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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nuclear Cartel Pulling Out All The Stops to Screw the Ratepayer in New York

stock here, I have been harping on this for years.    The lies about Global Warming, which then morphed into "fighting carbon", would be used to allow the nuclear cartel, on it's deathbed, to screw the ratepayers out of many Billions, for their profit.

Carol Browner, former climate and energy advisor to President Barack Obama, said New York could serve as a "very important example" to other states struggling with potential nuclear plant shutdowns.

The industry hopes that if New York succeeds, it could pressure other states to adopt similar subsidies.

New York's decision is "fundamentally the most important for the nuclear industry as a whole, and for Exelon's nuclear fleet," said Joe Dominguez, a government affairs official at the company, which owns or operates about two dozen nuclear units across the country. In Illinois, Exelon plans to shut two plants unless the state legislature passes a clean energy standard this year.
I found this "Nuclear Shutdown" site while researching the New York debacle.

Nuclear Shutdown News July 2016

Michael Steinberg Black Rain Press

Nuclear Shutdown News chronicles the decline of the nuclear power industry in the US and beyond, and highlights the efforts of those who are working to create a nuclear free future. Here is our June 2016 report.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

"Citizen Scientist" now a Buzzword, How Long Before Everyone Realizes the Grant Whore Scientists Are Bought and Paid For

Citizen science takes on Japan's nuclear establishment 

Though the immediate threat of radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has waned, interest in Safecast’s data has not. The organization, which takes no position on nuclear power, is supported by foundations, grants and individual donations.



And citizen journalists are necessary as the MSM is blatantly bought and paid for


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Clinton Email Prove She Made a Shady Deal With Japan on Kissinger's Advice, Buying Fukushima Radiation Infested Food W/O Testing

Hillary Clinton Threw American's Under The Bus, Doubtless Costing Many Lives and Painful
Diseases.   Clinton went to Japan in person to make a deal that could not be made "on paper" and that was to assure Japan that USA would buy any radioactive food from Japan, and not test it.    Reminder, this is shortly after Fukushima while she was Secretary of State.

Her emails, and lack of emails proves this clearly.

Here is the breakdown:
  1. Clinton was Secretary of State at the Time 
  2. She was clearly briefed on the dangers of Fukushima
  3. She was getting several emails a day on Fukushima updates
  4. People in government were pushing her hard to make a trip to Japan even though she was very tired and overworked
  5. These same people were imploring her to "Go talk to Kissinger" about strategies for the Japan/Fukushima deal
  6. Hillary went and got a strategy from Kissinger, and decided to make the trip to Japan to meet one on one with top officials.
Now, with a big trip to a world super power and close allie, after the worst industrial accident in history, you know that there would be a lot of emails to coordinate the trip.

But after that meeting with Kissinger there was not a single Japan or Fukushima related email in what she turned over.   Not one.   They were all disappeared.   Under penalty of contempt of court, a jailable offense, or worse, she had all those emails purged.

Why would anyone take a risk this large just to coverup a trip and discussion with one of our closest allies?   60 other top secret emails were released to the FBI (not disappeared), BUT the coverup of the Fukushima story was so important that Clinton and her group committed a felony by removing these from the record.  

What is known and what is the most likely story that makes sense.

  1. Arnie Gunderson reported in an interview that he has first hand information from contacts in the White House that Clinton made a deal with Japan that we would buy whatever food Japan sent us, WITHOUT testing it for radiation.
  2. This buying the Japanese food is a very important economic shot in the arm for Japan at a critical time in their recovery from the disaster.    Certainly Japan appreciated this very much
  3. The big question is -- what did Hillary get in return either for herself or for the US Government?   Of course she got something important in return.    
  4. For those who are not aware, Kissinger even at his advanced age, is one of the top, if not the top Bilderberg.   Similar to Soros, they are still pulling important strings.    What strategy did Kissinger give to his "minion" Hillary Clinton.
  5. I can make some guesses, and most go beyond nuclear power, to nuclear weapons and Plutonium.
The breaking of that story--What did Hillary get, it potentially a world changing event.

But my story is very direct, very obvious, and here is the point.

In order to get something from Japan, either for Hillary's future run for president, or military positioning of assets, or getting Japan to start taking care of their own defense so USA doesn't get into a joint war with China.   Whatever that deal was, maybe even more insidious that what I postulate, Hillary Clinton directly damaged US Citizens.

Hillary Clinton made a pact with Japan that USA would buy all the radioactive food that Japan wanted to send to us, WITHOUT TESTING.    In fact at this time in 2011, Gina McCarthy, who was later promoted to the Top Position at the EPA, came up with the idea to shut off radiation monitors in the USA.

They all knew we were being pelted with radiation, and Hillary ensured that we would also get the radiation internally, in our food.    What did Hillary get?

What did we the citizens get?  A lot of risk, a lot of cancers, reduced immune system function, a lot of diseases.   Many of these are still to come.   There will be deaths.

Here is the chronology of events/emails to make it simple to see how the emails just STOPPED.

Here is a whitehouse petition to unredact all the Fukushima related emails, and to provide the rest of the emails.

Here is the official government source of the emails that I grinded through

1) She was well advised as to what the risks were, and what precautions should be taken.

2) These powers that be understand false arguments, how to spot them, and how to use them

3) In the emails released, most exchanges were pretty professional, after the Reactor 4 explosion it had gone too far, and they decided that the event just needed to be censored.   After the initial emergency they focused their concern on economic impact and impact to the nuclear industry.

4) Around this time, researchers warned the powers that be that social media would lead to a reduction in their power if left unchecked and not monitored.

5) Hillary's  crew responds back with "Heck Ya we are monitoring social media and twitter to make sure our communications are resulting in change we can believe."

6) Hillary's handlers pushed her to go to Japan with some goals in mind, and that it was PR, but would be very powerful.   They pushed her even though all kind of other events were occurring and lots of travel and she was tired.   That's why I call it her handlers.

7) Once that first and second email urging the trip happened....then a complete blackout on the emails related to a major trip to a major world power for 3 weeks at least, that's all I checked.    No other issue got this blackout.  

8) This blackout of the Fukushima related trip to Japan was so important, it required committing a crime to not provide these emails under subpoena.     Of this $400B dollar a year industry (nuclear), how much do you think they funneled to Hillary or some Super-Pac?

I am dumping these screen captures of all the Fukushima emails that I reviewed.   I have all the PDFs downloaded and stored and backed up.

But I want to get this out there now, so you can view.

First off, she knew of the dangers of Fukushima, and the precautions that should have been taken, the next 3 graphics are from 1 email, March 12, 2011

HIllary first press conference to address her illegal email methods. She starts lying about this at 2:55 in the video
Hillary lying for 13 minutes

Americans, not just in the northwest, are unaware of being rained on with Fukushima nuclear hot particles and eating Fukushima contaminated food because the US government has deliberately minimized the catastrophe, partially due to a pact Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed with Japan. Gundersen, with a team of other scientists, intends to prove government statements about Fukushima are false.

“The United States came up with a decision to downplay Fukushima,” said Gundersen who is awakening the public with information such as hot particles in rain will continue falling in the U.S., not just in the Pacific Northwest, for another year, and mentioning high-level fallout in Oklahoma a few days ago.
Gundersen told SolarIMG that high-level people he knows in the State Department said Hillary Clinton signed a pact with her counterpart in Japan agreeing for the United States to continue buying food from Japan, despite that food not being properly tested for radioactive materials.“So we are not sampling the food coming into the United States,” he said, repeating, “The US government has come up with a decision at the highest levels of the State Department, as well as other departments who made a decision to downplay Fukushima.”

In April, the month after the powerful tsunami and earthquake crippled Japan including its nuclear power plant, “Hillary Clinton signed a pact with Japan that she agreed there is no problem with Japanese food supply and we will continue to buy them so we are not sampling food coming in from Japan” according to Gundersen.

Monday, July 25, 2016

EPA Raising Radiation Limits In Drinking Water, 100's of Times Higher. Today is Last Day to Comment

Apparently the 50,000 messages Food & Water Watch supporters sent back in March wasn't enough to keep the EPA from caving in to nuclear industry pressure. Now, the EPA is moving forward with a guidance

to increase the amount of radiation allowed in your drinking water.

It's not just a slight increase they're proposing. We're talking the equivalent of 250 chest x-rays a year!

The EPA quietly dropped the news on this so-called "protective action guidance" earlier this week, hoping we'd miss it. Not a chance. We've only got a short window of opportunity to make a big impact. Send a message to President Obama and the EPA — do NOT increase limits on radiation allowed in my drinking water.

You can drop a comment to the EPA at the above blue link, today is the last day.

I had this to say
I have a Masters Degree in Material Science from the U of Michigan. My education includes 5 years of study and research in radiation and heavy metals.

I am surprised and even shocked that an agency (that we pay your salaries, remember) created to protect the people, is proposing a standard that is effectively allowing an equivalent to 250 chest xrays a year.
This is shameful for a modern and so called civilized society to allow the people who pay your salary to protect them, to be exposed to these massive levels of radiation. Of course, internal radiation is far far worse than external radiation.

I also protest the "weasel words" of calling this "non regulatory guidance". Those civic leaders who have no where near the education and experience that I have, cannot possibly take this "guidance" if passed, as anything other than a directive.

The EPA needs to fight back against the corporate and nuclear cartel that is pulling the strings to loosen up the rules so this top heavy and archaic "science" that we call Civilian nuclear power, can have a chance at existing. Start representing us, again, and stop the puppet like response to the $1.4 Billion per year that the nuclear cartel spends to promote themselves and influence the EPA. Make us proud! Don't kill us. Don't pre-plan and allow more tolerance for a nuclear disaster at our aging nuclear plants that are averaging 2 emergency shutdowns per week.

Thank you, very much. Be real men and women, don't be a weasel.
stock here--there are many curious things about this EPA comment period:
1) they removed the "opportunity" for people to leave their full name and credentials.
2) Comments went from 300 the day before to 35,000 after the close of the comment period

and more

By: Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
The PAGs have been expanded to cover not just large accidents but any release of radioactivity for which a protective action may be considered. They cover the “intermediate phase” after “releases have been brought under control” – an unspecified period that may last for years. …

The new guidance would permit radiation exposures equivalent to 250 chest X-rays a year and, for some radionuclides, a person could receive a lifetime dosage from a small glass of water.
Despite public consternation about the plan, EPA has employed troubling hide-the-ball ploys, such as –
• Although it would set new concentrations for 110 radionuclides, EPA has not disclosed what those new concentrations would be for all but three of these. Yet, internal EPA documents obtained by PEER claim that proposed concentrations "would exceed MCLs [Maximum Contaminant Limits of the Safe Drinking Water Act] by a factor of 100, 1000, and in two instances, 7 million."
• EPA removed from the electronic portal for comments ( the boxes for commenters to include their names, an extraordinary move that reduces specific public input from a range of experts, cities and even states as coming from "anonymous" sources; and
• Taking the unexplained step of requiring all documents submitted to be in full (no urls) but imposing a limit of ten megabytes per attachment.
"This is a very creepy plan rolled out in an especially creepy fashion," stated PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch, noting that because the public comments are concluded EPA can put the plan into effect at any time. "It is unconscionable that full impacts of suspending drinking water safeguards during long periods of nuclear fallout are hidden from the public." …


From jebus at ENENEWS

Some FOIA docs, from first link, pertaining to the poison PAG's proposed publicly… in 2009…
Tell EPA: Stop Dangerous Radioactive Drinking Water‏
Wednesday, July 20, 2016

stock out

See the viral video from HBO - VICE Fukushima
Another comment from a reader at ENENEWS

My comment to the EPA:

Time for an overhaul. Ridiculous. You are not my representative, nor my environment or childrens.
You obviously represent the struggling, bankrupt, careless and planet poisoning nuclear industry.
That you would ever even propose such toxic nonsense in drinking water, no matter the circumstance, is very telling of who you work for.

Shame on you…and shame on Americans for letting things go this far.

Am I an angry citizen? Of course I am! You're so far in- you can't see out!

Your job is to protect the environment and children, not propose more of the most toxic substances known to man in their DRINKING water.

You have taken the responsibility of protecting our water and turned it into a green light for the nuclear industry to "spill" unprecedented amounts of their radioactive poisons into our drinking water- for our babies??

Useless and detrimental, you have become. I vote no and I vote to have you disbanded and tried for treason.
RE: Proposed Change in EPA PAG Guidelines for radiological contamination of water
Please make your comment at the link here no later than today,
July 25, 2016

Your Comment Tracking Number: 1k0-8qyh-g9qf

RE: EPA proposal to change PAG's for allowable radiological contamination in water during a radiological accident
July 25, 2016

Changing the PAG's for radiological content during a nuclear accident will NOT protect the public. It is completely antithetical to logic to increase allowable amounts of radiological contamination in water, and state this is part of a "protective action."
It would appear the nuclear power industry has once again persuaded the EPA to set aside its stated goals of protecting public health, and instead is adopting PAG's which would favor the nuclear industry.
By raising PAG's for water and "alert levels" for radiological contamination of air, the EPA gives at least the appearance of abandoning public safety concerns.

  • HoTaters HoTaters
    The level of radiological contaminants in U.S. air has risen to the point where airborne contaminant levels now exceed the former alert threshold of 100CPM on a routine basis. The public is not warned, nothing is done. Having raised PAG "allowable levels" of airborne contaminants has placed U.S. citizens in the position of receiving constant airborne doses of radiological contaminants without their knowledge or consent. Even when the levels exceed the current alert threshold of 350CPM, NOTHING is done to warn the public or help citizens protect themselves from unsafe and unhealthy exposure levels.
    EPA has proven itself irresponsible in protecting the public and warning citizens of radiological hazards since well before many of the air monitoring stations were shut down or failed during the Fukushima Daichi plant meltdowns in 2011. The Agency has begun remediating this situation, which is a very good thing. (See EPA Proposal for upgrading the system dated 2012.)
    Please do not change the allowable levels of water-borne radiological contamination in the PAG's. This would be doing the public a great disservice, and would be extremely harmful to human health.
    EPA should not follow "Health Physics" guidelines in establishing "safe" thresholds of radiation exposure, as it has been known for decades there is no safe level of radiation exposure.
  • HoTaters HoTaters
    Please note I am a professional in the water purification industry and operate a small scale water purification business which supplies drinking water to the public in a retail location. I'm moderately well versed in water quality and the nature of contamination in water.
    It deeply saddens me to see Tritium levels in water are allowed and called "safe" at 20,000 picocuries per liter. The presence of more than a tiny amount of Tritium in drinking water is due to atmospheric weapons testing and multiple nuclear accidents. I deeply regret I do not possess the knowledge or ability to remove Tritium in our plant's facilities. The thought of the public's being exposed to increasingly high levels of radiological contaminants and calling this "allowable" during a nuclear accident is absolutely abhorrent to me.
    What could possibly cause EPA to consider making such a BAD decision?

    • HoTaters HoTaters
      Furthermore (and this was not part of my comment to EPA), by stating the PAG's are for radiological incidents sort of guts the protective aspect of the regulations, non? Does this mean EPA and/or its regulating agency enforcing the PAG's would need do nothing if contaminant levels rose above PAG guidelines, and a "radiological incident" or nuclear accident was not involved?
      I've just grown so wary of the sneaky weasel wording in these documetns, sometimes it's very upsetting.
Have you heard about the Nuremberg Trials?    After WW2, it was determined that scientists had a high moral responsibility to those they "protected" by using science, and the public's money to do that science.    They found that scientists who had lied, misled, and otherwise abused their power and obligation to the public were guilty of a high crime.

Some were put to death.   It didn't matter that they were "just following orders".    It doesn't matter that you all are captured by the nuclear/industrial industries even if you don't know it.    Social unrest is very high and we are at a tipping point (potentially) in which you may find an extreme backlash against government scientists who did not protect those who paid their salaries.    

It is time to step back, look at the big picture.  Nearly all of us are sick in some way, or the Big C Cancer.  

Do your jobs.   Turn on all the Beta and Gamma radiation stations in the USA.   Fix them if need be.   Data transmission via cell or WIFI is simplistic, that was used as an excuse for why some weren't worth operating.    

We are watching your actions. 

Reflections on the Toxic Environment Mankind Is Creating On Earth

 Per "GOM" at ENENEWS-----

What is "human"?
The world has changed, because we caused it to change, but WE haven’t changed one bit. If anything, we’re stupider, dumber and less learned then those who existed before us. We’re more callous, arrogant, indifferent and out of touch with each other then ever before. We’re better “informed”, but strangely, indifferent.

We understand almost nothing about the real world that exists outside of our cubicles and our office chairs. Beyond the city limits is the great unknown, that dirty, cold and brutal world we are desperately trying to enslave and master for our own exclusive use. We’re surrounded by shiny toys and distracting baubles to keep us from really thinking, but we’re really only being diminished as being truly human.

We’re entirely dependent now upon this vast social and technological infrastructure we have created, which makes us terribly vulnerable now as a species. We’re in a very dangerous place, but the warnings are being repeatedly ignored.

It is the lack of understanding the interconnections of all life forms on earth to human populations that will ultimately, destroy our species. If other forms of life cannot live here because of our excessive ways, our arrogance and indifference, then neither can we. Once we have irradiated the soils, polluted the atmosphere and the water, destroyed all forms of plant and animal life, all in the fools quest to “have it all”…

What then?

GOM well said, but what shall you do now? Can you help tip it? Obewan seems to think we have 500 years before all is gone.   Methinks it could be as short as 50 years.

Keep in mind all this happening as the so called EPA is trying to raise "allowable" radiation in drinking water to be HUNDREDS of times higher than it is now.

And as Fisherman again begin plying the waters of Fukushima.   But they say "we are testing everything and finding nothing".   Ya right.

Then you have others that partly recognize the problem, and then attack it in exactly the wrong way.   this from the Guardian, often a vacuous mouthpiece of UK goofiness

The only solution left to us is to change our behaviour, radically and globally, on every level. In short, we urgently need to consume less. A lot less. Radically less. And we need to conserve more. A lot more. To accomplish such a radical change in behaviour would also need radical government action. But as far as this kind of change is concerned, politicians are currently part of the problem, not part of the solution, because the decisions that need to be taken to implement significant behaviour change inevitably make politicians very unpopular – as they are all too aware.

stock here.    The earth would be better off with less people.   And the ones that are breeding like rabbits are effectively causing a "de-evolution".    But we don't need "less of everything".   We need to reign in all of the corrupt cartels, eliminate insane industries like nuclear.

And speaking of energy, we need more of it, not less.   Energy improves lives.   We have all the energy we need, from the sun, PV solar electric.  Its a no-brainer, and its now cheap, maybe only Hydro is cheaper at this time.    And speaking of Hydro, I created a saying "fuck the frogs".    Sorry, we are damaging the environment in many ways, but stopping a Hydro project for some small and rare frog or toad species is stupid.     Hydro is a great complement to solar.  Power our houses and businesses with solar in the day, and don't run the Hydro....lets the water and pressure build up until the sun is down, then let it flow.     


"Gina McCarthy Says “Let Them Drink Radioactive Water 100s and 1000s of Times the Legal Limit or Dehydrate”
>> “Given this monstrous proposal, it unclear what lessons EPA learned from the contaminated water calamity of Flint, Michigan,” stated PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch"
" US EPA Pushing Huge Hike In Drinking Water Radioactivity "

Sunday, July 24, 2016

New York Positioning to Screw the Electric Ratepayers to Keep Dangerous Old Nuclear Alive

stock here

They are proposing that rate payers give an extra 7.8 Billion dollar to subsidize---

Fitzpatrick Nuclear, a single reactor at 838 MW, and annual generation of 6918 GWH
It's a 41 year old Boiling Water Reactor, similar to Fukushima.    They already decided to shut this one down, but may now keep it if they can get ratepayer to pay them more.
New York is planning to screw the ratepayers in order to hand money to the dying nuclear industry.   To the tune of $7.8 Billion Dollars.

That works out to around 2.5 cents per kWH

But solar PV can be implemented at under 2.94 cents per kWH and that price stay fixed for 30 years of production.

The average wholesale price of electricity in New England is around 3 cents per kWH.

So why extract the money from the ratepayer and give it to nuclear.   Nuclear is almost twice as expensive as other generation sources if they need 2.5 cents per kWH EXTRA to "be competitive"

The bottom line is that nuclear is NOT COMPETITIVE.

Nine Mile Point, 2 reactors, annual generation of 13963 GWH both dangerous old Boiling Water Reactors, like Fukushima.

Ginna,  Annual generation of 4930 GWH, already getting subsidies and now proposed to get even more.     Its very old at 46 years.    They were convicted of defrauding the rate payers, and had to pay a $240M fine.

This is a combined total 25811 GWH or 2581 Mega- kWH

As shown in the excel calculation below, this works out to an average subsidy of 2.5 cents per kWH, over 12 years.

But even on small residential scales, Solar PV can be done for 2.94 cents per KWH.

Here is the proof on the solar cost

So why extract almost this same amount from ratepayer to give to nuclear.    Why not just give that money to the ratepayers to put solar on their own roofs?


Friday, July 22, 2016

Japan Nuclear Is Shutting Down -- Hopefully For Good

KAGOSHIMA -- Incoming Kagoshima Gov. Satoshi Mitazono said in an interview with the Mainichi Shimbun on July 21 that he plans to request Kyushu Electric Power Co. to suspend its Sendai Nuclear Power Plant and conduct an inspection of the plant by the end of August at the earliest.

 And I found this picture of Bill and Hillary Clinton, after meeting in college.

Statistic on cancer in Japan.

Skyrocketing to over 1 million new cases a year.  

But oh joy....success in getting more people to live at least 5 years.    That is called a success.    Chemotherapy....extends life, while making life very shitty.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What is Solar Doing to Electric Cost in Germany --- Driving it WAY DOWN

Good information from Bob Wallace

High quality source and fairly current....

This one is interesting because it shows the wholesale price of electricity falling below the production price of coal and nuclear.  By August 2015 the price was down to 30 EU/MHw (top graph).

And this graph give some insight into why.  The top set of lines is from a day before there was much solar installed in German and the bottom set on a sunny day after a moderate amount was installed.  The effect of just a little solar is to knock out all the more expensive providers during the sunny hours and lower the wholesale price of electricity to that of late night (low demand) hours.

Hope this is what you're looking for.  If not, let me know and I'll see what else I have squirreled away.