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Friday, June 30, 2017

High Altitude Chemical Experiments, and Misrepresentations of Solar Effects and CO2

Did you also notice they are doing high altitude chemtrails, with barium, strontium, copper.


In this article, they portend to be covering high upper atmosphere research, and end up trying to scare people, pretend bafflement, and blame everything on CO2.

stock here--stick around to the end of this article, I put a link to a useful site on sunspots, and some charts.   Keep in mind that often an 11 year sunspot cycle is mentioned, but it is really 22 years from bottom to top and back to bottom.

The thermosphere usually expands and contracts in line with the sun's 11-year solar cycle. During solar maximum when solar activity increases, it causes the thermosphere to heat up -- reaching temperatures of 1100°C -- and expand like a marshmallow in a camp fire. The opposite happens during solar minimum.

They go on to state---
Currently, the sun is experiencing its longest solar minimum on record, with little sunspot activity and few solar flares or coronal mass ejections.

2 points----They are completely incorrect about this being the longest solar minimum “on record” and,  second, why are they baffled, and why do they use the temp “collapse” when the operant effect is a simple contraction due to falling temperature?      They should not be baffled (unless it is a request for more grant money) as the effect they are seeing is related to what they already know in relation to the sun’s 11 year cycle which is a sun-spot and thus magnetism cycle.

The Dalton Minimum and the Maunder Minimum were far longer.

Also in the upper quote, they completely ignore the magnetism, and just trot out “when solar activity increases” which most people will mistakenly take to mean “gets hotter”.

And back to the line of thinking of grubbing for grant money, what better way to do it, then to trot out the scary old CO2.    Sheesh, I think they can blame every natural effect in the universe, that is bad at least, on my favorite plant food, CO2.   They had to get this one in the first  sentence, lol, even before defining the “problem”…….can’t blame them to “hook” the reader with scary CO2.

An increase in CO2 could be one reason why a layer of Earth's upper atmosphere went through its biggest contraction in 43 years.

First, they go on record as saying this zone is a shield from extreme ultra violet radiation….

The collapse occurred in a region known as the thermosphere, a rarefied layer of the planet's upper atmosphere between 90 and 600 kilometers (56 to 373 miles) above the surface, which shields us from the sun's far and extreme ultra violet (EUV) radiation.
But then at the end, they contradict that scary shield effect by saying:

Wilkinson says the only real impact of the thermosphere collapse is in space, where less atmospheric drag will keep spacecraft in orbit longer.

This is all you get from NASA, its not nearly enough to make any
It is instructive to review a longer term look at solar cycles.    The best source I found was a guy who retired from government work.  Interesting enough, The NASA site, updated 3-15-2017, shows such a small record, that nothing useful can be gleaned by reviewing what they are offering.    A would go against the official narrative that is being pushed, the narrative that humans are warming the climate, or at least “changing the climate”, and there will be catastrophes unless trillions of dollars are transferred, and a world wide control of all energy sources be granted to the UN or a centralized world government.   
“conspiracist” might say they intentionally show just the most recent data, because a better review of long term data

Must view website

Links the more pages about the Sun

The Sun Today Link
Solar Dynamics Observatory: SDO Link
Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Link
High Altitude Observatory Link

Links the pages about Astronomy in General

Astronomy Picture of the Day Link
Cassini: The Grand Finale Link
Juno | NASA Link
Hubble Space Telescope | NASA Link

And from WUWT website, they do some great work, but in Orwellian disbelief, they seem to be a high majority of participants that are fully Pro-Nuclear and Anti-Solar.    Even though they are on the right side of the CO2 discussion.    I have attempted to straighten them out, and I tend to get a limited response without agreement or a full on attack like a Zerohedge discussion/rant.

This was written in 2012, 5 years ago, and is playing out exactly as they predicted.

 From 2006 NASA Article on Predictions.   It is not that they are ignorant, it's more like they are overconfident but without understanding their limitations.    It's kind of like being a Leo without also having some humility of ones own limitations and the benefit of intuition.

stock here---these charts speak for themselves

First used with sounding rockets flown in the 1950’s, scientific research with experiments which inject vapor tracers in the upper atmosphere have greatly aided our understanding of our planet’s near-space environment. These materials make visible the naturally occurring flows of ionized and neutral particles either by luminescing at distinct wavelengths in the visible and infrared part of the spectrum or by scattering sunlight.
The type of vapor selected to create these colorful clouds and trails depends on the purpose of the investigation, the local time, and the altitude under study. Commonly used vapors that are released in space are:

Tri-methyl aluminum (TMA),
Lithium, and
Tri-methyl aluminum (TMA)

Tri-methyl aluminum reacts with oxygen and produces chemi-luminescence when exposed to the atmosphere. The products of the reaction are aluminum oxide, carbon dioxide, and water vapor, which also occur naturally in the atmosphere. TMA releases are most often used to study the neutral winds in the lower ionosphere at night at altitudes of 100 miles (160 kilometers) or less."

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Jeanette Finicum at Red Pill Expo Bozeman Montana June 24 2017

The author, not me, went to this event and filmed this.

Why this in an anti-nuclear, anti-toxic environment blog?

Because we might get some small wins here and there, but with a bloated corrupt system of government that cannot be made to adhere to our basic laws, we are aren't going to get the big wins that we absolutely need.

Good Work Spike!

US Nuclear Plant Hacked Today, per ABC news citing Unamed Government Officials

NOTE: added to bottom, new information about Entergy's "Nuclear 17" the NRC nickname for a particular and recent hack.   Of course there was no immediate threat to the public.   And why are we up to "17"?

This from ABC News TODAY (you know, fake news).   A Google search, shown on the right side image,  indicates that all of the top search page results all use ABC as the source, and almost all use the exact same words as ABC.    

Federal authorities are investigating a breach into computer systems of at least one U.S. nuclear power plant, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News. 
 One U.S. official called this an "ongoing matter" that is still being investigated. No public word has been given on who may be responsible, but authorities are looking at the possibility that a nation-state may be behind the hack.
Funny how these "Government Officials" are now never even named.    As if there would have to be some justification for remaining an anonymous source in a case like this?

I wonder how long before another anonymous official postulates that "Russia would have the capability of doing this"

Here is the story:
stock here--In true conspiracy fashion, it is verified that radiation reporting stations can be hacked to provide false readings, no readings.   Another takeaway, there is no fix, its a basic problem with the systems.

"In this [Black Hat] talk, I'm going to try to explain how to reverse-engineer an entire radio protocol, from physical to application layer," he says.
An attacker could wage a cyberattack on these devices as far away as 20 kilometers, he says. "You don't need to be near the facility to attack it," Santamarta says. And there are plenty of tools available for an attacker to jump onto the RF network. "The problem with radio is it's difficult to mitigate" an attack via it, he says.
The weak RF protocols and firmware could allow an attacker to inject fake radiation readings, so that if there were a radiation accident or leak, it couldn't be detected, for example. Or the reverse: it could send phony readings of high radiation levels when none were actually present, he says.

stock here---if memory served me correctly, and it did, I remembered a number of attacks just


A German nuclear plant suffered a disruptive cyber attack, the news was publicly confirmed by the IAEA Director Yukiya Amano.
and here is another one were they achieved in placing malware on a non-internet connected computer network that controlled movement of spent fuel...
Gundremmingen officials said the IT system was not connected to the Internet and that the virus may have been carried into the network on a USB an employee used on his office or home computer, which would be the real source of the contamination.
The virus that was discovered in the system at the Gundremmingen nuclear plant was used to load and unload nuclear fuel from the power plant’s Block B and then transfer old fuel to the warehouse.
And in South Korea, hackers got into the computer systems of a nuclear plant stole, note this "other internal information about the plant".

The spin on the story is that is just focused on blueprints, which is bad enough, but pretended that it was the blueprints that were the most important thing, and that the hackers "threatened to release more blueprints."

The cyber attack came into light after a hacker posted blueprints of nuclear reactors online and threatened further "leaks" unless authorities close down the reactors. According to the South Korean Yonhap News Agency, the hacker was able to access blueprints of reactors, floor maps and other internal information on the plant. 

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, right?   Fukuleaks does a great job of updating status in June 2017

JAEA Plutonium Accident
More Thyroid Cancers
Mutant Rice Erases Rumors 
More Fukushima Contractor Graft 
Fukushima Robots
Contamination Found Again

More detailed hacking information HERE
Including "Nuclear 17"
U.S. authorities are investigating a cyber intrusion affecting multiple nuclear power generation sites this year, E&E News has learned.
There is no evidence that the nuclear energy industry's highly regulated safety systems were compromised. But any cybersecurity breach — targeted or not — at closely guarded U.S. nuclear reactors marks an escalation of hackers' probes into U.S. critical infrastructure.
Electricity-sector officials confirmed yesterday that they are working to unpack the significance of the secretive cyber event, code named "Nuclear 17."
Asked about the case, a representative from the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) said the nonprofit grid overseer "is aware of an incident" and has shared information with its members through a secure portal.
U.S. energy utilities pass around information on the latest hacking threats and vulnerabilities through NERC's Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center. That organization "is working closely with the government to better understand any implications this incident might have for the electricity industry," NERC spokeswoman Kimberly Mielcarek said in an emailed statement.
 Entergy Corp., which owns and operates nuclear plants across several states, from Louisiana to New York, declined to offer details about the incident, citing corporate security policy. "In keeping with our rigorous procedures to protect our computers and other information systems from cyber and physical harm, Entergy is aware of, but has not been affected by, the recent cyber incident named 'Nuclear 17,'" spokeswoman Emily Parenteau said in an emailed statement.

Back in 2014 "Hacking of South Korean Nuclear Reactors Poses No Danger
James Conca" He blamed it on some anti-nuclear group.

 stock here, ya PlowboyGrownUp, I remember that article where he assured everyone that Nuclear Plants are ANALOG.   And he trotted out these full on lies:

The hackers can be forgiven for not knowing that nuclear plant operations and safety systems at nuclear plants are still analog, just like in the United States. The only systems that are digital, and connected to the internet, are administrative things like personnel files, procedures, e-mails, and environmental and other data acquisition, displaying and reporting. 
The cyber attack came into light after a hacker posted blueprints of nuclear reactors online and threatened further "leaks" unless authorities close down the reactors. According to the South Korean Yonhap News Agency, the hacker was able to access blueprints of reactors, floor maps and other internal information on the plant.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Friday, June 16, 2017

South Africa -- Being Seduced Into Nuclear Slavery -- With Sociopaths In Charge of the Efforts

stock here.   This comment below seen on a South African anti-nuke site.    It describes pretty well what a sociopath who has risen to the top would act and look like.

Shameful that it is reality.

The nuke industry is pulling out all the stops to try to sell nuclear to this pretty divided country, South Africa.

Here is the site


I write regarding a person employed in the design and construction of SA Nuclear Power Installations. There is an inherent public mistrust of the nuclear industry where, even in the hands of people of unquestionable integrity and competence, the risk of intellectual fallibility always remains. Peoples’ lives are directly affected by the actions of this industry and they have a right to know the type of people who are making the decisions in SA.

It has come to my attention that Mr Derek Lee is working within the SA Nuclear Power Industry.

 Mr Derek Lee is a director of :-

Nuclear Structural Engineering,
North Block, Sunninghill Crescent,
3 Eglin Road,
Sunninghill, 2191,
Johannesburg, Tel: +27 (0)11 234 7654 (Office)

Mr Derek Lee’s gross misconduct and reckless behaviour at the Drakensberg Pumped Storage Scheme resulted in him being summarily dismissed from that project. I am alarmed and grieved that Mr Derek Lee can now prosper in the sensitive nuclear industry under a veneer of respectability and professional competence despite his past record and his attitude to the lives of others. My objective in exposing Mr Derek Lee’s past and alerting the Nuclear Industry to his true nature is to hold him to account and return him to his proper place in the community where he can do no further harm.
History of Events Revealing Mr Derek Lee’s True Character

Mr Derek Lee arrived on the Drakensberg project and was welcomed as a professional colleague. Some time after settling in, Mr Derek Lee had boasted of being caught in bed with a young girl on a previous occasion. Also, at the project Halloween party, he was observed being openly and unashamedly over-familiar then suddenly leaving with a woman from outside the project with a rather doubtful reputation. He subsequently denied such behaviour when challenged. It was only later realised that such events had been an insight into his true nature.

Following comments from the contractor about Mr Derek Lee’s poor performance checking shotcrete in the machine hall and rumours among the staff about his unaccountable absences from the workplace, it was discovered that, rather than attending to his daily work duties and responsibilities, Mr Derek Lee was concentrating his time and efforts writing love letters, making phone calls, sending notes and greeting cards and playing love songs to court the wife of one of his colleagues. In his absences from his work station during office hours, Mr Derek Lee was secretly visiting his colleague’s wife both in her home and in his own. He would also take days off and offer lifts to town for shopping expeditions but with the ulterior motive of enticing his colleague’s wife into a hotel bed with him.

There was a general rising hostility against him amongst the staff and his scandalous behaviour and breach of professional ethics were reported to Escom senior management who immediately expelled him from the project. Mr Derek Lee is clearly a person unfit for a responsible position in a professional organisation or in a family community.

Barely 1 month after being expelled from Drakensbergt, however, Mr Derek Lee was again seen in the locality, having travelled down from Johannesburg furtively attempting to continue his shameful, self-gratifying behaviour at the site.

Yet again, unbelievably, some 9 months after that particular incident, Mr Derek Lee again chose to attempt to continue his unscrupulous behaviour, sending yet more love letters, yet more cards and making yet more phone calls from Johannesburg trying to contact his colleague’s wife on the site. It was later discovered that, in keeping with his insincere and deceitful nature, the return address on his letters was not his actual home address but only a public message board.
Comment on the Character of Mr Derek Lee

Despite his censure by the authorities, this scheming character, with no conscience, chose to persist in his attempts to romance the wife of his colleague, covering his actions with a web of lies and deception. Is there any doubt about Mr Derek Lee’s work commitment or where his priorities lie? Escom records for Mr Derek Lee’s behaviour at Drakensburg can speak for themselves. Please check with Mr Smailes of Escom and Mr R Hagan or Mr K Cole of Gibb-Hawkins or you can also ask Mr Derek Lee directly to confirm the details of his behaviour at Drakensberg and why he was fired.
What type of person is Mr Derek Lee? To what end did Mr Derek Lee choose to neglect his employment responsibilities in order to continue the pursuit of his own self-interests? Certainly with no thought for the consequences of his actions. This man does not care about his work or anyone other than himself? He evidently has a congenital character deficiency which reveals itself in his lack of commitment to his work responsibilities, his flagrant disregard for authority and his scheming, deceitful and inexcusable pursuit of lonely housewives with a monotonous daily routine. Either he can not distinguish between right and wrong or between normal and iniquitous behaviour, or, Mr Derek Lee is simply an unscrupulous scoundrel with a flawed perception of reality who cares nothing for other people, caring only for his own self-interests.

What kind of person can relentlessly devastate a marriage and a family, creating a lifetime of distress and regret, solely in the pursuit of his own casual and fleeting pleasures? Does such a despicable person have any decent moral standards whatsoever? What kind of character can ruin the happy, stable family home of teenage children, disrupting their lives and scarring their minds at a time which can only jeopardise their academic achievements and future prospects in life.

Mr Derek Lee clearly cares nothing for the lives and well-being of other people. The public distrust of the SA nuclear power industry can only be reinforced by the knowledge that they employ a known liar, an inveterate deceiver and philanderer with a damning past record from a previous assignment in the power industry. Mr Derek Lee appears to despise the lives of other human beings, who in the nuclear industry would have the confidence to place their trust in such a person?
Comment on Current Status of SA Nuclear Industry

Is the SA Nuclear Industry accountable for the suitability of the people it employs? Are there any screening procedures to check the background and character of prospective employees? It would surely be a damning omission on their part if, indeed, none exist. Assuming they do exist then either they are inadequate and ineffective or they are incompetently administered. Are the lack of moral standards, the lack of any social conscience and an attitude of lustful self-interest really the character traits that the SA Nuclear Industry commends in its staff and those of its contractors? Does the SA nuclear industry really place special trust and confidence in Mr Derek Lee and people like him? Is he really their best choice for the design and construction of nuclear installations?

Here is a man who repeatedly chooses to continue his despicable behaviour again and again even after public censure. Does Mr Derek Lee have any credibility? Would the general public sleep more easily knowing that such a character was in a senior position in the nuclear industry?
If Mr Derek Lee was expelled from a previous power station project why has he now been accepted for a nuclear one? Is the public aware of this situation? Have the standards really been changed? The nuclear power industry is already fraught with unacceptable risks, what is the justification for increasing them?

If, in keeping with his sly and deceitful nature, Mr Derek Lee has not disclosed his damning record to his own company partners or to any prospective employers, could it be because he knows that it will establish and confirm his contempt for the lives of others and disqualify him as a responsible professional.

Mr Derek Lee now presumes to present himself as a decent, respectable gentleman worthy of a senior post in the Nuclear Industry. The media frequently resurrect long buried details of inexcusable, scandalous behaviour of aspiring, ambitious and supposedly responsible people who are immediately publicly disgraced and expelled. In some professions Mr Derek Lee’s behaviour would result in him being struck-off or de-frocked. Why is such behaviour now acceptable in the SA Nuclear Industry?


Are there any standards set for professional staff engaged in the SA nuclear industry? Is any thought given to the appropriateness of employing a known deceitful and unscrupulous person in a responsible position where the lives of others could be disastrously affected? Mr Derek Lee’s true nature is a matter of record; he is an undisciplined rogue with no respect for authority, no work commitment, no professional judgement, no social conscience and no moral values. Mr Derek Lee is a man who pays no heed to the consequences of his actions, particularly the damage he may be causing to the lives of others. How can a healthy society tolerate and condone his behaviour and even value this type of person especially within the nuclear industry? Where is the social justice for the innocent victims who still suffer from the consequences of Mr Derek Lee’s casual and deplorable behaviour?

Intellectual fallibility is a major concern associated with the nuclear industry. How can Escom justify the re-employment of this callous rogue in a professional position in the nuclear industry? To employ someone with an established record showing a lack of any work ethic, with scornful contempt for authority and the lives of his colleagues and friends must surely be an exceptionally unusual, doubtful and risky choice? How can such a man be allowed to play any part in the country’s nuclear security? Is this now the new way forward? Where are the honourable, old-order, decent Escom principles that rightly and justly acted to expel Mr Derek Lee from Drakensberg?

Techniques and Sample Posts From A Modern Troll to Drown an Alternate News Website

The troll degradation/takeover of ENE proceeds.   Logged in Monday morning to review troll status, and indeed in the right side bar, 9 of 10 of the latest comments were from ManAnus.   See long image on right here. 

This comes as Google announces a massive push for AI to control "extremist views"  ----------------------------------------------------------

Alternative News and Activist websites have been targeted by corporate and governmental organization for a long time.

They send "trolls" to screw up the conversations, to confuse, dilute, disgust.

A new type of troll showed up at ENENEWS, to degrade the site, get people to leave.    
I have left, until the admin bans this troll critter.
Some newer comments after documentation of the troll degradation

I'd vote, if I had a vote, to BAN the subversive entity(s).
I keep clicking Report Comment, but alas, it seems useless. ;)
I remember the days when people left interesting 'comments' here regarding the actual article posted, not just senseless jabber or links to somewhere else without an explanation.
:arrow: Alarming mass die-off on California beaches
— “How many have to die before somebody cares?”

Farthington MacMananus
My dreams said, apocalypse, btw. What a sweet wedding. Almost gives me a boner.  

Farthington MacMananus
In simpler english, fungus often appeals for trust, so as to backstab you.

Farthington MacMananus
Things wull change if I go away right, change for the worst.

The comment below was in response to my assertation that I was going to write this article documenting the troll tactics.   The image on the right is from an online comment that DUDe found, so in case I get a foreign object stuck in my eagle eye, you know who to look for. 

Good post Frank..

Farthington MacMananus

"I'll personally stick a foreign object in your eye."

Farthington MacMananus
June 13, 2017 at 5:06 pm · Reply
stock will be pleased to know, no doubt, that at an abusive muslim institution I'm kinda related to, some crazy africans ran in there and started destroying shit.
Report comment
Farthington MacMananus
June 13, 2017 at 5:06 pm · Reply
They even used guns.

 Farthington MacMananus
Well let's see, I don't work for government, I'm kind of adversarial, entirely full of shit and people demonize me, talking shit about me.
Go on, feed the beast.

Farthington MacMananus
And I'm warning you.

 Farthington MacMananus
Drop your stupid neanderthal attempts of power, control and will, okay?
Lift the burden off her shoulders.

Farthington MacMananus
Or piss off dad, and I can promise you, that does not end well.

  Farthington MacMananus
I'm a lunatic. I do drink a lot. Yeah, I am.

 Farthington MacMananus
Goodbye Dazy, so I found you, I found a way all through.

Farthington MacMananus

Bosbefok, soos hulle sal se.

Farthington MacMananus
Many terpenes that are ignored, btw.

Farthington MacMananus
stock will be pleased to know, no doubt, that at an abusive muslim institution I'm kinda related to, some crazy africans ran in there and started destroying shit.

Farthington MacMananus
They even used guns.

Farthington MacMananus
Let's spend our time fighting and killing each other, raping the earth, abusing animals and generally fuck up absolutely everything we rely on. Sounds good? Just remember to find a scapegoat or two.

Farthington MacMananus
Oh HD, I'm fucking dumb right, no skills hey?

Farthington MacMananus
Sorry, it's a bit messy, but I mean a decent c/c++ coder knows how hobbyists fuck around.

Farthington MacMananus
Maybe I posted the wrong version there, just to throw you off. But basically, go do a search for something called GJK and EPA. Now those are STILL considered state of the art. Yeah, and I'm dumb.

Farthington MacMananus
And, before I get some more bullshit accusations about being a narcissist or whatever. You did accuse me of some things, you are ignorant, you are a piece of shit, Guppy Dick. You figured I wasn't going to reply?

Farthington MacMananus
"guppy dick" is a search term btw.
Something like…

Farthington MacMananus
You reckon so? Are you suggesting I submit, you know I can't do that right?
frontier space pioneer – commander of the secret elite mercenary wing of the freelance alliance – the prequel to the sequel limited collector's special edition
Once upon a time in garaxy fall away…
Now…time has become.

I watched a few minutes' video of Kevin B with a fishing rod, and now I see an ad above about 'sport fishing adventures'. IMO this site might be owned by google.

Farthington MacMananus
Salient observation. Sellouts, everywhere.

Farthington MacMananus
Hmmm…boobies. And good music, winning combo.

Farthington MacMananus
Want something creepy? Check out "psylocibin" "john hopkins" "saudi aramco" "silicon valley" "microdots".
Fucking retards do that shit.

Farthington MacMananus
sorry, psilocybin. pretty good access to your lymphocytic system, nice hijacking attempt.

Farthington MacMananus
Holy crap, I pay (ok no, I don't) like $150 a month for about 50 liters of wine, smokes, weed, adsl and even food. Don't need much else.
If I included rent, water and electricity costs too, it'd probably be double that, conservatively.

Farthington MacMananus
I tend to avoid books, a que from Pythagoras and Socrates, perhaps.
I did go to school and it's like, well shit, most of these books are riddled by snakes. Especially the ones talking about history.

Farthington MacMananus
You gotta know it's bad when a book talks at you, books aren't supposed to talk at you.
Next thing you know it'll grow wings and a forked tongue.
Farthington MacMananus
This is why I listen to death metal and black metal. Something honest, truthful and not quite as disturbing as the horrifying distractions.
Like that time you doze off in front of your TV while you're being programmed by CNN or FOX "news". You wake the fuck up and it's like "Fuck, who let me watch this shit?"
Farthington MacMananus
Seriously, now I'm supposed to defend PT against stock? jesus this is tiring. stock, you're a piece of shit.
Farthington MacMananus
Have you read One Thousand and One Nights? Is that also good scripture?

Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar
It is just sex, not scripture at all. Entertainment.

Farthington MacMananus

Here I am with my younger brother, working on a precursor model.

Farthington MacMananus
Shit, I made a typing error (which of course I never do), I missed a whole word there. Wouldn't be the first time but hey, people aren't very observant and/or entirely full of shit.
It's so strange that I find it easier to convince people that lies are truth, they'll fucking believe anything. That's some real twilight zone stuff.
Farthington MacMananus
"but he didnt use the half step modulated mixolydian mode of the ostinato."
The what? Phrygian, stygian, mixolydian, midichlorians and fucking 7th and shit, the fuck are you talking about? I'm a simple man, I like tremolo and d-beat.
Farthington MacMananus
A bit unrelated but…
In 2014/2015 (I can't remember), she (iirc) had a video of some very bizarre reactions/phenomena at FD. It almost looked like a nuclear radiating creature, I showed that video to other people and they were freaked out.
Dunno if you've seen it, but at the time there seemed to be fires too.

Farthington MacMananus
I dunno, death be not proud.

Farthington MacMananus
You had to get someone else to taze you though?
I didn't bother with delegation, played with some electric fences, got myself a 5.5 million volt stun gun. Fun times.

Farthington MacMananus

I've a pretty bad cyst (for maybe 15 years now), which I *think* is the result of poisons from abscesses being isolated and encapsulated. Biopsy? No way man.
Still thinking some lasers could help with that, not that it matters.
Farthington MacMananus
Yeah but what about all the other nuke tests, the corroding nuke waste barrels a few dozen miles off the american coast, the combined pollutants, etc?
I don't think I could be a marine biologist, mainly because I don't fucking like asshole

 Farthington MacMananus
Dazy, the problem is, something like weed doesn't just have chimaeric spores that turn into opportunistic pathogens easily transmitted in the atmosphere, vs say, fungus (in fact, more prevalent at higher altitude).
Otoh, I do enjoy fungus killing itself as it produces alcohol.

Farthington MacMananus
Also, that fungus is very pathogenic already. It may even bioaccumulate pathogens, particularly in poisonous environment.
Though I wouldn't argue plants do the same. But if I compare the mutability of fungis vs those plants…it's kinda easier to notice the shit.
Farthington MacMananus
Watch out for trends, before you know it, you'll be homogenized and pasteurized.
Narrowing your choices? Ouch. Soon, you won't have any choice.

Farthington MacMananus

We used to compress weed here and call it bricks here. I think Byrian416 could use one of those, to his face. It could be helpful in a ponzi wall.

Farthington MacMananus
I don't necessarily mean that personally Byrian, just a bit of Bad Cop.
Farthington MacMananus
"a" glitch? Seriously? Maybe people are dumb and shit.
Farthington MacMananus
Consider what I wrote in that "insane" inebriated rant, now tell me. Honestly, how inaccurate is it?

Farthington MacMananus
DUDe, a guy like Sanders appeals for more government, delegation. Helfeld poses simple questions, much like Socrates (your father of science, btw) did, yet was demonized. Therein lies the contradiction.
Where do you think he (Sanders) got his money and support? Would you like to mention that he conveniently turned to partisanship in support of clinton?

Farthington MacMananus
Politicians bro, why bother trusting them? The only thing they're useful for is fodder.

Farthington MacMananus
Just think how cool it would be if could pit them against each other, a couple of thousand clowns, devoid of honesty.

"..Would you like to mention that he conveniently turned to partisanship in support of clinton?.."
Oh i know.. we dont know how volunteer it was tho..and i doubt it was..paid or not..
"..Politicians bro, why bother trusting them? The only thing they're useful for is fodder.."
Why stop there with the mistrust..99% (imo) of the people don't even know themselves..conscious does not know subconscious..every relationship is a compromise..

Report comment

Farthington MacMananus
I know this country is horrible, mainly because of typical polarizing bullshit.
Did you know much of what influences this country also influences your country, and that america projects significant insecurity?

Farthington MacMananus
"I'll personally stick a foreign object in your eye."
 Farthington MacMananus
Weed's super cheap here, high quality too, but they've been hybridizing it with crappy shit.

Farthington MacMananus
Put it this way, if I smoked a couple of 20% thc joints a day, along with say, 1.5-2.0 liters of wine, it would cost me about $3.5 a day.

Farthington MacMananus
Sorry, your friends bought the lie. I'm go sleep, take care, 3 liters of shitty 8.5% alcohol can't keep me awake.

--------------------------------------------------  Following is a train of comments I don't wish to hand indent

Farthington MacMananus

CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
Farth, tell the truth…do you work for a music promotion company?

Farthington MacMananus
All the music promotion companies.
I just appreciate music and I think a lot of it is under-appreciated, sue me.

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Farth, no it was a serious question. Those bands spend 20k, 30k for an indie disk, and much more for all the other band stuff, then they have to promote it. You go to a promotion company and they charge you 1000 a month to get the music out in front of the public. And so those companies embed shills in public forums to push music, and thats how its done. Gotta get a tour going, some TV spots and work on your death metal image…T-shirts. Everything is business in this sad world of men. And somehow you can afford several liters of wine per day…so

Farthington MacMananus
And it was a serious answer. Except for the first line. Maybe.
I can't afford to buy anything, because I don't work, I'm broken like that.
So these songs I've been posting, most of them have been kind of unpopular, some even free albums. What the fuck, it's appreciation.

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Its OK Farth, I enjoyed some of it. On one song I was at once transported to a peak of depraved indignation, as if I had suffered years in the torture chamber of a medieval dungeon, and finally my rage was unleashed and propelled as projectile bilious vomit by the staccato double pedal bass onto the walls and any person or animal in between. Having been beaten down to subhuman shreds of sinew, I wondered where this energy came from…almost as if the rage itself was a force inhabiting my body, coursing through my flayed nervous system like a dark spirit awakened by an exorcism. The dichotomy of wretched debasement and virtuoso musical performance stretched my feeble awareness to the breaking point. A fuse…burned out in the machinations of a technological Juggernaut that demands more than humanly possible yet drags all beings with it to hell. At the end, I ripped out the picc line that was feeding acidic drugs into my system to enhance the death metal experience and staggered into the kitchen in search of hard liquor. Water would only make me vomit. I considered listening again but then I would have to kill myself and that might affect my relationships. I loved it.
so in the end…is it yes or no…you are paid to expose music online or not?

Farthington MacMananus
No. Absa, Frank Greig Labuschagne. 9140831780 (iirc), I don't remember the password.

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who takes care of lion cubs? Just curious. Somebody has some serious muscles too

Farthington MacMananus
The lamb of god. And by take care, you know what I mean.