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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Positive News Stories About Trump (Of Course They Are From History)

THREAD: Donald Trump has been in the spotlight for his entire life.

You think you know everything about our President, but here are some of the stories the Mainstream Media refuses to tell you about him.
Donald Trump once saved a Woman's Farm from Foreclosure after her husband committed suicide.

The woman said: "The only way I can explain it was God touched his heart." Image
Trump gave a very generous check to the family of an 11-year-old girl with brittle bone disease after being touched by her story on Maury Povich’s show.
Donald Trump saw a man with a baseball bat trying to mug another man, so he told his limo driver to pull over.

Trump reportedly ordered the man to put down the bat and when he recognized him, the mugger ran away Image
After three of Jennifer Hudson’s family members were murdered in a shooting, Donald Trump allowed Jennifer and her family to stay at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago for free.

Bus Driver Darnell Barton was on his route when he saw a woman on a bridge about to take her life.

Barton pulled over, hugged her, and guided her away from the edge, saving her life.

Donald Trump gave the driver $10,000 after he heard of the good deed.
The media won’t share these stories because they don’t want you to like Donald Trump.

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  1. Trump is a great man it is a shame the media and liberals are attacking him viciously!! I wish I could help Trump in someway!!

    Larry Lake


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