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Monday, November 23, 2015

Ginna Nuclear Ripping Off Customers, But We Can Help Mitigate Their Damage to the People

Ginna Bailout Update

Greetings from Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE). We are writing with an important update about our fight against the consumer bailout of the Ginna nuclear reactor near Rochester, NY.

We have good news and we have bad news... and we need your help with a final round of comments in the case.

AGREE has been fighting the proposed bailout of the Ginna reactor for almost a year now. We are a scrappy little non-profit going up against huge monied interests who have a lot at stake. Only because of participation from people like you have we been able to make a difference.

When the case began, the utility company (RG&E), the nuclear owners, and the Public Service Commission were ready to rush approval of a 3.5-year subsidy with a possibility of easily extending another year and a half. The initial proposed term, through October 2018, was estimated back in April 2015 to cost RG&E consumers about $175 million. Over time, estimated costs of the bailout have risen, because market rates for electricity keep declining, creating an even larger gap between what Ginna can earn in the market and what it needs to stay open. The last cost estimate we got from RG&E was an estimated $254 million!

The good news is that there is now a proposed settlement in the case that will cut the length of the subsidy down to two years, with no easy extension. If all goes as planned, the subsidy would end in the Spring of 2017. The new agreement will save RG&E customers about $90 million. Additionally, RG&E has caved to demands that it use its hoard of customer credits to pay for a large portion of the bailout, which means that RG&E customers will not see their bills go up as much as originally proposed.

The bad news is that RG&E will get away scot-free under the proposed agreement without having to pay any of its shareholders' money toward the subsidy. Those credits mentioned above represent customer money that RG&E owes back to its rate-payers. The credits used for the bailout will not be available in the future to give back to customers. We have argued all along that RG&E failed to plan properly for the potential retirement of the Ginna reactor and that customers should not have to pay for the utility's bad planning.

The settling parties also did not address what will happen when Ginna closes, and have set up a situation in which Ginna's owners could walk away from their mess for decades before maybe someday cleaning up the reactor. We have been calling for an agreement that would make Ginna's owners begin the decommissioning process right away, in order to best protect the local community and preserve as many jobs at the site as possible.

AGREE's intervention in this case was instrumental in winning the gains that have happened so far, and we participated heavily in the negotiations of this agreement. Over 1,000 people have commented in the case in support of our position, including you. But we still have a ways to go before the deal is truly fair to consumers and good for the environment. Though the agreement represents a real improvement over the original proposal, we have not signed on to support it because we don't think it goes far enough. We are continuing to fight for an even better outcome, and we need your help to win more.

We need you to raise your voice to hold RG&E and Ginna's owners accountable:
  • RG&E's shareholders (not the public) should pay for the subsidy because the company failed to plan properly.
  • Ginna's owners should commit to cleaning up their radioactive mess, not walk away from the site for decades.
The Public Service Commission will decide whether to accept the proposed settlement early next year. The Commission has the power to impose additional terms, including making RG&E pay and making sure a safe and immediate decommissioning plan is in place. We urge you to submit a comment today.

Click here to submit a comment.

Jessica Azulay
Alliance for a Green Economy

P.S. Help us spread the word by using the icons below to share this message.

P.P.S. If you appreciate our work in this case, please consider making a donation so that we can continue to fight for consumers and the environment.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Comment on NRC hormesis

I have a Master Degree from U of Michigan in Material Science and am very well versed in nuclear and radiation.

It is beyond reckoning that the "medical industry" supposedly based at the most basic "Hippocratic Oath" level of "Do No Harm".   

Radiologist "Doctors" are some of the highest paid in the industry.    They probably think it is cool to treat cancer with radiation.   For the most part that is just short of insane.

Carol Marcus should be ashamed, especially as a woman" to insist that women, girls, and even fetuses be allowed to be blasted with up to 100mSV per year.     "remove any differential treatment" is the nice way of saying "blast them just the same as a nuclear plant worker during an accident.

Although LNT itself is rather "silly" to use as a standard, if you are looking for something that is correct per science.    I mean, LNT is based upon nuclear bomb exposure in Japan, extrapolated down to zero.    Although it sets a somewhat conservative safety level, It just doesn't make sense out of the gate compared to the numerous different isotopes and radiation related heavy metals humans and animals are now exposed to.   

That said, tossing out LNT because it is not perfect, and replacing it with "hormesis, radiation is good for you, is absurd, i am kind of shocked that the NRC would even consider this. 

Now we know the nuclear industry is shutting plants left and right, and Vogtle, if it ever goes critical will double or triple the electric cost.    And we know the NRC, if not captured, surely promotes and tries to protect the nuclear industry.   After nuclear industry, no need for the highly paid salaries at the NRC.  

Miller, Doss, and Marcus are in cahoots in writing their letters all about the same time...strategically staggered.   To create the appearance that "a lot of people are supporting hormesis".     In fact, Miller and Marcus used almost exactly the same letter....with the exception that the woman Dr Marcus added "Why deprive them of the benefits of radiation"  without presenting a bit of evidence of the "benefits"

These letters are quite sloppy in fact, like the sloppy thinking that radiation is good for you.    Per Miller and marcus "Worker doses should remain at present levels, with allowance up to 100mSV effective dose per year if the doses are chronic".   2 points here:
1)  The ploy of "remain at present levels" while at the same time suggesting an increase of 100 fold is almost sociopathic in the nature of saying things that are completely contradictory as a way to through people off their game.  
2) and then saying "allow up to 100mSV if doses are chronic".    Were they in their right mind while writing this?    Chronic means recurring, so they are saying 100mSV is OK is it keep occuring year after year.   

Even the staunchest of hormesis supporting papers (submitted with effecitvely no proof of test results), neverthless states that any hormesis benefit goes away about 200 mSV cumulative.   

I am insulted the NRC published these papers, and am ashamed of being part of the USA scientific community when I see this obvious support for radiation in medicine and less controls on radiation releases at nuclear plant.

Once again, I am appalled that the apparently low empathy Dr Carol Marcus insists that women, children, and fetuses be cut no slack in terms of immensely high doses of 100 mSV per year.     I am disgusted, and concerned that a medical doctor could feel this way or make this statement.   It appears to be sadistic.

NRC Deadline, Comment On the NRC's Absurd Hypotehesis That up to 100 Times more Radiation Is Good For You.

Not a single comment here RE this is the last day to comment to the NRC on the monsters who propose hormesis to replace LNT


If you have already commented, let me know. Otherwise let me know if you are commenting today.!documentDetail;D=NRC-2015-0057-0086

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dana Durnford, A Steadfast Protector of the Ocean, Is Attacked By Nuke Industry While In A Wheel Chair, Here is a Defense

this is from Rense, getting some very good airplay.   Written by

Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor of The Japan Times Weekly, is a science journalist who has conducted extensive radiation studies inside the Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone since April 2011. He shares a weekly online radio program at with Dana Durnford.

Dana Durnford, a former commercial diver who plies a rubber dinghy along the Canadian Pacific coast to study the effects of Fukushima radiation on marine life, has been arrested for making alleged death threats against a chemistry professor at University of Victoria in British Columbia. Mr. Durnford is facing trial on two counts of harassment related to his comments on video at his webpage, the Nuclear Proctologist. The video clips in question have been removed by YouTube at the request of unnamed complainants. 

Whatever the substance those controversial statements, Canadians should realize his frustration arises in response to the official campaign of denial of Fukushima’s lethal effects. I have often enjoyed dialogues with Dana on the radio program on Monday nights, especially stories of his harrowing experiences at sea amid 15-foot swells. After a career of diving for shellfish, he developed a passion for coastal research two years ago after discovering that the once-lush seafloor and tidal pools of British Columbia have been denuded of vegetation and are now devoid of marine-animal life. A burning curiosity prompted him to obtain geiger counters, a microscope and underwater cameras to search for the root cause of this unprecedented natural catastrophe along North America’s Pacific for full article

from the article
Do scientists who sell out their ethics for pieces of silver when millions of civilian lives are at stake “deserve to be executed”? According to the highest standard of international law on criminal abuse by scientific researcher, the Nuremberg Doctors Trial, the answer is an emphatic affirmative: Scientists involved in genocide should be put to death. There are no ifs, buts or maybes about it. You, Professor Cullen and Dr. Buesseler, are guilty, and Dana Durnford is innocent. The defense rests. 

Increasing Number of "Birth Defects" and Mutations Is Apparent After Fukushima, 2 Heads on One Human Baby

“Except for having two heads, the newborn has the rest of her organs and limbs like a normal newborn,” Kawsar told the news site. Their father, Jamal Mia, reportedly said he was “awestruck” when he saw his newborn daughter.

 “Still, I thank Allah that she and the mother are now okay," Mia told AFP.

Corruption and Greed Pervade the Nuclear Industry and It's Captured "Regulators"

Read it all at this Google Doc sent by Captain D

In 2009, both Unit 2 RSGs were installed, tested, officially accepted and brought online. SCE was so pleased with how well their new RSG design performed that they immediately started talking about extending their lifespan to 60 years or more. Slight manufacturing changes were made when both of Unit 3 RSGs were manufactured. SCE believed these changes made them “better” (than Unit 2’s RSG’s) at converting reactor heat into the steam that drives the turbines connected to the generators that produce electricity.

SCE also installed new turbines, with newly designed higher efficiency TURBINE blades, to take advantage of the expected higher steam output of the new “like for like” RSGs. In 2010, Unit 3 RSG’s were installed, tested, officially accepted and brought online.

 SCE issued a press release on October 8, 2010, which stated, “We decided to replace the San Onofre plant’s steam generators when a cost-benefit assessment revealed the plan could save customers approximately $1 billion during the plant’s current license period, which runs through 2022, when power generated by the plant was compared to the likely cost of replacement power,” said SCE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Alan Fohrer

........... ............................

Note: This analysis was performed during a 3½-year period by DAB Safety Team using “critical questioning and an investigative attitude” with the help of Global Experts based in USA/India pertaining to the Root Cause of in-plane fluid elastic instability (IPFEI) in San Onofre Unit 3 RSGs. Parts of these analyses have been shared with the NRC Commission, SCE, MHI and ALJ Melanie Darling’s appointed CPUC Safety Engineer. The NRC Commission, SCE, MHI and the CPUC have been unable to refute the findings of the DAB Safety Team.

 The DAB Safety Team: Don, Ace and a BATTERY of safety ­conscious San Onofre insiders plus industry experts from around the world who wish to remain anonymous. These volunteers assist the DAB Safety Team by sharing knowledge, opinions and insight but are not responsible for the contents of the DAB Safety Team's documents.

Our Mission: To prevent a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster like Fukushima, happening in the USA.

Written by Don Leichtling and Ace Hoffman Copyright November 13, 2015

by The DAB Safety Team. All rights reserved. #SanOnofreGate — Hashtag summary of the investigation into the multi-billion $ SCE-CPUC ripoff.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Alaska Bears Just Keel Over and Die, Amazingly On Camera

The embedded video in this article is quirky, so if it doesn't play, go directly to this link where it was found

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player And here is a video from Hawaii, it's called the stairway to heaven hike And here is another film of people having fun in "outdoor Hawaii", still a lot of beauty there. Too bad we are destroying the ecosystem at an every accelerating pace.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Example of Nuclear Propaganda, This One In Illinois, Where 6 Plants are on Life Support

They pretend its an "article"

They mistate the EPA

They have a $1.4B budget to protect the profits from their failing industry.   These old plants are breaking all the time, almost every day a plant "trips offline" due to a maintenance and age issue.

This same critically important cooling pump broke last Sunday, and then BROKE AGAIN today, Thursday, and it's not the same break although they do not give details.

Dominion's Millstone-2 nuclear power unit shuts due to coolant pump leak


here is the Paid Advertisement

EPA Official Encourages State Action to Preserve Nuclear Thursday, Nov 12, 2015

During a recent summit convened by the White House on the importance of nuclear energy to addressing climate change, the EPA’s top air official encouraged action at the state level to preserve existing nuclear energy facilities.
Janet McCabe who heads the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation stated that:
    • “The Clean Power Plan is not all-powerful . . . . [w]e can’t, on our own, through this policy, change the trajectory for power plants that are affected by many, many factors.
    • It is clear that if a . . . nuclear plant closes down, that is zero carbon generation that a state will need to accommodate in its plan. That’s definitely an incentive built in to keep those clean resources going.
    • [S]tates can choose policies that incentivize those activities . . . .”
    Illinois Policymakers need to act to preserve its leading source of zero carbon generation.
According to a State of Illinois report, the premature closure of at-risk plants in Illinois would have severe consequences for Illinois carbon emissions at a cost of up to $1.1 billion per year.
We need policy reforms like the Low Carbon Portfolio Standard that properly recognize and value the significant amount of carbon-free electricity that comes from Illinois’ nuclear fleet to level the playing field for all forms of clean energy and best position our state to meet EPA’s new carbon reduction rules.
Learn more about the benefits of nuclear energy at

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wisdom from 20,000 feet as We Discuss The Corrupt and Bureaucratic NRC Hormesis Gambit

On nuclear/radiation standards, safety, risks, etc, both scientific/professional attitudes and mythology, and general public opinion, public attitudes – public mythology –

have been inundated by disinformation, and maintained by being kept in the dark, for going on three generations.

When Chernobyl happened, with catastrophic results, the recourse was to continue the lies, cover-up, etc.

The more general culture of deception, PR, etc, the marginalization of integrity, and the ascendancy of institutional 'man', submissive widgets all, pretty well, accommodated the nuclear scam/crime scene.

And, the 'end of oil' meme, the carbon/ greenhouse meme, gave nuclear the halo of saviour, or a kind of free pass, even as its pernicious implications for physical and social health became more and more obvious to more and more people.

Sprouting everywhere roof top solar panels etc look pretty benign and sensible in comparison.

The real 'paradigm shift', the 'tipping point', comes when the mythology changes. That is the great task, as I see it, and Fukushima and Durnford and the demise life in the Pacific tidal zones of Western N America, are important bits and pieces in the demise of the psychological fundament of heretofore institutional and public loyalty to nuclear reactors.

How many rads can dance on the head of a radioactive pin is comparatively a marginal matter.

CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
well written Oldster. The ascendancy of institutional man. I see a comic bell curve of the evolution-devolution of homo sapiens. How strange and banal it should come down to office chairs and politics. I think all politicians should wear beggars clothes and all scientists should wear propeller top beanie caps. When will we admit we are all children before nature and the cosmos?

Tsars, Kings, Emperors,
sovereigns of all the earth,
have commanded many a parade,
but they could not command humor.
When Aesop, the tramp, came visiting
the palaces of eminent personages
ensconced in sleek comfort all day,
they struck him as paupers.
In houses, where hypocrites have
left the smear of their puny feet,
there Hodja-Nasr-ed-Din, with his jests,
swept clean all meanness
like a board of chessmen!
They tried to commission humor-
but humor is not to be bought!
They tried to murder humor,
but humor thumbed his nose at them!
It’s hard to fight humor.
They executed him time and again.
His hacked-off head
was stuck on the point of a pike.
But as soon as the mummer’s pipes
began their quipping tale,
humor defiantly cried:
'I’m back, I’m here! ',
and started to foot a dance.
in an overcoat, shabby and short,
with eyes cast down and a mask of repentance,
he, a political criminal,
now under arrest, walked to his execution.
He appeared to submit in every way,
accepting the life-beyond,
but of a sudden he wriggled out of his coat,
and, waving his hand, did a bolt.
Humor was shoved into cells,
but much good that did.
Humor went straight through
prison bars and walls of stone.
Coughing from the lungs
like any man in the ranks,
he marched singing a popular ditty,
rifle in hand upon the Winter Palace.
He’s accustomed to frowning looks,
but they do him no harm;
and humor at times with humor
glances at himself…

Report comment

Nimble and quick,
he’ll slip through anything, through everyone.
So- glory be to humor.
He- is a valiant man.
Translated by George Reavey
Yevgeny Yevtushenko

The EPA standing up for Citizens Health, Slaps Back at the Absurd NRC Proposal to Increase Our Radiation 100 Times

Hotel Californium!    Sucking me in again with the EPA jousting the NRC.


Even though LNT is not "fact" is not "correct" it helps set a reasonably low safety measure for radiation exposure.    So it doesn't have to be perfect.

For those who are confused by LNT, here it is in a nutshell.    They took health results from the 2 nuclear bombs dropped on Japan and then extrapolated a line down to the zero Y and zero X axis.   and then far far away from the huge exposures of the atom bombs, they used the atom bomb data to set safety levels for much lower levels of radiation.    So it's actually a bit of stretch of logic at best.    But it set a level that it "pretty OK".

By NRC wanting to throw out LNT, there is a basis of logic for that.   But the insanity comes when they want to replace LNT, with Hormesis "Radiation is good for you, up to 100 times the radiation allowed now".   That is 100mSv.   I think even the nuke cartel does not believe this would be wise, but that this is a ploy to say "lets make a compromise, and make 20mSv per year the new standard".

Nuclear plants are dying like flies, and worldwide, they make about $400B in profit for their owners, so they can throw a lot of money at trying to slow the death rate of the existing plants, whilst getting Obama to throw in money for the "next generation" research.   

So yes, keeping LNT is much better than throwing LNT out and replacing it with 100mSv hormesis.    In the perfect world we would replace LNT with something even stricter, a "supra linear" model.   That won't make sense to most people until you see it in a chart form.

But basically, repeated long term attacks by small levels of radiation, especially man made radiation, can be much more damaging than 1 large attack that doesn't cause immediate permanent damage. 

Consider the example of a person walking out there apartment door and getting mugged, beaten to the ground, kicked, but not permanently damaged.    Then that person experiences no bad attacks for 5 years, instead committing thenselves to physical training and healthy probiotic eating.

Now compare that to a person who walks out the door of their apartment and a group of bullies give them a solid hit that bruises them but doesn't knock them to teh ground.   And the next day they strike again, sometime hitting the same bruised areas.   This goes on for 5 years.  

Who do you think is in better shape after 5 years?

I think it is a fitting analogy.

And it should also be obvious what happens if they throw a banana at you every morning, you  take the banana, make a smoothie and end up healthier.   OK I had to throw that in there for Codeshutdown, LOL.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Heat Picture of Earth,12.77,268

Richard Mueller -- The Best Project, was a denier, 1.2 billion data points Malankovich Cycles - To be researched...on glaciation cycles

EmailContact List For Those Interested in Anti-Nuke, Anti-Radiation, Better Health

Folks, I need to bear down and get some tasks done, and get ready for a long plane ride and a big trip, will test for gamma and beta if I can

I have been trying to clean up my email, and at least I got ENE Nukepro related emails all gathered to one folder, 318 items!

My intention is to make a mailing list and send stuff out occasionally, I will use BCC so your privacy will be protected

If you want to be on this list and have never email before, email now to
Also if you emailed from Feb to Sep of 2015….through a butt head mistake of my own and of Windows 7, have lost all the email, probably only the NSA has it, LOL

So write again.

Time permitting during my travels, I will create the "real players" email contact list. I won't send things often and it won't be spam.

Indicate your "stage name" will be helpful, because I want to mitigate chances of getting a troll on board.

stock out

Also I apologize to those who wrote and who I did not respond. I usually try to respond immediately, but if that is not possible, then the response often just has to fall by the wayside.

Solar Net Metering -- Under Attack By Nuclear Cartel

stock here, I will flesh out this article more when I get a chance.
The nuclear industry and Big Util is on a full on war against solar, it's worst enemy.


This report out of Maine indicates that the value to the state from  solar is above most net metering costs.

Pages 11 and 12 of the doc indicate that societal benefits are significant.  The utilities on the West Coast are most likely misrepresenting their case.

JC: Solar net metering is like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

JC you are wrong.   It is nothing similar to robbing Peter to Pay Paul.

Solar investors simply stop paying an electric bill, although they still pay a monthly charge.   In Hawaii it was $17 per month.     If there are 200,000 domiciles that is $3.4M per month.    That is $40.8 Million per year.    Does that seem like it should cover wiring failures, tree cutting, transformer replacements?     That would be for the island of Oahu.  

Lets look at the budget breakdown.
 Lets say that is $10M for materials and thus $30.8M for Labor

At a Full Time Equivalent of $120,000 per year, that provide 256 workers.    Does that seem like enough to take care of the grid?   

That's like 1 worker for every 1 square mile of habitable land.    That seems very doable to me.   

Now those who haven't done solar need to foot the bill for the "grid".  Is that true, or is the $17 monthly fee adequate to cover that?

The grid is already paid for, and maintenance is very small, its wires and transformers....things that have high reliability.
But solar helps the grid.    It feeds power to the grid when the grid needs it the most.   And solar users add load to the the grid, when the grid needs the load, at night.
So please explain why you think this is robbing peter to pay paul?

Status of Canadian Pacific Ocean Videos

I have asked the author when these videos were taken, lets see if I get an answer,  I will definitely post it if I get an answer.    They nicely describe the location, but fail to provide the date.

Regardless, I do not consider these videos to show a "vibrant" life.

I have personally done over 900 dives, including some photos and video.    These have been in Hawaii, Guam, Tahiti, so kind of different.

Watch the videos, you can click through the time bar pretty quick.   The title photo is the best of the best of the best.    Other parts of the videos basically show a boneyard with 1 or 2 species.   There should be hundreds.

Also this author is doing their best to discredit Dana Durnford, so take things with a grain of salt.

Larvae, wow!
Wow algae! Witty Lagoon Park - we would hope the Parks would be in better shape than the average shoreline Glencoe Cove Island View Beach Sea Anemone Did anyone see any substantial fish in any of those videos? 

 Here is one from Dana Durnford

NUkist Troll Photoshops Reactor 3 to Show Water Therfore No Sky High Explosion Happened

Troll sayeth
The greenish patch is the spent fuel pool. (Still full of water, which means Gundersen's spent fuel pool explosion theory doesn't hold water.)

stock here....that picture looked kind of familiar, I pulled one out from my archive

I will add the pictures seperately, I realize in the above compiled pictures, it is hard to obviously see the photoshopping.

This picture taken this week over San Francisco.    Big Gov did another one by LA too.    These are Intercontinental Balistic Missiles capable of carrying nuclear bombs.     They gave no notice and didn't explain even after the sightings by millions.  

Methinks it is mostly saber rattling at Russia, and to start getting USA people scared of Russia and nuclear bombs, so that USA had take a harder stance with Russia without the little people getting upset over MORE war mongering.     Nobel peace prize, eh?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Scientists are Paid To Lie, Our Tax Dollars Are Used to Create Lies That Then Work Against Us

We noted before that NOAA was lying about cause of mammal deaths.

NOAA shown lying about mammal deaths

And that was an official policy in Canada until the new young prime miinster wiped that policy and made government scientists "1st class citizens" again.

All this as Dana Durnford, is arrested and threatened with 10 years in jail, for ranting against lying scientists.

And then they are pretending that "Global Warming" killed a whale that was obviously starving

The UK, a dying empire, like the USA....has gone full tilt wrong.   How the hell can you be a Civil "Servant" if you are failing to inform, intentionally lying?

Censorship of Government Scientists Spreads to the United Kingdom

, program manager, Center for Science & Democracy | March 31, 2015, 7:00 am EST
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British scientists are pushing back strongly against a move by the UK government to control how government scientists communicate their research with the public. This is a very troubling development that is bad for science and bad for the public interest. The news was reported on Friday in the Guardian and Science.
The new language, added to the Civil Service Code, is as follows:
All contacts with the media should be authorised in advance by the relevant Minister unless a specific delegation or dispensation has been agreed which may be for blocks of posts or areas of activities. The Civil Service Code applies to all such contacts.  Civil Servants must at all times observe discretion and express comment with moderation, avoiding personal attacks.

100 Ton Blue Whale In "Our Radioactive Ocean" Found On Beach, Starved to Death, They Say El Nino Did It

No mention of testing for radiation, easy to harvest samples.

They toss out "El Nino" as the cause, and then do not even attempt even once to support that hypothesis.

The animal was starving, its fat layer was 66% down from where it should be.

This "El Nino" Carbon dioxide as a pollutant is going beyond just sickening.    It's criminal.

Info on Blue Whale

Blue whales are filter feeders, krill and plankton.

Funny how that is a recurring theme.   I wonder if Kenny Boy is putting the Plankton under the microscope.

Speaking of-- just broke out my Microscope its a pro grade Omano 1600x scope...never been used, but bro is going to run the learning curve while I am out on solar.   

The bottom of the food chain is where we need to be looking.   Those things replicate quickly and form the basis for the food chain.   replicating quickly means, more likely to be affected by radiation and heavy metals.

  Warren (from ENE provides)

Emails of Scientists referred to in lead articles above:
Prof. Bruce Mate, Marine Mammal Director at Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center,
Calum Stevenson, Ocean Shores Specialist with the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department,

stock out.



Hundred TON blue whale that 'could have been killed by El Nino' washes up in Oregon

  • The 78-ft long blue whale was dead for two weeks before it washed up
  • Scientists believe that it may have become weakened by this year's El Nino
  • The weather phenomena is predicted to be one of the strongest on record
  • Orcas and sharks believed to have attacked the whale while it was weak
  • Researchers are stripping blubber and flesh to put the skeleton on display

A Cure For Cancer? It Kills The Fungus That Live Off the Dead Cells and Sugars Says Gasser

stock here: I guess I will throw out a full tilt weasel disclaimer here, I am not a Doctor, nor is Gasser.
This is not my recommendation to do this.    Cancer is serious stuff, see the lower WHO estimates predict a 70% increase in cancer in 20 years.    WOW, from 50% to 85% is the way I would calculate that, only 1 in 6 people WILL NOT get cancer.   Mindboggling.

From Gasser from the Big Island of Hawaii

This link works

I've had some request, so I just made this life extender video today for folks to get a better handle on the most important things needed to do in making it right and easy.

Disclaimer> this does not cure Cancer, it kills the Fungus that's living off the dead cells that got Radioactive element Becquerel discharge bombarded continually for a Fungus to move in and live off the dead cells and sugars.

There is no cure for Cancer, because man made Radioactive elements are everywhere in everything…meaning Cancer is a none stoppable recurring phenomena relative to radioactive elements a person is exposed to.

In this video I miss spoke saying I had Pancreas Cancer…meaning to say "Thyroid"
I've had Colon, liver, Thyroid Cancers over the years now @ 74 I'm still riding because of this simple recipe.

Ahui Ho

Stay informed, stay alert/alive> enenews com

More info on Tumeric

And like Gasser's Baking Soda approach

The WHO World Cancer Report, released in early 2014, calmly announced that cancer rates will rise by 70% over the next few decades…

This means that soon you'll be in a minority if cancer does not get you (and of course there's all the other diseases that come from manmade radionuclides as well).

The corrupt feckers and the psychos aside, what I found most gobsmacking at the time was the lack of public outrage.
stock here- Ya Rob, and the "scientists" pin the increase on alcohol, smoking, and obesity. 

They never mention the R word.   But they do mention they need lots of money for research.   Oh and by the way.....if you want their report, you have to buy it.

Profiting from disease doesn't seem very "sustainable" to me.

It's $72.00