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Friday, July 17, 2020

(10) Minutes, Tips To Set Up For Browsing Security and Privacy

stock here, so it takes about 10 minutes to properly set up Firefox for pretty good privacy. won't be able to log into Youtube at all...they insist on fully spying on you.

And folks, friends don't let friends use Chrome or Google, those are the Cabal itself.

SOME TIPS FOR BROWSER PRIVACY.    These things change as time goes on and the larger Cabal complicit companies buy up the good companies.   Often they run them as "controlled opposition" for a while.    They do this with good websites, such as ENENEWS and ZeroHedge.

Recently ZeroHedge has become part of "all assets deployed".    Although they occasionally run an "alternative" article, they are fully pushing the "Scary Virus" narrative, every day, top listing or at least top three, they show a beach picture, often 2 girls on 2 guys backs, and then some comment about scary cases or today, ICUs overloaded!   Sheesh.

Here we go.

Firefox is fine, always use these addons-
  1. "Privacy Badger", 
  2. "uBlock Origin", 
  3. "Adblock Plus", 
  4. and at least 1 varient of "User-Agent Switcher" so you can toggle yourself as a google bot to get past paywalls when needed
 Bots are allowed to scrape the text of a page so they get indexed correctly.

The other addons are the best at what they do for preventing tracking. The downside is Firefox setup correctly will not let you log into youtube, you'll get warnings that there's something wrong with your browser (essentially being babies and stomping their feet because they can't steal your information).

"Greasemonkey" is also worth looking into, there are millions of custom scripts that can be added for site specific functions.

 Also always go into settings and

1) Turn off autocomplete,
2) Set to never remember history,
3) Disable all tracking options,
4) Go under accessibility, block camera access, block microphone access, etc.

It takes about 10 minutes to get Firefox to be the best browser and then you're set.

If you ever mess with Parrot OS, one of the top security OS's, you'll note they use Firefox with the addons mentioned and carefully arranged settings. Brave is only good at one thing, turning off ads, it's not as robust for prevention of tracking as a prepared Firefox.

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