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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Here is Something Even a Pro Nuke Troll Couldn't Say Anything Bad About

Chili, like spaghetti is always better the next day, so we made it yesterday, and will finish it at the fire pit by the final step, adding the cocoa and the Masa corn meal.

We used 8 pounds of chuck roast, 2 pounds of beef brisket, and 2 pounds of lamb
We varied the proportions of meats and peppers and came up with 2 batches of chili that are very flavorful and obviously different.  Here is what we started with.

First we cook a whole pack of bacon, and leave the grease to cook the meats and the onions and garlic

 The lamb is barbequed to give it more flavor
 Here are the dried vegetables being reconstituted in chicken broth and water, prior to being blended into a fine paste

 Here is the final batch of pepper blend being reconstituted, Habenero, Serrano, Jalapeno as the main ingredients, and a few pickled pepperoncini for more complexity.
This batch is kept separate from the chilis to allow people to spice it up to their preferred level. 

The Habanero/Serrano final blend spilt out a little and was immediately labeled an EPA superfund cleanup site.

 Lots of onions, garlic, and shallots (I added that one, off the recipe)

 Did I mention the bacon???!!!!

Really?    We used a nice Blue Moon Red Ale also

 Don’t forget the fresh brewed Arabica coffee

 Now the secret is out

 Dry spices being mixed together

 Love those dutch ovens, they can go right in the fire or right in the oven, this is the Chuck and Lamb chili, slow cooking at 190 for 7 hours or moreHandle with CARE!

And the beef brisket needs more time so we use a slow cooker

Its not even done yet, but has been proclaimed "Best Chili Ever"

This is authentic Texas Style Chili.    No tomatos, No beans.

Now we fire up the outside Fire Pit and finish it off over a tripod hanging the Dutch Ovens.    We add Masa (special corn meal to thicken it up) and Mexican Chocolate, and bake for another half hour.