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Friday, September 4, 2015

61 Pages of Stories of the Death Of The Pacific

This List Compiled by Kelly Ann Thomas 
61 pages describing news aggregation on the death of the largest ocean on earth
Picture of poor little seal, crawling the streets of a city, with pneumonia, because there is no food in the ocean. 

Scientists are “baffled”, “befuddled”, concerned”, and “curious” about the die-off of the Pacific Ocean. Almost no one mentions the F word, Fukushima. I put together a list of links from thatshow a direct correlation between the Fukushima and the die-off, even if scientists refuse to admit it. Every story comes from a major publication. These stories have been out since the beginning of themeltdowns. There is not one scientist studying this who does not have access to this information. Either they chose to look the other way or they are incompetent researchers who don’t really want to know thetruth.
There are a thousand links here, all in chronological order. If you are pressed for time, skip to the back and read backwards to see how bad it really is. I put this file together so that when someone says proveit, at least there are 50 plus pages of links that prove that Fukushima is killing the North Pacific Ocean.Humans are next.
Radioactivity is being “released directly into the atmosphere” – IAEA at 12:15 am EST - March 15th, 2011
monitoring system broken - March 26th, 2011
Nuclear physicist March 28, 2011
Nuclear physicist - March 28th, 2011
-March 29th, 2011
March 30th, 2011
… Kai Vetter, UC Berkeley professor of nuclear engineering [said] “Many people realize this is the only source of hard data out there — which was a surprise to me.” …
It’s not that government agencies aren’t tracking the spread of radioactive materials. But they have so far released very little actual data on isotopes of concern to human health, including iodine-131 andcesium-137.
The Washington Department of Health posts only gross radiation levels, with no information on specific isotopes. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which operates a nationwide network of air,rainwater and milk monitoring stations, has released a few batches of data, including two results from milktesting: a sample from Des Moines that showed no detectable radiation and one from Spokane with traceamounts of iodine-131. Scientists from the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Pacific Northwest NationalLaboratory (PNNL) in Richland shared some of the initial data from ultrasensitive instruments designed todetect fallout from nuclear tests, but have since declined to make other results public. …
“If a university professor and his students can collect samples and turn them around in a reasonableamount of time and report it, you would think government officials could do the same,” said RobertAlvarez, senior scholar at the liberal think tank Institute for Policy Studies and a former DOE deputy assistant secretary for national security. …
April 10th, 2011 Note the government withheld this information for a week and a half before reporting it Vietnam finds Uranium-238 in sample of pine needles — 4,000 km away from Fukushima - April 11th,
Nuclear expert says Americium has been found in New England - April 28th, 2011 “I cannot allow this”… government not protecting public from radiation — “Highly unusual” for anacademic to quit in protest - April 30th, 2011
[A Japanese government] adviser resigned during a tearful news conference in which he charged that the
government was not adequately protecting the population from radiation. [...] “I cannot allow this as a scholar,” said Mr. Kosako, an expert on radiation safety at the University of Tokyo.[...]
He also blasted the government for what he said was a lack of transparency in releasing radiation levels around the Fukushima Daiichi plant [...]
Government advisory positions are considered prestigious, and it is highly unusual for an academic toquit one in protest. [...]
The U.S. government has abandoned efforts to monitor elevated levels of radiation that infiltrated thenation’s water and milk in the wake of a nuclear catastrophe in Japan. [...]
“I really am horrified,” said Daniel Hirsch, a nuclear policy lecturer at the University of California, SantaCruz. “It’s quite staggering and it seems to be part of the pattern of the EPA trying to make sure that thereare no measurements that could cause people to be concerned.”
“The agency will return to testing radiation levels in rainwater, drinking water and milk every three months.The next such tests are planned in August.”
(This lady should be charged with war crimes for her asinine statements.)
strategy for Fukushima - May 27th, 2011
(So if you die of cancer, it is because you are depressed and weak-spirited.) “Remember the number 100. Compared to that, the Soviet Union required a mandatory evacuation duringChernobyl at five millisieverts.”
-June 13th, 2011
americium (AUDIO) - June 29th, 2011

called Red Forest (VIDEO) - August 12th, 2011
September 13th, 2011
[...] Matsumoto confirms the prime minister at the time – Naoto Kan – also contemplated evacuating tens of millions of people from in and around Tokyo. [...] “There was no clue about the amount of radiation coming from the Fukushima plant or if it was spreading
over 100 or 200 kilometres.
“If that was the case, Tokyo would be in danger. And prime minister Kan actually said that eastern Japanmight not be able to keep functioning; that it might collapse.” Professor Matsumoto says in the end, talk of tens of millions ["30 million people"] being evacuated was
dismissed, with fears it would cause mass panic and chaos worse than the nuclear crisis itself. [...]
British physicist Wade Allison calls for radical increase in radiation exposure limits - October 6th, 2011 Someone who should be charged with crimes against humanity.
Imagine a government agency lying to the public! What a shock!
- September 19th, 2012
- January 31st, 2013
(But they did not start testing according to NOAA officials in Alaska - or they have not released theresults.)
-August 30th, 2013
This is really important!!!
-September 29th, 2013
-October 6th, 2013
-November 16th, 2013
Clear signs of radiation poisoning.
-December 5th, 2013
Clear evidence ignored by the rest of the scientific community.
So it is okay to lie to the people?
This should be a very scary headline for those living on the West coast
February 5th, 2014
But there is always money for a bloated “defense” budget, Wall Street bailouts, etc.
An extremely important story buried by the press.
Too bad this is not an April Fool’s joke
He is the enemy.
TEPCO, come claim your coriums!
So much for scientific integrity!
All signs of radiation.
May 22nd, 2014
Hug your children closely.
Potato chips!!! These people should be trie for crimes against humanity for these blatant lies.
-August 6th, 2014
Viruses become weaker when they jut to other species. The virus claim doesn’t hold up.
This is war and the government is the enemy.
Another official who should worry when SHTF.
-October 17th, 2014
No more whales.
More denial with the lame virus theory.
Guess we found some of the missing coriums!!!
Like they haven’t been doing this from the beginning.
U.S. - February 3rd, 2015
And still kept secret by the press.
-April 22nd, 2015
So the ocean is dead and the US government thinks we don’t have a right to know? How scientific is that?
All this documentation and they are “at a loss..Maybe the whales ran into a toxin” Sure.
“Quite literally, there isn’t any fish.”


  1. there are no words

    1. i left my place in pv mexico and moved to uruguay S.A. the first year of this madness

  2. i defended kelly when the devil incarnate aunavoz was trying to tear her down stock. please note that

    1. look back where aunvoz went after kelly because she wrote original letter to scientist lady and aunavoz attacked kelly relentlessly. it was awful. yet kelly was inspired to come back with this. it was after i stood up for kelly i got skewered by gom because she did not like my typing. Too many trolls on enenews. too bad. i wont be going back. someone also hacked my email 2 months ago and i got several nasty and threatening emails. Changed my screen names at that time. I admire kelly ,jec and fad with all the nastiness going on at enenews. aunavoz is something else. too bad so sad que lostima

    2. Ya, I remember that "you have to type better" nastiness.....hope to see you back in the future

      Some of the old school peoples there now appearing to be trolls or at least trolllike

    3. Folks, I have been following ENE News posts for several years now & highly appreciate the information and camaraderie evidenced. After a bit of time it is not difficult to sort the trolls from the people. Do keep on keeping on, this community is so vitally important to truth sharing in the face of the conspiracy against public awareness. Thank you all.

    4. @busdriver, thanks for chiming in. Indeed, the $400B gross margin nuke civilian power cartel (just part of the overall cartel) is investing $1.4B this year to "communicate"

      Well, we do what we can to counter their pre-compost.

    5. Yes keep this up please,I thank you very much.

  3. Hi Stock :

    Thank you for your continued efforts to educate the masses. I suspect that the # 1, 2 and 3 reactor explosions were neither hydrogen, nor fission but were steam explosions. The explosion at unit 4 occurred during the fuel pool emegency and seems likely to have also been a steam explosion, caused by dumping sea water onto the exposed fuel rods. The two men that were reported missing afterwards, seem likely to have made the two holes in the siding, although I haven't seen this being suggested.

    If you can spare a few minutes, my article at Mathaba may be helpful.

    Also ... my comments on Dylan Ratigan's site ... especially on Byron NPP's loss of emergency cooling might interest you, The NRC later (and quietly) confirmed my assertions.

    Live Long and Prosper,

    The Rad Rider

    1. The Rad Rider......

      I like that.

      Also figured out a name for my future food radiation testing lab.....

      Rad Lab

  4. P.S. to All Concerned :

    If you study the youtube video of the Fukushima Unit 3 explosion, that is embedded in the above linked article ( Fukushima : Worse Than Chernobyl ) you should see that objects with great mass were ejected. Not simply roofing materials as one might expect. This was not mentioned by those reporting on the story as it unfolded.

    About the storm sewer runoff, mentioned to Barbara Boxer and the U.S. Senate (at the beginning of the disaster) TEPCO recently discovered that highly radioactive storm water had been reaching the ocean since the beginning of the disaster.

    The storm sewers as a source of contamination would have been easy to eliminate if containment of contamination was a priority. Perhaps the cost of processing and storing the captured waste was deemed too costly. Not only by them, but by seemingly, the leaders of most all the countries in the world. Other than the fact that Japan's neighbors : China, North and South Korea and Russia have nuclear power plants, they had no reason not to insist that waste containment be a high priority.

    Legally, it is In practice ... not so much.

    Best Wishes to You All,

    The Rad Rider

    1. Indeed those objects of great mass, indicate it wasn't just the roof being blown off in a hydrogen explosion.

  5. How high must the pile of proofs be before the masses realize the dangers rumbling down the rails at them all? None are more blind than those that refuse to see. Protection will not be found in denial should be more understood in regards of this global disaster.

    1. Indeed, I would respond to your thesis, yet I must spend my time to figure out what them that Kardashians are up to.....sarc, stock out

  6. Wasn't kidding about citing you, Stock...This a billion dollar post that should convince anyone what's going on, but we know even with their hair and teeth falling out and puking blood, 99% of the deniers will die denying.
    Appreciate your work.

    1. Mahalo. The production of the list of 61 pages, credit goes to Kelly Ann Tomas, can effective writer.

  7. Hey just a heads-up, the pic that comes up on social media shares of straneed whales is from 2009, two years before Fukushima happened (pictures a little further down the page):

    1. Roger dodger, I thought that might be posted on nukepro and if so, should be removed, but I can't find it......

      Its emotive but we don't need to lie like the nukists

  8. TEPCO (owned by the Japanese Gov't. Is not the only one instituting "Free Speech" Restrictions to protect the global Nuclear Industry. They are working hard to maintain their control over our Energy because Solar (of all flavors) is now threatening to free ratepayers from the burden of monthly payments for both Electrical energy and gasoline/fuel by recharging eVehicles!

    1. I agree totally. This whole world wide breakdown of society through war or the made up climate change is a setup and the top 1 percent have been working towards this endgame for millinea. I heard someone make a comment that is the climate deniers are all nutcases then what are the elite so worried about what they have to
      say. It's because the 99 percent are waking up finally and seeing what these evil bastards have been up to. Just my thoughts

    2. Ya Janna, perhaps this is a tipping point soon, yet the Bronto can be dangerous even as it goes down.

  9. That photo of the seal is heartbreaking.

    1. yes it is, horrific, beyond imagination, and the seal is next to someones $70,000 fossil fuel burning vehicle with $3000 of wheels.

  10. All the supporters of nuclear energy and fracking for oil should be institutionalized or jailed permanently.

    1. How about slave labor camps to do the cleanup, sounds more practical.

  11. I do think some of the mass whale deaths ( like the ones recently in Chile) might be HAARP related
    I am not underplaying fukushima, but sometimes we forget that the news NEVER mentions radiation as a cause, and so it becomes highly suspicious, but then you realize they also NEVER mention HAARP - and so that could be up there as prime suspect, along with Fukushima IMHO

    1. I am not a HAARP-ist
      I know it exists, I know their goal is to "rule the weather", but don't know much more than that.

  12. Inspired by Kelly Anne's list of 1,000 Kelly Anne's 1,000 links ... I have made a list of 8,700 links to 25,000 original stories. I am writing several books based on these and materials and a chronology and a website to serve as a national database. However, since the material is copyrighted, I would like for enenews to contact me so I can get permissions, as I am trying to find an agent and if the books are published, would like to divide all royalties between enenews, fairewinds, and myself.

    1. On your other comment, not yet published, it wasn't clear whether you want the comment itself published.

  13. NOT FOR PUBLICATION -- Maggie G. has my contact info.

  14. The only thing this is proof of is that large numbers of fear-mongering, highly sensationalized stories are being generated trying to link the Fukushima Dai-ichi triple reactor meltdown incident with many other unrelated incidences. Such stories are hosted on many click-bait news aggregator websites without any effort to check the accuracy of the stories. Readers are attracted who get a thrill from conspiracy stories and then spread it again without any effort to look into critical analysis such as the Snopes site has done. Such stories may be believed to provide support to the activist community but in the end only destroy their credibility. Keep in mind that various sources are working hard to destroy trust in the real facts and the election of the Trump administration provides some evidence of how effective this campaign has become. Stories, such as this, also serve to draw attention away from Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (ACD) effects which is another pattern we see in the new U.S. administration.

    1. Oh that is just precious....relying on snopes. How about the New York Times? Washington Post.....just precious

      And then you pile anti-Trump and then human caused climate crap.

      It's nice to have the great lies summarized for dismantlement, lol


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