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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fukushima Response -- A Great Website

About Us

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Fukushima Response Logo 


Fukushima Response is a regional network of concerned individuals working together to demand action and information about the immediate threat of catastrophic global radiation contamination emanating from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan.

Fukushima Responders are mobilizing horizontally: to call for an immediate international intervention to avert an even greater global catastrophe. In this urgent campaign, we demand that the United States initiate and contribute to an global effort to stabilize Fukushima, starting with the spent fuel pool on top of Unit 4.

Fukushima Response Logo Contact

You can write to us at

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can find other responders at Fukushima Response Bay Area

Please contact us to tell us about an event or send us important and relevant information on this topic.

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Summary of the Bill of Rights on Memorial Day

I have wanted for several months to compare the Bill of Rights to what is really going on in America

 I knew it was bad, but this makes it clear how bad. Here is the summary, and in the below links are the full texts of the amendments and the supporting information on how the amendments are being raped.

Summary of the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1 through 10)
Amendment 1, Freedom of Speech
Amendment 2, Guns shall not be Infringed
Amendment 3, Soldiers in Houses
Amendment 4, Unreasonable Search and Seizure
Amendment 5, Without Due Process of Law
Amendment 6, Criminal Prosecutions
Amendment 7, Right to Jury Trial
Amendment 8, Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Amendment 9, You have all the rights that aren’t mentioned
Amendment 10, States and the People Hold all Power Except that Specifically Granted to Feds

1 Already Gone
2 In process of being taken away
3 Doesn't really apply, although the Boston illegal search of citizen's houses does put up warning lights
4 Already Gone
5 Already Gone
6 Already Gone
7 Already Gone
8 Already Gone, its been droned.
9 Already Gone
10 Already Gone

You can download this as a Word Document here

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Nuke Normal, psst, its a joke, let the NRC know that you know

Tell The EPA:

Its "Protective Action Guidelines" Are Not Protective And Must be Abandoned

Strengthen Radiation Protection Standards Instead!
May 15, 2013
Dear Friends,

The threat of terrorism, nuclear power reactor disaster and other nuclear accidents looms large in the world. Governments need to plan for disaster but should also work to prevent disasters that cannot be adequately cleaned up and remediated. We should not run the risk of sacrificing enormous areas if and when nuclear contamination--deliberate, accidental or otherwise--strikes.

The Environmental Protection Agency has recently revised its "Protective Action Guidelines" (PAGs) that would be used during and following a nuclear disaster. These PAGs are basically admitting that contamination levels could be so high from such an event that they may not be able to be cleaned up to existing standards such as the drinking water contamination levels. Thus, EPA would permit unacceptably high radiation risks at each of the stages after nuclear disaster without even suggesting any steps to prevent or minimize the potential disasters.

These PAGs already have caused a public outcry. Check out this article to get an idea of what EPA officials really think about you and your safety:  "Speaking at a March 12 symposium hosted by the Defense Strategies Institute, Paul Kudarauskas, of the EPA Consequence Management Advisory Team, said events like Fukushima would cause a “fundamental shift” to cleanup. U.S. residents are used to having “cleanup to perfection,” but will have to abandon their “not in my backyard” mentality in such cases, Kudarauskas said. “People are going to have to put their big boy pants on and suck it up.”

Tell the EPA to strengthen, not weaken, its PAGs and radiation protection standards generally. Act here.

EPA is, in a sense, “pre-approving” exorbitant allowable contamination levels, first for unusual and rarer events like a nuclear power reactor meltdown and explosion, but also  for other more routine and potentially frequent disaster such as transport accidents, which will be more common if the major campaign to move irradiated nuclear power fuel (high level radioactive waste) from nuclear reactors to consolidated interim storage sites begins. High “acceptable” contamination and exposures for dirty bomb scenarios are being morphed into regular allowable levels with the nation’s drinking water protection first on the chopping block. Next, the EPA PAGs are shoe-horning in the publicly rejected plan to allow radioactive waste to go to regular trash and be sent to contaminate recycling supplies.

Comments on the EPA PAGs are being accepted through July 15, 2013. So there is plenty of time for you to act, and to encourage your friends, colleagues, family members, social networks and the like to comment as well.

There are two ways to comment:

1) Send an e-mail directly to EPA through NIRS site here. You will be able to edit the sample letter (which is also shown below). However, as is the case with all government rulemaking comments, your e-mail address becomes part of your comment and can be viewed.

2) Comment at the website here. However, you will have to write your own comments, or copy and paste the sample letter shown below.

Note: NIRS is working with other groups and will be preparing much more comprehensive comments for organizational sign-on before July 15. We will let groups know when these are ready for sign-on. In the meantime, we encourage and hope everyone will take a moment to weigh in personally!
Thanks for all you do,
Michael Mariotte
Executive Director
Nuclear Information and Resource Service
P.S. Your activism and financial support are what make our work possible. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation here, or after you take action, and receive the gifts of both our undying gratitude and a stronger movement for a nuclear-free carbon-free future. Contributors of $35 or more will also receive a one-year subscription to our international publication, The Nuclear Monitor, delivered via e-mail.
Sample comment letter to EPA:
Docket ID No. EPA HQ-OAR-2007-0268

I oppose the EPA Protective Action Guides (PAGS) because they threaten the public with unacceptably high “allowable” radiation levels that simply do not protect us.

The PAGS admit that the amount of radioactive waste from a nuclear power disaster could be much greater than the nuclear disposal capacity in the county! So prevent the disaster instead of permitting much of that waste to be sent to regular trash, setting the precedent for doing this routinely.

Don’t use the threat of nuclear power and terrorists to justify increasing drinking water contamination thousands of times or more! Maintain or strengthen the drinking water standards. Don’t even consider reducing them so that less cleanup would be needed.

Keep, or make more protective, the action levels for doses to the thyroid (a highly radio-sensitive organ) and the skin that are already in place. The 2013 EPA PAGs do away with this protection.

Remove the automatic acceptance of very high food and water contamination levels (higher than being used in Japan after Fukushima) incorporated from 1998 Food and Drug Administration and 2008 Homeland Security PAGs.
your name
Stay Informed:
NIRS on the web (stay up-to-date with the Nuclear Newsreel section on the front page, featuring the day's most interesting news on nuclear power and other energy issues):
NIRS on Facebook:

NIRS on Twitter:!/nirsnet
Please note: NIRS never sells, rents, trades, or otherwise makes our e-mail lists available to other organizations or individuals for any reason. If you would like to unsubscribe to NIRS list, click here to unsubscribe.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Email contact for NRC members

From Nuclear Hotseat --------------------------------------------------- In light of yesterday's Atomic Safety and Licensing Board action on behalf of the NRC it is important to remember that the five NRC commissioners can reverse that decision, and they have a record of doing so. I believe it is time to start a letter, email, phone campaign to all five NRC commissioners letting them know that we are in agreement with the Atomic Safety Board's decision and demand nothing less, and we expect this to happen here in California without the NRC commissioners reversing this decision. We should continue this campaign everyday until the NRC commissioners have made a statement to the effect that they are not going to reverse this decision. Email address and Phone #'s of the NRC commission below. Tel: 301-415-1750 Tel: 301-415-1855 Tel: 301-415-1810 Tel: 301-415-8420 Tel: 301-415-1800 Sample letter to the commission, or please feel free to write your own letter: Dear Commissioners, Yesterday's decision by Atomic Safety and Licensing Board is exactly what the people of California have been calling for these many months. We want to express our gratitude for this decision, and at the same time, let you know what we expect to happen as this process moves forward. 1. No reversal of this decision by the five NRC Commissioners. That would be seen as a breach of your oath of office and your motto "protecting people and the environment" 2. For this adjudicated public hearing under oath to happen here in Southern California. 3. Clarity and transparency in this process. Hoping to work through this process with the NRC for a safer future for all Californians, especially our children. Sincerely, your name

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Palisades Nuclear Plant - Direct Leak of Radiation into Lake Michigan

Palisades nuclear plant on Lake Michigan is too old, too dangerous, it has too many NRC violation, changes are needed.   I have been writing about Palisades for some time.   And then yesterday, Palisades fessed up to an uncontained leak of radiactive water right into Lake Michigan, but they said "it was small" although they presented no Bq/gallon, or mSv per gallon actual radiation measurements. 
Michigan Article on Direct Leak into Lake

Also amazingly coincidental, is that Kewaunee nuclear plant on Lake Michigan also, was permanently shut down just last week.    It was also old, and was deemed non-economical to operate anymore.    Solar energy from Madison, Wisconsin strong solar program and natural gas made nuclear "too costly to compete".  They say it will cost $1B to decommission that plant, so that means $2B to $3B.    Unless of course the company just goes bankrupt and then they saddle the government with the cost.   Simple enough...sell off the Corporate assets that are performing well, leave the dead wood behind, and then declare bankruptcy.    There was a long term cost when the nuclear boondoggle was started, now we have to start paying the cost to get rid of them.    No doubt, the nuclear magicians have already disappeared the profits.    And there is a Federal cleanup fund that nuclear has contributed to throughout time.   Of course those funds are not segregated, and they can easily just be "captured" for some other program to offset the sequester, you know the game.    At any rate, those funds, are only about 10% of the real cost of the cleanup (and that is just a 50 year perspective), we have to babysit these spent fuel materials for thousands of years.

NYT Kewaunee Article

Palisades is from 1971, that's too old.    And the operators, Entergy, have a history of abusive operation of these clunkers.   They can't make enough money, so they cut corners.

Why not write to

Anthony Vitale who is VP of operations:
Palisades Nuclear Plant
27780 Blue Star Memorial Highway
Covert, MI 49043-9530

Look at these serious violations.   Plant electricians performing the wrong work and causing a complete failure of the emergency backup systems.

Here in 2012 the Palisades Design Engineering Manager gets arrested, and then fired.   Makes you say hmmmmmm.

Here are more VIOLATIONS

Uh, Mr. Vitale....after you had been put on notice that pump maintenance was necessary, you still IGNORED IT?

Here is some plant info and a broader list of violations 

 After multiple radioactive leaks, the NRC says "it's up to the plant to improve"

Chandrathil says the NRC is doing everything it can. "We have a questioning attitude. We look at very specific areas and we have gone ahead and identified deficiencies at the plant. It’s up to the plant to improve their performance," she said.

This also in 2012, more leaks and lies

Entergy bought this clunker for $360M in 2007, AND they got saddled with used fuel pools

The purchase also included receipt of the used fuel at Consumers' decommissioned Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant, located in Charlevoix in northwestern Lower Michigan.
Entergy owns --- the worst of the worst
  • Indian Point
  • Palisades
  • Pilgrim
  • Vermont Yankee

ABC News--Palisades is one of the 3 most dangerous plants in the US

How would this look on the Great Lakes?    Wipe out the Midwest, the last bastion of manufacturing in the USA.