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Friday, July 3, 2020

Epstein Island Flight Log, and Little Black Book, List of Names -- Who's Missing?

Source Docs

And here is the above PDF in a box account

And here is his Little Black Book (not as incriminating for sure)

I think some names are missing, Bill Gates for one,  and Stephen Hawking was photographed in the Epstein submarine with a 30 something hotty explaining the sea life to him.   Not sure if he went to "the island" but maybe the trip was all by submarine so not on the flight logs.  Found both pix.  Look at the two on the right....they really don't want to be in this picture, and they have name tags I can't read.

I really don't know "celebrities" does anyone know who they are?

And chime back with other suspected names I may be missing.

Just occurred to me.   There was nothing particularly ritzy in terms of exotic creature comforts on that island.   There must have been a "greater draw" to make people want to go there.

I hope this is a useable format. Someone on VOAT suggested a method of "Promoting" those who visited Little Saint James.

Epstein also had that ranch in New Mexico, some names that may belong there are
Bill Richardson, former NM Governor.
George Mitchell, former Maine Governor

Not verified, but reported by others to be Island Goers.

Barbara Walters??
Michael Bloomberg
Les Wexner
Dustin Hoffman
Ralph Fiennes
Mick Jagger
Liz Hurley
Joan Rivers

Adam Perry Lang
Akon (Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam)
Alan Dershowitz
Alberto Pinto
Alec Baldwin
Alyssa Rogers
Anderson Cooper
Andrea Mitrovich
Andres Pastrana (for Columbia president)
Anthony Kiedis
Audrey Raimbault
Barak Obama
Ben Affleck
Beyonce Knowles
Bill Clinton
Bill Hammand
Bill Murray
Brian Affieck
Caren Casey
Casey Wasserman
Charlie Sheen
Chelsea Handler
Chris Tucker
Chris Wagner
Chrissy Teigen
Cindy Lopez
Claire Hazell
Courtney Love
Dan Schneider
David Koch
David Yarovesky (Yarvo!)
Demi Moore
Doug Band
Ed Tuttle
Ehud Barak - former prime minister of Israel
Ellen Spencer
Emmy Tayler
Fleur Perry Lang
Freya Wissing
Gary Roxburgh
Ghislaine Maxwell
Glen Dubin - Billionaire Hedge Fund Guy
Greg Holbert
Gwen Stefani
Gwendolyn Beck
Hank Collier
Heather Mann
Henry Rosovsky
James Franco
James Gunn
Jean Luc Brunel
Jean Michelle Gathy
Jeffery Epstein
Jeffery Jones
Jeffrey Epstein
Jim Carrey
Jimmy Kimmel
Joe pagino
John Cusack
John Legend
Juan Pablo Molyneux
Juliette Bryant
Justin Rolland
Kathy Griffin
Katy Perry (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson)
Kelly Spamm
Kevin Spacey
Kirsty Rodgers
Larry Summers -- former Harvard President took $30M from Epstein
Larry Visoski
Laura Wasserman
Lawrence Krauss
Leslie Wexner -- The Financier of Epstein and Epsteins Only Client, not sure if he flew to PI
Linda Pinto
Lisa Summers
Lynn Forester De Rothchild
Madonna Ciccone
Mandy Ellison
Marc Collins-Rector
Mark Epstein
Mark Lioyd
Marshall Matthers III
Melinda Luntz
Meryl Streep
Michelle Wolf
Naomi Campbell
Natalie Blachon(De Perrier)
Nicole Junkermann
Oliver Sachs
Oprah Winfrey
Paul Hala
Paul Mellon
Paula Epstein
Peter Marino
Pharrel Williams
Quentin Tarantino
Ralph Ellison
Ray Barzanna
Ricardo Legoretta
Robert Downey Jr
Rodney Slater
Ron Burke
Sandy Burger
Sarah Kellen
Seth Green
Shawn Carter
Shelley Harrison
Shelley Lewis
Sophie Biddle
Stefani Germanotta
Stephen Collins
Steven Colbert
Steven Spielberg
Steven Tyler
Svetlana Griaznova
Teala Davies
Tiffany Gramza
Tom Hanks
Tom Pritzker
Tyler Grasham
Victor Salva
Virginia Roberts (currently why he was arrested)
Wanda Sykes
Will Ferrell
Will Smith
Woody Allen

One article NYP


  1. Why is Billy Gates left out?

    1. Good point, I had a feeling that there were some notable omissions that I had missed. It would also be awesome to compile the number of trips each individual made.

  2. This claims to be the complete flight logs Plowboy

    1. Excellent, this looks like an OCR could be run, and then statistics on who went how many times, and how many times the listing "1 female" or "2 females" would indicate a rough number of traffickings.

  3. I have made it through the entire flight log. I managed to create a 250 name list. However, the big names are missing. How or where should I search for them?

    1. no great ideas, general search, avoid google, maybe use the oddball search engines that might not alter search results too much. Epstein had houses in NM and NY and maybe elsewhere, the NM was a ranch with a classic satanic landscape pattern. Send your list in comments here or email
      stock (at)

    2. This is the list. The log's handwriting was terrible, sometimes difficult to write the names properly, so sorry for similar duplicates. But for the names that are in the list, these are 100% legit.

      Adriane Devonvoisen
      Alan Dershowitz
      Alberto Pinto
      Alex Resnick
      Alexander Fekkai
      Alexia Wallagre
      Alexia Wallert
      Aline Weber
      Alyssa Holders
      Andrea Metrovich
      Andrea Mispunetuk
      Andrea Mmirovel
      Andrea Mucinska
      Andrea Ryan
      Andres Pastrana
      Anna Hanks
      Audrey Blaise
      Audrey Raimbault
      Baby Mitchel
      Banu Koluk Koylu
      Banu Kucukkoylv
      Berry Massion
      Bill Clinton
      Bill Hammond
      Bill Murphy
      Bob Broslin
      Bren Tindall
      Carolin Miller
      Cassey Wasserman
      Catherine Derby
      Celina Dubin
      Cindy Lopez
      Claire Hazel
      Claire Hazel
      Cocoa Brown
      Cresencia Valdez
      Cristallig Waschl
      Crystalle Wasche
      Dan Maran
      Daniel Dennet
      Daniel Heller
      Dara Lynn Prengle
      Dave Killary
      Dave Savage
      David Mullen
      David Rockwell
      David Slang
      Dean Ramon
      Deborah Amselen
      Diane Fleetwood
      Doug Bands
      Doug Bang
      Doug Schoettle
      Ed Tuttle
      Edwina Simmonds
      Elizabeth Johnson
      Ellen Spencer
      Emmy Tayler
      Emmy Taylor
      Eric Nonacs
      Eva Andersen
      Eva Anderson
      Evelyn Boulet
      Fabriame Palheo
      Fleur Perrylang
      Forest Sawyer
      Francois Verenia
      Frederic Fekkai
      Frederique Todd*
      Freya Wissing
      Gabriame Pacheco
      Gary Blackwell
      Gary Fennel
      Gary Ratheb
      Gary Roxburgh/Gary Rosburgh
      Geraldine Layborne
      Ghislaine Maxwell
      Glen Dixon
      Glen Dubin
      Greg Carpenter
      Greg Holburt
      Gwendolyn Beck
      Hal Lexo
      Hank Collierv
      Hazel Cousin
      Heather Mann
      Heather Mitchell
      Henry Jaracke
      Henry Jarecky
      Henry Rosovsky
      Chaun Taepavics
      Chauntae Davies
      Chauntae Davies
      Cheri Krape
      Cheri Krape
      Chery Lynch
      Chris Camaros
      Chris Gamble
      Chris Tucker
      Chris Wagner
      Christina Estrada
      Inca Doerrig/Inca Doggrig
      Ira Magaziner
      Isering Yangrey
      Jack Kearly
      Jantelle Torie
      Jean Michelle Gathy
      Jean-Luc Brunel
      Jeff Schantz
      Jennifer Kaleo
      Jennifer Kalin
      Jessica Bauer
      Jim Dowd
      Jim Kennez
      Jimmy Caine
      Joe Novich
      Joe Pagano
      Joe Ruben
      Joel Pashkow
      John Brockman
      Jonathan Mand
      Jonathan Mano
      Jordan Duban
      Jordan Rubin
      Juan Molyneux
      Julian Borees
      Julie Concebaugh
      Julie Fierson
      Juliette Bryant
      Karina Matson
      Kathy Alexander
      Kelly Bovana
      Kelly Boving
      Kelly McCarthy
      Kelly Spamm
      Kevin Spacey
      Kimberly Burns
      Kit Layborne
      Kristy Rodgers
      Laemma Simon
      Larry Morisson
      Larry Summers
      Larry Summers
      Laura Andrew*
      Laura Hames
      Laura Wasserman
      Lauren Pashcow
      Leticia Birkholder
      Linda Pinto
      Lisa Andrew
      Lyn Fontanilla
      Lynn Forrester
      Magal Blachou*
      Magali Blachon
      Mandy Ellison
      Mandy Ellison
      Mandy Lang
      Mandy Ralph Ellison
      Manny Duban
      Manuela Stoetter
      Margaret Whippet
      Mark Epstein
      Mark Lloyd
      Mark Potter
      Mark Tagopo
      Mark Tagoya
      Marvin Minsky
      Mats Alexander
      Melanie Starves
      Melinda Lunez
      Melinda Luntz
      Melissa Stahl
      Michael Durberry
      Michael Liffman
      Michael Wolf
      Michelle Birkholder
      Mrs. Cayne
      Nadia Bjorlin
      Nadia Marcinkova
      Naomi Campbell
      Natalya Malyshov
      Nick Simmonds
      Nick Simmons
      Nicole Junkermann
      Nina Keita
      Nina Zagat
      Oliver Sachs
      Patrick Ochin
      Patsy Rodgers
      Paul Mellon
      Paula Epstein
      Paula Halada
      Pete Rathgeb
      Pete Rothold
      Peter Marino
      Peter Roscoke
      Philippe Mugnier
      Pia Trusell
      Prince Andrew
      Ralph Pascale
      Rey Barzana
      Rhonda Sherer+ Husband
      Ricardo Legorgita
      Richard Cook
      Richardo Legoretta
      Rodney Swater
      Ron Durkle
      Ryan Dionne
      Sandy Berger
      Sarah Fergusson
      Scott Rueber
      Sean Riley
      Shannon Healy
      Shean Koo
      Shelley Lewis
      Shelly Anne Lewis
      Shelly Harrison
      Sheridan Gibson
      Sherrie Crape
      Sloane Barnette
      Sophie Biddle
      Sophie Biddle
      Spencer Barnette
      Stacey Igglucksengh
      Steve Lister
      Steve Sherman
      Steven Lister
      Steven Pinker
      Susan Hamblin
      Susan Hamblin
      Svetlana Griaznovc
      Tatiana Espinosa
      Tatiana Simanova
      Teala Davies
      Teala Davies
      Tiffany Gramza
      Tiffany Kathryn Cranza
      Tim Zagat
      Tom Payette
      Tom Pritzker
      Topp Miestor
      Valdson Cotrin
      Vick Lambro*
      Virginia Roberts
      Warren Margharet
      Warren Spector
      Warren Whippet
      William J. Clinton
      William Jose
      Yves Pickardt
      Zinta Broukis

    3. Wow thanks, I dropped that into Excel, will figure out a way to parse the first and last names to seperate columns, then can also sort by last name. There were a few duplicates I removed.

      Thanks for all the hard work!

    4. I had seen a very blurry post that purported to show John Roberts the compromised supreme court justice on the flight logs, but you couldn't even identify the page number. It looked like maybe faked, because why so blurry?

    5. What I only now realized, is that the logs I was using are only from 1998-2006(early). John Roberts allegedly flew in 2010 and 2011. However, both files I have that claim to be the complete versions are the same files, one in the pilots handwriting and other in digitalized form.

    6. I will search for more logs, I heard there were many pilots and only one turned in his logs.


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