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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WIPP Newspaper Links Where You Can Leave Comments

Hey, can someone put down some links to the local newspapers, classifieds, etc, for Carlsbad here? I want to exercise my freedom of speech and inform people there (ie post on sites in Carlsbad, etc) that we care and are part of their town's discussion on the WIPP leak.

Report comment

WIPP Busted Dead to Rights, they WERE Storing High Level Waste WIPP

After doing the Transcript of the Town Hall meeting (read it, took me 3 hours!)

I noted that they denied storing of any high level waste at the facility.

In fact there are hearings coming up whether they should be allowed to store any high level wastes, its a very hotly debated thing in the community.

I busted them dead to rights.     

I do also frequent pro-nuker sites, I like to see what they have to say and to refine my own knowledge.    I go with an alias of course.

I caught the former director of CEMRC (2004 to 2010) bragging about how the facility has 100,000 cubic meters of waste.     "Some fairly high level (>7ci/liter), hotter than anything left in the Hanford tanks"

Jim Conca was bragging at   (Run by Rod Adams, a well known pro nuke promoter).

His comment was specifically called out by Rod Adams and put into the text of an article.    
Rod also speaks directly to Dr Hardy, and others high up in the nuke industry, he is an insider.

Here is the link and here is the proof:

Don't believe, run the links yourself, but here is more from the conversation.    These guys are smart, it is sad when they get down to talking about bananas and flying and dental Xrays.

Jim Conca
Hi Rich, you’re right, these high-volume ambient aerosol collect only particulates, like pollen. But the ones we put at WIPP and environs are special. They are 20 x 25 cm Gelman A/E™ glass fiber filters that collect at a flow rate of ~1.13 m3 min-1. After collection, they’re removed using special handling protocols and taken back to the CEMRC radlabs and analyzed for selected radionuclides, including 238Pu, 239+240Pu and 241Am. Following 6 hr of heating in a muffle furnace at 500° C, which drives off organics, the tracers and the iron carrier are added and each filter is treated with HF+HNO3 up to the complete decomposition of silica. Then it is treated with conc. HClO4 and HNO3 for the removal of fluoride ions. The actinides are then separated as a group by co-precipitation on Fe(OH)3. The nuclides of interest are precipitated with LaF3, deposited onto filters, mounted on planchettes, and counted on an Oxford Oasis alpha spectrometer for five days. Gamma-emitters are measured in the air filters by Gamma spectrometry for 48 hours. We routinely get to the femtoCi level.
An important finding of our earlier studies was that the activity of Pu and the concentration of Al in aerosols were correlated and this was driven by the resuspension of dust particles contaminated with radioactive fallout from past nuclear weapons tests. Similar results were found for Am and Al. Related studies of soils collected on and near the WIPP site have shown that correlations exist among Al and both naturally-occurring and bomb-derived radionuclides including 239+240Pu.
If you’re interested, check out the annual reports at (I was Director there from 2004 to 2010). It is a very nice facility with great scientists.

  • Bill Hannahan
    Jim, thanks for some interesting details. It is depressing to see how much of our money is being wasted pandering to the irrational fear of very low level radiation, making nuclear technology more expensive than it should be.
  • Rich Lentz
    Now I am, confused. How does a Continuous Air Monitor alarm work continually if you have to take out the filter and do every thing you said? Both Rods article and the linked article refer to an alarm on a “Continuous Air Monitor.” That to me means there is a detector facing the “dirty,” collected side of the filter medium.
    Or are you describing what takes place AFTER one has alarmed and the facility wants to determine exactly what caused the alarm?
    • Gary Troyer
      The Continuous Air Monitors (CAM) view the collection filter in real time with a ‘surface barrier diode’ alpha detector. The intake air with particles is drawn aerodynamically around the disk detector and impinged on the surface of the filter. The detector has sufficient ability to sort the various alpha energies from 241Am/238Pu and 239/240Pu along with various short lived progeny of 220/222Rn, most of the time. There are technical issues with dust overmass on the filters over time as well as interference from straggling energies of the radon progeny. (The air between the filter and the CAM detector is also ‘overmass’.) That’s the natural environmental stuff and is a confounding interfering background for the live performance. In order to overcome the interference of overmass, the filters are changed periodically for retrospective assay as Dr. Conca describes The former is in-situ, the latter is destructive in the lab. Due to the ultra low incidence of material, it takes a lot of effort to perform the real time as well as the lab activity. It’s not cheap, but it’s VERY sensitive. Sensitivities with the high volumes are typically less than 2e-14 uCi/ml, not very many atoms.

Transcript of the WIPP Town Hall Meeting

From a pronuker site....they are proud of storing high level waste at WIPP

Jim Conca

February 20, 2014 at 11:26 PM
Great job, Rod. One thing to mention about WIPP ventilation is its great design, 425,000 cubic feet per minute flow that can be diverted to HEPA and then decreased to 100,000 cfm. The system is designed such that air flow is always over people before waste and then exhausted so anything coming from the waste cannot contact people. The system worked beautifully. It will take some time to determine the source, but one incident in 15 years is awfully good. WIPP has disposed of almost 100,000 cubic meters of waste, some fairly high-level (>7 Ci/liter), hotter than anything left in the Hanford tanks. Now WIPP is merely nearly perfect.

Video from the Town Hall meeting

Q&A starts at minute 57

Q: Can we definitively say the release is from Panel 7, Room 7
A:Yes--because all the other rooms are full and completely sealed up

We haven't gone in there, not because the radiation is high or anything, just because we are following safety protocols.   Following our safety disciple.

Q: Do you have any idea when you can get in to look?
A: I owe the DOE a plan, we are putting together that plan, and once it gets approved we will take those steps

Q: Do you know source of the release, is it high level waste?
A: Thats not really how that works, thank you. <seriously this was the guys answer>
A: Go look at the exhibits on airflow, they are very informative.

Q: Was there a release to the outside <lots of turmoil, let him answer, let him answer>
A: First of all, when you are talking about a leaking, first of all we are not leaking anything underground.   First of all we don't have anything leaking.   It a little bit of a misnomer.   We have a documented safety analysis, and we have mitigative actions we put in place.  How do we protect our employee, how do we protect our environment outside.    <more questions> Our ventilation system is deisgned to go into filtration mode, HE filters that traps at a 99.97% efficiency, no it is not designed to trap 100%.    Station A before the filter, is much higher than at Station B after the filter.  How we characterise and certify the waste...we do not take liquid waste, so stuff is not oozing out, there is nothing like stuff is coming out becuase no one is doing their job.    There is nothing leaking in the underground, we need to go look before any action like I need to be fired.

Q: Were that any waste containers that were in transport to Room 7 during the fire on the 5th.   
A: The waste during that time, we have to do we come in we have to do and making sure that everything is in place.

Q: You say it take several weeks to get results on tests.    Is there a test at the hospital we can take.  
A: We have a whole body count chamber, lay there about 45 minutes, and give you a report that shows what isotopes and activities are.
Q: Then how come that test has results in 1 hour.
A: The whole body scan, its only for Gamma, not Alpha or Beta, Harder to do the Alpha tests......

Q: Was the maintenance schedule on that Loader was it just too old and had to be replaced.
A: The loader was maintained and up to date, we do have a lot of equipment that is old....and some other mines have equipment that is 50 years old.   Its all proceduralized
Q: Was the fire suppression system working?
A: It was inspected in 2013

Q: There was a mention that you had a plan to deliver to DOE for approval, what is the schedule
A: We do not have a schedule, its a process, and at the end of that process, we will have a very good plan.
Q: are we talking months
A: not months

Q: for Mr Hardy, how many fixed air samplers are there?
A: described 3, mumbling hard to hear.
Q: Are there some DOE sites too?
A: They have samples but not results.
Q: Do you actually know the direction of the winds?  There are 3 monitors
A: Those locations chosen based on meteroligical data on prevailing winds.   No, but we can do soil samples around the facility.     
Q:    Mr Heaton said a big gust of wind would be needed to get the particles moving.   But now we have high winds and that could blow that radiation all over.   Now you are talking about soil samples at some time in the future. 
A: Very low levels

Q: It was 42 DPS in your first sample, subsequent to filtering our the background .64 is what was left after subtracting background.
A: After filtering out the radon, uranium, thorium, natural sources.
Q: Is 42 a concern?
A: Yes the increase 42 it would be a concern
Q: So just breathing 42 a day now should be a concern
A: No because that is background.

Q: Confused on the .03% release on filters, is that happening right now?     Is there high level waste in the future?
A: I think what you are commenting on 4.5 days, sample, we got .64 DPS, also ran for 2 days, and got .007DPS then
Q: That is not answering my question, forgive, the filtration system kicked in, leaving .03% which is escaping, and is that happening now.     In the future if the waste is more high level do we get higher releases. 
A: Joe Patrell: HEPA performance tested to 99.97%, when even happened.   Over time the release acticity underground has dropped off geometrically.   There is much less activity, so less getting through.
Q: in the future would something that was 10 time more radioative more that mean 10 times the release
A: blah blah design basis, build the system, so keep the levels below certain levels, we have training and emergency response, and all factors go into original assessment of facility.
A: The waste forms, a potential future high level waste would have a different waste form.
Q: How far up the chain of government, has this event gone.    Its already international news.
A: I am getting all the support I need, and energy directo Moniz has been informed, we have communication and resources, and we are reaching out, blah blah.   Using the latest and greatest instrumentation.
Q: You do not know what happened yet,
A: No, But entry in to the mine is important.

Q: German scientist entered and spoke highly.
A: We have international relations......

Mod: Any questions from the press
Q John Smith--Protocol was not followed in terms of releasing the report on the previous fire.
A: From DOE investigation team, is working on report as we speak.  
Q: How many people came to the chamber since the leakage.
A: 1000's of people since 1998, none since the leak.

Q: At what nubmer coming out would it become dangerous for citizens
A: DOE  different regulations, per EPA has on average annual 25 mrem per year average.    Someone there would be around a few milli-REM, does that answer your question.
Q: When Hardy was pulling the filter, was dose did he get?
A: The release was essentially over, he was probably just exposed to just background radiation.

Q: Is the filter still doing it's job, is it dirty, is it self cleaning.
A: Good question, not like filters in our home, they are big.   They are huge.    We will replace them, the HEPA filters are from day one of the facility.    Specialized type of aerosols, 99.97%.      They are huge and multiple, with prefilters, and good filters, then HEPA.
A: 2x2 filters, we have banks of filters.   Measure diffferential pressure, still showing that it is working properly.

Q: Heh, I understand you have contingencies, how much real world experience do you have in accidents like this?
A: This is the first one
Q: Same question, collectively how much experience.
A: This is very abnormal event for us, and we have support, in a situation like this, we are a small community.   We been working long hours....2 significant events in 10 days.  
A: DOE side, we have experience in our organization.   I worked at Hanford, deputy has 30 years in government.   Imporant that procedures are followed.

Q: I haven't udnerstood 75% of what was talked about, there are conspiracy theorist, I'm just a Mom, my first reaction was to start praying.   Is there a chance that we could be being exposed right water or air, while we are waiting for samples.
A: DOE we pick up samples that are happening.   Discussing tonight that levels are low, very low.  And there is no risk from this event.
Q: OK and thats for sure right now.   
A: Hardy is independent of us.
A:Look at the levels that are required by regulatory agencies, what you CAN release into the environment, those numbers are actually not zero.    I am not downplaying this.
Q:What is the reportable amount
A: I believe, i think,  the reportable amount is 84 microcuries, it is below that number.   When you fly you  get cosmic raidation, 0.6 mrem on airplane (go online and Google it), Chest xray or an xray on your tooth OK on your jaw is 10 mrem, the numbers here are around 1 mrem.    I am here and I know it is safe.
A: We are seeing minor activity, its very small.   

Q: Concerned about radiation, but more concerned about the particle, the plutonium, talking about the radiation, but what are the chronic and acute effect of inhaling plutonium particles, the ones that were blowing out in the wind.
A: <chief weasal smirking hands off to DOE guy> So an acute, is a prompt response to a very high level.  So that doesn't apply here.   For health physics go outside and speak with people in the kiosks outside.    We received .1 mrem from this, but we got .1 mrem while we have been in the townhall.
Q: So you say it is OK to breath in plutonium?
A: Exposure is exposure, a millirem is a millarem, its the same.

Q: Before the plant was made, where they are procedures made for the community in emergencies?
A: So when we have emergency operations, we have a procedure that cover this stuff, and this event did not meet the threshold
Q: But what if it exceeded that
A: Yes we have procedures, blah blah
Mod A: The systems that were in place, the monitor, the filters, worked, they worked PERFECTLY.     From the very beginning we never thought this type of event could occur.   And we picked a tenured professor to report results with no collusion without being intimidated by anyone.    "If we find something, we are going to report it".   This can be mitigated in short order <sound quality increases, 1000% at this point> can get on with productive work, nice repository, appreciate you coming.
Rep Brown, house bill 313,
Reaction, good meeitng, overall impression, 2 incidents, response was working, I hope people were asuaged with the answer.  
Flying from El Paso to Dallas 10 mrem, is far higher, so do not turn question marks into exclamation points.   Stay calm.   Take a while to test filters.     Deal with facts not speculation.   Paying attention in the future, I believe the WIPP Site will be just fine.

John Waters Carlsbad Development, its a very professional group here, consider most towns in this area and types of responses are worse, and these guys are dotting their i's and crossing their t's, they are members of our community.    Carlsbad is open for business.   I am telling them it's safe.   Everyones OK, the environments OK, its a great business and its very safe, an incredible safety culture, has actually made our town safer.    I think we are getting all the information.    Solve the problem and move on, cause we have bigger and better things to do.

Actually, Actually.....


WIPP Plutonium Aerosolization is More Dangerous than Fukushima

Easy to find Link to CEMRC the onsite data collectors for the WIPP

Just a quick post here, I need to go get some exercise and go ski-journing with my dogs before any plume gets here.

The latest data released from the Authorities, who are still pretending that the danger from Plutonium can be measured only by its disintegrations per minute (activity), is that the "one time plume" released was 330,000,000 Bq.

Using the "Super Calculator" which I have placed as a box link on this blog as shown below, results in

461 grams of Plutonium (assuming its all Plutonium)

Using the commonly accepted figure that as little as one microgram can kill a human, you simply multiply 461 by 1 Million to get the total number of potential kills.  

The "Authorities" who looked very uncomfortable at the town hall meeting, trotted out many of the stale old lies.   They actually used the "it's like getting a dental Xray, eating a Banana is far worse"

The reality is that plutonium in your lungs or liver is 100,000 times worse than the same Bq radiation from a Banana.   See Table

Alrighty then, time to check and cleanup the HEPA filters. 

Here is the Super Calculator location for your ease of use

And Here is the Bobby1 blog, who does a really excellent job of summarizing WIPP and Transuranics.

'The Conspiracy Theory Is True: Agents Infiltrate Websites Intending To "Manipulate, Deceive, And Destroy Reputations"'

"In the annals of internet conspiracy theories, none is more pervasive than the one speculating paid government plants infiltrate websites, social network sites, and comment sections with an intent to sow discord, troll, and generally manipulate, deceive and destroy reputations. Guess what: it was all true."
And at Radcast they make light of the comparisons between real bad radiation like Plutonium and Strontium, and Bananas

Monday, February 24, 2014

WIPP Plutonium Leak Can Kill at Least 32,700 Americans

Let me hit you point blank with the highlights of WIPP.

Using the data already released, the Plutonium released can kill 32,700 Americans

The amount in air is at least 810 TIMES BACKGROUND

And those numbers above are VERY conservative.   First, they use the "reported" data from the nuclear cartel.   Second, they assume that all of the nuclear spewage stayed in the area around the vent for 33 hours, and NONE of it blew away in the wind.    Definitely the wind carried away the plume, therefore these numbers about are VERY LOWBALL.   They can easily be 10 to 50 times higher.

AND this crumbly salt mine was never supposed to hold any high level plutonium waste, it was only for old wipe down rags.     But some rocket scientist nuke pimp who was trying to "prove" how high level waste can be stored underground, in order to promote Yucca mountain, lobbied for the high level plutonium to be put into WIPP.     So for a PR trick for Yucca, they allowed a very dangerous action to happen, and now it has blown up in all of our faces.     

We Deserve Better

Above is the background level of Plutonium and Uranium in Air from the EPA.

The WIPP Plutonium storage site, in collapsing and corrosive salt caves, had a significant release, which the experts said was "far below any level of concern".   They lied through their teeth.   

They tried to pretend that the human health hazard of Plutonium was only 100% from the ionizing radiation, and then used "radiation only" guidelines for whether the EPA would consider it an "action level".   In fact Plutonium's real killing power if from it being an unnatural heavy metal, with radiation as a "bonus".

Therefore, when the scientists state that the amount detected is far below EPA action levels, they are lying through their teeth.   

Plutonium kills most effectively as a site specific heavy metal (not just related to radioactivity), and Plutonium is hardly "radioactive" so judging it just by it amount of ioninzing activity is completely deceptive.    Most isotopes of Plutonium have extremely long half lives....that means that very little "goes off" at any given minute.   Therefore they won't show up very much on a Geiger Counter.

Plutonium kills humans with a wicked Alpha punch, combined with toxic effects as a heavy metal, and also targets 2 of the most important areas of the body, the bones (and thus blood production, and thus leukemia and all related diseases of weak blood, weak oxygen transport), and the liver (200 functions, including turning food into usable formats for the body)

So let me repeat!

Using the data already released, the Plutonium released can kill 32,700 Americans

The amount in air is at least 810 TIMES BACKGROUND

For those of you who really want to understand nuke, and be able to work with the confusing data, and intentional deception of the nuke cartel, this calculation website is very valuable.

You will be amazed, try it, using simple english

And another point made by Doctor GH, the spokesman is using intentional lie to minimize the accident.   Here is the lie.    I want to be standing at one of those meetings when they trot out those lies.
The pro nuclear PR person also claimed that plutonium is 'natural' because plutonium has been released via the atomic age from atomic bomb tests and a plutonium satellite crash, just like any pro nuclear PR person will say after any other nuclear accident. Using the 'natural' with plutonium makes it sound like plutonium is just ordinary household dust and it is harmless. Bottom line, there is no 'natural' plutonium, and this "plutonium is natural claim" is a bald faced lie, designed to deceive people, and to minimize this event.

Radioactive Plutonium Plume Coming Out of New Mexico's WIPP – Geological Nuclear Radioactive Waste Isolation Pilot Plant; via @AGreenRoad

Station 106 Coverup, Plutonium Ejected from WIPP Nuclear Waste Storage Site

Folks, Drop a comment after you digest this.  I hope that I am wrong, I am sure that I am not wrong.


WIPP Station 6 Coverup.    At least TEPCO presented the data, even if lying about it.

I was kind of hoping that the "scientists" <quotations, since when you serve your grant funding masters, you no longer serve science>  would release the data Station 106, about 325 feet north of the Station B exhaust port, by Monday 2-24-14.

That filter at Station 106 was collected on February 18, 2014.      It is likely the most telling data  that we know exists to show plume strength into the public airspace.    It is now 6 days later.

If they released the information, then we would have more data to assess the dangers.    

What kind of lies might they be trying to conjure up?
"Since the nature of the test is a destructive test, the data on this filter was actually destroyed in the process."
"The sample was contaminated with blown dirt and would not be read out."
"The sample was far below any level of concern"

Let's see what happens,    I will query the WIPP director at this time.


Keep in mind that WIPP manager Franco indicated that the initial level of 4,400,000 Bq in the storage area "Panel 7" was now down 1000 times (they use 'three orders of magnitude' to confuse people, it's all part of the game).      OK, so subsequent reading were 4,400 Bq.   


Plutonium is NOT that radiocative.   Most isotopes have a very long half life, that means they don't "go off" and eject Alpha particles that often.    It is very hard to measure Plutonium on a Geiger.   

If they were measuring 4,400,000 Alpha particles released per second, then that is a  major event, because it is Plutonium.       I guess the chicken wire ceiling supports didn't quite work out, and their little "Pre Yucca" experiment is now heavily contaminated.    

I wouldn't want to be the worker they send to take the first samples, regardless of Personal Protective Equipment.       

1 microgram of Plutonium is pretty much as confirmed kill on a Human if inhaled.    They did tests on Beagles and 255 out of 255 were killed in 2 to 5 years, by the Plutonium.   Other tests on Beagles replicted the results.


Why is the late reporting on Station 106 suspicious at best?

Station 107 was 3000 feet northwest of the exhaust.    It was collected on Feb 16, and the report was made on Feb 19.     3 days.     Even that seems long, considering the nature of this emergency. 

Now, they are delaying the release of Station 106 for six days?   

We know that the Station 107 data alone could account for a low ball estimate of 32,700 human deaths.  
The quote below is from the CEMRC which is the monitoring branch, this is from today 2-14-14, and it is the latest article and has not been updated in over 4 days.    Makes you say hmmmmmmm.....
Additionally, a third ambient air sampling station located approximately 109 yards northwest of the WIPP exhaust shaft and within the WIPP property protection area (PPA) has not been analyzed at this time because CEMRC personnel were not able to access the area for collection of the filter until Tuesday, February 18th at approximately 9:00 am. Results from this filter will be released once the destructive analysis and radiochemical separation/counting processes have been performed.

SRIC is also doing good reporting on this incident
Pictures from a "pro nuke" slanted article from PBS....does this give you that warm and fuzzy feeling.
The nuke lobbyists have already suceeded in moving some spent fuel/high level waste into WIPP even though the law is specifically against it.      Info below is from SRIC, and we agree.



In light of the demise of the proposed Yucca Mountain, Nevada repository, some people are once again considering the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) for storage or disposal of commercial spent nuclear fuel (SNF) or defense high-level waste (HLW). Following are a few of the many reasons to reject any such proposal.

1. New Mexicans have repeatedly said
NO to SNF and HLW at WIPP.

At WIPP Environmental Impact Statement hearings in 1979, 1989, and 1997, at various congressional hearings, at numerous other public meetings, in public opinion polls, and at many statements until today, New Mexicans have overwhelmingly opposed SNF and HLW at WIPP. Numerous elected officials, including governors, attorneys general, senators, and representatives have also opposed SNF and HLW at WIPP. Public activities, political action, litigation, and other measures would be taken to stop SNF and HLW transportation, storage, or disposal.

2. Federal law prohibits SNF and HLW at WIPP.

In response to the public opposition to SNF and HLW, the WIPP Land Withdrawal Act of 1992 (LWA, Public Law 102-579, Section 12) states:

The Secretary [of Energy] shall not transport high-level radioactive waste or spent nuclear fuel to WIPP or emplace or dispose of such waste or fuel at WIPP.

3. WIPP is not technically suitable for SNF and HLW.

Many scientists for decades have considered salt to have serious deficiencies in comparison to some other geologic formations for SNF and HLW because such heat-generating waste can rapidly deform salt and create instability that could endanger workers and release radioactivity. In addition, the WIPP site is surrounded by active oil and natural gas production facilities and reserves underlie the waste disposal area, which can result in breaches and releases of radioactivity. Pressurized brine reservoirs also underlie the waste disposal area, which could result in waste being transported to the surface, if a pathway is created.

4. WIPP apparently will fail in its remote-handled waste mission, so it could not safely handle additional and much more radioactive SNF and HLW.

WIPP’s mission includes disposal of up the 7,079 cubic meters of remote-handled (RH) transuranic waste that requires shielding to limit radiation exposure to workers and the public. Because of management problems, there is only enough underground disposal space for about half of the RH capacity. HLW and SNF are tens to thousands of times more radioactive than RH waste, so WIPP could not safely handle those much higher radiation levels.

WIPP Panel 7 Initial Test Results, Enough to Kill 6.2 Million People

Folks, Drop a comment after you digest this. I hope that I am wrong, I am sure that I am not wrong.

4,400,000 Disintegrations per second were recorded by a Geiger in Panel 7 of the WIPP.    

Clearly, that is where the ceiling collapse took place.    And where they are storing the latest batches of higher concentration Plutonium.    

Plutonium emits Alpha, which is a "weak" radiation if flying through air.   In fact a few inches of air will stop it completely.     But if inside your body, it is like an MMA fighter blasting you point blank.

So if the Geiger is registering 4,400,000 Bq (disintegrations per second), that means that 6.2g of plutonium is within a few inches of the Geiger.   See lower picture for proof. 

6.2G doesn't sound like much, right, except even the pro nukers accept the fact that 1 millionth of one gram is likely to cause a human death if inhaled.     Uh, so in that few inch volume around the Geiger, there is enough

Plutonium to kill 6.2 Million People!    What about the rest of the huge volume on the 7 different sections to "Panel 7"

Apparently, per the Director of CENRC, the activity reduced to "three orders of magnitude" lower, or 4,400 Bq, right around the Geiger.     Cool, so much of the aersolized plutonium has settled down and been filtered too.    Now like to see where they store those filters, LOL, ouch.

Methinks that no one is going into this collapsed Plutonium storage mine for quite some time.

Backfill and HOPE that the nearby pressurized salt brine is not pushed to the surface or into water tables by the nearby fracking activities.    Looks like humanity is on a death wish.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

St Lucie is getting ready to BLOW, another Nuclear Failure, Kill the Clunker!

I had my kill list for the Midwest, and a nice annotated area map of the worst of the nukes. But St Lucie down in Florida really takes the cake. The heat exchanger (aka steam generator) tubes are quickly wearing out. Gunderson says it is 100's of times worse than San Onofre. ---------------------------------------------

"Growing problem: The story of one tube

"The tube in row 80, column 103 of one of the steam generators at St. Lucie shows how the wear is getting worse.

"In March 2009, the tube showed wear at five locations. The depths were:

1. 6 percent through the tube

2. 6 percent

3. 8 percent

4. 15 percent

5. 17 percent

"In April 2011, the number of wear indications on the tube had grown from five to six and they were all deeper.

1. 15 percent

2. 16 percent

3. 16 percent

4. 29 percent

5. 24 percent

6. 11 percent

"By November 2012, the six wear indications were again all deeper.

1. 20 percent

2. 20 percent

3. 21 percent

4. 33 percent

5. 26 percent

6. 17 percent"

CaptD CaptD
Please HELP Spread this awesome Steam Generator animation around.
Be sure to use your cursor to see it all:
Lots of wonderful technical items on this excellent site!
  • CaptD CaptD
    San Onofre Tube chart link:
    This is yet another great website for factual info about San Onofre and it multi-Billion dollar replacement steam generator design debacle!
  • Friday, February 21, 2014

    WIPP Info, Email from the Lab to Nuke Pro

    NEW information on the Plutonium leaking site WIPP--

    Large cracks in the WIPP ceilings show extremely weak structural characteristics of the salt, and that it has been bandaged together with chicken wire in most of the storage rooms.     Having highly corrosive salt fall onto barrels of plutonium, just doesn't seem like a smart thing me, call me overly cautious.   

    First these nuke pimps store the plutonium on top of the reactors themselves to save money (as if that makes any sense if any proper risk control scenario), and then they go store it in a weak and highly corrosive salt excavation.    Wow.

    In some rooms they reinforced some of the walls with brick, see picture at reinforcing steel!     Just silly 19th century "brick technology".      And these are our best and brightest scientists?

    Per the initial report from the monitoring agency at the University
    Additionally, a third ambient air sampling station located approximately 109 yards northwest of the WIPP exhaust shaft and within the WIPP property protection area (PPA) has not been analyzed at this time because CEMRC personnel were not able to access the area for collection of the filter until Tuesday, February 18th at approximately 9:00 am. Results from this filter will be released once the destructive analysis and radiochemical separation/counting processes have been performed.

    As of Saturday night, the 22nd, I have check their website, and they have not updated with the results from this near exhaust shaft filter.     That is very suspicious, considering this is a Plutonium leak as the first underground test facility.     Hmmmm.....4 and 1/2 days, and no results after a Plutonium leak.    I wonder if they are discussing how they are going to "communicate" the results.

    Here is their website so you can go check yourself.

    This morning I received an email from Russell Hardy who runs the testing lab that detected "transuranics" at the Underground Storage site.    I'll do some back of the envelope calcs later, guessing at the Cubic Meters flow rates and time, and calculate a mass of ejection based on air density.     

    Russell states that they havent "had time" to calculate the Cubic Meter.    This calculation is simplistic and quick.    But they have had time for a press conference to say how low it was.   Read the email.

    "Of Course" the DOE site storing "Transuranics" has had 2 big accidents in the last 2 weeks.

    BTW Transuranics mean rads with a higher atomic number than Uranium.     Its the nice way of saying PLUTONIUM!

    Transuranics commonly includes
    1. Plutonium
    2. Americium
    3. and these less likely to find Neptunium, curium, berkelium, californium, einsteinium, fermium, mendelelvium, mobelium, lawrencium, and a bunch more usually named after dead scientists, Google it if you really want to know.

    These are really nasty, not just as radioactivity, but as heavy metals.   

    This is getting some air on Semi-Main Stream Media --FOX
    Four days after a radiation alert shut the nation's only underground nuclear waste repository, an independent monitoring center said Wednesday it found radioactive isotopes in an air sensor about a half mile from the southeastern New Mexico plant.
    Funny how they are using mined Salt Caverns to store the most dangerous thing on earth.    It seems to me that salt would be easy to mine, and also not that strong.    i.e. everything we put under earth, will have to be accesible in the future, as the containments will need to be replaced say every 30 to 100 years.    salt is weak and corrosive, doesnt sound like the best place to store the most dangerous thing on earth.

    Per the DOE website

    Project facilities include disposal rooms mined 2,150 feet underground in a 2,000 square foot thick salt formation.

     Huh?    2000 square foot thick?     I think they better review their engineering units of measure, LOL.    Gives you a lot of confidence, right?  

    And this picture is also from the DOE website, on the front page.     I guess they are proud of using the "quality" plastic wrap to secure these carbon steel 55 gallon drums before they dump them into the corrosive salt cave.    Wow, just wow.

    Real nice....2 guys standing around watching one guy work, wrapping up barrels that are still labelled as "Empty" if you look closely.    On the front page of their website.    That just doesnt give me the warm and fuzzy feeling.   

    Wow, this briefing has just lit the main stream media on fire, LOL

    Guy doing some brickwork to stabilize part of the tunnels.   As suspected the native material is not adequately stable.   Are these bricks reinforced with steel, very unlikely.

    NOTICE--no holes in those there is no steel reinforcement, as stable as a brick house in Iran!    LOL.  
    Some background links

    Seems like storing barrels in salt caves really sucked for Germany, now they are leaving nuke completely behind and trying to clean up this mess of leaking, salt corroded barrels.


    Big Utilities trying to Crush Solar, Classic Hitman Approach

    The economic hitman is swinging back against clean energy.

    Northeast Utilities prefers to crush solar and instead build a 1.5B transmission line so they can increase their profits by 50% through legislated profits on the construction of the transmission line.
    It should be noted that utilities average around a 30% delivery of electricity compared to the energy in the original fuel source.    There are losses throughout the system.   Only 30% gets delivered.

    If you have solar on your house, you produce and consume within the space of 80 feet of wire, on average.   The losses are negligible, you have an effective delivery efficiency of 96% to 97%.   

    But the big utilities can't make money on your solar, and the government can't tax your solar.   Got it?
    Link here for the article on Northeast Utilities by Cleantechnica

    NRC Blog, Praise, and Spent Fuel (a dismal hot potato)

    Visit the NRC blog, they want to become more "involved" with communicating with the community
    stockFebruary 18, 2014 at 9:45 am
    Many US citizens will join in this praise when the NRC gets on the program of removing the most dangerous material on earth, from on top of the most dangerous machine on earth, and not letting it sit there for decades on end.
    I speak of the spent fuel being stored at the reactors “for convenience”. Everything over 5 years should be dry casked immediately for mutliple benefits, including national and local security, and the economic shot in the arm of doing so. Also as plants close down, this will be the perfect transitional job for those losing jobs at the plants.
    We all live on borrowed time until we address the spent fuel, and waiting on the dreamland of the safe single repository is a weak excuse for doing nothing. Get on it, and God speed to ye.
    • CaptDFebruary 20, 2014 at 4:46 pm
      Posted on 10/26/12
      I’ve already suggested that the NRC offer a Million Dollar Prize for the best way to “solve” the nuclear waste storage problem” for the next 50 years, so please consider this idea as my “low cost” solution to America’s “long term” radioactive waste storage problem:
      Make use of our Military Testing Bases and or our MOA’s (Military Operation Area’s) out west, which are really huge tracts of land (think tens of thousands of acres) used ONLY by the military and already secured by them 24/7!
      Placing these very large (heavy) concrete casks in a poke-a-dot pattern will allow for at least 50 to 100 years of storage, safe from everything except a War, (in which case every reactor is just as vulnerable) and then revisit the storage problem then; at which time, probably a future solution will allow for an even better, lower cost “final solution”…
      Because these casks would be very large and all look alike nobody would know what was in any one of them, which would be yet another level of security for the casks containing even higher levels of nuclear waste! An ideal outside coating for these casks would be similar to the spray-on “bed liner” used for pickup trucks that not only prevents rusting and or damage for the life of the vehicle but would also seal the casks to prevent leakage of any kind!
      Hopefully these casts would be similar in size to a large shipping container so that existing material handling equipment could be used to load, unload and or move them about without “inventing” a mega hauler vehicle. By keeping the “footprint” of these casks similar to a large 40 foot container, the stacking and or placement of them might also be semi or fully automated which would not only save money but again keep the exact location of any specific cask secret! The monitoring of these casks 24/7/365 could even be done via satellite since these casks are similar in size to rocket launchers which are easily seen from space.
      In another 50 to 100 years, storage technology will be such that, yet another lower cost solution for all this waste will be found, and then it can be considered verses continuing to using the above storage plan… Perhaps sometime In the future, a safe low cost solution like lifting it all into space via a space elevator* and then shoving it into an orbit that will send it into the SUN for final recycling will present itself…
      BTW: Area 51 (which does not even exist officially) contains huge tracts of land that has already been used as a nuclear testing site (and is still contaminated and is now off limits to all but a few forever) would allow all this material to effectively disappear…
      * The Space Elevator Project (LiftPort) is something that the NRC should help fund ASAP, because it represents the best way to actually eliminate storing nuclear waste on Earth!

    Thursday, February 20, 2014

    Information on Respirators and Face Masks

    From Zogerke at ENENEWS

    I will clean this up when and if time allows! LOL


    Sorry to recommend honey well but i like their north line of silicone half face respirators…the size small fits many petite woman and kids…this is the non disposable type…wilson, AO, 3M…they all make decent reusable half face negative pressure respirators…with those you want a HEPA or P100 filter, or best bet invest in a Rescue type emergency filter that. Combines multiple filter media…..needs to fit your face….please ask about respiratory protection if you need to know and i will do my best to answer or link to sources for info.. Still at work so no more now.
    a very economical reusable option is made by MSA- it is called the Advantage 200 half face (negative pressure air purifying respirator). The escape combination cartridge is a GMC P100
    (p100/ov/cl/hc/sd/cd/hs escape – part number 815364). The cartridge pair might be more expensive than the respirator is. The respirator is not expensive (like 20 bucks?)

    MSA is the mine safety appliances company

    here is the honeywell/north one i liked in the past:


    play around on these sites and you will learn about the respirators. note they come in S, M and L. other sites too.

    and, a note about P100 masks. I've worked with occupational respiratory protection a bit over the decades. National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health – NIOSH stamp- MUST be on that filter media for it to be real. It used to be there were HEPA filters- high efficiency particulate air filters. they got rid of 99.97% of stuff larger than .03 microns in diameter. Then OSHA made new regulations about the marking and labeling and production of fliter media. Here is how it works- no more HEPA classification.
    there are P100s, P99s, P 95s; and N 100s, N 99s, N 95s…and R 100s, R99s, R 95s. N means NOT oil proof, it breaks down in the presence of oil mist. R means oil resistnat. P means OIL PROOF. The 100 means 100 percent efficient in blocking out particles 0.03 microns in diameter and larger. 99 means 99% efficient, and 95 means 95 % efficient. Hospital disposable respirators for tuberculosis and measkles and other airborne nasty nastys are N95s at least. You can get disposable respirators…and even better (at least in my opinion but not according to OSHA) are half face respirators- you know- they…

    half face respirators- APRs – air purifying respirators- look like thiose weird doubler canistered gas masks. The thing about ALL the respirators, gentlemen, si that they are useless if your have a beard. particles, radiation, fumes, mist, will go right into your lungs thru the spaces between hairs in your beard…..drawn in thru the negative pressure created by your breathing. any and every respirator should be fit tested to your face so you are sure it FITS YOU and really protects you.
    I got my son and myself new respirators with dual P100 and organic vapor cannisters…and also got some 'escape' cannisters for us just in case too. If any one ever has a question about respiratory protection, i would be happy to answer it if i can, or look up the answer if i don't khnow or are not sure. zogerke. please pardon poor typing.

    American Phoenix57

    If you detect or suspect heavy airborne radiation use at least a P100 mask or better to filter your air supply and then move to a safer location as soon as possible. Stay out of known vectors like rain and snow and isolate your wet gear after use from the rest of your home or office. Travel through high radiation zones with your windows closed and vehicle A/C set on recirculate to minimize exposure. Once you have the tools to identify any danger around you and maximize your situational awareness your survival instincts will kick in and guide you. Unless of course your pineal (common sense) gland is calcified from years of chugging IQ lowering fluoridated water and you've developed a case of the "fuk it's". If you need that fixed then try 2 drops of Lugol's 5% per day to help purge the thyroid of immune suppressing molecular mimics like fluorine, chlorine and bromine and radioactive iodine. Learn how to use it correctly here:

    Buy it here.

    Wednesday, February 19, 2014

    How Much Cesium 137 released from Fukushima?

    This article from ENENEWS talks about Cesium release from Fukushima

    In the spirit of making thing easier to wrap your head around, lets break down the mumbo jumbo into easy to understand units.

    Here is what a Quadrillion is (PS it's the next thing after trillion)

    Here is the ENENEWS story

    And for education, keep in mind that "at the start", i.e. what the academics call "source terms"---The cesium 134 is about equal to the Cesium 137.     People focus on CS137 because its half life is 30 years, ie. in about 300 years almost all will be gone.    The CS 134 has a half life of 2 years, so in 20 years

    Here is what Chernobyl released per official reports anyway.   

    You can run this report for yourself, using this calculator.    I challenge someone to do it for the source terms and ongoing terms of the Fukushima continuous disaster.    Post as a comment, consider using Jing to post images as a hyperlink, its easier than you think.

    here is another cool calculator, so you can stay 2 steps ahead of the pro nuke pimps who THINK they can baffle us with science mumbo jumbo bullshite!

    Stored here for a future post -- some little issues to work on....LOL

    Arizonan Arizonan

    Of course we are going to die, it happens to all living creatures. Fuku will speed it up a bit, but most of us still have many years ahead in which we can take action to stop nuclear power everywhere. Do not despair. Despair is the refuge of cowards.

    1 dollar collapse
    2 fuki nuki
    3 hanford-other us wastelands
    4 rivers ruined by idiots
    5 methane/global warming
    6 geoengineering
    7 GMO
    8 vaccines
    9 loud weird noises that can be heard for miles
    10 missing gold
    11. drought
    12 inflation
    13 DU ammunition
    14 fake SNOW

    15. poisoned aquifers
    16. voc's on the land & in the air
    Banksters run amok
    Constitution and Bill of Rights raped and thrown in the mud
    Mass media owned by the giant multinationals
    30% of USA on mind altering drugs
    11M illegal alien votes being bought for "a generation"
    Gun grabbing fascists
    Spin is in
    Real threats such as Solar Kill Shot CME and Asteroids ignored
    Public schools become indoctrination camps where the children belong to "us" not the parents.
    Big Med/Big Pharma an out of control BEAST now being force fed the entire US population
    Most politicians are purchased out of the gate

    Tuesday, February 18, 2014

    University of Pittsburgh, Course in Nuclear Science, Free and Online

    Duke Energy Selling off Assets after Big Accident and Nuke Plans fizzle

    Duke Energy was recently responsible for a MASSIVE Coal ash spill into US waterways.

    Feb 8 (Reuters) - Workers on Saturday plugged a broken pipe that leaked up to 82,000 tons of power plant coal ash into a North Carolina river, Duke Energy Corp said.

    stock here --- this plant was shut just over a year ago, then they neglected things bad enough to dump, do the math, 164,000,000 pounds of ash.    Due to "a pipe leak".    Ash is light, thats a lot of stinking ash, and it went directly into a river used for drinking water.    Thanks for the mercury guys!    Probably we will hear "no immediate health risk to the public" after prelim testing.

    Now they are going to sell off some Midwest assets.

    There prior plans to expand nuke failed miserably......

    On March 16, 2006, Duke Power announced that a Cherokee County, SC site had been selected for a potential new nuclear power plant. The site is jointly owned by Duke Power and Southern Company. Duke plans to develop the site for two Westinghouse Electric Company AP1000 (advanced passive) pressurized water reactors. Each reactor is capable of producing approximately 1,117 megawatts. (See Nuclear Power 2010 Program.)

    The "Nuclear Power 2010 Program" was launched in 2002 by President George W. Bush in order to restart orders for nuclear power reactors in the U.S. by providing subsidies for a handful of Generation III+ demonstration plants. The expectation was that these plants would come online by 2010, but this expectation was not met.

    The takeaway from all this?     Expect higher energy prices in the future, as these guys can't achieve the profit margins that "share holders" require.   and expect more accidents as they cut maintenance in order to boost profits.     And expect the lawyers to extract their insane fees as cases are litigated.  

    Don't expect the NRC or EPA to be pro-active, they will be inanely reactive at best.


    Waterkeeper Alliance, a water advocacy group, said this week that analysis of Dan River samples showed "extremely high levels" of arsenic, chromium, iron, lead and other toxic metals typically found in coal ash.

    A Duke Energy spokesman has said tests by the utility and North Carolina officials indicated no adverse impact on the water supply.

    Monday, February 17, 2014

    Long Term Storage of Nuke Waste, Impractical. Use the Oceans as Dumpsites

    Some realities of long term storage, presented in this movie

    The Place You Must Always Remember to Forget Another Nuclear Waste Disposal Documentary Looking for barrels of nuclear waste. Finding that sometimes, the criminals that be, installed long pipes into the ocean so it would be even easier than loading a boat to dump the radiation. Sorry, "just following orders" don't cut it.

    Victory List, Kill List, Sanity is Prevailing

    As I was updating my list of "pro nuker lies", I ran across an article about a so called nuclear renaissance.     What a joke.

    The author stated in Feb of 2014 that NO US nuclear plants have been shut down.  

    They included their email is their article, to which I promptly sent them this stinky email.   Their email is

    And I suggest you send them some fresh information.


    You state no US plants have been shut down?

    What a bald faced lie.   All in the last 12 months!

    Kewaunee is Down

    Crystal River is Down

    San Onofre is Down

    Vermont Yankee is Down

    Just this week Excelon announced plans to shut down 10 US nuke plants, unless economics changed dramatically.

    I am emailed this to the author in hopes he will retract this part of the article

    Update Feb 2015, he never responded in any way.   Typical ignorant media whore.