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Monday, February 29, 2016

Earthquake Alert -- "The Big One With Tsunami" Pacific Region

About a month back we started covering the possibility of "The Big One" hitting California, maybe the Upper West Coast USA, and some chance of a Yellowstone Eruption.

There was some buoy data that indicated a large drop in ocean floor levels.  There was also some claim of a massive CO release on West Coast USA that is scientifically proven to at least sometimes proceed a big quake.   It took a few hours of work to debunk that one, but you can see the details below.

And there were periods of intense quietness in terms of number of earthquakes per day.

That trend of low EQ counts continues to today.    Normally there are 71 to 73 EQ over 2.5 per day across the world.    We have lately seen as little as 20, with many days being around 30 and only once in a while above 40.   

So that means that something is "stuck" and there is energy building up for a possible large Earthquake (EQ).     

We have also seen some unusual activity, such as numerous over 5 EQ at the mid Atlantic ridge, numerous small quakes near the Volcano on Hawaii.    Indonesia has also had an extremely quiet 2 months, but lately quite  few 5.0 range.   That is "good" as it relieves stress, but keep in mind, prior to the Great Japan earthquake they had a swarm of 5.0 range EQ.    And Japan is certainly not "off the hook" as they restart nuclear plants that have been sitting for 5 years, have been poorly inspected, and having emergency shutdowns.   


NEW INFORMATION: Apparently the CO levels were not real and were caused by a change in
some sensors and calculation method, so they say.

Ground level CO monitors show things as being pretty normal and safe.

2 hours after I wrote a letter to a specific NASA individual, they put out an update----kind of LOL

Terra Status Update

News Date: 1 March 2016
Terra MODIS was transitioned to science mode on February 24, 2016 (day 055) after being in safe mode since February 18, 2016 (day 049).
Though the data is currently being acquired and processed at MODAPS and Near Real-Time (NRT), users are advised to exercise caution in using the products in any application. Products from period 055 – 058 might have been severely degraded due to abnormal operating temperature for the SWIR (Short-wave infrared) and LWIR (Long-wave infrared) Focal Plane Assembly (FPA) hence products may not be usable in any application. Though the focal plane temperatures have reached the stable operating value as of day 060, some products may still have been impacted by the increased noise in some of the detectors in the thermal bands.
Users are requested to exercise caution in using the products until further notice.
freaking hours of searching, aiyaiyai, but I buy it
Terra spacecraft entered safe mode at 14:33:17 GMT on 2016/049 during an inclination adjustment maneuver (IAM). This caused the MODIS to enter safe mode as well with the nadir and the space-view doors closed. The spacecraft was recovered from the Safe-Mode to normal mode on 2/22/2016 and subsequently the MODIS instrument was successfully transitioned to science mode on 2/24/2016. No instrument data was available for the period 2016/049 – 2016/054. Though available data was acquired and processed at MODAPS and NRT, data products are severely degraded and are not expected to meet science quality since the SMIR and LWIR focal plane temperatures haven’t reached the normal operating value. Users are advised to refrain from using the product in any application until further notice.
This is another CO predicting and monitoring site, from Europe but they cover the whole globe.
They also showed high level along US west coast BUT I am not sure their data source, maybe its the same data source and algorithm. So I emailed them to ask-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Here is an animated GIF showing the "dilution"

OLD INFORMATION---Now any even "weirder" but scary correlation with an earlier major earthquake.    CO levels shown at massive levels on whole West Coast.
And unusual EQs at Hawaii, Yellowstone, and the mid Atlantic Ridge

So we STILL THINK chances of a big EQ are elevated even if the CO was an amazing coincidence false alarm.   Amazing coincidences do indeed happen, in numbers beyond what statistics would deem "reasonable".

Abstract NOAA AVHRR images have clearly shown anomalous changes in land surface temperature associated with earthquakes in the past two decades. Soon after the Gujarat earthquake of January 26, 2001, an anomalous increase in land surface temperature was inferred from MODIS satellite data a few days prior to the main earthquake event. The cause of such an anomalous change in surface temperature prior to the earthquake is attributed to many probable phenomena, but no definite cause has been identified. In the present study, changes of a complementary nature were found of land surface temperature associated with the emission of CO from the epicentral region. The observed changes on land and atmosphere associated with the Gujarat earthquake of 26 January, 2001, show the existence of strong coupling between land, atmosphere and ionosphere.

From a Nature India Article, more details than just the Abstract

doi:10.1038/nindia.2010.13 Published online 15 February 2010

Carbon monoxide may signal earthquake

K. S. Jayaraman

Ramesh Singh.
Earth emits a burst of carbon monoxide (CO) a few days before an earthquake, according to geophysicist Ramesh Singh. He and co-workers from France and the United States report that this gas could be used as one of the precursor signals for an earthquake early warning system.
The scientists used data from an American satellite and analysed changes in carbon monoxide at different altitudes. "The carbon monoxide shows enhancement in concentration a few days prior to the earthquake," Singh said.
Singh, who was formerly with the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, is currently in the physics department of Chapman University in California, USA. The project was funded by the Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research in New Delhi.
The researchers discovered the connection between CO emission and earthquake by analysing satellite remote sensing data collected around the time when a 7.6 magnitude earthquake shook Gujarat in western India nine years ago killing about 20,000 people and rendering thousands homeless.
Singh said that CO levels were taken by an instrument onboard NASA's Terra satellite — launched in 2009 — circling the earth in a polar orbit at a height of 705 km. The instrument measures CO concentrations at different heights and also computes the total amount of the gas in a vertical column of air above the earth surface.
Analysis of the satellite data showed a large peak in CO concentrations during January 19 and 20 — a week before the main earthquake event. On January 19, the total CO in the vertical column was also higher than usual. After the 26 January earthquake the concentration of the gas dropped.
According to the scientists, CO gas is forced out of the earth due to the build up of stress prior to the earthquake "influencing the hydrological regime around the epicentre."
Singh said an anomalous increase in land surface temperature a few days prior to Gujarat earthquake — as inferred from the data of NASA's other satellite MODIS — is also related to the CO emission. "The increase of column CO and concentrations of CO may have enhanced the land surface temperature," he said.
"The anomalous changes in CO concentrations prior to the main earthquake event and enhancement of temperature of the earth surface observed from MODIS satellite data give an indication of coupling between land and atmosphere," the scientists report. Singh said observation by other researchers of a sudden increase in water vapour in the atmosphere and changes in the ionosphere a few days prior to the Gujarat earthquake all seem to be connected.
According to the report, all these observations including the latest discovery of CO emission show the existence of a 'strong coupling' between land-atmosphere-ionosphere. "The integration of all these parameters in a seismically active region therefore looks a potential approach to understand earthquake processes and may provide reliable information about an impending earthquake," the researchers conclude.


  1. Singh, R.P. et al. Satellite detection of carbon monoxide emission prior to the Gujarat earthquake of 26 January 2001. Appl. Geochem. doi: 10.1016/j.apgeochem.2010.01.014 (2010)
  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nigel Stanford - Cymatics -- Solar Echoes

What does this have to do with the Anti-Radiation Movement? Absolutely Nothing! But is damn cool.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ocean Temp Blob Tracker

Just to keep an open mind, here is some "blob" tracker. The supposed ocean temperature anomaly.
To begin, I thought it would be interesting to look at how the North Pacific temperature anomalies have changed in the last few months, both at the ocean surface and in the subsurface waters. As Rick mentioned a few days ago, the NPM index has crashed since October, with the January index becoming significantly negative; so the classical positive NPM phase has disappeared and indeed reversed. The chart below shows the evolution of the monthly NPM index since 2010; the recent change is dramatic, and it’s closely related to this winter’s strong El Niño episode.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Hawaii's Whales Mostly AWOL, Song Is Replaced By Grunts and Moans

OK, further down is a video, labelled as a whale "singing". Dr. Goodheart said it best --"

AWOL means "Away Without Leave"

IN early January 2016 came a rash of new articles on how Hawaii's whales were "missing".

Then came a massive backlash "missing whale deniers". Without even a pretense of evidence, numerous stories came out about how the whales were not missing, just delayed.

This site, which in years past had whale song live streamed, somehow without explanation, does not "have that luxury".    Very odd.   The Song Archive hyperlink on the main page, also did not work for me.
One story used a picture from years earlier of a whale jumping by some stand up paddleboarders, and pretended that it had just happened this year. I sent numerous emails to the parties that were promoting that picture, asking for date, and a better resolution image I could use for an article. ZERO response.

A commentor on this article at the Facebook page of a TV news reporter (who stated the picture was provided by a hotel guest just then), well the commentor stated that picture was taken by his 2013

 And then this strange comment from the TV reporter.   A local boy from Hawaii, and he is pretending that although he knew what the word breach meant, he was surprised that Whales in Hawaii did breach.     Really??   Does that make any sense?

Must be a fan of The Beach Boys: Astonishing moment diver comes across 'singing' humpback whale off Hawaii coast
The male humpback whale was singing right under the diver's boat The amazing footage was filmed off the coast of Honolulu, Hawaii

They are famous for their magical song although why they sing is unknown

Read more:
stock here: Magical song?   Sure in the past they were, hauntingly beautiful.   But this 2016 whale in the video seems more like it is bleeting, grunting, moaning.   Please listen.
And now the number of whale deaths in Europe has somehow doubled, and scientists are stumped.

Enjoy the audio track of this video, shot in February 2016 off of Makena, Maui. You can clearly hear the songs of humpback whales, which this year features more "blips" and "pings" than last.

Same diver, Makena Maui

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nuclear Cartel Modelled as a Cult, Chasing the "Precious"

HoTaters, I know someone at Hanford. I will not say what their job is but they have worked for the govt there for a long long time.

I do believe there is a cult like psychology that most Hanford workers end up imprinted with. We need to understand that the people working at Hanford, and other nuke sites, depend upon that job for a paycheck. They do not want to lose their job for saying anything negative about nuclear.

There are pro nuclear cheerleaders at the top of the pyramid who make TON$ of $$$$. They indoctrinate their subordinates and the brainwashing trickles down each level it seems. Even though people who work with nuclear are often intelligent in many regards, they have been duped by the same bogus nuclear health risk propaganda that the general public has been duped by.

The key to destroying the myth of "nuclear safety" is to lean upon the studies by Dr. Caldicott, Dr. Mangano, Dr. Busby and many of the other honest doctors and researchers who have accurately proven just how dangerous nuclear truly is.

The poor workers at Hanford might suspect they have not been told the entire truth but COGNITIVE DISSONANCE has closed off their mind to anything that could challenge the pro nuclear health risk modelling that they have been surrounded by their entire career.

Let us activists spread the truth about the health risks of nuclear far and wide. Dr Goodheart often cites very useful studies that will help our cause.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Microcephaly and Radiation, a Story of Hanford Radiation and Scientific Proof


Microcephaly is a malformation associated with in utero exposed atomic bomb survivors and can be induced in mice by fetal exposure to ionizing radiation (IR). The pathogenesis of IR-induced microcephaly, however, has not been fully understood. Our analyses of high-coverage expression profiling (HiCEP) demonstrated that the abnormal spindle-like microcephaly associated gene (ASPM) was down-regulated in irradiated human diploid fibroblasts. ASPM was recently reported as the causative gene for MCPH-5, the most common type of congenital microcephaly in humans. Here, we show that the expression of the Aspm gene was significantly reduced by IR in various human and murine cells. Additionally, Aspm was found downregulated in the irradiated fetal mouse brain, particularly in the ventricular zones. A similar suppression was observed in the irradiated neurosphere cultures. This is the first report suggesting that the suppression of Aspm by IR could be the initial molecular target leading to the future microcephaly formation.
Pronuclear people try to pretend that Microcephaly is caused by other things, like being fat.
greennukes 4 minutes ago
You know what else we have here? Big, fat people. My friend thinks the pesticides in our farming community is the cause of anencephaly. That would explain why Yakima is affected. Lots of farming in the Columbia basin and Yakima valley. But why us and not other farming communities? The anti nuke people think it has something to do with Hanford.

But Yakima shouldn't be affected then and there is no link with radiation and anencephaly historically. Like I said, another thing we have here that affects all those counties mentioned is big fat people. Some of the biggest and fattest in the US (9th in the US).

Obesity interferes with the absorption of folic acid. We know that folic acid deficiency is the predominant factor in neural tube defects. Well, if those women are taking extra folic acid in their prenatal, how can they still be folic acid deficient? Obesity interferes with folic acid absorption.
That is something to read on as well. The other theories don't make very good sense in light of what we know about neural tube defects.

I use to think tampons caused cervical cancer because they were full of "chemicals!!!!". Turns out Human Papilloma Virus causes cervical cancer.......and lots of throat cancers and lots of rectal cancer. Cancer as a sexually transmitted diseases. They will most likely find that prostate cancer has some similar opportunistic organism etiology as well.

There are thinks that make sense in light of what we know and things that don't. Immunizations, fluoride in the water, GMOs, chemicals, pesticides, radiation......all these boogey men when in reality, good old opportunistic organisms and a crappy lifestyle are all we really need to do us in.


800,000(!) cpm liquids leaking into the groundwater at Hanford.
Plutonium spilled onto WA highways…
Massive increases in birth defects in all counties surrounding Hanford. The most contaminated place in the Western Hemisphere.
During periods of WW2, 2 Million Gallons of rad waste water was dumped into the ground EVERY DAY right next to the Columbia River.
Vast numbers of dead and mutated animals around Hanford.
Nuclear kills babies.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Was the Great Japan Earthquake Set Off Intentionally?

You know by using your brain and intuition, many problems can be satisfactorily solved via a simple thought experiment.

ENE was talking about the "human caused earthquake".

I have kept an open mind on this, until yesterday. I have become a bit of an earthquake statistician, intuitive pattern recognition, type guy.

I reviewed the "swarm" of largish 5 to 6 earth quakes in the NE area above Japan in the days prior to the "big one". 

 It doesn't make sense that this swarm of largish earthquakes would just be a coincidence, that this very unusual swarm occurred, just prior to a man made nuke or HAARP set off "the big one"

Does anyone need more evidence than that to throw out the highly unlikely conspiracy theory that the Big One was caused on purpose?

All thoughts appreciated.
I would like to see "proof" of shoppers milling around, etc.

BTW roads were split, travel was impeded for sure. 

Stock, allegedly screenshots show (which I have seen) 5s and 6s in the moments preceding the nine, allegedly not occurring a day before…but even if the day previous, the logic was that precursor EQs would have been a cue for setting off "events." So, your logic may not have included using these EQs as a predictive "cover"?
Pix of the incoming tsunami show buildings in tact, shoppers milling about…after no tsunami warning (which was in place) sounded… And a 9 should have flattened buildings, split roads, dismantled bridges, and set fires from there to Tokeyo. There's that.

Ir, indeed, that would sure be fortunate to the "diabolical scheme" that an extremely rate swarm of earthquakes occurred, after they had snook a large ship in, drilled a deep hole, inserted a nuclear device and then ran wires to at least sea bottom, to receive a patterned coded set off code from sub communication audio equipment on another nearby ship, just waiting around in case we got cover to set off the nuke.
Motive, opportunity, ability, and execution. All of these together make the chances of it being real, vanishingly small.
Indeed, I had considered that chance that it was perfect timing and cover….but so vanishingly small that it needs to be thrown out. In my opinion.
That said, what would be our benefit to proving this truth multiplied by the likelihood that it actually occurred, and multiplied by the chance that we can prove it true and get traction….what is that net expected benefit in relation to using our time in a more productive way….. 

Well, Stock, just one thing. If malevolence is of this ilk, it better serves to know history than allow it to be repeated. Opportunity, ability, and execution are no brainers after all, aren't they Stock?
As to motive, within days, Japan was on track to initiate an entirely electric car system, which DID in fact, then bite the dust, and Japan had just th bed is nose about buying into the international monetary policy…which HAS turned out, after all, to be mandatory.
I do not go to the mat for this, but in my mind, it's prerty dysfunctional to ignore the Undamaged coastline as the tsunami rolls in.

Stop the Krill Kill! Radiation Kills Krill, It Bio-Magnifies In Their Chitin Shell

In this previous bombshell article from last week we uncovered a vast truth about

1) The Animals (Including Bees and Butterflies) that have been seeing mass die-offs
2) The Animals that rely on eating these critters that are seeing mass die-offs
3) The common factor, chitin body structures and radiation
4) A scientific link between the two, showing clearly that radiation is the cause of mass die offs.


The next step is to:

1) Make this widespread knowledge
2) Shame the so called marine science Industry into doing some proper testing
3) Gather enough data so that multi-billion dollar decisions can be made to protect our oceans

And let's start with

Stop the Krill Kill!

After all with attention spans less than a goldfish, we need One Liners!

Krill are really cool, they are like a shrimp dinner for the whole ocean.

Krill oil has just become really popular, but maybe we ought to make it unpopular, if we want to have an ocean food chain that functions.

I posted a question on Amazon on the site of Viva Labs Krill
asking if radiological testing has been done. Got this reply.
Totally inadequate. Replied back that they need to do
testing and cannot assume the Antarctic is radiation free.

Viva Labs Customer Care answered:

Our krill are sourced from the Antarctic Ocean, known to be the cleanest bodies of water in the world. Our krill are not exposed to radiation which is why we feel testing is not necessary at this time. Products most affected by radiation are those sourced off the coast of Japan, which were exposed to radioactive particles from the Fukushima disaster. Our krill are not sourced from this area. Currently the only product that is tested for radiation is our prenatal DHA product, showing undetectable levels with every batch.

I hope that this information has been helpful. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to message me at and I would be happy to assist you.


Viva Labs Customer Care"
Per Sam also------
Put in a call to Dr. Mercola's outfit and have not heard back yet.
Would like to know as I need a good source of Omega 3's.
Have to be careful with flax as lot of it is GMO.
So how clean is the Antarctic ocean? How are the whales
doing down there?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Paid Scientists Have Failed Us, They Are Grant Grubbers, Citizen Scientists Outperform

Check out Dutchsince in the video.

He does great videos.     In Texas they had "baffled experts" who couldn't figure out how their drinking water became very black, in Crystal City Texas.

Well lets see....could it be the fracking all over the place and adjacent to surface water supplies, whilst also numerous earthquakes in the area, also probably caused by the fracking.

The Higher Responsibility of Scientific Researchers to Defend the Public Interest -- Or Hang

A supposed pHD pronuclear kiik by Moniker of Loose Nuke had this to say---
Most politicians are in bed with any industry. Why single out nuclear? You don't think G.E. the maker of large wind turbines doesn't throw money in both directions? Politicians are hedge fund managers. They hedge both sides. Sanders won't be elected. A,Socialist isn't a national candidate. Maybe it plays in VT but in the end the country isn't in a ditch to turn away from capitalism.
- See more at:

Most politicians are in bed with any industry. Why single out nuclear? You don't think G.E. the maker of large wind turbines doesn't throw money in both directions? Politicians are hedge fund managers. They hedge both sides. Sanders won't be elected. A,Socialist isn't a national candidate. Maybe it plays in VT but in the end the country isn't in a ditch to turn away from capitalism.
Most politicians are in bed with any industry. Why single out nuclear? You don't think G.E. the maker of large wind turbines doesn't throw money in both directions? Politicians are hedge fund managers. They hedge both sides. Sanders won't be elected. A,Socialist isn't a national candidate. Maybe it plays in VT but in the end the country isn't in a ditch to turn away from capitalism.
- See more at:

I see, I saw that argument on a Facebook page talking about Hillary.   It's the "everyone  does it therefore you cannot place blame on the person carrying my vested interest" lie.   I pointed out that she killed Americans by the blackout on Fukushima, and then worse by cutting a deal to buy the Japanese contaminated food without testing.

The ladies response was "other politicians did it too" therefore I shouldn't blame Hillary for killing people.  

Sorry I can't take both side of that argument, no hedging, being in a position of power or science and acting not in the best interest of the public, in fact killing some of them, is not acceptable, in fact, it is jailable or worse.

The higher responsibility of scientific researchers to defend the public interest was accorded special emphasis at the the Nuremberg Doctor’s Trial. The tribunal’s counts against the German medical researchers included “common design or conspiracy”, “crimes against humanity” and “membership in a criminal organization.” Among those who received the maximum penalty of hanging by the neck were Red Cross chief Karl Gebhardt, the Reich’s chief hygeinist Joachim Mrugowsky, and Wolfram Sieverts, head of military science research. The Nuremberg verdict set the standard for dealing with serious abuse of scientific authority. – See more at:…

Sunday, February 21, 2016

What Does German RealTime Power Production and Clinton/Sanders Have In Common: Nothing

So clearly, Hillary's big supporters are Banks and Main Stream Media

Sanders supporters are working people, including teachers.


2 Simple Ways to Double Your Health In 2 Minutes a Day -- ACV and Honey

Start your day with a Tablespoon or Two of Apple Cider Vinegar, its acid so chase it quickly with some RO water.

Follow that with the same about of real honey.   Watch out there is "fake honey" now on the market.

The best way to get honey is to make your own.

Let No Crisis Go to Waste- UK Says If Death Goes Up, Tax Death More

The Mass Die Offs Now Seem To Be Hitting the Humans On Weak Ecosystems Human Death Rates up 5.4% in 2015 - Government plans huge rises in probate fees charged after death

stock here....lost the video, will try to refind and repost

  Jebus February 19, 2016 at 8:40 pm · Reply The video's message is astounding. An important current milestone, to say the least. Further… Report comment mt1000 February 20, 2016 at 10:45 pm · Reply it is long vid — but just skip to 1 hr. 48 min. mark to where nuke industry goons threaten foul crimes on children of nuke worker …..

Report comment Jebus Jebus February 19, 2016 at 9:32 pm · Reply Another not so small part of the result of the Earth becoming tatal. The more nuclear one gets to know, the more one knows nuclear must go…

Report comment stock stock February 21, 2016 at 2:57 am · Reply Ya Jebus, I spent quite a while giving them fair consideration, but that is far past, they must go. Report comment unincredulous unincredulous February 21, 2016 at 12:34 am ·

Reply 2:33 video gets really, really, hot. 2:34:30 "they rolled the dice on their workers, and they killed more workers at Portsmouth than they ever killed in the cold war.' A child born without a face… human experimentation… criminal… of special interest to Kentuckians …2:38:35 Rand Paul … Ed Whitfield … know of criminality. DOE cover up

Report comment unincredulous unincredulous February 21, 2016 at 12:48 am · Reply 2:48 Disrespect toward workers 2:48:45 Karen Silkwood treatment

Friday, February 19, 2016

Basics of Using a Geiger Counter for Various Alpha, Beta, Gamma Detection

Hey, if you like this stuff, drop a comment, sign up as a follower.  TY

This is Tom from making radiation understanding simple and fun

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Google Earth Reveals Point Source Nuclear Explosions at Fukushima Reactor 3

A reader sent in a comment about Fuku 5 and 6 on Google Earth and that got me to looking at Reactor 3 also.

A very important fact came out, at least 2 of the 3 blasts heard on the Explosion video came from Moderated Prompt Criticalities from

1) The spent fuel pool
2) The equipment pool, where they had a fresh load of MOX ready to load.

But first, a zoomed in photo from my Photo Archive in the Tabbed section of this website--then look at the zoomed out Google Earth view following it

Nothing could be more clear, although Fukushima 3 was a massive upward explosion, these blast trajectory tracks clearly show that blasts were "point sourced" as opposed to "volume sourced" as if the whole volume of the reactor building blew up in a hydrogen explosion.

Indeed, these were point sources center on the equipment pool, and the spent fuel pool.   Both had MOX fuel which is highly enriched in Plutonium, like an atomic bomb.

So this was a a type of runaway nuclear chain reaction, a nuclear explosion, of a type called a moderated prompt criticality.

Why is this important?   Because it illustrates how dangerous MOX is.    The Nukists had previously lied to the world about their ability to get rid of plutonium by "reprocessing" into a new batch of fuel.   So the truth of this Moderated Prompt Criticality, a nuclear explosion from MOX, destroys the nukist argument that they can safely get rid of Plutonium.

Here I present the screen capture with no lines so you can verify the blast pattern for yourself.

There are things we still do not understand about nature.   Why be as arrogant as the nuclear industry and pretend that we know "enough" to play with the most dangerous thing on the planet?

"Does anyone know where the love of God goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?"

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Radiation in the Medical Industry Has Reached Levels Beyond Insane

I will develop this article more later.    But as you start to run down the rabbit hole, you have to shake your head at how our best and brightest can ignore the damage they are doing to society.

Treatment with radiation is BARBARIC! 

Background Radiation is around 1 mSV in the USA if you are not dosing yourself stupidly with Radon or Radium, both easily highly reduced with simple cheap methods.  

But the USA AVERAGE dose due to medical procedures, averages out for every man woman child to 3 mSV per year.    They have tripled our dose in the name of medical "treatment".    Thank you very much I will pass on that treat.

Review my permanent tabbed article on Baseline

This is most clear when they use dangerous methods to "treat" someone, even though much better and safer methods are available. 
Doctor Goodheart did a nice (and always detailed) article on harmful effects of low dose and medical radiation
Here is a particularly barbaric test (that is fortunately falling out of favor) is which a patient is dosed with 2 types of radioactive cobalt. 
A reader at ENENEWS writes the following
Walking in the wind gave me skull cancer in 2011, they did a FLAP and repaired the sarcoma bone damage with my right leg fibula bone, and did cardiovascular reconstruction of blood vessels to feed the fibula bone blood in my jaw, and nasal. Now due to needing exorcise to survive that operation, I have lymphatic cancer in several places and am on chemo-like immune therapy infusions.

They just diagnosed my wife with liver cancer after her colon cancer operation last Christmas time, and she now needs a chemo pump, and a heart port.

Those airborne 'specks' from wherever sure have taken their toll on us indeed!
Were both eyeing this cyclotron generated proton stream beasty for further treatments a much better alternative to the currently excepted & used high energy x-ray radiation therapy they now wish us both to endure. The side effects of x-ray energy at the levels they employ are for both of us an absolute no go:
Side effects of conventional x-ray radiation therapy:

Radiation therapy for non-Hodgkin lymphoma…
Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells.
When radiation is used to treat non-Hodgkin lymphoma, it’s most often done with a carefully focused beam of radiation, delivered from a machine outside the body. This is known as external beam radiation. CONT…

The treatment is much like getting a Bremsstrahlung cooling, or breaking effect x-ray, but the radiation is more intense.
Possible side effects
The side effects of radiation therapy depend on where the radiation is aimed. Common side effects include:

• Skin changes similar to sunburn
• Extreme tiredness (fatigue)
• Nausea
• Diarrhea
• Lower blood cell counts

Nausea and diarrhea are more common if the abdomen is treated with radiation.
Low blood cell counts can lead to problems with:

• Fatigue and weakness (from anemia)
• Increased risk of infection (from having too few white blood cells)
• Problems with excess bleeding and easy bruising (from thrombocytopenia)

Radiation to the head and neck area can lead to mouth sores and trouble swallowing. Some patients later have problems with dry mouth.
Radiation to the chest can lead to irritation of the esophagus. This can lead to pain swallowing and trouble eating.

Possible long-term side effects of radiation therapy can be more serious.

• Chest radiation therapy may cause lung damage and lead to trouble breathing. It can also affect the heart, making you more likely to have a heart attack later on.

• Radiation to the neck can lead to thyroid problems later in life. This can lead to fatigue and weight gain and is treated with pills containing thyroid hormone. Radiation to the neck may also increase the risk of stroke many years later. CONT:

• Side effects of brain radiation therapy usually become most serious 1 or 2 years after treatment and may include headaches and problems such as memory loss, personality changes, and trouble concentrating.
Please folks if they tell you that this high energy x-ray farce is needed for you or a loved one; do indeed look into the alternatives.

What is proton therapy?

Think Flint Is Bad? How About Radioactive Heavy Metal Waste in Your Drinking Water

stock here, I put this here as kind of a place holder, not a real full on story, but something I can come back too and add to.    Lots of waste buried 30 to 50 years ago, often without even a poly  liner to slow things down.    Those barrels are rusted or rusting and the nuclear waste and heavy metals are migrating to nearby water supplies.

So now the Chickens come home to roost, and they are red hot.   The map shows just the high level waste, there are many times more of the intermediate and so called low level waste.

Bear in mind, what they call low level, 1 liter of low level waste can contaminate 1 Billion chickens up to the level of too hot to sell or eat.  Got it?   Think about that.

freebywill is a top notch citizen scientist, he (or she) scans the news and NRC reports and provides updates of things that don't often reach mainstream media.  I often develop stories off of base information that freebywill sleuths out.

Good work!

Cripes, it's another major nuke-dump crime scandal


February 17, 2016 at 2:05 pm Log in to Reply

Drinking Nuclear Waste in Albuquerque: They hope you’ll stay silent
By Dave McCoy, Citizen Action

SNL wants to leave high level nuclear, mixed waste in unlined pits and trenches in a dump that is contaminating our drinking water aquifer. The Environment Department has expressed willingness to grant a certificate that no cleanup of the Mixed Waste Landfill is necessary.

Sandia and the Environment Department have kept a big secret from the public.
For decades, Sandia and the Environment Department told the public that only low level radioactive mixed waste was put into the Mixed Waste Landfill (MWL). It was a big lie. Radioactive waste in the dump is from the Nevada Test Site, the 1979 Three Mile Island meltdown, Kwajalein atomic bomb tests, Kirtland AFB and commercial nuclear reactor meltdown tests performed at Sandia.

NEW St Louis nukedump article

3 min vid nukedump resident own story what they don't want you knowing

The Bridgeton Fire song another short vid

"Nuclear Power In USA Had Record Capacity Factor" -- But It Is Not Safe!

In USA old clunker reactors put the pedal to the metal to eek out as much profit as they can in a challenging environment of cheap solar, cheap gas.    Various preventive maintenance practices were bypassed to achieve this.    Some times the NRC was asked for variance, but 90% of the time, they are just hoping not to get caught.  

They did achieve their "most productive year ever" what cost, what risk?

Recent inspections have been revealing some of these short cuts.    Also a recent spat of "cascade of failures" shows how the lack of maintenance and testing is making these plants even dicier.

Cascade of failures story here

Many are operating on "uprates" at greater output than ever designed for.

Corporate greed is driving things.  Not the NRC, not science, not prudence.

US nuclear power reactors operated at record 91.9% capacity in 2015: NEI


Can we really trust these guys, after all they are willing to defraud us?

Owner's of Ginna Nuclear Plant Convicted of Serious Fraud Against Their Customers Constellation Energy used to own Ginna Nuclear. They were bought out by Exelon. Constellation Agrees to Pay Record $245 Million Penalty - See more at:

The Fraudsters above at Ginna just had a major transformer blowout, good thing the emergengy generators worked, sheesh!


"On 02/11/2016, at 2305 [EST], Ginna Station experienced a loss of Station Service Transformer 12A causing Emergency Diesel Generator 1A to automatically start due to under-voltage signals to safeguards buses 14 and 18. All plant systems responded as designed. Control room operators stabilized the plant per abnormal operating procedures. The plant is currently in a 100/0 electrical lineup [supplied by the 12B Service Station Transformer] on the off site circuit 767 with the 1A Emergency Diesel Generator secured. The loss of the station service transformer is currently under investigation.

"This is reportable as a valid system actuation that was not part of a pre-planned sequence during testing.

"The NRC Resident Inspector has been notified."

LANL Radiation Lab Worker Escorted Off Property and Resigns Amidst Serious Crime Charges

stock here...just fell across this article, seems like it is only local news, but should be national headlines.

LANL is Los Alamos National Labs, they have performed all kinds of radiation related work for the government over many decades.  They work with very dangerous and poisonous stuff.

 stock here--

An LANL worker was physically escorted off the grounds from his worksite.
He was charged with serious crimes of abuse, even kidnapping. His workers refer to him as a "trainwreck ready to happen", a sociopath, a psychopath. People have been of the opinion like this for over half a decade, thinking that he has some dirt on top brass that was preventing him from being fired.
Sounds scary right? All of this was going on whilst LANL was loading nuclear waste, and some of the barrels of waste going to WIPP blew up, scattering plutonium far and wide and creating a billion dollar cleanup
Who was this guy? They say organizations rot from the top, he was the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.

The Executive Director is only qualified as a lawyer.     Seems to be quite the character.   So these are the people running are dysfunctional national radiation labs?  He spent 18 years at DOE and then took the revolving door into a $500k a year job at LANL

Here is an isolated news story

 His own workers called him a "token hispanic" and a sociopath and psychopath. 

 He was in charge of the barrels that blew up at WIPP, that story is here: 


We knew through the grapevine that he was escorted off of LANL property by Security late afternoon on Tuesday. Mr Marquez was quite a character at LANL for years and was the Directors right hand man. Who knows why he was abruptly let go but perhaps his much rumored "Bill Cosby" type behavior caught up with him or something even more unethical. The announcement was not the usual lauding and heaps of praise of a high up manager upon leaving LANL. The true reasons may never be revealed. If I was upper management I would be pleased that he is gone. In the trenches he had a real soiled reputation. So, he gets to leave with his millions and more than likely unpunished, other than losing his high paid job.
Anonymous said...

Rich Marquez, man that guy was a walking lawsuit, nobody liked him. Glad he is gone but I cannot imagine that LANS suddenly got a conscious and did the right thing it must of been something so bad that they had no choice. Well it least it is some good news.

See some of these comments below from people who work at LANL

There is an LANL Board, and contact information below if you would like express an opinion, ask some questions. 

They still list him on the Board of Directors

LANL Foundation
1112 Plaza del Norte
Española, NM 87532
tel: (505) 753-8890
fax: (505) 753-8915 





Anonymous said...

And there is more!

I don't know what Marquez was trying to do with his email if not to scare people. There are people who misuse their computers, but LANL rarely does anything to them. It would jam up the already jammed up Staff Relations beyond hope. Of course one could say Staff Relations is beyond hope for lots of other reasons as well. And, Lord knows, Rich Marquez is the last person in the world who should be pointing fingers. The skeletons in his closet -- and office, would fill the Physics Auditorium.

Marquez then proceeded to stare at Rep. Debbie Rodella's chest (D-Rio Arriba) contemplatively as he further reflected upon all the goodness that UC has brought to Los Alamos.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 8/25/2005 06:53:00 AM

Note to clueless... LANL commenter "adminperf" is the same person who wrote the article. I have to wonder what she means by "the more relaxed form". Seeing as she met with Rich Marquez to write the article, the mind goes wild with the possibilities!

Oh, and don't forget.. keep wearing those shoes that GRIP!
11/4/09, 9:48 PM

Hey, isn't this is former DOE-guy Marquez? A female employee's worst nightmare, but at the Lab he's Mikey's right hand. Birds of a feather, as they say. What a wonderful place this is.
4/27/07, 3:17 PM

I vote for Marquez...visiting the "Posse Shacks" in Georgetown.
4/27/07, 7:20 PM

How dare you malign Mr. Marquez. He negotiated a no-tell exit from DOE when he voluntarily resigned. There is no record of his sexual harrassment of the female employees. If you don't believe me, ask him!
4/27/07, 8:47 PM

Marquez is certainly a great one to lecture anyone on proscribed extracurricular activities in the workplace.

It's not like Marquez has made some inappropriate actions on work time (spelled **harrassment**) during his illustrious career.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 6/01/2005 12:21:00 PM

Guess Rich "I like women" Marquez can leer at women since it doesn't involve misuse of government property.

I once overheard him say that he likens himself to Charlie's Angels, although he calls it "Rich's Angels."

As a Hispanic woman, I find him a disgrace to the Hispanic culture and the reason there is racism.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 6/01/2005 12:36:00 PM
Anonymous said...
I typed in Rich Marquez and LANL Blog and you get a ton of crazy stuff. How on earth did this guy a job at LANL?

Hi Pinky,
This email was making the rounds Friday. My guess is that Rich Marquez asked for this cheat sheet to be developed for his own use.

Richard Marquez is king of the sexual harassers. And kings, as we know, follow no rules.
10/15/09, 9:07 AM

Never even crossed my mind to use my cell phone to photograph the secretary's butt as she bends over to pick up a staple. Imagine what Sir Marquez has stored on his cell.
10/15/09, 9:16 AM

Richard Marquez gets an extra special 90 minute video to watch for his sexual harassment training. It goes by the name of "Debbie Does Dallas".
10/26/09, 8:59 PM

February 11, 2016 at 5:58 PM
Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
Marquez has been getting away with his sexist, arrogant crap for at least 15 years as an upper manager. Good riddance.
Anonymous said...
A complete zero who was Charlie's token Hispanic. He won't be missed by anyone. Here's a tip, Charlie. You cannot throw a stone without hitting a qualified Hispanic in Northern New Mexico. Next time don't fill the slot with a loser.

Anonymous said...
A complete zero who was Charlie's token Hispanic. He won't be missed by anyone. Here's a tip, Charlie. You cannot throw a stone without hitting a qualified Hispanic in Northern New Mexico. Next time don't fill the slot with a loser.

February 11, 2016 at 7:34 PM

Marquez long predates Charlie. He was also John Browne's gofur, and was (somehow) kept on for Nanos (not surprising) and Kuckuk (very surprising). And then Anastasio and Mcmillan. He left a trail of abused women and fired underlings who dared to question his behavior. One can only hope that the characterization of his departure indicates a pending indictment for sexual harassment; maybe he finally picked on the wrong woman.
Anonymous said...
Alleged Domestic Violence? Wow there is a surprise.

Anonymous said...
Wow, times are changing. Rich Marquez seemed like a J. Edgar Hoover figure in his ability to survive changes of administration. We always figured he had the goods on somebody (just like Hoover) and was hence untouchable.
Anonymous said...

From The Santa Fe article, hol* *t this sounds crazy.

"Last August Marquez was charged with four offenses in a domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend. The charges included battery against a household member, false imprisonment, interference with communication and larceny under $500. Marquez denied the charges and they were dismissed a few weeks later when the woman told prosecutors she did not want to pursue the case."

The girlfriend told police Marquez had been monitoring her cellphone and refused to leave her home when asked. She also said Marquez physically prevented her from leaving and “tackled” her to take her car keys away from her. When she attempted to call the police, he took her phone. He then blocked her driveway with his truck. The girlfriend asked her neighbor to call the police.

Marquez denied the woman’s account of the exchange at the time, and the woman told the police she did not want to file a report “because her boyfriend was ‘well connected’ and she did not want to get him into trouble.”

The girlfriend also showed police an email she said Marquez had written and sent from her computer saying she intended to “destroy his career.”

Both Montano and Walp said Thursday that should an investigation be reopened, Marquez would be “at the top of [the] list” for questioning.

“Mr. Marquez knows where all the bodies are buried,” Walp said.

Maybe Walp has point about this guy? We have real winners at LANL.

Anonymous said...

Beth Sellers now Rich Marquez, seems like there is be some real ethical lapses at the
highest level of the lab management. Why to go LANS! The thing that gets me is
that Marquez was already a known piece of work when they hired him and we had 15 years of this flipping psychopath, what the bloody hell is wrong with LANL? Maybe we really should just close it down and start again somewhere else. This place is just unbelievable.
Anonymous said...
Creepy is an understatement when you are around this guy. He will probably end up on the next contract with the whoever bids.... Watch it happen.
Anonymous said...
has anyone else noticed that northern New Mexican men seem to mistreat women disproportionately to other men? I have seen and heard of way too much of this crap.
Anonymous said...
Rich Marquez's was John Tapia's mentor. Tapia is the Deputy Division Leader for ASM (Procurement) and is now under investigation with the DOE Office of Inspector General. Laboratory management has these crooked Hispanic's at these visible positions to promote their propaganda scheme that LANL is diversified. Tapia has time and time again been reported to upper management, HR, Ombuds, anyone that may listen. No one wanted to do anything about him because he was closely associated with Rich Marquez and Carolyn Zerkle. He's a sociopath!!!
Anonymous said...
In addition to John Tapia, another one of Rich Marquez's protege's is Carolyn Zerkle, a top ranking management official at LANS, the one that an earlier blogger characterized as holding hands with Craig Leisure when McMillan announced losing the contract.

Carolyn is known for having the Zerkle circle, a group of employees who are in her inner circle, kind of a like a high school girl clique where Carolyn is the head cheerleader I guess. There is reportedly a unique email distribution for these individuals with a address.

Her Zerkle circle is comprised of many underqualified employees. One of them is Albert Jiron, a former school teacher who during his career at LANL, including chief of staff to Richard Marquez, has been recycled through a multitude of "acting" leadership roles. He once managed procurement during the time of the procurement fraud waste and abuse. He is now an acting division leader paid a high salary exceeding $200K and for which his own management team and technical staff openly asks that he (Albert) remain in his office making coffee since that is the limit of his skill set.

It is time for DOE to investigate the salaries of individuals such as Albert Jiron who are only placeholders for different management positions in the Laboratory and whose sole purpose is to earn a high salary to perform zero contract work for DOE except to make coffee. Only at LANL is this an openly acceptable business practice to place selected individuals as placeholders in highly paid positions and then be reimbursed by DOE for that practice just because they are part of the Zerkle circle.

How is this not fraud waste and abuse for Carolyn Zerkle to select Albert Jiron to "manage" a technical division and program at LANL, knowing he does not possess the acumen nor is qualified to be paid hundreds of thousands of DOE funds. How prevalent is this practice?

How many in the Zerkle circle are as similarly underqualfied and are underperforming jobs and DOE is not aware it is reimbursing the Lab under the contract?

Perhaps it is time for DOE to terminate the contract now. The money being wasted is significant and the wasteful business practices are way over the top. I hope that DOE is able to recoup this money when it closes out the contract. It would be worth the money expended by DOE to perform a post award audit of LANL to send the message that contractors of DOE cannot rip it off. DOE will certainly get its money back.
Anonymous said...
I understand that now that Bechtel has "lost" the LANS contract, it is bringing in its surplus engineering staff to fill vacant positions at LANL. It does not matter that these individuals do not possess the proper skills, it is a way for LANS to get reimbursed by DOE and for Bechtel to cover its corporate overhead. So this is the revenge of Bechtel against DOE by backfilling its vacancies with underqualified and/or unqualified Bechtel individuals. This is just causing additional loss of employee morale to have a 28 year old Bechtel construction engineer to manage a critical significant scientific program at LANL and having seasoned technical staff members report to such an inept engineer. The Lab continues to lose the engagement of its incredible scientific talent by these greedy business practices.

I agree. 2017 is too far away to allow the contract to continue. Stop it now....