods, regular 11 year and 22 year solar cycles modulate the penetration of GCRs, which does not usually vary much from one cycle to another. Nevertheless, the health impact of long-term exposure to local GCRs during regular solar cycles awaits clarification, while it may have been silently driving genetic evolution throughout human history on Earth.

Both direct and indirect effects of radiation trigger a series of biochemical signals with associated cascades of molecular events that may repair the damage or, if permanent physiological changes remain, lead to cellular death.
Juckett observed that human longevity and mortality by cancer exhibited regular and highly synchronous variations with the background fluxes of CR neutrons. He hypothesized that ancestral generations of a newborn child could have accumulated CR neutron-induced epigenetic markers, carrying an inappropriate epigenetic imprint characterized by a higher individual predisposition to cancer, when exposed to other environmental agents that cause genetic mutations. Moreover, the fetal brain reaches its maximum vulnerability between the eighth to fifteenth week after fertilization when exposed to low-level ionizing radiation. Indeed, hemopoietic stem cells of mammals are highly sensitive to exposure to low-level ionizing radiation, which induces cellular damage that particularly affects the hemopoietic cell renewal systems, impairing immunoinflammatory activity and other physiological functions.
Genetic mutations may be also induced by CRII in microorganisms spread out in the environment, temporarily re-introducing 'new' pathogens in the population and causing an increase in mortality from infectious diseases in periods of higher secondary GCR exposition. Host–parasite dynamics have a great potential to evolve and adapt to persistent unfavorable environmental conditions, reverting high mutation rates into an increase of their pathogenicity. One of the most interesting findings regarding this issue is that exposure to very low-dose ionizing radiation can prompt a survival response in bacterial cells when subsequently undergoing potentially lethal damage, acting as an adaptive dose. 
According to an original report by Parikka, low dose radiation treatment is able to reactivate latent tuberculosis in infected zebrafish. Moreover, cycles of re/emergent infectious diseases have been linked to the evolution of the human immune system, improving the host defense and decreasing their susceptibility to new episodes of infectious diseases. This mechanism could justify the normalization of infectious disease mortality rates in the subsequent regular peaks of CRII. 
Another hypothesis that may elucidate the association between GCRs and infectious disease mortality is the effects of GCRs on climatic variations, which may affect the incidence of infectious diseases. Climate change and infectious diseases have been strongly correlated, and these periods have been identified as the period when re/emergent microorganisms are reintroduced into societies. Moreover, the association between CRII and mortality rates may also be reflecting other primary or secondary processes, such as those related to GCRs and atmospheric aerosol dynamics and cloudiness, GCRs and the global electrical circuit e.g. Schumann resonance, and/or another unknown GCR mechanisms in the lower troposphere. 
The biosphere is indeed a proper region to convert GCRs into many active energy forms, such as electrical, chemical, mechanical, and thermal, which may affect human health through yet unknown mechanisms.