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Friday, August 31, 2012

Communications /Outreach Newspeak for Propaganda and Lies

Expanding Public Outreach in California

by Moderator

San Onofre Senior Resident Inspector Greg Warnick (left) and Resident Inspector John Reynoso at the Dana Point Safety Expo.
This past weekend, NRC set up information booths at two events that each drew several thousand attendees. On Thursday, Aug. 23, the resident inspectors from the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant joined two public affairs officers as well as the Director of the Office of Public Affairs at San Luis Obispo Market Night.
Every Thursday night, city officials close off the downtown area in San Luis Obispo and set up a street fair. NRC staffers interacted with about 75 individuals, answering questions on a wide range of issues ranging from seismic safety to nuclear waste storage and transportation. This is the third year that NRC has attended the SLO Market Nights, setting up a booth in order to provide brochures about agency programs and functions as well as answer questions from members of the community.
On Saturday, Aug. 25, we did the same thing at a safety expo in Dana Point, Calif., where we appeared side by side with representatives from numerous Orange County public safety organizations. We set up a booth where we were joined by the resident inspectors from San Onofre.
There, about 200 individuals came to the NRC booth where NRC staffers answered questions, distributed literature and shared our safety message. We got lots of questions about steam generator issues at the plant and brought with us large posters that we used to describe the nature of the problems and NRC’s role in ensuring public safety.
These appearances are part of an ongoing effort in Region IV to expand our public outreach initiatives and develop new ways of communicating the agency’s mission and public safety goals with the public.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NRC engages the enemy

Indeed, that is how the NRC sees itself....a method to "engage the enemy", i.e. the public, those who would dare to speak out against the nuke cartel.

Look at the underlined and highlight text below, from the NRC "blog"

A weapon of mass destruction, but you can't prove that. Seems like there are lot of moments now where groups speak what is really on their minds. Kind of like they have been lying so long they have to blurt out the truth

Taking the Next Step – Building a 21st Century Digital Government

by Moderator
Over the past two years, the NRC has undertaken a number of initiatives to support President Obama’s emphasis on Open Government. We have, for example, made public 29 high-value datasets and embraced a variety of social media channels, including this blog, to share information. These initiatives are in addition to the variety of ways we have historically engaged the public.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mars, interactive picture

OK this is the only legitimate use for nuclear fuel in the world, i mean the solar system, I mean except for the sun, I got interactive high res pictures of Mars for you right here.

Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 2 in New Mexico

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Carrington Scientists discover an "early warning"

This poses some hope, although the big cameras we have continually inspecting the sun also show us CME which could wipe out our society exp. if we let the big transformers get burnt up.

The alternative is to physically disconnect the big transformers from the power lines, and believe me, this is not a simple, easy or likely task.

Those in the power industry have more than their share of ego and literally "greed for power", making these people the least likely to take a big hit on the quarterely profit but shutting down their whole system.   In other words, even with a strong signal, the chances that the greedy operators in charge would take appropriate action (assuming that they even had the planning and resources to do so) is very unlikely.

Also if you do a closer read on the article, my prior theory that we are missing at least one big piece of the GUT grand unification theory of how all the forces in the universe work together.    And the piece(s)  that we are missing are big important pieces, like 100 monkeys that a molded into the woodwork and we can't see them in plain sight.   

Like the reason that a small comet whizzing by at high space, but low mass highly correlate with earthquakes on earth.    From a gravitational point of view, it just doesn't make sense, there is something very important going on, interacting.   Something like the space fabric everywhere is not "empty" but actually quite dense and with fast liquid type properties.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NRC FORCED to stop all nuke plant construction

The US court of appeals for the DC circuit, made a ruling that the NRC had its head up its ass when the NRC decided that nuke fuel storage issues could be kicked down the road until "when it was necessary" sheesh, it was necessary 50 years AGO!!! This is great though. Its a tough read but worth it. here is a little kinder and gentler interpretation. Anti-nuke voices are being heard. Blogs are great, faxes are better, phone calls are better yet. Physical demonstrations, expression of your rights to peaceable assemble and to petition the government are best.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

ENENEWS great post on nuclear explosion

I love those Borax films -- intentionally doing open air explosions of a nuclear reaction back in the day. Sick, but it proves that a moderated prompt criticality can happen -- just like it did at Fukushima, especially using the MOX. And yet the MOX pimps are out in force...pimping the sexy science of how you "can get even more energy out of MOX", as if the energy from Uranium is not "enough". Another false and greedy argument to promote "science" at the cost of death. I have those Borax on my Gunderson tab at my fully ANTI Nuker blog
A poster at ENENEWS

Dear Folks,
"Licensing a nuclear power plant is … licensing random premeditated murder. First of all … you know what you're doing — so it's premeditated. You can't say, "I didn't know." Second, the evidence on radiation-producing cancer is beyond doubt. I've worked fifteen years on it, and so have many others. It is not a question any more: radiation produces cancer, and the evidence is good all the way down to the lowest doses."
Dr. John Gofman, Medical Physicist, Emeritus, Univ. of California
The BORAX Experiments were boiling water reactor experiments conducted by Argonne National Laboratory in the 1950's and 1960's at the National Reactor Testing Station in eastern Idaho.
Borax experiment part 1 (11 min):
Borax experiment part 2 (8 min):
Fukushima reactor #3 explosion (13 sec):
?Fire/explosion reactor #4:
--this one was removed because it was a link to another fire/explosion, not Fukushima
Fukushima explosion: